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      One is not required to bomb hospitals, to torture, or to engage in mass killing of civilians when one is a chief of state. “My favorite war criminal did less war crimes than your war criminal,” is not a defense. That people feel the need to defend those who do such things when in power […]
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Monday morning news break


Health Care for Anyone?

  • A few days old but, this is a point that can’t be mentioned often enough, Suddenly, a Trillion Dollars Is Too Expensive?
  • Krugman: “And those who prefer not to buy insurance from the private sector would be able to choose a public plan instead.” — ahh, and who would make THIS choice…. 🙂
  • Familiar Players in Health Bill Lobbying, Firms Are Enlisting Ex-Lawmakers, Aides.  And. . . .  Compromise? Oh, Really? This isn’t compromise, this is pretty much what we’ve got:

    The lowest-cost plan would have an actuarial value of 65 percent, meaning it would cover 65 percent of the medical costs of a typical population, the report showed. One scenario in Congress proposes capping out-of-pocket costs at $11,600 for a family and $5,800 for an individual.

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110 Responses

  1. Good morning!

  2. We can blow a trillion dollars bailing out the crooked banks but we can’t spend a trillion dollars on our citizens.

    Beyond disgusting.

    • We have blown more than 14 trillion on the crooked banks, and don’t forget the trillions for Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

  3. re: Lifting the limit on corporate contributions, that would usher in a system where government was totally for sale. Not at all like the government we have now.

    • 🙂 !

      That is what bundlers do now. The potential good outcome is knowing who Wall Street & the MSM wants us to elect in a more obvious way.

      • Could it be more obvious?

        • I think it could be more obvious if the big contributions were clearly attributed to the company rather than individuals who work in a industry.

          • I think politicians should have to wear sponsor decals on their jackets when making public appearances. They’d all look like Nascar race cars then.

            With how little attention most of our population pays to this, it would take something like that to make it clearer.

          • I LOVE the logo idea!

  4. The Al bit of drawing 48 states, how could Paul get that so wrong, is quite amazing. Hmm, if Paul can’t tell the difference between 50 and 48, how am I going to believe him on basic economic principles. 🙂

    • Paul didn’t say anything about it at all. That bit was from me. I didn’t watch it all the way to the end — I thought he added AL & HI at the end…. He didn’t?

    • Wow! That was amazing!

      I don’t know anything about Al Franken, but totally fell in love with his wife, when I saw them in a short clip outside their house after he had finally been confirmed. She seemed so unpretentious – and a little confused, but in the cutest way. And seeing her wave, awww … captured my heart!

    • Actually he did only draw 48 states – he didn’t include Hawaii or Alaska

  5. According to Jake Tapper, Obama plans to “temporarily” suspend Congress’ constitutional right to ratify treaties, and go ahead and extend the arms treaty with Russia by himself. God only knows what changes or wording will be in there, since Obama plans to just do it himself without consulting Congress.

    With the clock running out on a new US-Russian arms treaty before the previous Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, expires on December 5, a senior White House official said Sunday said that the difficulty of the task might mean temporarily bypassing the Senate’s constitutional role in ratifying treaties by enforcing certain aspects of a new deal on an executive levels and a “provisional basis” until the Senate ratifies the treaty.

    Um, no. That is unconstitutional. Saying, “We don’t have a lot of time, and it’s really tooo haaaaaard to do it the constitutional way” is not acceptable, and not an excuse.

    • What?! When is Congress going to get a spine?

    • That’s another Obama Law for the “we won” category.

      • You’re misstating what Obama said. “WE won” would indicate the Democrats in congress were included in that. He said “I won” and he can act alone at his pleasure.

    • No wonder he didn’t want Hillary to go with him. Is this for real?

      • Yeah, it’s for real – on ABC’s political punch, among other places. Of course they will speak soothing words – It’s temporary, it’s only for continuity until it’s ratified, it’s really really no big deal….calm down…..

        NO, I will NOT fucking calm down when my president violates the constitution, no matter how “reasonable and minor” he wants to make it sound! I screamed when Bush did it, and I will scream when Obama did it.

        • Aw, come on, he’s an 11D constitutional lawyer. He’s freakin’ brilliant and I’m sure whatever he’s cooked up doesn’t violate the constitution, it’s just that we don’t get it. (snark)

    • You figure Congress is going to be down with this? It’s essentially a slap in their faces…”I don’t need you.”

      They’re already showing signs of restiveness. Best to think twice before offending five hundred prima donas.

    • WHOA! “suspend Congress’ right to make treaties??!!”

      boy, he’s quite the constitutional scholar, now isn’t he?

      • Oh, he’ll likely slip crap in there to give away the store and unilaterally disarm us with NO concessions from Russia. By the time he gets around to submitting it all to Congress for approval (if he ever does), the deed will have been done – oops!

        I’m all for diplomacy and peace, but I am not an idiot. You don’t sell out our national security, or that of Europe, for nothing in return. I don’t trust Putin farther than I can spit.

        • Completely OT (and not trying to start anything), but I am reading a couple of different sites & ran across one that combined two of your posts, WMCB.

          I’m actually a lurker. Please, excuse the lameness of this fist post. lol

          • The same thing happened to me a couple of days ago.

          • If it was Hillaryis44, then it may have been me, since I have a different name on there. I have joined so many commenting sites over the years, including newspapers, that I often used whatever handle popped to mind, as I didn’t necessarily plan on doing more than a one-time comment. But most places, I’m WMCB.

            *shrug* I really don’t get bent out of shape over anyone repeating my COMMENTS, whether I’m credited or not. An actual blog post would be different.


    • Obama will get away with this, as he has gotten away with other atricious, unconstitutional moves, because very few Americans are paying attention. We have become a nation of overfed, underinformed, occasionally frightened but basically complacent creatures almost completely unaware of the many developing perils which threaten us. Don’t look for any angry protests in the street. Unless we encounter mass starvation, those days are over. This country is so lost.

    • What!!?!!

      He thinks he’s a dictator/savior. Congress better reign him in.

    • Oh so that’s how it works —

      The constitution is just a useless document to 0zero — well bushie did this as well — he just ignored the treaties he didn’t like.

      0zero is bush III

  6. Pablo Pineda from Spain, Europe’s first academic with Downs Syndrome:


    (There’s a longer interview, which I can only find in German.
    And yuotubes in Spanish.)

    • I suspect from the videos and academic success that he has Mosaic Down’s Syndrome, which represents 1-3% of all individuals with Down’s syndrome. I could also be wrong.

  7. New post at Zero Hedge suggests trouble for Goldman Sachs. I hope Dakinikat has a chance to read it–I know she’s kind of busy.


  8. Palin and Her Enemies
    by Ross Douthat

    All of this had something to do with ordinary partisan politics. But it had everything to do with Palin’s gender and her social class.


    He nails the class issue at the heart of Sarah hatred.

    • Wow, that was an awesome article. Nice.

    • This was a great article. The comments were disgusting. I went through and “recommended” every NON-disgusting comment.

      • Same here, jadzia. Palin obviously frightens the New Left, ergo the stream of self-justifying assaults on her character, her very being. With special attention to making sure everyone knows just how dumb and venal she is – compared to all those really nice, bright folks who hate her.

    • Comment #168 to the Times article was really good. Here it is — I don’t know how to do block quotes. The author is “Beth”:

      What a pleasure to read some thoughtful commentary from The New York Times once again!! Douthat gets it right – 1.) This country is not ready for female political leadership at the highest levels, no matter who the woman is running for office and 2.) For governing and media elites, at least those with a pro-Obama bent, mocking working people has become both fashionable and acceptable.

      Sarah Palin is the object of so much vitriol, but it’s not really personal. It could have been any other woman. It just happens to be her, but really any woman who dares to govern at the highest level will be subject to these attacks. For instance with Hillary Clinton, obviously everyone knows that she does not come from a working class background, but her voters were mocked and derided as such. What is most disconcerting to me, as someone who had once considered herself a Democrat, is that so much of this hate is coming from the Left.

      • For governing and media elites, at least those with a pro-Obama bent, mocking working people has become both fashionable and acceptable.

        Yup. For all their claims of being for “the little guy”, the left these days only really cares about the amorphous little guy that they can control and patronize. The poor in abstract are fine, because they can be graciously “given” support by the ever-so-enlightened creative class. The grateful poor are ever in fashion.

        But blue-collar working people who really don’t want a damn thing from them but to be respected, left alone, and not gutted by the oligarchs? The “ungrateful” poor, who don’t give a rat’s ass for the benevolence of the Village, and may, perhaps, openly mock them? Those people are so passe – let’s destroy them.

        • The Benevolence of the Village has become passé too-they don’t even pay it lip service.

          • Well, of course it’s an illusion, but it is still cherished by them. And people like Hillary and Sarah completely fuck up their self-congratulatory savior complex.

        • The grateful poor can be controlled and counted on as voters. I don’t know who said this but when I heard it I kind of went ouch.

          “The Democrats idea is for 51% of the people to vote for a living while the other 49% work for theirs.”

          Maybe right wing but it sure has a nice sound to it.

  9. Does anyone know of a more hypocritical, simple minded, ethically-challenged, two-faced moron than Jeralyn Merritt at TalkLeft?? I know many people who possess those individual qualities, but all in the same person are pretty rare.

    Just venting. Her coverage of Palin and Mchael Jackson lead to this venting. Palin can do no right, Jackson no wrong.

    • When she began displaying her crazed hatred and a smears of palin during the election, it was like finding out a new friend had a psycho side.
      BTD is much fairer but he does get starstruck with obama political performance art way too often.

    • I sadly have to agree. Anyone with that level of unbridled hate has to have some seriously twisted issues. Palin must trigger something in her that has nothing to do with Palin or politics if you ask me. And even more sadly, she’s not alone.

    • Jeralyn, despite her smarts and education, has ZERO ability to be internally consistent. It’s laughable the contortions she goes through to justify her contradictory POVs.

      She’s a zealot, and like most zealots can make good and passionate arguments that have no relation to reality. I despise zealots.

      • And this is clear from her posts. I sometimes think she talks in positive ways about celebrities that don’t deserve positive talk because she wants work from them. However, she is in no way liberal. A liberal doesn’t have the internal inconsistencies that she daily conveys.

    • simple answer. No. She’s the epitome of all that I hate in the so-called Left. You’ve called her correctly.

  10. Okay, this from the Moscow Times cracked me up. Putin all but called Obama a political whore:

    On Thursday, Obama accused Putin of taking “Cold War approaches” to relations with the United States, in what some analysts said might be an attempt to pre-empt criticism at home before his trip that he was being soft on Russia.
    “Putin has one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new,” Obama told The Associated Press.

    Putin —known for his salty language — replied mildly on Friday that Russians couldn’t stand with their legs apart like that.

    “We don’t know how to stand so uncomfortably,” Putin said in response to a question from a reporter on a farming-related trip.


    • Wow-ROFLMAO!!!

      • However just to be precise-there is an old proverb in Italian, which is tenere il piede in due staffe

        wordreference.com translates it as:
        “I believe that tenere il piede in due staffe is translated as “to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds,” suggesting divided loyalty. ..”

        but since staffa means stirrup, I’ve always seen its meaning as being a foot (piede) in two stirrups on two different horses pulling in different directions.

        Putin may have been referring to Obama’s bipartisanship with a cowboy overtone.

        Maybe someone with a knowledge of Russian could fill us out.

  11. Do you know why yet Sarah resigned?

    • She laid out her reasons pretty clearly in her speech. Let’s try something novel, and actually take her at her word unless and until she proves otherwise. She’s never struck me as a liar – no evidence of that.

  12. Actually I think Jeralyn problem is the fact that she is aware on some
    level that many of the democratic candidates she has supported are not as liberal as Palin.

    Which means that she either admits she made a mistake supporting the democratic party blindly or she finds away to self justify her support for them.

    Not surprisingly, she would rather demonize Palin than admit she has
    made a mistake blindly supporting the democrats.

    • I think she was bought by the Obama campaign at the convention. Before her trip to the convention, she was more or less sane. After that trip, and hanging out with Arianna etc, she came back completely off her rocker. There was a sea change then.

      • Yes, that was so sad to witness. She managed to get one of the few coveted admissions to blog from the convention – and never made one political post! It was all celebrities (or even former such) and blurred photos of same, all the time. And of course Arianna’s beauty parlour, lol!

        I remember that Moulitsos (sp.? Kos) was off limits, because he was a close friend of hers. Must have had/have an influence too, no?

      • She didn’t “hang out” with Arianna, she “hung out” at the freebie spa Arianna made available to the bloggers. You can be sure, though, she tried very hard to attract some attention from Arianna, yet didn’t succeed. If she had, TalkLeft would have been choked with post after post on her new best friend.

        Jeralyn is a celebrity wanna be. She defends OJ, for heaven sake…some of us believe she’s hoping to be approached by celebrities when they need defense counsel by showing this over-the-top support for everything they do, no matter how wrong. Even Phil SPECTOR … she’d dive on any comment that even hinted he was guilty.

        Her Sarah Palin hatred is so extreme that I’m thinking she’s hoping to be tapped by Axelrod as a good candidate for some leading role in the next Obama campaign.

        • Jeralyn is pathetic.

          She has absolutely no problems attacking Sarah Palin in every way possible but will not permit ANY dissent when it comes to her infatuation/support for Manson follower – and Sharon Tate murderer – Susan Atkins. According to Jeralyn, poor Susan don’t deserve to die in prison, has paid her debt to society, is just a kindly old woman suffering at the hands of a bad criminal justice system, blah blah blah.

          Disagree with that and get banned immediately.

          Luckily, despite Jeralyn’s protestations, Susan Atkins is still rotting away in prison. And when she dies, she wiill then rot away in hell.

        • Whatever the reason, the woman’s good sense went out the window. I still say she sold her soul for some price.

          • 🙂 I’m thinking you’re right … sort of. I think she *tried* to sell her soul, but hasn’t found a buyer willing to pay her what she thinks she’s worth.

      • Did spammy eat my comment again?

        • Whoever’s babysitting this thread, please let my comment ouf of prison. Thanks!

      • Indeed…and when one says she was bought , one is trying to give her credit for some brains. All that hate spew for free would be too sad lol!

    • Jeralyn underwent a sea change at the convention. She was hanging out with Hunter Thompson’s widow (can’t remember the woman’s name) and other sort-of-high-profile types. It’s almost as if she went Hollywood as. pretty much overnight, she hopped on the Obama bandwagon. Jeralyn does enjoy appearing on chat shows and if anyone has seen the photos she’s posted of her house, it ain’t exactly in the trailer category. She’s usually well intentioned (with the exception of PDS), but she comes off as a political lightweight and something of a media wannabe and knee jerk lib. BTD, agree with him or not, carries the weight when it comes to the meatier issues, and has far greater political acumen (in spite of his rather noxious “pols will be pol” mantra).

      • I can’t remember Hunter’s wife’s name, either. But, Jeralyn thinks of her as some kind of celebrity.

        I don’t think JM’s been on a chat show in a long, long time…her house is a rental, and she’s absolutely a lightweight intellectually, politically, and legally. How can she be a seasoned criminal defense attorney and have only learned of the term “home invasion” months ago when her house was broken into.

        Home invasions are when homes are stormed by breaking down a door when the occupants are there to terrorize while being robbed. Jeralyn’s was a run of the mill robbery when she was away. She lost all the electronics she had spent months bragging about having, and then started naming brands, styles and models of her expensive electronics as she replaced them. Not sure how stupid one needs to be to advertise what she has, show photos of the house, and not even attempt to hide her identity online. My favorite posts were the ones….”I’ll be at the jail all day today, and won’t be back until midnight….here’s an open thread for you.” Why not just leave her keys hanging out of the lock on the front door.

  13. Palin Bashing Live on CNN

    I say they are putting this up due to the way Obama handled the Russian press conference and I agree with yttik here:

    Really awful, I was reading the news this morning about the SC serial killer. Witnesses describe him as “smart, polite, personable, charming.” Than I go and read an article about Palin and they call her “insane, self centered, and stupid.”

    That’s the patriarchy for you. Psychotic men who kill people for insane reasons are charming and personable. Women who go into politics to serve others are frigid, slutty,and stupid.

    yttik | 07.06.09 – 10:57 am | #

  14. Republican Party Should Not Open Itself “Like a Whorehouse”

    • See, once misogyny is let loose ALL women are attacked and it is seen as funny.

      We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Very Lives Depend On It!

  15. Sarah Palin Continues To Come Unhinged
    By The Cajun Boy, 6:13 AM on Mon Jul 6 2009, 12,894 views

    Via Zee posted at Gawker with a graphic showing Palin with a gun to her head about to shoot herself. 😦

  16. PDA Chicago-Fighting for Single Payer

  17. I’m very sorry that I disappeared. My dad is sick and I’m dealing with doctors and pharmacies.

    I’ll be around as soon as I can.

  18. So Obama goes to Moscow – as a guest, right? Yet, after the cumpulsory handshake, he gestures for Medeyev to take a seat (in M.’s own “house”!) and even leads him by putting his hand on M.’s back! (What’s with this constant patting everybody? A more civilized way of pounding his chest?)

    Later after signing papers and – smirking – exchanging protocols, Obama gestures for M. (still in M.’s “house”!) to walk to the podiums for the ensuing press conference.

    Is there any way this guy can be more arrogant? He clearly believes himself to be the superior leader (of the free world and everything), but still, could someone please tell him, that he is not the host wherever he goes as a visitor!

    Sorry for the rant, but I can’t stand seeing the behaviour of this cheat, this fraud – and that noone ever calls him out on his behaviour! But hey, he managed singlehandedly to better the US’s relationship with Russia. We must all bow to his accomplishments.

    • Amateur Hour (International) continues. I wonder if Putin is going to maybe take advantage of this unworthy showboat neophyte. Hopefully he won’t be a total embarassment. Makes the SOS’s job so much harder.

    • Attempt at dominance. “I can touch you, but you can’t touch me.”

    • Week-by-week, world event-by-world event, the public humiliation of Hillary Clinton is taking place right before our eyes.

      For these Rightwing freaks the mere existence of Hillary Clinton is a public humiliation.

      Anyone living outside the louse infestation that is Rightwing World knows that she declined to go to Russia because of her elbow fracture. For that reason, she had already canceled her trip to Italy and to Greece. However, she intends to resume resume international travel at the end of this month with a trip to India.

      Hillary Clinton cannot win with goofballs like William Jacobson, Dick Morris and

      • mablue2, please, please don’t compare human beings to vermin! It is too close to the language used towards jews before and during WWll. Just saying.

        • What? Louse infestation?

          Aren’t you stretching it a bit there?

          • Do a search using these words: Jews Nazis lice. Then, if you still want to contest Pips’ point, please, do so without repeating the words used in the complained of comparison.

          • Alright, but replace it with sewer.

      • I’m supposed to take your word for it? That’ll be the day when you still worship at the altar of the D. By the way, the Left Wing is pretty infested these days as well.

      • That was not a slam on Hillary. It was a regret that she was not more involved and more public since they trust her a lot more than Obama on FP.

        In comparison with past SoS, she is pretty hidden from the public. Condoleeza Rice was in the news much more often as a spokesman on FP than Hillary. Hillary has been seen less and less lately, before the broken elbow.

        • I agree, Ralph. And there is no way a broken elbow 2 weeks post-fracture is a huge problem that would prevent one from traveling. I’m a nurse, and that’s just ludicrous.

          • I hope I can find the link, but there was a news article explaining that her fracture was much more serious that people thought.

            Hillary never made a big deal of it and according to all in the know, she went to work too soon and the way she’s dealing with the pain impressed them.

            I hope I can still find the news article.

          • This started happening before she broke the elbow. This started happening, as a matter of fact, shortly after that poll was trumpeted in the media that she had an approval rating that was many many percentage points higher than Obama’s.

          • It was expected, and predicted by many. Obama would make it appear as though he gave her a great spot, but the truth is: 1. she serves at his pleasure, 2. he got her out of her Senate seat where she could openly fight for programs contrary to his, 3. in his administration, he gets to dictate what she does and then take the credit. Others laughed at them and called them conspiracy theorists.

        • These guys have been writing all these stories about Hillary’s star is fading, Hilllary doesn’t have any power as SoS, Hillary’s being humiliated for quite some time. This latest phase of their anti-Hillary screed was preceded by Hillary is too vocal, Hillary is too forceful, Hillary is bad cop stories. I linked to many of these stories in the news.

          These guys live to find something wrong with Hillary Clinton, starting with her breathing.

          You don’t have to take my word for anything. There are many good places where you can get failry reliable information about the SoS, Rightwing World is not one of them. Their hatred for all things Clinton is pathological.

          • mablue, I am not reading news reports for their “opinion”, or taking anyone’s word for anything. I am looking with my own eyes at the curious absence of Hillary in any visible way. She is too often NOT the one standing at the podium in front of the cameras briefing us on a damn thing re: foreign policy, and yes that IS a departure from every other SOS I’ve watched in my lifetime.

            One can argue all day about what that “means”, but the fact that she is not front-and-center, as a SOS usually is, is self-evident.

          • WMCB,

            On this comment I was responding to RalphB’s

            I’m supposed to take your word for it?

  19. My kids just found a turtle. We just spent the last hour attempting to identify him. I think he is an Eastern Box Turtle. If so it is a protected species. Kinda cool. I’m gonna have them talk to Virginia Wildlife to see if they just want us to release him back into his habitat. Our backyard happens to be wooded and loaded with blackberry bushes. My oldest keeps arguing that it’s a snapping turtle cuz’ he wants to keep him.(rolling eyes)

    • eastern box turtles should never be removed from the area you find them in… they will not stay in your back yard and will end up killing themselves trying to get back to their territory. they have an incredibly strong homing instinct.
      I work with a group on this issue so I know!
      When you see a box turtle on the side of the road, please place them safely off the road in the direction they were heading. They are becoming endangered and we need to help them when we can.

      • He’s a tier three here in Va. I’ve already told my oldest that means he can’t be kept.

        He was found in our front yard. If we had left him there he would have gotten run over. I’m guessing he likes the area because we have tomatoes and strawberries as well as blackberrt patches. I’m betting he migrated from the backyard where it is wooded.

        He’s a fairly lively fellow.(i’m guessing fellow because he has red eyes). He didn’t like me turning him over so we could identify him at all.

        • if he’s male there will be a concave shape to his underside. if he was in your front yard, yay! if you can keep him from the road he may be there for years. I have one male in my pasture that was hit by the bushhogger around 10 years ago. we nursed him back to health and each summer try to locate him. I found him a week ago, scar and all and still moving along quite fast. they are fascinating creatures and BTW love bananas…..

        • I’m in SWVA

  20. Ever since the EU Commission decided 20 years ago, that cucumbers should be straight (in shape, heh) it has been the ultimate proof to many EU sceptics, that joining was a really bad idea (not kidding!).

    But lo and behold, the curvy cucumber is back, as is the forked carrot and “other strange-shaped vegetables.” All in great form!

    Maybe EU wasn’t such a bad idea after all, lol!


  21. The article mentioned about Palin? Its sited on Digby with a touch of she deserved it. Funny though, on the site, all of a sudden she is compared to Hillary, Hillary is smart and brilliant according to commmenters. I had to comment myself that it was funny that there was no mention last year on that site about how wonderful and smart Clinton was all last year. Those people are BOZOs. Digby’s site has really attracted the crazies and they’re the only ones there. I’m not going back.

  22. New post upstairs!

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