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LMAO Open Thread


From the pathetic nether regions of the blogosphere:

Given the frequency with which the Effluence is linked at Memeorandum in recent weeks, I’m suspecting that someone at Memeorandum has the hots for one of the Effluencers, blackmail may be involved, or possibly even bribery.

He he he – here’s a hint:

“Size matters”

This is an open thread.

103 Responses

  1. If I say I take pleasure in watching that, does it mean I endorse torture?

  2. What a bunch of crybabys.

  3. This sucks – Tim Linceum (aka “the Freak”) from the SF Giants is starting pitcher for the Nationals in the All-Star Game and Rio Bravo (John Wayne, Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson) is on AMC

  4. Obama Open to Partisan Vote on Health-Care Overhaul, Aides Say


  5. When the blogger boyz start calling us names — we know we have won. Every single day their messiah makes fools of them — he is bush3 — and they know it. To compensate they need to send their rage somewhere.

    This is what happens when guys think with their “little” brain — the one between their legs.

    • So breathtakingly beautiful and such an amazing talent.

    • He may be surprised to find that those girls are not waiting for him. They are probably finding new guys to keep them company. Kinda dated, don’t ya think. 😉

  6. Obama is so vain:

    DJ plays up Obama’s cool-guy spin

    • Defining presidential character by association with a DJ? Gee. Suz. How much farther can the bottom be?

      • OMFG. The establishment co-opting “cool” is not cool. It’s most definitely uncool. What a bunch of posers.

        • If you have to say that you’re cool. Then you’re not cool.

          • I constantly tell people, particularly my children and students, that I am NOT cool and have no intention of being cool in the future.

    • I may be too old to understand how a DJ can be considered an artist.

  7. Linceum brought his suck game tonight

  8. Sick sick sick:

    Evangelist Tony Alamo preyed on his loyal followers’ young daughters, once taking a girl as young as 8 as his bride and repeatedly sexually assaulting her, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday.

  9. WTF is wrong with Sessions? It must be embarassing to be the guy noted for producing awkward silences even among the Senate morons.

    • For one thing, he is a racist pig.

      • Good point. I don’t know what was more of a head scratcher, when he asked her why all the Puerto Rican judges couldn’t just stick together, or when he suggested she shouldn’t be confirmed because she was affiliated with the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund.

      • Well, there is that. 🙂

  10. They’re chiquito bananas and they’re here to saaaaay
    They got the worst bananas in the world todaaaaay.. . .

    Okay, I just dated myself.

  11. Barky is on now if anyone wants to watch.

  12. I found this picture. I think it fits.




  13. Does anyone know what happened over at Hillbuzz? No new posts there in a month. I miss those guys.

    • They have been taken over by wingnut commenters. Maybe they kidnapped them? Took them back to talking points command?

      • Revamping the site and reassessing how much time they can put on the blog.

        Uh The Confluence and No Quarter have been all over Memeorandum for ages because of their substantial coverage of politics and news. This reminds of the terror of Palin and sexism at Left Coaster today: “She got where she is from her looks.”

  14. Lately, everyone is talking about other sites but they never divulge the site. WTF? That is just mean.

    • I’m not sure which site it is either, Joan. You can try searching for “rump roast” or “stupid pumas.” We don’t link to them, because we don’t want them coming over here. They have really bad cooties.

  15. New Post up.

  16. “The Culture Wars’ New Front: U.S. History Classes in Texas”


    The conservative reviewers say they believe that children must learn that America’s founding principles are biblical. For instance, they say the separation of powers set forth in the Constitution stems from a scriptural understanding of man’s fall and inherent sinfulness, or “radical depravity,” which means he can be governed only by an intricate system of checks and balances.

    The conservative Christian reviewers, in turn, are skeptical of the professional historians’ emphasis on multiculturalism, views stated most forcefully by Mr. de la Teja but echoed by Ms. Hodges. Reaching for examples of achievement by different racial and ethnic groups is divisive, Mr. Barton said, and distorts history.

    WTF? More religious indoctrination, less equality. How is that American?

    • It’s completely unAmerican but totally Texan, as long as the Taliban branch runs the state Republican party. Not to mention their Gov Goodhair is still in office.

      • I’m from Texas. It’s maddening.

        • I hope Perry gets clobbered by Hutchison in the GOP primary. That’s about the only way to get the full bore whackos out of power in the state party.

          Especially since I doubt a Democrat will win statewide office for governor.

          • Me, too. We are not getting a good governor anytime soon, but at least Hutchison is just a regular Repub I disagree with, not a wackjob like Perry. Plus she’s a woman, so that’s nice.

          • Me too. I never thought I’d be rooting for Hutchison to win anything, but after Bush and Perry, it has come to that.

            I miss Ann Richards.

          • I’d rather have Ann, too! Gawd she was grand. But that ain’t happening, so…

  17. I just laid out some wingnuts at BTR. I am shaking with rage. So I ran home to the Confluence for some sane conversation. Anyone here?

  18. Hilarious: HuffPo Says Sarah Palin Had No Authority To Write An Op-Ed In The Washington Post


    • She’s like Kosher National, she answers to a higher authority than Alec Baldwin.

    • WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I was pleasantly surprised to see that WAPO gave her the opportunity. That 5 trillion Obama-lovin’ columns vs. one by Palin. Did HuffPo do any posts about Levi Johnston’s “lack of authority” and his visage all over the mainstream media (including an interview with Ann Curry on NBC!)?

    • Authority?? Who died and made them God of free speech? And why do I have a mental picture of SouthPark’s Cartman strutting around:

      “You will respect my authoritaay!!!!!”

  19. LOL. In other celebrity news, the recoubtable Levi Johnston(baby daddy) has gotten a manager and goes by Ricky Hollywood.


    You can’t make this shit up. 🙂

    • Well, thank god Ricky Hollywood won’t lose any credibility in Whole Foods Nation.

    • Ricky Hollywood sounds like a porn star name. I hope he knows that being a father isn’t ‘gossiping’ about your child’s mother and her family. He has known Palin for less than a year and he is planning to write a book?!? Heck…what an imagination.

      • I hope he does not get a job advertising Ginsu Circumcision knives. I am sure there a few people who would like to see him test them.



    • “Fame got to her head…” says Ricky Hollywood.

    • “Fame got to her head…” says Ricky Hollywood.

      (I was trying to hyperlink the quote to the article about Levi saying that, but it wouldn’t go through the spam filter.)

    • “Fame got to her head,” says Ricky Hollywood.

  20. i loved the headlines that quoted levi, re palin’s reasons for stepping down as governor, as “father of palin’s grandchild…,” somehow giving it the gravitas that it was an older man providing his opinion of the palin household. it even stumped my hubbie until i pointed out the opinion is that of an 18 year old boy. i am pleased to say my hubbie gets it. he now points out misogyny in the media to me. sweet. he thought the comments and questions re sotomayor’s diabetes and how it would affect her work and tenure as a supreme as shameful.

  21. spammy got me again. 😦

  22. I’ll try again. “Fame got to her head…” says Ricky Hollywood.

    • LOL He’ll probably end up with a column next to MoDo’s. “No endorsement is worth more than Ricky Hollywood’s!”

  23. “and what’s with the new name syfy — hate it.”

    Gah, me too. It’s so icky-cutesy-pseudo-hip it makes me cringe. Like anyone watching SciFi isn’t automatically branded an unfuckable nerd, now they have to put up with this indignity.
    Poor SOBs.

    Speaking of Teeeveeee, my guilty pleasure is “Intervention,” which I will watch in marathon sessions. I love that show, it’s amazingly well done…(I’ve been told by several people who have alcoholism/addiction in their families that they can’t bear to watch it, so buyer beware).

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