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    • The Well Meaning American Oligarchy Are SO Misunderstood
      Just saw a case of the argument that “the people who have been enriching themselves by fucking everyone else for four decades are misunderstood, they’re just following the incentives, and suggesting that the people killing and impoverishing you are bad is polarizing.” Lovely. Everyone is well-meaning, and it’s all just a misunderstanding. They don’t mean […] […]
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Vacation, Day 1: My love-hate relationship with travelling

Oh how I wish the “Beam me up Scotty” technology of Star Trek was a reality.  I really do love going on vacation, but the “getting there” and “getting home” stuff can be quite annoying.  Our trip into San Francisco today was no exception.

The first leg of our trip, in the wee hours of the morning, was on the smallest plane ever.  I think it must double as the touring plane for the Keebler Elves.  I’m pretty short, yet I have a few lumps from bumping my head; and my size  0 daughter was complaining about claustrophobia.  My hubby, who is 6’4″ was none-too-happy either…and the air conditioning didn’t work.  To top it off, someone near our seats had the worst case of flatulence — so bad that I actually almost lost my coffee at one point.  Oh dear heavens.  Thank goodness it was a short flight.

The connecting flight was actually much better, comfort-wise, but it was five and a half hours long.  Yoinks! That’s a long time to be on a plane!  But we arrived safe and sound at San Fran Int’l Airport and so did our baggage.  (thank the gods for that small favor!).  The rental car ritual was uneventful and we were soon on our way…or were we?  Did I mention my husband has the worst case of road rage ever?  Not the shoot-em up kind, just the cursing, complaining, grunting, groaning, stressed-out, drive me to insanity kind – but only when we’re in new territory.  As a Capricorn, he does not do well with “new.”  He went around and around the airport about seven times, unable to figure out how to get on the highway, like in a scene from Groundhog day.  I finally convinced him to pull over and let me drive to the hotel.

With me at the wheel, we arrived at our hotel in a jiffy.  Ahhhh…no worries.  Now the relaxing part!  We were staying at a beautiful, historic (read: old) hotel with lovely ambiance and comfy rooms.  We checked in and piled into the elevator and pushed the button to our floor.  It began to move, up, up, up, up, … and then it stopped.  We waited for the doors to open, but they didn’t.  “Push the ‘open door’ button” we all said in unison.  Nothing.  Looking at each other, fearing the worst, we stood there in silence.  We were all thinking the same thing.  The unthinkable.  We were stuck, shoved like sardines, luggage in tow, in an *old* elevator, between floors.  Did I mention I have claustrophobia?  “Push the ‘open door’ button again” we all said again in unison.  Nothing…except the rising temperature in the elevator.  Trying not to soil my claustrophobic shorts, I said to my daughter who was nearest the buttons… (Ok, more like screamed) “Push the alarm!!!”  —- brrrrrrrrreeeeeaaat, went the alarm.  “Push it again!!! and hold it in!!”  brrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaatttttttttttt.”  Nothing.  “brrrrrrrrreeeeeaaat”…”brrrrrrrrreeeeeaaat”…”brrrrrrrrreeeeeaaat”…”brrrrrrrrreeeeeaaat”  Nothing.

Ok, so we didn’t die in the elevator because I’m writing this post.  Several minutes later the elevator began to move – back down to the lobby. The bellhop was waiting when the door opened chuckling, and asked us if we were having problems.  Uhhh, yeah.  See that puddle on the floor?

We unloaded and took the stairs.

It’s now 7pm and we’re heading for dinner at the number one vegan restaurant in the country.  What excitement awaits?  I can hardly guess.

Tomorrow – Yosemite!  I will hopefully have pics to post.

Got any vacation horror stories?

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  1. I was body search by a huge Swiss Woman trying to get out of Switzerland and to Ireland when I was 16! It was a few days after the Munich Olympics attacks in 1972, and a plane being blow up on a run way in Rome, and I guess I looked like a potential recruit to the meiner badhof group or something. Or maybe she just enjoyed it … she was especially fascinated by my lipgloss and my legs.

  2. http://deadenders.wordpress.com/2009/07/29/de-has-figured-out-the-medias-glowing-obama-coverage/

    Be back to read after dinner but wanted all to see this



  3. Hi SOD! (((waving)))

  4. Ooh, I hope the weather is better there than here, can’t imagine road tripping with this humidity.

  5. Same here. I hope the weather was nice. It has been a terrible summer here in Ohio. nothing but rain and it is almost August. I don’t have a tan. It is criminal and I am about to join a tanning booth, I am so cheesed.
    Your hubby is a capricorn? My mom and cousin are both capricorns. What’s your sign?

    • Hi Lil’ isis. I’m a Leo. Apparently Leos and Capricorns are a good match.

    • Same here in Western MA/Eastern NY. It rained so hard last night, it woke me up. It’s like monsoon weather with heat and humidity followed by a daily thunderstorm. Really bizarre.

      • And here we are in central TX, absolutely starved for rain, bone dry, terrible lack of rain for two years running, epic drought with knee buckling heat. Something’s real screwed up out there…

  6. If you get a chance the USS Hornet is docked in Alameda. You go on her. What an historic ship. She picked up the first astronauts.
    Another 1/2 day trip us Muir Woods. It is liking walking into God’s house.
    Before I retired I worked in Emeryville right across the bay and lived in Alameda. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities.
    Have a great time and really enjoy some of the beautiful sites in the country.



  7. http://www.maniacworld.com/Neptune-Festival-Sand-Sculptures.html

    For those of us not on vacation to enjoy.



  8. Well dinner was scrumptious! Day 1…all’s well that ends well.

    Tomorrow on to the beauty of Yosemite. El Capitan and Half Dome, here we come.

    • SOD: Glad you had a scrumptious dinner and a happy ending to your day. You are going to love Yosemite. Hopefully, the weather and traffic will cooperate.

  9. Ugh, planes. Always a test of endurance. I have an outward show of good patience, but inside, I am always reminding myself to calm down–relax–only 9 more hours to go….don’t freak out…take a nap…watch a movie…don’t look at the time–do NOT look at the time. Don’t freak out! lol

  10. I love going to Yosemite. We are close enough that we can drive there. Beautiful drive. Last time I went we went to the Grand Canyon first, also beautiful. Love the painted desert and driving thru New Mexico as well. Then we stopped in Vegas for a few days visiting friends, then on to Yosemite. I go horseback riding there just about every time I’ve gone, and recommend it if you haven’t done that already or even if you have :-D. Then we drove to SF, which I love the city to visit, but couldn’t live there. Too cold for me. Hate to fly even under good circumstances so I wouldn’t have been the best passenger on the trip you had to make. Hope you have a fun and safe trip.

    • Back when I was a kid and there was no smog in the Central Valley I could see Yosemite from my front porch.

      The mountaintops anyway – not the valley

  11. Okay, I’m at work and I just got a call from 2 11 year old sounding persons asking for Ryan. Are Ryan’s parents going to fall in love with them or what? Lol

  12. Two progressives are in a room…The punchline: What’s a progressive”?

  13. Surprise! Obama kills DADT amendment:


    What a total coward. Some hero these guys got themselves.

    • Interesting article, Masslib. Especially interesting to read the comments following. Look how the Obots descend to trash anyone who dares speak against The One. The fourth commenter tells us that Obama cannot afford to focus on anything but healthcare reform, and the gays just have to wait.

      So Obama is spending all of his political capital on his gift to the health insurance companies and can’t be bothered with anything else. After all, the TOTUS can only spit out once speech at a time.

    • It’s all about politics with BO & Rahm. Forget principles. Since he’s been president, approximately 320 service members have been ejected from the military for DADT. They hold the gay lobby hostage, just like women, with “where else are you going to go?”

      • Yep – all the liberal/progressive interest groups are tied so tightly to the Democratic party that the party leaders can take them for granted.

        Minorities, LGBTs, environmentalists, unions, women, civil rights, anti-war, etc, keep getting used and abused by the Democrats but like battered wives they stay married anyway.

        “But the Republicans are worse!”

  14. For you SoD. Just because. 😉


  15. Dear SOD: Yosemite is in my neighbor and we are having rain forecast this afternoon and tomorrow but in the mountains that could mean you get wet and it could mean you do not. The Yosemite Valley can not fail you in natural wonder but the zoo in the tourist centers can be less than pleasant. I hope you are able to get away from the crowds and out on a trail that will take you up to an alpine lake or two. If you go to Touloume Meadows, you can pick up the Pacific Coast Trail and two miles in you will hear only the birds and the Touloume river. Then there is Half Dome—likely to be crowded but worth the struggle. If you take 120 down Tioga Pass to Lee Vining it is a spectacular trip and at the foot you can find the Mobil gas mart—a gas station with a gourmet restaurant and a spectacular view of Mono Lake. And most afternoons and evenings you will find free entertainment from local muscians. I so hope you have some pleasantness in your time here because I think this is one of the most spectacular places in the world.

    • My son just had a blast on that side because we went to Obsidian Dome and he was able to fill his (and my) pockets full of obsidian just laying around! Was a nice completely unexpected surprise find.

  16. Obama has aura but doesn’t know how to legislate.
    And iirc – his Illinois Senate job was parttime.

    >>>>One reason perhaps is that he has had little practice. He served as a legislator for a dozen years before becoming president, but was only rarely an active one. He spent one of his eight years as an Illinois state senator running unsuccessfully for Congress and two of them running successfully for U.S. senator. He spent two of his years in the U.S. Senate running for president. During all of his seven non-campaign years as a legislator, he was in the minority party.


    • It’s amazing that this is suddenly a news flash:


      Notice the pattern: in the State Senate, he spent a chunk of time running of Congress, and then Senator. Then, as Senator, he spent most of it running for President. This presidentin’ stuff is HARD!

  17. Great interview on Greta last night with our Gov. Arnie. He touched on a basic issue that looms for the nation as a whole—CA just experienced a 60 billion $$$ drop in revenue. It has a tax system that is based upon CA millionaires and billionaires paying 50% of the tab. When they take a big hit in income, so does the state. Even tho’ the federal gov’t can print money and cover the gap, it is a lesson that maybe it is not a good idea for the rest of us to be so dependent on tax handouts based upon the super rich. When 50% of the people pay no taxes at all, maybe that is not a good idea.

    • When 1 percent of the people make a third of the income and you don’t tax them progressively, you end up with CA.

    • If 50% of the people are paying no taxes at all that is extremely serious.

      It means that 50% of the people are either unemployed (no taxable income), earn barely enough to live on (do not reach the first tax bracket); and do not own their homes(do not pay property taxes), do not own a car. They also buy nothing that is sales taxed.

  18. Hilarious SOD! We always forget that traveling is very romantic in theory, but often difficult in reality. I’m sure you’ll have great moments with the family too. Keep us posted–since I’m not going anywhere this summer, it’s fun to have a vicarious adventure.

  19. In San Francisco, visit XOX Truffles at 754 Columbus Avenue (between Filbert & Greenwich) in North Beach. XOXs are the best small, rustic truffles. Chef Jean-Marc, the creator along with his wife Casimira, is super cute too.

  20. Anyone know if TC is still blocked?

    RD it seems was posting here this morning:


    • We’re blocked from putting up new posts – but we still haven’t found out why.

      We have moved the new posts here temporarily:


      • How do we register?

      • I hope it wasn’t me. I discovered all sorts of wordpress gadgets including the Dashboard thingy that stays at the top. Then I noticed some menu thing on the right and accidentally selected something and the page refreshed. When I looked at the menu I noticed one of the items was report as spam. Yikes! Sorry if I accidentally hit that. I don’t think I did, but if I did, is there any way to take it back?

  21. Sorry for being Off-topic:

    Here is a really good interview by Palin. Seems like she does well when she is treated with respect.

    Canada AM: Gov. Palin Interview

    it’s posted on December 09, 2008.

    • Not just treated with respect-but not deliberately edited to look stupid (which is what the BBC did a couple of days ago).

  22. Hiya SOD ~ I just got back from 10 days in SanFran and the Yosemite/Mammoth Lakes area! Have a great time….we spent our entire time at Yosemite hiking and rock collecting. And hopefully you’ll have as weather as good as we got!

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