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Sarah Palin’s Resignation: What Does it Mean?

Chris Cillizza claims she is running for President:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will resign her office later this month, according to several sources familiar with her decision, freeing her to build a national political team and travel the country in support of an expected 2012 presidential bid.

The first term governor is stepping down “so that she can take the fight for her issues elsewhere,” according to a Palin aide.

Palin’s decision comes amid polling that showed her losing altitude from the stratospheric heights to which she ascended following her election in 2006 but remained a strong favorite to win reelection

The latest from AP:

Palin hastily called a news conference Friday morning at her home in suburban Wasilla, giving such short notice that only a few reporters actually made it to the announcement. Security blocked late-arriving media outside her home, and her spokesman, Dave Murrow, finally emerged to confirm that Palin will step down July 26. He refused to give details about the governor’s future plans.


Palin spokesman David Murrow said the governor didn’t say anything to him about this being her “political finale.” Murrow said he interpreted Palin’s comment about working outside government as reflecting her current job only.

“She’s looking forward to serving the public outside the governor’s chair,” he said.

Political analyst Larry Sabato, in Charlottesville, Va., said Palin’s announcement left many wondering what her plans were.

“It’s absolutely bizarre, and I think it eliminates her from serious consideration for the presidency in 2012,” he said.

Palin hinted that she had a bigger role in mind, saying she wanted to make a “positive change outside government.” But she kept supporters in suspense, promising later Friday on Twitter: “We’ll soon attach info on decision to not seek re-election … this is in Alaska’s best interest, my family’s happy … it is good. Stay tuned.”

I’m clueless but curious.

Full Text of Palin’s Resignationat TPM.

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196 Responses

  1. Where did everyone go??

  2. Claiming her career is over 16 times will not make it true.

    I don’t think it is, but fighting about it five minutes after she tendered her resignation is sort of pointless. Let’s reconvene in 2011.

  3. Hold on to your hats, the blogstalkers are just warming up. We had a real winner in the last thread with a website promoting Sarah as “Lipstick on a Dipstick”. Stay sharp people.

  4. They’ll be here.

  5. This is such big news! Here is what I wrote on the thread before:

    Well, if Palin is “Clintonian” than she has my vote, no doubt about it!
    Here is my crazy ass speculation/theory: Sarah is resigning so she can Campaign in the lower 48 and build up money/grassroots support. Then, in 2010, Hillary resigns from the State Department, perhaps because Bill is sick or maybe she is pushed out or she resigns- all we know is, she all ready has her ‘No Limits” PAC and is raising money and building grassroots support that way all ready.
    Then, in 2011, The Clintons and the Palins join forces to form a viable third party based on fiscal conservatism, responsible, activist government, and social liberalism. Hillary and Sarah join a ticket for their new party in 2012 and win the White House. Viola! Change is here!

    • There would be many heads exploding. Just like in Mars Attacks!

    • That would entertain me more than I can say. I want it. I dream about it. If I can have it, I will go back to church. No lie

      • Oh lawdy. If it happens, as Goddess is my witness, I will accept the Lord Jason Crisp as my savior right here and now. I wantz it!
        Seriously though… how many people have been saying over the years that they want a third party but we never got it?
        Imagine the dust up if SarahBB and HillBB formed a third party… honest to Goddess, I really think they would win. I mean, by the time 2012 rolled around I don’t think it would be a long shot at all.

        • Sorry I don’t post often, but wanted to reply.

          Exactly, littleisis. The misogyny Clinton and Palin were subjected to was reprehensible. But the class war is part of this too. Working class men supported these two women. How extraordinary is that! Clinton garnered votes from men who usually take their political cues from Limbaugh. Amazing. I know it seems a pipe dream, but I just have the feeling Hillary and Sarah are the right women at the right time. Why should Clinton have any loyalty to Obama or his trashy supporters or Palin to the Repubs?

    • One hell of a Theory Little One! but I love it!

    • It would be a dream come true.

    • little isis, that’s the dream ticket. I’d love to see it happen, even though I know it’s just a dream.

    • Best dream I’ve heard in years!

    • I like you’re tinfoil hat theory !!! And I would be out there campaigning for them.

    • Oooooh… I like that!

    • That would be REAL change!

  6. For some reason I’m posting out of order??

  7. How long are we going to have to put up with the “real Hillary supporters wouldn’t support/like/respect/not insult/fail to ridicule Sarah Palin” bs?

    • lol!

    • It reminds me of the astroturfing about how we need to vote for Obama or Clinton will lose to Palin in ’12!!!! LOL remember that?

      • Yeah, I remember. Please, if they hadn’t treated Hillary so shabbily, Sarah wouldn’t be here. That woman’s got something and it’s potent. With the right Queenmaker, well, she could be Queen.

  8. Whatever she has planned, she’s going to have to take on the media first. That’s the first step to everything else. I might not like her politics but if she’s going on a crusade against them and their sexism and lies, I hope she takes the bastards on and pounds the shit out of them.

  9. I think this is good for Palin 2012…just saying. She’ll be eating alot of rubber chicken on the lecture tour and campaign trail ( for others in 2010,) just as Obama remorse hits over drive. She’s upping the stakes in my view…taking it to the media and the Jeb wing of the GOP.

  10. I’d rather they didn’t but it comes with the territory of being a Democratic in Exile. anyway….back to the discussion at hand shall we?

  11. I think she’s gonna write a book and run around getting paid to make speeches for the next couple of years while occasionally making non-denial denials about running for President.

    But I doubt she ever runs for office again.

    • But I doubt she ever runs for office again.

      Exactly what I said in the previous thread.

      • About 50 times.

        • Lol. I was just about to say that.

          • Come, it was far less.

            Just like many of you say about 50 times what a great moves it was and how she will be running for POTUS.

          • Just seemed like 50 then cause it got damned annoying.

          • But we didn’t say that to bother you and we certainly aren’t aggravated with you for holding that view. The aggravation comes when you keep saying “but this and this and this makes what you think wrong.” Sometimes, it wasn’t even logical. The Republican infrastructure doesn’t like her, so them saying she’s done was such a huge surprise as to be not surprising at all.

            50 is hyperbole for the sake of emphasis, you know that. It may not have been 50, but it felt like 50.

          • Just messing with you mablue. I wouldn’t spank you unless I liked you. 🙂

      • She’s not going away either – you may see more of her than ever before.

    • But why step down? She could serve out her term and not do anything useful like every other Governor.

      • She can make more money getting paid to travel around and make speeches. No one can make bogus ethics complaints about her as a private citizen either.

  12. Can we at least agree that not everyone who thinks this resignation either marks the end of her political career or is a dumb move is not an O-bot?

    • MABlue,

      Just ignore the ragtime. You have to let that crap roll off your back. Everyone who is anyone knows that you are not an Obot.

    • Too early to say what it means. People who say this is the end of her political career aren’t seeing the bigger picture: Obama and the Democrats left a whole lot of working class women on the table. She could be the spolier or another Teddy Roosevelt. The one thing I would never do is underestimate Sarah Palin. She didn’t get to be governor of Alaska through family connections. That could only mean one thing.
      You don’t have to be an Obot to think this is the end of her political career but Obots are the ones who would fall into this trap without considering other possibilities.

      • I agree …. it’s too early to say what it means. Time will tell.

      • I agree… too early to say what it means… but you gotta admit… this shite is gutsy. I mean, this woman has got herself a pair. Probably a bedazzled pair, but still, she has balls. I mean, she is throwing everyone for a loop here… I think this is way too big for her to just be ending her career in politics. Something is up. I can feel it.

    • We know your not a bot Mablue.

    • I don’t think it’s a dumb move. Considering that she has been under constant attack, she needs to focus her time and energy on her counter attack. She’s much more in the spotlight than Obama was and if she begins to slack (or is perceived to slack) on her job as Governor, then it will hurt her in the long run. If she bows out now, that puts Parnell in place to finish her term and win the 2010 election (and no one can complain that she hurt the Party).

      I don’t think you’re an obot. I just don’t agree with you. AND, most importantly, I’m glad to see you back at TC.

  13. God Charles Krauthhammer just rolled out of bed. He predicted 2016, he just said she has potential to be national office 2016.

  14. I really think that if this many people have to say that Sarah has no future, it’s not a fact. If it was, it’d be evident to everyone already, no explanation needed.

    Ding dong, the witch is dead will frak your stuff up in a few years.

    • As far as I’m concerned, the more women who stand up to the media the better–regardless of ideology.

      • YES!! I agree 145% Regardless of what she decides to do in 2012, he fact that she’s out there in their faces and could take a potential voting block away from the Democrats could be a very interesting development that will yield dividends in the end. Doesn’t mean I’ll vote for her but I sure will cheer her on when she lands a blow.

  15. I love these panels, Juan Williams says she cannot run for anything ever again. Yet this is the same man that said Edwards could come back.

    The patriarchy is brewing some strong bullshit stew in the kettle.

  16. Lot depends on what the Jeb Bush wing of the GOP does. They can make Palin a star….or not .

  17. Well, I guess it’s time to start donating to her PAC.

  18. From TPM DC:

    Reporter Andrew Wellner from the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman just appeared on CNN after attending Palin’s press conference. She said, Wellner reported, that she could be more effective outside of government.

    And she wholly blamed the national press, saying they were creating national distractions that cost the state money. Palin said: “You are naive if you don’t see a full-court press on the national level, picking apart a good point guard.”

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! The Obots are going to rue the day they called her stupid.

      • She is pointing out that the press/media are someone’s cheer leaders rather than The Fourth Estate…and when that happens all Americans lose.

        We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t become a regular on the Sunday morning talk show circuit.

        That would be a way to get her a membership in the Village.

        • Number 2 would like to have tea. He’s in the dome shaped house up the hill. Count me out of the village, pretty creepy place.

        • I don’t think she wants a membership in the Village. That’s to her credit by the way.

      • Yup..what she said! 🙂

    • And I think she said the PG was passing the ball (I guess) so the team could win.

      Some subliminal message there? I’m looking at you regency and Dandytiger.

      • LOL. And of course in basketball when the point guard passes one off so the team can make a point, then never get the ball again and score do they. 🙂

    • Wellner reported, that she could be more effective outside of government.


  19. Gosh this is fun.

  20. I’m wondering if she’s gonna follow the one’s playbook. What did he have before he ran? Paper thin resume and 2 books about himself and filled mostly with lies. What will she have, a slightly thicker resume and at least one book all about her and presumable with no lies. Guess this is the tested and proven path to the WH now.

    Whatever her reasons are for resigning, I think as long as she’s accepting monies through her pac, you can’t say she’s out forever. What the heck does she need campaign contributions for if she’s not running for anything?

    • I just gave her $400 and our donations have been off the charts in the last couple of hours.

      • I saw on the other thread you received 50 thou was it? That’s amazing! And proof that neither her supporters or critics will just let her fade away! ^_^

        • It was a donor they never had too. I am amazed.

          • Well, if Hillary is out for good, and Sarah does decide to run, I’ll be supporting her. It’s mostly about getting rid of what we have now, and I think she may be the only person who could do it. May not agree with her on all policies, but I think she’s a good person, a proven fighter who WOULD fight for all Americans, and hell I’d like to she her win just because I know what it would do to those who hate her. LOL!

        • I don’t have 50 grand to give but once the summer camp tuitions are paid for, I’m going to sign up for a monthly donation.

  21. Krauthamer said she may run for senator, Juan has his panties in a snit. Charles just said Juan why are we talking about her if she is so f”ing insignificant.

    Now Sarah Palin has charisma but baggage. These guys are a joke.

    Lets say this. Did anyone think we would have this empty suit smoking addicted jerk in office 4 years ago over Hillary?

    Then it is safe to say that anything goes. For all we know Alec Baldwin could be running in 2012.

    When Obama got elected that lowered the bar for protocol, expectations, etc.

    Pee Wee Herman 2012

  22. Greta will get the story.

  23. Do men hate us this much?
    You know I really thought we would have a woman as a president before an African American, but the men….

    • Polls showed that more Americans wrre ready for an AA President in 2008. Sexism runs too deep, BB.

      • See I don’t agree with that. Hillary DID receive more votes than the one, and many blacks if not most were ready to back her before the Obama machine went to work, but for her being betrayed by the party she would have been the nominee, and mostly likely easily won against McCain. It wasn’t a male conspiracy that kept her out, there were plenty of women who were apart of the betrayal. It was the people at the top in control of things that did it. That’s what needs to change!

        • That is the problem. The people at the top of both parties are nothing more than bought and paid for stooges for the big businesses of this country. Hillary, or Sarah for that matter, would have been a chance to take our country back.

        • Yup, Hillary just wasn’t the “frat boy” candidate who belongs to Goldman Sachs, Citibank, GE and Time Warner.

        • I agree, of course we know Hillary won more votes and she was the nominee, but they had to break the rules to give the Nom to Obama. I am saying that culturally, polls showed all throughout 2008 that more people were willing to vote for an AA man than a woman of any race. Hillary is just a F*cking great politician and she got more votes than him because she was the better candidate.

          • Well polls are polls, the actual voting proves America was ready and would have put a woman in the White House. I should say they were ready to put “THAT WOMAN” in the WH, who knows when another woman who can garner the type of backing and trust it will take for us as a nation to make it that far will come along. Maybe it’s Sarah maybe not.
            Which makes it doubly infuriating that we were robbed of Hillary, and why I really would love to send those responsible for keeping her out straight to hell.

    • Afrocity,

      It didn’t matter that Hillary was a Democrat or that Sarah was a Republican, they were women and that was the crime. Men in South America are more progressive than those here, the ones here were wearing ‘Sarah is a C@@@’ T-shirts and smiling and even women wore the shirts.

      Yes, we must fight back!

      We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

    • Not all men. Just the misogynists.

      • Not all, but sadly too many in power are not supportive of equality for women. IMHO Real men aren’t afraid of Women or Women’s Rights.

        We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

        • As a male, I’m a little old-fashioned in a couple of areas (ie. marriage last name), but I am certainly not afraid of Women’s rights. ERA all the way.

    • The beltway buttheads are not men, they are beavis if he went to media clown college and got paid to say heh heh heh in punditspeak.

    • I think it’s fear and peer pressure Afrocity. i doubt they talk to their mama’s the way the spoke of Hillary and Sarah!

    • About 20 years ago, I told a man I used to argue gender issues with that an AA man would be president before a woman. He insisted that no way and we made a bet on it. I’ve often thought of looking him up to collect on that wager.

      It’s not that men hate us, although many do, it’s that the cultural narrative that women are inferior (physically, intellectually and ethically) is global, long-standing and deep.

  24. Gosh, she made that entire speech without a teleprompter !!! Imagine that – a women with guts and brains !!! No wonder everyone is so F’ing afraid of her.

    • Look mom no teleprompter.

      Speaking of Uhhhbama he is at a birthday party for Sasha. You know unicorns, arugula cake, $500 Buster Brown shoes and shit like that.

  25. The funny thing is she could truthfully deny that she’s ever running for office again but they won’t believe her.

    • She will remain their boogiewoman, as they run yelling she is 50 feet tall because she dared to run for higher office.

    • Did you see her say that?

      She talked about a magnet on her parents fridge that said. “Don’t explain yours. Your friends won’t need you to and your enemies won’t believe you anyway.”

  26. I tend to agree with what Krauthammer said on Fox. This is not about 2012 – but rather, Sarah is probably looking further down the road. She will still be young in 2016 and 2020. Perhaps a senate run is in her immediate future?

    • I was greedy in my 2012 assessment, Charles tempered me a bit. She is still young. You know Obama could have just let Hillary have 2008-2012 and then ran himself when he had more experience but NO.

      I really think he will be a one termer.

      • “I really think he will be a one termer.”
        God I hope so!!

        A major point in Sarah’s favor is that as far as reelecting the messiah is concerned, we’ve “been there, done that” whereas with her, it’s new territory, and without the main reason he “won” in the first place the FIRST BLACK PRES to inspire people, he has to go on an actual record of accomplishments, and yeah, well, we see how well that’s going so far.

      • We thot Bush would be a one termer.

        • true that. But Bush had the solid support of the Repub base. Does Obama have that among the Dems? Look how many of use former Dems didn’t and will never vote for him. The Indie voters were voting against ANYone with an R last year. Not going to be the case next time around. They may not feel the same about voting against the one just because he’s a Dem. or claiming to be anyway, but neither will the rush out and vote for him it’ll be based on his record.
          If it’s Sarah running all that’s needed it that they (the indies)and most dems do in any given year and that’s not vote at all, to get him out.

    • Okay, but if Obama loses in ’12, then she wouldn’t be able to run until ’20. Politics is about timing.

    • I doubt she’ll run against Murkowski for Senate. If that was her goal, she would not have resigned as Governor.

      • I agree about her not running against Murkowski and Begich was just elected. Frankly, I don’t think she is interested in the Senate.

      • Some people are speculating Murkowski will run for Gov.

      • Ah well, who knows? I think we can all agree that Sarah Palin is not done on the national scene – but the GOP establishment appears to be grooming Hair-do Romney for 2012. Whatever path Sarah takes, she will continue to swim upstream, and I will continue to cheer for her.

        Of course, my dream scenario would be for Obama to step aside and allow Hillary to run in 2012 – but things would have to go really, really bad for the Chicago thugocracy for that to happen.

  27. Hey BB, I had worked for hours and hours on my comment and went to post and bam. Comments closed. Lucky for copy and paste:
    I see exactly the opposite as some here. Palin’s resignation gives her alot more itegrity than a person holding office but running for another while his constituents suffer. All of a sudden we are hearing about the horrible violence experienced by school children going to and from school in Chicago. Thats been going on a long time. Before Obama ran for office. Only now, it gets attention in the media since he’s no longer there and can avoid any responsibilty. Then there was the people of the South Side who were written out of Obama’s district so that his would include the wealthier on the North Side. Yea, thats Community Organizing alright.
    She can take care of her family, travel, speak, etc. and nobody can say she is ignoring the voters of her state.

  28. Guess I could’ve taken a moment to proofread. The word is INTEGRITY.

  29. I am taking bets that Obama will get jealous of all the media coverage going to Michael Jackson and now Sarah. He will call 911 tonight because of a hangnail infection.

    • Or maybe he’ll take his shirt off at the beach? Or Michelle will wear a sleeveless gown. That should draw the media’s attention quickly.

      • He’ll take his shirt off, prance around in slo mo and then complain that Sarah deliberately uses her “hot librarian” appeal in an undignified and unprofessional way.

    • Boo hoo! LOL

    • Afrocity:

      Are you going to Grant Park tonight to watch the Boom Booms?

      • I can see fireworks in Grant Park from my apartment

        (gee I am like Sarah) No really, I live in a hi rise 1 blk away.
        and yes Obama’s election night was awful for me.

    • When the AA community complained of his lack of RESPECT for Michael Jackson I sensed he was jealous because Michael got more coverage world wide dead than he did on January 18th. He doesn’t give those that paved the road their proppers IMHO, and eventually people will notice.

  30. You friends are hysterical. Hope this plays all night here.

  31. Jeralyn’s PDS is in full bloom:

    She fears a looming political problem, perhaps even a scandal, and wanted out of the limelight, before the news broke.

    This is based on zero evidence

  32. Palin Twitters…”Stay Tuned”!

    • oooh she actually said that????
      curiouser and curiouser! =^.^=

      • Third party rising? I tell ya, this keeps ones mind just going…

        We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

        • Okay it’ll never happen, but oh god what I wouldn’t give to have Hillary and Sarah run as Indies on the same ticket!! I just get a giddy thinking about it! ^_^

          • I know. It makes me feel like dancing!

          • They are politically on opposite sides of the spectrum. BUT I would find it interesting if she proved to be a threat in terms of gender. The fantasy I see is not one where they join up as political partners but rather as champions of women.
            THAT could be very interesting.


            We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

  33. From Smart Girl Politics ( a conservative women’s group)

    Today, with Sarah Palin’s announcement that she is not running for a second term as governor and will resign at the end of the month, shows us that she is ready to make a move for our country. We “right wing extremists” are not the only one’s who understand we’re in trouble and something has to change. This bold, brave step she has taken shows her willingness to defy convention when a new direction needs to be taken, no business as usual for her.

    Sarah’s commitment to “doing what’s right” no matter the political backlash, for Alaska and our country, makes her our “bright shining star”. I look forward to seeing her move into the national arena and showing all of those who doubt her what an honest, forthright, dedicated American Woman can accomplish. To the professional politicians in Washington, your jobs are about to become less secure when she hits the campaign trail for worthy Americans who wish to serve their country. Our next President of the United States – Sarah Palin. Look out B. Hussein, this woman is a fearless fighter and you are about to be truly challenged.

    Woo Hoo – Happy 4th of July; independence day for our country and now Sarah Palin.

  34. Here’s another one from that site Myiq:

    She’s done (5.00 / 1) (#14)
    by Jeralyn on Fri Jul 03, 2009 at 05:35:20 PM EST
    Just wait, the other shoe is going to drop.

  35. oh.i,m sure it will.pop up a big bowl of popcorn.and get the beer cold.

  36. Just because everybody is asking for my predictions, here they are:

    Palin will become one of the biggest “get” in Republican circles, a formidable fundraiser. She will go on the speaking circuit, have some gig on Fox News and go on book tour. (Not sure but I think the book is due next year).

    Electoral politics? Nah.

    As for 2012 on the Republican side, unless somebody comes out of nowhere, Romney will get another chance but I don’t know how he will package himself.


    • (Gaze)

    • I think I am leaning towards your assessment — my only reluctance is I really want her to thump some ass and run for President ……… but I didn’t ever think the “establishment” would let her — just like they did everything they possible could to beat Hillary…… they will NEVER let Hillary run again.

    • Romney is the worst possible candidate. He’s a drone.

  37. :Politico: Sarah Palin plans to stay visible.


    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin plans to remain extremely visible and will give serious consideration to running for president in 2012, but has made no decision, a close friend said after her startling announcement Friday that she will resign her office.

    Friends say Palin plans to spend time writing her book, which is due this fall, then promote it heavily when it comes out in spring 2010.

  38. I haven’t read the last thread (out all day) so i’m not sure if it’s been covered, but i’m worried that Sarah might have resigned for a greater role in the Republican party. This worries me because I feel like it could only end in two ways:
    1) She gets a major role in the party, is well recieved, and ends up as a major leader. I wouldn’t like this because the thing i admired in her the most (along with her fighting spirit) is how she has an independent streak, and it would likely disappear if she were to lead the party
    2) She tries to get into the party, but there are a lot of negative feelings towards her because of jelousy, gender, politics, whatever. She ends up with less support than ever and while she keeps her independent streak, she loses prospects for the future.


  39. Why do they care? They didn’t want to call her “Governor” anyway.

  40. New Sarah Thread up top!!!

  41. I heard the official DNC response to Palin’s resignation—-it was just awful. Said in effect she was abandoning Alaska voters, could not take the heat. Words to that effect.

    One thing we would get with Palin—-politics of the unusual. She is absolutely a world away from Goldman Sachs, T. Geitner—can you just imagine the difference played out—can you just see the Wall St. bankers and Hollywood exploding? Can you just imagine Sarah’s idea of a stimulus package and energy independence—bet it would not include Goldman S. selling cap and trade deriviatives for trillions.

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