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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
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    riverdaughter on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
    riverdaughter on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
    jmac on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
    riverdaughter on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
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Blue Dog health care thoughts

I was thrilled when I read this on Congressman Dennis Moore’s (KS-3) website – because that’s how low my expectations are:

. . . there are approximately 47 million Americans without health insurance and that is unacceptable to me – as it should be to you. We must look for solutions. We must listen to each other, since no political party has a monopoly on good ideas. And, we must work together, with all possible solutions on the table for discussion, to reform our current health care system so that we improve the quality of care, reduce costs and increase access to care for all Americans.

But, wasn’t incredibly surprised to read this clarification in an interview published today in a local paper:

“When you have 47 million people without access to health care, we have a huge problem and we need to address that,” he said. “Can we correct it all in the next few months? Probably not. But we do need to address that as a nation.

“I certainly want to preserve private insurance companies and I don’t want a government-run (health care) program – absolutely not.”

I called his office today to point out that his website confused his priorities and to thank him for clarifying the issue — that to Congressman Moore the bit that is unacceptable is that 47 million Americans aren’t paying for private insurance. . . . . NOT that 47 million Americans don’t have access to health care.

Thank you, Congressman Moore.

61 Responses

  1. ha…good point he is trying to figure out, like so many other democrats and republicans how to make people who can’t afford insurance, pay for it anyway.

  2. Kucinich at Single-Payer Hearing (CA Nurses “Single Payer would be economic stimulus”)

    • I agree with the nurses and 60% of the US doctors, and with 72% of the American people who want/need a Single Payer plan and I too like the nurses see that it would stimulate the economy as rising health care premiums are causing lay offs and hurting the economy.

      • I believe that single payer will be a boon to business and in the SHORT RUN will cost everyone, business and individual alike much less money. But we need someone besides DK to explain this to the american people. No one but he and a few others seem to have the guts and most people just are not listening to the guy.
        The only people who will hurt will be those making huge bucks in medical insurance and maybe some doctors who have figured out how to rig the system and make millions on not only prescribing treatments and tests, but also owning the treatments and tests.
        IMO, those people can suffer a little.
        Problem is that insurance owns politicians… all of them.

        What we need is an all out effort by a famous and well respected person on the level of Gore to go out on a campaign to educate the American people. But Gore is busy and no one else seems to be stepping up.

  3. Single Payer Action Confronts Henry Waxman,”Why did you take your name off HR 676?”

    • I love the Single Payer Action folks…keep chasing them and asking those tough questions that the media doesn’t report on. Yea! Their are still some people that are willing to take it to the streets to fight for Health Care for All Americans. YEA!

    • Wow! Waxman says that the so-called health reform currently being discussed isn’t intended to cover everyone? It’s intended to provide a choice of what you want to pay for? Here’s some news, Henry. My current choices are food or health care. Some choice. But, hey, thousands of people take off work for Michael Jackson’s memorial service? So much for priorities.

      • Wow! Waxman says that the so-called health reform currently being discussed isn’t intended to cover everyone? It’s intended to provide a choice of what you want to pay for?

        Oh, yeah, because we all know that affordable coverage for everyone is not the thing that the People have been demanding and concerned about *eyeroll*. No, we were just miffed that we didn’t have enough private plans to choose from, that was it. It reminds me of a conversation I once had with my ex-husband.

        I’d like for you to do the dishes.

        Look, I brought you candy!

        That’s nice, but what I really want is for you to do the dishes.

        Hey, look at the lovely flowers I brought you! Isn’t that what you want?

        Thanks. Now could you just do the damn DISHES, please?

        What, you would’ve rather had a nice card from me more often, is that it?

        NO!! I want you to do the MOTH**F*CKING DISHES!!!

        So these spineless Dems will trot out all sorts of co-ops, and plans, and nifty bells and whistles attached to yet more insurance plans, but they will never, ever, just take care of the damn healthcare for all like we’ve been asking.

    • More info of interest: 62% of Waxman’s career campaign financing has come from PACs, and 30% of the PAC money comes from the Health sector. Think maybe he might have a reason to drop his support of single-payer now that health care is actually being discussed in Congress?

    • I used to think very highly of Waxman. The disappointments are coming so fast now, it is bewildering.

    • I have not been in love with Waxman since he helped derail the subway in LA on behalf of his limousine liberal constituents. (He eventually got on the right side of that issue, a couple of decades too late.)

  4. Moore. (rolls eyes) He’s doing as much for you as Cantor does for me. I wish the Blue Dogs would just go ahead and change their party already! Let them obstruct the Repubs for a change.

  5. Ugh, one minute he’s open to “all possible solutions” and in the next breath it’s “absolutely not” single payer. I’m so fed up with this same old sh!t.

    • Me too, that’s why I think these Single Payer Action folks are great, they are chasing them and confronting them and posting it on youtube!

  6. OT – Did you guys see this? I apologize if it has already been posted.


    • Yup, I did 😦 Madeleine Albright was treated with respect and she is even having her staff blocked and is being marginalized.

      We Must Divest From Misogyny NOW

  7. Single Payer Action (the plan being kept off the table of discussion) Confronts UnitedHealth, “60 Americans die every day…in Canada nobody dies from lack of coverage”

  8. Single Payer Action Challenges Dodd and DeParle, “Why is Single Payer off the table?!?”…”676”..security hauls them off 😦

  9. @Congressman Earl Blumenauer; Dying for Healthcare – May 27, 2009 “22,000 thousand die every year…support HR 676”

  10. Mr. Moore wrote, ’47 million without health insurance’ and then ’47 million without access to health insurance.’ Because if it is the former then, HRC could be right; people who can afford health insurance do not purchase it and so, to provide universal health, the government must mandate purchase. And, since she could not be right in a BO administration…

    • Where is Sicko producer Moore? He chose Obama over Hillary and NOW he is no where to be found? What happened to the fighter Moore?

      • Damned good question.

        • Is he laying low or are the shows just not booking him, now that Obama is President and all our problems are magically solved?
          Or can’t Moore admit he backed the wrong horse?

      • he’s a star f*cker. He wants to be with the cool guy, always has. Nader was cooler than Gore, Clark cooler than Dean, Obama cooler than Hillary……
        Where is Moore? Hiding in a hypocrites closet.

      • He’s working on his next film. “Capitalism: A Love Story” :

        Regarding the “Love Story” mentioned in the title, Moore jokes that he felt it was time to make a “relationship movie.” He said it would make a great date flick because it has “lust, passion, romance and 14,000 jobs being eliminated every day.”

        But, yeah, when push came to shove, Moore supported the Democratic campaign that invoked Harry and Louise ads.

      • I think I read that he is working on his Wall Street doc to be released this Fall. Healthcare is so last year. He apparently can’t be bothered to care about it any longer. Haven’t heard a word from him about Iraq in a very long time either.

  11. Single Payer Action Confronts Senator Mikulski (D-Maryland)

  12. Wasn’t there a single payer health care system rally planned for today in DC??? Any info????

    • Rally for Single Payer at Union Station, in Washington, D.C.

    • (http://ourfuture.org)—Several thousand people rallied in front of the U.S. Capitol June 25 in support of health care reform and heard key Democratic members of Congress vow that they would fight for a public health insurance option as part of that reform

    • Gosh I am Daft, yes it is, but no videos yet. I still am working on my sign for the local corner and DFA is planning a video thing with Dean, but I am doing my local protest. As soon as I spot them I will put them up.

  13. Baucus is a prime example of a “political prostitute.”

      • The Bot’s will probably claim he tripped as he was walking down the stairs. Hmmm… But why did he trip?

        • His neck didn’t even go that low, in a gesture of greetings for the Queen! :shock”

          • “he wasn’t watching that woman’s behind…he had something stuck to his shoe.’ That’s it! That’s what it was!

            Funny how Sarkozy gave the whole thing away huh? They were both staring like two dogs would a bone!

        • Nope. The bots will applaud his virility and confidence.

  14. Holly Smokes, no wonder Michelle is sticking with him, rather than attending the Michael Jackson funeral. Hemmm…doesn’t he know he is being photographed?

  15. Erie Health Care Reform Rally Thursday, July 9 2009 @ Casey & Specter Offices (first video up)

  16. 10,000 Rally in D.C. for Health Care Reform
    July 9th, 2009

    Nearly 10,000 activists from coast-to-coast gathered in Washington, D.C. today to show their support for quality, affordable health care for all at the Healthcare ’09 rally. The masses of grassroots activists were joined by Members of Congress, doctors, nurses, small business owners, labor leaders, faith leaders and others to lobby Congress for health care reform. From Dr. Howard Dean to Sen. Sherrod Brown, Anna Burger and Edie Falco – the message carrying the day is “We want health care, and we want it NOW!” For those of you who couldn’t make it, below are some pics.

  17. To my great surprise, Moore’s #1 industry contributor is…..THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY. #2 is HEALTH PROFESSIONALS (they comprise approx. 40% of his TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS by Industry. He’s another weasel Democrat, up for re-election in ’10 who should be unseated. With Dems like him, who needs Republicans?!

  18. KB,

    Here’s the link you requested:


    Opensecrets.org is a centralized website which quickly and easily allows you to examine who’s taking what from whom. Not surprisingly, the Dems who are opposed to the Public Plan, almost universally have major donors from the HealthCare Mafia.

    • Thanks for the great info! I do read Open Secrets, but I can see I need to check the data on more officeholder and candidates than I have in the past. Moore must have been called on the carpet by his contributors after he made the statement Katiebird wrote about.

  19. I guess I’m just not interested in access. I’m interested in actual high quality health administered health care.

  20. You have a nice site! Great information!

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