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Your Breakfast Read, Sunday Edition

Health Care Reform

Alliances In Health Debate Splinter

Months of relative cooperation among disparate interest groups in the heath-care reform debate appear to be coming to an end, as the major political parties and their surrogates unleash dueling television advertisements, e-mail campaigns and grass-roots protests.

Which side are these guys actually on?
Centrist Dems talking healthcare coalition with GOP

Some centrist House Democrats have reached out to Republicans to explore breaking with their party leadership on healthcare and crafting a reform bill with the rival GOP

Defying Slump, 13 States Insure More Children

Despite budgets ravaged by the recession, at least 13 states have invested millions of dollars this year to cover 250,000 more children with subsidized government health insurance

Madame Secretary In India

US Secretary of State Hillary visits the Hansiba SEWA Trade Facilitation Center in Mumbai. (PTI photo)

US Secretary of State Hillary visits the Hansiba SEWA Trade Facilitation Center in Mumbai. (PTI photo)

Hillary Clinton for deepening strategic ties with India

Dressed in an elegant red business suit, Clinton captivated innumerable hearts as she spent a hectic day meeting corporate leaders, victims of the November 2008 terror attack, women activists, journalists besides teachers and students of a leading college.

Seeking Business Allies, Clinton Connects With India’s Billionaires

Mrs. Clinton will go to New Delhi on Sunday for meetings and ceremonies with government leaders. But she began her visit to India, the first by a top official from the Obama administration, by discussing climate change, education and health care with private-sector potentates.

There must be justice for 26/11: Hillary

Clinton, who said she was staying at the Taj to send a message of solidarity and as a rebuke to terrorists who did not destroy the spirit of the people, said she expects Pakistan to go after groups like the LeT.

Picture-Gallery Hillary in India

Torturegate: It’s Not Over

CIA Interrogation Policy Sparked Internal Dissent

Interviews with agency insiders shed light on role of contractors in imposing harsh tactics and rifts among officials charged with questioning suspects.

Bush’s key men face grilling on torture and death squads

Former vice-president Dick Cheney could be forced to testify to Congress over allegations that a secret hit squad was set up on his orders, as Democrats press for inquiries into the conduct of the ‘war on terror’.

Economy Watch

Newsweek explores something I’m been puzzled about since the election of Obama: The total sidelining of Joseph Stigtlitz, arguably and by many respected rankings THE top economist worldwide.
Obama has been able to create a spot for Martin Feldstein among his economic advisers, but not for Joe Stiglitz.
And for all of you pseudo progressives out there, Stiglitz was part of the Clinton administration and his CEA chair, while Feldstein was Reagan’s CEA chair.
What makes Joe Stiglitz so undesirable to this White House? His card carrying membership of the Communist Part or is it all Larry?
Why Washington Ignores An Economic Prophet

Joseph Stiglitz predicted the global financial meltdown. So why can’t he get any respect here at home?

Internationalizing the Yuan: It isn’t as easy as it looks

China, like some other countries, has good reason to want to reduce the dominance of the dollar in international finance. But it is being carried away by dreams of glory for the yuan, dreams fostered by financial institutions anxious to ingratiate themselves with Beijing and promote Hong Kong as an offshore yuan trading center.

Recovery: Where Will the Jobs Come From?

The White House Council of Economic Advisers recently asked just that question. (You can read the report at http://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/cea/Jobs-of-the-Future.) To come up with an answer, the economists updated the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ job projection numbers that were last published in 2007. The CEA’s projections run from 2008 through 2016.

CIT Group’s Banks Said to Weigh Bankruptcy Financing

CIT may need as much as $6 billion to avoid filing for bankruptcy protection after the U.S. wouldn’t give the firm a second bailout, according to CreditSights Inc. A failure of CIT, which has almost $76 billion in assets, would be the biggest bank collapse by that measure since regulators seized Washington Mutual Inc. in September.

Can Max Keiser tell us how he really feels about Goldman Sachs?

Part 2

Opinion Columns & Editorials

The curious case of Hillary Clinton, the missing Secretary of State (By Rupert Cornwell)

While Barack Obama is shining on the foreign stage, his former rival has been conspicuous by her absence

His Maternal Instinct (By NiCholas Kristof)

How a Pakistani doctor’s devotion to the care of women is saving lives

Asylum for Battered Women (NY Times Editorial)

Some Conservatives Still Won’t Embrace Our Diversity (By Cynthia Tucker)

Many Americans like Judge Sonia Sotomayor because she represents the quintessential American success story. By dint of hard work, determination and sacrifice, she overcame poverty and personal tragedy to rise to the top of the legal profession.

Around The World

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela
South Africa hails ‘Mandela Day’

Supporters of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president, have celebrated the anti-apartheid icon’s 91st birthday with the launch of a special day in his name.

Stars Hail Nelson Mandela on 91st birthday

Democracy hangs by a thread in Honduras

The right-wing coup d’état is faltering, but its supporters have powerful friends in Washington.

Officials in Jakarta seek clues to suicide bombings

Investigators were sifting through two bomb-damaged luxury Indonesian hotels on Saturday, for clues to those behind suicide attacks that shattered four years of stability in the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Although there has been no confirmation of who is responsible, officials are strongly suspecting Jemaah Islamiah.

And now for the rest of the paper….From StateofDisbelief


MaBlue and I are collaborating on your news delivery for today.  He’s taking care of the heavy lifting and I’ve got the Bed & Breakfast accomodations to make your Sunday a relaxing respite from the daily grind.

So,  now that you’ve digested all of the important news of the day, it’s time to dig into a fluffy stack of pancakes and then crawl back into bed where you can sift through the rest of the Sunday paper sections:

Funny and addictive websites

*Cakewrecks – It’s what the baker in you hopes never happens

*Pets who want to kill themselves – It appears that these poor pets have owners with personal boundary issues.

Arts & Leisure

*Female Artist Profile: Artist and Writer Leonora Carrington (born 1917, still living)

Carrington came into contact with Surrealism through her lover, the Surrealist painter Max Ernst (1891 – 1976). She met him after being invited to a dinner party hosted by Ursula Goldfinger, wife of the Hungarian revolutionary architect Erno Goldfinger. Ursula who was a member of the Blackwell family, of Cross and Blackwell fame. Ernst had an exhibition at a London gallery at the time just after the great Surrealist exhibition (around the mid 1930s).

*Obama freshens up the White House by procuring some new works of art and I found one of the pieces he selected to be more than appropriate considering our new leader’s decision –making style. “Ruscha’s I Think I’ll…

Yes…he really did add this piece to the collection.


*For the more amorous traveler: Berlin ‘sex academy’ offers tips for visitors

Wannabe Latin lovers can improve their technique by playing with the erogenous zones of naked mannequins at a new interactive exhibition that has now opened in Berlin.

The “Amora sex academy” that opened in Berlin on Thursday welcomes visitors with the wry slogan, “Finally — an exhibition for those who always have to touch everything.”

*Like a nice round of miniature golf?  Take in a game at one of these stops along your Americana journey this vacation: America’s Best (and Most Bizarre) Miniature Golf Courses

*Visiting Philadelphia? Why not check out the “Mutter Museum?

America’s most famous museum of medical oddities, many of the Mutter’s exhibits are displayed in the same Victorian cabinets that the museum began with in 1858. Located inside the headquarters of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the Mutter has a wide range of wondrous and curious displays, including the skeleton of the tallest man in North America and the fused bones of Harry Eastlack, who died of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, an extremely rare disorder in which the soft connective tissue of the body ossifies, painfully freezing the body in an immobile state. Easy to miss but worth poring over is the collection of 2000 objects removed from peoples throats, in attractive wooden pullout display drawers.

*With the weather we’ve been having in our area, this is looking like a good investment: Travel agents offer sunshine insurance.  It’s the middle of July and we’re expecting 75 degree weather with (more) storms next week.  {{sigh}}

Things to Eat

*Ever wanted to make crepes? There’s a great video at this link that will show you how:

Recipe here.  (these are excellent! I’ve made them)

*How about some delicious corn recipes? such as this great recipe, just waiting for you to fire up your grill:
Grilled Corn on the Cob With Chipotle Mayonnaise

You’ll need these ingredients:

  • 6 to 12 ears corn
  • 2 large garlic cloves, cut in half, green shoots removed
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 large or 2 small chipotle peppers in adobo, seeded
  • 1 teaspoon sauce from the canned adobo chile
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise, preferably Hellman’s or Best Foods
  • 1/2 cup thick plain low-fat yogurt

*OR…For those with a hale and hearty stomach and a love for state fair food, take a look at *these* outrageous offerings:  Top 10 Most Unusual State Fair Foods.  What I want to know is, are there really people who will eat a barbeque chicken sandwich with melted Swiss cheese on a Crispy Crème donut? I guess there are.

Odds n Ends

*Some people defy the limits of stupidity: And WHY did they let him out?

*Someone’s claiming they’ve found image of Virgin Mary found where?  Regarding the “item” the family says:

“I think we’re going to just put it on a shelf outside, probably take off the mirror and keep it there cause its something special to us. I’m not going to wash it off,” says Cristal Pachuca.

*Apparently still devastated over the death of Oscar Meyer: Wienermobile crashes into Wisconsin Home

*You may want to avoid traveling to San Diego for a bit:  Jumbo Squid Menace San Diego Shores

Jumbo flying squid — aggressive 5-foot-long sea monsters with razor-sharp beaks and toothy tentacles — have invaded the shallow waters off San Diego, spooking scuba divers and washing up dead on tourist-packed beaches.

The carnivorous calamari, which can grow up to 100 pounds, came up from the depths last week and swarms of them roughed up unsuspecting divers. Some divers report tentacles enveloping their masks and yanking at their cameras and gear.

Yikes! there’s just nothing good in that story!

The final word(s)

*For those who may be setting up sleeping areas for their guests: Man tries to fix airbed, blows up apartment.

Some things just stretch credulity when called “an accident.” Oops: Teacher Accidentally Gave Self-Made Sex Tape to 5th Graders

A class of fifth graders in California got a shocking crash course on the birds and the bees courtesy of their teacher and an x-rated home video she accidently included in a DVD of classroom memories.

*We’ve got new words! Including sockpuppet, frenemy, and waterboarding. Dictionary makes room for 100 more words

and Lastly, I know I’ve encouraged you to crawl back in bed…but maybe you want to rethink that?

Sleeping With the Enemy (Bed Bugs); …and if that is of interest, you may be disappointed to learn that you missed The EPA’s National Bed Bug Summit.  (Do they really need one of these?)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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34 Responses

  1. Gotta run.

    There are still some interesting items in our “Newsroom”. I’ll probably add them later.

  2. There is a superb WaPo editorial – from – I think conservative authors – who want Obama to be more like Clinton

  3. Thank you mablue2 and SoD!

    Happy birthday Madiba!

    Love Carrington’s work. There was a wonderful movie about her starring Emma Thompson. A beautiful – and eventually very sad – lovestory.

    Like Obama, Violet Socks has freshened up her place. It’s really beautiful. Go see:


    Re Berlin it also has a very gay friendly nightlife. Is by some considered the European capital for the LGBT community, and is said to have the largest amounts of gay bars for any city in the world.

    Usually I’m fascinated by octopuses, but ick that story is creepy!

    Great post!

    • hey Pips, that’s another artist… Emma played Dora Carrington from the Bloomsbury crowd , who killed herself in the 30’s . My question is are these two Carringtons related?

      • I don’t believe they are related. I’ve never seen anything that made the connection.

      • Ohhh! Thanks for setting me straight paper doll. Of course I should have known when SoD wrote “still living”. :embarrased smile:

        But while we’re at it, why not promote some more women artists, lol.
        This is Dora Carrington:


  4. Great line up! Thank you both

    Joseph Stiglitz predicted the global financial meltdown. So why can’t he get any respect here at home?

    The answer is in the question. He spoke reality BEFORE it was sanctioned…he was letting the cat outta the bag early. You won’t bring on board someone who thinks they can speak reality when it’s the company line you want out there. They want parrots, not eagles

    • opps! forgot to say that Cakewrecks is my go to site when I need a laugh. It never disappoints.

  5. My daughter just move to Philadelpha and we visited the Mutter Museum – it is well worth the visit. Alot of really neat things to see. There is a very old mummy there (can’t remember how old) in a glass case. I had never heard of the museum before so I don’t know if they get alot of publicity.

  6. Good Morning!

    The Fair foods article was interesting, they sure have some whacky new treats out this year.

    I do indulge once a year, I have a fetish for Fried Oreo Cookies. MMMMMMMMMM I can almost taste the artery clogging goodies as I sit here and type.

  7. SOD, Thx for the pets and cakewrecks links. I ended flushing a little coffee through my sinuses but it was worth it.

  8. Thanks so much Mablue2 and SOD – great post – Mablue2 you ask

    Which side are these guys actually on?

    My first thought was Hmmm, could they possibly on OUR side for a change?

    Silly me! 😆

  9. On bringing jobs back to America…

    I think the way to do that is to have the same standards all over the world: environmental, labor, materials, and regulatory approval. Then everyone would be competing on a level playing field: quality, innovation, and price. I don’t think it’s right to relax any of these standards simply because a country is an emerging economy.

    What ends up happening (what has happened) is that established economies open their factories in those countries because the regulations are relaxed and they can churn better profits (that somehow never seem to get to consumers or plain old stockholders).

  10. (waving)good morning every one.it is sure dismal and chilly here this morning.
    thanks Mablue and Sod. for the great read this morning
    our girl is shining over there as usual.

    • And doesn’t Madame Secretary look gorgeous in that photo?

      • She looks great in big bold colors. As the yammering ninnies clamor on about her role/not role, she’s a world away, laughing with Indian women in saris, and charming world leaders. I think her time in the fire of the 90’s really strengthened her to focus in the midst of anything–like that sweet old woman said to her in the Town Hall, she’s like gold that has been tempered in a fire, shining.

        Speaking of the ninnies: He compliments Hillary, and then patronizes her with the last line:

        The curious case of the steadily shrinking Hillary Clinton

        Obama’s soft-sell approach was flawed from the start, as Clinton warned, and the repression after the election made him look, well, naive. But there isn’t a Plan B, with Russia and China no more help than they were when George Bush was in the White House.

        All of which points to an inescapable fact: Clinton had a more realistic view of Iran. It’s time to bring her in from the cold and let her take charge of building a strong policy and implementing it.

        Besides, keeping her busy might keep her from making mischief.


    • And she always makes sure to visit, talk with/to, laugh with, encourage, and get photographed with … girls and women! Love that about her!

  11. Happy Birthday Mandela!!

  12. Add your name: WeWantThePublicOption.com

    • We Want The Public Option

      Democracy for America has teamed up with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee to run tough ads pressuring Democratic Senators who’ve taken millions of dollars from health and insurance interests while standing in the way of one of President Obama’s top priorities — a public healthcare option.

      The question is: who do you want to see us pressure first with TV ads in their home state?

      Our ads don’t pull any punches, because it’s up to us to make sure Democratic elected officials feel some heat if they’re on the verge of opposing the President and 76% of Americans who want a public option.

      Here are eight senators who may stand in the way of the public option — along with the total amount of money they’ve received from health and insurance interests. Who should we target first with local ads?

      Sen. Max Baucus $3,973,485
      Sen. Evan Bayh $1,565,088
      Sen. Kent Conrad $2,154,200
      Sen. Dianne Feinstein $1,749,887
      Sen. John Kerry $8,994,077
      Sen. Mary Landrieu $1,653,943
      Sen. Joe Lieberman $3,308,621
      Sen. Ben Nelson $2,214,715

      Lordy, THE LEFT is upset and they want to know where the PUBLIC OPTION is? HR 676 needs to be addressed, and Obama’s plan isn’t impressing anyone. Well, it appears they are waking up, smelling the coffee and joining forces to work for the working folks. YEA!

      • Sen. Baucus’s Health Care Bait and Switch

      • ABC Censors Obama’s Longtime Doctor:Dr. David Scheiner speaks out about how he was mysteriously uninvited from ABC’s recent healthcare forum. http://wewantthepublicoption.com Sign the petition at fair.org to demand that TV networks to stop censoring the debate on healthcare!

        • justjim36Every time conservatives howl about “socialized medicine” healthcare advocates need to ask if they oppose the Veterans Admin!

          This is a very, very good question to pose to the GOPers about their opposition to a Public Option/Single Payer!

  13. Here is a link to an opinion piece in the Toronto Star, written by a former Progressive Conservative Deputy Minister of Health. It posits that Obama would be wise to study the Canadian health care system, and learn from its successes as well as its weaknesses.


    Before the Conservatives were high-jacked by the Reform Party in the 90s, they really were very Progressive. Oh, for the good old days!

    • Great piece jackyt, thx.

      I think we should feature it in a post.

      • I would love to see it featured in a post; it’s such a sane counterpoint to the insanity of the Glen Becks shrieking that we’ll ALL DIE if we have universal health care LIKE THE CANADIANS!

    • My relative (Doc in a Universal Health Care System) is visiting and on his way for a conference in Canada where he will chat about his latest research (yup they are doing wonderful things/progress in care in the Universal Health Care models 😯 who’d a thunk it!).

      76% of Americans want a Public Option, and it’s about time they let that in and start listening the to American people and not the big DONORS. With all the lay offs (which haven’t been taking into consideration) we will soon be well over 50 million people in the US without health care/insurance. 60 people a day die in the US because of lack of health care and 2/3 of bankruptcies are due to lack of health care or substandard coverage in existing health insurance.

      We have to fix it, the Democrats are going to blow this their chance to do good away, while the ‘POOR BILLIONAIRES’ have their handout for a second Stimulus Package. If they don’t listen to the American people who want a PUBLIC OPTION, they will lose control of Congress and maybe even the Senate. I for one will remember who they took care of first!

  14. HRC Endorses Sotomayor
    July 17, 2009 2:33PM
    Michael Cole
    The Human Rights Campaign is encouraged by Judge Sotomayor’s responses to questioning from the Senate Judiciary Committee and her record of fair-minded decisions. Judge Sotomayor has consistently recognized the constitutional right to privacy, first articulated in Griswold, that lays the foundation for recognizing fundamental rights for LGBT people.

    “Judge Sotomayor has demonstrated her understanding and commitment to protecting the liberty and equality of all Americans,” said Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign. “We are particular impressed with her promise to approach questions of equality with an open mind. We are confident that Judge Sotomayor is well qualified to become our nation’s next U.S. Supreme Court Justice.”

  15. Excellent lineup.

    Some thoughts on the sidelining of HRC, and the refusal to honor her choices of foreign policy staff:


  16. bo is green with envy of her.he is praying that he should live to be 199.so he could be half as good as Hillary

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