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“On Being Sane in Insane Places”: Sarah Palin and the Rosenhan Study

The media doesn't "get" genuine

The media doesn't "get" genuine

In 1973, David Rosenhan, a sociologist, conducted a study (Warning, PDF file, scroll down) of the difficulty people have in overcoming being labeled as having a mental illness. Rosenhan and seven colleages got themselves admitted under false names to different mental hospitals around the country by claiming they were hearing voices, a common symptom of schizophrenia. Once they were admitted to the hospitals and diagnosed as schizophrenic, these “pseudopatients” behaved completely normally and were completely truthful about their life histories.

Despite the fact that these people did not act “crazy” in any way, they were kept in the hospitals for periods of time ranging from 9 to 52 days. None of the mental health professionals who examined the pseudopatients ever detected that they were sane, although other patients noticed and sometimes accused the pseudopatients of doing undercover research.

Once they had been given the schizophrenic label, everything the pseudopatients did or said and even their personal histories were interpreted by psychiatrists and other hospital staff as reinforcing their diagnoses. For example, some of the pseudopatients took notes during their time in the hospital. This innocuous behavior was interpreted as delusional and a sign of deep psychological disturbance.

So how does this relate to the situation Sarah Palin finds herself in? Palin is a perfectly normal person who got sucked into the insane world of presidential politics. It has been determined by the talking heads and media mavens of Washington and New York that Sarah Palin wants to be President. No one knows for sure if this is true, but now that she has that label, everything she says or does is interpreted to relate to her supposed presidential ambitions. Based on their assumptions about Palin, various talking heads, reporters, and bloggers have also labeled her ignorant and unqualified.

Stanley Fish has a wonderful op-ed in the New York Times today on the insanity of the media’s efforts to interpret the words and behavior of Sarah Palin and Mark Sanford. I want to focus on the portion of his piece that deals with Sarah Palin’s inability to overcome the labels the media has put on her. Fish writes:

Both Republican governors made rambling and sometimes halting statements of about 18 minutes (is that the canonical length for this kind of thing?), and in response the commentators speculated endlessly about why they had said what they said. The one explanation they didn’t seem capable of coming up with was that they meant it, that their words were coming from the heart, from an interior that may have been fissured and rocky, but was nonetheless (dare I use the word) genuine.

Palin had barely finished speaking when MSNBC paraded analysts from both sides of the aisle (Matt Lewis and Chris Kofinis) who agreed that (1) it was a disastrous performance and (2) they couldn’t for the life of them figure out why she had delivered it. Kofinis: “It’s hard to understand why she’s resigning.” Lewis: “What she’s essentially done is guarantee that no pundit could make any intellectual defense of her.”

Later, Joe Scarborough pronounced in the same vein: “It’s hard to find a compelling reason.” The former majority leader of her own party, Ralph Samuels, chimed in, “I’ve had a million calls today from friends, all political junkies, and everyone is asking the same questions. Is it national ambition, or does she want time to write the book, or is she just tired of it. Don’t have a clue.”

Maybe he should look at the video and pay attention this time to the reasons she gives. It is true that her statement was not constructed in a straightforward, logical manner, but the main theme was sounded often and plainly: This is not what I signed up for. I’m spending all my time and the state’s money responding to attack after attack and they aren’t going to let up because, “It doesn’t cost the people who make these silly accusations a dime.”

There it is, but the pundits still don’t get it. They can’t imagine that Sarah Palin might be just telling the unvarnished truth: she can see that the rest of her term as governor is going to be devoted to fighting false allegations of scandal and seeing her children attacked by comedians, talk show hosts, and bloggers. Then she’ll have to deal with all the pundits on TV spending endless hours discussing the insults to her family and analyzing her reactions. She’s sick and tired of the media circus, she feels she can’t do her job, and she wants out.

I don’t need to judge whether Palin’s conclusions are right or wrong; I can just see that they make sense to her. We ordinary people who are not caught up in the consensus reality shared by the media know-alls in the Washington DC-New York City nexus can accept that Sarah Palin just expressed her real thoughts and feelings in her press conference on Friday. We are like the other patients who could see that Rosenhan’s colleagues weren’t “crazy.” They had just made the mistake of “being sane in insane places”–the same mistake that Sarah Palin made when she accepted the role of vice presidential candidate.

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178 Responses

  1. Great post. I have found myself wondering what the heck is wrong with me… Every media pundit is calling her press conference either “rambling” or “incoherent” or both (As a matter of fact, it is always those two words which makes me wonder if everyone in the media gets the same talking points memos on what to say). Personally, I had absolutely no problem understanding what she was saying. She seemed a bit flustered, but hell… she was resigning as Governor of the state she is devoted to… that had to be nerve racking. But it was obvious to me what she was saying. She can’t operate as governor because the ethics complaints have effectively hijacked the executive office. The state is wasting valuable money and resources on dealing with that crap, and the state would be better served if her lt. governor assumed the role. She stated that quite clearly. As a matter of fact, everyone I have talked too (admittedly, not many, but mostly non-political people) knew exactly what she was talking about.

    Clearly, the problem is not any “incoherence” on Palin’s part. Rather, it is an inability of the political elite to understand ordinary people. Everyone spins this into various possible implication for a POTUS run or making millions in the private sector. It never occurred to most of the media that perhaps she was just being candid and honest.

    • That’s it exactly. We understand what she is going through as a person and a mother. We might not agree with her views, but we get that she’s going through hell. She has been furiously attacked on a daily basis ever since she accepted McCain’s offer of the VP spot.

      Any normal person can see what she has been subjected to and understand why she doesn’t want to continue fighting a losing battle. It was bad enough for Hillary, who had years of experience with the media attacking her and twisting her words. She really wants the public life. Maybe Palin has found out she doesn’t.

      She did say that she would work to help others who run for and hold public office. I think she has made a choice to be a real person instead of a power-mad politician.

      • Regarding the irrational Palin hate-mongers… it all boils down to the following truisms in class & gender for me:

        *snobs hate “down-to-earth” folks-

        *insecure guys hate secure individualist women-

        They (snobs & insecure types) sublimate & deflect away from their own voids and then project (unfairly) onto those people of substance & integrity.

        (*sigh*) So it has been throughout the ages..

        and SO should it be continually called out & condemned

        Great topic, BB… I always love the psychology stuff 🙂

    • “Rather, it is an inability of the political elite to understand ordinary people.”

      No, I wish it was that innocent, it is not. They, those with the megaphones, are deliberately trying to end Sarah Palin’s political career. The words aren’t prompted by a desire to report news or by individual political insight gained during years of keen observation – they are just following orders. Sarah knows that and so does her lawyer, she has thrown down the gauntlet to them all and to us as well.

      Go SarahCuda, I accept your challenge.

    • i had no problem understanding her.

      • Me neither…

        Actually, I think that political elite understand Palin *very well* and they UNDERSTAND she is a threat…

        The DC clubs evaluation of this conundrum?: Elimination of “threat” by any means necessary-

        Well, in my humble opinion (unrolls the middle finger) the snobs can “Sit and spin,” as we used to say in the 80’s.

    • These are the same people that proclaimed GW a genuis and cheerleaded the war. They are the same people who have brought us to the disater we have now. So why the hades is anyone listening to them opine?

      My opinion: They are morons. we’re better off ignoring them and their personal opinions.

      • & I do, I do! I only read about it here and on a few other blogs. I haven’t listened to their inanity since March 2008, and I don’t miss them a bit. I don’t drink poison, so why would I imbibe their nonsense?

    • The problem is she did not practice her metronomic swing back and forth forth from Teleprompter Left to Teleprompter Right…


      parroting fabricated lies carefully tested and crafted by Axelrod & Favreau. Who does she think she is talking like a regular person?!!

      • hahaha… we can’t have regular people talking now can we? After all political leadership in rightfully restricted to people who have earned it by securing Ivy league educations, inheriting wealth and political connections.

      • Lol! So true.

      • I wholeheartedly agree. I also am aghast at the deafening silence from McCain himself – I realize the elite don’t want us regular folks – the riff raff messing with politics and heaven forbid – possibly getting elected but she was his running mate for God’s sake.

        BB, you got me thinking and I went over to Violet’s place and sure enough there was her rant from last weekend that certainly puts the “feminists'” anti-Palin position in perspective – really on point


    • They are lying about their confusion, hoping that notion will lodge in people’s minds.

      She ended her talk with a quote from General MacArthur: We are not retreating, we are advancing in a different direction.

      What’s so hard to understand? She’s not backing off, she’s getting started.

      • The mainstream media’s worked hard to establish the boundaries of proper political thinking – establishing a ‘Maginot line’ for acceptable candidates, if you will.

        Saddam set up his defenses to counter the perceived threat in the Gulf War in 1991 – good, solid setups that an Allied force would break itself against….

        Only Schwarzkopf didn’t play the game as Saddam had it set. He went over Saddam with the air war, he went around the setpiece battle Saddam tried to draw him into. You get around their lines and you can attack from the other side or press on to a different objective while they stand there going “Wha’ happened?”

        I get the feeling we’re seeing the same thing on a political level. Palin definitely bears watching – I think she’s identified some weaknesses in the arrangement and she’s aiming to split things wide open…

  2. Most excellent post. What a concept, perhaps she just simply meant what she said. Simple as that.

    The world around her, esp. the media, that most incredulous, inane body of wasted space and oxygen as we have noted these many decades now, is completely bonkers. She had to defend in court against holding a fish, against a label on a jacket, against answering questions to the media for gods sake, and many more things. How does that help Alaska. Or her family. Pretty simple choice really if you think about it.

    That doesn’t say anything about her future of course. It may or may not make some future choices harder, but that’s not the point. She made the right choice for her state and her family. And that concept alone is so utterly foreign to the media, that they can’t see it right in front of them.

    This is kind of a perfect example of what is wrong with the world right now, esp. politics.

    • Thanks DandyTiger. I thought Fish’s op-ed was absolutely brilliant. We don’t know what will happen next, but what’s wrong with just accepting the reasons she actually gave?

      • And very telling how none of the talking heads can even see that as a possibility. They’re so twisted and convoluted that they have no idea what’s going on in the world. They’re in a bubble every bit as much as Michael Jackson was in a bubble (to cleverly bring it around to another crazy topic the pundits love). Ha, probably sucking down similar drugs for all we know.

        • They projecting. Because they have ulterior motives for what they say and do then Sarah Palin must have them as well.

    • This is the only blog I’ve found that doesn’t have a comment section loaded with “she did it to herself” themed accusations. The vile commenters elsewhere are bent on claiming there is noting wrong with what they are saying and the horrors they are wishing on her and her family. They are trying to relieve themselves of responsibility for the ill-will and put it back on Sarah. Control freaks do that to people.

      If you haven’t read the TChris post of yesterday, and the 2 Jeralyn posts the day before, TalkLeft is rabid with hatred. Hatred that has absolutely nothing to do with themselves in their own opinion…they feel they are forced to say those horrible things as their civic duty. That’s supposed to be a professional, legal and intelligent blog!!

      • Don’t give up on TalkLeft, the commenters often have very different opinions, and Big Tent Democrat is smart and, for the most, part, fair.
        Speaking for myself only. wink.

        • Jeralyn and TChris promised to keep up the hatred against Sarah Palin. They believe they are single-handedly making it impossible for her to hold public office. Who wants to spend time reading a blog that clearly isn’t contributing to the conversation and research? BTD isn’t so smart or he’s hitch his star to a better wagon. Jeez, JM’s blogging of the convention was such a major joke. She’s a wanna be without what it takes to get there.

          Karma isn’t to be messed with. She openly wishes ill-will and failure on Sarah Palin and she’s going to find herself in the same boat.

    • It looks to me to be the same kind of clap trap that Bill put up with day in and day out from the day he walked into the presidency.

      Hey, she’s kind scary lady parts and didn’t go to Yale or Harvard. 😕

  3. The “talking heads” just can’t get it past their thick skulls that she is fed up with the attacks on, not only her, but her family. These so-called “Experts’ can not fathom someone actually putting their family and beliefs ahead of their egos.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    • if only there were a way to shut down the 24/7 infotainment stations as being bad for America. They are willfully making the public stupider.
      But no, it has to the be the news papers going under rather than the dolts at msnbc.

    • The difference in Palin’s kids and Obama’s kids…. the media decided – Obama’s kids were OFF LIMITS from the gitgo!

  4. I also think the media can’t fathom the possibility of a politician willingly relinquishing power without any shameful wrongdoing.

    • I agree.
      And if MSNBC and Obot sites weren’t so terrified of Palin, they wouldn’t be continually dangling some kind of corruption fiasco “to come.”

  5. Psychoanalysis seems to be very slightly more scientific than astrology.

    Sue me!

    • I’m not sure what you mean, but there isn’t any psychoanalysis in my post.

      • I was referring to the article you quoted. Granted, it is off on a tangent from the topic of the post.

        • The only article I quoted from was by Stanley Fish in the New York Times. The study I referred to was by a sociologist, based on participant observation–nothing to do with psychoanalysis or even psychology.

          • If what you are saying is that psychoanalysis (a theory promulgated by Sigmund Freud) isn’t scientific, you are correct. I know very few psychologists who would disagree with that. It’s hardly an original thought.

            In fact most of Freud’s ideas and conclusions have been thoroughly discredited, although a few, such as defense mechansims, do stand up to scientific study. The importance of Freud today is mostly his influence on Western culture.

            But again, there is nothing even distantly related to psychoanalysis in my post. I tried to make a point about media and a particular consensus reality. If you don’t agree with my point, that’s OK with me. But to just drop in and make an unrelated (and obvious) statement about psychoanalysis seems a little strange to me.

          • I think what he is saying refers to your summary:

            Once they had been given the schizophrenic label, everything the pseudopatients did or said and even their personal histories were interpreted by psychiatrists and other hospital staff as reinforcing their diagnoses. For example, some of the pseudopatients took notes during their time in the hospital. This innocuous behavior was interpreted as delusional and a sign of deep psychological disturbance.

          • That still isn’t psychoanalysis.

          • Fine. I just think that’s what a non-pyschiatric degreed person was referring to in his/her comment. Not sure it needs to be so beaten up.

          • OK, I see what you mean. I took it as a criticism of my post. Maybe it wasn’t? It’s not clear to me, but thanks for helping me understand.

          • Truly, I don’t think it was intended as a criticism of your post. Seems more like a thought that developed from that section of the post I quoted where the psychiatrists couldn’t get past the acuracy of their original diagnosis.

          • Thanks meeee2,

            Sorry BB, I wasn’t criticizing your post. Meeee2 expressed my random thought at the very interesting study you cited.

            Regarding the post, you are right on.

  6. From another blogger:

    “Really awful, I was reading the news this morning about the SC serial killer. Witnesses describe him as “smart, polite, personable, charming.” Then I go and read an article about Palin and they call her “insane, self centered, and stupid.”

    That’s the patriarchy for you. Psychotic men who kill people for insane reasons are charming and personable. Women who go into politics to serve others are frigid, slutty,and stupid.

    Of course the Palin hatred is a distraction. Nobody wants to try and defend the Mitt Romney health care plan Obama is going to deliver. Mandatory insurance for everyone and fines if you don’t comply. Nobody wants to try and defend the cap and trade bill, a plan so environmentally unfriendly, Kucinich voted against it. Nobody wants to deal with the fact that Obama is continuing the Bush policies, writing executive orders and detaining people without charges.”

    • That was yttik, and now even Paul Begala is into Palin Bashing. 😦

      • Male chauvinist pigs are coming out of the woodwork.

        At least we know who they all are — (including the female/MCPs– or the female defenders of the patriarchy.)

        Palin isn’t crazy — she is a “what you see is what you get” sort of person. AND the gamers in the village don’t understand the western pioneer/rural belief in — “telling it like it is”.

        Palin and I have some of the same ancestors — going back to her Idaho genealogy. These were people who migrated from the east, through the mid-west and finally to Idaho. I’ve found that many people on the east coast simply do NOT understand the rural western — frontier friendliness and being flat out honest in your dealings with others. When I lived on the east coast years ago — I heard so many remarks about the “phoniness” of people on the west coast. (often when east coasters talk about the west coast they are talking about CALIFORNIA.)

        There are cultural differences — and Palin is a product of the west coast — the rural culture. I know where she is coming from — and she knows crazy behavior (from the media and so called “liberal” bloggers) when she sees crazy.

        So sue me — I’m a product of my education — psychology, Sociology and Anthropology.


        Also what we are missing in the “written” word in the vile comments about Palin — are the body language and the voice used when speaking about Palin. I’ve noticed that people doing their hate speak about Palin get a real ugly look on their face — as if they are talking about a war criminal or other life form. Their voice also gets strange — and I hear memes repeated. Their body becomes rigid — but it especially their face. It is as if each of these Palin hating people has a little recorder stuck in their heads — and they can only repeat what is in their recorder. That recorder is stuck deep in the most primitive part of their brain. I can detect no complex reasoning — a product of higher brain function. It is sort of like animals out on the hunt and ready to kill their prey.

        • Classic lizard brain all the way. It’s some sort of learned reaction but darned if I can understand it.

        • That is the most insightful comment I have seen in ages–particularly the last paragraph. Thank you.

          • I wonder if the body language of the “Palin hate ranters” is the same all over? I’ve seen several individuals sort of “click” into the Palin derangement syndrome — people that didn’t know each other — and at different times. I first saw it in a couple of my gay friends — their behavior surprised me. Then I saw it in other — all democrat leaning voters — male and female — didn’t matter. At that point I was ignoring exactly what they were saying because their body language was nearly identical.

            Now I’m wondering if the Palin haters show similar body language when they are typing their comments??

            Oh — another parallel — the folks in the UK who hate (still hate) Princess Diana. I read an article where one Brit was comparing Diana with Sarah Palin. The misogyny is so over powering — and the way some “feminists” are joining in the hunt — is really unreal.

            Yes — I agree that myiq with his Tribalism analogy is on the right track. Also Violet Socks (Reclusive Leftist) is also trying to under stand the haters — who continue to tell lies about Palin — even when they know what the truth is.

          • That comment about body language reminded me of something I saw earlier, not here I don’t think, where someone said they hate her voice, it sounds prissy. Okay, I understand how when you don’t care for someone, everything they do annoys you. Obama’s Midwest twang gets on my nerves. But, I understand that’s because I don’t care for him, and I would never say that’s a reason not to vote for him. This voice thing was actually put forward as if it was a rational reason to hate Palin more than any other politician. They say things that are perfectly inane as if they make sense.

        • As myiq stated in an earlier post–it’s tribal survivalism. It really is the reptilian brain, and it’s fascinating to watch all these people who fancy themselves so evolved, the “highly educated elite” behaving like primates. It’s clearly coming from a very deep unconscious place.

        • Excellent point. And yes, as fif says it relates to myiq’s post earlier too. There is definitely some animal/tribal thing going on with many of these haters. I’ve seen that too but just didn’t really put it together until you said that.

          Some of those haters are amongst the media talking heads. And what’s just as disturbing are the media talking heads that don’t have that same level of hate but are instead so far gone from humanity in the way they are detached. I don’t know quite what that is, but it’s disturbing.

          Anyway, great post and great comment. This really is telling us a lot about ourselves. A lot of it is fear and loathing of a woman in power. It’s probably other things as well. We should continue to analysis this, it’s very telling about our society I think.

        • it reminds me of the right wing’s hatred of the Clintons.

    • i agree they dont report real news anymore . anytime i listen to the MSM now all i hear is michael jackson …

    • I’m always amused by all the people who say “He couldn’t possibly have committed this crime, he’s such a nice guy!” yes, as opposed to all the criminals who have flashing neon signs over their heads for easy identification. Most of the progressives who can see that Hillary and Sarah are calculating Medea shrews also thought Roberts would not be a reliable conservative vote because he wore a nice suit, didn’t yell, and didn’t snap and attack a Congressional page during his hearings. Don’t try to fool those guys, they know the score.

  7. “Palin hit with new ethics complaint.”


    From what I can tell, it’s similar to something that was going around during the campaign, and nothing came of it.

    • That’s identical to one of the other 15. That one was settled already. Can’t come up with new ones, I guess they’re recycling now.

      • That’s what I thought. Thanks.

        BTW, great comments over at Corrente on Lambert’s silly post.

        • One does what one can, though it’s always too little.

          • I don’t think Lambert got what he wanted out of that thread.

          • corrente is been great on health care. they really need to specialize on health care and economic issues. I love them for that but politics are not a strong point.

    • I really hope she sues some of these people for slander as her lawyers warned. She needs to fight back, and make them pay–that’s the only thing that will slow the lies.

    • seems like the same modus operandi they employed with the Clintons.

  8. Watch this video, Sarah Palin Church burn down (but the misogyny is all in her mind)

  9. Best post yet on what Sarah Palin meant. She just said what she meant. It’s so simple the pundits will never get their heads around it.

    I doubt Sarah has a good notion about what the future brings but it seems to be another obsession of the political class. I really hate these people on both sides.

  10. Wow, this is an amazing post by Amy Siskind.

    My 11 year-old daughter adores Sarah Palin. She is too young to understand pro-choice and pro-life. The difference between drilling and being environmentally cautions. My daughter looks at Sarah Palin and she sees herself. My daughter plays point guard in basketball like Sarah. My daughter is a competitor and works really hard like Sarah. My daughter will be devastated.

    For not once, but twice in the last two years, my daughter has seen a hero fall. Three years ago, when Hillary was serving at a NY State Senator, my daughter wrote a third grade report about Hillary. I took my daughter to meet Hillary, who took the time in the throngs of thousands of supporters to stop, read my daughter’s report, and ask her about it. This is when I became inspired into political activism. This is when my daughter found an important role model. And my daughter believed “I CAN BE PRESIDENT.”

    I still remember an email that a mother sent me last October. She was grieving because her 12 year-old daughter, who prior to 2008 had aspired to a career in politics, told her that she no longer wanted to be a politician – that the boys wouldn’t let the girls win. Teenage girls might experience sexism in a different way, but believe me, they “get it” nonetheless.

    • I just read that and was going to post on it too bb! This part struck me:

      And I want to be hopeful that NOW can reinvent itself under new leadership. I wrote an article for The Huffington Post about the importance of NOW as a national organization. But then a National Board Member of NOW has taken the time to come to our website and write this:

      We are not new agenda/Palin supporters. We support candidates and women that adhere to choice

      Sigh, this type of thing makes me lose hope that despite their decline, the folks at NOW “get it.”

      So much for signing up for NOW again…

      • But they supported Obama who doesn’t adhere to choice in any of his actions so far. Sad. I guess I won’t bother signing up for NOW again either.

        • I won’t either. If NOW won’t stand up for any woman who has become the target of misogyny, they are not worth my money, time, or support.

      • could you supply a link because I would love to, as a RABID supporter of choice answer that woman from NOW.

    • So sad. ): I never even thought there was the possibility of a woman President, so it didn’t bother me too much. I never really thought about it. But what kills me is knowing that it’s not just that nobody will get there, it’s that anyone who tries will be destroyed. The sheer thuggery involved and the fact that there isn’t necessarily anything anybody can do about it.

      • I’m sorry to hear that because I sure thought Hillary was going to be President. Overly optimistic I guess.

      • it is thuggery and all the more painful for this formerly Democrat turned conservative to see the so-called party for women be so very very anti-woman in so many ways.

        • I can’t blame Palin if she’s really done, not at all. I can’t ask anyone to go through that. But that’s the point, they know they’ve got us now and they will not give up until they push past the point of endurance. What can we do? Nothing! *sighs* this will always have the same ending.

          • Nooo Seriously! Not you!

            Please don’t give up. I have so much hope in you and other intelligent, outspoken, (and smartass, lol) young girls, so it is so dispiriting, when even you seem to have given up.

            Please leave that to us older generations.

          • You’re right–it just makes me sad hearing all these moms talk about how their little girls are sad and their punk classmates are rubbing it in their faces. We’re not giving up. We can do better, we have to.

          • Thanks! Phew, you had me worried there for a sec. 😉

          • What you just said reminds me of a videoclip from an undergraduate school class during the GE. The (black female) teacher was shaming a little girl, because her parents were McCain voters and not as they were supposed to pro Obama.

            The look of bewilderment and despair in the eyes of this little girl was heartwrenching. Leave the kids alone! Instead teach them to respect each other and each other’s viewpoint.

        • The thuggery pushed me out of the Democratic party too. But I’m still liberal. There are very few liberals in the Dem party just like there are very few real conservatives (at least fiscal) in the Repub party. I don’t recommend going from one party to the other. They’re the same. Same thugs. Same corps. Same policies. I’m now a pirate. Independent. Political parties are a con.

          • Aye Aye Mate.

          • Do you always look forward to National Talk Like a Pirate Day and then miss it? I always look forward to National Talk Like a Pirate Day and then miss it.

          • Seriously, me hearty, we pirates be outlaws, ARRR! We talk in our own lingo whene’er we please, and Davy Jones take any scurvy bilge rat who says otherwise! ARRR! :mrgreen:

          • Avast! That be so unAmerican Ivory Bill! When we designate pirate day arr! you hop to like a one legged parrot or them that dies ‘ill be the lucky ones.

          • Word.

          • I am a registered Independent and it has given me an interesting opportunity that I never anticipated.

            Both parties are fighting for my vote – so now I get to tell both parties why I think they aren’t worth spit.

            Seriously – we need to step up – those little girls depend on their mommies, aunts, and grandmas to say the right things and do the right things – we need to push back now so they will have a chance and the boyz will learn that wimmins are not push overs.

            We need to be the “in crowd” and let the “feminists” who created an environment that said it was ok to be sexist and mysogynistic know that their behavior is not acceptable and not let them in the “club” 👿

      • I didn’t think so either. I always expected Hillary to be beaten down, but it was so much worse than even I expected! And I did start to get my hopes up when she kept on fighting and winning primaries.

        • Worse than that, she actually won the nomination, but didn’t get it. That’s the ultimate in thuggery. I can never forgive that.

        • Yep. For about one second, I believed and that made it worse. I actually went to the library and checked out this series of kids’ books I always loved about this girl whose mom becomes President. I guess I’ve always been a cynical little cuss because i always thought, I love these books but how unrealistic, but for that one second…..File them under sci-fi, I guess.

      • there is something we can do about it. We can start voting for women of any party when they run against men. If the democratic party sees that they have lost the woman’s vote reliably, they will not do again to a woman candidate what they did to Clinton.
        I have been a partisan democrat long enough, now I am a women’s partisan.

        • I voted first for females then by issue/policy positions in this past election and I plan to do it in any future elections.

    • I just love that detail about Hillary stopping, in the midst of throngs of people, to read the little girl’s report and talk to her about it.


      • That’s our Hill.

      • I know her family, her brothers and her sister in law. They are very down to earth real people and when Hillary talks about her roots in the Scranton area it is for real. All the children are baptized here and the values she holds as a populist took root here through her father who worked his way through college on a football scholarship. Before that this was nothing but a lower middle class blue collar family and in many ways still is.

      • that.s one of the many reasons she is loved so much..

  11. Great post, bostonboomer.

    I actually thought the reaction from the media, concerning her resignation, was rather odd. I mean, virtually all the news media within small fractions of one another began parroting the same points that are cited in the article. Quite viciously, too.

    In my opinion, they don’t even care about her true intentions. As long as they continue to pour their opinions on tv, in articles, etc. they know it will reach the populous & poison minds. A prime example is the general election; more than half of the filth that was spread around is still paraded around to this day.

    Sorry if all that seems like a rant. Aside from the coverage of Michael Jackson, it’s all Palin or the President’s field trip abroad. I’m beyond fed up.

    OT: I read about a similar study in an Experimental Psychology course I took this past semester, but only briefly. It was very fascinating.

  12. Wow BB! Awesome post.

    • Thank you! Isn’t it amazing that Sarah Palin has practically managed to knock Michael Jackson out of the news? I guess they’ll be back on his case tomorrow.

      • Yea, I made that connection too. Did you see the Peter King rant about Jackson? What the hell was that all about–does he just want headlines? He went from a criticism of the media–which is understandable–to calling Jackson a “low life pervert who never did anything positive.” What does that have to do with his constituency on Long Island? Michael was fragile and who knows what was going on there–but the media is the one who turned him into a “freak,” by screaming it in their headlines for years. These maniacs decide who is a hero and who needs to be destroyed, and then they relentlessly hammer at it until the average American is repeating their vile mantras as fact. A sad, sad situation.

        It also reminds me of how incredibly strong Hillary is. She was able to withstand it for so many years, and stayed focused, and still thrives. I have no idea how she does it.

        • “Michael was fragile and who knows what was going on there–but the media is the one who turned him into a “freak,” by screaming it in their headlines for years.”

          Thanks for saying this, fif. Can you imagine what that would do to even strong people. I feel so sad for the life Michael had.

          • Yes, and that life started when he was 5 years old. He probably couldn’t remember his life before having the prying eyes of tabloid media on every aspect of his life.

      • I can’t believe the networks are going to do live coverage of the MJ ceremonies tomorrow. The news media has gone completely insane.

        I think all the network anchors are there for it.

        • That’s crazy. They’d do better to cover Obama’s trip or figure out why Goldman Sachs is running our government.

          • But that would be HARD! Oh, and they might not get invited to the really great parties with all the special people.

          • That would be nice, bb, a real productive use of their time.

        • it boogles the mind

        • After slaying him figuratively for years -they just can’t miss his funeral.

        • Commercial free….I think it’s the least the networks can do after trying constantly to slaughter the man’s character.

          The memorial was beautiful, thoughtful, respectful, and showed a large family with broken hearted children, siblings and parents. The family wearing one glove was such a heartfelt show of unity and love.

          Anyone who is part of a large family and experienced the loss of one of the youngest children first knows the confusion and depth of what they are feeling. They deserve this day for Michael. We can worry about Goldman Sachs tomorrow.

  13. Great post bb. The media world is completely insane, and they all talk to each other, as if it makes perfect sense. For those of us watching, it is clearly demented. That’s why Palin has resonated with millions of ordinary people–she is not focused-grouped to death, polished or packaged. She talks like a–gasp–real person! From the start, I found Obama to be phony and arrogant. I didn’t care if his derivative speeches made him sound like MLK-lite–I didn’t trust him. I do not agree with Palin’s policy positions, but I do trust that what she says is true for her. They will never get it…

    • Thanks fif. I think her genuineness is what people are attracted to, much more than her political views. It’s just so unusal to see a real person in politics. Obama lost any sense of being a real person ages ago. He sold out any genuine self he ever had. Palin doesn’t seem to want power badly enough to do that. But media and bloggers call her power-hungry anyway. Based on absolutely nothing but their own mind-set.

      • bb, have you been over to Violet’s in the last day or two? She has the most amazing posts over there and well over 300 comments on Palin and feminism. The best comment threads I’ve ever read.

      • Her posts and comments are being posted all over right wing blogs and they love them. On those RW sites, lots of people are coming to realize that it’s not a war between R and D, but a war between the beltway elites and all the rest of us. Pretty exciting to see.

    • they will never get it, because there is an embedded elitist bias in the east coast establishment… all of us in fly over country, and with fly over country values (bitter clingers if you will) are simply too stupid to know what Palin means or that Obama is the best person in the world.

      • Hi ElderJ, Read your post today. Good job.

      • What scares me is that while it seems like the MSM is losing its ability to influence voters, they and the bloggers can just work on the politicians and candidates. There’s only so many legal bills and so much harassment they can stand. We learned our lessons from Clinton haters and Swiftboaters and now it’s chaos. Normal nonweathy people have less chance to run and win than ever.

        • As Palin stated, it doesn’t cost them a dime to make the accusations, and she’s looking at $500,000 in legal bills to defend herself. It’s out of control.

          • it does cost them money and filing fees but I read somewhere that they are gathering donations online to get the money…. a bloggeralled celtic diva or something or other. I was really disgusted when I read this (I think it was in the comments at NQ and they had the link) that these morons would go to such lengths.

            I really worry about her safety more than anything. Does she have secret service protection or is she on her own???

      • ….because there is an embedded elitist bias in the east coast establishment

        True, but I think you will find it on the west coast as well. It was in SF that Obama made the bibles and guns comments. He knows his audience

        • true, but the east coast elites are the ones who control the news media while west coast elites control the popular media… and being from the south as I am, I am not allowed to be anything other than a r@cist, backwoods, uneducated, guntoting, woman hating, inbred, mouth breathing, idiot who isn’t smart enough to come in out of the rain…

  14. Awesome post, bb. I really want to read the study, sounds fascinating.

  15. excellent post, BB. I cannot stand to read the drivel coming out of DC re Palin. what is going to finally shock these so-called “liberals” into treating women and children with common decency? I loved the way her attorney’s press release quickly changed the tenor of the BS and SHUT most of them THE FUCK UP! the magic words, we will sue you, were music to my ears! I do so hope they follow through and get everything they can. the boyz club has now taken out Hillary and Palin. what woman would willingly put herself through the insanity that they endured?

  16. Usually stories in Time aren’t worth writing home about but this one by Joel Stein is really hilarious. Or maybe I’m punchy from lack of sleep 🙂


  17. Good post, bostonboomer. I absolutely support Palin if she simply quit because she’s had enough. Her children are being attacked, her church was set on fire, and she has been subjected to some of the most violent sexual comments I’ve ever seen. Indeed, the only healthy and sane response to this deluge would be to get the hell out.

    But I suspect Palin, much like Hillary, realizes there is no escape. When you become the designated target of hate, you cannot simply ride off into the sunset, they won’t let you. They will follow you like they have Britney spears, Lindsay Lohen, and every other woman the general public has determined must be put back in her place.

    Palin is gearing up for a fight. She has that same quality Hillary has, the ability to look past people’s horrible behavior and still believe people are worth fighting for. Palin, just like Hillary, has said many times, this isn’t about me, it’s about my country.

  18. I had one Butt that I was going to add, but you answered it.

    The butt was… Two of the most important moments in Palin’s political life were hastily put together, her being asked to be vice president, and her resignation as governor, and together they don’t bode well…

    However, the part of her speech that you picked to explain the situation is an excellent response. It’s like when 100 paparazzi follow Britney Spears as she leaves her home and the master shot shows the audience what that really looks like from a distance (It’s really bizarre and awful), only for Britney it’s essential for staying in the public eye, for Sarah Palin, it means she can’t really govern.

    Makes perfect sense.


  19. Fab piece, Boston Boomer. I remember now! It was you getting that Ph.D & that dissertaion, claps!

    Well, those ol boys are about to get a mental status exam by the finest — ps I want you and Riverdaughter to meet some of my colleagues!


    On this one?
    You want the film “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” with that fab Jack Nicholson!

    Yeah, you really wnat Jack about now…no?

    Umm, hmm,

    Remeber that little film he put together?

    For Hillary last year?

    The trouble with deez media-non types?

    Well, we need those great guys to come back onscene & blow them off the screen. They can no?

    We need to take a really deep deep look into the new D

  20. the new DSM?

    we do — I’m doing research kiddos, as we speak?
    and writing a treatment plan to keep kids safe in WordPress?

    Umm hmm hugs you guys!

    geez! they made us have to be guys in the 80’s at work!


  21. CLOWNS!

    but not like that fab clown we have around here!

    hugs MIQ!

    hugs BBOOMER!

  22. OT – a plea: Can we please have the old smileys back, pretty please?

    Those new ones looks like they could have been designed to match the über-controlled Axelrobamian typhography. Much too slick for my taste. No … charisma!

  23. Wow Bostonboomer! what a wonderfully well-written, original and enlightening post! This is why the Confluence is the greatest place on the net for information.

    You’ve distilled this issue down very nicely. Something you’ll only find here in Sanityville where PDS is viewed for the mental illness that it really is. Sarah Palin’s actions are always looked at through the prism of presidentlal politics and the threat she represents, whether she intends to run or not.


  24. Thanks fif. I think her genuineness is what people are attracted to, much more than her political views

    Oh to have a president with a soul. {{sigh}}

  25. I think you’ve got it BB. What a shame. I hope she reams the bastards. They think they’ve won. If someone doesn’t take them on and put us out of their misery, they will have won.

  26. The reason all the talking heads were perplexed and couldn’t understand what she was saying is that the talking points had not been released yet. She caught them off guard. If they had any inkling of what she was going to do they would have very carefully prepared talking points of “quitter” and “scandal” ready and aimed. You see them beginning these memes. But at that moment, they were left dumbfounded.

    • Exactly so and well said . That’s why any surprise to the system often takes days for the Village to respond to….even when Palin was picked , it took them awhile to all agreed on a story line. You can’t blast fax the morings talking points ( and even words) if there’s a surprise, and the reporters can’t saying anything without it being cleared

      • That’s so true, paper doll. The courtiers of the Village were surprised by the Palin pick, and for a few days, she actually got neutral/favorable coverage.
        Then the word came down from Jack Welch and company and, soon, the reporters were all singing from the same negative score.
        We really don’t get any straight journalism, now. Just truthiness.

      • “You can’t blast fax the morings talking points ( and even words) if there’s a surprise, and the reporters can’t saying anything without it being cleared”

        They could have plenty to say if they reported the news accurately and in detail. But they’re hog tied because they are not reporters, they are talking heads fed by the B0 admin and his backers/their bosses.

    • It doesn’t matter if it’s CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, or F-O-X, it’s all BS.

      The corporate media is nothing more than the plutocratic capitalist equivalent of Pravda. 😡

      • …and it exists to hold the viewer for the next commercial in this country where consumption is the key to the GROSS national product.

        Palin-envy is partially because she has guts and a life.

    • LOL. That’s the funniest one yet. They just keep reaching for something that makes sense to them. Hey Rick, maybe she was abducted by aliens and they’re telling her to quit.

  27. Excellent piece, bb. A reminder that first impressions do count. I think all of us have a tendency to form opinions of others and hold on to them, regardless of what behavior we may notice later. Parents are notorious for reaching conclusions about their children based on what they see in the early years and never letting go of those perceptions, even as the child grows, matures and changes. I suspect it has to do with managing information–to constantly have to re-evaluate what you think you know about people and about life would be chaotic. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons Pride and Prejudice is such a brilliant book. We, the readers, have an opportunity to see the struggles that two exceptional individuals go through in order to see the truth about each other. I don’t think it happens very often in real life.

  28. It’s very simple, really. The media and the political elite live in a tiny, tiny, TINY world of their own mental construction. There is a whole big beautiful country out here, chock full of people from all walks of life, with all sorts of opinions and thoughts, going about our business – and we are utterly invisible.

    The USA in their minds is a very careful construct, a stage production. And while they may allow the major players (themselves) a little improvisation once in awhile, they have no idea how to respond when someone in the “audience” stands up and draws attention to the fact that WE are real, and THEY are not. How dare we!!

    Not to belabor and mix in a Matrix analogy, but Sarah sat up and started yanking all the tubes out of her arms, rejecting their carefully controlled “reality”. She’s not supposed to DO that!

    • The Matrix analogy is very apt. In fact in my long ago post on pumas and consensus reality, I used the same analogy.

    • Nice analogy and point. If you break or even threaten to break a delusion, the reaction is usually anger or worse. Perhaps some of this hate and anger also has to do with that dimension. Very interesting.

      • Dandy this gen solidly medicated?
        My feeling they are really solidly medicated?


        This is rave party ecstasy gen of 80’s — not firing on all four
        brain chemistry –?

        Are they having the autistic babies right now? — this is a huge prob?
        their feelings are wiped? This is what you and RD could do with that issue of the “bloodstream” and trace the autism via chem

        so sad.

        • using the genogram model:

          dad as dropping acid
          kids meth or ecstasy
          babies —- problematic

          we need the stats? medical people?

          our gen:
          mom and dad drink, smoke and possible pot
          we do or don’t but no acid we saw friends die high school?
          babies okay?

          it’s genogram stuff

          all they do is”heartless” stuff — feeling function wiped?

          that would be depth angle?

          • our gen maybe coke
            What else?

            we use the genogram to trace this but RD and her science peeps would know the bloodstream effect?


    • There was a day when the dream of a real journalist was to break a big story. Then, cable tv added more competition, and the internet took off. So, what better way to be first with the news than to actually create the news?!

      These guys are putting out as many guesses as they can think of just so they can play a clip later that shows they said it first!

    • You are so right, WMCB. This is a big, beautiful country chock full of folks of all kinds. That’s what Sarah gets, I think, just like Hillary did.

      Remember how Hillary would say, “You’re not invisible to me” ? And you could see how she meant it, how that energized her and fueled her campaign. She melted me every time she gave voice to her connection with us. That Is Why She Won The Primary.

      I think Palin gets that, too. That’s why she is a threat to the establishment. If she can harness the human energy that exists throughout this land, they will have to cheat like devils to beat her. Unfortunately, we’ve seen that they are fully capable of that.

      Once I get my daughter’s school issues figured out, my next involvement will be voting reform.

  29. Makes so much sense, bb.

    The Confluence is not only PUMA, but “pundit busters” as well.

  30. What a wonderful and thought provoking post. I read it last night, but didn’t have time to comment.

    Speaking of thought provoking, there are a number of very interesting reads at the linked economic blogs. I just found the following link at Naked Capitalism:


    “But secondly, the American–Chinese symbiosis has been excellent for US business profits. American businessmen have been complicit in Chinese “super-competitiveness” by arranging for manufacturing jobs to be moved to China from the US in order to cut costs. The decline in US manufacturing and the growth in nontradable services, and the financial operations that secured this restructuring, have enabled financiers and businessmen to earn huge profits that should have been shared with their workers. Morally, the financial community has been living well beyond its means. But perhaps above all, by getting other countries to finance its imperial pretensions, the US government has been able to live beyond its means. Wolf refers in several places to the “exorbitant privilege” of the US dollar, but omits entirely to discuss the political benefits that this privilege buys.”

  31. Rev. Amy over on NQ has a scathing deconstruction of an article on Palin from Ann Marlowe of Forbes. Go read it.


  32. From Hillary defender Marie Cocco at WAPO. The only thing I don’t agree with is her assessment of Palin as a politician or her future.

    Like Hillary, Sarah Faces Media Sexism
    By Marie Cocco

    WASHINGTON — As Donald Rumsfeld might put it, there is only one known known in the tsunami of speculation touched off by Sarah Palin’s announcement that she’s stepping down as governor of Alaska: The media will almost certainly have Palin to kick around some more.

    Almost as certain, my colleagues will seek to defend the indefensible as something Palin brought upon herself — by being too ignorant, too unpredictable, too touchy, too hypocritical, too loose with facts, too inept at governing, too flirty, even too obviously fertile.


    One comment that deserves to be bashed into the Middle Ages:
    Posted by: NYTeacher
    Jul 07, 08:57 AM
    Eh, this woman is completely unmoved by both Palin and Hilary’s boo-hoo-hooing over the big sexist meanies in the press. Both women are completely at home in the bare-knuckles world of big league politics; they don’t hesitate to slime their opponents (in the press) and raise and play on divisive stereotypes (well-covered in the press) to suit their election objectives. Yet, they become fragile little flowers when such tactics turn on them. Practice what you preach, ladies, then come back to me and we’ll talk about its injustice to you.

    • You know, I think I’ve read that exact same comment (“Both women are completely at home in the bare-knuckles world of big league politics; they don’t hesitate to slime their opponents…”) previously. I don’t remember where or exactly when, but it wasn’t July 2009. I think it was posted by a paid commenter.

    • Mods, my comments aren’t showing up, can you find out what’s going on. Thanks!

  33. I don’t know what happened to my comment-sorry.
    Great post.
    I’m glad, though, that the Clintons didn’t let the long years of frivolous law suits and ruthless, relentless investigation run them out of town.
    Of course, they had already gotten a taste of the politics of personal destruction-Lee Atwater stye-in Arkansas and didn’t have five children.

  34. Palin clearly stated the lawsuits were impeding her from governing and thus were central in her decision to resign.

    I think the media has been deliberately ignoring what she said because aknowledging and addressing the stated reason would be the first step in identifying it as a problem. It is a very serious problem that an elected official can not fulfill her duties because of politically motivated frivolous lawsuits. And why she is being singled out with these suits would also have to be addressed. It is much easier and more convenient to disregard the event by dismissing Palin as some crazy and flaky and stupid woman.

    • What I don’t understand is why any competent judge allows these lawsuits to continue?
      Remember the man who sued the Asian American couple for hundreds of millions of dollars because their dry cleaning establishment returned the wrong pair of pants??
      I’m not one to rant against “frivolous” lawsuits-most aren’t-but something is really wrong if we’re at the point when a sitting official is hamstrung and cannot do the job that she was elected to do.

      • That man who sued the Asian American couple over his silly pants was a JUDGE himself! The world is insane.

  35. hi boston boomer, i’m from beantown myself. i havent seen the point made anywhere that geraldine ferraro suffered similarly to sarah palin after her v.p. candidacy. she was called a bitch by barbara bush, her son was arrested at middlebury college for drugs. the meme was that her husband was connected to the mob and that his real estate transactions were illegal. they would not be satisfied till they crushed her like a bug, and they went after her family to do this because they didn’t have anything on her. all because she dared to be the first woman candidate for vp. another point i would like to make is, can anyone remember off the tops of their heads the names of failed vp candidates other than ferraro and palin? i’m sure we cd all google this, but it is striking that it is only the female vp candidates in history that have to be run into the ground.

    • she used the word bitch?

      oh my.

      • he might have been a candidate for major coke in school? lots of $$$$$ to burn?

        also drink — he represents rehab turns to god gen
        what would be in bloodtream from that kind of thing—

        his kids era is the celeb act out group — that is their age!
        maybe 27 right now?

        what is going on with their kids in bloodstream?

        see how handy it is to have girls with educations?
        we use the Gilligan model. Carol Gilligan that is,
        Puma is that!

    • Dan Quayle was a made into a joke, but then he was cute and kind of dippy. George Bush’s idea of a VP who would attract women voters.

  36. People bought into the image of Obama representing the ‘new kind of politics’, being a different kind of leader, going against the status quo, etc. Many people, when listening to his speeches, felt he ‘spoke to them’ personally. He touched them. Yet, as president, he’s bailing out the enormous banks who backed him, with our tax dollars, while many of us can no longer pay those banks for our mortgages and credit cards, though we still have to pay our taxes. The banks are getting paid twice, by us, in this case. How this isn’t fraud, I don’t know. Obama is continuing Bush’s policies in Iraq & upholding the Patriot act. He lets the Democratic Congress have its way entirely, so they can design Mega Stimulus Act II. He shows that he has no problem being an apologist for America in a world in which we were the Superpower, thus giving away our strength. And, in a striking act of supporting feminism (NOT), after setting a new standard in misogyny by trashing Clinton in the primaries, and Palin in the general, he tells the Muslim world that Muslim girls in our country have the right to wear the hijab, if they want to.

    For this, he is hailed as the new Messiah.

    Sarah comes along, bucks corruption within her own party, makes a deal with Big Oil to put money back into Alaskans’ pockets, fights smears against her family, stands up to Boyz, works across party lines to get things done in Alaska, has an off-the-charts approval rating, seems to have achieved the feminist dream of ‘having it all, baby’, speaks like a real American to real Americans, lives a kind of embodied survivalist Alaskan life to the extent that she hunts and eats what she skills, and doesn’t bother with trying to sound clever, or pretend she has all the answers. She’s appointed a pro-choice judge to the Alaskan Supreme Court, and she’s known to work across party lines.

    For this, she is damned, smeared, dragged through the mud, mocked, and reviled by feminists (who I think, are a bit shocked that one realization of the feminist ‘dream’ came dressed in a package of self-reliant, good-looking, capable woman governor who was pro-life).

    In short, a witch-hanging is upon us for Palin (and Clinton and Ferraro before us), while we continue to worship at the altar of the new God-image: Obama.

    In the first case, Obama’s image, carefully crafted and nurtured, has supplanted the reality of candidate Obama, and now lives on despite the things he does, which are really politics as usual. The image of a new window dressing is so powerful, people aren’t bothering to poke past it to see the truth.

    In the second case, Palin’s image, so trashed and torn, and the object of so much hate, have completely eclipsed the truth of the woman, and how she really does represent a new kind of politics, including stepping out of her office because the media is so busy doing hit jobs on her, and throwing mud at her and her state, that she doesn’t feel she needs to put her family or her state through it any longer. The image of her as bimbo carribou barbie has completely supplanted the reality of the woman she actually is.

    These are negative mirror images of each other, and in both cases, the greater audience is not perceiving the truth, but is content on letting the images stand as reality.

    Some post-modernist philosopher was right (I forget who, but I am thinking it might have been Derrida): the image has become more real than the reality.

    • Great observations!

      We are seeing a major marketing campaign — one positive (Obama) and the other negative (Palin).

      Sort of like the birth of a new religion — with a new god being created by the high priests (master manipulators) and a new devil being created with Palin as a stand in for ALL women.

    • Excellent post! I’d love to see Palin take on Obama. He was a bench sitter on his Hawaiian prep school team (and much taller than the average). She was a top player who took her team to state, and probably won it.

      Her teleprompter broke when she was making her debut speech at the Republican Convention, and she didn’t skip a beat.

      He lives by Axelrod’s scripting, even now, but his words sound hollow and his delivery clipped.

  37. It’s my feeling that Palin is slowly pulling the pins out of that voodoo doll the media concocted . She has time and an audience on her side, and a President who is exercising some seriously poor judgment at the moment.

    I can’t understand why there was a 9-month media/blogger whinefest about “why won’t Palin go away?” when she was still the active governor of her state, yet when she decides to step aside she’s a ‘quitter’, and ‘weak’. What do they expect?

    In my opinion, taking a year and being more active in the lower 48 for all of the causes she supports will benefit her greatly. She’s still got it, and with each passing day Obama is eroding his media darling status.

    The stars may align yet.

  38. She doesn’t have some sex-abuser-in-the-making writing her speeches for her, there was no teleprompter, and Tod had to get back to the boat, because when the salmon are running, the salmon don’t wait.

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