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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    William on Jeopardy!
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Corzine *still* trails Christie by double digits in latest NJ Governor’s race polls

The guy just can’t catch a break.  First, he’s pathetic as a Democratic governor but would probably make a very good Republican one.  Then, he happens to be a former CEO of Goldman-Sachs at a time when that company is quickly becoming the Barad-Dur of Mordor.  And he has to go up against the “moderate Republican” in the fall instead of the foaming-at-the-mouth, uber conservative Republican he was hoping for.  But the thing that must be frosting his crockies right now is that he is trailing that moderate Republican, former US Attorney Chris Christie, by 10 points (on average).

(For those of you who want your fix of schadenfreude this morning, here is another page of polls where Corzine trails– in every one.)

I can’t imagine why 10% of his base would be defecting to a Republican this year…

Could it be the 10% of New Jerseyans who put Hillary over the top in the NJ primary last year who resent Corzine’s arrogant, unilateral decision to give every one of our primary delegates to Obama?  Just a guess.

But it’s about to get worse for Corzine {{smirk!}}.  Because the Independent Party candidate, Chris Daggett, just qualified for public financing.  Daggett is expected to make the race tough for both major party candidates but even tougher for Corzine.  I can’t imagine why.

I was going to vote topless this year at the polls in NJ but that’s because I didn’t think there were any viable third party candidates.


Chris Daggett

Chris Daggett

Granted, I don’t know much about Daggett yet (here’s a blogtalkradio interview with him) but, heck!, he can’t be any worse than a Republican or the Republican who pretends he’s a Democrat.  He’s spent time in the government working in the area of environmental regulation and he’s a big proponent of mass transit, definitely a plus in my books.  So, I’ve decided to throw a few bucks Daggett’s way and see what happens.  Every $1 contributed to Daggett will be matched by $2 in public funds.  Maybe if we pass this around, we can make Corzine sweat or we might even elect an Independent as governor here in the Garden State.  Daggett in Drumthwacket!  It has a nice ring.

Now, Corzine isn’t worried, or so his campaign manager says.  Maggie Moran sent me a video haka yesterday about Obama’s upcoming trip to NJ on Corzine’s behalf.

Obama owes Corzine.  Big time.  (see first youtube video above)  Apparently, SOOOO many people asked for tickets to the Obama rally that they have had to reject a whole bunch of us.  The campaign will be contacting “lucky” rally ticket recipients by phone.  And the rally itself has been moved to a more secure location in Holmdel.  Ahuh.  Well, I’m sure it has nothing to do with the angry email responses the campaign has gotten from its base saying things like “Where’s my vote, JON?!?!” And I’m sure there will be no loyalty oath required to get a ticket.  Actually, I’m surprised I’m still on the email list.  But who knows?  Maybe Corzine will get the crowd he’s hoping for.  Or maybe he’ll get the one he deserves.  Stay tuned…

49 Responses

  1. They are probably only contacting people who have signed up for Obama’s volunteer “in your face” corps.

    • At this point., I would expect nothing less ( as if anything could be less!).

  2. I enjoy “rubbing his nose” in his big blunder in Denver – everytime I see Corzine at various meetings I remind him that he “might have made a mistake” by giving those delegates away – ;?

  3. My last comment didn’t show up – I remind Corzine everytime I see him that giving Hill’s delegates away will come back to haunt him. 😕

  4. Lord knows I’ve told him enough that his giving Hill’s delegates away would come back to haunt him.

    • you seem to be Spammy’s chose one today … sorry!!!

      • oh Daki-you ok?

        Do you have any idea why they did it?

        • Because they are callous thugs. Never any point to asking “why” in these cases. No excuse.

      • Hope you are feeling better, hon. If you feel up to it, Denninger has a fabulous piece today about how badly underwater the rest of the mortgages are, and WHY the banks are not going to re-finance OR foreclose.

  5. Ha! Obama is a coward – he is never going to voluntarily face a crowd of voters who aren’t all in love with him.

    One of the things that won me over to Hillary was her willingness to face the People, whether they liked her or not. I was very impressed with her appearances at YearlyKos, at some of the environmental gatherings, etc. She never ran away from a hostile audience. That’s CHARACTER.

    Oh, and if the Repubs or the Dem challenger are smart, they will beat that GS connection like a drum on Corzine, the pig.

    • No, never the one to run away!

      Also sat down with – winning over and getting endorsed by – Richard Mellon Scaife! Went on The O’Reilly Factor – obviously won him over too! She’s one gutsy woman.

      Sigh! What could have been … :unhappy face:

      • Didn’t she shine in that interview? I was so impressed with her skillful, matter-of-fact behavior — and her articulate intelligence.


      • That was the one and only time I ever watched The O’Reilly Factor. He’s such a blowhard, but she really had him eating out of her hand.

  6. I have relatives that live in New Jersey. They are life long Democratic voters and will not in anyway vote for Corzine. This is not related to the Hillary thing, but with just outright disgust with him as Governor..

  7. Stepping out of Lurkerville…

    Thanks for this post, riverdaughter. I vote in NJ, and there’s no way I would ever again vote for Corzine after what took place at last year’s convention. I can’t stomach Christie, so I was intending to look for another option.

    I’ve looked at Daggett’s website. Despite the fact that he’s running as an Independent and has worked for Corzine, he’s spent more time working for Republicans, specifically Kean, so I’d tag him as a Republican. Can’t tell where he stand on social issues, like abortion and gay marriage, because there’s nothing about them on his website.

    When it comes to addressing the State’s financial mess, Daggett talks about the need to “rein in property taxes and the state budget.” (Duh!) But he doesn’t say exactly how he plans to accomplish that, the only hint being a vague comment about “home rule.”

    I’m going to investigate further before deciding whether I can vote for Daggett.

    Tangentially, I noted that his wife is a graduate of Vassar, our daughter’s alma mater. 🙂

    • … Despite the fact that he’s running as an Independent and has worked for Corzine, he’s spent more time working for Republicans, specifically Kean, so I’d tag him as a Republican.

      That is very intertesting.

    • If Kean were running now, he might well be a Democrat. Kean was moderate and socially liberal. Yeah, I worry about what Daggett means exactly but it can’t be worse than the inertia we have now. OTOH, he’s right about streamlining regulation. Sometimes, agencies work at cross purposes and stuff drags on longer than it should. Think of how many clean up sites might be cleaned up if there weren’t a jillion different redundant studies that needed to be done.
      He’s pro mass transit. I’m very interested in that since I live near the 206 corridor, nome sane?
      It would be interesting to find out what his social views are but this is NJ. The legisature and supreme court are socially moderate to liberal.
      Anyway, all independents were once a part of some party. If they were beloved by their parties, they wouldn’t be independent.
      I can’t vote for Christie and Corzine does t deserve my vote. So, Daggett has a shot here.

  8. Bad news for Corzine is Christie seems like a GOP gov from back in the day and will get the nostalgia vote which is quite a block in such times as these . Plus what exactly has Corzine done for NJ in his term?
    Can he point to anything of value to the adverage voter? It’s wise to thow folks at least a bone . Daggett looks interesting . He could do quite well.

    • He’s under the impression that we’re all Jack Welch loving stock brokers with money to burn. He’s not right, he isn’t even wrong. The guy is fricking clueless.

      • Sums it up nicely and an appearance by Obama will not help.

      • I’ve seen Christie speak in the past and recently since he entered the race for Gov – he’s gained an enormous amount of weight for such a young guy and he’s often out of breath and sweats heavily – it’s kind of scary to think that this guy could be in really poor health and wants to become our Gov.

  9. It will be interesting to see what size “crowd” Obama draws. Whatever the size, the media will spin it like it was standing room only; meanwhile the facility had a capacity of 50. Wouldn’t it be something if Sarah Palin decided to do a campaign stop for Christie? Any bets on who would draw the bigger crowd?

  10. OT and on a lighter note: There is now scientific justification for my renowned potty mouth.

    According to Scientific American, swearing comes from a different part of the brain than normal speech, and functions to relieve pain.

    So f*ck Obama, that #*&^%$# with his #@((*&^%$!!!!!!!


  11. I was going to vote topless this year at the polls in NJ but that’s because I didn’t think there were any viable third party candidates.

    I would pay to see that. 😛

  12. I didn’t realize Corazine had done that. Thanks for the info. Christie for Gov!

    • Consider Daggett. Think of the earthquake that would follow if nj rejected both parties. It could have national implications.

      • I may have a look at Daggett. I usually donate to several Dems come election time, but since ones I’d be willing to donate to are now thin on the ground, I may find alternative uses for that money.

      • I mailed a check to Daggett today – if nothing else it will give him the support he needs to show that there’s more to life than Dems and Repubs.

        OT – I was riding with t friend today who had Glenn Beck on his radio – I don’t know much about Beck but he said something that was very interesting: “Plain is onto something big – she knows that the Democrats and the Republican parties are destroying this country and that there has to be something better…” I didn’t catch the rest of it but that did make me sit up a bit before my friend started talking.

        • I’m not a Beck fan and give Palin a lot less credit if she shows up on his program.

          • Oh, I don’t think she will – he was apparently commenting on her stepping down. Is he a right wingnut? The fellow I was riding with is a verrry moderate Republican so I can only assume he’s a righty.

          • Joanelle, Beck is a complete nutbag loon, though more Libertarian than solid Repub conservative. Kind of like Ron Paul, but with even less gravitas and more spittle.

            He’s an annoying gas bag who occasionally DOES point out a truth that no one else will point out. I’m glad he does that, and that certain information gets out there, but still don’t like him.

      • I’ll donate to Daggett, if you say he’s not a complete loon. A win by any Independent would be wonderful.

  13. It’s only just begun!!

  14. Could it be the 10% of New Jerseyans who put Hillary over the top in the NJ primary last year who resent Corzine’s arrogant, unilateral decision to give every one of our primary delegates to Obama? Just a guess.

    Ummmm not.
    You’re kidding, right?
    The voters of NJ wouldn’t make such a silly observation. If they did then they would not have voted for Obama over McCain. Is your hatred for Obama such that you actually think everyone thinks like you do? Very odd.
    What is even stranger is that you say you are a moderate democrat. Huh? Obama is the definition of an moderate democrat. I mean, the right wing thinks he is a socialist and people here think he is a republican. Most Americans realize he is right in between – like Bill Clinton was. Moderates get things done. You should know that.

    • Thanks SOD,

      BTW – RD – great post, I know we’re not the only ones who remember that he gave away our votes. He lost a lot of supporters with that move – they are fuming mad at him and he’ll not get any of those votes back. 😕

    • And who the fuck are you anyway?
      Clinton won NJ by 10 points and didn’t get a single delegate because of Corzine.
      You should know that.
      As a result, when the financial crisis hit, NJ voted for who they *thought* was a Democrat. If Obama was a socialist, I might have voted for him. I consider myself to be a moderate liberal. Obama has no political philosophy and he made a point of telling everyone that before he was elected.
      But Corzine took away my vote. Yup, put it in the circular file because it didn’t match up with the party’s predetermined nominee. This after the state held a primary with our tax dollars. And since the economy fell apart and his old company has been the beneficiary of many taxpayer billions, we’ve all got a reason to wonder why the fuck he gave pur votes away at the convention.
      Maybe you don’t consider your vote sacred but I do. And any politician who takes the result of an election that the voters considered to be in good faith and throws it away will never get my vote again. Savvy?
      BTW, I quit the party over the RBC hearing. My integrity and dignity as a citizen mean more to me than your asinine party.

    • OMG sounds like a 10 year old talking:

      Bill Clinton got things done.
      Bill Clinton is a moderate.
      Therefore moderates get things done.

      Obama is a moderate too.
      Therefore Obama will get things done.

      Just like Bill Clinton.

      This is very similar to another form of reasoning:

      Obama is AA
      Michelle is AA
      AAs have suffered poverty
      Therefore Barack and Michelle are on the side of the poor.

    • Axelrove talking point spouter. Since O’s poll numbers are slipping I expect to see more of these Opologists now.

      • ModDem has been popping into threads spouting the latest talking points incessantly.

        • He’s been at Liberal Rapture posting the same stuff 🙂

          With the same result.

    • Obama isn’t fit to lick Bill Clinton shoes.

    • Obama is not a moderate. Obama is someone who has no political compass. He is whatever will get him by at the time. His biggest political idea is that he is a uniter. Sound familiar?

      Bill Clinton is not as “moderate” as Obama and he had a republican congress and senate to deal with. Obama has a democratic senate and congress and could push for real liberal solutions, but he won’t because that might come back to bite him in the next election.
      Now get lost troll.

    • even Axelrove isn’t juvenile enough to use phrases like “ummm, you’re kidding right”?

  15. Are people ok with the fact that the Chair of the NY Fed Stephen Friedman also sits on the GS Board and has been buying more GS shares. That’s a conflict of interest, specially since the Fed allowed GS to become a bank holding company last September, which should make GS that much more accountable to the public for corporate governance. Corzine who succeeded Friedman as Chair of GS back in the day should be, but probably won’t be, calling this out. GS is not the nation’s central bank, and if they wanted to be that, they shouldn’t be pocketing the profits they’re making from this financial meltdown. Any candidate from either party running for office should be positioning against what’s happening with GS, but the DNC and RNC are not speaking out. Maybe there’s some kind of gag rule that’s been issued by Treasury or the WH.

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