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Obama Losing Support of Independents

Whoa! Yesterday Rasmussen Reports had Obama’s “Presidential Approval Index” at -5. Today it’s -8!


What’s going on?

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 30% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-eight percent (38%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of –8. The President’s Approval Index rating has fallen six points since release of a disappointing jobs report last week (see trends).

What’s more:

Thirty-four percent (34%) of voters nationwide say the U.S. is heading in the right direction, the lowest level of optimism since mid-March. The Rasmussen Index shows consumer and investor confidence are down again today reaching the lowest level in three months. The Discover U.S. Spending Monitor fell for the first time in three months.

Perhaps Obama’s dropping numbers are a reflection of the fact that Independents are not happy with him.

In a potentially alarming trend for the White House, independent voters are deserting President Barack Obama nationally and especially in key swing states, recent polls suggest.

Obama’s job approval rating hit a — still healthy — low of 56 percent in the Gallup Poll on Wednesday. And pollsters are debating whether Obama’s expansive and expensive policy proposals or the ground-level realities of a still-faltering economy are driving the falling numbers.

But a source of the shift appears to be independent voters, who seem to be responding to Republican complaints of excessive spending and government control.

Other polls also show the President’s numbers falling.

Obama retains extremely strong support from Democrats, and earlier this year lost much of the Republican support that followed a giddy Inauguration. It is the independents who appear to be currently on the move: Obama dropped 6 percentage points last week from the week before in Gallup’s tracking poll, and Quinnipiac University found a 5-percentage-point drop in approval from independents between early June and early July. Recent state polling shows drops over longer periods.

A Quinnipiac University poll of voters in economically troubled Ohio, released Tuesday, showed Obama’s approval rating slipping 8 points, to below 50 percent, from a poll two months earlier, with a plurality of 48 percent of independent voters disapproving of his job performance. A Public Policy Polling survey in Virginia found Obama’s approval and disapproval numbers effectively tied, with independents disapproving of the president’s job performance, 52 percent to 38 percent.

At the LA Times, Andrew Malcolm reports that Michelle Obama’s popularity is now higher than her husband’s.

six months of an Obama administration, more than two-thirds (68%) give her a thumbs-up while less than one-third (32%) disapprove. In comparison, after nearly six years in the White House Laura Bush had a 64% approval and a 36% disapproval.

This compares with President Obama’s recent ratings in a similar Harris Poll showing his popularity dipping from 59% to 54% while his disapproval rose from 41% to 46%. On the economy Michelle’s partner fared even worse, with just 43% now approving of his handling of the economy and 57% disapproving.

Is all this just a temporary bump in the road for President Obama, or are we seeing a real trend? Don’t parties in power often lose Congressional seats in the first midterm elections? Maybe it’s time for the President and Congressional Democrats to start doing something for the American people instead of just giving money to the banksters hand over fist.

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84 Responses

  1. seems we should have had a pool ~ I remember several of us PUMAs predicting he would hit negative numbers 6 months in…. couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  2. Expect the Chuck Todd spinners to read something esoteric in this trend. Hold on!…. Here’s the ticket: …. Yeah, that’ll work… That’s the ticket.

    • He’ll just play with his touch-screen and say it is the union workers trashing the prez.

  3. I was not too concerned with his high approval numbers in the beginning – most Americans are very fair at heart, knew he inherited a mess, and were more than willing to give him a chance.

    But I figured at around the 6-month mark his whining about “it’s Bush’s fault” would begin to wear thin. If there is not MAJOR economic recovery, he’s in deep doodoo.

    • The “it’s Bush’s fault” excuse would still be good if there was any evidence at all that Obama was trying to change course, but he isn’t….he’s in lockstep.

  4. Ah, revenge is sweet when served cold!

    We. Told. Them. So.

    • And they still hate us. Go figure.

      • It just makes them hate us even more. I don’t ever expect to hear them admit they were wrong and apologize for the abuse heaped on those of us who didn’t succumb to the hopium.

  5. As one of those Independents (actually “no party affiliation), they could have polled me the day after the election and I’d have given him a thumbs down.

    I read quite a few blogs and columnists. One of the funniest memes is “the republican party is dead”. Now I may personally wish all parties were dead and politicians started representing ALL of the people, but even I know neither party is ever “dead”. They lose cache but they don’t seem to die.

    IMO our government works best (ie causes the least harm) when you have divided government. All republicans or all democrats, no thanks. I want to see fighting and compromise. My husband has a theory (and I don’t disagree) that the Clinton years were so successful because the constant fighting over stupidity allowed the US to function well because it was not being micromanaged.

    I long for the return of the Clinton years.

    • I never understood how they could make that claim Ann. The American people are fickle. Too many people put their hopes and trust into a man they knew absolutely nothing about. this was always going to come back and bite em on the tush.

      If you look at all the exit polls and the election data…Honestly look at it…Obama barely squeaked by. and that was because many independents were willing to give him the benefit of doubt.

      Now, with job loss and the massive giveaway to Wall-Street. I believe if Obama does not “Walk on Water” soon…..he will go down in flames in 12 and the once “DEAD” Republican party will come up and bite the Bot’s in the Boot-tay!

      • “Yes, he can” – walk on water!

        Red, did you see/remember the cartoon from a year back with Obama actually walking on water? Beneath the surface were a row of white people with their arms up, palms turned for him to step on, and “White liberal guilt” written all over them.

        I really don’t see those palms being turned down anytime soon.

    • Hi Ann,

      You’re not alone. When I think back to how good things were under Clinton, it just makes me sick about what has become of our country.

      • My wife and I were just talking about this very thing today BB. What a mess our country has become

      • Yes. Could we please have some of that peace and prosperity back now? Bill left this country in really good condition.

      • But that wasn’t because of Gingrich. It was in spite of him. I think “divided government” is a crock. If that’s when government “works best” then explain why it worked so lousy under Reagan, or explain the New Deal or the Great Society. The problem isn’t divided v. not divided. It’s that there really is no labor movement anymore. There’s no large lobbying constituency for working people. It’s all big business, swapping funds to whichever Party is in power.

    • My new mantra: BBB – Bring Bill Back. Hillary would do just fine, too.

      • Mhmm, yes, repeal the twenty second amendment just to get Bill back, please. That would be one hell of a primary. BC would wipe the floor with him.

    • Barack ain’t a Democrat in the traditional sense. Harry and Louise,worship of Reagan……that’s Republican. we got the closest anyone could possibly get to your scenario without actually electing the GOP. That being said I would have loved to see what a real Democrat who actually supported things like Universal Healthcare would have done. The problem isn’t that they are all Democrats. The problem is there are too many Republicrats with corporate ties.

  6. …or, perhaps they’ve encountered the same dismissive tone deaf response to their attempts to impact on policy

  7. The only people who strongly approve of the job Obama is doing are Wall Street bankers and half-wits with Kool-aid smiles.

    • The latter being pretty much everybody in my fauxgressive town. My Facebook is STILL covered in “Neener neener neener Sarah Palin!!!!” crap.

      • Save their comments.
        I have feeling that Sarah Palin will become president and become a favorite of the Obots, after all many of them liked mcain and bush in the beginning I’m sure that once Obama screws up enough they will go back to republicans.

        • You’d think the crushing blows of reality sinking in would help them to think more before voting in the future.

        • They’re Libertarians – that’s what you call a Republican with a bong.

    • Yup, we can’t get Single Payer on the table of discussions but the ‘Wall Street Poor Millionaires’ already have their hands out for a SECOND STIMULUS! 😯

    • You forgot those with that “Yellow cheeto cheese” all over their faces!

  8. Why would I want to approve of a president who’s turned out to be a clone of George Bush one every issue I was concerned about before the election? Actually, I didn’t vote for him because of his FISA vote, and he’s turning out to be just the traitor I thought he’d be. I hope the banking industry is happy with their new servant, because I sure am not.

  9. I am not a statistician but, it would seem to me that, Republicans who voted for BO would be the first group willing to admit disapproval. Shortly thereafter, I would expect Independents who voted for him to register their disapproval, joined by HRC D’s who remained loyal to the party. Then, I imagine the numbers will plateau for a while. When the “Strongly Disapprove” numbers rise again after that, this will reflect the D’s who supported O and voted for him, finally and sadly giving up on the dream that was the last 2 (two) years of their lives.

    • But…remember that 30 percent or so who stuck with Bush through thick and sick? The New Left will likely display a similar dynamic.

      • Oh, yeah, the new fauxgressive obots will be that 25 – 30% hanging in there insisting he’s fabulous. I fully expect that.

      • Which means that 60% of our country is problematic(30% hardcore party identifiers from each side of the aisle-who regardless of what the party actually DOES will support them). No wonder we are constantly moving from bad to worse.

  10. This is what happens when the democrats put W2 in office. Carry on bush’s policies, inherit his numbers.

  11. Americans are beginning to respond to the dreadful economic news by downgrading their opinion of Obama’s suitability for office. In other words, they’re beginning to hold him responsible – finally – for something. This was pretty predictable, as pocketbook issues hit at home, where the pain is hard to ignore.

    What the vast majority aren’t tracking – and are not likely to – is Obama’s civil rights record, which is absolutely deplorable. Another thing the majority will probably never track is Obama’s actual history, including his down and dirty, wholly dishonest 2008 campaign. What I await is a big fat, truth telling tome which shines a bright light on Axelrovia and the role of the lying MSM in Obama’s unholy ascension. May his fall be painful in direct proportion to the damage he has done – and will almost certainly continue to do – to this country, in carrying out his entirely selfish, immensely irresponsible quest for the shiniest brass ring of American politics .

  12. People aren’t turning sour on Obama because of GOP attacks. It’s hard to see a GOP attack that people would respond to, unless it’s deficit related.

    I think people are just getting a look and don’t like what they elected.

    • looks like the O-lovefest is Overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
      & sinking fast

    • I agree, Ralph. The people I talk to just roll their eyes at the Republican attacks. They are seeing for THEMSELVES that the guy is a loser.

      • They saw it last year. Consider the number of Hillary supporters who very, very slowly decided to vote in the “D” column when Nov rolled around and these approval numbers make perfect sense. Those who were solid Obots are still holding on to the love. I know some who said they would NEVER vote for him, but did, remain of the belief that McCain would have been worse.

  13. Afrocity,

    GOOD NEWS…Burris isn’t running for re-election!

    • No, but the “Machine” is gearing up to swamp anyone not of the “Party.” Afrocity knows this is going to be an uphill battle but one I believe she can win if she has the right message.

      I’d be more than willing to help if you need me Afrocity.

    • A couple of hours ago, I posted this news on her blog. (Great minds…)

  14. O/T, but this is too bucket worthy to ignore. Unbelievable stuff:


    p.s. I obviously need a course in tinyurl. It’ll have to wait until this extraordinarily painful bulging disc in my spine has been brought under control. It’s hard to sit and type (or stand, lie down, you name it).

    • Yeah, I saw that. Our presstitutes at their finest.

    • Get well soon. Very few things are as touch as back pain!

      • Going on seven weeks of this. My personal well of stoicism has dried up. Waiting for the doc to call. Help!

        • Hope your doctor is a good one and not one of those who think pain is good. Take care!

        • That sounds excruciating. Chronic pain is so debilitating, very stressful. Take care of yourself!

        • oh dear kat, I have been there and have so many good exercises and ways to help. Too bad we are not close by. Years ago I had two disc bulges/herniation…now I just have no disc left in several places.
          Have you tried Ice? It helps me more than anything else, that and stretching. I also found that lying on my stomach for a while would allow the bulge to slide back in place and give me some relief. Exercising through the pain was the thing that finally got me back on my feet.
          Hope you find a solution that works for you.

    • Wonder if Helen was invited.

    • Kat, here’s the tinyURL site.


      So, so, sorry about your back. Been there myself – it’s excruciating.
      Take care!

  15. OT: a little tooting my own horn, but I’m heading off to the SOS offices in the morning for some meetings. I really need a secret PUMA badge I can hide under a lapel. Wish me luck.

    • What state are you in? (I might have information that could help you out.)

    • You lucky tiger….if you get to speak with her tell her she has wide support, and we’ve got long memories. An acquaintance recently saw me wearing my Hillary for president hat and asked me if I was thinking 2016 or 2020 (he’s a B0 supporter), and I shot back ‘whenever she’s ready to run, I’m ready to work for her.’ Tomorrow wouldn’t be too soon for me. The only bright spot in this administration is knowing Hillary is at State, working to sort this world out.

      • Nice reaction. I would indeed love to speak with her. I’m only meeting with non political professionals, many tiers down from her. Probably not even in the same building. But it would be the coolest.

    • give Hillary the PUMA signal if you see her. Do we have one? We should get one.

  16. My guess is the “hopey-changey thing” doesn’t put food on the table. You can hope for a job but sometimes that doesn’t change a thing! You still don’t have a job! You can hope the war is over but hey, things are even escalating in Afghanistan. We can hope our president doesn’t look like an a$$ but here he is looking like an a…….http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/slideshow/photo//090709/ids_photos_wl/r3356552547.jpg/

  17. Doesn’t surprise me. Myiq has to take his annual visit to the blogstalkers so he can find out what flavor of kool aid they are slurping to excuse this development.

  18. Interesting note. My obot loving co-worker mentioned to me today that he is now predicting that we will get no health care reform. Ever. He was pretty mad. He even mentioned something about there being no “change” whatsoever, same old same old and went on to rant that hope is all well and good but it won’t fix our economic problems. I gave him a don’t-blame-me shrug and reminded him that I’ve predicting this for months.

    I had to bite my tongue to keep from spitting out: Hillary would have worked her ass off for health care reform. She would not have given up. The woman knew the issue, had a plan and, most importantly, a heartfelt commitment to achieving it. (Whew. That feels better.)

  19. hi Dandy Tiger.

    This may sound like a letter to Santa Claus, but if you’re attending a meeting with SOS, please ask Hillary to resign from the rat-infested ship, and run in 2012.

    Thank you. Milk and cookies are on the table.

    • Just meeting with the professionals a few tiers down, no politicos. Probably not even in the same building, but I’m not sure yet. Still, it will be way cool.

    • But I agree with the sentiment. Maybe I’ll sneak out of the meetings and make a break for it, message in hand. 🙂

      • arghhh, yer a pirate dandy i see. . ; ) run the rum and shiver me timbers. send a secret message to our fair hillary; begone from the enemy vessel! arrgggh.

        have a great meeting!

  20. The poll figures will always be skewered when within the polled numbers is a group (regardless of race color or creed) that supports the person by some numbers that exceed 90% or more. To offset this, the polling companies need to increase the numbers polled, but it will take a very large group to get anywhere need the correct numbers.

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