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Failure is a feature, not a bug


Ask someone why Obamacare is going down in flames and you’ll likely hear one of these answers:

It’s the Republican’s fault!

It’s the Blue Dog’s fault!

It’s the media’s fault!

I’ll tell you why Barack Obama’s health care reform “failed” – it was never supposed to succeed in the first place.  Let me clarify that:


I’ve never been optimistic about health care reform. This whole thing has been Kabuki since the DNC/RBC meeting on 5/31/08 – the day democracy and the Democratic party went their separate ways.  Hillary’s proposal wasn’t a whole lot better than Obama’s but she really intended to get it passed.

The Obamacare plan has always been to enact something they can call “reform” without actually reforming shit.  If anything, Obamacare will make things worse and ensure that health insurance organizations continue to make outrageous profits for at least another decade.

If they really intended to reform health care then these numbers from The Daily Howler would be well-known to every American with a television:

Total health expenditures per capita, 2003

United States $5711

Australia $2886

Austria $2958

Belgium $3044

Canada $2998

Denmark $2743

Finland $2104

France $3048

Germany $2983

Iceland $3159

Ireland $2466

Italy $2314

Japan $2249

Luxembourg $4611

Netherlands $2909

Norway $3769

Sweden $2745

Switzerland $3847

United Kingdom $2317

That’s right, the United States spends approximately twice as much per capita as other industrialized nations for health care and doesn’t even cover everyone. Every American who lives in the real world knows our health care system is fucked up but that’s a vague analysis. When you put the numbers up like that you can really see how fucked up the system is.

So why haven’t the Democrats done that?


Perhaps we should ask what did the Democrats do instead? The first thing they did was take single-payer “off the table.” Single-payer is the closest thing to true “socialized medicine” that we’re likely to see in this country. It’s Medicare for everyone. Koresh knows we can’t allow that!

Now we are reduced to watching Congress argue for a clusterfuck plan that they call “public option” that isn’t public option. Do you know what is in that plan? Will you be better or worse off?

The plan doesn’t kick in until 2013, after the 2012 elections so Obama can claim a policy victory when he runs for reelection. By the time people figure out they have been screwed and tattooed it will be too late.

And somewhere down the road the Democrats will be trying to retake the White House running on a campaign to reform health care.

Don’t blame the Republicans or the Blue Dogs – put the blame where it belongs – on Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership.

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147 Responses

  1. I know that we need to bring healthcare costs under control..but I don’t think obama and this congress are the right people to do that. You say democratic leadership. I say we have no leadership. Never have I gone through a time when I felt that our government could not be trusted. Not to this extend. obama is in the pocket of so many people that nothing will ever amount to anything.

  2. The Obamacare plan has always been to enact something they can call “reform” without actually reforming shit.

    Amen…Sing It, Sing It!

  3. Well, she did say we would debate Medicare for All with 55 Democratic Senators. I’d like to believe that were true. I do think she would have, ya know, presented an intact plan…but honestly, I complained loudly and clearly to Hillary’s campaign staff that I thought she had made a strategic mistake in not proposing Medicare for All, everybody in, nobody out. And, I would just as vocally have opposed these “reforms” if she were in the WH today as I am Obama-Care.

  4. At least Hillary said that if we had a filibuster-proof Democratic majority in Congress then single payer should be considered:

    • We speak to Harpers senior editor Luke Mitchell, author of the article Sick in the Head: Why America Wont Get the Health-Care System It Needs. (That is the most painful thing about this mess, is that HE COULD DO IT, BUT WON’T! }

      • With the big 5K+ unholy New World Order American Hellcare portion of the beast running down the prophetic Antichrist black hole, no one and no nation is offering the global solution defined by eliminating all the current tax codes in order to bring the cost down as a result of saving life and restoring the order defined by the individual consumer. Freedom, liberty and justice for all is defined by the perfect portion, the first fruit of life, the Truth and the Truth is, the corruption is artificially inflating it’s self and represents the New World Order lie. No one on the planet should be paying above or below what their labor defines but, we are in a slave system of strong delusion that thinks to survive at the expense of devouring ones own principle. The fact is, Yahshua provides for the Heal-care cost by supplying and sustaining the perfect portion, the Truth and love we all must agree with. The Health-care and tax issue is a mute point at this time because, this is the end time, it is the revelation of instant truth preached in every corner. The New World Order single voice, the system of the beast, is now offering global dominion as the numbered Saints are confirming the prophetic end now upon this generation. All the signs are up my friend, this New World Order is a failure and there is nothing it has ever offered that was not in contempt or subject to loss.

  5. I doubt Hillary would ever support a bipartisan compromise to make draconian cuts to Medicare.

    • They are cutting Medicare, and throwing 11 Million Children into the UNINSURED abyss? What happened to the Democratic ideals, those promises they campaigned on… 😦

      • Ha! Just another of Axelrove’s ploys to get a “nobody” elected to office! I “NEVER” believed Obama or the Sell-a-crats would actually try to “reform” health care.
        Too many Health care lobbyist and their masters paid to put Obama where he is. And when you factor in how much money is given to the our so-called “Representatives” by these vampires,

        No…..I never believed a “Change” was coming!

        • Aren’t industry lobbyists allowed in the Conference Committee during markup?
          Aren’t politicians and money grubbing lobbyists sitting side by side in those oh so private meetings?

          • That reminds me of people complaining before the election about how the Senate Dems were goinG to be useless, and Obots were like, oh yeah? Ever hear of the House of Representatives. Yeah, we’ve heard of them, and we can’t even get a halfway decent bill out of there to be completely gutted in Conference Committee. We’re doing amazingly.

    • One of the last things Hill did in the Senate was to block a across the board 10% cut in Medicare workers pay Bush tried to get done and frankly at the time it seemed she was the only thing standing between that pay cut and the doctors and nurses.

      Her speech on the Senate floor woke Dems up from their usual whatever Bush wants sleep walk . …of course with a 10% pay cut, even more providors would leave Medicare and I guess that was the point .

      Hillary could not be left in the Senate. She had to be placed where she’s not even allowed to comment on these ham fisted shenanigan’s .

  6. I’ve said it before, beginning with Obama’s sudden prominence in the primaries,and I’ve continued saying it all along: Obama doesn’t give a shit about anything other Obama. He was out to grab the brass ring and glue it to his resume. That was the sum total of his ambitions in seeking the Oval Office.This has been his m.o. throughout his “career”. He’s not an empathetic or principled man – far from it. For this reason, the unbelievable hype surrounding his candidacy was nothing short of stunning, a total fabrication. Others are finally getting an inkling as to his character, or rather lack of it. But it’s a bit late for waking up, since so much damage has already been done in his name. I swear, sometimes I feel like I live in a nation of comatose fools. Others may have gotten the president they deserve. Those of us who fought hard against Obama’s candidacy simply got screwed.

    • Amen, Kat5, amen.

    • AMEN! The only thing he is or ever has been passionate about is his own personal narrative, his connections to the movers and shakers, and his dream of himself as president. That’s it. Thats all. From the beginning.

      • Not only that, much of his personal narrative would appear to have been faked. And of course the MSM were entirely uninterested in looking into the extent of the fakery. They were more than content to just run with whatever portrait of himself Obama concocted. I think it’s fair to say that Obama’s rise has been one of the most startling and blatant chapters in bamboozlement in American political history. And it will have serious consequences for many years to come.

        • And we all watched with eyes wide open, stunned by the obvious con job. What a bizarre phenomenon. I had a friend call me this week who argued with me about having to vote for him because he had a D after his name. Now he says, “Everything you said about him was true.” Well, why the hell didn’t they simply read the same information we did? No one wanted to hear it–it was mass hypnosis, fueled by post-Bush trauma and unprecedented media propaganda.

          • fif, post-Bush trauma played a part. Some were vicious koolaid idiots, but some were genuinely snowed.

            I have friends who were, and you know how I felt, talking to them? Ever had a friend who just came off of an abusive, horrible relationship, and jumps to and clings to the first guy to talk nice to her? And you know he’s a pig as well. And you try to tell her. But she is so hurt, and looking so hard for affirmation, that she just can’t hear you.

            I honestly think that is how some Dems were this past year.

    • I agree with every word of that Kat.

  7. I remain convinced that the underlying reason Hillary had to be sidelined (and a puppet installed in her place) was to guard against a meaningful healthcare reform. Just as in 2000 Gore had to be stopped by the oil industry.

    • Amen to that, Edge.

      And amen to the O.P.

      No reform was ever intended. Which is why Hillary was cut out, and Obama was supported by big Pharm, and the Insurance industry. (Big Pharm hated Mac, BTW. Because he threatened to reign in their profits.)


    • Yup, that was obvious to me from his misleading warnings about “mandated” coverage and Harry and Louise type attacks on Hillary’s plan. Big Insurance, Big Pharma & the AMA bought themselves a Foot-Dragger-in-Chief.


  8. They also deliberately engineered this plan to not do a thing until 2013.

    Thus the One can go campaign on “I an the great Health Care Reformer!” with no actual results (bad ones) that might inconveniently interfere with his message.

    BTW, hubby has just been on the phone with several friends – a nephrologist, a couple of internists, and a family practice doc. Every one of them has said the practice of medicine has become too damn depressing, and ALL of them plan to get OUT by 2015. He will be planning his retirement from this fucked-up system himself, as well We may consider going back to Italy, or he and several friends are talking about getting together, saying EFF YOU to the insurance companies, and trying something like this:


    • Obama has no intention of getting real health care reform to the American people. It is good to hear that someone is thinking out of the box. Articles and plans like this could be very useful to small business. We are currently under the thumb of insurance companies who will not let us have a co-opted plan.

      • No-insurance practices have until now been limited to hoity-toity “concierge” plans. Doctors who actually care about how big insurance has ruined their profession and their relationships with patients are looking for

        If you were employed but uninsured, and could pay 39 to 79 dollars a month for unlimited same day access to a family doctor, who spent 30 minutes or more with you at an appointment, plus it covered basic blood tests, xrays, etc, would YOU do it? I would.

        I want UHC, but dammit if our govt won’t solve this, maybe some of our docs need to get together and rebel in this way – find a way to provide care cheaper, without armies of billers and support staff, and tell the insurance companies to take a walk except for catastrophic coverage.

        • I got cut off somehow. That sentence should have read “looking for… a solution for low to average income people that works. They are tired of waiting on the govt to do it.”

    • WMCB, Thanks for the link. I’m so glad to know some doctors have hit on a sensible solution to a nonsensical and obstructive health care system. I hope they expand into NJ.

      “This whole thing has been Kabuki” myiq2xu

      Absolutely. The political scene is nothing but sham and scam.

      • AniEm, hubby is researching, and guess who is fighting this model in court?

        Yep, BIG INSURANCE. They claim that by doing this, these practices count as “offering medical insurance”, therefore must be subject to all provisions governing them, cover catastrophic etc like any insurance company. Which of course defeats the purpose.

        • They don’t want insurance to be anything but for their good. Nothing like standing up and shouting “we are bastards” to get every one’s attention. I hope more doctors see the benefit to the people that such a plan would yield. I know I would be interested. It is a shame that people have to fight so hard to get health care.

          • Yup. They know its a specious legal argument, because you are not an “insurer ” if you are the one actually providing the service. It’s flat fee for services, period. An insurer is by definition a middleman, not a provider of the actual service. If a doc wants to figure out how to take care of people cheaper, bypassing insurance, that’s his/her business.

            But Big Insurance is getting their butts in gear and spending mucho money to challenge it, because if it caught on, it could seriously screw up their world.

        • Of course.
          My other handicap is living in NJ, the land of 40+ indicted politicians and that’s just this week!

          • Oops, hit reply too soon.

            Anything that is streamlined, affordable and patient-friendly is automatically off the table, unless there are significant bribes involved. The plan before Congress looks like it was designed by Rube Goldberg, if anyone has seen his whimsical illustrations of convoluted machinery. Those of us in need of health care are just cogs in the machine.

          • AniEm I have no illusions that this sort of thing would help everyone in every situation. Of course not. We NEED UHC, and I’ll continue to fight for that.

            But in the meantime this sort of innovation might fill a niche for those who can afford to pay something for routine, everyday care apart from surgeries and hospitalizations.

            Plus the insurance companies hate it, which is always a positive in my book.

    • What is it going to take for them to realize that the American people aren’t as stupid as they’d like to believe? You’d think not being able to win the primary with the dog and pony show might have done it. Nobody besides Obama’s 28 percenters is going to be placated by being told their problems will be solved tomorrow tomorrow in 2013, and even they wouldn’t buy it if they didn’t already have really good insurance.

      • It’s a sham. And I think that is going to be pretty evident, pretty quickly. At last I hope he won’t be able to bamboozle this into a “victory”. I think the public is waking up.

    • Yes, that’s what I’ve been talking about all along! That’s a solution we can live with.

    • Retiring MDs is a tread I’ve heard frequently — I’ve not seen any stats but I’d hazard a guess that the early retirement numbers are very high.

      A friend of mine worked in the St. Louis, MO area and she said that the majority of MDs had plans to retire early — they are closing up shop and moving to the Caribbean or elsewhere as expats.

      My friend is now on a Caribbean Island — working in medicine for the Government. She says it is such a change — billing is so easy — fees that most anyone can afford. And if the patient can’t afford it — then the fee is waved. The island is a UK colony — so that explains the attitude of the local government.

      There are a lot of retired MDs on this island.

    • I think they are really on to something. It is the innovation and spirit of the American people that will ultimately save all of us. What do 95% of us need? We need good, affordable, accessible primary care. Especially families with children who have to struggle with an occasional broken bone, fevers, earaches and kid diseases. I serve on a school board and we are paying some $13,000 per employee for health care. We can not afford this long term. It is crazy. This is the kind of practice that medicare ought to provide for its booming boomers.

  9. John Conyers actually admitted that what is in the works right now is the Rahm plan. Take something…anything…call it reform and Barack wins.
    That’s why Single Payer was taken off the table on day one.
    It’s all for show. No intent to fix or help.
    It’s been O’s MO all along.

    • But will he? If it doesn’t even take effect until 2013, and it is plagued by choking regulations and bureaucracy, people will be really p*sed off at the lack of positive results. The numbers for support are already tanking for this mess they’re selling.

  10. Obama’s Family Physician Dr. David Scheiner Prescribes HR 676 Single-Payer for America (Obama canceled his invite to the ABC White House Reform talks. Why isn’t the main media telling the American people that Single Payer is being kept OUT by Obama)

  11. Reminds me of the whole process back in the primaries when they strung out squashing the state primaries that Hillary won in FL, etc. First negotiating for re-voting, or vote-by-mail, or something, but always coming up with excuses instead of actually doing the right thing. All done to distract you from the fact that they never intended to do anything.

    And the voters end up getting screwed again.

  12. Ya know, we should find a way to force all congress to participate in what ever plan they approve for us.

    I used to think they threw away single payer because they were taking money from the health care/ insurance industry but now I think they trashed single payer to protect their own plush health plans.

    Force them to join the crowd and they will anti up and pass the best single payer health care anyone can imagine. To heck with the insurance and health care lobbies.

    And I just saw that racist, sexist pig gates on tv looking so smug and I am so angry. No one seems to care that he shouted out the door “ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE THE WORD OF A WHITE WOMAN OVER A BLACK MAN” take out he modifiers: ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE THE WORD OF A WOMAN OVER A MAN.

    It even got right by Greta van S. and the 911 caller’s attorney.

    • That’s what he said? And nobody thought there was anything wrong with it? Ugh.

      • Yep THAT is what that sexist pig said — I’m GLAD that he sexist words are getting exposed.

      • People think there’s something wrong with it, but it appears to be total hearsay based on like one alleged witness. Despite the fact that he’s a huge Hillary fan and there doesn’t seem to be much of anything in his public actions or statements to indicate he’s sexist, and despite all the nice things he’s said about the 911 caller, it may be true, but then again, since Gates appears to have become Charles Manson, Satan, and The Root of All Evil for no particular reason, it might not be, either. A bunch of things have been said about him at other blogs that have not panned out at all.

    • Until it can be substantiated that this witness even exist, or that the comments were said, my view is it never happened. If they were true that statement would obviously be very inappropriate, but I doubt it actually was said. Part of the problem with some bloggers is they like to make stuff up. IMO with my limited experience blogging, you end up seeing stuff like this with every story that is controversial, so I’d have to see something clear cut one way or the other, before having more of an opinion.

      • Well, it appears that this quote originated in the Boston Herald. “an unidentified 56 year old man who refused to give his name but claimed to be a neighbor of Gates and said he witnessed the altercation.” The guy went on to say that as soon as Crowley asked Gates for ID, he yelled “I’m a Harvard professor, you believe white women over black men. I personally don’t put much stock in the Boston Herald, unidentified people who refuse to identify themselves but claim without verification to be neighbors or witnesses, or accounts that aren’t even in the police report and appear to be kind of fishy (like why would Gates assume it was a woman of any race who called, plus this guy seems to have better hearing than some of the other witnesses who coujdn’t necessarily make out what was being said later on when a crowd had gathered, forget at the beginning), but that’s just me.

        • Thanks for tracking that down. I agree with most of what you say too, though I can imagine there is some scenario why that person would have been the only one that heard the statement, but I can’t get past not wanting to be identified, and making comments to the press also.
          When ever I see a report with an unidentified or anonymous person, I have to wonder what the persons motivation is for making statements when they don’t want to be identified. If I didn’t want to be identified or involved I’d say, No comment.

          • Oh, one other thing that makes me doubt this story too If this unidentified person felt compelled to speak to the press, why didn’t the speak to police? If they thought it was so important to relay to the press, IMO the average person would conclude the police should know about it too when they were getting info to file the report?

          • Yes, I can understand not wanting to get involved, but putting your version out there anonymously without giving the neighborhood A chance to say “Don’t listen to Seriously, she’s the neighborhood crank,” or “She doesn’t even live here, she just wants to see her words in the paper,” or whatever seems questionable. Plus, even if this unidentified person really lives there, really is a witness, and really thinks he’s telling the truth, I believe, unless I’m mixing up tge dates, his version appeared several days after the incident. By that time, he could have forgotten what was said word for word and it might be only his rough approximation of what was actually said. I often think I’m quoting something accurately when I’m off. Crowley says in the report that he asked Gates for ID and that Gates refused and asked him for ID. He says that when he told Gates “a
            resident” called in the incident, Gates ignored him and didn’t respond. Neither he nor the other officer relate any of the statements anonymous guy claims to have heard.

          • Yep 100% agree with that. From what I’ve read, Crowley doesn’t mention anything like it. Mr. anonymous could be innocently mistaken by what he’s saying because of mishearing or misremembering when/if what was said, and being anonymous in talking to the press doesn’t help his credibility.

          • When ever I see a report with an unidentified or anonymous person, I have to wonder what the persons motivation is for making statements when they don’t want to be identified.

            Color me cynical, but nowadays I start thinking that the reporter couldn’t find what he was looking for to be quoted, and just made it up off his own bat.

  13. WMCB, on July 29th, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    Exactly, but you and most people on this blog and in this country who have common sense and decency are being punished for that by the government. I’m sure they’ll knock out this model because it works AND it makes sense! It would be a great alternative for me. I train adult students in medical billing and feel guilty because I know what they’ll be up against when they get out to work. What I want to know is what the hell happened to AMA clout?

  14. Please God let them wake up before they pass a BS bill that makes it worse.

    Sometimes it seems like clusterf*ck is the goal.

  15. OT:

    While millions of us are out of work, losing our homes and no health care, our “President” is living it up, high on the hog!

    $20m holiday home at Blue Heron Farm suits Barack Obama to a tee
    It might have been the golf tee that swung it for President Obama as he looked for a summer holiday retreat — but the 28 acres on Martha’s Vineyard, the swimming pool, private beach and basketball court may just have clinched it too.

    Mr Obama and the First Family are planning to spend their summer break on a $20 million retreat on the wealthy playground island off Cape Cod and even seem undeterred that the property is owned by a Republican.

    The choice of such an exclusive location will inevitably be fodder for the President’s Republican critics who decried his recent “date night” to New York with his wife, Michelle — an excursion that cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars at a time of deep recession and soaring unemployment.

    According to the Vineyard Gazette, the resort island’s journal of record since 1864, the Obamas have chosen Blue Heron Farm, in Chilmark, recorded as America’s most expensive small town in 2007.
    The farm features a swimming pool, golf practice facilities — Mr Obama plays regularly — a basketball court, access to a private beach and a rental price tag of up to $50,000 (£30,000) a week.

    No deal has yet been struck on the property, but the rental agreement being negotiated has reportedly been split into three separate leases: one to be held by the Obamas — and paid for out of their own pockets — one by the Secret Service, and a third by the White House, which will be sending a large entourage to Martha’s Vineyard to accompany the President

    I didn’t know you could afford a 20 million dollar home on the President’s salary. If I remember correctly, he NEVER had this kind of money in Chicago and his books sure as hell didn’t bring this sudden wealth in.

    • TOTUS loves him some rich living. Surprise, surprise. But he is renting this swank place just for his “summer retreat.” He gets his WH digs for free, and it appears we are footing the bill for 2/3 of this Martha’s Vineyard plushness. His corporate CEO cronies will doubtless help out with the rest.

  16. hey wil there a puma united radio 2night

  17. I’ve gotten all of my colleagues, family and friends to write to our elected officials – I hope that all of you have written or called – they need to be drowning in our words! 👿

  18. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32206998/ns/politics-white_house/

    “This is a president who needs a vacation,” says Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff. “His job rating is … certainly an acceptable mark. But if you look at it over time, it has [gone] south without a doubt.”

    Hmm, sounds like our last president.

    • Another quote:

      And just 41 percent approve of the president’s job on health care, which is nearly identical to Bill Clinton’s scores from 1994, when he failed to get Congress to pass health care reform.

  19. Can someone tell me why a public option is not good?

    • It may cover 0 – 10 million, but they are killing 11 MILLION CHILDREN of the insurance for low income children (((screaming)))….AHHHHH! And the rest of it is going to cost more???? (((screaming))) Public Option, is SMOKE and MIRRORS with no real care!

      We were betrayed! Do you trust someone that doesn’t read a Bill of HR 3200 1,017+ pages and tells you its reform and it includes a Public Option…? HR 676 Single Payer is Health Care for EVERYONE, only 23 pages long, Everyone In, Nobody Out, It’s All American!

      • 😳 I meant killing their health care…:oops: Took a some time out, I found I was getting too upset and the media/press is all gaga because Obama is doing campaign speeches.

  20. this plan sucks, kill it. Then run Rahm out of DC on a rail with tar and feathers. Shame shame shame, this is about Obama’s reelection.

    • Yeah, i really really really want this to be enacted asap so that obama has to face it for re-election, it’s bs that he gets to lie to the american public, then win re-election based on lies.

      • He’ll face it. Putting it off isn’t going to satisfy anyone, especially those who need help now and find when they look at the details they’re not going to get it ever.

  21. new post…just for fun!

  22. Don’t you love how they insult our intelligence?

      • The Rally in Washington D.C. by the Docs is today…keep an out for videos and reports. HR 676 Single Payer, maybe locked OUT by Obama, but it was in the works before he decided to run for the Senate…IT’S REALLY NOT ABOUT HIM! It is about this countries people who are without Health Care and we need to pull together.

        HR 676, Single Payer, Everyone In, Nobody Out, It’s ALL American!

    • I had lot of repect for Henry Waxman back when I worked at GLCSC Hollywood in the early 80’s, and his work since then.. I’m very disappointed in this though.

  23. “Don’t blame the Republicans or the Blue Dogs – put the blame where it belongs – on Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership.”

    the more I read about chicago-style politics and the crew they’ve installed in the white house & dem leadership positions, the more I realize this health care mess is par for the course. Having worked in healthcare for the last 20+ years, I also never expected it to go anywhere – the problem is these thugs will destroy what’s left of health care in this country and could bring down the country in the process. and their boldest solution is to let the sick and elderly die of preventable diseases without coverage. all its gonna take is a worsening pandemic to collapse and close the hospitals and then it will be every man, woman and child for themselves. better bone up on your survival and CERT skills while you still can! this is no joke!

    • I’m not laughing! I think what they want for everyone not worth several hundred millions is Mad Max’s Thunder Dome!

  24. I will never forget John Kerry on one of the morning shows about 18 months ago during the primary practically looking straight into the camera and saying, “singer payer is a non-starter”…

    he was sending Hillary a message.

  25. A lot of the support from Obama in the primaries came from his skin color. Most black voters felt it was their due for their loyalty to the party over the previous thirty years, and many white “progressives” jumped aboard to prove they weren’t racist. And for many that “black President” somehow equalled “liberal President” was taken for granted. Just as now an unwillingness to be critical of our first black President is still keeping many liberals silent. But you really do have to judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin, and too many people who should have known better forgot that.

  26. We should do a post where we each sign up to read 100 pages and report what that section has and then dissect the key points. The congress isn’t going to do it, and we have to get to the bottom of this.

    • murphy is is leading an effort like that at pumapac.org.

      • Go Murphy GO! Glad someone is willing to read the bill…do report back if you find PORK & BULL! 1,017 pages, isn’t about health care it’s about taking care of SPECIAL INTERESTS, CHANGE MY FOOT!

        HR 676 Single Payer is only 23 pages long…PURE HEALTH CARE!

  27. While I’m ranting, let me add that the thing that so infuriates me about Obama is that he is like an actor playing a bad guy in a soap opera-he so exaggeratedly behaves in a manner that tells you not to trust or rely on him that you wonder why the other characters in the soap can’t see through him. I get that anyone can be duped, but I am still stunned that so many people I used to respect fell for such an OBVIOUS fake.

    I had a similar reaction to people who ever believed in W., but then I never expected much from voters on the Right. I used to have higher expectations for those left of center.

    • The media is largely to blame for this, it didn’t happen without assistance. The media is also, helping in not even questioning why he hasn’t read his own Bill HR 3200.

  28. .
    I attended one of candidate Obama’s open citizen input Democratic platform meetings in Honolulu last year during the campaign. Everyone there was in favor of immediate universal single-payer national healthcare . Instead of passing that along to Obama, we were told that it wasn’t going to happen. I voted for him anyway, or against Clinton & McBush. But I’ll be voting against him if we don’t get immediate universal single-payer national healthcare.

    It’s up to all of us to get corporate money and corporatist politicians out of our government. When they kill our healthcare, and thousands of us, that’ll be signal for real change.

    • This is why Obama will never do a damn thing. You knew he was running Harry and Louise ads, you knew it wasn’t going to happen, but now you’ve discovered you care, and if what you knew wasn’t going to happen doesn’t happen, you’re going to take steps. File that under Department of Empty Threats, because Rahm and Barack already have.

      • I was going to say the commenter, um, what was it about him saying having the government involved in health care is bad did you not understand. He made it real clear he was against both single payer and a government option when he was a candidate. What’s scary is it sounds like the commenter sort of knew that but voted for him anyway, and is just now getting upset. Sad.

        • This time they mean it–except on the remote chance that Axlerove drums up something else to vote against. But what are the chances of that?

          • He’ll screw them over and come November 2012 they will rationalize voting for him again anyway.

            Obama’s theory:

            “Where else are they gonna go?”

          • Plus he has an amazing slogan, in re his magical 2013 plan: “just wait till next year!” what redblooded American can resist that siren song?

          • Myiq;

            For Heaven’s sake! Do you EVER sleep?

            Michael Jackson has some Demerol and other stuff left in his stash.

          • I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

          • .
            Feel free to sit sniping on the sidelines, like you always do. Don’t vote at all, or vote for some symbolic candidate that has no chance of winning. Then you can go on pretending to be pure. What you are is useless.

            There’s nothing pure about politics. Welcome to the real world. In this country, there are only two real Parties. To get anything done, you have to use one or both of them, like the corporations do. Those of us who live in the real world are working to take over our Party, and change it from the ground up, while you sit there and whine. Don’t worry, you’ll still get all the benefits of our labors. And you’ll still whine.

          • You’ve already taken over the party, O Delusional One. So look around, survey the fruits of your labors and be proud, because this is all you’re ever going to get and now we’re all screwed. Well done.

        • .
          In case you weren’t present on this planet for the last ten years, Anybody But McBush was who we all voted for. But that was only Step One in the process of taking our government back. I knew that a year ago, and next year I’ll be working against those who failed and betrayed us: Step Two.

          How about you?

          • Taking our government back?

            From who? The crooks that are running it now?

            Why do you say “we” and “us?”

            Obama didn’t betray me – I knew he was no damn good so I voted for McCain.

          • You must use up a lot of energy electing those who’ve failed and betrayed us and then immediately voting them out again. I can’t quite pinpoint why this strategy isn’t flawless.

          • .
            It’s a process, which evidently you don’t understand.

            A long, slow process.

          • It’s bound to be long when you make it so hard on yourself. Elect the most reactionary cretins around, watch as they destroy everything you hold dear and laugh at you, then wonder if you screwed up when it’s too late to fix it.

          • It’s a process, which evidently you don’t understand.
            A long, slow process.

            That’s got to me my favorite failbot meme ever. I think we should frame it. 🙂

          • Uh you voted for Bushbama. We told you that his economic advisors were free market blatherers. Did any of you listen? No. We told you it was a bad sign that he revered Reagan? Again, did you listen? No. We even went so far as to tell you that when he started running Harry and Louise ads and insinuating that a universal health care would mean “forcing poor people to choose between health care or rent.”

            The guy you voted for still has Guantanamo open, is defenda DOMA, still using state secrets, still in Iraq(as well as Afghanistan) and your going to tell us how superior you are for not voting for McCain? At least when I voted for McCain I could say that if he continued Bush’s legacy he’d destroy the conserv ative brand. You geniuses voted for the guy who will be setting back liberal ideals while actually enacting a conservative agenda. Brilliant friggin’ move. Don’t lecture me about how we have two parties. Instead of choosing to focus on party identity you could try something novel and try moving both parties by focusing on issues or ideals. I know, I know how positively “Republican ratf*cker” of me to suggest that loyalty to principles trump party identity.

            I do have to wonder how that whole “influencing your party” thing is going? From where I’m sitting they are either ignoring you or laughing their backsides off at what suckers you progressives are.

            As for process, I got news for you you’re stuck. In 4 years Obama will be running again. There is a good chance he’ll lose since he has largely chosen to continue Bush’s handouts to the rich and corporate America and addressed little to none of the problems Middle America is facing. You and those like you will be responsible for passing the baton back to the right with little to no accomplishments under your belts and I suspect that the right won’t be sending us a somewhat moderate Republican like McCain or Palin either. Instead it will be someone who will continue further right. Congrats on the brilliant strategery.

          • It’s a process, cwaltz. A long, slow process. 🙂

            but seriously, this doesn’t even make sense. If the guy were a Green strategically voting Obama in hopes of destroying the Democratic Party, that makes sense. This? Does not make sense. Obama: for grassroots democracy, not top-down rule by corrupt hacks!

        • I am OK with mad, mad is the first step to getting involved and picking up a sign and asking:Where Is My National Health Insurance Card?

      • .
        Yeah? McBush and Clinton thought the “threats” were empty, too. Wrong answer. Hopeless people like you are welcome to continue sitting on the sidelines.

        • Lol Um, yeah, that makes tons of sense. Thank goodness the unhopeless-positively-hopey who got us into this mess take responsibility. “When Obama told me to $’@& off, I said ‘Say that again and I’ll vote for you.’ this time, when he tells me to $)&@ off, I might hesitate for 30 seconds before voting for him.” you’ve got him running scared, really. If he starts three more wars, there’s a strongly worded letter in his future.

          • .
            Yeah. Your answer was better: Do nothing. How’s that workin’ out for ya?

          • You ARE the weakest link – Goodbye!

          • Among other bad traits our trollish visitor is a Clinton hater.

          • Well, I’ll take “do nothing” over “knowingly create a mess just because, then resort to ridiculous gamer Ninja posturing to make myself feel important, then perpetuate the mess, contradicting my ridiculous posturing.” What is it you intend on doing, again? Finding someone else who promises to kick you in the nads and supporting them on the theory it’s bound to work eventually? Make sure he looks good on the poster and his wife has nice arms, engaged fellow citizen!

          • Don’t you just love these failbots that visit. It’s fun to see the different approaches they take. So the failbots that are waking up find us at fault because why, because we saw through it all from the beginning and didn’t vote for the idiot. Somehow we’re bad for that, or that was doing nothing. And their big plan is to now get all made about it though they voted for him, and somehow that’s doing something. Very puzzling.

          • I guess he’s pissy that we “did nothing” when they were terrorizing voters at caucuses. It’s our fault, we should have stopped them! We should have fought back harder or taken to the streets or made them less clueless or…

        • Hopeless?

          Like in “Hopenchange?”

          • .
            I made a squishy poopie in my pants!

          • Amusing to listen to the Obots coming around crying about being violated, and getting all worked up over it. How about a little personal responsibility in recognizing you’re part of the problem that got us here.

        • Obama is more bush than McCain is. You millenials crack me up, you actually think you got Obama in office. But all that happened is that you have been used.
          ps…which Clinton are you talking about? Hillary is both more progressive and more populist than Obama and BTW the choice of the democratic voters. But Obama is a cool black guy so he must be liberal, right?

  29. Wow, this is depressing. I just read through this and the comments. Love the WMCB hubby solution. That would be great if that could catch on. I think things will be much worse if this pile of crap passes. Because then we will have officially fixed healthcare, and it will not be discussed until well after 2013. But if it fails, it will be top of the list for most people and will be a thorn in the side of politicians which will make more pressure to deal with it correctly.

  30. I agree with myiq. If the Democrats wanted health care passed, they would be running ads on real health care figures.

    The 1000 page bill is a joke.

    I don’t blame Obama. He was put there by powerful Dems-who did not want Single Payer health care. Like cosanostra says they were told in Hawaii prior to the elections that it wasn’t gonna happen. RD had the same thing happen to her in NJ.

    Put blame where squarely where it belongs-on the travesty of the Democratic Party.

    • I put blame at the top. The buck stops with the president. But you’ve got a point, this was arranged well ahead of time by the party itself. Which is why they made it clear they do not want us as members or supporters. Donna and others showed us the door. We are liberals, they are not. We are in exile. Pirates. 🙂

      • From today our pirate prentice rises from indentures free, he’s a pirate now indeed! Pour o pour the pirate sherry fill o fill the pirate glass, and to make us more than merry let the pirate bumper pass…

        What the heck is a pirate bumper?

  31. I really like this part:

    “But I’ll be voting against him if we don’t get immediate universal single-payer national healthcare.”

    But “voting against him” does not include voting for a Republican, so it basically means “I will throw my vote away.”

    Last November I voted for the lesser of two evils. Cosanostradoofus voted for the evil of two lessers.

    • I’ve seen the people who see puppies and rainbows and are surprised when they go away, but we knew Obama was terrible, now we’re surprised that he’s terrible but we have stellar political judgment and Are well on our way to fixing all the problems in some indeterminate Yet obvious way? That’s new.

  32. WordPress has seen fit to shut down TC for some reason–blogstalkers? RD has put up a morning post here in the meantime:


  33. I think that guy was actually the occasional columnist for the much-lamented Weekly World News, Nostradamus’s slightly dumber brother, Nostradumbass.

  34. Ahh, now I’m remembering the News with sadness and fondness. As I recall, their alien sources correctly predicted victories for both Bill and Hillary…

  35. The medicare cuts are so much more damaging than people yet realize. My sister is a medical social worker for a major hospice in a large city. Their jobs are going along with the nurses and other care workers. This means as she just told me last night they are already having to turn away the sick and dying people they barely had the funds to care for as it was. Many times yes, they got “in trouble” for keeping people on the roster past the time limit. You tend to want to continue to give service to people when they are in the dying process even if it takes longer the the allowable time given by the government. I saw some people complaining yesterday about how medicare needed reform due to “abuses”

    Taking care of the sick and dying is not an “abuse” and when this country begins to think it IS then we are in deeper shit than we even know.

    So with the compassionate Obama “plans” many people will not get hospice services and it’s already happening.

    I saw his contributions list and knew he left huge loopholes for the pharma companies AND the insurance companies and that’s why they backed him. It keeps dollars in their pockets and allows them to continue to screw over sick people. Hillary had plugged a lot of those loopholes…they couldn’t stand the fact they might not be able to continue their cash grabs. I KNEW Obama wasn’t going to “reform” healthcare..but, I never thought it would get quite this bad.

    I guess the elderly and the sick and dying mean shit to this man. Once again, he’s no liberal…he’s an an opportunist with a brilliant puppetmaster named Axelrod and that’s all.

    it’s just too bad all this suffering is being done under the banner of “democrat” with people who say they are “democrats” defending it at every turn….hope nobody in their family is ill or old or will need a hospice service because it’s not going to survive all these cuts.

  36. http://www.slate.com/id/2223898/?from=rss

    thought this was interesting.



  37. http://pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/82743/

    close enough for government work i guess.



  38. http://www.carrollspaper.com/print.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=8449&TM=46039.14

    This made my day start off with a giggle



  39. http://theconfluence.squarespace.com/

    Everyone seems to be at the NEW site, that I can’t see. 😦 Too dark.

  40. >McBush and Clinton thought the “threats” were empty, too. Wrong answer. Hopeless people like you are welcome to continue sitting on the sidelines.

    Putting aside the lumping in of Hillary with the GOP, we didn’t sit on the sidelines. We opposed Obama. We still do, and barring a major change, we will continue to do so. In November we had the choice of two failures. Most of us decided that if the next four years were going to be a disaster, better the GOP and the Right suffer the consequences. For some reason you wanted those consequences to fall on the Dems and the Left. Well, that’s your business, but don’t come here looking for approval of that choice.

  41. “This whole thing has been Kabuki since the DNC/RBC meeting on 5/31/08 – the day democracy and the Democratic party went their separate ways. Hillary’s proposal wasn’t a whole lot better than Obama’s but she really intended to get it passed.”

    That nails it right there, well observed!

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