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Friday Morning at The Confluence

Is it just me or does it seem like the Professor and the Policeman story is getting more airplay than the Michael Jackson story did? Obama and Axelrod must be giggling and snickering right now. Talk about astroturf! The topic of the weekend was supposed to be health care, but just one planted question and now health care is on the back burner. It appears the vote that was so important to the President, is now off, and it’s no biggie.

“As long as I see folks working diligently and consistently, then I am comfortable,” Obama told a crowd gathered in a high school gym for a town-hall styled meeting here today. “But I don’t want to delay just because of politics.”

Um…isn’t politics precisely the reason for the delay?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says there will be a vote in September. But will it happen? The New York Times reports that the White House has been negotiating madly with blue dog Dems to keep the bill alive.

The White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, led a hastily called three-hour negotiating session at the Capitol with conservative Blue Dog Democrats, the group of fiscal hawks who have stalled action on the health care bill in the House.

But the wrangling over health care is pushing back other items on Obama’s agenda.

While Congress can resume its efforts in the fall, other major items on the president’s agenda, like climate change and rewriting financial regulation, have also been postponed, and are likely to be further delayed until the health care debate is resolved.


Democratic leaders fended off suggestions that health care legislation could lose momentum if there is no action until the fall. But the delay will give Republican opponents ample time to highlight what they say are the bill’s flaws, and will subject moderate lawmakers, many of whom are on the fence, to a barrage of questions, including whether the nation can afford the $1 trillion, 10-year price tag.

Oh well…who cares if thousands of Americans die for lack of health care? Now we have another media circus to distract us–the Prof. Skip Gates vs. Sgt. James Crowley road show. Both the cop and the prof. are milking this thing for all it’s worth–talking about the incident on every available media outlet. In a few months will these two guys be starring on a reality TV show?

I don’t mean to make light of a very serious issue–racial profiling–but I really thought this story morphed into an embarrassing spectacle today. Here are just two of the dueling media appearances made by Crowley and Gates.

Radio interview on WEEI, Boston Sports Radio with Sgt. James Crowley (both hosts are right-wingers)

Crowley sounds very reasonable, but I noted two interesting things. When talking about what happened inside the home, Crowley speaks in the passive voice. The rest of the description is in the active voice. That strikes me as odd. Crowley also says he told Gates to “calm down” and “lower his voice.” Saying “calm down” is almost never useful, and I wonder why such an experienced policeman wouldn’t know that.

There is an interesting blog post on Dissenting Justice about the notion that Crowley’s attempt to save Reggie Lewis’ life proves he harbors no racial bias at all.

CNN interview with Henry Louis Gates:

To me Gates comes off as more than a little over the top–calling Crowley a “rogue” police officer and mind-reading–claiming to know for sure that Crowley had a profile in his mind when he arrived at Gates’ house and then tried to fit Gates into that profile. I’d like to get MABlue’s take on this interview.

Later in the day Crowley was refusing to talk to the media. Was he told by his superiors to clam up?

NPR’s Talk of the Nation covered this story today. I found the show very interesting. You can listen to the broadcast here.

A few more stories on the prof.-cop story:

Cop who arrested black scholar is profiling expert

Bias, Racism, Being a Jerk, and Abuse of Power

Sergeant Who Arrested Professor Defends Actions

Obama stokes racial passions, police anger

GOP siezes on Obama cops remark

Other Stories of Interest (to me anyway)

Nation’s ENT Surgeons Respond to President Obama’s Press Briefing Remarks on Tonsillectomy Procedures

White House Response to CREW Suit for Health Care Execs Visitor Records Insufficient

New Yorker says he would have been suicide bomber

Michael Vick Could Be Reinstated by NFL

New Scientist: Enigma of the 23-year-old baby (Highly Recommended!)

Surgery ends the tale of the five-legged dog

When Legislators Attack: 10 Political Brawls Caught on Tape

Why does the soda taste different in a bottle than a can?

Please feel free to post links to stories you found interesting and/or important–or funny, we could use funny! It’s Friday, after all. TGIF!!

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107 Responses

  1. [quote]Later in the day Crowley was refusing to talk to the media. Was he told by his superiors to clam up?[/quote]
    According to Crowley when asked that question in an interview, he said no, but I’m guessing you already knew that. I would think since there is an investigation, it’s normal not to talk about a case while that’s happening, so it seems consistent with that to me.

    • No, we’ll hear more from Crowley next week. He has taught classes in racial profiling and I just heard on the news that he is planning to defend himself against the accusations that he is a racist in a press conference.

      I’m pretty sure Obama regrets calling Crowley stupid and getting himself involved with this mess. I think most white Americans will side with Crowley on this one. The guy is not a racist. Accuse of him overreacting but this is just a case of male egos. One being a Harvard professor who thinks he’s too good to be talked down to by a cop and an officer who wasn’t going to take some guy calling him a racist when he was just responding to a call of suspicious behavior.

      Gates is the one who made a big deal out of all of this and accused Crowley of being a stupid, ignorant racist so I think Crowley has every right to defend himself in the media right now.

      • Read DailyHowler.

        There is also the actual filed police report of that day that he links to.

        Crowley’s report sounds plausible and consistent. Of course, as Somerby said, none of us was there.

      • I haven’t heard Gates call Crowley “a stupid, ignorant racist.” Do you have a link to that? If not, can we please just stick to the facts? This is a very emotional issue for many people, and I’d rather not take it to the next level by accusing people of things they didn’t do or say.

        Furthermore, I think it’s important for us to keep in mind that racial profiling does exist and that it is a serious problem. If someone has been profiled over and over again in his/her life, it is not surprising that they might have an over-the-top reaction to dealing with a situation like what happened to Gates. I am disapointed that Gates has personally attacked Crowley in multiple media appearances instead of trying to defuse the situation and use it as an opportunity for a public discussion.

        • I should’ve quoted Gates separately from Obama. Obama said the police acted “stupidly”. This is what Gates said (from the Boston Globe):

          “I believe the police officer should apologize to me for what he knows he did that was wrong,” Gates said in a phone interview from his other home in Martha’s Vineyard. “If he apologizes sincerely, I am willing to forgive him. And if he admits his error, I am willing to educate him about the history of racism in America and the issue of racial profiling … That’s what I do for a living.”

          Seriously? He wants to teach Crowley about racism? Give me a break. Gates might not have said it directly but he is implying that Crowley is ignorant and needs to be taught, amazingly by Gates himself, on how to be a better person.

    • I would think so too, and I didn’t mean to suggest there was anything wrong with that. As far as I can tell, Crowley has handled this whole process quite calmly and professionally. I think Gates has hurt himself by going over the top with his attacks on Crowley.

  2. I also believe like you appear to, that this is all just one big distraction, that didn’t have to get in the way of the debate over much more pertinent topics. It’s now out there and has to be dealt with, and the sooner the better.

    • Based on Obama’s penchant to make Race an issue 24/7 during the primary, simply to deride the Clintons – and Holder’s “cowards” remark soon after becoming DOJ chief, it appears Obama and Holder are getting the Race discussion they desired.
      To hell with other issues.

    • Amen! 60 Americans die each day without Health Care, nearly 50 million with no coverage, and what was the press conference about again? Oh, yea, HEALTH CARE REFORM!

  3. The view from the NYC tabloids – and yes, this story did get the NY Post cover. And yes, only trivial stories, healthcare is over

  4. I’ll be watching to see where that goes.

    • Very perceptive. Maybe the planted question at the press conference was designed to distract the media from the follow-up on CREW’s FOIA request and the WH attorney’s incomplete response to same right before the press conference.

      Lynn Sweet and David Axelrod have known each other as Chicago journalists for a very, very long time. Ms Sweet was quite the Obama supporter with “good” campaign connections for talking points during the primaries.

      Perhaps the “distraction” from healthcare epic fail and FOIA requests was intentional, while the WH “regrouped.”

      You know, kinda like the Lynn Sweet (and others) implication that Hillary really did want Obama assassinated.

      These are media masters, folks. They know exactly which buttons to push.

    • Yes, me too. Thank goodness for CREW! They are one organization that hasn’t gone ga-ga over Obama.

    • You mean he would call Law Enforcement ‘stupid’ to his the CREW’s FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request via a law suit, about the SECRET DINNER GUESTS to the White House that turned out to be connected big time to the Health Industry, those with all the millions in profits?!?


      July 22, 2009 02:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time
      CREW Sues Secret Service over Refusal to Release White House Health Care Exec Visitor Logs

      WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is filing a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security based on the refusal of the Secret Service to provide CREW with White House visitor records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). CREW is seeking records of visits by top health care executives in an effort to learn the extent to which these industry players may have influenced the administration’s health care policy. Simultaneously, CREW is requesting emergency relief in the form of a preliminary injunction compelling the Secret Service to process the request on an expedited basis, in view of the great public interest and debate on health care policy and the pressure on Congress to pass legislation before the August recess.

      In response to CREW’s FOIA request, the Obama administration has taken the same position as the Bush administration that the records are presidential, not agency records, and that they are exempt from release because of the possibility in some instances they could reveal information protected by the presidential communications privilege. Although the White House suggested it was reviewing its policy on the release of visitor logs last month when CREW filed a similar complaint based on its request for records of visits by top coal company executives, it has to date refused to make even a discretionary release of any of the requested records. Every court to rule on the issue so far has concluded the visitor records are agency records that must be disclosed under the FOIA.

      Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW, said today, “Right now, the White House and Congress are debating colossal changes to the American health care system and taxpayers have a right to know who is sitting at the table influencing decision-makers. Unfortunately, the administration is refusing to release the names, preferring backroom politicking to transparency.”


      1400 Eye Street, N.W., Suite 450,
      Washington, D.C. 20005
      v. Civil Action No.
      Washington, D.C. 20528
      1. This is an action under the Freedom ofInformation Act (“FOlA”), 5 U.S.C. § 552, as
      amended, challenging the failure of the United States Secret Service, a component of the U.S.
      Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”), to respond to the expedited request of plaintiff for
      disclosure of records concerning any visits leading heath care industry executives made to the
      White House or the residence of the vice president from January 21, 2009, to the present.
      2. This case seeks declaratory relief that DHS is in violation of the FOIA, 5 U.S.C. §
      552(a)(6)(E)(I), for failing to respond to plaintiffs expedited request for records and injunctive
      relief ordering defendant DHS to process immediately the requested records in their entirety.

      They are also seeking a MOTION FOR A PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION

      Plaintiff, :
      v. : Civil Action No.
      SECURITY :
      Defendant. :
      Pursuant to Rule 65 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, plaintiff Citizens for
      Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (“CREW”) respectfully moves for the entry of a
      preliminary injunction to enjoin defendant U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (“DHS”)
      unlawful refusal to process on an expedited basis CREW’s Freedom of Information Act
      (“FOIA”) request seeking records of visits by health care industry executives to the White House
      and the Vice President’s Residence. The records plaintiff seeks are created and maintained by
      the Secret Service, an agency component of DHS. By this motion plaintiff seeks an order
      requiring DHS to immediately process plaintiff’s FOIA request and disclose the requested
      records within 10 days.

      The grounds for this motion are set forth in the accompanying memorandum of points
      and authorities. Plaintiff also asks the Court, pursuant to Local Rule 65.1(d), to schedule a
      hearing on this application for a preliminary injunction at the Court’s earliest convenience.
      Respectfully submitted,
      Anne L. Weismann
      (D.C. Bar No. 298190)
      Melanie Sloan
      (D.C. Bar No. 434584)
      Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics
      in Washington
      1400 Eye Street, N.W., Suite 450
      Washington, D. C. 20005
      Telephone: 202-408-5565
      Fax: 202-588-5020

      Talk About wagging the dog…TRANSPARENCY MY FOOT!

      • So, the implication is that they also went to VP Joe Biden’s house for private chit chat, but they had the Single Payer Advocates arrested and would even let them onto the table of discussion. Hemmm?!?

  5. I would imagine that being called a “racist” is an important story to Officer Crowley even if it isn’t to the rest of us.
    On the news outlets I watched, mostly FOX, the racist white cop story was only one segment.

    Course I didn’t watch nutso Olberman or lyin Rachel Maddow so I probably missed a lot of bloviating about what an evil bastard Crowley is.

    I happen to think it is an important story when the President of the United frakkin States attacks a police officer and calls him stupid without even knowing exactly what happened.

    And the inability of a Democratic President, a majority Democratic Senate, and a majority Democratic Congress to get a decent health care bill isn’t a story that will go away.

    But neither will Obama’s obvious playing of the race card, one more time. Usually he has his minions do it, this time he did it himself.

    • Race card indeed. He was READY for Lynn Sweet’s question, and was animated while he answered it. Poorly informed, prejudiced in his facts, but animated. Very stupid choices, as a President.

      For whatever else, his bullshit about the Republicans being the ones to see him fail, it’s his own Democrats who don’t like his plan, and are resisting being strong-armed to pass “anything” just to save his ass.

      He’s bamboozling , period. It’s ALL about him.

    • I think it’s an important story or I wouldn’t have written about it. I think Obama made a mistake with his remarks, but he didn’t call Crowley “stupid.” He talked about the *actions* taken by the police. Nevertheless, I think using the word “stupidly” was a mistake, and I would have preferred that Obama had avoided making specific comments about this episode. He could have made general comments about the history of African Americans and the police without getting into specifics.

    • Add your name: http://wewantthepublicoption.com./ 76% of Americans want a Public Option, HR 676 Single Payer Covers Everyone

  6. I completely disagree with you. As far as I can tell, Crowley was doing his job. The guy followed him out of the house, yelling at him. Cops have broad authority to keep the peace. “Calm down” may not work for most of us, but it usually works for the police. Must people know if you get in a cops face, yelling at him, calling him a racist, you are going to get cuffed and stuffed.

    I can’t imagine for a minute that Obama is giggling about this distraction. Maybe liberals are ok with the President demeaning the police, but it probably rubbed most Americans the wrong way.

    • Yup. And well said.

    • I agree with you Masslib. I hope Crowley speaks out on the accusations that he is a racist because they are completely false and I’m tired of opportunists like Sharpton and Gates getting away with calling innocent people racists. Obama might like the distraction to avoid answering questions about health care but this could also blow up in his face. Last night I read that he’s already backtracking on his statement from the press conference. He said Crowley was an outstanding officer despite calling him stupid on national television the night before. Backtrack Obama hasn’t learned much about race in America since denouncing his mentor Rev. Wright.

      • That’s how I see it. Of course, as DailyHowler said, none of us was there.

        As a non-American and at the risk of getting myself into dangerous territory, I feel that the conversation about race in America is completely FUBAR’ed. On one hand, you have all the reality of being black in America and EVERY statistics shows such disparity, such discrimination that is astonishing. On the other hand, there are people like Sharpton who seems to just take offence at someone for every small thing. Why solving major problems like poverty (and we know how many problems and stresses poverty creates), and the like in African-American communities is not the priority of someone like Sharpton?

        • I totally agree with you. The entire discussion if FUBAR’ed. I wonder if there is any way to change that?

    • I also agree masslib.

    • Masslib,

      I’m not sure what you are disagreeing with. I don’t know what to think about the story at this point. Right now, I’m tending more toward agreeing with the things myiq2xu has been saying all along. I think Crowley followed procedure, and has responded to the controversy in a pretty mature way.

      I initially had a lot of empathy for someone who had this happen to him in his own home, but I’m disappointed with the way Gates has been going on every possible media outlet and personally attacking Crowley.

      The reason I think Obama is happy with the distraction is that now the media won’t spend the next 3-4 days discussion the failure of his health care reform bill or the fact that he tried to cover up all his cozy WH meetings with health insurance.

      I’m a liberal and I’m against the President “demeaning” the police, as I have said repeatedly. However this story will blow over and the American people are still going to need jobs and health care, and Obama would like to keep them thinking about something else.

      • Agreed. I, too, was wondering why, having issued a joint statement with the police in which he agreed this incident was “regrettable,” SG did the talk circuit to castigate the cop. I posted a comment last night linking to Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam, who wrote last September that the AG’s office was looking into charges SG set up the Inkwell Foundation to secure business for his new DNA company. (On announcing his company, he said a portion of profits would be donated to his Inkwell Foundation. Only the Foundation was inactive.) I also wrote, the MA AG is married to a Cambridge cop. Now, I am wondering, could these cries of victimhood based on race be part of a preemptive strike against any investigation of his philanthropic endeavors?

    • Juan Williams was on GMA this morning. He described how the police handle the call when his home alarm goes off. It sounded logical, and he was in agreement with Cosby that the police officer (although, there were at least 3 on the scene) is being unfairly characterized.

      There was a situation in my community a number of years ago where someone called the police to report a naked man running around on the street in a residential area. The officer responded and attempted to calm the man down. Trusting the man was having a spell, but not dangerous, he got too close. The man shot and killed the police officer with the officer’s gun.

      Agitated people are a police officer’s nightmare. Situations escalate very fast.

  7. As for the health bill, thank goodness it’s being delayed. It sucks. Look what is happening in MA. They are bankrupting the safety net hospitals to pay for this thing, less care for the poor. They are reducing subsidies. And, they are cutting health coverage for 30k residents.

    • My sentiments,exactly. It seems to me since Obama was innaugerated racial issues have been more, not less. And this is the candidate that trancends race? What a crock!!!!

      • I agree. As Bruce Dixon said at the Black Agenda Report, we are better off with nothing than with the planned giveaway to the insurance industry. Talk about FUBAR!

    • It’s my understanding that MA’s plan was the closest to Hillary’s which I supported. Are we seeing it fail? Is the destruction of the health insurance industry and the institution of single-payer care the only reasonable alternative?

  8. That One’s MO is when things aren’t going well, stir up the race issue. I believe it was deliberate to change the topic discussion from I’m going to have a health care (not insurance reform like he said in his opening remarks) reform vote which he wasn’t going to get to a race debate.

    Why for him should he deviate from a winning strategy? It’s so obvious and so disguting what he’s doing.

  9. Wow! Just wow!

    Rightwingers just can’t help themselves.

  10. Wow! Just wow!

    Rightwingers just can’t help themselves.

  11. Since Obama detailed an incident with only CERTAIN facts – and omitted many others – I wonder how many other “details” he provides about other issues are inaccurate and one-sided.
    Apparently, Obama has surrounded himself with a very small group – so small that Gates’ participation in escalating the situation was OMITTED from the details of the incident that Obama provided.

    Gates appears to believe he is too famous and too important to be questioned by police.

    • Gates appears to believe he is too famous and too important to be questioned by the police. Kind of like our POTUS not wanting anybody to ask him anything or God forbid, disagree with him. If you dare to, out comes the race card!

  12. What I don’t understand is why was Gates so obssessd with the name and badge number of the officer. Ask him once or twice and if he doesn’t give it, let it go. You can always find out later the identity of the officer, since a report would have been filed.

    But then I don’t understand why the officer didn’t give his name either. I thought police officers have to identify themselves when asked in this kind of situation.

    • I believe the police officer claims he gave Gates his name a couple of times, then stopped providing it after it became apparent that Gates was going to keep on repeating the question. (The police report was a pretty interesting read.)

    • The officer DID give his name. Gates was too busy screaming at him to hear it.

  13. From the Nations ENT Surgeons Response:

    “In many cases, tonsillectomy may be a more effective treatment, and less costly, than prolonged or repeated treatments for an infected throat.”

    So, in one day, he managed to insult the professionalism of both police officers and pediatricians. Just about every pediatric office I’ve visited with my children has been really busy, and I’ve never gotten the impression they needed to increase their revenues. Kids get sick often, most parents take their kids to the doctor faster than they would take themselves, and the doctor gets paid very well for each visit, even if the visit only takes a few minutes.

    He generally seems to look down on others.

  14. IMO Gatesgate is turning out to be a very interesting case. And it doesn’t bother me that people are talking about. (Although I do agree that we should be discussing healthcare too.)

    It seems to me that Officer Crowley strongly identifies as being nonracist and when Gates questioned Crowley’s intentions and suggested racial profiling, it struck a nerve. Of course the irony is that Crowley exhibited a very obvious lack of sensitivity when he failed to understand why a black man might become indignant when questioned about his right to occupy his own home.

    I hope that Mr. Gates eventually realizes that how he was treated is not confined to black men alone. Abuse of power affects all of us.

    • I hope that Mr. Gates realizes he behaved childishly and made a total fool of himself.

      And when the transcripts of Mr. Gates’ obscenities are finally released (news today is that the whole thing was recorded through Crowley’s open radio), he will offer the officer and the police department a public apology.

      • I follow crimes as a hobby. I know full well how police work information disclosure to their advantage. They are on full PR mode right now, IMHO.

        • The TAPES will show Mr. Gates screaming obscenities about the officer’s mother, and placing a phone call to the chief of police, screaming “Do you know who I AM??”

          Trust me, I know full well how Gates’s “version” of what happened , left out his escalation of what could have been a different situation, and how perceptions change, once the actual tapes are released to the public.

          I also know that the Black cop and the Hispanic cop who were with Crowley, back up everything he said about Gates’s escalation.

          Mr. Gates is ALSO in full PR mode right now.

          Due respect.

          • I don’t know. Even if there was full video coverage from start to finish I think you’d still find that people are completely split down the middle on this. To me, it just sounds like a giant clash of egos between these two.

            Getting back on topic: Single payer NOW!!!

          • The police officer acted unprofessionally when he allowed his ego to cloud his judgment. Mr. Gates is the private citizen who was in his own home and, whether or not he verbally chastised or insulted Crowley, there was no good reason to arrest him. The responsibility for maintaining a cool head rested on the police officer’s shoulders… And he failed.

          • Agreed. Everyone is in full PR mode. The ego clash has become a full fledged ego war.

    • Good points, gxm17.

      • He undoubedly wouldn’t have been arrested if he hadn’t followed Crowley out onto the porch and continued to berate him.

        It is my understanding that the police were all satisfied that it was indeed his home and were leaving – but Gates continued to be abusive and finally the police just arrested him to stop the harangue.

        When our alarm went off shortly when I was too slow in turning it off – we went through a process of having to prove we were who we said we were – and we’re white. But once satisfied of our identity the police left. 😕

  15. DrudgeReport is reporting that today, Rasmussen will report Obama is below 50% for the first time.


    • It will be interesting to see how CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the corporate media spins these numbers. Instead of calling it tanking they will say he is “slightly sliding” in the polls. Wouldn’t be surprised if Obama’s numbers are as low as Bush’s when he leaves office. It could happen if new jobs aren’t created to fuel the economy by 2011. If he knew what is best for him he’d focus on the economy right now. His health care plan is going to tank anyway (for those of us who know single payer is the only option to save Americans from greedy insurance companies).

    • Whoa!

    • we can always hope..lol

  16. http://www.bostonherald.com/news/regional/view.bg?articleid=1186764

    “911, police tapes key in Gates case
    Officials mull release of recorded evidence”

    (from Drudge)

  17. Love this roundup BB. Agreed on the silly frenzy around the Skip Gates story.

    TC rules with the morning Roundup!!

  18. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2009/07/corporate-media-finally-covers-high.html

    “The corporate media – after ignoring the fact that high frequency trading skews the market – is now starting to spotlight it.

    Bloomberg interviewed the former head of Nasdaq, who says that high frequency traders account for 73% of the volume on the stock market, and skews the market when it gets out of balance.

    The New York Times hits the issue pretty strongly, writing:

    Nearly everyone on Wall Street is wondering how hedge funds and large banks like Goldman Sachs are making so much money so soon after the financial system nearly collapsed. High-frequency trading is one answer [My Comment: Tyler Durden has shown that Goldman Sachs is by far the largest program trader in the market, twice as large as the next biggest. Tyler also publicized the issue of high frequency trading long before almost anyone else, so I am really just summarizing what he has previously said] …”

  19. A few links while out on the internet:

    The Obama cult
    If Barack Obama disappoints his supporters, they will have only themselves to blame


  20. I know it’s Krauthammer, but I think the below quote is relevant for our purposes. I agree that because it really is all about Obama, all the time, he is blowing the health care opportunity. Since he did not come to it with the knowledge base and principle that Hillary had, he has squandered the moment with his wishy-washy bi-partisan, corporate-pacifying vanity play. Even if it does pass now, it will be so diluted and compromised that it will most likely be a costly bureaucratic boondoggle, and then the Republicans can point to it and say, “SEE! IT DOESN’T WORK!” Kraut also makes a point about the most critical cost, malpractice, not being addressed, but I don’t know about that. WMCB or someone else can clarify the facts on that issue.

    Why Obamacare is Sinking
    By Charles Krauthammer

    The president is therefore understandably eager to make this a contest between progressive Democrats and reactionary Republicans. He seized on Republican Sen. Jim DeMint’s comment that stopping Obama on health care would break his presidency to protest, with perfect disingenuousness, that “this isn’t about me. This isn’t about politics.”

    It’s all about him. Health care is his signature reform. And he knows that if he produces nothing, he forfeits the mystique that both propelled him to the presidency and has sustained him through a difficult first six months. Which is why Obama’s red lines are constantly shifting. Universal coverage? Maybe not. No middle-class tax hit? Well, perhaps, but only if they don’t “primarily” bear the burden. Because it’s about him, Obama is quite prepared to sign anything as long as it is titled “health care reform.”


  21. This piece offers perspective from both State Republican & Dems on Palin’s inability to be effective in AK after returning from the national stage. Sounds credible, but who knows…time will tell who she really is.

    Ready for Her Close-Up by Suzy Khimm
    Why Alaska lawmakers, including some very upset Republicans, soured on Sarah Palin


  22. Thanks for the news as usual. Yea, what a distraction. We don’t know the facts of this case and yet everyone is blathering on about it, including Obama. If there is an audio or video tape as discussed before, then things will be more clear. It sounds to me like a complete @sshole prof. vs. a thin skinned policeman. But who knows what happened.

    The big story of course is the total fail of what’s happening in the economy and with health care reform. And of course with the FOIA requests and stunning, but not surprising, lack of transparency. And just like in the primaries, race is all anyone will talk about instead of these issues. Of course that’s not to say we don’t have race issues, but I’d like to think a president has his priorities on straight. I’d be wrong, but I’d like to think that. 🙂

  23. Bb, police reports are written in passive voice. Officers are taught to write them that way to keep emotion out of them. They’re taught to testify that way, too, for the same reason. I didn’t see the interview, but I would guess that Crowley simply fell back into professional habit when talking about the actual incident.

    Otherwise, it seems to me that there’s enough blame here for everyone to have some. But just personally, the party that plays the “Do you know WHO I AM?” card loses my sympathy instantly. The answer is virtually always “an asshole.”

    • I might have been able to get past the “do you know who I am” card, but the “your momma” card was just too much.

      • LOL – exactly!
        Talk about an egomaniac! Gates wasn’t grateful for an alert neighbor or responsive cops. He was angry that the cops didn’t know HIM!

    • A man in a parking lot started yelling at me. He was across the lot so at first I didn’t realize it was directed at me.
      Once I see that he’s directing it at me – I can’t quite make out what he is saying. So, I yell back “get a job.”
      He starts to get louder – yelling back “do you know who I am’, do you know who I am?”
      I got back into the car and drove away.

      • The version I usually ran into in my years as a teacher was “Do you know who MY FAMILY IS?”

        And the answer there was usually “seven generations of assholes.”

  24. From journalism.org:
    “Top Ten Stories Overall (5 Sectors) July 13-19, 2009”


    What I find interesting is that Obamas name only appears twice:

    #10 on Cable TV: Obama Africa Trip
    #6 on Radio: New Obama Administration

  25. Simple…..it’s OBAMA’s Yellow, Orange, Red threat ..people of America be very afraid PLEAZZZZZZZZZE……if Obama’s poll numbers are slipping and the press it talking about the Dem pork and their faliure to re regulate the Goldman et al’s…. then there must be a overt coded RACIST on the loose for the cable talk shows to rant about …..and no doubt the ONE will offer a major RACE speech AGAIN…puppets

  26. Male ego ( on both sides) got this ball rolling and male ego is keeping it going and growing . Skip is thrilled this happened, thrilled I tell you . He now imagines himself Soledad Brother, George Jackson.

    The police officer, Crowley, will be contacted by Joe the Plumber’s and Miss USA ‘s media team shortly. Given how Obama seem to actly study for that question, I’d say the whole thing is a set up, but the powers that be aren’t that bright

  27. Economy is not getting better.

    In GA, ALL state employees have to take three furlough days before the end of the year. Part time faculty at several universities in the state are being cut or reduced.

    The cycle continues.

    • since there are no jobs, indeed, people already in the work force are being canned, who’s going to load up on a hundred thousand debt in collage to go wait tables? I don’t see how collages are doing it . Many kids were sent on home equity which isn’t there any more . And around here, if the collages go…that is a huge hit financially ans socially. oi

    • Yesterday, it was only teachers being asked to take 3 days furlough. Now – it’s ALL state employees?
      How about GA millionaires and billionaires donating 3 days salary to the state to continue services they expect? ha!

      • How about GA millionaires and billionaires donating 3 days salary to the state to continue services they expect? ha!

        lol! goods idea. However I think the plan ( for want of a better word) is to make the government services so spotty that the millionaires and billionaires HIRE private companies to provide those services and then the upper crust will have its dream of the government being OUT of public service . …of course for the rest of us, it will make the wild west look like a gated community. But they don’t care, in fact that’s good for business. Blackwater needs to set up a domestic subsidiary….and I’m sure they have

      • Leave my Braves alone! They need their money so they can get on MTV’s “Cribs”. 🙂

  28. Okay, you asked for funny links. Woah, that bouncy slide fail. It has to be seen to be believed.


  29. The professor/police debacle is a gift to the Obots. Over at digby’s, one hardcore Obot-Worshipper has taken the occasion to post two essays about it and Obama’s reaction to it…which is a nice, convenient way of avoiding a single word about the travesty known as Obama’s healthcare press conference.

    Oh yeah, and the economy still sucks.

  30. I’ll wait to hear the tapes (which supposedly show that Gates was indeed belligerent and yelling), and the testimony of the 8 people who witnessed the event, but one thing I am sure of:

    I started mentioning almost jokingly a couple of weeks ago that it was time for a race card, and to watch for it. It’s Obama’s tried and true method for distracting from his failures when he is floundering.

    What ever the truth of this case, Axelrod jumped on it like a drowning man. Obama being asked that particular question, and his response, were no accident, nor is the lapdog media’s pumping of it. It has effectively ended coverage of the healthcare issue in the media.

    • Nice call. Given what we saw during the primaries and general, using it as a distraction should not be surprising.

      We have race relation issues in this country. The Obama admin using this issue the way they have is very sad and does not help.

      Kind of reminds me of the opportunity dubya had after 9/11 to pull everyone together. He instead used it in the most cynical way for his own ends. Obama has shown the same cynicism and selfishness towards the race issue and is not taking any opportunities to make a positive difference.

    • I agree we should wait until we hear the tapes, and I’m I’m reserving judgement on this issue for now. Obviously, it’s unfortunate that Gates was arrested at his own home.

    • Indeed, what health care? If people are asked about it weeks from now, many will say oh that passed right?
      They just love that Gates has been on PBS too. He’s media ready to go! I hear Oprah calling

    • indeed and like the one didn’t have a clue what Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun would ask him and oh ….isn’t it also amazing that the alleged victim hails from Mass …funny the sun and the stars lined up AGAIN for that nasty card to be paraded as the O descends in the polls, as the press dicussion had turned to his lack of experience, inability to govern calling him out as the Party puppet and little more than a pretty face

  31. http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=333242431839797
    I got this in an e-mail and need daknikat’s input.

    I had read where the cop gave mouth to mouth to a black basketball player to try and save his life. The player died and he was accused of not doing enough. Maybe when the professor started screaming racism it was just one time too many and the cop arrested him. Being accused of racism when try to do your job get old fast.



    • The officer also was the one chosen by the (black) commissioner to TEACH racial profiling prevention to the dept, and has been doing that for some time. He evidently has done an outstanding and sensitive job according to his fellow officers and superiors. Given that history, I can understand if he got pretty pissed at being yelled at and accused of racism, if indeed Gates did so from the very start of the encounter, as the officer says.

      While one can say that Gates is “not the sort of person” to be belligerent and unfairly knee-jerk accusatory, one can also say that this officer is “not the sort of person” to be profiling and racist, either.

    • There is a write up at Noquarter by American Girl in Italy.
      Before any of you second guess Sgt. Crowley’s actions and attitude toward a B&E suspect just Google “Police Officer Shot”

  32. Fallen Police Officer Memorial used as a porta-potty pit stop at an Obama Rally in Oregon…


  33. “Exposed “Ethicsgate” Obama and the democrats multiple direct links to the political effort to destroy Sarah Palin. Video exposes for the first time multiple communication and coordination in the filing of bogus ethics charges against Palin. NakedEmperorNews”


  34. This is from yesterday, but is rather funny:


  35. New post up on the Gates/Crowley story.

  36. Is anyone here surprised about direct links that show the Obama machine deeply engaged in the destruction of Sarah Palin? Didn’t we watch the politics of personal destruction rip apart the best presidential candidate this country has ever had? I hope Sarah is able to do what HRC has done—pick up on what she can to rebuild herself politically and build for the future.

    • I’m not surprised.

    • All you have to do is glance at some of the Kool-Aid sites to see that his loyalists–paid and otherwise–are both supportive and involved in the various nuisance lawsuits.

      Wonder why Alaska doesn’t seem to have a penalty for frivolous suits in its tort law. Or maybe isn’t enforcing it?

  37. Palingate and Gatesgate show the raw, dirty sewer inside Chicago politics and Obama’s inner soul. O is the quintessential showman—he can excite the masses, he can own them like a messianic priest, he can spin for them visions of a better life, a heaven on earth—but in the end, he can not make it happen because that big tent preacher is always, ultimately brought down by his own ego and inability to do the hard work, the attention that dreams require to make them reality.

  38. U.S. News Chief White House Correspondent Kenneth T. Walsh looks at how the president’s popularity slide is giving Republicans traction.

  39. Thanks, BB, very interesting post!

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