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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This is the thanks Michigan…
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Your Breakfast Read, Served By The Confluence

In Memoriam: Walter Cronkite, 1916-2009

Cronkite’s Signature: Approachable Authority

It’s almost impossible to convey the place Walter Cronkite held in American life for the 19 years he spent as the anchor of “The CBS Evening News.” It wasn’t just that he narrated the spikes in modern history, from the Kennedy assassination to the civil rights movement to the election of Ronald Reagan.

America’s Iconic TV News Anchor Shaped the Medium and the Nation

Cronkite’s career reflected the arc of journalism in the mid-20th century. He was a wire service reporter covering major campaigns of World War II before working in radio and then joining a pioneering TV news venture at the CBS affiliate in Washington. Later in New York, he anchored the network’s nightly news program from 1962 to 1981, a period in which television established itself as the principal source of information on current events for most Americans.

Confirming The Next SC Justice

Sotomayor wins 3 GOP senators’ support

Florida Sen. Mel Martinez, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, joined veteran Sens. Richard Lugar of Indiana and Olympia Snowe of Maine in support of the first Latina nominated to the Supreme Court.

What We Didn’t Learn

The amazing thing, come to think of it, is that after four long days of testimony and questions and expert panels, our collective knowledge about this nominee has actually decreased. Abortion rights advocates and gun groups on both sides are about equally anxious now. Liberals are more nervous than ever about her pro-prosecution zeal. Conservatives have no idea whatsoever what she thinks about gay marriage. When folks complain about the confirmation system, they generally say we learn nothing about the nominee. In this particular case, most of us have actually had to un-learn what we thought we knew about her going in.

Senator’s comment draws criticism from Latino leaders

Will She Finally Be Unleashed?

Fighting For Influence in Obama’s White House

She was supposed to be the strong woman in Obama’s cabinet, but Hillary Clinton has been remarkably muted as secretary of state. On Wednesday she sought to reclaim her foreign policy position — but the White House stole her thunder.

Ker-plunk: why Clinton’s big speech didn’t make a big splash

Front page of the Wall Street Journal? Nope. Washington Post? Nope. FT? Nope. Politico? Nope. New York Times? Yes, but the story was precisely the opposite of the one the administration wanted — it actually focused on the real reasons the speech was being given in the first place.

Hillary Clinton’s 6-Month Checkup

Secretary of State Still Finding her Way as Top Diplomat but her Political Instincts are Clearly Intact

Hillary Clinton rejects notion of diminished role

With media reports swirling that Clinton’s influence has been usurped by the National Security Council, the top U.S. diplomat insisted she played an important role in crafting the foreign policy agenda.

Clinton Off to Patch Relations with India

Little is likely to be resolved on Clinton’s trip. But the visit will set the agenda for Prime Minister Singh’s visit to Washington later this year. The key will be changing Indian perceptions that an Obama White House will somehow be less friendly toward India.

Economy Watch

Obama’s Stimulus Plan Slow to Trickle Through Economy

The debate over whether the $787 billion stimulus package is sufficiently large or efficiently designed obscures a broader question, some economists say: Can any fiscal measure pull the economy out of the recession?

U.S. Economy: Housing Starts Gain to Seven-Month High

Housing starts in the U.S. unexpectedly rose in June as construction of single-family dwellings jumped by the most since 2004, signaling the market is stabilizing even as unemployment worsens.

Goldman Sachs bites Uncle Sam’s hand

The investment bank is fat and happy again, but you wouldn’t know it from its squabbling with the Treasury over the warrants in the TARP deal.

A tale of two banking systems

Goldman Sachs, ever the alpha male of Wall Street, set the tone with net quarterly earnings of $3.4bn – its best ever as a public company. JPMorgan followed with $2.7bn. After the banks’ spell in the governmental intensive care unit, it must again feel good to be their shareholder.

Citigroup, Bank Of America Post Strong Results

A pugnacious pundit Wall Street can’t ignore

Charlie Gasparino, chronicler of Wall Street and champion television reporter of its downfall, is in his element.

California’s budget gap won’t close for long

Opinion Columns

Confirmation curveballs (By Ellen Goodman)

The members of the Judiciary Committee riffed on the idea of judge-as-umpire. Alas, no comment could trump the pre-hearing pitch by Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama for a “blindfolded justice calling the balls and strikes fairly and objectively.’’ Yes! Just what we need in the big leagues! An umpire wearing a blindfold!

Losing the Races (By Charles Blow)

If Republicans buy the “who cares” reasoning about the minority vote, they’re doomed to defeat.

Bipartisanship is for suckers (By Joe Conasson)

Hey, Democrats — Republicans have no intention of addressing America’s healthcare ills. Any reform is up to you

Obama Needs to ‘Reset’ His Presidency (By Ted Van Dyk, fomer assistant to VP Hubert Humphrey)

As we approach the August congressional recess, it’s clear that our economic distress is deeper than we thought, and thus your health-care and energy initiatives are in danger of stalling out. You could use a reset button for domestic policy.

What’s Next, Mr. President — Cardigans? (By Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie)

Barely six months into his presidency, Barack Obama seems to be driving south into that political speed trap known as Carter Country: a sad-sack landscape in which every major initiative meets not just with failure but with scorn from political allies and foes alike.

Palin’s Long Run (By Eleanor Clift)

As a runner, Sarah Palin has shown she has endurance. What will she do with that?

Interview(s) of the Week

Dalai Lama – ‘I am a supporter of globalization’

Buddhism, economics and management are all interconnected. The Dalai Lama believes the financial crisis is a moral crisis. He says he is a Marxist monk, yet still the Dalai Lama doesn’t see an alternative for a free market economy or wealth. A contradiction?

Nebraska Liberal, New York Reactionary

Former Senator Bob Kerrey worries that Democrats could overplay their hand on taxes and spending.

Around The Nation

Obama has tough-love message for African-Americans

Obama’s election as the first African-American president buoyed the black community. At the 100th anniversary celebration of the NAACP, the country’s oldest civil rights group, he urged blacks to take greater responsibility for themselves and move away from reliance on government programs.

This one is so bad it actually comes with an editor note warning about the language.
Questions raised about councilman’s conduct after discovery of racist e-mails

In the past several months Atwater City Councilman Gary Frago has sent at least a half-dozen e-mails to city staff and other prominent community members containing racist jokes aimed at President Barack Obama, his wife and black people in general.

Judge dismisses lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

Republicans accused Clinton of misusing the FBI to get information on political enemies. An independent counsel report in 2000 found no evidence of wrongdoing by White House aides or Clinton.

Another holier than thou-, my morals-are so much-superior-than yours-cheater
Chip Pickering’s wife sues alleged mistress

The estranged wife of former Rep. Chip Pickering (R-Miss.), who served 12 years in Congress before retiring in January, has filed a lawsuit against his alleged mistress, claiming their adulterous relationship ruined the Pickerings’ marriage and his political career

Engineer Convicted Of Stealing Trade Secrets

A Chinese-American engineer has been found guilty of stealing trade secrets for China.

Moderate Democrats gladly sabotaging Democrats’ key constituencies.
Democrats Drop Key Part of Bill to Assist Unions

A half-dozen senators friendly to labor have decided to drop a central provision of a bill that would have made it easier to organize workers.

“Where is my mojo”?
Obama tries to regain momentum in healthcare debate

President Barack Obama appealed to Americans on Saturday to back his ambitious revamp of the U.S. health care system, seeking to regain momentum amid growing worries among lawmakers over how to pay for it.

Gang Of Six Centrist Senators Demands Delay On Health Care Reform

It’s Getting Crowded in Cuckooville
Retired general, lieutenant colonel join reservist’s lawsuit over Obama’s birth status

A controversial suit brought by a U.S. Army reservist has been joined by a retired Army two-star general and an active reserve Air Force lieutenant colonel.

‘Birther’ Movement Dogs Republicans

Ten Members of Congress Sign on to Presidential Birth Certificate Bill

More from Cuckooville
In anti-abortion speech, Kansas Rep. invokes Obama’s mom

Speaking on the House floor, Tiahrt wondered: What if President Obama’s mom had had the chance for a taxpayer-funded abortion?

Around The World

Rafsanjani defies Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as protesters turn out in force

In a devastating attack on the regime, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a leading cleric and former President, told a crowd at Tehran University that the Government had lost the people’s trust. Referring to the handling of last month’s disputed election, which President Ahmadinejad claims to have won, he said that the custodians of the Islamic Revolution had undermined its basic principles.

Indonesian capital rocked by twin hotel bombings

Bomb blasts ripped through luxury hotels in the heart of Indonesia’s capital on Friday, killing nine people and wounding dozens in attacks the president said badly hurt confidence in the country

Zelaya ‘to return if talks fail’

Ousted Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya has said he will return to the country whether or not a deal is reached to end the political crisis.

Chinese Question Police Absence in Ethnic Riots

As this shattered regional capital sorts through the corpses from China’s deadliest civil unrest in decades, another loss has become apparent: faith in the government’s ability to secure the peace and quell mass disturbances.

Orthodox Jews riot as mother is accused of starving her child

The riots, perpetrated by Jews and directed against Jews, were triggered by the arrest of an ultra-Orthodox woman who authorities claimed was starving her child.

Nicaragua’s Sandinista dissidents turn against ‘despot’ Ortega

Ms Téllez is one of a growing number of Sandinistas who have broken with the government of Daniel Ortega as, they say, he completes his transformation from revolutionary to “caudillo” — one of the Latin American despots he once so despised.

Baghdad Imposes New Limits on U.S. Forces

The Iraqi government has moved to sharply restrict the movement and activities of U.S. forces in a new reading of a six-month-old U.S.-Iraqi security agreement that has startled American commanders and raised concerns about the safety of their troops.

Once world’s bread basket, Iraq now a farming basket case

Once the cradle of agriculture for civilization, the Land Between Two Rivers — the Tigris and Euphrates — has become a basket case for its farmers.

From The Animal Kingdom

Love triangle on Penguin Island arouses passionate debate

At the San Francisco Zoo, Harry left male partner Pepper for Linda. Now the blogosphere is enthralled with the scandal, arguing about whether homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.

Masturbation in the animal kingdom.

Dogs, cats, lions, bears, and a number of other mammals self-stimulate with their front paws; randy walruses use their flippers. Horses and donkeys, whose masturbatory habits have been particularly well-studied, engage in “rhythmic bouncing, pressing, or sliding of the erect penis against the abdomen”; male deer do the same. The 19th-century physiologist Karl Friedrich Burdach has even described something like female ejaculation among solitary mares, which “rub themselves against whatever obstacles they find, often spurting a white, viscous mucus.”

Nature’s Cruelest Jokes

Ugly, bizarre, misshapen — to the human eye, some animals look like the result of a cruel joke of nature. But our sense of beauty is only a result of evolution — just like the appearance of animals.

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59 Responses

  1. I really think the swamp gas in DC kills brain cells.
    First my link about hiring a cartoonist that I posted downstairs.
    now this


    Now I need stress relief///////



  2. Indian papers are full of Hillary coverage today. For example, this off-beat story from Indian Express;

    Clinton meets old pals in Mumbai
    IANSFirst Published : 18 Jul 2009 03:32:07 PM ISTLast Updated :

    MUMBAI: Two foreign women waved and shrieked with delight upon seeing Hillary Clinton across a road here Saturday, prompting the US Secretary of State to walk up to them, before she was whisked away by security!

    The incident took place when Clinton stepped out of Hansiba Creations, the marketing headquarters of the women’s NGO SEWA, on Napean Sea Road. The women spotted Clinton from the opposite side of the road where they were standing.

    They two started waving frenziedly and calling out Clinton’s name, making her look in their direction. Apparently she recognised them, as she crossed the road and briefly spoke with them.

    The women later told the media they had studied with Clinton in college in the US. “We are absolutely thrilled and delighted we could meet her,” one of them said.

    However, the surprise meeting didn’t last long as Clinton’s security people whisked her away. She is visiting India for the first time after assuming office.

    • What a great story. I love how she just walks up to talk to people. While the chattering continues back here, Hillary just goes about her work.

  3. >>>>The joking comment in question – that Sotomayor, who is of Puerto Rican descent, would have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do – was a popular refrain of the Ricky Ricardo character, a Cuban bandleader on the “I Love Lucy” television show.

    I thought Coburn’s comment was appropriately cute – not intended to be meanspirited – and definitely NOT racist.
    So many eggshells to manuveur….and so many people willing to pounce!.

    • Well, it is okay to say that to a non Hispanic person, but a gaffe to address a Hispanic that way.
      I can’t imagine why Sotomayor has “splainin” to do for right wing nut job, Couburn, anyway.

      • Nobody objected when Matthew Perry used that line to Salma Hayek in “Fools Rush In”

        If you read the context of the statement she was talking about (hypothetically) shooting him.

      • It’s hardly appropriate to say that to a Latina during a Senate hearing for the Supreme Court …imo. it’s not a sit com….if only

    • That phrase is part of our popular culture. Desi Arnaz was one of the first Latinos on television and “you have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do” is probably his most well known punch lines.

      BTW – I was looking at his bio on Wiki and found this:

      Arnaz also pushed the network to allow them to show Lucille Ball while she was pregnant. According to Arnaz, the CBS network told him, “You cannot show a pregnant woman on television”.

      • That phrase is part of our popular culture.

        I thought so too, especially because I never saw “I Love Lucy”. I guess it becomes a sort of mockery if a character involved in the whole episode was Hispanic.

        I gotta run but I can ‘splain that later.

        • mablue2: you have been outdoing yourself with these links lately. Thanks for taking the time to assemble such an assortment–I can barely keep up.

      • Remember the bed room scenes on any of those TV shows always had twin beds.

        • Lol! Even as an innocent child, that puzzled me!

          And I remember learning that portraying a husband or wife, wearing a wedding ring was very important. Even in just ads and commercials.

      • LOL – yes, I remember when Little Dezi would say that – he was so cute!
        But I’m supposed to forget the past – totally – lest I make a remark from the past that is now considered inappropriate.

    • Identity politics is absolute poison! All the ridiculous fretting is just so stupid I can’t believe it.

      • said the white male?

        No I agree that it was a rather innocent joke. But when you are anything but a straight white male in this country and you have experienced being made in to one cartoon figure after another by the white male power structure and know how you can be marginalized by that same structure with those very kinds of stereotypes, then it gets easier to understand why people take offense.

        • Right, and one additional point.
          The next time we have a black candidate for the Supreme Court, I’ll look forward to Tom Coburn’s hilarious “Here Come Da Judge” routine.

        • Not only the white male, but the white woman – and many other boomers of ALL races!

  4. People talk like the repubs are just saying “no” to everything. To be fair, that really isn’t the case. Their amendments are being shot down at almost every turn. I’ve heard repub senators/reps talk about this on right wing radio.

    What happened to “debate” and “transparancy”?

    Walter Cronkite would have covered this differently. May he rest in peace.

    • The problem is that Repubs are not interested in ANY of the policies. They just want to sabotage them of watered them down so badly that they become senseless, and then go brag about it to Rightwing radio.

      What is seriously their alternative to health care reform? Cap and trade (God I hate that nomenclature)? Economy?

      • The Republican’s motives are bad, but the results they are after (stopping Obama’s health care “reform”) are desirable, from a liberal perspective.

        Make no mistake: Obama’s bill is terrible. It is a massive giveaway to the insurance industry, and does nothing to improve health care in this country. The last thing a liberal would want is for Obama to regain his mojo on health care. As with most policy, Obama is an obstacle, not an ally, in achieving liberal goals (and as far as health care is concerned, liberal goals means having a single payer or similar such system that is already in place in nearly every other industrialized country).

        • agreed! And I hope the republicans take the blame for it failing so that someone who is ready to act like a real democrat will get real reform (single payer) passed.
          Obama’s plan will make sure we NEVER get single payer because the right will be able to say “see, we told you it was too expensive”. Where as single payer would almost immediately be cheaper all the way around.
          The thing is that someone who has the nation’s ear has to go out and educate the public to what it is and why it is better than any alternative.
          Gore believes in it but he is too busy with GWarming. Since Hillary is probably never going to run again, I wish she would get on board, quite her present position and just become the Al Gore of Single payer.

      • Just about any federal programs that republicans point out as examples of waste and fraud are that way because they made it so.
        They have a nasty habit of supplying just enough funding to get programs the public wants (but their corporate masters abhor) off the ground but not enough to be monitored. Another hallmark of good republicanism. The other being gutting regulatory enforcement agencies so their cronies in finance and industry can rape and pillage ordinary Americans’ wallets.

        • Sadly, that’s not just a Republican thing anymore. That (providing just enough money to guarantee failure) is exactly what Obama is doing now. First with the stimulus bill, and now with healthcare. The Republican takeover of the Democratic leadership is now complete, it seems.

          • Same with the bailouts. Look at Goldman–even Krugman is saying that nothing has changed, and another crisis is inevitable without reform. Basically, we hauled them out of the crapper, and now they’re partying again thanks to taxpayer guarantees. How nice for them.

          • Do you remember when Obama was running for senate and his name was discovered on the DLC list? He made them take it off and said it was there by mistake? Now I do not hate everyone in the DLC. I think it was a smart idea at the time. Gore, the Clinton’s etc…. these are good people. But the leadership of the DLC became republican in nature if not fact, very quickly.
            I thought Obama was lying his ass off then and still do. Remember Lieberman was his mentor and he campaigned for him. I think he told the DLC just like he told Canada “don’t worry, this is just campaign rhetoric”.

        • Democrats have always done that very thing. Example, funding of Head Start. Never fully funded ever in it’s history. The congressional democrats treated every ‘war on poverty’ program, outside SS and Medicare, as more a vehicle for pork than serious attempts to solve problems.

    • “elections have consequences”, isn’t that what the republicans kept saying when they were in the majority? Like (I think it was) Toby said on West Wing, when you win the other sides gets to take a seat for awhile.

  5. Good Lord! What part of CA is Merced in? Those racist e-mails are really shocking. I guess I’m somewhat sheltered here in the liberal Northeast.

    • Merced is in central California, I believe.

      • Merced is about at close to the exact center of Calfornia as you can get. Atwater is a few miles north of Merced.

        I actually know a couple of the people named in that story, and several other names are familiar.

    • wine and raisin, visit Yosemite area.

      • [Hi Laurie!

        Frantically waving back at you!

        (Reazione molto ritardata, lol. Mi scusi! :sorriso imbarazzato: )]

    • Don’t know about that, girlfriend. The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating one of their officer’s websites apparentl;y loaded with racial slurs.

      • PA isn’t the Northeast in my mind. You have to be on the coast. It goes from Maine to NY/NJ. But don’t worry, I know there are plenty of racists around here. It’s just that I don’t come in contact with them.

        • True, true, but I remember Roxbury rioting in 1967 over school desegregation by bussing.

          • 1967 was 42 years ago. I’d have to say Boston has changed at least slightly since then.

        • The term for PA used to be Mid-Atlantic State. For Massachusetts it was New England State.
          For anything south of the Mason Dixon line it was Marry Your Sister State.

  6. I loved the ugly animal quiz.

  7. Does Kieth Olbermann still use the theme music and sign off form Cronkite’s show?
    Somebody should arrest him for fraud, pretending to be a journalist.

    • Olberman uses the sign off from Edward R. Murrow, “Goodbye and good luck.” And he should be ashamed to do that.


    Runaway Train to Less Freedom, Higher Taxes and Rationed Care
    by Investors.com, provides an analysis of this health plan bill


    Here’s the Health Care Insurance – 1,018 Page Bill – you’ll want to download it – read it – pass it around. I skimmed through some of it and gleaned a couple of eye opening elements that have even the lefties screaming mad.


    Page 16:

    Individual health insurance coverage that is in force and effect before the first day of Y1 will be grandfathered in, except if there are new enrollments on or after the Y1, or if there are any changes in any of its terms or conditions, including benefits and cost sharing, see Para . (2). [Basically, any additions or deletions to my health plan on or after Y1 puts me immediately on the government list health plan. You know our health plan is renewed every year… there will be changes… those changes will begin to put us all on the government list.]

    Pages 317 – 325:

    Government control of physicians/owners/investors’ assets and investments as of January 1, 2009 held in a hospital or in any entity whose assets includes a hospital. [Speaks clearly of a health takeover rather than a health coverage.]

    Hospitals cannot expand the number of operating rooms, procedure rooms or beds after the date of the enactment of Para (C) of Page 317 without seeking Government approval of any expansion and the decision would be theirs to make. [This is where ACORN comes in with the census info.]

    The hospital will not offer a physician/owner/investor the opportunity to purchase or lease any property under the control of the hospital.

    Pages 687 – 698:

    Enhanced penalties for false statements on provider or supplier enrollment applications = $50,000 for each false statement, omission, misrepresentation, false record, false fact, or fraudulent claim beginning January 1, 2010. [What will happen if the person is not in a position to pay the penalty? Prison? Or implementation of Sharia Law?]

    Page 711:

    The Secretary has authority to deny one’s participation in health insurance benefits… [isn’t that the plan?] Share

    • Based just on this, I am opposed now to Obama’s plan. If it includes these provisions, then it is not “insurance for all”, it is intrusive and a money and power grab by both the state and the insurance companies.

      Nope. I will now call my reps and advise them to vote against.

    • BTW, that provision about not leasing space to doctors alone will KILL many city hospitals.

      Hospitals are hurting for docs. There are TWO major hospitals here in San Antonio that don’t even have a neurosurgeon on staff, and only one kidney guy, and internists are very frustrated that they can’t get specialist care for their inpatients who need it.

      One of the few mechanisms that hospitals have to attract docs to come practice there, especially at older inner city hospitals, is offering them office space, etc. A provision forbidding that is a DISASTER for good care in the cities.

      • The Canadian plan is 12 pages long and HR 676 Single Payer http://www.johnconyers.com/print/241 is 23 (pages according to my word program) pages long, to the point and nothing about PORK, loans, office space or if they two offices or not.

        • Yep. A simple plan is indeed possible. But our congress aren’t capable of simple, straighforward solutions. Obfuscation and side-deals are how they operate.

          I think we need a law limiting the length of bills. If you can’t fucking write a law on an issue in 100 pages or less, you are USELESS.

    • this is horrible… and way scary…

      • What the American people have been clamoring for is not a govt takeover of the whole system, but something along the lines of a very simple insurance plan that refuses no one. One that cuts out the massive middleman of the insurance brokers. And we are willing to pay a few taxes to help all afford it (t if we can quit siphoning 35% of every healthcare dollar to BCBS and get such a simple universal INSURANCE plan. We don’t want hospitals and doctors owned by the govt, we just want coverage for all that makes sense and doesn’t bleed so much money to the sharks.

        What we get is either republicans who tell us that we have excellent healthcare, and no one really goes without care in this country. (Yeah, right!) Or democrats who want to use the whole issue as a trojan horse to take over the whole shebang.

        NEITHER SIDE gives a shit about what WE want.

  9. Housing starts in the U.S. unexpectedly rose in June as construction of single-family dwellings jumped by the most since 2004, signaling the market is stabilizing even as unemployment worsens.

    Huh? How can people buy homes if they are losing their jobs? Don’t get this. Meanwhile, aren’t existing homes continuing to lose equity?

    • Because many builders and contractors don’t want to lose their crews, so a lot of them are building at cost or just above cost, in an attempt to keep their people employed and themselves above water and intact until “the recovery”.

      I have family in the construction trades. This is no boom because of new buyers – this is survival mode.

      • Are they building spec homes or are these commissions? Around here in Western MA/Eastern NY, the builders are really hurting. I know a lot of them, and builders, designers, architects, landscapers et. al. are idle, and very worried. One respected architect is not working because some guy from Goldman Sachs had scheduled him to build a place here, and he called to not only cancel the home, but he is selling the lot. Then again, with the new bonuses, maybe he’ll call back now.

  10. Also, they supposedly set up a “major foreign policy” speech by Hillary to raise her profile after her elbow break, but then scheduled Obama to speak simultaneously? How passive-aggressive and/or incompetent can you get?

  11. Ya’ll have to read the Ted Van Dyk piece–another pathetic whine from a recovering Obot.

    “Your presidential campaign was superb. You restored hope to millions — including me — who had been demoralized by the political polarization that characterized the presidencies of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. You talked about reaching across party and ideological lines to get the public’s business done. Your biography was appealing, and for those of us who entered politics motivated by the civil-rights struggle, your candidacy represented an important culmination.

    You displayed an intellect and sense of cool that made us think you would weigh decisions carefully and view advisers’ proposals with skepticism.”

    He goes on to blame the problems on the “Clinton retreads” he hired–of course, it’s never Obama’s fault. He basically admits he got caught up in the “hipness” of it all, and is now, uh, confused by the lack of clarity, strength, and detail…

    (((banging head against wall)))

  12. The penguin story reminds me of a story from the zoo in Copenhagen, where Once upon a time … a little orphaned Humboldt’s Penguin was being neglected. No one seemed to want or care for him – but, eventually the Zoo keepers managed to get an Emperor Penguin to mother the little.

    So he grew up amongst the Emperor Penguins, believing he was himself one.

    But as he reached maturity and felt the urge to mate … all the female members of the Emperor family turned him down. They knew, what he himself wasn’t aware of, that he wasn’t one of them.

    And not knowing that he was actually a Humboldt’s Penguin, he never tried to court their females.

    Sniff, sigh!

    • I have followed Harry & Pepper, and I’m so sad they broke up. There was even a children’s story written about it. Ah nature–she’s a maaad scientist!

  13. Moderate Demmocrats gladly sabotaging Democrats’ key constituencies.
    Democrats Drop Key Part of Bill to Assist Unions

    A half-dozen senators friendly to labor have decided to drop a central provision of a bill that would have made it easier to organize workers.

    Well that depends on who is their constituencies… for both the Union and the elected officials they aren’t there for the workers….unions have been giving back to the companies for 20 years now .

    Great round up! Thanks!

  14. So Harry left his partner for a wealthy widow eh? Gold-digging cad!

  15. i guess bo is going to buy all those houses for his homeless friends.

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