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Tuesday – Looking for News in all the Wrong Places

OBVIOUSLY the biggest news is the funeral/carnival for the Most Important Man who Ever Lived. This post is not about that.

Dakinikat, who would normally be submitting this post, is ill and won’t be posting for a few days.  So as a special treat this post is a group project. . . .



Yesterday Katiebird had a moment of weakness when this headline made her smile, “Schumer: With Franken Seated No Need To Compromise On Public Option” — and she wasn’t the only one (see Chuck Schumer Might Need to Watch His Back). A quick search in Google shows over 4,000 references to that phrase! Well.  (quick disclaimer: A Public Plan IS a compromise — we should be talking Single Payer) THAT couldn’t last.  This stunning set of stories was submitted by ALL of todays contributors (StateOfDisbelief & BostonBoomer & Katiebird) . . . . Here’s today’s headline: White House Open to Deal on Public Health Plan :

It is more important that health-care legislation inject stiff competition among insurance plans than it is for Congress to create a pure government-run option, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said Monday.

“The goal is to have a means and a mechanism to keep the private insurers honest,” he said in an interview. “The goal is non-negotiable; the path is” negotiable.

Wow. It’s great to have our priorities straight. I KNOW — that last link is from the Wall Street Journal and their motives are nothing but suspect on this issue.  But, I thought the comments were particularly interesting.  The journalists aren’t looking for change/reform — but their readers are!

And in the fake news department (and the second in the pair of stories submitted by all of us):  Hospitals Reach Deal With Administration, $155 Billion in Health Savings Offered.

Finally, I’ve seen this story & graph all over but, it can’t be publicized enough: A Sphere of Influence

influenceThe nation’s largest insurers, hospitals and medical groups have hired more than 350 former government staff members and retired members of Congress in hopes of influencing their old bosses and colleagues, according to an analysis of lobbying disclosures and other records.

The tactic is so widespread that three of every four major health-care firms have at least one former insider on their lobbying payrolls, according to The Washington Post’s analysis.

72 Responses

  1. ‘morning, Kbird – here’s a better link on the Palin story

    I think the Governor of Alaska makes about 125k/year… if the Palins’ personal legal expenses are a half million bucks, at some point, they’ve got to look at the governorship as a losing proposition financially (not to mention all the other crap).

    I sure couldn’t afford it…

    • Palin was quoted saying: “politically speaking, if I die, I die. So be it.” Bravo for her. She has made herself a true “of the people, for the people” leader who should be feared by all politicians with their personal agendas other than serving the people. She will be the only one with the guts to criticize Obama’s policies, as she has began to do so. The controlled media will not know how to shut her up because she will be speaking directly to the people.

    • I LOVED THE INTERVIEW she did with Andrea Mitchell. Especially the: “you’re not listening to me….”

      So, all those who just couldn’t possibly take her at her word on July 3rd should do a quick reassessment of their suspicious nature and let go of the assinine speculations.

  2. I am double posting this from the last thread, because I don’t want it to get lost with yesterday’s news:

    From Hillary defender Marie Cocco at WAPO. The only thing I don’t agree with is her assessment of Palin as a politician or her future.

    Like Hillary, Sarah Faces Media Sexism
    By Marie Cocco

    WASHINGTON — As Donald Rumsfeld might put it, there is only one known known in the tsunami of speculation touched off by Sarah Palin’s announcement that she’s stepping down as governor of Alaska: The media will almost certainly have Palin to kick around some more.

    Almost as certain, my colleagues will seek to defend the indefensible as something Palin brought upon herself — by being too ignorant, too unpredictable, too touchy, too hypocritical, too loose with facts, too inept at governing, too flirty, even too obviously fertile.


    One comment that deserves to be bashed into the Middle Ages:
    Posted by: NYTeacher
    Jul 07, 08:57 AM
    Eh, this woman is completely unmoved by both Palin and Hilary’s boo-hoo-hooing over the big sexist meanies in the press. Both women are completely at home in the bare-knuckles world of big league politics; they don’t hesitate to slime their opponents (in the press) and raise and play on divisive stereotypes (well-covered in the press) to suit their election objectives. Yet, they become fragile little flowers when such tactics turn on them. Practice what you preach, ladies, then come back to me and we’ll talk about its injustice to you.

    • Wow! At least that was pretty much the only comment that was “all for” sexism. I have to wonder if the writer actually is a woman… I think the choice of words sounds like something a very sexist man would say – claiming to be female to bolster credibility.

    • The “left” is no longer the left. We need a new identifier for this new breed of haters. Any suggestions?

      • The New Hateful Democratic Party.
        We couldn’t stop Republicans from cheating, so we became even more evil than them.

      • The same people who are showing the hateful behavior toward Sarah Palin are mostly the same people who showed the vile side toward Hillary Clinton. It’s the Demoncratic group.

        • The fundamental question here: what gave rise to the Demoncrats? What accounts for their particular brand of nastiness and self righteous hypocrisy? Who are these people, exactly?

          • A lot of them, I think, are the kind of people who used to be, or would have become, moderate or even sanely conservative Republicans, if the GOP had not been taken over by crazy people. Their entry into the Democratic Party is one of the reasons the Democrats have become the DINOcrats.

          • I think many of them were always around, they just didn’t come out of their s-hell for the male politicians.

            Women who took a subservient life-style, or who knew they could have been more than they became if they had just put some effort in, make up a fair percentage of the people I personally know in the demoncratic group.

            We all know these folks….they are the ones who try to elevate their own standing by knocking the people who are doing the work down a few pegs.

  3. Get well soon Dakinikat! 🙂

  4. Palin is the quintessential ‘Bad Mother.” Along with debbie Rowe, she is giving Hillary a break:


    Thank gawd for the “good fathers” like… you know… Barack and Michael.

  5. Hope our Dakinikat gets better soon.

  6. Amy Siskind at The New Agenda: Where’s Hillary?


    • I was just talking about this this morning. Where has she gone? Biden is out there shooting his mouth off about foreign policy, and then Obama intervenes, completely contradicting what Biden said, and the SOS is nowhere to be found. Something’s up.

      • Something like an epic DC power struggle? Here’s hoping HiIlary somehow prevails against Obama’s eternal quest for world prom king status. The man’s need to satiate his own ego is something to behold.

      • she is at work today.straightening out the messes bo makes.

  7. Who ever said “he’s the most important man?” I don’t get it. I guess it’s much better to watch corrupt politicians and all of their sexual escapades and lies rather than look to a man who gave so much to the pop culture of this country and so much humanitarianism. As for all the attention (other than the millions of fans), I would venture to say the attention is the GUILT of the media.

  8. Glenn Greenwald is reporting that Dan Froomkin has been hired by Huffington Post. For someone who constantly criticises those reporters who have abandoned true journalism for access and celebrity, it’s unfortunate that Glenn can’t see that those are exactly the attributes that characterize Arianna. Sadly, Glenn seems to believe that the blogs are beyond corruption, unlike the traditional media. I have news for you, Glenn. Anyone who attempts to make a living blogging is no more beyond corruption than the MSM.

  9. Hey KB:
    Hope your dad is doing better.

    Here are 2 stories I read this morning.

    Probably in response to self-important assholes like David Broder, Norm Ornstein talks about what his friend, Senator Al Franken brings to the Senate:

    Good Enough, Smart Enough

    TNR is taking Obama to task over DADT
    Make the Ask
    This editorial elicited the following comment:

    Wow. First there was Philip Glass. Then Scott Beauchamp. Then Barack Obama. Dang, you TNR guys are gullible.

    Btw, Lance Armstrong just missed the Maillot Jaune at the Tour de France by a whimper, and we are just at the 4th stage. I think he’ll win the whole thing. What a performance!

    Get well soon Kat.

    • The thing about The New Republic article – there is a factual error at the beginning of the article. The article said Clinton signed DADT in 1996. When I see a stupid mistake like that I just quit reading.

    • But the Danish team gets to keep the yellow jersey for one more day, yay! 😀

      (Even if only by a whimper, lol!)

        • 😉

          (Btw have you noticed, that with these smilies we now all look like pirates when we wink, lol!
          But that’s about the only positive thing I’ll say about them 😦 . I miss the old smilies.)

  10. So, First Lady Michelle isn’t going to the funeral of Michael Jackson. Hemmmmmmm….I guess he wasn’t that into him, ala Jessie Jackson Jr. (how he found out he wasn’t Obama’s ‘favorite’ replacement for his senate seat).

  11. I noticed in the news that Hillary is meeting with Honduran President Zelaya today.

    Here is my take on what Hillary is doing vs. what Obama is doing.

    I think they decided that Hillary needed to stay home this week and take care of the western hemisphere. Obama can’t really do much harm over in the eastern hemisphere and if he does Hillary can fix it later.

  12. Where is Hillary? The worstest members of the Obama administration want her on a short leash and out of the spotlight while the Prez tries desperately to regain some political oomph. His domestic policies are not only destroying us, but worse, people are catching on. So Mr I’m The Greatest is being aimed at picking up some creds in the foreign policy arena.

    Hillary is keepin’ on keepin’ on… carrying on with her work. When Obama comes to be regarded as just a dumb old fart, she will have put a woman on Mars.

    • And meanwhile Rahm is at his desk in the White House (instead of traveling with Obama like he usually would) so he can give away the store on health care reform.

  13. Watch out for exploding heads as Obama is now below 50% approval in Ohio.


    Keep dropping sucker!

    • I read the other day that one of Obama’s major aims in visiting Russia is to bolster his lagging personal popularity index there. (Apparently, People magazine’s reach has limits.) Now he’s got trouble in Ohio?

      Looks like Air Force One is gonna be burning the midnight fuel.

    • You know, Ralph, I am right there with you in enjoying the “told you so” and “I wasn’t wrong” satisfaction. But, the fact is, his approval ratings going down are the result of him not being capable of doing the job at even a mediocre level. Considering the mess the country is in economically and freedom-wise, we really NEED him to get serious and figure out his approval ratings aren’t based on charm. We have to live in the country this guy is leading, and my hope is that he gets off his pedestal and realizes what needs to be done.

      • Faint hope that, meee2. What is there in Obama’s history that indicates he has the ability to put his ego needs on the back burner in favor of just governance and personal gravitas?

        • I know. Problem is we all have to live in the country he neglects. His failure is ours to live with…he doesn’t short himself anything.

      • I’m not exactly happy my country could go down the tubes, but I don’t see anything we can do about it as long as Obama’s clown shoes are under the desk in the oval office. (Sorry myiq, no offense intended).

        Low approval ratings might just move him off his high horse, since I doubt he has any deep personal beliefs or ethics.

        • He’s no one to mess with. As bad as he’s been with high approval ratings, it’s kind of risky to make this guy mad. Imagine the things he would do to punish the country if his ratings were low.

          His history proves that NOTHING gets this guy in a frame of mind where hard work is his answer.

    • Does anyone know if there are any good contenders in the Democratic Party that could (and be willing) to go against Obama in 2012? As long as the person is charismatic and has a good strategy for caucus states, I believe they can beat Obama. Hillary could probably defeat Obama in 2012 but she’s not going to run against Obama. Hoping she runs in 2016

      • I would give a lot to see Feingold run. But I wanted him to run in 2008 as well.

  14. This 24/7 obsessive MJ coverage is insane, but I am grateful that they are so busy with it that they just don’t have time find a woman to bash as the designated hate receptacle du jour. No 24 hr coverage of Britney shaving her head, Carrie Perjean loosing her crown, Nancy Pelosi destroying the world, Sarah Palin driving up sales of Depends for pundits who all seem to be pissing their pants.

    But never fear, they’ll get back to the business of misogyny soon.

  15. The Michael Jackson memorial is not a carnival. It is very somber, respectful and fitting for a man who contributed greatly to the world of music.

    I don’t care what people want to claim to know about what he did in his life. He was reclusive for much the same public behavior as that we’ve all been condemning against Sarah Palin.

    • I’m very sorry I offended you with my comment. But, when the 24 hour coverage went past the one week mark my brain snapped.

      • A deep breath often helps reconnect the brain to reality. We’ve endured non-stop coverage on many things we personally feel little significance in, we can get through this without being sarcastic about the Jackson family’s devastating loss. 1.6 million people asked for tickets to this memorial, and that’s just a fraction of the people who are watching via tv, and internet.

        For the moment, he is

        the Most Important Man who Ever Lived.

        • Well said meeee2,

          I was tempted by the snark beast but I held my tongue and I’m glad I did. Sure, there are “more important things”. There always will be but, apparently the service was remarkably well done and tasteful.

      • I’m with you. I guess people don’t have enough sadness in their own lives and want to take on more sadness/other people’s sadness??

        Michael Jackson would barely have given the time of day to the 1.6 million people who signed up for his memorial service — besides the fact that I’m sure many people signed up so they could sell the tickets.

        It is a sad state of affairs when a celebrity — who by any account was at least a little wierd if not worse — garners more ratings in this country than health care, starvation, etc. We are a society of simpletons.

        And no I didn’t watch the funeral.

        • There’s room in life for many elements. Embracing the family of Michael Jackson on this day in response to what they opened up for the world of his fans is fair. If you don’t want to participate that’s fine. You can respectfully decline without passing judgment on those who want to share with the fans.

        • Michael Jackson would barely have given the time of day to the 1.6 million people who signed up for his memorial service — besides the fact that I’m sure many people signed up so they could sell the tickets.

          T…inSnow2 and you could be twins. I’ll bet you’re actually the same person, though.

          She always makes “factual” comments about things she doesn’t know a darn thing about, too. I’ve heard many a radio caller and interview of fans who found themselves in range of Michael Jackson and every single one of them said he was normal and gracious and loved talking with his fans. Then, if you had watched the memorial you would have heard people speak of him with eloquence and genuine love. It would have made your unkind comment impossible, though, and you would have been denied the chance to spew such mean thoughts. Good thing you didn’t watch.

  16. Hillary is getting it done. This is the reason she stayed in the U.S. while Obama went for the photo op.

    Hillary Clinton has just released a statement – Re: Zelaya. This is a smart move.


    • Your link goes nowhere.

      • Damn – please don’t let that be a reflection on Hillary as she is getting somewhere…

        Announced today –

        Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is announcing that Costa Rican President Oscar Arias will serve as international mediator in the Honduran political crisis.

        Clinton made the announcement Tuesday at the State Department after meeting privately with ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.

        She said Zelaya as well as the politician who took over as defacto Honduran leader, Roberto Micheletti, agreed to the Arias role as mediator. She said Arias would work on the problem from Costa Rica, not in Honduras.

        Clinton also called on all parties to refrain from further violence in an effort to resolve the political crisis.

  17. I just have to repeat myself from a few months ago “WTF did we elect Obama for???? We couldn’t let PALIN win ’cause she was a REPUBLICAN who wouldn’t work for our causes……. No we have ZERO who ALSO won’t work for our causes, but we have a meadia too far up his ass to be able to see anything, much less report on it!!!”

    • WE didn’t elect him. Some of us who had never voted anything but Democrat did the unthinkable and voted McCain/Palin. I for one was lambasted on several sites that I was giving up my principles.

      Imagine if enough Democrats had said no way to this fraud we would be working today on rebuilding the Democratic party to reflect real liberal values and looking forward to Hillary’s run in ’12.

  18. The Dem base was told to they had to vote for Obama in order to stop GOP/Bush policies going forward. Many held their noses and did so. And what happened? there is a supposed Dem president pushing Bush policies at hyper speed . It’s a double sucker punch… those f-ing bastards .

  19. Does anyone remember the pop quiz from ABC News during the debate when Hillary was asked to name the new incoming President of Russia? She stumbled the pronunciation but got the name right. Obama agreed, he too would have known the name if they had asked him that question (what she said). Seems he forgot what Hillary had said when he referred to Putin as the President, uhm, I mean………..
    Too bad she wasn’t there. Bet she remembered.

  20. What? No Jackson memorial? ***Snark!*** 🙂

    By the way…Have you guys seen this………..?

    Seems Obama is claiming to have met “MEEChelle” in class. Hmmmm? really? I thought it was at a Law Office they both worked for. Jeez….The Bu;;S@*$ continues to pile up with this character!

    • I’ve only ever heard Michelle tell the story of meeting Obama at the office, so he’s calling her a liar, I guess.

      Actually, we all know he panders to his crowd and tells a whopper to every one of them in order to have “something in common” with his fans. Sheesh!

      Anyone who doubts the honesty of those memoires of his needs to pay attention to how often this guy twists the truth to his advantage.

  21. Obama better get back in town. Hillary is taking over.

    Re: China

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Tuesday renewed the U.S. call on all parties in China’s troubled Xinjiang region to exercise restraint after ethnic unrest. More than 150 people have been reported killed in clashes mainly between Chinese security forces and Muslim Uighurs.

    Clinton’s call for restraint, at a State Department press event, was the highest-level U.S. appeal thus far on the unrest in Xinjiang, which erupted Sunday with rioting in the regional capital of Urumqi.

    In the unrest, the worst reported outbreak of ethnic violence in China in decades, thousands of Uighurs – who have complained of discriminatory treatment by Beijing authorities – clashed with police and troops.

    Secretary Clinton, who begins a trip next week to South and East Asia, said the United States is deeply concerned by the casualty reports.

    “We are trying to sort out, as best we can the facts and circumstances from the region,” said Hillary Clinton. “And we’re calling on all sides to exercise restraint. We know there’s a long history of tension and discontent, but the most immediate matter is to bring the violence to a conclusion.”

    • Much more of this and we’ll be hearing the media non-stop speculating on what “I’ve decided I need to spend more time with my family” really means! 🙂

  22. @meeee2 and @Sheri: I share your sympathies re Michael Jackson and the memorial.

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