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Morning News Stop…All Aboard!


Well, I’m off on vacation in a few minutes…but before I go, here are a few news stories to start the conversation.

What have you found on your daily news scoop travels?


Napolitano to Unveil New Antiterror Plans

Save Swine Flu Drugs for Younger Patients, Study Urges


I wish I had time to stay and chat but the taxi is ready to roll.  Catch y’all later.  I’ll blog my vacation to San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Yosemite!

200 Responses

  1. Matt Taibbi was just as bad as the rest of the bloggerboyz when it came to the primaries and later when it came Palin in ’08. Just because his writing is misanthropic doesn’t make it okay or erase the fact that he very much enjoyed Obama during the election because of a delusional belief that Obama pissed off all the right people or some other such vaguery. Now he wants to rant at Obama admin, and ‘quelle surprise’ he proceeds as if he’d been right all along. Whatevs.

    • Yepper.

      Somebody needs to send him his “I elected Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress and all I got was this lousy t shirt” shirt already.

      I wonder if they are starting to realize the folly of swearing fealty to a party yet or if they are going to cling to the ol’ “at least I’m not a Republican” stance forever. Putting all your eggs in one basket(and a broken one at that” is going to bite their backsides bigtime. By 2012 they are going to wish that they were kinder to Palin(who at least acts somewhat moderate) when they realize their actions are part and parcel to why we have another far right admin in office.

  2. Jersey City:

    Jack Shaw, a Jersey City political consultant who was among 44 people charged in a federal corruption probe, has died.

    Two officials with knowledge of the investigation said Shaw was found at home with several bottles of pills nearby. One of the officials said Shaw, 61, had an unspecified medical condition, and authorities are not jumping to conclusions about the cause of his death.

    Shaw was charged with taking $10,000 from Solomon Dwek, an FBI informant posing as a real estate developer, and proposing Dwek make another $10,000 payment to a Jersey City official.

    Shaw was a longtime political lieutenant for former Governor Jim Florio, joining his camp while Florio was still in Congress, before becoming an operative for the Hudson County Democrats around 1991.

    In New Jersey, death from multiple bullet and stab wounds is called “assisted suicide”

  3. Who is the control freak?:

    By all accounts, William Scott Janke seemed qualified to do his job as Fort Myers town manager. If anything, he tended to be aggressive and maybe a bit of a control-freak, according to a newspaper archive search.

    But they knew that before they hired him.

    What they didn’t know was that he would end up married to a porn star; a woman known as Jazella Moore, renowned in the porn industry as a horny MILF who hails from Portugal.

    When that came out, the conservative town council voted 5-0 to terminate him “without cause.”

    • i dont think that he should be fired just becuse of who he was married to.

      • if they do fire him that may not even be legal

        • Florida is a right to work state. You can be fired for practically anything, which is why they said “without cause”.

          • I think he had a contract that guaranteed 6 months severance pay.

            That’s better than most people get.

          • Texas is an at will state which is very much the same you can be fired at will & they don’t even have to give you a reason .but they cant fire you because of age race religion or sex i think there are a few other 2 I’m just cant remember them off the bat 7 since the voted him out with out cause he may have a case

          • Reply to boogieman:
            It’s up to the person to prove that they were fired due to discrimination and that can cost them money they don’t have.

  4. WTF?:

    Police in Mobile, Ala., used pepper spray and a Taser on a deaf, mentally disabled man who they said wouldn’t leave a store’s bathroom.

    The family of 37-year-old Antonio Love has filed a formal complaint over the incident on Friday.

    Police tell the Press-Register of Mobile that officers shot pepper spray under the bathroom door after knocking several times. After forcing the door open, they used the stun gun on Love.

    Police spokesman Christopher Levy says police didn’t realize Love had a hearing impairment until after he was out of the bathroom. The officers’ conduct is under investigation.

    The newspaper says the officers attempted to book Love on charges including disorderly conduct, but a magistrate on duty wouldn’t accept the charges.

    Apparently the man was armed with an umbrella

    • Stories like this are why I feel Gates was lucky he didn’t get tasered (and I don’t think he should have been). Seems like some cops use the taser like a cattle prod to get people to do what they want (perhaps sheep prod would be more accurate). The threshold for taser use seems very, very low. In fact, the threshold to get arrested seems very, very low.

      I can’t help but wonder how officers are being trained. Generally, it doesn’t take most people that long to pick up on the fact that someone is either vision, hearing or otherwise impaired or don’t speak English.

      • That should be “doesn’t” rather than “don’t” and I just wanted to clarify that my comment wasn’t intended as a slam against all police officers. It’s just that some of the taser stories that hit the news are very concerning.

  5. on a side note i think that BO may have defeated to own health care plan . with his remarks about police when he pretty much stereo typed them as all rouge cops . now police Unions across the country are pissed at him. . note all the blue dog Dem’s pretty much drooped the votes soon for his health care plan after he made those remarks . & unison’s are very important especially if your a Dem when election time come back around

    • i don’t thing bambis bear get togged is going to fly either. if one of both party file law suites agoint each other. a bear wont solve anything.
      what he should is the capital apologies to offers crowly & the entire Cambridge police department in person & police offers a a whole . that would be the best move he could make. to stop this issue

      • personal i think that Sargent crowly should sue BO gates & the gov of mass for slander I’m all for freedom of speech . but if you abuse that right I’m all for suing the C*** out of anyone

        • Really you think that comments by either Gates or Obama rise to the threshold of slander? I doubt that there is a judge or jury in the country that would find for Sgt Crowley. Let me clarify. I don’t agree with Gates’ comments that the arrest was (solely) do to his race. I think it was unwise for Obama to suggest that the arrest was a result of police “acting stupidly.” I also believe as do many police that the arrest was not a good one. I wasn’t there and I don’t know, but from what appears to be the case, I suspect that Sgt Crowley did not follow good procedure/training.

          • Actually, Crowley followed dept procedure almost exactly by the book. An argument can be made that the depts procedure manual really pushes the line where arrest for disorderly conduct is concerned. But that’s not Crowley’s fault – that’s the fault of the higher-ups who wrote that manual.

          • WMCB, I agree with your comment. I’m starting to get concerned about what appear to be very low thresholds for both taser use and arrest. Now, I understand officers have very dangerous jobs, and they’re under pressure to access the situation and react quickly (they aren’t sitting back and evaluating the situation in the safety of their home), but still it doesn’t seem like it takes much for a person’s conduct to be considered disorderly or uncooperative.

          • Sam,
            I agree. Low thresholds. EMTs have jobs that are hugely dangerous, too. You don’t see them beating the crap out of people.

    • …..note all the blue dog Dem’s pretty much drooped the votes soon for his health care plan after he made those remarks

      very interesting point

    • Yes, police departments are seething – and the Beer Summit was unlikely to ease it much.
      Soooo this week – Obama sent them $1 Billion for extra cops.

      • Are you serious? Pander Man strikes again. It was probably Rahm’s idea.

        • I don’t know if the $1B was in the pipeline before Gates-gate – but the WH announced the funding this week.

    • Obviously, Obamedia hasn’t questioned how Obama received his wrong one-sided info on Gates-gate.
      Did heads roll?? We’ll probably never know….

      And is this the same group of advisers that promised the Stimulus money would keep unemployment below 8%?

  6. Be careful what you post! Political aide had to resign for posting against Teh One on Facebook

  7. Howard Dean is trying to sell his book. He’s been going around the country telling people the “public option” is just like Medicare, despite the fact that it is nothing like Medicare, and promoting the falsehood that anyone will be able to opt-in, though even Gibbs bragged about the firewalls in place to stop people from “shrugging off” their private, for-profit employer-based insurance for the public option.

    • He’s been going around the country telling people the “public option” is just like Medicare, despite the fact that it is nothing like Medicare,…

      Indeed. But he’s not allowed to whisper the term, ” single payer” , so the public option crapola will have to do on the book tour!

      It seems to me, public option is a way for the insurance companies to quarantine and remove the poor and sick from their roles . Insurance supposedly exist to include them with the well and better off . If the insurance companies exclude the sick and poor from the pool, their reason for being ceases to exist .

      However much of that 30% they take of every dollar spent, goes back to congress. So Congress will not turn off the tap. Indeed, they will hold on to the health care industry complex for dear life. They certainly understand the cash wash coming thier way if they do. Congress gives it to the companies and the companies gives a cut back to congress….and if you need a life saving operation, you can go scratch

      • paper doll: “It seems to me, public option is a way for the insurance companies to quarantine and remove the poor and sick from their roles . Insurance supposedly exist to include them with the well and better off . If the insurance companies exclude the sick and poor from the pool, their reason for being ceases to exist .”


        That’s exactly what I thought when I heard about that. I’m not sure, because I haven’t read the entire bill, but it sounds like some or all of the insurance companies’ non-group or individual policy holders will be moved to the government option. What a win for the insurance companies! They must be thrilled! The people who pay the insanely high premiums for non-group coverage are the people who really need it. Those types of people cost the insurance companies money.
        It sounds like the only people who will benefit from the bill are the insurance companies.

        • Exactly…the companies want what their lobbyist paid for from Congress god damn it! Of course denying cover the public has paid for already is what they do all day. But somehow that’s different

          Why do we need insurance companies if they will not cover the sick as well as the non sick? Their supposed job is to create a pool of both . We could cut med costs by 30% over night without them. At this point , most doctors offices can handle any paper work …they have been highly trained to do so by the insane hoops put out by insurance companies ! We can have affordable UHC or insurance companies Congress has made their choice…and it’s not us

          • Imagine a publicly owned health insurance company that was limited to 5% of their premiums for overhead.

            Huge savings without changing anything else.

          • myiq2xu, on July 29th, 2009 at 9:30 am Said:
            Imagine a publicly owned health insurance company that was limited to 5% of their premiums for overhead.

            Huge savings without changing anything else.

            Works for me. lol!

        • It’s being reported that the Senate is opposing the public option.
          I wonder how many of those senators post at DailyKos?

        • Bingo, Janicen – you got it! This is the guaranteed- income-for-insurance-companies bill 😦

    • Howard Dean has morphed into the ultimate oportunistic schmuck. Hard to believe I was ever a fan of his.

      • ^^opportunistic” ( hard to be accurate when you’re typing on your feet)

      • Also ironic that he was thrown under the bus by Obama and he still can’t get it through his head that he is at liberty to fight for single payer. Guess he became a huge disappointment for the MoveOn progressives as well. Or have they drank so much kool-aid that it doesn’t matter anymore?

  8. Decision time for Obama on health: Giving ground will disappoint his liberal base

    It’s too late, they are way disapointed already.Also this headline could have been written weeks ago

    MSM…..your breaking history today!

    • Obama bamboozled many on the left. The left is not his base.

      The banks and the insurance companies are his base.

      • …..which ten minutes of Googling could have told them at any time. My obot friends like to think they are smart…but smarts were gleefully and willfully thrown aside for their obamagasm

    • Obama could beat up a little girl and steal her charity sale cookies and it wouldn’t upset the O-bots. They would rationalize it as one of his 11th dimensional chess moves.

    • This that the best Dad could do ? gee whiz dad

    • Jeralyn was gushing about that yesterday.

      If it was Track Palin she would be throwing a fit, but they are both about the same age and qualifications.

    • These people should be ashamed. It’s outright nepotism. I laughed when I read that his son was “interested in journalism for a while” and that was enough to give him a job as editor with HuffPo. Most people have to work for years before having the experience to get a job as editor and this guy is only 22? Shameful especially in this economy and with the journalism industry collapsing.

      • That would be as an editor at a legitimate news and opinion organization. Not the kitty litter box that is the O-blogs.

  9. TAXING BOTOX?! That is fucking ridiculous. I hope they do, because they so won’t get relected.

  10. But they SHOULD tax tanning beds, since they will increase healthcare costs.

  11. Off topic but important for bloggers to know!

    A.P. Clamping Down on Bloggers; New Stance Will Stifle “Even Minimal Use” of News Articles Online


    And I mean really clamping down…as in they’re going after anyone who even uses a headline and a link!! And they want their 1400 newspaper list to join in, too….

    • To avoid getting caught, bloggers will quit linking and just transcribe the stories.

      (Transcribe = copy, paste, and change a few words)

    • and doesn’t fewer readers mean less advertisement viewers?

    • A blogger could cite “fair usage” but it costs money to fight a copyright infringement law suit.

    • I note that they say this:

      “Executives at some news organizations have said they are reluctant to test the Internet boundaries of fair use, for fear that the courts would rule against them.

      Mr. Curley declined to address the fair use question, or to say what action The A.P. would take against sites that use articles without licensing.”

      I suggest there is likely good reason he declines to address the doctrine of fair use.


  12. I do not think there are many liberals in the Democratic party. Despite the hype I do not consider Pelosi to be a liberal. I do not see how you can be a liberal or a progressive or a hybrid of those two flavors and be profoundly beholden to corporate America.

    I think we probably will get a health insurance reform bill (probably no health care reform) but it will be very similar to the Republican medicare part D pharma bill. It will promise much and deliver little.

    I still think Obie did himself huge damage over the Crowley affair. I think Americans have a strong sense of fair play and empathy for the underdog and Obama made Crowley the poster child for underdog. Hopefully without raising the racist card, I think the great danger in playing the AA racial card is that AA’s only comprise about 10% or so of the overall population. While we are increasingly a population of a non-white majority, the fact is that there is no solidarity among the many different ethnicities that comprise that non-white majority. Stereotypes and prejudice are not the singular faults of whites; it seems to be a natural human condition.

    • Pelosi is a liberal when she’s in SF running for reelection.

      When she is in DC she serves the corporate masters like the rest of them (both parties)

  13. I like the idea of taxing cosmetic procedures. It may be the only way that those of us who can’t afford such frivolity have any hope of getting even.

    • Or, you know, a single payer health care system that costs considerably less overall, and thus less per capita.

  14. Taxing Botox for it?


    ps: the Los Angeles Times has been running a huge series on hospitals and nurses…a must read…
    choose wisely — very scary indeedy.

    hugs to Conf people….after a longish break– nice to read you again and have a great vacation…

  15. Damn it, when do we get to scream I TOLD YOU SO at the Obots? When is it OK for us to point out that we tried to tell them a thousand million hundred times? They pretend that it never happened, that “nobody could have predicted” that Obama would turn out to be a corporate sellout Republican-lite yellow-bellied rollover.

    “But they SHOULD tax tanning beds, since they will increase healthcare costs”

    Fine, then let’s also tax eating meat, riding motorcycles, drinking sodas, and not exercising. My soda-eschewing, active, vegetarian tanning-bed-using self will come out ahead on that deal.

    • Uh, no. Tanning beds have been compared to arsenic for health benefits. Seems that irradiatiion isn’t good.

      • The study was of tanning bed use before the age of 30-not all tanning bed use by anyone of any age. Regardless, no one thinks their use is without risk though probably less than that for those who spend most of their time in the sun for jobs or recreation(wondering how we could tax those people?).
        There was a story yesterday here on the sidebar about 10% of health costs being due to obesity. I doubt that same percentage can be attributed to skin cancer. So what is so unreasonable in taxing sugary beverages and fat-laden fast food? Meat is not only unhealthy but it’s production is very bad for the environment. A two-fer! If you target one unhealthy behavior, then it’s only fair to tax them all.

      • Regardless, being out in the sun is also potentially bad for you- skin cancer, heat stroke, etc. But staying inside- uh oh, vitamin deficiency. So now we need to tax outdoorsy folks AND indoorsy folks.

        I think it’s ridiculous to single out groups for extra taxes for health care. WE ALL have vectors of health risk. We’re genetically predisposed to something, we like salty foods, we engage in extreme sports, we’re sedentary, we’re males under 40 (testicular cancer) or women over 40 (breast cancer), we plan to have kids (risk of pregnancy complications), we’re on hormonal birth control (risk of stroke and blood clots), we’re allergic to peanuts, we work with heavy machinery, we work with children (viruses and bacteria), etc.

        EVERYONE is at risk, thus EVERYONE needs access to healthcare, thus EVERYONE should pay for it. But if everyone does pay, then we all pay a minimal amount. It doesn’t sound so bad to me.

  16. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gpCX1eN7u-z2LMzBHjmKgKsJ_bXwD99NSK7G2

    “NEW YORK — New York City is buying one-way plane tickets for homeless families to leave the city.”

    • Wow this reminds me of how years and years ago southern states use to put the homeless on buses for NYC and Chicago …but where are these plane going today ?

      • Yes, we did/. Especially the ones with Yankee accents who only know that some guy put them on a bus bound for Atlanta.

        • It was known far and wide as “Greyhound therapy” and wasn’t limited to sending Yankees north. Mostly it was sending southerners from a small town in the region to a bigger town in the state/bordering state. Mostly it was done to people who were poor and had either major health/mental health issues or a run in with the “law.” Guess it didn’t conflict with people’s christian values. “On the last day, Jesus will say to those on His right hand, “Come, enter the Kingdom. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was sick and you visited me.” Then Jesus will turn to those on His left hand and say, “Depart from me because I was hungry and you did not feed me, I was thirsty and you did not give me to drink, I was sick and you did not visit me.” These will ask Him, “When did we see You hungry, or thirsty or sick and did not come to Your help?” And Jesus will answer them, “Whatever you neglected to do unto one of these least of these, you neglected to do unto Me!” As for me, I’m not much of a new testament kind of lassie.

          • Whatever you neglected to do unto one of these least of these, you neglected to do unto Me!”

            in all the jesus love one hears about that line often gets somehow forgotten .

      • Actually, upon reading the article, it is not so nefarious. If they have family elsewhere in the country who are willing to take them in, NYC will help them get there. No one is forced to go, it’s only if they want to. Doesn’t sound too horrible to me at all.

    • btw, I am not a holdout for a future Hillary run. If she were to ever decide to run again, that would be different, but I am not holding my breath.

    • Thank you ! That brightens my day….really it’s also a way to frighten Obama into keeping Hill on as SOS. He cannot let her out of quarantine if there is a chance she’ll run…go Hill! Even if she would not run, she needs a team in place as a threat. imo

      • Actually, I sort of wish Hillary would resign and form her own party. That’s one party I’d love to attend.

      • Maybe, but I’m also wary of people trying to create problems for Hillary with these stories about her political future. I really don’t think Hillary is thinking in those terms. She is blooming where she’s planted.

        • I agree. They are always looking for a wedge between Hill and Barry and it’s no accident this heats up as Palin departs. the Media needs a female punching bag after all. However this seemed to start when Obama staff were quoted as saying Hill was on ” thin ice.” I doubt Hill wants to run at this point even for NY Gov…I think she wants to stay SOS.

          • Was that Rahm quote about “thin ice” ever substantiated? It looked like a bunch of rightwinger noise to me. I could never find a real source.

          • Wonk the Vote, on July 29th, 2009 at 10:12 am Said:
            Was that Rahm quote about “thin ice” ever substantiated? It looked like a bunch of rightwinger noise to me. I could never find a real source.

            Interesting point! If that was the case, it’s not surprising Drudge has this article now….part of the ” narative” . Certainly Hill has made it clear ( over andover) she just wants to do the work. She would not fall for the media’s friction making tricks…but Obama and his fuffy pillow ego, is an easy target for
            manipulations .

        • and such beautiful blooms they are.
          go Hillary…….

    • What about running for governor of New York?

  17. Obama’s poll numbers are falling, so guess what tactic he uses:

    Obama-Haters Becoming Increasingly…Racial In Their Rhetoric

    That’s right, he’s playing the race card again!

    There are four examples given, Rush, Dobbs, Beck and some conservative activist sending out a photoshopped picture.

    Four people in the entire country, three of whom are already notorious for this kind of stuff.

    BTW – whatever happened to the “no-whining in politics” stuff? Oh, that’s right, it only applies to women dealing with sexism and misogyny.

    • The MSM has been “increasingly racial in their rhetoric” since January 2008. They have not shut up about white and black America. I guess to the MSM those of us who are neither white nor black have no America worth discussing.

      • Let me be clear – I’m not defending racism or denying it exists, but I’m tired of the Obamafluffers trotting out the idea that we’re all a bunch of Klansmen every time he gets in trouble.

        Hillary was accused of fanning the flames of racism. Sarah was supposedly hosting cross burnings at GOP rallies. Now it’s the bloviating gasbags.

        • Racism is very real. My point was just that the Obamamedia are the ones who have been fanning the flames of racial-ism since Obama won Iowa and they haven’t stopped.

          • I agree completely, except they started BEFORE Iowa.

          • Before Iowa there was the rumblings, true, but I think after he won Iowa, there was just no turning back. The thrill going up Chrissy’s leg started then, he just didn’t know how to describe what he was feeling until the Potomac primaries.

          • Let’s not forget that the O team fed it every chance they got. Bill’s Fairy Tale comment was the beginning, followed by Hillary’s Johnson comment. They knew they needed to divide her from the AA community or they could not win. Still turns my stomach.

        • The charges of racism go straight back to the primaries and the general election, when almost any criticism of Obama was met with “You’re a racist!” Either that, or “You’re a dried up, postmenopausal screeching hag.” This happened to me – and many others – on an almost daily basis. The ugliness was simply stunning, but I fought back, over and over again. This was an exhausting dynamic and my introduction to The New Left.

      • Good point.

      • I’m white and that pissed me off no end- the bringing all discussion of racism in the country down to Black Folks and White Folks, as though there weren’t any other possibilities.

    • I didn’t see a photo in the article?

    • Right on cue:

      Sarah once criticized Hillary for being a whiny presidential contender, arguing that women who want “to progress this country” should not complain about being under a “sharper microscope,” but instead should just work harder to prove themselves capable. Now Sarah is a whiny presidential contender, complaining about the sharper microscope that women wanting to progress this country are under and rejecting advice to work harder to prove herself capable.

      F**k**g *@$#%%&!!!

      ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

    • 53% approval rating: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=111194032

      Face it, Obots. He’s more divisive than Hillary Clinton right now:

      The pollsters found 53 percent approving of the president’s handling of his job, while 42 percent disapproved — the narrowest gap of the Obama presidency to date. Most of the approving group said they approved strongly, and an even greater majority of the disapproving group said they disapproved strongly.

  18. Drudge_Report: SURPRISE! Newsweek reporter joins Obama administration… http://tinyurl.com/nuy9tp

  19. Well duh!:

    Perhaps the biggest thing that stood out to us at President Obama’s AARP town hall yesterday was that the White House appears to be losing the message war on health care. How do we know? Just listen to the questions the AARP callers had. Several of them asked about “rumors,” and they also brought up GOP talking points on “rationing” or the government coming to your house to ask how you want to die (!!!).

    It’s almost as if they want to lose.

    • I’m surprised why the White House isn’t fighting harder against insane rumoros propagated by the Rightwing, such heathcare reform would mean the killing of old people.

      The lightness with which Obama answered the question seriously angered me because he doesn’t seem to get the message that this mendacity is winning.

      The bill by itself is morphing into something bad but let it lose on its merits, ot because of almost insidious lies.

      This is 1993 all over against but with a POTUS who’s not seriously fightig the lies put out the opponents.

      • There is one huge difference between then and now – Obama never really planned to reform health care.

        • True, he’s just after a further, profit lock-down . This health care reform bill reminds me of Bush 2’s “clear skies” air pollution etc.

      • This is 1993 all over against but with a POTUS who’s not seriously fightig the lies put out the opponents.

        He can’t cause he never does…but also because he doesn’t seem to know what’s in the bill. How can you fight rumors about a bill if you yourself don’t know what’s in it? When I think how Hill would have handled it! …..which is why she’s at State and Obama is at 1600.

      • This POTUS seems to want a check mark by the words healthcare reform, that is it.

        • He wants a photo-op in the Oval Office, pen in hand, signing something. He does not care what it is. It’s all about the “historic moment”.

          He also, because he and Michelle have a deep pathological envy/hatred thing going on for the Clintons, wants to say he achieved something the Clintons couldn’t, never mind if its a piece of crap.

          • I get so angry when the claim that the Clintons “failed” on health care, and Obama will succeed where they couldn’t, as if they are in any way comparable. The Clintons attempted to pioneer something at a time when there was almost no political will for it. It had never been done before. That is not “failure,” because it started the dialogue that has brought us to this moment where it is possible. Now, even with the public strongly supporting it and BOTH houses of Congress, they cannot get it through? It’s utterly pathetic.

          • Failure is a feature, not a bug.

          • myiq2xu, on July 29th, 2009 at 11:36 am Said:

            Failure is a feature, not a bug.

            Exactly. They have refined it. How do you get endless
            no bid contracts and bailouts if your don’t keep” failing” ?

      • But shouldn’t we be more concerned when Obama and the Congressional Democratic Leadership lie to the American people, saying that the public option is an option when, in fact, it will not be available to almost all Americans?

        There is a media narrative that Obama wants healthcare reform but that this reform is being threatened by Blue Dogs and the Republicans. That narrative is simply not accurate. Sure, the Blue Dogs and the Republicans don’t want health care reform. But the real story is that 72% of Americans want the government to provide a public option for everyone, and Obama is not only defying the will of the people, but also lying about it.

      • The other part is that since he didn’t read it, they are taking the GOP’ers tale of the Democratic Kevorkians as the Gospel Truth!

        I hope this is not a case of loosing is winning strategy.

  20. On TV news last night there was a story about how gun sales have increased since backtrack was put in office. The store owner in LA has a backlog of orders and is rationing ammo sales. According to him this is happening all over the country.
    This is not a sign of confidence in the government. People are worried.



  21. Some candid thoughts and snapshots from the provider side:

    I’m just off the phone with my husband (he calls me most every morning from the hospital right before his 9am case management meeting, the sweetie.)

    He and his PA have 45 inpatients in the hospital today. Of those, 21 are uninsured, including 3 in ICU beds. The group he works for does manage to pay him $35 a day for uninsured patients, so at least he gets a little something for their very complicated ICU care. His hospital is on the southside, which is the poorest section of the city

    Meanwhile, another large hospital here in San Antonio is affiliated with the University. It is politically influential, being a big research hospital affiliated with some big name professors, etc. University hospital gets a very generous allowance from Bexar county, paid for with tax dollars, to care for the uninsured. The deal is supposed to be that they are supposed to accept transfers of the uninsured from all the other hospitals here. NONE of the other hospitals get that chunk of money. Sound suspiciously like a certain well-connected hospital in Chicago?

    In the 2 years hubby has worked here, he has had University accept an uninsured patient maybe 5 times. If you call them to try to get one transferred, the answer is invariably “sorry, we don’t have any beds available”. The other docs from outlying hospitals will tell you the same- University almost never agrees to take the uninsured patients they are paid to take. It’s patient dumping, pure and simple, with them making a nice profit from those tax dollars.

    Our system is BROKEN. And if we don’t get real reform, and soon, it’s going to get worse. I can’t tell you the number of medical professionals I personally know who are discouraged enough to say they are going to just say “fuck it” and get out of the whole profession. These docs and nurses and hospitals can’t keep pulling this load forever. Something’s got to give.

    • These docs and nurses and hospitals can’t keep pulling this load forever. Something’s got to give.

      so true

    • WMCB, most ER nurses doin’t last 3 years. In my public hospital I actually had two orientees go to lunch and never return. Sadly, the cry of “no beds” is real. We kept Acute MI’s in the R until discharges. We almost always had 2-3 vent patients on multiple drips. Plus running the medical portion of the county ER with maybe 4 nurses, a tech, and a secretary.

      • chatblu, I agree in most public hospitals the cry of no beds is real. In this particular case, however, there is almost always a bed “magically” available at University if one calls to transfer a paying patient. Rarely a “full house” then.

        If an enterprising reporter did a story on this, they would easily discover that the hospital being paid to take uninsured patients in truth has very few of them on their census on any given day. The poorer hospitals who are NOT receiving such tax funds have a much bigger percentage of the uninsured in their beds, all the time. A simple comparative audit of bed census’ between hospitals would show that clearly. It’s patient dumping.

        And yes, public hospitals are hurting, and the working conditions have become so depressing, constantly feeling like you are fighting uphill against a torrent. Economics has cut staff to the bone, which only makes the remaining staff more pressured and discouraged. It is going to implode if we don’t do something.

  22. They’ll never vote to tax botox, because it would be a tax on Congresss.

    Nancy P is looking more and more botox surprised every day.

    • What is it always with reducing Nacy Pelosi to some botox injection? Is it supposed to be funn or just gratuitously insulting?

      • A little of both

      • I was stating a fact — she looks botoxy…as does Kerry, as do a bunch of them. You obviously have a chip on your shoulder on the subject, therefore you read into my statement something I never said..

    • Looking at the way Pelosi behaved during the primaries, I wouldn’t put it past her to tax botox just so no one else could have it.

      • I just don’t feel comfortable reducing a woman who is Speaker of the House to whatever cosmetic enhancement we think she uses.

        Don’t we have to extend a certain level of respect even to women we don’t agree with, even those who did something “pernicious” in the primaries?

        • mablue2, my point wasn’t about the botox, it was about the idea that she wouldn’t tax something [if] she uses it. I feel like, having watched her and how she was during the primaries, that it is not hard to imagine her preventing others from having something she has.

          • It’s kinda related to Obama and the cigarette tax hike. The idea of these DC critters making things less accessible to others but not to themselves, I guess.

        • I will support taxing Botox if they also tax VIAGRA! Fair is fair!

        • Agreed.

          • I never disagreed to begin with and actually think it even applies to MoDo, who I can’t stand. I am all for calling her out for her pernicious punditry and lazy journalist-ics…. but I wouldn’t have used the phrase that was used to describe her elsewhere on this thread, literally reducing her to a gynecological condition. I’m just sayin’

          • There’s a difference. I’m not trivializing a woman by acting as though her appearance matters (not that you necessarily were). I’m just likening someone who I find foul to something I find foul. It’s an intentional insult based on her work and personality. I’m pretty sure feminism allows us to insult people, so long as it isn’t on the basis of her gender. In this case, I’m saying that MoDo resembles a yeast infection in that she is a blight on women everywhere. I think that’s apt.

    • Ever noticed Hillary’s non-moving forehead and the lessened mouth creases since she’s been SoS? I have my suspicions that Nancy’s not the only youth-seeking woman in DC. They pretty much have to do what they can to avoid being ridiculed for the sin of being mature women.

      • Hillary gets pilloried from every side. She’s damned if she looks less tired, damned if she looks more tired.

        And, then there are the freepers who think that her elbow breaking was just a cover for plastic surgery.

        • Whatever happened to Obama’s graying hair?

          Last October he had gray on both sides, now he looks “young and vigorous” again.

          Could it have been faked to make him look more mature?

      • They pretty much have to do what they can to avoid being ridiculed for the sin of being mature women.

        well put …..if Hill is using botox, I say, you go girl! lol!

        • Tell ya what, when our culture stops with the “aging women are icky” chorus, then I’ll start calling women in power who get cosmetic procedures shallow.

          Until then, I won’t judge them TOO harshly. I’ve poked fun at the apparent over-the-topness of Nancy’s facial tinkerings before, though – I won’t lie and say I haven’t. But I do try to be aware of the context, and restrain myself when I remember.

      • No, I haven’t. Hillary has been looking tired and if anything has deeper mouth creases than before.

        Stop making groundless insinuations.

  23. Rep. Boehner said Pelosi can’t get health care bill passed in the House because she used all her “favors” for the Climate Change bill.
    Why didn’t Dems go for health care FIRST?!?

    • Because loosing is winning! Reverse logic, shell game, while saying how hard they worked and achieving NADA, while hard at work to keep HR 676 Single Payer off the table. NOW you see it, now you don’t…see?

  24. myiq2xu
    I agree that they are scared.

    Check this story. You know things have to bad for backtrack.




  25. Another juicy Republican sex scandal….


  26. No political race in sight, but Hillary Clinton’s camp is election-ready

    “It raises questions about that nascent presidential campaign for 2016 – and she didn’t close the door on that, if you read her remarks carefully,” said the University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato.

    A former Clinton senior campaign aide told the Daily News that her current job running the State Department would position her perfectly for a White House campaign redux.

    “It answers the last question about her: can she run something?” the aide said. “And it’s a huge platform.”


    Hit the comments if you can–all the Hillary haters are out to play.

    • oops, sorry for the repeat–I see it was covered above.

    • Hmmm … job security?
      Lyndon Johnson was once quoted as saying, ” Better he’s on the inside pissing out than the outside pissing in” about a member of his administration that was causing problems.
      If Obama cans Hillary that frees her up to start her campaign.

      • I’m predicting that Biden will become “ill” during 2012 – and another VP candidate will be selected.

    • A former Clinton senior campaign aide told the Daily News …. in other words, someone who now works for Obama. Call me when it’s someone on her current staff. lol! It’s either job security on Hill part, but even more likely, someone trying to fool Obama into canning the one bright stop he’s got: Hill

      • In other words, “One of those Axelrod moles that was there all along in the Clinton campaign..”

  27. Have a great vacation SOD! Travel safely 🙂

  28. Here we go:

    Backlash: Democratic dangers mount

    Democrats giddy with possibilities only six months ago now confront a perilous 2010 landscape signaled by troublesome signs of President Barack Obama’s political mortality, the plunging popularity of many governors and rising disquiet among many vulnerable House Democrats.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0709/25539.html#ixzz0MfBUUOV7

  29. Midterms are not looking so good. The latest from NPR:

    But if the president saw his numbers down, Congress fared far worse, with just 7 percent saying they approved strongly and 25 percent saying they approved somewhat. A 61 percent majority said they disapproved of Congress, with 2 out of 3 of them doing so strongly.

    That’s dismal.

    • What is driving the disapproval ratings?
      Obama’s broken promises or is the republican narrative supported by a corporate media winning the day?
      That Politico article cites a repub operative criticizing Obama’s spending while ignoring the fact they were doing the exact same for the previous eight years.

      • I would say one of the things driving the turn down is nothing the fuck has changed…but nothing. Everything is still following the Bush 2 trajectory without a speed bump.

  30. Have a great time ~ I just flew back home from San Francisco & Yosemite!

    Jesse Jackson was on the red eye flight with us and was in the cheap seats too and was surprisingly sweet and gracious to all that were trying to chat him up despite the time.

  31. I’ve seen on several blogs that some are freaking out over the upcoming swine-flue disaster exercises being planned. Martial law and black helicopters and all that.

    Gimme a break. I don’t have big problems with the military being involved in or training for disaster scenarios like that. They need to be.

    As far as I’m concerned, the clusterfuck of Katrina did not improve until General Tommy Franks finally got there and started knocking heads together and restoring order and moving supplies in an organized manner. They should have had him and his troops there 4 days earlier, IMO.

    • Oops, brain fart. I meant Honere, not Franks.

    • Well that was an interesting story. The LA gov wanted
      to send in her national guard , as per usual. But Bush inc.said no, we want want our people …the stand off kept the victims without help for four days.( while many police and fight fighter volunteers were turned away and after some dramatic rescues , national guard choppers were told to stand down ) Finally the LA gov relented and if I remember correctly, a great many Blackwater operatives were sent it as well as Army troops. Also a big Bush campaign donor got the body clean up contract…no bid of course.

      • all part of that planned government failures create planned corporate opportunities mind set that is now running our government…into the ground

    • Same here after Andrew. The locals were completely overwhelmed.

  32. I’ve been reading excerpts of these healthcare bills, and I have one concern that is HUGE. Executive power grab, bigtime.

    From everything I’ve read, whoever the “Healthcare Czar” is will have full leeway to pick and choose what standards to apply, and which insurance plans will be accepted, and can change or adjust that at will. And Congress, once the bill is passed, will have ZERO further oversight on that, it will be an entirely executive branch deal.

    Can we say “insurance companies who play ball and make nice campaign contributions will get preference”, kiddies? It could end up the biggest Chicago style pay-to-play scheme ever created.

    • ….And Congress, once the bill is passed, will have ZERO further oversight on that, it will be an entirely executive branch deal.

      Jesus Mary and Joesph. They seemed determined to bring down the whole house of cards .

      • For Medicare currently, the head guy goes to congress n an advisory role, and makes recommendations if reimbursements, requirements, coverage etc need to be changed. They have write up the legislation and approve it, vote on it, he can’t just do it.

        From what I’m seeing, not so with this bill. Whoever the exec puts in charge does not have to go back to congress to make changes.

  33. Check out this vote on
    should Peter Schiff run against Chris Dodd.





  34. If they are looking for something new to tax why don’t they slap a heavy tax on pornography? Oh wait this is the Obama administration and while depictions of violent or degrading acts against gay men, Jewish men or black men absolutely inspires “hate crimes” against those classes of people pictures of violent or degrading acts done to women and girls is cherished free speech. What was I thinking. Just check with NOW the liberal Democrats ladies auxiliary if you don’t believe me.

  35. Obama’s doc says his pragmatism is what is overwhelming him on healthcare, and that his plan is bound to fail. That’s what’s Huff Puff’s running on her front page right now.

    I really don’t think this is pragmatism overwhelming him if something is bound to fail…but anyway…

  36. as long as it fails,who cares why.
    just fail

  37. A clearly distressed Lucia Whalen addressed reporters at a press conference in an effort to clear her name after the city released the 911 tape. She was called a ra@cist and feared for her safety.

    • July 29, 2009 – The woman who made the 911 call that launched America into a national debate on race said Wednesday that she was unfairly called a “racist” after she reported a possible break-in at the Cambridge, Mass., home of black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr.

      A clearly distressed Lucia Whalen addressed reporters at a press conference in an effort to clear her name after the city released the 911 tape. It revealed that Whalen did not identify either of the men she thought she saw trying to break into Gates’ home as black, even though an initial police report said she did.

      “When I was called racist and I was a target of scorn and ridicule because of the things I never said, the criticisms hurt me as a person, but it also hurt the community of Cambridge,” Whalen said.

      “Now that the tapes are out, I hope people can see that I tried to be careful and honest with my words,” she said.

      Whalen said repeatedly in the July 16 call that she didn’t have a good vantage point and could not see what the two men trying to get into the home looked like.

      When pressed by a dispatcher on whether the men were white, black or Hispanic, Whalen said one of them might have been Hispanic.

      The two men Whalen saw trying to force their way into the home turned out to be Gates, who lives there, and his driver. Gates was arrested by Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley for disorderly conduct, but charges were later dropped.

      Whalen’s attorney, Wendy Murphy, said the incident spiraled into a media sensation because of the “overreaction of three men” — which Murphy said included the response from President Obama.

      “I’m proud to introduce you to the one person who didnt overreact,” she told reporters.

      Murphy also took aim at Obama’s invitation to host both Gates and Crowley for a beer at the White House on Thursday.

      “The one person whose actions have been exemplary, will be at work tomorrow in Cambridge,” she said. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s a guy thing.”

      Obama said during a press conference last week that the Cambridge police had “acted stupidly” when they arrested Gates even after he showed them identification verifying his residence.

      A White House administration official confirmed Monday that Obama will be hosting the two men for a beer.

      The president had phoned Crowley, who suggested the three men sit down for a drink. The president said he liked the idea, and Gates reportedly concurred when Obama phoned him next.

      Statement posted by an insightful viewer…

    • Professor Gates 911 Caller Lucia Whalen Holds Press Conference

  38. Gates 911 Caller Didn’t Think Police Acted Stupidly: Lawyer

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