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What does Sarah really think?


I was reading the comments to Peter Daou’s article “Palin-Mania: How Goldman Sachs Robbed Us While We Obsessed About Sarah Palin” at Huff&Puff an I saw this comment from HuffPo blogger K. J. Dwyer:

Hillary was pilloried by the Right as a means of diverting attention from her seriousness as a stateswoman, because they could not meaningfully attack her on the issues.

The difference with Palin is that she is from first to last a cartoon. It is so glaring that to not call attention to it would be to cede to her a legitimacy that she simply does not deserve. To simply attack her on the issues is not enough. If, as John Kerry does in a recent answer to her Op-Ed in the WaPo, we continue referring to her as Gov. Palin and address her as if she is a serious politician with serious ideas worthy of including her in the political dialogue, that “respect” gives her a legitimacy that will be very difficult to contest in 2012.

I had two immediate reactions. The first was that Hillary wasn’t just pilloried by the right, she was attacked more recently and more viciously by the Left. But K.J. is correct – it was a means of diverting attention because they (both the Left and Right) could not meaningfully attack her on the issues.

My second reaction was that K.J. has revealed the true goal of the attacks on Sarah Palin.  They want to dehumanize, demonize and de-legitimize her.  This is “progressive” politics in the 21st Century.  In the 1990’s we called it the “politics of personal destruction” but liberals and progressives denounced it as a bad thing.

I’m not saying it’s all due to misogyny, but you don’t see the same kind of attacks being made on Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney.  Ron Paul is a bonafide whack-job and nobody is obsessing over everything he does.

I don’t want to nut-pick any more of the comments but it occurred to me that most people don’t really know what Sarah Palin thinks and believes.  First of all she doesn’t have much of a record to examine.  Neither did Barack Obama and he’s turning out to be very different than his cultists devoted followers fanboiz supporters portrayed him to be.

Secondly, most of what we do know about her has been badly distorted by the media and the lefty blogosphere who are trying to “dehumanize, demonize and de-legitimize” her.  I went to the trouble of listening to her speak without the distortion filter and while she isn’t a polished media performer (yet) she isn’t the brainless twit she is portrayed to be.

I know what her stated positions are on most major issues, and based on that I would say she is your basic Republican politician.  Unlike the Democratic party where politicians range from neo-socialist to Reagan-lite, GOP politicians are fairly uniform in their stated ideology.  But that doesn’t tell us about their principles or their priorities.

The PDS brigades are really hammering at Sarah’s ethics, but so far it’s a big nothing-burger.  The worst allegation against her was “Troopergate,” and trying to get her piece of shit ex-brother-in-law fired doesn’t strike me as the crime of the century.  The rest of the ethics complaints made against her would be petty even if they weren’t bogus.

People have been parsing every word she has uttered trying to find falsehoods and so far I’m unimpressed.  Maybe I’m cynical but the idea that a politician is occasionally hypocritical and less than 100% honest and truthful doesn’t shock me.  Lying isn’t an impeachable offense.

We know what Sarah’s positions are, but what are her priorities?  Take abortion for instance.  She’s “pro-life” and opposes abortion in all cases except when the health of the mother is at risk.  But is that just her personal position and she is willing to let other women make their own decisions or does she want her position codified into law?  Does she think abortion is the biggest issue our nation faces or is it at the bottom of her to-do list?

Presidents don’t make laws.  The are required to submit a proposed budget and they can propose other legislation, but Congress can ignore their proposals.  Presidents can veto legislation but Congress can override the veto and enact the bill into law anyway.  Presidents are supposed to faithfully execute the laws and can be impeached if they break them.

If Sarah Palin was elected President in 2012 but Congress remained in the hands of the Democrats, what laws would she propose and what bills would she veto?  Would she be more like George H.W. Bush who broke his “read my lips” pledge  or would she be like G-Dub and thumb her nose at Congress?  Would she be a Nixon or a Ford?

Presidents make life-tenured appointments to the federal bench.  Would Sarah Palin appoint people like John Paul Stevens (Ford) and David Souter (Bush I) or ideologues like Clarence Thomas (Bush I) and Antonin Scalia (Reagan)?

I honestly don’t know.  Sadly, it seems that the majority of Left Blogistan is more interested in smearing her than learning (and telling) the truth about her.  In 2012 there will be a Presidential election, and it’s a pretty safe bet the winner will either be a Democrat or a Republican.

The Failbots appear determined to make sure that Sarah Palin won’t be the GOP nominee.  Obama is almost certain to be renominated, but if the economy stays in the crapper his reelection prospects will be dim.  Do we really want to watch Newt Gingrinch or Mike Huckabee get nominated if Obama keeps dropping in the polls?

The problem with the strategery of getting the other party to nominate their worst possible candidate is that person might win the election.


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149 Responses

  1. Good post. It is amazing to read and hear the critiques of Palin that have no basis in fact. She has said very little about her personal stance on issues, and as a candidate for VP, she was carrying water for the McCain campaign so it is difficult to determine her position from that.

    The “politics of personal destruction” are alive and well and seem to be the preferred style for so-called “progressives” which indicates to me a lack of sophistication or an inability to defend their positions logically. It’s the politically equivalent of saying, “yo’ momma” when bested by someone in a game of cards.

    • What’s strange is that many of the Republican Villagers and leaders are attacking her with equal zeal. She’s getting it from all sides. I was pleased to see that McCain defended her with grace.

      • It’s not strange – they are backing Sarah’s rivals. Right now Romney is the GOP’s establishment candidate.

        I think they want Romney/Jindal in 2012.

        • Correct. The GOP is corrupt. They want power (doesn’t necessarily mean they have to win) and couldn’t care less about the principles that their base believes in.

          The GOP is scared spitless of the grassroots, who overwhelmingly love Sarah Palin. She represents the potential erradication of the GOP good ol’ boy network inside the beltway.

          Example: Two months ago or so, Sarah Palin shows up in NY without any major advertising of the fact that she going there. 20,000 people show up to a parade that normally attracts 5,000. Around the same time, Mitt Romney attended a rally in New Jersey (I think for the NJ GOP candidate). They gave out free pizza. About 50 people showed up.

          Never underestimate the ability for the GOP to shoot itself in the foot.

          • She would not only be a hand grenade blowing up the GOP establishment, she would also give a pretty swift kick to the Democratic establishment. The entire corps of Beltway insiders are scared to death of that woman, Mrs Palin.

          • the reps are afraid of Palin just like democrats are afraid of Hillary. They think she will be too divisive etc.. what they forget is that all the joe six-packs that were supposed to hate Clinton and vote for the rep is she were the nominee ended up voting for her and in fact exit polls suggested she would have beaten McCain by an extra 4 points over what Obama did.
            In other words, the elite of both parties are equally stupid.

        • Jindal is a nut and a loose cannon. He’s got a cursory understanding of things and he never lets facts get in the way of his theocratic view of life.

  2. Hi! I have been lurking for the last year or so. Your site is the first one I go to for up- to- date news. I just wanted to say I was over at buzzflash and they were calling for responsible free speech and blaming everything on the republicans. Now I know republicans go to far alot of times but I tried pointing out how sexist and racist the Obama supporters were to both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. I was called a racist because I am against violence toward women and children and pointed out that democrats engage in the same type of behavior they were accusing republicans of. The article states Obama backers never engaged in that type of behavior and that Obama never wanted to run on race – it was everyone else that brought it up. I had to respond to the outright lies that were being told on that site. As a woman, I am gong to stand up against misgoyny and sexism no matter which side engages in it. Just wanted to say keep up the good work. You are honest in your reporting and i admire that. We need it.

    • Welcome to our world Julie! You clearly have PUMA DNA to be able to see the rampant hypocrisy on all sides. You have been formally initiated by being called “rac*st” for a reasonable criticism of Obama. That’s always their first line of attack, hoping that will shut up any challenge. If that doesn’t work, they usually follow with “b*tch” or “white trash” or some other foundational “liberal” principle.

      Yea, Obama never wanted to run on race–they are just trying to bamboozle ya.

      Good for you for fighting back, but some of those places are not worth your time and energy. They thrive on lies, distortions and delusion. Let ’em choke on it.

      • Yeah Julie, you sound like a PUMA.

        I’m starting to think the reason they think everything is racist is because THEY are so focused on Obama’s race which is completely useless with regards to policy. We focus on actions and policy.

        • Exactly. An old friend of mine who was raised in the South is now an LA entertainment executive. She fancies herself uber-liberal and enlightened, and we got into another argument about Obama recently, because “you still hate Obama.” I explained that I don’t hate him–I just think he is an illegitimate, hypocritical fraud. I don’t “know” him personally to feel something like hate. It’s his lies and false promises that fuel my distaste (& the whole voter disenfranchisement thing).

          Anyway, as we argued, she brought up an example from when she was calling for his campaign: a woman in Georgia answered the phone, and yelled to her husband in the background, “WHO WE VOTING FOR AGAIN? Oh yeah, we’re votin’ for the N****!”

          As profoundly offensive as that word/attitude is, my first thought was, what does that have to do with the policies we are talking about? It’s clear: she voted for him for the same reason Van Dyk describes in his piece from mablue2’s links. It was a response to the Civil Rights struggle and he was “cool.” We are all passionate about Civil Rights, but is that a reason, solely, to pick a president who is going to be responsible for health care legislation, banking regulations, the environment, international relations etc.? Apparently, it was for millions of people–they didn’t think past that, or about who this INDIVIDUAL is and what his background indicated about how he would act, and now they are shocked that he is overwhelmed, dishonest, and ineffectual.

          • last thought: it’s the same thing applied to Palin in reverse. It’s about branding; selling facile characters that the media can peddle to a busy and uninformed public.

          • People like your friend are the real ‘rac*st’. They seem to have believed that because Obama was ‘black’, he was also very ‘liberal’. If that isn’t racial stereotyping, what is it?

  3. I don’t know why you even had to write this post. To find out what Sarah thinks you just have to ask….

    (wait for it)

    Levi. 🙂

    • hahaha… that’s a good one. Let’s ask Levi, the oversexed, underresponsible teenaged man-child his opinion since we know that Palin is just a lying scheming empty headed b*imbo.

  4. People have a mediated reality version of our politicians. We really don’t know who we are voting for, we only know the characters the media creates for us. Brand Obama with the big pepsi logo is a good example.

    If people took the time to meet Palin, to actually examine some of the things she’s done, they wouldn’t have this knee jerk reaction. Even feminists who genuinely hate what was done to her, always put this caveat on it, “I disagree with most of her politics.” No you don’t , most likely you agree with her support of contraception in school, her commitment to ending sexual assault and domestic violence, her increase in funding of education and children’s health care. Her tax on the oil companies which she rebated to the people, her veto of a bill banning gay partnership benefits. Her pro-choice appointment to the Alaska Supreme court..A good examination of Palin reveals a politician who has delivered more “liberal” ideals then most of our elected Democrats.

    • I know, it’s so true about the branding and caricatures that people gobble up without doing any of their own research. Many of my “liberal” women friends react like Pavlov’s dog at the mere mention of Palin’s name, ranting and repeating all the falsehoods spread about her. It’s so ironic, because for years we have hated the same tactics and responses from the Right, and they don’t see it at all. As myiq wrote about: it’s tribal, more about winning/survival.

    • Apart from being astonished that a presidential candidate would use a logo to promote himself (huh!), I was of the impression, that Obama’s campaign was inspired by the Pepsi logo:


      But then – turning everything upside down – Pepsi Cola in 2009 chose to redesign their logo after Obama’s (once again, huh?) to this:


      At least the didn’t copy the typography!

    • Great post, yttik! I especially like this part: “Even feminists who genuinely hate what was done to her, always put this caveat on it, ‘I disagree with most of her politics.'” AMEN! It’s gotten to the point where, if I read that disclaimer, I instantly stop reading the remainder of that person’s comments. It’s like some of these folks are scared shiftless to admit they might have ANY good feelings toward a *gasp* Republican!!

  5. People have a completely wrong ‘read’ on Sarah Palin. An examination of her record shows a complete and total dedication to upholding the Alaska Constitution. She talks about it all the time. She actually calls the writers of that Constitution (luckily, some are still alive) to help interpret it. She governs based on it (I believe that was her reason for vetoing the bill banning certain gay rights).

    Sarah Palin is much closer to a Libertarian than anything else.

    • People don’t care about the facts–they don’t even want them if offered. Same with Obama. They project all of their own prejudices and fantasies on to these people, and they screech or chant accordingly. Bread & Circus time. Same with Hillary. Most people, after all this time, still know nothing about her almost forty years of public service.

      Aside: my sister, a dedicated PUMA, lives in Somerville, MA. She just sent me a text. She passed a woman in a Prius with two Hillary bumper stickers and a large Hillary poster in her back window 🙂 PUMAs live!

      • fif- My car is dying, so my husband is getting a new one (to depreciate) and I am getting his old one. My biggest concern is that I will not be able to move my two Hilliary bumper stickers onto his car. I actually have two other ones but I’m saving those. 😉

  6. Either the PDS-ers are still hung over and not making the blog rounds yet or myiq is doing a superb job of working the trap door to the dungeon…

    • We’ve seen very few trolls lately. The Failbots seem depressed and listless these days.

      • The thrill is gone…

        • Afrocity wrote a great piece — about picking someone up in a bar who in the lights of the bar looked great —

          and then the morning after . . . . .

          I see a lot of the failbots with the morning after syndrome.

          In the daylight 0zero looks like any other politician.

      • Free-falling favorables in the polls will have that effect.

      • At the beach? Summer jobs?

      • Kool-aid overdose.

        Given Obama is mostly just a dubya clone and the economic team is running full force with is direction over the cliff, you have to increase the kool-aid dose to very high levels to continue to have hope.

        Watch out when they come down from it. You think the economy is going to be a bumpy ride, you haven’t seen anything yet.

        • Withdrawal is the hardest time. They’ll be more heartbroken than we were. My brother’s family, the Obots, have no more illusions and are at the “He’s better than Bush” stage. He’s worse because he ruins the Democratic brand. It’s so sad he’s doing this to kids and everything.

          • Good point about the brand. After the ’08 primary and the Obama/dubya policies and practices (vs. what he says), it’s kind of hard to say why you should vote along party lines. In fact I’d say exactly as hard as it is to justify voting for a Republican. They’re equally corrupt, now.

          • Let’s hope they eventually realize that he’s not better than Bush. In many ways he’s worse as he continues to expand the horrendous policies Bush put in place.

          • My daughter’s partner was an Obot. She has had enough. Removed the bumper stickers from her car, etc.

            She was railing on him something fierce at dinner Thursday and even told me she’s vote for McCain/Palin now, if given the chance. At least some people know who to blame.

          • Left comment sections are the same!

            When I said he won’t be reelected my niece started singing, the whole family was upset and they changed the subject. Of course, they blame “Congress.” It’s the same on left blogs. They don’t blame Obama. Though DailyKos said today, “Presidents, in the end, tend to get what they want.” THINK DailyKos. Doesn’t that mean, Obama is doing exactly what he wants? Duh.

            Today, Mike Lux said, “I have always had a simple test for any public policy: who does it benefit the most, and who does it benefit first? If the main or biggest beneficiary is the big majority of poor and middle income people, I rate it a success. If the first and biggest beneficiaries are the wealthy and powerful, then I rate it a failure.”

            Obama already failed:



          • I mean leftists are demoralized.

  7. “My second reaction was that K.J. has revealed the true goal of the attacks on Sarah Palin. They want to dehumanize, demonize and de-legitimize her. This is “progressive” politics in the 21st Century. In the 1990’s we called it the “politics of personal destruction” but liberals and progressives denounced it as a bad thing.”

    You nailed it myiq. It’s primitive, as you’ve described it in the past. It’s about winning, and maintaining power–personal, political, whatever. She obviously threatens people on a visceral level, both as a woman and a political force. So–destroy, destroy, destroy.

    • If she is obviously so bad why even bother?

      I really like the part where he doesn’t think she should be called “Gov. Palin” because that makes her seem serious.

      • Even though she is actually still the Governor…

        your post is far too reasonable for the frenzied response to her. It’s like their possessed, and really does remind me of the same reactionary hate and hostility to Hillary from the Right.

        I don’t think they’re worried because she’s “bad,” they’re worried because she obviously resonates with millions of Americans. This all started immediately after her Convention speech, when she was suddenly a very serious threat to Obama’s election. Couric carefully edited her interview to make Palin look as dumb and ideological as possible (did you ever read the transcript? Palin offers all kinds of detail on energy and foreign policy that they completely deleted), and that was all they needed to turn her into a cartoon. They are still very afraid of her popularity. Even after “quitting,” as they keep repeating, her numbers are high and she’s raking in dough. It scares the sh*t out of them.

      • Wonder if he agrees with calling Schwarzenegger Gov:?

        Now he’s a body-building cartoon if anyone is…

  8. You covered many of the main points, myiq. It’s all propaganda.

  9. Funniest movie line ever …

  10. Strange times we’re living in, huh? I remember a few decades of HDS from the right wing. Now that’s kind of faded away. In fact, some right wingers are expressing regret about that. Someone wrote that bashing Hillary just used to make them feel good, it was like a bonding experience. Now they’re kind of embarrassed they ever did that, because they view her as the only adult in this administration. And they regret not supporting her because who they got as president instead is so much worse.

    A while back I wrote that I suspected these derangement syndromes were a lot like an addiction. You get all hyped up, your brains chemicals like it, and you just want to keep getting that high. People bond with each other over derangement syndrome, just like drinking buddies in a bar. I suppose many forms of hatred are like that, it feels good to have someone to dump all your frustrations on. Someone you view as sub-human, so you’re not actually hurting a “real” person.

    • I do believe you and myiq have nailed it. Tribalism and addiction.

      • It reminds me more of “The Burning Times”; even Dubya didn’t elicit the derangement that any woman who is perceived as powerful does.

        • And as long as it’s effective, it will just get worse. There’s no incentive to do anything but go farther and farther because there are apparently no consequences.

          • Wish I knew how to make them pay, before 2010/2012. There really should be consequences.

        • It’s true–I think it’s very primeval, unconscious. Medea-level fear and loathing.

    • Clinton/Hillary derangement has died down some, but it’s not gone.

      Obama derangement doesn’t get much traction in the MSM, but it does exist.

  11. Congresswoman Kaptur: The Greatest Hail Mary Pass Of ALL TIME! (connecting the dots “…Your clarion call for the tax payer Bail Out of Wall Street’s excess, came six weeks before a major national election”…)

  12. Their are two reasons for the vitriol against Sarah Palin the first is simple, she’s not corrupt enough. The media, business and politicians thrive on bribery graft and kickbacks and their greatest fear is someone coming in and stopping the gravy train and Palin record in Alaska shows she may well do so.

    The second reason is more difficult to pin down. As the support for blue dog dems shows it can’t be Palin’s positions since she and the blue dogs agree on a lot of matters and also remember a lot Obots liked republicans back before bush trashed the republican brand and agree with them on a lot of issues.

    The most likely explanation is the fact that when you hold Palin up to a generic democrat she often comes off, as more honest and trustworthy as well as less corrupt which makes the Obots question why are they supporting people they would rather see any where but in charge.

    Not surprisingly they would rather destroy the messenger than read the message.

    • “she often comes off, as more honest and trustworthy as well as less corrupt …”
      Somehow they see this as evidence that she’s dumb!

      • Bingo. She is not part of The Village, and that is their BIGGEST source of hatred and fear.

        I may not agree with her on every little thing (though on surprisingly many things I do), but she does come across as a decent, thoughtful, honest human being. And they have nothing but scorn for that sort of REAL person.

        They are not pissed over who she is, they are pissed that she doesn’t pretend to be anything else BUT who she is, and thus by her very existence shines unwelcome light on their fluffed, managed, focus-grouped, image-manipulating little game.

        • I loved her recent interviews in AK when she was slopping around in the surf in her hip waders with fish guts on her leg. Who does that? It was great.

        • I don’t recall Liddy Dole ever being treated with such disrespect when she campaigned. Perhaps out of respect for her husband? Perhaps because she was a DC insider.

  13. How’s this for a thought: The Democrats are afraid that Palin will be the one, who eventually will tell the truth about Obama’s lying, cheating, and buying his way to the Presidency? So she must be made untrustworthy at all costs.

    Peter Daou playing the good little D. footsoldier accuses her of making “attacks on Obama during the presidential campaign [that] were deplorable.” But what did she actually say, other than he was palling around with terrorists? Which is kind of true.

    The meme of her “deplorable” attacks on Obama during the election have been around for some time now.

    • They tend to make &&@) up. “what about when Palin said this about Obama, huh? Huh?” uhhh, she never said that. “what about when she said there are 57 states? Huh? Huh?” uh, yeah, good catch.

    • But Obama’s team accusing the Clintons of being rac*st was ok huh Peter? If anyone should know, he should.

      • fif, that’s exactly what I ment to say!
        He should know better than to spread Axelrod-memes.

        I didn’t like it when the R.s did it for Bush (lie and/or distort), and I don’t like it when D.s do it for Obama. I admire integrity.

    • I don’t think Daou is playing good little D. footsoldier. He’s one of the few voices on the left speaking out against the Palin-bashing.

  14. Great post, myiq! Palin is just another politician. I too am puzzled as to why Ron Paul, who is batshit crazy on abortion and the economy, gets respect but Sarah turns lefties into rabid dogs.
    I suspect that it’s because she appeals to a lot of people the Democrats left behind last year. So, they go after Palin and further insult her potential followers. This is bound to backfire. The Dems are making themselves look like the clueless, elitists they are. They don’t understand the lives of the people they are offending, leaving the field wide open for Palin to snap them up. And as Palin herself continues to distance herself from the Republican party (disingenuously IMHO), she makes herself even mire attractive to newly independent democrats.
    If I were the Democratic party, I’d shut up about Palin. But the party seems to have a death wish these days and will do stupid things no matter how much we warn them.
    She’s not for me but if she ends up president, the Democrats have only themselves to blame.

    • RD — you forgot the main reason why the left goes crazy over Palin — BECAUSE SHE IS FEMALE — she doesn’t have a penis.

      Again it is like I am back in high school — we had two candidates running for student body President — a female — smart, experienced and a real leader. And then there was the male — no experience — but hey he was a guy. ANY MALE would have won — simply because of the misogynistic attitude toward women in leadership positions.

      NOTHING HAS CHANGED. The exact same sexist propaganda used when women were fighting for the vote is being used today. Tacoma History museum has an exhibit of the propaganda used in that war against women over 100 years ago.

  15. Well – I don’t know if I get to call this bragging rights or not. On August 8th, Sarah Palin will be at the Ronald Reagan library – which is about a mile from where I live. The Simi Valley Republican Women Federated is sponsoring a 50th Gala and Palin is attending.

    Well, I’m no Republican (although I’m now open to anything it seems) – but my wife is. When she found out Palin was coming to town, it was her mission to join this group and get an invite. She did.

    I will be attending this Gala as my wife’s guest… and you know what?… I’m excited as h*ll to hear what Sarah has to say – in person, no media filters. I’m sure the ‘charisma’ factor will draw me right in, so I have to work to stay level headed.

    I have already gained so much insight into her policies by reading TC, and will try to keep an open mind. If you guys have ANYTHING you want me to look out for, please speak up – I’d like to have some ammunition at the ready…. I’m going to be in a room full of DIE-HARD Republicans – at the temple of Rebublicanism (although I actually like the library too!).

    So there – I just got to brag!… but on a side note, the invite says cocktail attire – my wife says I should root through her closet to find something ‘cocktail length’ (WTH?)… I guess it’ll be just like every other Saturday night at my house!

    • To Jeffhas:

      You might want to check out Conservatives4Palin.com
      as well to read more on Palin’s policies, activities, discussions
      on her work, etc.

  16. Jeff please let us know how that turns out..

  17. Is there any connection between their brains and their typing fingers? Hillary was pilloried by progressives (fixed!) because they couldn’t attack her on the issues without making it obvious that there was no basis on Earth to support plastic Jesus. But it’s a moral imperative to pillory Palin, because not demonizing her and treating her like any other candidate would legitimize her, therefore making her impossible to beat. Okay, thanks for clearing that up, Land of Cognitive Dissonance. I think they meant to say, same damn thing, it’ll work for anybody without a penis. Here’s a thought, if you can’t attack her on the issues, or without lying or demonizing her–what does that tell us about her? What does it tell us about you? Figure it the eff out.

  18. During the dem primary, remember how one of the put-downs of Hillary supporters was the obots’ claim of being liberal, intelligent, and young/hip. I was called racist, first thing, after I made a comment. We’re superior to you — end of discussion. It was the strangest, craziest, most exasperating primary season in my memory. To me, the dems now are no different than the repubs as I don’t see eye-to-eye with either of them.

    If I could talk to Palin over the next few months, I believe that I would like her even more than I already do. Under the tremendous pressure of 2-months’ preparation time, she performed better than any of her critics could have. Not being from the northeast or mid-west and not having a ivy-league degree is a plus to many of us who are no longer impressed with either. Dubya half-way proves my point.

    Many of the critics continue to put Palin and her middle-class supporters down as too supid and un-hip for their notice, except many of them don’t give a damn as to what Kerry, politicians, or the media say anymore, To the critics, this independence scares them sh*t-less.

  19. This passage is quite remarkable:

    To simply attack her on the issues is not enough. If, as John Kerry does in a recent answer to her Op-Ed in the WaPo, we continue referring to her as Gov. Palin and address her as if she is a serious politician with serious ideas worthy of including her in the political dialogue, that “respect” gives her a legitimacy that will be very difficult to contest in 2012.

    Umm, maybe John Kerry and the rest of us refer to her as Gov. Palin is because she was actually elected Governor of a State and it is customary to refer to such official as Governor? This is beyond derangement.

    I’m among those who think Palin is not Presidential material, cannot win the WH and there’s nothing to fear about her.

    Although she is a brilliant retail politician, she simply lacks the depth on any issue and doesn’t have much heft. I think it’s better to knock her on that front. For example people like Brad Delong, ProGrowthLiberal @ EconoSpeak, Steve Benen, Ezra Klein, Jon Chait, Media Matters aptly exposed the absurdity of and the falsehoods and inaccuracies in her recent opinion piece (although some of them couldn’t quite do it without condescending on her).

    But Sarah Palin shouldn’t worry. If we went y my track record, she should be on her way to White House. The last person I supported who actually won was Bill Clinton. I thought George Bush was a nincompoop who shouldn’t be anywhere near the WH, he won twice. I thought Obama was years from being presidential material, now he is in the WH.

    So anyone who wants to run for the WH should want me against him because I seem to be on a roll.

    • LOL. I have a similar track record. In fact I’d say I’ve never in my life had the person I wanted during a primary end up taking the WH. Though I have had the person I wanted to win during the general win three times (carter, and bubba twice).

    • lol. join the crowd.

  20. I said as much over at talkleft. If given the choice between a Republican like Gingrich or a Republican like Palin, I’ll take Palin. Sure, she’s against abortion but she still appointed a pro choice appointee to the bench(even when she could have sent both choices back). She is a conservative that put money into social programs like low income health care or Head Start. Forgive me if I don’t burn her at the stake simply because she has an R after her name. The GOP finally gave me a candidate I could see myself meeting halfway. I am going to do everything I can to see that this is the direction the Republican party goes rather than batsh!t bonkers hard right. The fact that this President doesn’t appear to know what he is doing domestic policy wise especially means I want them nominating someone I might be able to meet half way.

    • Wonder if Jeralyn’s hair spontaneously burst into flames at your comment?

      • Or worse, wonder if she came after cwaltz with a coat hanger. 🙂

      • No, she didn’t say boo about my comment. Overall, I haven’t had any problems with voicing my viewpoint over there. Though, I did leave shortly after Jeralyn decided to support Obama(even though he chose Biden). It made sense to leave since we were going to have different goals. Now, there are issues I am willing to work with progressives on such as health care so I am visting sites where I know one or two rational folk dwell. BTD is someone I do not always agree with strategy or even on policy but he is someone I respect and I do think is unafraid of exposing himself to ideas or positions he doesn’t necessarily agree with(which makes for lively debate).

        • Actually, I think he’s a fraud on many levels. He supported Sotomayor almost 100% because of her ethnicity (and his). I’m beginning to believe his claim that he supported Obama based on the “media darling” meme was a coverup for why he really supported him.

          BTD often says things that simply don’t shake out as common sense believable. He just speaks/writes with a comanding tone that makes people think he’s smart.

    • Except for the fact that your exchange was with the infamous *itch, squeaky, I think most readers were with you. JM has allowed her comment section to sink to the low of a playground gang of bullies. This small group determines who is allowed to have an opinion, and who is to be pushed off the site.

  21. This is “progressive” politics in the 21st Century. In the 1990’s we called it the “politics of personal destruction” but liberals and progressives denounced it as a bad thing.

    It’s not just the fauxgressives alone–the GOP elites and the fauxgressives have both fueled the Palin derangement.

    • This is an important point, because the green light
      for the trashing of Palin is indeed coming from the GOP elite as well. I think she left the governorship in large measure because she lacks the backing of her own party…who has stuck up for her among the GOP?
      They can be pretty good at that if they want. imo David Lettermen would not have come after her and her children like that if the two parties weren’t as one on the topic of SP

      • The activist left and the rightwingers did the same tag-team to Hillary. Which isn’t to say that Hillary and Sarah equivalent (they most definitely are not) nor is it to say that the reasons for opposing them are the same (I think the only overlap in those reasons is that people across the board seem to be much more threatened by women vying for power at that level), but it is the METHOD of takedown that is similar, the collusion of the establishment on both sides of the aisle to brand them as divisive, polarizing, etc.

        • I should add that the activist left in going after Hillary had the blessing of the Democratic party establishment, which stayed silent and said NOTHING.

        • Of course after the primary fight was over, Deanie Weenie took a few seconds to pay some lipservice to the fact that there was sexism “in the media.”

  22. I guess having your feminine charms rejected in favor of a guy’s dangly down parts colors your out look in a negative light. One reason why I don’t bother with Huff-n-puff.

  23. Palin has done nothing since the campaign except become a right wing ideologue. You don’t know who she would pick for supreme court? Why don’t you take a look at the attorney general pick that she tried to make that got shot the fuck down (first time in alaskan history that a nominee didn’t get enough votes to get confirmed). Look at that bullshit flip flop on cap and trade that she did. (how shameless do you have to be to write an op-ed against something you campaigned for less than a year ago). I don’t care how cynical you are… if you don’t even ask for an explanation for a politician’s change of heart then YOU are the fucking problem with American society.

    What she became during the campaign was fairly obvious. The Last Culture Warrior. And she’s stuck to that stupid ass role because that’s what got her her fame. Thank god most of america simply doesn’t give a shit what people like Palin think anymore.

    • Oh really. Care to share with me which right wing ideologues have recently talked about let alone actually expanded funding for Head Start or funding for low income health care?


      • Oh and which of those ideologues would have appointed a pro choice Alaska Supreme Court nominee despite their rank and files opposition as well as their own aversion to the pro choice position?

        Which one of those ideologues would have vetoed a law that would have discriminated against same sex couples because they were so very worried about the “constitutionality” of it(despite their own personal conviction that marriage is between a man and a woman)

        When folks like you try to paint her as extreme do you even realize how duplitious you look? Do you even care?

        You go ahead and write her off though even as her PAC raised 3/4 of a million and say people aren’t interested in what she has to say. Deny reality. Someday you’ll get the promised pony.

    • Up in Alaska Palin is dealing with an alliance between the Democrats and the GOP establishment cabal she defeated to become governor.

      Just because she favored a cap and trade program doesn’t mean she favors the version that was just passed.

      • Right, because there’s just so much in that op-ed that screams “here is how cap and trade should actually work”

        Cap and trade is cap and fucking trade. She flip flopped.

        • Like Obama flip-flopped on FISA, single-payer, Gitmo, torture photos, lobbyists, etc, etc.

          • And his Numero Uno flip flop was opting out of campaign finance reform. It cost him
            ten to fifteen dollars per vote, and man does he owe those who bought him.

        • Again,l I want you to name a right wing ideologue who is or was willing to spend money on social programs or an idealogue who was more willing to compromise than beat the drums on party issues like gay marriage or choice?

          I think it’s hysterical that you think Palin flip flopping is evil. It makes me wonder how you feel about the guy who went around saying that universal health care meant forcing poor people to choose between rent and health care, who defends DOMA and who is using Bush’s state secrets position after running on transparency. Flip flop and Obama may actually become synonyms. So will you be staying home in 2012?

        • Do you think your arguments (if you can call them that) are more convincing if you swear a lot like a 17 yr. old? Cool man.

    • How many explanation has Obama given for his lies (changes of heart)? YOU are the fucking problem ideologue!

    • I choke with rage at this gross absurd being.

    • Thank god most of america simply doesn’t give a shit what people like Palin think anymore.

      Except for you, sweetie. And the entire Obama machine. You guys seem to care a very great deal, indeed. It is boggling how much time and energy you guys are expending talking about someone so irrelevant, isn’t it?

      You’re here, cupcake. That’s all the proof I need that you are very concerned about her, indeed.

      • Nothing says “I care” like obsession.

        • Yup. Reminds me of my teenage daughter, and the last boyfriend she broke up with. She swore that she didn’t care, hadn’t a thought in her head about him, had moved on, she DID NOT CARE what he did or who he dated, dammit!

          She got really pissed when I pointed out that calling him 5 times a day, to tell him how much she DIDN’T care what he was doing, said something about her own state of mind.

        • LOL I love the smell of obsession in the morning.

      • cupcake! LOL…

    • Please enter into evidence: Hostile, Know-It-All Commenter. So nice of you to stop by. How did we ever get along without you?

    • if you don’t even ask for an explanation for a politician’s change of heart then YOU are the fucking problem with American society.

      So where is your blog that deconstructs Obama’s constant flip-flops? Shall we name them for you? Public financing, FISA, rendition, NAFTA, DOMA, DODT, Freedom of Choice Act, etc. We’ll be waiting.

    • you are a f*cking moron. People like you have ruined the democratic party.
      Why don’t you take a look at her actual words on abortion, birth control and choice, abstinence, education and them look at who she nominated for Supreme Court in Alaska.
      You are nothing more than an idiotic sheeplike Obamabot. Talk about flip flops, look at your messiah, dumbass. She had to buy in to McCain’s positions as VP nominee. So she is now speaking for herself. WTF is Obama’s excuse for all his back-tracking?
      And as for her being a culture warrior… no, that is what you have been programed to think by whatever bloggerboiz blog you frequent (mydd, dkos I am betting). You have no idea what a victim of the media you have all become and how easily you join the mob you most identify with.

  24. The same type that sign bills like medicare D.

    • Uh no, nice try though. Medicare D isn’t and wasn’t an expansion of social spending on low income voters. On the contrary, it was a Pharma giveaway signed under cover in the middle of the night.

      Did you even bother reading?

    • Are you really going to pretend you don’t know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare?

      • cwaltz, I think you scared the poor angry Obot away. He’s probably on one of the stalker sites swearing a lot and bragging about his big adventure over here.

        • He was projecting. Sarah Palin is not anywhere near the ideologue she is painted as. I think that may be at least part of why both of the more extreme elements of each party fear her.

          Here’s a woman who just might not tolerate the posturing and actually might expect something to be accomplished besides bickering.

          • Obots only “know” talking points. They don’t seem to have any real grasp of reality, much less the issues.

            And you’re absolutely right. Palin is a “dangerous” woman for the same reason Hillary was. She appears to actually want to fix things. I guess to obots and their monied masters that’s pretty damn scary.

        • Lol!

  25. Exceptional post, but most of what you write on Palin has been on the high side 🙂 One sentence did catch my eye….

    Lying isn’t an impeachable offense.

    I’m pretty sure Bill Clinton would say otherwise.

    • I think the Big Dawg would agree with me. It was the House GOP that thought otherwise.

      • Depends on whether you do it under oath or not. I could care less if he screwed whoever, and yeah, the question never should have been asked. But since it was, Bill was just plain stupid to lie. I love the man to bits, but that was a dumb move.

        • I have to disagree. People understand lying about that when ambushed….whether under oath or not , It’s not just the fear of being found out, it’s also the fear of hurting your family and it’s what most of us would do in the same situation imo . I don’t think he would have had 70 % approval rating on the day he was impeached if he hadn’t ….people understand you trying to hide that from your family. I think Bill would have been forced out of office, by public sentiment if he just up and said that. imo

          What has never been addressed is why Janet Reno let the GOP run wild for 8 years. Everything needed her approval first…and it was easily gotten. A GOP AG would have told them to stuff it on that string of crazy, phony scandals. At least she stopped the GOP from starting a special counsel to look into Al Gore ‘s Buddhist temple fundraiser…where nothing wrong happened , but for which Gore stupidly kept apologising ( that’s like blood in the water for them)

          • agreed, but again remember that Clinton did not lie under oath. He lied to us on TV.

          • I didn’t say I don’t understand it, or that it wasn’t human. Just that it was politically a stupid move.

            People can do things that are politically stupid for very understandable reasons.

        • he did not lie under oath, he lied to the TV camera. In court he was given a definition of sex. Oral sex was not included. when they asked him if he had sex with Monica he said no. Had he said yes, that would have been a lie.
          Excuse me, but I am pounding my head against the wall over the fact that there is still anyone who is not a right wing nut who doesn’t know that.

      • I stand corrected…it was the GOP who took petty to the level of impeachment 🙂

  26. Heads up:

    Barbara Boxer is next up for the Leftie boy torture rack:


  27. Just in case anyone has forgotten the worst decision of Bill Clinton’s presidency. The independent counsel statute had run out, so Robert Fisk was appointed by Janet Reno to investigate Whitewater.

    The Democratic congress then passes a new independent counsel statute and Bill signed it. Not vetoing that bill was a horrendous mistake and led to Ken Starr and the whole long drawn out mess. That was FUBAR.

  28. What does Palin really think? This could be a small clue.

    “We don’t give a damn how they do it outside,” she said, quoting a popular state bumper sticker. “We do it a different way up here. The pioneer spirit runs strong.”

    Palin: Alaska tour is thanks, not goodbye


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