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We’re Winning This, at Least

BILLVictories should be taken when they come. With the passage of Proposition 8 and all the Drama with Miss California and Perez Hilton, the LGBT Community needed something good, and it came.

We all love the Big Dawg. Regency said it best in what is possibly one of the best posts ever written at the Confluence.

I lived in this country during the 1990s. I knew the Clintons. I grew up worshiping Bill Clinton, that Bubba from a place called Hope with an affinity for Big Macs and a little bit of “soul” in his soul.


Millions of new jobs created throughout this country. Millions raised from poverty to hallowed middle-class status. Even with the battles he couldn’t win—like the Defense of Marriage Act, which he abhorred but that prevented the passage of a Federal Gay-Marriage Ban; like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell that as best it could prevented an outright ban of gays and lesbians in the military—things were a little better, positive steps in positive directions had been taken. In that decade, it was good to be alive in America. And it was my party that had made it so.


I remember the man who cried as those around him struggled and deigned to share their struggles with him. I remember the President who apologized for the Tuskegee Experiment and asked that those still standing in its wake found it in their battered hearts to forgive a nation whose morality once stood so terribly bigoted. I remember the man who helped to re-enact the March on Selma because it meant so much to him. I remember a President who walked into Office on day one ready to lead, only to be stabbed in the back by the very people that brought him—but he soldiered on. That was the Way I was a part of, the Way that “embraces ‘tolerant traditionalism,’ honoring traditional moral and family values while resisting attempts to impose them on others.” There was no battle too small to undertake, no cause unworthy of effort or tears, nobody left behind. Anybody who “worked hard and played by the rules” got ahead, because no way was William Jefferson Clinton going to leave them in the dust.

Modo could never say as much. Recently, Bill came out in favor of Single Payer Health Care. In case you’re wondering why he didn’t go for it while he was President, he explained:

Mr. Clinton said that as he looked at the matter in 1993 he believed that he had two options for providing universal coverage: either a tax increase or an employer mandate. Since he had already expended a lot of political capital on a deficit-reduction plan that included tax increases as well as spending cuts, he said he had to rely on the employer mandate.

“If you had an employer mandate, then you could leave the small businesses out or come up with enough revenues to subsidize the smaller employers — and since we couldn’t raise taxes, having an employer mandate guaranteed that the National Federation of Independent Businesses would join with the insurance companies,” he said. “Now they don’t have to have an employer mandate, because they can offer buy-ins. I hope they won’t give up on this public option.”

Oh, Bill! In a similar vein, the Big Dawg has also come out in favor of same sex marriage.

He is now the most high profile politician to do so, beating out even Dick Cheney in his endorsement of gay matrimony. And since Bill and Hillary agree on most things politically, I predict that she will also come out in favor of Same Sex Marriage shortly.

In May of this year, Clinton told a crowd at Toronto’s Convention Centre that his position on same-sex marriage was “evolving.”Apparently, Clinton’s thinking has now further evolved. Asked if he would commit his support for same-sex marriage, Clinton responded, “I’m basically in support.”

This spring, same-sex marriage was legalized in Iowa, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire. In his most recent remarks on the subject, Clinton said, “I think all these states that do it should do it.” The former president, however, added that he does not believe that same-sex marriage is “a federal question.”

Asked if he personally supported same-sex marriage, Clinton replied, “Yeah.” “I personally support people doing what they want to do,” Clinton said. “I think it’s wrong for someone to stop someone else from doing that [same-sex marriage].”

We all ready know what the Obots will scream. We have heard the song and dance so many times before we could recite it in our sleep. Bill passed DOMA! Bill passed DADT! The Clintons are Racist and EEEEEEEVVVVVIL!

Crimony. Tell them Bill.

Talking about Melissa Etheridge’s comment about the Clintons “throwing the gay community under a bus” when introducing DOMA, Bill Clinton said:

“I think it’s a slight rewriting of history that, let me just say, let me remind you, one of the raids that the Republican Party used to get its base out, I think it was in 2004, to have all these amendments on the ballot, right, to change the constitution of these states to ban gay marriage.

“There was at the time, a serious effort to argue that the congress ought to present to the states a constitutional amendment, a national constitutional amendment, on gay marriage. So the idea behind the defense of marriage act was not to ban gay marriage but simply to say that just because Massachusetts recognized gay marriage, which Hillary and I at the time defended their right to do, that marriage had always been a matter of state law and religious practice.

“The defense of marriage act did nothing to change that, all it said was that [the state of] Idaho did not have to recognize a marriage sanctified in Massachusetts, and that seemed to be a reasonable compromise in the environment of the time, and its a slight rewriting of history for Melissa, whom I very much respect, to imply that somehow this was anti-gay when I had more openly gay people in my administration and did more for gay rights and tried to provide an opportunity for gays to serve in the military and did provide an opportunity for gays to serve in civilian positions involving national security that they had been previously been denied to serving in. That’s a little bit of rewriting of history there.”

In the Nineties, public support for Gay Marriage, Equality of Benefits, and the right for Gays to serve openly in the Military wasn’t very strong. In fact, Gay rights were still something of a taboo back then. When Bill was President, he dealt with a foaming Republican Congress, Democrats on the Hill who loathed him, an overly hostile Press Corps, and a Right Wing Conspiracy Independent Counsel sniffing for his impeachment every time he or Hillary so much as farted. Because of Ross Perot’s Candidacy, he wasn’t elected with a majority, and he defeated an extremely popular incumbent. He didn’t have much Political Capitol at all, but he still tried to push as much liberal legislation through Congress as he possibly could before the midterm elections, when the party in power almost always loses seats. Even Dubya, when he was first elected President, passed whatever legislation he wanted, despite not being elected by a majority (and in fact, stealing the election) because his party was in power.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, has a fawning Press Corps and solid, filibuster proof majorities in the House and the Senate at his disposal. He is following an extremely unpopular administration into the White House and he was elected with 53% of the vote. At the moment he doesn’t seem to have much opposition for reelection in 2012. He should be the liberal God Obots claim him to be, but sadly, he is wiping his ass with the Constitution, continuing the War in Iraq, passing Stimulus Bills that stimulate nothing, Bailing out Banks with taxpayer money and proposing lousy Healthcare Reform.

On Gay rights and everything else, he has no viable excused. Polls show that a majority of Americans favor Gays serving openly in the Military and Gay Marriage. Similarly, with the roll out of several high Profile endorsements of Same Sex Marriage, it is apparent that Americans have evolved with their favorite President on the issue of Gay Rights. Not only should Obama be stronger for the LGBT Community, he should be shoving Single Payer Healthcare, which a majority of Americans also support, up Congress’s Bum-ol-ey and prosecuting Bush Administration Officials, but he obviously isn’t.

Obama is just a self absorbed, arrogant, immature, narcissistic coward. I hate to call him names, but there it is folks.

But regardless of what TOTUS does, we do have this victory of changing attitudes about LGBT rights in America. Americans clearly favor treating our Gay brothers and sisters with humanity and respect. And that is a victory worth celebrating, because it is a step in the right direction, and it makes equality for Gays, Lesbians, Bis and Trannies that much more attainable.

Cross posted at Age of Aquairius

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130 Responses

  1. LI, will you marry me?


    By the way, can you put up the Facebook link thingy so I can put this great piece on my page?

    • yah, it is there, bb. The stumble upon, thingamabob :P.

      Sadly I am all ready taken. My heart belongs to my one and only, and she likes wearing pantsuits.

  2. Marriage equality is coming. Obama wants to be on the wrong side of that, that’s up to him.

  3. p.s. Great pic of Bill.

    • isn’t he gorgeous in that picture? I’m sorry, but I would kill to be in Hillary’s shoes. Bill has his faults and all, but he is just so damned cute and handsome, it is just impossible not to love him.

      • Bill is uneffing believable. I ❤ Bill!! 🙂

        • He’s not and never was a pretty boy, but he was and is the handsomest man I ever saw.
          Oh, and a damned good president, too.

    • My husband and I went to a Clinton rally at the UNO Arena in New Orleans in, um, I guess 1992. We had seats waaaay up in the sky, but when Bill came onstage he simply electrified the whole place. The guy has an extremely rare charisma that just emanates from every pore. And yah, I love that photo!

      • Addendum: last year we went to a Hillary rally in Austin and whatever it is that Bill has, Mme. Secretary of State shares it. She was simply dynamite and had the whole audience wrapped around her little finger. Infinitely more charismatic than Teh One. A neighbor of mine went to a local Barry rally last year and said she found him unexpectedly dull after hearing all the hype, and didn’t stick around very long.

        • And whatever they have they passed on to their daughter. I went to a Chelsea event during the primary. She is both of them put together.

          Two days later I went to a reception for Hillary. I told Hillary how fantastic Chelsea was and suggested that when she had the time she may want to look at the footage of the event. As I complimented Chelsea Hillary became emotional and got tears in her eyes and said “She really is something isn’t she”. Hillary looked me straight in the eye and was not embarrassed or reticent to show her emotions.

          Then I, of course, got tears in my eyes and we both mumbled something about feeling a little foolish. Fortunately the photographer suggested she was through with me and I moved on.

          Then the local volunteers (all young people I know) working the event came over to see what I said that upset Hillary. I explained that for just a moment Hillary emotionally left the campaign trail and was just a Mom.

          • that really is some story. Chelsea is the best of both of them, I agree. And she looks so much like Hillary. There is this one picture of Hillary sitting on a rock at Wellesley and fiddling with her hair and she looks almost exactly like Chelsea in it. I mean, to a tee. I have it as one of my LJ icons.

          • OMG. what a beautiful, wonderful, and revealing story.
            {{{ sobbing }}}

          • Now you’ve got me tearing up. Stop that.

          • Awwwww. That is so cute.

  4. Most people in the early 90’s were still terrified of gay people, batshit crazy TERRIFIED of AIDS, and the mood and tone of the country was so different from today as to be almost unrecognizable to those who did not live it as adults.

    That Bill did the things he did, and did them openly, hell that he would even frequently use the word GAY in public without apology was FUCKING REVOLUTIONARY for a president at the time.

    And yeah, Little Isis, I get really pissed at those who now get up on their high horse and sniff and snort that he didn’t do everything he could. The man did more than any president ever had, at considerable cost to himself and his political reputation. They don’t know what it was LIKE back then, or if they do they have conveniently forgotten.

    Progress is incremental until enough of a public wellspring exists to bring sweeping change. And it is because of people like Bill and Hillary Clinton, proudly marching their asses down the street in a gay pride parade, or hiring openly gay people in all levels of their administration, or ending the insane witch hunts of gays in the military that existed before DADT, that we are even able to have the victories we are obtaining today. They set the stage, and even made it okay to talk about in politics.

    The groups today that have gotten gay marriage passed in these states are standing on the shoulders of giants, and William Jefferson Clinton was one big fucking giant, whether they acknowledge that or not.

    • You’re preachin’ to the choir! History will understand what an amazing President Bill was one day. Considering what he was up against, he was just a miracle, and so was his woman.
      He is the best President of my Generation thus far, and I will never forget what he and Hillary did for the Gays. I will never forget how they changed hearts and attitudes in this country. We wouldn’t have the progress we have today, these attitudes of acceptance, if it wasn’t for this man from Arkansas and his lovely lady from Chicago.
      We wuv you Bubba!

      • Big Dawg wlil always be MY president. Til the day I die. Period. Love that man.

        • You will have to share WMCB!!! I’ve got a jones for the Big Dawg. {sigh}

        • I wish I had been old enough to vote for Bill. The only (major party) choices I’ve ever had during the general were Gore, Bush, Kerry, Obama, and McCain. Gore I fully supported, and Kerry, well there were two Kerrys, the young Kerry who had something to say and the current Kerry who had too much to say, and so I voted for the young Kerry and held my nose when I remembered the current Kerry. And, Mac…what can I say….I think his inability to go for the jugular and not win at any cost is what cost him in his presidential aspirations from 2000-2008. McCain would have been preferable to Bush, though Gore would have been much more preferable to McCain, and of course Hillary Clinton would have been the ultimate preference over all these turkeys.

    • You got that right. After Raygun spent the 80’s first ignoring aids and then blaming it on gays, it took awhile to shake off the brainwashing. He had entrenched resistance to overcome. Bill did the best he could with what he had to work with and if people don’t understand how change happens in this country, I wonder where the heck have they been? We elect a president, not a magician. If you want change, get off your couch.

  5. Littleisis
    you always give me hope for the future. For someone so young you really get it. You always know your facts and your heart is in the right place.
    When you finish school please run for public office. I would be very proud to support you.



    • I second that, LI. You and Regency could be like President and vice President one day. (Maybe one of you could even wear pantsuits!)

      • Regency is more the Pantsuit type than me. I prefer skirts and heals. If I ever got into public life, I would dress like Sarah Palin. Say what you want about her, but that woman’s got style.

        • Pantsuits and pumps, dear, they’re compatible. I have an addiction to Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin that I really need to get a job to initiate and feed.

          I also love pencil skirts and trench coats.

          I’m a clotheshorse in training.

          • I will start saving to support both of you for public office.
            I am also willing to bet the farm that Hill and Bill will be right there supporting both of you also.



      • Oh my god. We would have a female President and Vice President, AND they would be LI and Reg? *starts hyperventilating*

    • {{stashing money under my mattress for the LilIsisPac.}}

  6. C-span is showing tape of him right now(from some event today-not sure what)!

  7. He is not touting single-payer now and neither did Hillary yesterday. They are falling in behind Obama. sigh. Wish they didn’t have to.

  8. He is the “Natural”, “The Best There Ever Was.” Bill and Hillary both are wonders to behold, these new people are rank amateurs by comparison. She was masterful on Meet The Press.

  9. Ahhhhhhhhh! Thank you, LI. Reading or hearing Big Dawg is so comforting. I just love him and his brilliant spouse.

  10. Lil Isis is on fire! 😉

  11. I have a few screws loose and I tend to wet myself.

    edited for the enjoyment of our readers

  12. For those who loves them sum Big Dawg I present….

    {{having the vapors}}

  13. Gotta love Bill. I’ve had times were I’ve been disappointed by things he’s done and said, but many more times that have seen his words turn into actions that have made me proud he was our POTUS. In my eyes the best one we ever had.

    • I have a shrine to the Clintons in my living room.

      • I should take a leaf out of your book. I need a Clinton shrine. I all ready have a few of my favorite Clinton books lined up on my book shelf though.

        1. It Takes a Village By Hillary Clinton
        2. Living History By Hillary Clinton
        3. My Life by Bill Clinton
        4. Giving By Bill Clinton
        5. The Clinton Wars By Sidney Blementhal
        6. Blinded By the Right By David Brock
        7. The Hunting of the President By Joe Conason and Gene Lyons
        8. Dear Socks Dear Buddy By Hillary Clinton
        9. An Invitation to the White House by Hillary Clinton
        10. The Unique Voice of Hillary Rodham Clinton edited by Claire Osborne
        11. The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk By Susan McDougal

        There are so precious few good Clinton books, since most of them are filled with typical Clinton Propaganda Bull shit. But I still have to read On the Road With Hillary by Pat what’s his name.

        • My favorite items on “the shrine” are my autographed copies of
          “Living History” — it’s got a beautifully written “Hillary Rodham Clinton” signature on the title page. Not just some scribble. it’s gorgeous


          Bill’s autograph on “Giving” and “My Life.”

        • There’s another one – which has a bit of agenda but manages to keep to the facts so, it’s mostly good:
          “First in His Class” by David Maraniss

      • Can’t say that I have a shrine but I’m a Clintonite, too. I do still have my Hillary sticker on my car and it will have to fall off if it’s going. I would have been a happy Goreian if that damn W hadn’t stolen the election though. VP was enough Clinton connection for me!

        • I need to buy a new car but won’t until my Hillary sticker is worn off from age.

        • I tied a red, white and blue ribbon on my rearview mirror above the dash on 911 – and last year put a Hillary lapel pin on it – where both will stay! 😉

  14. I don’t identify as a Democrat anymore either, I am a proud Independent Clintonista.

    Scenes for my best day ever.

    There are a couple of scenes with me and Bill together. I am the short one.

    • Lucky! I’m jealous.:(

    • You damn lucky duck! One millionth supporter? You met both of them? I hate you!

    • You are so damn lucky. What a memory to have! And you don’t look short to me, you look great, Bill’s just way tall.

      • Bill is tall -I don’t know how tall but when I met him I felt like a little kid next to him. What a presence

    • OMG what an experience. That’s just incredible. Thanks for sharing this.

    • BTW, what part of Georgia?

    • Thanks guys.

      It really was an awesome experience. I could not believe how nice they both were.

      I live in Atlanta.

      We all worked so hard on that campaign.

      My only regret is that Hills is not President.

      • Thank you so much for posting that video. That was wonderful! So jealous ;)! But happy you will have that memory forever, thanks for sharing it with TC.

    • Ron4Hills
      what a great experience,
      Both Clintons take the time to know a person when they meet them. I hope you save all the pictures so you and your family always remember the best.



      • Oh yeah, you better believe I saved my pictures!

        Later in the campaign my mom, who lives in Ohio, travelled to Pennsylvania to campaign for Hills and she met President Clinton and even got a few pictures with him.

        Our whole family was committed to Team Hillary.

    • Love love love it!!! they are so genuine and I just want to bawl my eyes out!

    • That is the greatest thing ever! So sweet. I loved how you said your mom and sister were screaming like bobby-sockers.

    • Wow. Your joy brought a smile to my heart. Thank you.

  15. OT, but John Conyers says there’s no point in reading legislation:

    (CNSNews.com) – During his speech at a National Press Club luncheon, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Democratic Congressman John Conyers (D-Mich.), questioned the point of lawmakers reading the health care bill.

    “I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill,’” said Conyers.

    “What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”


    So if my surgeon doesn’t read my chart or my lab tests before he does surgery, an acceptable excuse is, “Well, it was all really long and complicated?”


    And if bills are too complicated to be understood by those voting on them, MAYBEEEE the solution is to WRITE THE DAMN BILLS IN PLAIN ENGLISH, NOT to just give up on reading or understanding the bills?

    These people are criminal. They really are.

  16. What must Hillary and Bill say about the president today in the privacy of their home?

    • Hillary: “He smells a little bit when you get downwind of him.”

      Bill: “I hate that guy. Let’s make out.”

      That is how the conversation goes in my head, but I am bonkers, so there is no way to know if it’s accurate.

  17. It will never end.

    Move-on Launches Anti-Palin ad.

    She’s resigned, she’s left office and they’re still trying to stomp her into oblivion. Man o man…they are scared of those lady parts.

  18. “Obama is just a self absorbed, arrogant, immature, narcissistic coward. I hate to call him names, but there it is folks.”

    And that’s what I call him when I’m speaking kindly of him.

    I would say that Big Dawg is, overall, the best President we’ve had since JFK. Lyndon Johnson did great things, but he prosecuted the war in Vietnam well past the point when “winning” anything was more than a pipe dream, doing untold damage along the way. He was also as corrupt as any politician in our history, not excluding Richard Nixon, GW or the present Occupant of the White House.

    • JFK was pretty corrupt too, but Johnson was probably worse. I think corruption was pretty much a norm in those days.

      • I have to disagree. LBJ was the best President domestically since FDR, and we were already set on the path with Vietnam before Johnson came into office. He passed some of the most significant legislation this country has ever seen; civil rights, Medicare, just to name a couple.

        BC always said he thought Hill would be a President like LBJ. Once I really studied LBJ I knew what we had lost.

        • I also really like LBJ and I agree with you. I’m just saying the both he and JFK were as corrupt as politicians got to be in those days. Back then, things were way more corrupt than they are now.
          These days there is a much different type of corruption and it is more encompassing, but it is nothing like the corruption from back then.

          • Now they do it in plain sight. It’s right in our faces while they go “what??? who me??? you must be crazy”

    • Actually, polish aside, there’s more to admire in LBJ. He’s the one who really believed in the civil rights movement and in helping those who really need it. LBJ grew up in the Hill Country of TX amidst very poor people with hardscrabble lives. He also taught impoverished Hispanics in south TX and knew what education meant for them. Because of Vietnam (which I was dead against), LBJ has gotten something of a raw deal when it comes to presidential reputations.

      • There was an article on Raw Story a few weeks ago claiming that according to documents in the LBJ library, McNamara deliberately lied to LBJ about the Gulf of Tonkin incident and took other actions to ramp up the war without authorization, while LBJ was skeptical and constantly doubted the information he was being fed. I have no idea if Raw Story, is a reliable source, but if it’s true, it was pretty explosive and made the Kennedyites look terrible and LBJ look a lot better.

  19. Love it!.
    This made my day. I don’t often come here for cheering up – but today you’ve done it!

  20. The Big Dawg’s only rival for Greatest of All Time is Lincoln. 🙂

    • True dat!

    • Yeah, it ticks me off that Obama tries so hard to make like he is imitating Lincoln’s “team of rivals”. Bullcrap. His administration is mostly toadying Chicago connections and Goldman Sachs. Team of rivals my butt.

      Lynn Sweet just did a SunTimes article that said DC may as well be Chicago’s 51st ward now. She lists all the chi-town people there.

      • Because Obama lacks substance, he constantly encourages associations between himself and historical figures who stood on their own merits. In this regard, he’s like a grave robber.

  21. littleisis – A few weeks back you posted a comment regarding your (and other) generation. I don’t know why but for some reason it prompted me to pull out Hillary’s 1969 Wellesley graduation speech. Have you read it lately?

    btw, I did not realize until the recent re-reading that Hillary mentioned her roommate Ellie Acheson in the speech. I am just two years older than Hillary and during my freshman year in college anyone the Dean of Women thought might be a lesbian was kicked out of school. I remember one girl who refused to leave and she was physically removed to the local psych ward.

    Hillary has been around us and with us queer folk all of her life. She knows us and is not afraid of us. She has always been brave on this point.

    • I know, bb. I know that, you don’t need to tell me. I actually haven’t read that speech in a while but I think I should. It has relevance now, considering what is happening in this country today.

  22. how wonderful…

  23. I absolutely love Bill Clinton. I sometimes day dream about repealing the 22nd amendment so Bill could primary Obama in ’12 and get this country back on track. I know, ain’t going to happen, but a girl can dream.

  24. Single Payer Action confronts Democratic National Committee Chair and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. HR 676 Single Payer NOW!

  25. RNs and Docs Arrested in DC While Speaking Out for Single-Pay Healthcare! CNA/NNOC RNs staged a silent protest and six Single Payer activists, including two RNs, were arrested at Senator Baucus’ Healthcare Hearings after calling for Baucus to bring HR 676 Single Payer to the table. The next day, nurses marched to and rallied at the Capitol.

  26. New post up, bbs!

  27. Single Payer Action Confronts Barney Frank, “We don’t have the votes for it.”

  28. 76% Want a Public Option, LET HR 676 Single Payer onto the table of discussion Senator Baucus….NOW!

  29. Bill was so great. When I think how much he got done while the Dems sat there as the GOP and Ken Starr whaled on him and Hillary , it’s amazing.

    W got more support from the Dems in any two week period of his 8 years, than Bill Clinton got during the whole of his 8 years. imo

    • Makes one wonder what he could have done, if he didn’t have Ken Starr and the GOP looking for dead bodies of men the FIFTY FOOT WOMAN killed in their imagination with her BRAIN POWER DEATH RAYS.

  30. Melissa Ethridge is as dumb as a post. I had to get that off my chest.

  31. I love Bill Clinton, he was a great President, but liberals, especially gays, should have learned some lessons during Clinton’s presidency that we obviously missed.

    The first is compromise isn’t always a good thing. When DADT was first enacted as policy we all (being most in the gay/lesbian community) understood it as a compromise, but believed that it would work in our favor. Obviously it was circumvented by the very people who insisted upon the compromise, the Pentagon adn it’s henchmen in the Senate. I want to believe that Bill Clinton received poor legal counsel concerning the possiblity for circumventing DADT, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors when those deals are made.

    As has been discussed on other blogs, Obama has the authority to circumvent DADT with the stroke of pen by ordering the Pentagon to cease dismissals based on sexual orientation. As I thought about this issue retrospectively it occurred to me that Bill Clinton could have easily done the same. He could have just issued an order as Commander in Chief to the Pentagon to cease dismissals of G/L soldiers, instead he, IN GOOD FAITH, struck a compromise that has been used by Obots to crucify him, most of them not old enough to remember what it was like in the early 90’s and certainly not what it was like to be living a gay life in the United States 20-30-40 years ago. Those of us who do understand exactly how much political capital Clinton would have spent on a decision to do anything concerning the LGBTQ community that wasn’t a compromise. I appreciate what he did for us, which mostly was including us in his circle of advisers, friends and Administration employees, but that was a missed opportunity and I’m sure he regets it now.

    The second issue for me with Clinton is his decision to support gay marriage. I don’t blame Clinton for DOMA, I wish he had refused to sign the bill, but if he had vetoed DOMA, that veto would have been quickly overridden with a 60+ Senate Majority with 32 of those voting YEA, Democrats. In signing DOMA he was going with the mood of America and he wasn’t alone in the Democratic Party. Only 14 Dems voted NO on DOMA, 32 Dems Voted for the Amendment including more prominent liberal names like, Biden, Reid, Mikulski, Byrd, Daschle, Dodd, Wellstone. I’m glad for Clinton that he has evolved to the place where ne now supports gay marriage, but I’m not grateful to him for his change of heart, because frankly it is the correct moral conclusion and at this point he has nothing to lose by taking this position. Now, can he be a postive voice for us, absolutely, but does he risk anything by standing with us? Nothing!. Still in order for his support to be meaningful he must step up and step out to accomplish anything positive, otherwise he’s just another voice in the lipservice chorus who talk the talk, but don’t walk it. Saying he supports Gay Marriage and even then not very emphatically “Asked if he personally supported same-sex marriage, Clinton replied, “Yeah.” “I personally support people doing what they want to do,” Clinton said. “I think it’s wrong for someone to stop someone else from doing that [same-sex marriage].” won’t do much to help in the long run. .

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