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What are you drinking?

Que queries tomar?

Esto es un “open thread”

Más música aquí:


89 Responses

  1. Patron y cerveza por favor

  2. BB:

    If you’re still around check your mail.

  3. I’m watching “Fight Club” on AMC, but I’m not supposed to talk about it.

  4. l’eau S’il vous plaît 🙂

  5. Well, forget TV … I’ll have a Long Island ice tea and just watch Rico instead.

    *intently staring*

    Let me know if I’m making you nervous, Rico.

  6. Rico, am I sure glad to see you! I’ll have a Patron as well.

  7. Just got the first 2 seasons of Burn Notice on DVD, so we are eating sushi and drinking sake and watching spy stuff.

  8. i gave blood today so I’ll just have a Diet Sprite.

    • Hee hee! Back when I was young and in the Navy, we used to have Vampire Liberty (Liberty being the Navy word for day off). We’d give blood and then couldn’t work with machinery, so we’d go to the PO club and drink. And we were cheap drunks, being down a pint! (Oh to be 19 again…)

      • Did you know they only take a 1/2 pint in the Armed Services vice a full pint like they do when you give to Red Cross as a civilian? I found that out today. It explains why I got called more often to give when I was in the military.

        I’m with you on the good ol days of being a youngster though. I don’t remember ever having a problem going out and having fun following a donation. Right now though I feel dog tired and that’s with adequately hydrating before and after donating. Sigh.

        • possible sub-clinical anemia?

          • My hemoglobin was high enough to donate. It was 14.8. They actually did that first because I have been turned down before because of my iron. When they used to do the test where your blood has to sink I almost always ended up having my blood spun.

            I’m chillin’ on the couch watching Law and Order SVU with a diet Sprite. I figure I’ll just take it easy for the next few days and work on volume replacement.

  9. We’re watching “Santa Fe Trail” — it’s weird, just about every star alive in 1940 is in it and it all takes place about 10 miles from where my house is now.

  10. This was a big hit on the jukebox when I was in college the first time.

  11. Hey, just noticed something fun. There are full shows at youtube:
    Looks like a lot of what I see on Hulu too plus others. Interesting.

    Here’s You Bet Your Life with Groucho:

  12. And these three, how could I resist:

  13. OK, take this:

  14. I am in work and can not post a link.
    Please go to No Quarter and read the memorial to a soldier of the 101st Airborne The Screaming Eagles.
    I would like to raise a toast to a real hero.



  15. This is wild, playing a record without electricity:

  16. This is great, esp. after a few drinks:

  17. Fuck You I’m Drunk, by Flogging Molly

  18. My other favorite. And one of my favorite songs of theirs:

  19. Come on baby, and do like I say
    Let’s go down to the corner
    and have a drink of Tanqueray

  20. okay, enough of the sissy tunes

  21. and my idea of what to do with 80s songs:

  22. and for the Divas over at that certain site:

  23. Can’t help it if I was:

  24. I drink therefor I am:

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