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Why It Will Never End (Part 1)

Don't let their Vaginas eat you!

Don't let their Vaginas eat you!

Sarah Palin is not qualified to be the President of the United States. She is dreadfully inexperienced. She is a Fundie. That alone is normally a disqualify, but let’s continue. When it comes to women’s reproductive freedoms and choices, she disappoints. Her energy policies are mediocre at best, and her obsession with drilling in ANWR is at times annoying. She doesn’t get that there isn’t much oil there to begin with, and drilling there will degrade the natural habitat. She is not as supportive of LGBT rights as she should be, and she would probably sell out our Health Benefits to jackoffs in the Insurance Industry, given the opportunity. I could go on, but you get my point.

But she has also, correct me if I’m wrong, taken on her own party Establishment and been elected as the youngest and first lady Governor of the largest and most beautiful state in the union, raised taxes on oil companies and created a state budget surplus, which she gave back to Alaskans. Her first veto in office was a bill that would deny gay couples health benefits (and you know how those lesbians love Alaskan Cruises. Good call, Sarah!). She appointed a pro choice member of Planned Parenthood to the Alaskan Supreme Court in favor of a bible humping Fundie Blowhard, and she supports funding Head Start. She is, contrary to popular belief, pro-contraception, and has said so many times. She is a Feminist. Her husband is an Eskimo Union man who owns a commercial fisherman business. She is personally socially Conservative, but based on her performance as Governor, does not use her office to inflict those beliefs on her constituents. She has stated that she believes in Science and Evolution. In fact, her father was a Science Teacher and track coach, and her mother was a school librarian, so she likes books too.

Let’s face it: Bible Spice isn’t all that Conservative. Oh sure, she says she’s a Conservative, but in today’s political environment, that’s what you say if you’re a Republican. The word “liberal” has probably not been uttered by any politician for about 40 years. Not to say that Sarah is liberal, Goddess no. “Maverick” is code for “Moderate.” Like Riverdaughter always says, we have to pay attention to what politicians say. But honestly, it’s more important to pay attention to what they do. If Teleprompter Jesus taught us anything, he taught us that.

On the fourth of July, Violet Socks said it best when she marveled at the phenomenon that is Sarah Heath Palin.

The only thing Palin is commonly accused of that is actually true is her anti-abortion stance, though, as I’ve pointed out several times, her political position is that “the will of the people” should decide the law. She has also expressed sympathy for women choosing abortion and has said that she is totally opposed to any woman ever being criminalized for it. I’m not pretending she’s anything other than what she is (an adamant “pro-lifer”), but I am trying to be as clear and honest as I can be about her actual stance.

The fact is, that stance alone is not enough to explain the kind of frenzied hatred and feminist repudiation that Palin has attracted. Notice the example of Hugo Schwyzer, who, as I pointed out in my comment at IBTP, is allowed to call himself a feminist and even cross-post at RH Reality Check — while Sarah Palin is endlessly slandered and ridiculed for having the same beliefs. Notice, too, that the Republican Party (and even the Democratic Party) is full of other “pro-life” politicians, none of whom have ever been crucified and slandered Palin-style.

Speaking of slander, that brings me to my next big puzzlement: what is it with the feminists who just freely make shit up about Palin? The lies had to start somewhere, and they didn’t all hatch in the bowels of the Obama campaign (though a bunch of them did). Some of them were incubated by feminists, particularly the ones about Palin being an anti-sex “purity queen,” the kind of batshit Christian who believes in Purity Balls and abstinence pledges and is opposed to sex ed. None of that is true.

When I first started investigating Palin, I was very relieved to discover that she’s not nearly as nutty as she might be, given that she’s a Christian. I was pleased to learn that she’s not one of those fundies who thinks wives have to submit or that Adam and Eve rode on dinosaurs. She’s not into that whacked-out purity or abstinence-only stuff. That’s good. It’s good that she’s not a nutjob. So…why aren’t other feminists also happy that she’s not a nutjob? Why do they, in fact, spread lies to make her seem worse than she is?

Are people simply confused about the differences between Christians? Do they think all Christians are alike? I doubt it. I’m no godbag and I personally wish that Christianity would evaporate from the face of the earth, but I still recognize that not all Christians are alike. I think most other people do, too. I think most people in this country understand that Tennessee snake handlers don’t go to Catholic mass, and that the Quiverfull people are not the same as the Episcopalians. Being a Christian, even a conservative Christian, doesn’t automatically mean you’re a young earth creationist in a calico dress with a purity ring on your finger.

But to get back to the original point, Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President of the United States. And I think most everyone here, including me, would probably not vote for her, depending on the alternative. She is qualified to be VICE President of the United States, as is our current Disappointment in Chief. When we all thought the Democratic Nomination wasn’t going to be jacked from Hillary in a rigged nominating process, many of us here thought he would make a good VPOTUS. He could run around on Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, making fun of the Special Olympics and talking about who would win in a fight (Ninjas or Pirates?!) while Hillary busied herself with ramming Single Payer Healthcare through Congress and down all of our collective grateful throats. So vital were his potential talents for distraction.

To reiterate, Sarah Palin is, in fact, no more qualified to be President of the United States than Barack Obama is. As David Harsanyi says

Can you believe the gall of these Sarah Palin cultists? Presidential aspirations? This is a woman who named one of her kids “Track,” for God’s sake. (Well, if it really is her kid.)

William Buckley once wrote that he rather would “entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.”

But running government is no longer a suitable vocation for the bumbling proletariat. It’s for folks with schoolin’ and such. It’s a job for herculean thinkers with degrees from Ivy League schools. In other words, no one from Alaska need apply.

Former sports reporters certainly won’t do. We need former constitutional scholars. Who else, after all, has a better understanding of how to undermine the document?

He’s right of course. Our last “Herculean Thinker” President from an Ivy League School was Dubya. And he was the greatest a great President. So the fact that Governor Palin doesn’t have a pretty Harvard degree is just a point against her, as far as America is concerned. In fact

If Palin were president, chances are we’d have a gaffe-generating motormouth for a vice president. That’s the kind of decision-making one expects from Miss Congeniality.

The job of building generational debt is not for the unsophisticated. Enriching political donors with taxpayer dollars takes intellectual prowess, not the skills of a moose-hunting point guard.

The talent to print money we don’t have to pay for programs we can’t afford is the work of a finely tuned imagination, soaring gravitas and endless policy know-how.

Palin is so clueless she probably would have rushed through some colossal stimulus plan that ended up stimulating nothing.

If Palin were president, no one doubts this nation would have continued the Bush-era policy of indefinite detention of enemy combatants and the CIA’s program of transferring prisoners to other countries without legal rights. Be thankful you have a president who makes you think this nation doesn’t.

If Palin were commander in chief — and, again, can anyone imagine anything so preposterous? — the United States still would be fighting endless and expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s true that Palin’s first veto as Alaska governor was of a bill that would have blocked state employee benefits and health insurance for same-sex couples, but does anyone doubt her true intentions?

If she were president, brave American soldiers still would be living under the dark specter of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Palin even might have instructed her Justice Department to file a brief in defense of the Defense of Marriage Act. Such is the depth of her depravity.

Does anyone believe that Palin possesses the competence to nationalize entire industries without the consent of the people? A housewife from Wasilla isn’t equipped with political brawn to shake down banks and bondholders.

Palin never would be able to convince Americans that a trillion-dollar government-run health care plan would save taxpayers money or have the rhetorical ability to convince even a single person that a European-style cap-and-trade scheme has any benefit at all.

Palin is such a goofball that she probably believes oil will continue to be a vital American energy source.

And how is anyone as simplistic as Palin going to help change the habits of all these fatsos in America? We need a mommy … but, you know, not a real mommy.

It’s fairly obvious to everyone with a shred of certifiable sanity that Obots are one fry short of a Happy Meal. Projection is a common psychological phenomenon, and Obots seem to use it often. They have called Sarah Palin silly, narcissistic, bumbling, rambling, and an intellectual lightweight who cannot utter three consecutive sentences without the aid of a teleprompter. Gee. I think one could make a lot of money in this recession by declaring themselves kool aid prevention counselors.

Ever since Sarah Palin resigned (and again since she gave her farewell speech) an enormous, slightly pointless debate has erupted on the PUMAsphere about Sarah Palin. It is very easy to say, “I do not support Sarah Palin politically, even though I like her and will defend her against personal, misogynistic, and unfair attacks.” Bam. Done. Simple Pimple. In fact, I have yet to meet anyone on this blog who has not stated that as their official Palinpalooza position.

The fact is, Sarah Palin, like Hillary Clinton, is provocative. I don’t mean their personalities are provocative. They both seem to be pretty normal, straightforward women. Hillary taught Sunday School at her Church in Little Rock, and she grew up in 1950’s Suburbia, playing softball, wearing poodle skirts and trying to convince her dad to let her go on dates. She goes shopping with Chelsea and watches Hospital Dramas with Bill on weekends.

Sarah Palin was a point guard basketball champ. She won the “Miss Congeniality” Award in the Alaska Beauty Pageant, which helped her pay for college. She eloped with her childhood friend because she was in a family way, and it would have embarrassed her dad. She goes to a normal Fundie Church, emails her mom on her blackberry and listens to Gretchen Meyer on her morning jogs.

But like Violet Socks says

it is striking to me how much of the political discourse in 2008 revolved around people who don’t exist. The main players last year, if you recall, were Obama, the genius messiah whose perfection and purity would save the planet; Hillary, the evil racist lesbian who killed Vince Foster with her bare hands before plotting the Iraqi invasion and then attempting to have Obama assassinated; and Sarah Palin, a crazed dominionist who hates polar bears and personally arranges for Christian girls to be raped by their fathers just so she can charge them for their rape kits.

Think back to the reactions to Sarah Palin’s speech at the convention. Remember the gal at Jezebel whose head throbbed with hate blood as she listened to Palin speak? The one who said she wanted to “murk that cunt”? What the hell is that? I cannot figure it out. I look and look, and it’s like trying to see someone else’s hallucination. No matter how hard I squint, I can’t see whatever it is they’re looking at. What is so horrifying?

Violet couldn’t wrap her head around it, and neither could her commenters. What is it about Sarah Palin (and even Hillary Clinton) that drives people into such frenzies of lunacy? So many took a crack at it. It’s Sarah’s working class background. It’s her hot husband. They’re upset because she chose to have her child.

The truth is, it’s not any of those things. Hillary and Sarah are two very different people who evoke the same violent, misogynistic reactions from people. I call bull shit on people who claim Sarah has it worse than Hillary did. Bull. Shit. Not that it matters, since misogyny is something that has to be called out no matter how varying the degrees.

Remember the Nineties? Remember Rush Limbaugh holding up a picture of Chelsea and saying she was the White House Dog? Remember all those reporters sniffing through Arkansas (the same way they would later sniff through Alaska) looking for dirt and a list of Hillary’s lesbian lovers? Remember John McCain calling Hillary and Chelsea ugly pigs? Remember the Internet graphics showing Hillary being raped by a donkey and flying on a broom? Remember Newt Gingrich’s mother calling her a bitch? Remember Hickman Ewing, one of Ken Starr’s goons, saying she was “a little woman,” and claiming the whole Whitewater “scandal” was just a cover up for her love affair with Vince Foster, who she later murdered? Late night comedians have and still do make countless nasty, unfunny jokes about her. I could go on and on, but that’s only the Nineties. 2008 was worse, as we all know.

And it will never end. Sarah Palin suffers the same fate as her. I could list the offenses against her too, but it was exhausting enough listing the ones against Hillary, and I don’t want to be in a bad mood. The point is that it is a fate Sarah Palin will continue to suffer, for as long as her political career lasts. But why?

Never fear, I have the answer for you, but I’m not telling yet. You’ll have to wait for Part 2.

To Be Continued….

Cross posted at Age of Aquarius

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202 Responses

  1. Hillary didn’t have it worse … just longer. I imagine the likes of Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Maureen dowd will ratchet it up the longer Sarah in in the spot light.
    During the run up to the primaries that was the one thing I had against a Hillary Clinton candidacy. Not that she was incapable or in anyway unsuited for the White House but that she wold be attacked unmercifully by the media as they did her husband, Al Gore and then John Kerry before her.

    • A lot of people had those reservations. And you’re right that Hillary hasn’t had it worse. She and Sarah have had it equally as bad, I think, and I imagine that if Sarah stays in public life as long as Hillary has, it will continue for her.

    • If it’s a contest, my vote goes to Hillary. She has had it much worse and for longer. She has been accused of murder and calling for the assassination of her rival. She has been viciously attacked by members of her own party to a much greater degree than has Palin. It’s normal for the opposition to be critical, even irrationally, but it’s not the norm to eat your own. She has been smeared because of the indiscretions of her husband and also blamed for whatever was viewed as a failure in his presidency. Her hair, her body, her clothes, her career, and her laugh to boot. I doubt that, no matter how long Palin stays in the public eye, she will accumulate the abuse that Hillary has taken-and she’s still out there for more.

    • “…but that she wold be attacked unmercifully by the media as they did her …”

      You held that against Hillary? wow.

    • Its really hard to compare since Hillary was out longer but Hillary did have the perp walk done to her that was extremely offensive.
      I don’t think its a good idea to compare them because we need to speak up against sexism against either of them.

  2. Great piece, little Isis. Yes, she’s a pro-life conservative, and too inexperienced to be president (though not for VP). No, she’s not an unreasonable batshit crazy theocratic airhead incapable of governing or compromise. I truly doubt the sanity of those who see that when they look at her. She’s no worse than most republicans, and much better than some.

    My personal opinion is that the hate for Palin that erupted was a deadly brew of 3 things:

    1) bigtime sexism and misogyny – scary gurl parts, and they didn’t have Hillary to vent it on anymore

    2) bigtime classism, elitism – ewwwww, one of those blue collar persons!

    3) pure fear – Obama was looking forward to a relatively easy victory against McCain, then Sarah burst onto the scene totally unexpectedly, very fresh and new and fascinating. It was a sudden and deadly threat. The Obots and the O-lovin’ media quite literally FREAKED. OUT.

    • I never found girl parts scary, quite the contrary.

    • Outstandingly done piece, and I agree with WMCB on the 3 points raised. I also think just from what I’ve seen the attacks on Palin are something the Obama administration and the MSM love to use as distractions for the nation to advert attention whenever they feel the need.

      I still think Hillary had it worse though, and I’m only counting the election, given the past years of abuse she’s received isn’t even needed IMO.

      • Can’t say I disagree

      • I also think it’s telling that both of these women politicians had their children severely attacked. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

        • When Obama said “lay off my family” …the public dialogue did not become a big debate as to whether he was being “too whiny” or “using his family/children to score political points.”

          When Hillary says to lay off Chelsea, the national media gets their panties in a twist and starts to debate whether Chelsea can actively support her mother and refuse interviews at the same time.

          When Palin says David Letterman went over the line, oh my goodness, horrors, Huffington Post pretty much exploded into a chorus of “stop whining, stop trying to score political points” yarda yarda.

          • Both Chelsea and the Palin children have been treated despicably. Piper Palin had acid poured into her lemonade stand and Chelsea has been accused of being a raging lezbo on more than one occassion. Reporters were extremely cruel to her and to Bristol and Willow, who were both threatened with rape. And the things they said about poor little Trig.
            I could go on.

          • Acid poured into her lemonade stand? Where do people this sick come from?

          • (COMMENT DELETED)

          • You’re picking on the Obama girls? Seriously? And, the Bush twins too?

            That’s really low.

          • No one is picking on the children of politicians here, unless the child is an adult and chooses to run for office or become a public figure, and then any “picking” will be done in an appropriate manner.

          • myiq: There was a post picking on them. I don’t know if it was you who deleted it or not, it’s gone now, but that’s what I was responding too in case anyone is confused.

    • I think the fear is big with Sarah. It’s sort of like all the horror movies. You think you killed the monster (the woman, any woman), and bam, she (or some she) is back. (SCREAM!!!).

      How else do you explain the intense hate from some quarters even before they knew who the hell she was.

      • What’s so funny is that they genuinely don’t seem to get that Obama will probably need her to win the nom to have any chands at a second term. He prospers by ginning up hate, and as Violet puts it, she’s the hate receptacle. None of the GOP men will work as a hate receptacle to that degree. They’re such misogynists that they’d rather see her career ended even if it destroys them.

        • Absolutely and they were rather see their party go down in flames than give Palin and their constituants a place at the table .

    • I’m a bit hazy on the proposition that someone/anyone could be qualified or appropriate for VPOTUS while not being qualified/appropriate for POTUS. Beyond holding a gavel and breaking tie votes in the Senate, isn’t stepping in at any point to take on the full power and responsibility of the POTUS the only REAL qualification for VPOTS? Not raising this about Palin in particular. Just the logic of it seems off to me. No?

  3. BTW, love the caption on the photo! 😀

  4. Women pols who dare set their gaze anywhere near the American presidency are labeled polarizing, divisive, etc.

    • I agree. Although I don’t think they are polarizing – it’s not something intrinsic in them as the label suggests. I think the polarizing is in the electorate, based on their reactions to women who seek to break that last great ceiling. In other words, I think Hillary and Sarah are normal people. The populace has the polarizing problem!

      The two traditional roles for women have been mother or slut. These women are opening a third role (leader), and it just throws everyone’s archetypes in a crazy spin!

    • And who has been more polarizing than Obama?

  5. I don’t know about you guys but I trust Sarah Palin much more than Barack Obama.

  6. I like Sarah Palin. A lot. I voted for her last year (unfortunately that required voting for McCain as well, but even he was a better choice than what my former party chose as it’s leader). I will vote for her in 2012 (or later) if she runs for office. Without hesitation. And I’m a liberal.

    Of course, if Hillary were to be the nominee against Sarah, she would absolutely get my full, unwavering support. Sorry, but other than Hillary, the only Democrats I find even remotely trustworthy or worthy of my total support are either dead or out of politics.

    The Party and it’s so-called leaders betrayed every principle it claimed to have stood for last year, and I will no longer be a participant in their little games.

    And Sarah Palin is, at the very least, as equally qualified to be President as nearly all who have held that job for the past 40 years.

    • There are a lot of us that voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin that would have stayed home rather than vote for a Romney or a Huckabee.
      The one thing we would not do is reward bad behavior by voting for any democrat.

      • I swore I was going to vote for McCain/Palin but when the time came to do it I just counldn’t. I ended up not voting. First time in over 30 years I haven’t voted. I still don’t know what I’ll do in 2012 if Hillary doesn’t run.

      • Oh Lord, there’s just no way I could’ve tolerated having to vote for Romney or Huckabee. Or any other Republican currently out there.

        But, at the same time, I absolutely detest Obama and wouldn’t/will not vote for him – even if my life depended on it.

        Luckily, I had the Palin option. And despite the odd feeling of voting for the #2 on a ticket (while intensely disliking the #1) for the first time in my life, I enthusiastically did it, because of my admiration for Sarah.

      • well said

    • I would MUCH rather have a real honest to god classic liberal with a good deal more experience.

      But a choice between Sarah and a political parasite the likes of Obama? Aw, hell, yeah, I’d vote for her,

      But I honestly don’t think she’ll run for president in 2012, I really don’t. I don’t think she thinks she is ready to be president. I think she is going to still be a powerful force in politics, though, free to speak her mind.

      • An honest to god classic liberal. In politics? These days? If one of those were to run for office, I wouldn’t even care if they had ANY experience.

        It’s a wonderful dream, WMCB, but unfortunately, I think we have a better chance of a Bigfoot running for office than a true honest to god liberal who would act on their beliefs.

        It makes me ill.

    • Well, like I’ve said, it would depend on the alternative. I suppose if Sarah were to run against Obama in 2012, there would be a very good chance that I would vote for her. I would never vote for him, and I would have to think about wasting my vote on a third party candidate again.
      If it were Hillary vs. Sarah… well, that would be the most awesome race ever, and of course, my vote would go to Hillary so fast, I would leave skid marks on my way to the voting booth.
      I say that I will probably not vote for Sarah Palin based on what is going on right now. Honestly, even if Sarah runs in 2012, I don’t think the GOP will let her have the nomination. Mitt Romney is the favorite of the party elites, and his Mitthead supporters rival Obots in psychoness. The Palins are the Clintons of the GOP. If she runs, her party will screw her over and stab her in the back. I just hope, for her family’s sake, that she is ready for that and gets it.

      • Very good point. I agree that Sarah is the Hillary of her party and the GOP elites will do to her what the Dem elites did to Hillary. If she doesn’t get that, then she will go down in flames because simply winning over the voters and their votes doesn’t cut it any more.

        Personally, I’d like to see her as an independent to really mess things up for both parties. Of course then she would have the full force of the elite/corrupt parts of both parties after her. And of course she would have all of the media after her. And what’s really sad is if she started looking good in the polls, I think she’d have an “accident”. But maybe I’m wearing my tin foil hat too tight.

        • My tinfoil hat says the same things, but I don’t know that “accidents” are still in style these days. People are always going on about a :cover up” involving JFK’s assassination, and if that’s true, than it must have been because JFK went against the elites. They didn’t expect him to advance civil rights or care about the lower eighty percent of the population, so the solution was to off him, supposedly. Lincoln wanted to stop the slave trade, which would have redistributed wealth on a major way, so he also had to be nixed. Or so they say.
          These days, they impeach you for a couple of blow jobs, smear you with false “troopergate” scandals and other ridiculous bull shit, and rig the party nomination process so the public can’t choose you to fix things, and attack you relentlessly in the media with lies and fiction and libel. The common folk just aren’t dumb enough to fall for things if they keep seeing them done the same way. So the big white men at the top have to be inventive.

        • How’s that for a tinfoil hat? 😛

      • I completely agree with you that the Palins are the Clintons of the GOP. And the party will try to screw her over (just look at all the GOP backstabbing in the recent Vanity Fair article).

        But, like with Hillary, the people (those pesky voters) adore her, and I think they will propel her forward, despite how the media and the party leaders try to take her down. (WWTSBQ!)

        Yes, I know how it all ended up for Hillary, even with the voters on her side. Unfortunately, she realized a little too late how rabid the Democratic establishment was against her. (Had she had Maggie Williams on her side from the beginning, I think things would’ve turned out differently).

        Sarah can greatly benefit from seeing what was done to Hillary by those ‘on her side’ and can adjust her tactics accordingly.

      • I doubt the GOP will let Palin near the nomination unless they plan to lie down again like they did in 2008. ( We all kept waiting for the big GOP guns to go off in support of McCain and they never did…then 30% of the GOP voter stayed home )

        If Mitt runs, it’s for real. If someone else, it’s kabuki, and the upper crust want Obama again…hard to believe they would want him again, but I find hard to believe they wanted him last year. However if Hill was at 1600, with this many Dems in congress, we would have Medicare for all….which is exactly why she’s not there

      • The difference, though, is how far they’ll go. I’m not sure they’ll be able to go as far as the Democratic Establishment did, because their rank and file might not go along with it. It just seems like Republicans are smarter politically. The Dems were willing to gamble on destroying their party to stop the most beloved Dems in America. The Repubs smartly nominated the one guy who could have won, though they hate him. As much as their Establishment hates her, would they possibly destroy their party by sandbagging her against the will of their voters? It could go a few different ways. I think if the smears don’t work and she, like Hill, wins in spite of tge media they’ll have to give it to her.

        • Republican primaries are winner take all, just like the GE. It is MUCH harder for them to game their primaries, because of the way they are set up.

          • And I can’t seem them doing things like disenfranchising states, revoking her delegates and giving them to someone else, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they’re too ethical lol I just don’t think they could get away with it.

          • The gop “games” things differently. Usually the candidate is picked by the elite and everyone votes for them, few questions asked . All that vaulted party loyalty comes into play. So the winner takes all approach helps that, since the decision was already made. McCain was winning, but Mitt was close enough to stay in if 08 was for real. But it wasn’t. McCain did not receive his party’s support in the least . imo .The GOP elite wanted Obama to win, and wanted Palin to be lashed to a losing campaign . Now they feel Bush and Palin are washed out of their hair and Obama is both holding( and adding) to the bag . Here comes Mitt to save the day!

            Your future news today!

          • paper doll, I believe the GOP will try hard to nominate MItt. I think many of them would rather have JEB, but GW ruined that.

            Although I must say that of all the Bush boys, Jeb is in truth the smartest and least pig-like. Faint praise, I know, but I try to be fair. LOL!

            Keep an eye on Paul Ryan (R- WI) My money says he’s a potential VP pick, bigtime. He has that “it factor”, major political charisma, comes across quite populist.

    • “And Sarah Palin is, at the very least, as equally qualified to be President as nearly all who have held that job for the past 40 years.”

      Absolutely! Which is why I hate that whole “Palin lacks the experience” meme. We certainly haven’t used it against the inexperienced men who have run for the job. Male inexperience is glorified by touting that they’re not “Washington insiders,” while both Sarah AND Hillary were derided as having too little experience. Hillary was belittled for holding tea parties and Sarah is dismissed by claiming her state is so backwoods that it doesn’t really count as political experience. It’s all BS and I’m really really tired of it.

      • Well said. Just like with Obama, Bush 2 ‘s inexperience was also sold to us as not important since he’ll have advisers…( remember the story of how Obama had 70 ! ) .Somehow that’s not enough with a woman. See the lack of experience that counts is they lack the experience of standing up while peeing

  7. Nice work, Isis! LOL! Hillary was not going to swallow DGG’s lame Palin bait. She wished a very specific kind of luck.

    DG gave every reason Hillary should have won the nomination except the most important one: Hillary her awesome self.
    *hisses – spits – retreats into the shadows*

    Also THIS stupid meme doesn’t die!

  8. I find it odd that people who love Hillary Clinton also like Sarah Palin a lot when it is clear that Palin does not really respect Hillary Clinton and that many Palin supporters DO NOT like Hillary Clinton.

    It can probably be said that Hillary Clinton supporters like Sarah Palin, but that many Sarah Palin supporters do not like Hillary Clinton.


    • Actually, I know quite a few Palin supporters who like Hillary. You need to get out more.

    • Yes, and I know a lot of Hillary supporters who don’t like Sarah Palin. Your double standard is showing, bb.

    • I find it odd that so many people who consider themselves pro-women think that not agreeing with a woman’s politics gives them free license to degrade her BECAUSE she is a woman.

      • preach it Wonk!

      • Yeah, I know. I really got into it on another blog awhile back with someone who was going on and on about Michelle Obama, just VICIOUSLY attacking her looks.

        I can’t stand the woman. Think she’s selfish and arrogant and hip-deep in “the Chicago Way”. But you don’t use sexist tropes about her looks and her dress and her womanhood to make that point.

        • *cheers*

        • say it, sister!

        • Absolutely. We gotta root out this disgusting sexism that says it’s ok to diminish a woman based on her looks. I’ll defend Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama, or any woman, whom I might otherwise disagree with, if someone’s slamming her on looks.

          My new motto: “What would Al Sharpton do?”

          If it’s not ok to make judgments based on someone’s race, then we shouldn’t allow them on women’s looks.

      • This has nothing to do with what I wrote.

        • It has everything to do with it. If you understood what I said, you wouldn’t find it so odd that there are Hillary supporters who speak out against the treatment of Palin even if they don’t agree with her politics.

          • Exactly.

          • My point is that Hillary Clinton Supporters are sometimes too nice, and they get disrespected for it from many quarters.

            If you really think that Hillary Clinton supporters and Sarah Palin supporters are that interchangeable, then why not combine them onto one ticket for 2012?

          • I never said nor implied that their voters are interchangeable. The idea of a coalition of supporters for two different female candidates being interchangeable with one another is anathema to me.

          • And my point was, when Hillary was under attack, there was a bigger likelihood that Sarah Palin supporters would smirk and love it.

            It is not a two way street.

      • you tell em Wonk….

    • I find it odd that after countless posts and comments here and at Reclusive Leftist and elsewhere, people are still acting like this is so befuddling. If anyone wants to know where Hillary supporting Palin defenders are coming from, there’s been a lot of ink spilled on this topic to clear up all this confusion.

    • Unlike Obots we can both hold two ideas in our head at the same time and also are adult enough to know that the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.
      So some Palin supporters do not like Hillary and that is supposed to change the way I think? That’s rather childish thinking.

      PS.. bullshit on Palin not respecting Hillary. She doesn’t have to agree with Hillary politically. But I see no evidence that she doesn’t respect her.

    • I think it’s very clear that the two women respect each other immensely despite having political differences of opinion. However, they’re both pragmatic centrists in practice, and so frankly, they have a lot more in common than they’re ever given credit for. And they’re both further left than Obama.

  9. Absolutely fabulous post! Cannot wait for Part 2!
    Thank you

  10. People attack out of fear, it is the “fight” option of the fight or flight instinct. We no longer have to protect ourselves from Saber Toothed Tigers, but the ego remains fragile. Obots see Palin as a threat to their egos, Dems see her as a threat to their existence, and so they “fight” and try to eliminate the threat.

    The fact that it’s so rabid tells me the subconscious runs deep with these people.

    We do not see her as a threat, therefore we do not attack. For this we are chastised.

    Today on MTP, David Gregory threw some Sarah Palin meat into the ring to try and get Hillary to attack. It didn’t work. Hillary does not see Sarah Palin as a threat either. She sees her as another woman facing down the hysterical subconscious attacks of those who fear them both.

    BTW Isis…Welcome Back and great post! 🙂

    • Thanks, bb 😛
      I know this is OT, but if any of you can please send prayers and good vibes to a friend of mine… his name is Matty and he is really sick. He has been in and out of the hospital for months with some kind of parasite in his intestines. His insides have been completely ripped apart and he has to wear a bag on his stomach where his fesces and urine goes. He is so skinny and only twenty one. Please pray for him. If he dies I just don’t know what I’ll do.
      Please, please, pray for him 😦

    • They always try to get Hillary into a bitch fight with Sarah. When will they get that she’s not going to take the bait? I swear, our media is so ridiculously stupid, it is unbelievable.

      • Hillary is so much smarter than them ….and she’s seen their shit for almost twenty years. She knows the crap they are going to try before they do. She’s thriving
        as she has always done by tirelessly working . This lady has never sat around eating pon pons. She out works the bastards

        • She said in that interview that she spends some of her time in those other countries doing town halls, morning shows, etc – reaching out directly to the people, not just the diplomats.

          And from the few clips I’ve seen, they LOVE her.

          I do think that Obama and esp Axelrod were trying to sideline her – not where policy is concerned, but as far as the spotlight goes. In other words, she was supposed to toil away and do the heavy lifting, but keep her mug away from the cameras, which are the sole domain of Teh Precious.

          And I think there was a brief struggle over that, and I think Hill outmanuevered them and said no to that shit. She’s shining again.

          • Great analysis of that, bb. I agree completely. I also think they planted the “sidlined” stories in the press because they were trying to lower her approval rating, which is currently off thbe charts.
            Bammy can’t stand being upstaged by her. It drives him nuts.

    • His bate came out of the bin marked “really stupid questions”.

      She is stating that Obama has been the most fantastic president, and he wants her to say that Palin is too inexperienced to run. Hillary does what Hillary has always done….leaves it up to the voters to decide!!

  11. I have read that Palin is headlining anti-choice rallies these days. Remember when everyone went nuts over the idea of Catholic Tim Kaine being picked for Veep? Why wouldn’t she attempt to impose her beliefs when he supposedly would(even though he never has)?

    • We all know Palin is pro-life, and disagree on that, but neither she nor her party have pretended to be anything else. And she’s actually less rapid on it than many in her party.

      The Democrats seemed to want it both ways – get the support of women for being “pro-choice”, except, not…um….really.

      • Pro-choice, except for when it comes to a woman’s right to choose at the ballot box. At the ballot box, the Democrats are very anti-choice and don’t accept that women have a right to choose. We are only to remember the words Roe v. Wade and SCOTUS.

        • Pro-choice, except when it comes to having the first viable woman candidate actually have the honor of a full roll call of the votes she EARNED.

          I will never ever need an abortion, but I will be voting quite frequently, so the Dems can fuck off with THAT particular fake Acme carrot anymore.

          Choice stance is no longer a major consideration for me in my candidates. I think they are bluffing, and I’m calling them on it. “Wanna outlaw abortion? Then go right ahead, and deal with the shitstorm that will be unleashed on your ass. I don’t think you will, though.” I am not even HAVING that argument anymore where politics is concerned. I’, DONE.

          • Plus, it’s too late anyway. Democrats gave away tge store when they put Alito on. Unless Kennedy, who everyone says is weak willed and wishy washy and easily pushed around, holds the line, which i personally wouldn’t count on, they have the votes to overturn whenever they choose.

          • WMCB: I hear ya! It’s just to keep us in line for votes. They’ll be saying the same things for the rest of our lives.

          • ITA. Obama is supposedly pro-choice. Has he signed FOCA yet? I’m tired of voting for men who give lip service to choice. If I have to pick between a pro-life woman and a pretend pro-choice man, I’m going with the woman. I’m tired of giving my vote to a bunch of phony users who won’t keep their promise the next morning.

          • Hear, hear, WMCB! 😐

          • joanelle, all other factors being equal, I would still of course MUCH prefer a strong pro-choice candidate.

            But I am done, finished, fini’ with that being a deciding factor for me.

    • Well, she choose a pro choice justice when imposing her choice would have meant sending both choices back.

    • Yeah, because the Dems are SO concerned with protecting choice, right?

  12. any one that pissed opf the media that much is ok with me

    • I was just gonna say, that who ever the media doesn’t like is the way to go. That they loved Obama like they loved Bush, told me all I needed to know about Obama from the get go .

      It’s an infallible guide. Media wants = bad

    • bingo!!!

      never trust those the media adores.

  13. as far as palin goes i kinda think that palin is playing them & they have not figured that out yet

  14. We missed you so much! Awesome post!

    The hypocrisy never ends. Palin is too dumb–but be sure to vote for every idiot with a D after his (oh you betcha, his) name on the ballot. Palin is too conservative, and pro life–just like half the Dems on your ballot who you have a moral obligation to support. Obot dad was indignant when our Repub State Senator challenger did push polling to point out, correctly, that he, unlike our Dem, is pro-choice and pro-marriage equality. Because what’s ebilll for Palin is A-OK for Dems in the bluest state in the nation. God forbid they should have to live up to their own standards.

  15. This is slightly off topic, but it relates to people who say . . . oh, I could never vote for her!!!

    What is it that you want to have happen? As I see it there a number of options, not all of them as likely . . .

    1. The heavens open and all of Obama’s programs start working – with high popularity ratings, Obama is overwhelmingly voted a second term. (I know this unlikely, but miracles do happen.)

    2. Realizing that he is over his head, Obama asks Hillary for help, she works as the power behind the throne, things start running better, and he is reelected for a second term. (Also very unlikely, but it might make Option 1 seem more possible.)

    3. Obama continues to tank, investigations start into allegations that were overlooked during the campaign result in him being impeached, to head it off he resigns in disgrace like Nixon. Biden talks over as President, but loses in 2012 to the Republican nominee. (I don’t know how likely this is – no one is sure just what secrets are out there.)

    4. Things continue as they are – Obama runs in 2012 and loses to the Republican nominee. (Personally, I see this as the most like scenario.)

    5. Obama continues to fall in the polls and decides not to run in 2012 for the good of the party. Hillary runs and wins because everyone realizes she should have been President all along. (I don’t think this is very likely, I don’t think that Obama cares about anyone but himself.)

    6. Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin run as third party candidates and the country, disgusted with both Democrats and Republicans, votes one (or both of them if they ran as a ticket) into office.

    People talk about not being able to vote for Palin, but who is it that they think they want in the Presidency, and how would that come about? If Sarah Palin is not the Republican candidate, do they want Huckabee, Romney, or Jeb Bush as the Republican candidate? (And most certainly the next President.) If they want Palin or Clinton to run as a third party candidate, then they better get started now getting that third party started now – either by taking over some other party or starting one from scratch – some say that this is what Sarah Palin is doing. I know even less about setting up a new political party than I do about building a nuclear bomb (and I went into art), but if it is going to happen, it has to start now, and be kept at for the next three years. I had my third party infatuation back in 1980 when I campaigned for John Anderson. Third party votes may make you feel good, but they are almost always wasted votes, and if this is to work, it needs to more than a late in the campaign decision to run as an independent candidate.

    Would I rather have Hillary as President instead of Sarah? Of course!! But is that an option that we are likely to have? Look at what is actually likely to happen, and then work to get the best possible solution.

    • If she runs in 2012 I will likely vote for her. Barring Barack Obama passing real health care reform or showing real liberal values I will be voting for his alternative-again.

    • If Biden had to take over for Obama, he’d also take Hillary as his VP. And I think he’d have enough gumption to step aside in 2012.

      • If it’s Biden and Palin, I’ll be voting Palin.

        I’ve seen nothing to suggest that Biden is liberal or suited towards the Presidency.

  16. i think i very real possiblity i is in 2012 there is a palin-vs-hillary matchup on the way

    • I think there is less of a chance of Hillary running then Palin. Hillary has decided for whatever reason to be a cog in the Democratic Party. Being a cog in the party means she will not challenge Obama. Isn’t gonna happen.

      • Maybe she’s being the cog so that she can legitimately say that she has more experience than any other Presidential challenger. Not only was she a lawyer and a senator and a First Lady, but she was a KICK-ASS Sec. State. Especially if he screws up big and she can look all moral and awesome and step down from her post to distance herself.

    • It really depends on if one of them somehow gets the nomation of thier party…because the other is the only answer to that. Never say Never

  17. i think its preety clear that hillary will want one more shot a potus & it is starting to look likie palin is setting up the stage for her shot as potus

  18. ally believe that Palin would be already declared the winner of the

    Republican primary if it wasn’t for one thing. She is not pro

    corruption and corporation enough. You can tell who will sell out to big

    business by looking at their support in the media, if the media loves

    them expect them to be completely corrupt. Conversely the more they

    hate someone the less likely they are to be corrupt and the more likely

    they are to help people.

  19. Personally, I want Hillary to pull an RFK and primary Obama in 2012, but who knows what is going to happen? Hopefully, Obam will see that he can’t win in 2012 or something and decide not to run for reelection to spare his pathetic ego from a defeat.
    That is what I am hoping for. Then Hillary takes over and becomes the President we all knew she could be.

    • Never going to happen. The Presidents ego is so large that he’ll never admit that he can’t win.

    • Maybe he could be impeached? I mean, the dude is Bushie redux, so there’s gotta be some fodder there.

  20. I would vote for Hillary or Palin without hesitation. If both run, my libertarian instincts would probably trend Palin, but I would give both a listening, and may come down to the experience issue! Hillary would win, of course.

    Hey, can someone tell me please whatever happened to Hillary’s Village? It went “dark” about a week ago.

    Did Obozo’s goon squad get to them? I have been trying to contact people over there. Did they have to change the name because Dear Leader didn’t like being criticized on a site named after his Secretary of State????

  21. I wouldn’t vote for Sarah for president either. I like her well enough I just think she lacks the experience.
    Hillary will be our first woman president. She has earned it, and worked far harder than any other candidate thus far.
    I too believe that Hillary had it far worse, she was running for the presidency and the MSM was relentless! All the horrible names she was called and by so called men who should know better. I doubt any of those name-callers would ever allow their mothers to hear that kind of crap coming out of their mouths.
    To do that to a most well loved and respected woman like Hillary is outrageous! What are we, second graders?
    Next time around Hillary will know exactly what she is up against and take the necessary precautions.

    • Sorry, but the ‘experience’ excuse drives me batshit crazy!

      I can’t even begin to remember how many times the ‘not enough excuse’ excuse has been used over the last few years for why someone didn’t like a particular candidate. Let’s see – Al Gore, Gen. Wesley Clark and Hillary Clinton are just a few excellent choices we could’ve had but didn’t get because of that BS.

      I could give a rat’s ass about a politician’s experience. My doctor, yes. I want them to have experience. The pilot of my airplane, yes. Again, experience is good. A politician? No!

      I want them to have a f*cking brain, the ability to multitask and to think for themselves. I want them to have the balls (not necessarily anatomically attached!) to do what’s right based on simple things like facts. A good sense of decency and a compulsion to tell the truth no matter how difficult it is to hear would be nice as well.

      But experience? Doesn’t mean shit.

      • I think experience matters. It’s what you can demonstrate you’ve learned from your experience that matters the most, though.

        Prior to becoming the President-elect, Obama’s experience was mostly in running/campaigning for himself. He did not have much of a Senate record, he ran as an outsider (even though he’s not an outsider, and he had the establishment fawning at him right from the start). Obamaphiles kept saying it doesn’t matter because he’s a quick study. But, I am not worried if he is a quick study or not. I am worried if whatever his experience is it has allowed him to grow a backbone for standing up for anything other than his own image. So far I am still waiting for the proof that he’s a fighter for health care equality. So far it seems like what he’s fighting for is a check mark by the words health care reform. I’ve heard all the arguments from people that view his health care agenda through the lens that Obama is being a 12 dimensional chess whiz and a wise incrementalist, but I am still waiting to be convinced that that’s the case here. His press conference last week was mealymouthed and unimpressive. It lacked fight and clarity. It didn’t reassure people who are concerned he is, either intentionally or unwittingly, going to push something through that will trap us in insurance hell rather than get us out of it.

        • Or rather I should say that I have yet to be convinced. I’m not holding my breath waiting for Obama to show some spine when it comes to standing up for the people who elected him rather than for the banks and the insurance industry that selected him, but a pleasant surprise is very welcome on that front.

        • Word. I love you, Wonk.

      • I agree. The singular “experience” argument is specious, because a candidate who is “experienced” must have been president already.

        In my mind, what “qualifies” someone to be president is the totality of his or her professional and personal experieces, demeanor, and fidelity to serving the public interest. On those measures, I think Fmr. Governor Sarah Palin exceeds the qualifications to become our president.

        Besides, the people who are perceived as having this mythical “experience” are the same so-called “smart” and “well-travelled” people who have gotten this nation into unnecessary wars and occupations, outsourced the nation’s capacity to produce things, transferred economic security from everyday people to Wall Street banksters. and who have generally f*kd everything up.

        I’ll take a former public executive officer who has led with a “servants heart” over the “smartest guys in the room” any day.

  22. DaddysDarlin — I would also rather vote for Hillary. But how do you see her running for President? Do you think that Obama will drop out of the 2012 election? Do you really think that she will run against him in the primary in 2012? Or are you planning for her to wait until 2016 when Obama will have had two terms to completely screw up the Democratic party. Or, do you see her challenging the Republican President in 2016 and facing charges that she abetted the failed Obama presidency while she was his Secretary of State. Just stating that somehow, sometime in the future we will be able to vote for Hillary is, I am afraid, wishful thinking.

    • That’s what I fear too. Hopefully just not wishful thinking somehow, but you know the Obots will just say if she puts her bid in, that she’s stabbing him in the back, and then start their misogynistic rants again.

    • Yeah, you pretty much covered it all. Even though Hillary is brilliant, she’s still a Dem and tied to Obama. His screw ups and tarnishing of the Democratic brand will hurt her just like McCain was saddled with Bush. The timing is terrible.

      • well, with all this talk of “Sidelining” it would be easy for Hillary to say she wasn’t involved in bad decisions, right? Besides, she isn’t tied to Bam’s domestic failures. If she resigns and cites disgust as a reason, she’ll come out smelling like a rose. She just has to wait for Bam’s popularity to dip low enough.
        RFK was Lyndon Johnson’s Attorney General. He primaried LBJ and would have won, you know. Hillary might have a chance to redeem his memory.

        • I just can’t see her resigning and citing disgust as a reason. She’s so party loyal even after everything.

          • It’s not that she’s party loyal, it’s that she wants to change things. It’s been part of her belief system since she was a college student. “Changing the System from Within.” She doesn’t believe the system- and the Democratic Party is part of the system- can be changed from the outside but from the inside.
            Third parties never work, there are thousands of them and they are just never successful. If you actually wanted to make a third party you would have to accomplish it WITHIN American Government- that is how the Federalists were extinguished and that is how Whigs became successful way back when.
            She couldn’t just up and leave the party. The party is part of the “system.” It was our party under Bill, remember? If she left the party she would have been out of Government. Dems in Congress wouldn’t have campaigned for her or backed her up like they did Joe Leiberman, forget it. So she could have either stayed in the Senate and been blocked from spearheading Healthcare reform or advancing or doing anything productive for the American people by Obama and his goons, or she could have served her country as SOS, actually gotten things accomplished for Americans and the world, and been able to keep her distance from Obama’s Domestic messes.
            So far it is working because her approval rating is like, twenty points higher than his.
            She couldn’t up and endorse McCain. She knew the financial crisis was coming so she knew Obama would win, no matter what. If she fought at the convention and maybe even won, than she McCain would have picked Micheal Steele as his running mate and she would have lost to him. She could endorse Obama and take a second shot in 2012- it would be best for the country, because McCain wouldn’t be any better than Obama anyway, so him winning wouldn’t solve anything.
            Regardless, Hillary puts service and her country first. She is the only person that any of us can think of who can fix this mess. You might be right and she might never run again, but personally I’m not ruling it out. Because to do so would be to watch the world burn.

          • Oh yeah, it’s clear that her party loyalty comes from thinking that the Democratic Party is the best vehicle of change. I don’t think there would be any reason for her to go through all of this personal hell if she didn’t believe that. I didn’t mean party loyal as a slam or anything, I totally agree with everything you’re saying (well, except the part about losing to McCain-Steele, no way :)) I certainly never expected her to run as an Independent or endorse McCain or anything like that, and yeah, if she had stayed in the Senate it would have been pointless with this crew. I’m not judging.

            I don’t necessarily think she’ll never run again, I just think the timing presents certain obstacles.

          • I think she does her duty to her party, not because the current Democratic leadership has earned it, but because she’s a) SMART and b) loyal to the causes that made her an activist and drove her to service in the first place. She’s more interested in getting things done than getting credit, and she couldn’t get anything done if she excommunicated herself from the Democratic party. Just would not work. As a voter I have the luxury to be an independent and be among those putting pressure on the Democratic party to live up to its ideals, but for Hillary, as a public servant, especially as one with a history as wedded to the Democratic party’s as Hillary’s, it would be really impossible for her to build a viable power base outside of the party.

          • Ooops, Seriously, didn’t see your followup post till after I hit the send button on mine. Sorry for all the redundancy!

      • I agree. Hillary won’t run in 2012, and if she has any remote desire to run for president in the future, then O’s term (s) would have be seen as a success if she’d want any chance at all. sucks indeed.

  23. Just to let people know, I would prefer Options 5 or 6. How likely they are I don’t know. While it would be nice to believe that Obama’s policies will work, or failing that that he would bow out of the presidency, I can’t see it happening, the man only cares about himself, and I can see him feeling that it didn’t make any difference, if he ran again in 2012 he might win (he seems to have a belief that everyone should everything that he wants) and even if he doesn’t, he is no worse off that if he bowed out of the 2012 election. I guess that there is a large part of my that wants to believe that if there ever was an opportunity for another centralist party to arise, it is now. But as I noted above, I think that to be successful it has to be started now — either taking over another third party or hijacking the tea parties and using them to bring enough disaffected Democrats and Republicans together to start a completely new party. And then, with support in place, see if we could get Palin or Clinton to run as a nominee. But that may also be wishful thinking.

    • The problem with the idea of either party being hijacked by mere voters is the party elites
      would road block that. I really believe they would sink thier chances of victory if it meant giving the voters a real place at the table. Their whole thing is to block that . Things have to get bad before thier death grips are broken…or a third party becomes viable…and there’s no reason to think they won’t, just when will the tipping point will come is any one’s guess. I think Hill’s best chance of being POTUS is though a series of appointments. However I don’t see Obama stepping down of his own volition for any reason

  24. Sorry my mind is working faster than my fingers. The sentence should be: belief that everyone should do everything that he wants.

  25. The days of “qualified” presidents are over. We now get an American Idol for prez.

    That said… I prefer the renegade, bitch from Wasilla to the gangsta, professor from Chicago.

    Cuz that’s how I roll (in the neverending sea of astroturf.)


  26. LOL, SYD …

  27. According to obama, running for President makes you qualified. His own words.

  28. Um, who keeps letting Joe Biden out of the basement?

    Stop talking about Russia, Joe. And stop making Hillary clean up after your many gaffes. You’re a big boy, change your own goddamn diaper, thanks.

  29. “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty” (Prov 14:23).

    Obama fulfills this verse everyday, he talks and talks and talks, but doesnt work on anything, unless you call speeches working. Heck preachers and teachers do that on a daily basis.
    Obama doesnt encourage people to work, he encourages them to volunteer, but wants those who have worked hard to pay for those who didnt really strive to work or volunteer.
    This last episode with this gates/cop thing has shown me what he truly is all about. Leave my elite buddies alone. gosh darn it. Then, before he had all his facts straight he comes out yacking his jaws about “stupidly” acting cops.
    Now, he’s had to backtrack, man how many times have we seen this one. Next thing you know he’ll be saying Professor Gates is not the man i knew.
    If you watch obama, michelle, axelrod, gibbs, they are all Um, Ah people, there must be a zillion um, ah’s a meeting. Everyone of them um and ah, while americans get up on a daily basis trying to figure all those ums and ahs out, Im sick of them all and personally, i would vote for high school graduate if that was the choice

  30. The L goes to Washington: White House becomes 51st Ward
    BY LYNN SWEET Sun-Times Columnist

    I’ve wisecracked that there are so many Chicagoans in the Obama administration, it’s like covering the 51st Ward. Obama has swept into office with him dozens of Chicagoans, in all kinds of jobs.

    The late, great Chicago political scientist Milton Rakove titled one of his books We Don’t Want Nobody Nobody Sent, and that’s what I see so far: concentric circles of interlocking social, personal and political relationships that go back years. The University of Chicago is one focal point; City Hall is another.


  31. While all the fake rumors didn’t all originate from the bowels of the Obama campaign, the incentive for people to attack did. Something very similar with Bush the Dumber initiating the anti-France campaign. he might not have came with Freedom Fries himself (although it’s dumb enough for him), but he certainly got the wills cranking. I recall when he threatened Vincente Fox that if his country opposes the war, he can do the same to him. So, I put all the blame on Obama. And of course the powder keg he lit on fire – twice – was the latent misogyny in our society.
    And OT the best tabloid cover ever

  32. But she has also, correct me if I’m wrong, taken on her own party Establishment and been elected as the youngest and first lady Governor of the largest and most beautiful state in the union, raised taxes on oil companies and created a state budget surplus, which she gave back to Alaskans……

    Any ONE of those facts would be enough of a good reason for the GOP to draw her into the national spot light and then viciously attack her from within . The first crazy rumors were started by McCain staff it seems to me . Of course Palin was attacked by Dems . But she was/is attacked from the Mitt wing of the GOP as much, if not more. imo

    • Yep. Some of it was sexism, and some of it was also that the political elite in this country, and that includes the media, HATE and FEAR anything that threatens the status quo on BOTH sides of the aisle. Both parties movers and shakers are very happy with the incestuous status quo, and by no means want it changed.

      Say what you want about Sarah ideologically, but there is absolutely no doubt that she threatens the status quo.

  33. Great essay, littleisis, and great comments, too.
    I hope you do more front page writing; yours is a treasured voice.

  34. Unlike a lot of people out there, when Palin entered the stage, I actually found out what she had done and said in her past. Then, I watched and listened to her, and was impressed. I have been involved in politics most of my life, and it simply is not true that the best and brightest are in Washington, more like the richest and best connected.

    Does she have all the answers? No. Would she disappoint some? Of course. Then again, so would Hillary. The one thing I don’t think she would do…would be to turn around 180 degrees and forcefully back someone that she knew to be a lier, cheat, and overall thug. Were she to do that, she would lose my respect and support.

    Like I said, no one will be perfect, and Einstein never ran. More imprtant than even brains, is courage, and the ability to stand up for what you beleive. If you happen to beleive that your personal stand shouldn’t be inflicted on others, all the better. But in the end, we need a fighter, Ladies, and you will have to look a long time to find someone with as much fire and guts as Palin.

    • Hillary didn’t “turn 180 degrees” and forcefully back Obama. She always said she’d work her heart out for the Democratic nominee.

      If Palin turns around and campaigns for that piece of GOP turd Romney, what will you say then?

    • I don’t know if you meant to question HRC’s courage or not, but anyone who with any doubts has not been watching these last 17 years.

      What I have liked about Sarah Palin has been her courage. I made a rather lengthy post about it during the David letterman media circus. Then she resigned. it disappointed and confused me.

      I still hope that she really is cast in the HRC mold, but I don’t know. I’ll say one thing, I have never seen a Clinton quit.

      SArah can do what she wants. It is possible that I was seeing her s a want her to be and not as she is. That isnot her fault and she doesn’t owe me a thing.

      I think I am back too, “I don’t agree with her politics, but I will get in the face of anyone making sexist, misogynist or other disgusting attacks on her or her family. 🙂

      • Palin quitting was a demonstration of her courage and integrity, not her weakness or fear.

        • I have no evidence to refute that, but I’d like to see what happens next before I make up my mind. I honestly don’t know why she did it? If you can explain it, I’d love to hear (no snark).

  35. great job, LI ~ can’t wait for part 2!!

  36. , “I do not support Sarah Palin politically, even though I like her and will defend her against personal, misogynistic, and unfair attacks.”

    That is the clearest, most succinct declaration of the way I feel.
    I love this post !

  37. Great piece LI – thanks!

    OT – there was a piece in Parade magazine section of the Sunday paper this weekend about how David Carroll of the Carter Center is “working hard” to insure that elections are Democratic around the world – I’ve sent him a note saying that he should be sure to start here and I did not apprecitate being disenfranchised by my Governor when he handed over 149 NJ Hillary delegates to Obama in Denver.
    I’m looking forward to seeing his response – if I get one.

  38. Hillary did back Obama, there was never any doubt as to who would be the Dem. candidate. And all that was after she and Bill were labeled “racists” by BO.

    There are reasons for sticking with a party, and they are not inconsequential. However, party politics is still just that, and if your party becomes something warped and cruel, then it may be time, as a lot of us found, to do something different.

    Don’t read my comment as saying that I have no respect for Hillary because of her attachment to BO. She is still HIllary, and a very intelligent woman. However, even the walking cesspool Kennedy refused to back Carter, when he felt Carter shouldn’t be in office. So, no, I will never be okay with Hillary backing down before they even got to Denver, or giving up her Senator’s seat, to serve at the whim of BO.

    We all pick what is important to us in people, and sometimes it is important to pick people with raw courage. Look at the women heading most of the PUMA organizations. Not afraid to be disparaged, not afraid to be out of party mainstreams.

    Hillary saying she would work her heart out for the Democratic nominee was her code to the party, and it was just what they were waiting for. It should have been prefaced with something about backing the person who would do the best for the country, or, at least, do little harm. Party cannot be the overpowering consideration,or we keep ending up where we are now.

    • Hillary backed Obama but she did not turn around 180 to do it, that was my point.

      I like Sarah’s Truwoman-esque quality and don’t think she deserves the crap treatment she’s gotten (especially when the Noonans of the world who revile her revile her for the very same reasons that they praised Dubya before public opinion on him soured)…

      But if it is raw courage we are talking about, it’s Hillary who has earned my respect and gets my support.

    • You know, I have much of the same beef that you do when it comes to W2. I can’t support him. I can’t support his administration. I will never go over.

      But when I watch Hill’s as she was this Sunday on Meet The Press, a shining example of what a public servant and leader should be, I can’t be mad at her.

      So much talent and strength and drive, screw BO, America needs her. She serves for the benefit of America, not BO and not the Democratic party.

      Sure she has plenty of slight and grudges that she could take up if she wanted to but apparently she just isn’t that “wounded.” She has moved on and choose to press ahead.

      Should I disparage Hill’s because she is not as petty as I am. Or better yet, because she doesn’t let her righteous indignation take her totally out of the game.

      • So much talent and strength and drive, screw BO, America needs her. She serves for the benefit of America, not BO and not the Democratic party


    • Yeah, but that walking cesspool Kennedy is as phony as a three dollar bill. Since he has the temerity to continue to sling this bs about how he cares about health care when he couldn’t wait to do the bros before hos dance and back Mr. Harry Louise and his crap plan, I don’t think opposing Carter had anything to do with principle and everything to do with power, opportunism, and backstabbing.

      As far as code to the party, it was never enough. She did more for Bam Bam than could be expected, more than anyone else in her position has, and they’re still like “How dare you!” It took plenty of courage to keep going when her own party was fighting her harder and more viciously than they’d ever fight any Republucan.

      • They still ask her every day to prove that she has Obama’s back. It is redonkulus.

        It’s possible that they are so used to a Secretary of State (Condi) who was operating entirely in place of the president, but I think it is mostly that the Secretary of State is now Hillary and the press has some collectiveneed/convergence of motives that translates into a constant testing of Hillary to see if she will betray any sign of weakness. They react to female leadership as if they are toddlers testing their limits.

        • Funny how those questions never get asked of Obama. He is never asked whether he has complete confidence in her and her advice, what their relationship is like, what HE has learned about HER expertise and abilities that has surprised him, whether any animosity from the campaign remains on his part.

          Oh, no – only SHE is required to constantly prove her fidelity. And what will happen if she can’t prove it to their satisfaction? A virtual honor killing?

          • Oh you are right. A virtual honor killing, that is metaphorically what it seems to be that they hunger for. Not to minimize the serious horror and inhumanity of actual honor killings, because they are fatal and absolute on a magnitude that can’t even compare…but as a figurative parallel, it is quite apt.

        • Which isn’t to say that Condi wasn’t female leadership (she was), just that she didn’t run for president and so the imbeciles weren’t threatened by her _in that way_. Though I think in other ways, they were. Looking back, I’m really disgusted at a lot of the things said about Condi that passed as political dissent in Democratic circles but was really just sick and perverted and derogatory.

          • Looking back, I feel that way too about some things that were said about her. Condi and Hillary are actually friends. Condi is in truth a very smart woman who knows more about Russia and its culture than anyone, probably. Sadly, I don’t think her advice and smarts were well-utilized by the president she served. I actually think she came in hoping to do more, and ended up the attractive mouthpiece for the Iraq war, with the rest of the world ignored. Whether she should have done that is on her conscience, not mine, but she’s still a smart lady.

  39. However, even the walking cesspool Kennedy refused to back Carter, when he felt Carter shouldn’t be in office

    lol! Well that was because HE wanted to be in at all costs It had nothing whatever to do with principles. imo

    Hill has always worked from within. If backing Barry means she gets to be SOS and not shut down in the Senate by the likes of Mr. Kennedy, that was a deal she’d make. Hill is all about the half loaf…or even the piece of bread . The upper crust came together and insisted on Obama. The Clintons could not fight that by themselves….even though they tried very hard to do so. Hill saved what could be saved…and got more than anyone else would have. She is now in position to help America as a whole. If we soft land as a collapsing empire, it will be thanks to Hillary R. Clinton and her strong stomach .

  40. Aah, you have fallen prey to the rhetoric spouted by both parties in regards to Sarah Palin. She has a vagina and that is an immediate disqualifier in this country for Prez. Nevermind that there are stone-age countries that have had women presidents.

    During the primaries, the Bots were quick to point out the qualifications set forth in the Constitution in regards to Obama’s lame experience.

    If SP runs and turns out that she is the best choice of candidate, I will vote for her.

    • No party owns my vote. Too many women before me suffered the wrath for me to allow it to be owned by a party.

  41. I just saw this and there’s no replies left, so I’m starting fresh

    WMCB, on July 27th, 2009 at 10:56 am Said:
    paper doll, I believe the GOP will try hard to nominate MItt. I think many of them would rather have JEB, but GW ruined that. Although I must say that of all the Bush boys, Jeb is in truth the smartest and least pig-like. Faint praise, I know, but I try to be fair. LOL!

    But that’s very reason that makes Jeb the least suitable of the Bush boys lol! The positon calls for pigess and an iron clad obtuseness he could never muster. Jeb will do as he’d told . He’ll do whatever awful shit they want. But he can’t not know what he’s doing and keep that knowledge from playing over his face. Most likely he would have been in the oval office if he could. They want dumb

    Keep an eye on Paul Ryan (R- WI) My money says he’s a potential VP pick, bigtime. He has that “it factor”, major political charisma, comes across quite populist.

    Sounds like a good pick for them I have head Gen Patrus sees Oval Office material in the moring shaving mirror as well . oi

    It really depends on how bad Obama stinks by 2012…
    and at this rate of Obama brand decomp , I think it ‘s very likely the GOP will run for real by then

    • dang those tabs!! I meant to close them after WMCB’s line, Faint praise, I know, but I try to be fair. LOL!

    • I’ll repeat what I said about Paul Ryan of Minnesota. Watch him closely. He may even run himself, but will most certainly be a VP short-lister for the GOP.

      He’s conservative as hell in a very libertarian way, but actually smart. Not a raging homophobe. Has degrees in economics and political science. Ran a successful business doing economic consulting at a very young age. Claims he has been reading annual white house budgets since he was 18, just because he found it interesting. Laughs and calls himself a geek.

      He’s young, and attractive in a sort of a my-favorite-kid-brother way, though he does have very striking blue eyes. Talks like a populist. Does some sneering at washington politics. Has been re-elected in landslides (over 60%) in Minnesota ever since 1998.

      I’ve been watching politics for a looooong time, and this guy is going to be a political star for the GOP. Watch.

  42. Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Barack Obama. I am a die hard liberal and still think she is more honest about her beliefs than most politicians in Washington, especially the POTUS

  43. Something that strikes me as interesting is what I hear from my conservative wingnut friends about “W2.” They are deeply offended by the way, when I call BO “W2” because they believe that linking “His Hopiness, Teh 0ne” with their beloved “W” is blasphemy.

    One of my friends said to me that BO is much worse than Bill Clinton and only slightly better than Hitler. She was completely serious. They call him everything from “communist dictator” to “the anitchrist,” and I think that if you asked them they wuold tell you that they don’t consider it hyperbole in any way.

    Now remember guys the “right wing crazy factory” is where the politics of personal destruction was perfected. You can trace the evolution of “win at all costs dirty tricksterism” from Donald Segretti to Lee Atwater to Karl Rove, to (Oh My Freakin’ God!) David Axelrod. Throw in Gingrich and his cohorts too, because they mounted campaigns to destroy people even when there wasn’t a campaign underway.

    Thus far the MSM has decided to mostly ignored the seriously over the top seething hatred coming from the right over BO. That just stokes the flames of right wing passion against “The Precious.” The MSM hasn’t even really pushed back, all that much they just don’t acknowledge it. They would have you believe that, “The World Loves BO.”

    I think that is partly because they, the MSM, is very invested in the success of it’s “creation” but also because the advertising dollars from the “We Have Overcome VIctory Tour” have just been too juicy. What about when the after glow of “Yes We Can” and “Yes We Did” fades. Will the MSM turn on “W2” the same way it did on “W.”

    Will the pent up rage from the “Bushy Faithful” eventually be vented on BO as ferociously as what we saw coming at Saeah Palin in 2008-2009? That is absolutely will happen if “The Barackolypse” looks like a more marketable narrative “Change You Can Believe In.”

    The media is fickle and the Republicans are mean, and vengeful. The Obamatrons have enjoyed the mudslinging thus far. They may live to regret it.

  44. Can someone fix the links?

    The Violet Socks post is at Reclusive Leftist.

    The David Harsanyi quote can be found at the Denver Post, among other places.

  45. I believe Sarah Palin is much more qualified to be president then several other males this country who we went and elected. Dubya and Barky for example.

    If Palin runs I absolutely would vote for her. Authenticity matters to me. I’d rather have a conservative that sticks to her principles and delivers common sense policies then a faux-liberal wonder boy who promises the moon but delivers nothing but more debt and empty promises.

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