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Sarah Palin Resigns as Governor of Alaska


From CNN, it appears that Sarah Palin has announced her resignation as Governor of Alaska.  So, what about the speculation that her move was a strategic one? But, since there is nothing conclusive on the reasons, it appears all we can do is speculate.  What are your thoughts?

282 Responses

  1. Great Minds ! I’m watching the TV coverage now.

    • Sarah Palin Won’t Run for Re-election; to Leave Governorship

      • I haven’t watched MSNBC in over a year. I almost forgot about Pat Buchanan. How does a conservative (or reality based liberal who doesn’t worship Obama) remain with MSNBC with these asshats? My head would explode having to argue with Tweety everyday.

        • They have to pretend to give the other side/point of view. I posted it before finding the one below of only her speaking at the press conference.

          We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

    • Bombshell Announcement: Sarah Palin is stepping down as Governor of Alaska!!!

  2. What!

  3. Yeah, she’s switching parties. And either running in 2012 or 2016. If you parse the words, it’s all there.

    • Really? Switching parties? I find that hard to believe. The only option is becoming an Independent. Why join Libertarian and does she really think the Dems would accept her? Spector is one thing but he is a man so it made things easier for him.

      • By switching parties, I mean going from Rep to anything else. Or even going Indy. Her statement was very telling. She’ll work with anyone of any party to do what she feels is right.

        I’ve followed politics too long to ignore the power of word choice.

    • But why would she switch parties? She had an excellent shot at the Republican nomination and can’t possibly win as anything else. I think this hurts her hugely. She had a fighter image, now they’ll try to make her a quitter. She could have just served out her term and announced she wouldn’t seek reelection a la Mitty Boy.

    • Just maybe she is going to lead the way to creating a really solid third party. The two existing parties are so broken it’s hard to believe they could easily (or that they would readily) be repaired.

  4. I’m registering my speculation.

    Her resignation has nothing to do with a 2012 bid. She had a meeting with her hubby and the rest of her family last night and they basically concluded that they don’t need this shit.

    It was clear from the beginning that Sarah was never in politics for the big game. She was just doing what she thought was the right thing to do, regardless of how you feel about her ideology.

    I’ve know people like her before. Those around her sense something special and drag her into the spotlight but doing the right thing is never enough for those who envied her talents.

    • You are way kidding yourself if you think she’s leaving politics. She has not worked hard to keep herself in the headlines for the last 6 months to leave politics.

      • Just my speculation. From my point of view she’s not doing anything to stay in the spotlight. She’s being sought out and hounded. There’s a difference IMHO.

        • Doing covers for magazines, making statements about “almost having an abortion” etc, Inviting Obama to Alaska, inviting Obama to race her, is keeping yourself in the headlines.

          • Thank you. I see her in the news all the time. She’s been getting her hands dirty in national issues: visiting troops and talking oil and women’s issues.

          • But didn’t she do all of that before she ran? I think it’s just now she’s in the spotlight, getting calls to do covers, stories.

            Now, the book thing is harder to mesh in my theory; however, she could’ve just had a change of heart after the VF story. I think for someone like her, being called “IT” could feasibly be ‘the last straw.’

            again, just my opinion.

        • again, just my personal speculation. I tend to go for the long shots anyway.

      • “worked hard”? Uh, they just awarded her with the “sitting duck” award because all the media attention has been negative, she beat out Blageovich. I daresay that she did that purposefully.

        Personally, I hope the @sshats that keep harassing her rot in hell if they did indeed drive her out of politics.

    • I have to say it doesn’t wash. I’ve watched her fairly closely these last few weeks. She’s been actively making political maneuvers. You don’t do that just because.

      • Exactly

      • Whatever he motives are, the a$$hats are already saying she is leaving because she couldn’t handle the pressure.

        I don’t like her politics but she, in my view, is one hell of a woman to have put up with the trash that was tossed at her and her family!

    • I agree with you. Sod. The usual suspects hounded her out of politics.
      I wish her and her family well.

      • Yes. Obots and their presstitutes and pundits finally got what they wanted.

    • I think she is putting her family first, she is a mother/wife first and I am not going to criticize her for that. She was held to a higher standard and her accomplishments were as if they didn’t exist and the message to young girls of seeing her constantly debased was not good.

      God Speed Sarah and God Speed to your family.

      We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

  5. She’s going to run for president. She’s being proactive right now. People are writing hit pieces on her now, and she’s not going to stay a lame duck in Wasilla, So she’s not staying put. This also frees up her time to brush up on national issues, give herself a ton of press at the right time, give conservatives someone to rally for while obama tries puts through tons of legislation, takes the headlines away from Obama right now, etc. Very smart move.. If she waits, people will have more amunition. She’s got a high approval rating right now and like Obama, the fewer things she has to tie her to her record, the less policy decisions she has to answer for.

    • This is a great explanation. I agree that Obama won because he had no record so people couldn’t tie him to the Iraq War or anything else, really. Stupid, I know because we now see that someone without a record or position really doesn’t have a plan to pull us out of the recession or give us universal health care.

      But this is politics and after this country delves deeper into the recession and becomes a greater royal mess by 2012, anyone running against Obama wants to have a clean slate that isn’t tied to any of the mess we are currently in. Obama’s failed stimulus plan, the recession, and soon his failed health care plan is going to shape Obama’s legacy the way the Iraq War ruined Bush. Resigning could be bad for Palin but you also make it clear that remaining a lame duck in Alaska might not be the best option going forward either.

      • Yes – remember Obots rationale – “Obama didn’t vote for the war, Hillary did” – totally dismissing the fact that Obama wasn’t even in the Senate during the war vote.

    • I think she’ll get some foreign policy information, etc. and then look at Senator. She’s got to tend to her young family and grow policy creds.

      • I’ve been wondering about Murkowski’s Senate seat, which is up in 2010. I’m not sure she’d want to mount a primary challenge against a sitting, Republican, female Senator…but what if Murkowski decides to run for Governor in 2010? I think Palin would be a shoo-in in that case. I suppose she could always run in 2014.

        On the other hand, she could just emulate Richard Nixon (after his gubernatorial defeat when he “resigned” from politics) and quietly build a national organization over the next couple of years in preparation for 2012. I think Obama’s going to be a pretty weak candidate by then (and that’s assuming Hillary doesn’t successfully challenge him for the Democratic nomination).

        I hope she hasn’t let the cowardly, knuckle-dragging lowlifes drive her out of public life.

        • that’s my suspicion. she can spend time with her family, built her cred on national issues and do the Senate thing … the 2012 presidential would be a long shot anyway because Oba is still likable enough … she’s still young enough to hold off to 2016 AND do 6 years as a senator … makes sense if you’ve got a long run plan and you’re not an impatient fool

  6. I think we can disagree with Republicans, but with Palin, the press/media went after her with all the kitchen knives and didn’t spare her family. There was also a strategy of filing ‘ethics’ complaints and she had to cover her legal bills. She said one thing that impressed me, and that was she would support people running for office regardless of party.

    The sad thing in the 2008 election was the use of misogyny against Hillary and Sarah Palin. It was truly sad to see the debasement of Sarah and the press/media seeming to enjoy destroying her and her family.

    We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

    • The reason the press hit Palin so hard was that adding her to the ticket was the one thing that could bring down the media’s next favorite president (their previous fave was Bush).

      Palin came across as a real populist, not a beneficiary of melded Axelrod-campaign branding. She, like Hillary, represented real change for this country, not continued control by the same powerful elites.

  7. Repost my last from previous thread because I didn’t notice the new post….

    Ooooh, ooooh, I know, I know. Here’s the thing. The knows full well what happened to Hillary in the Dem primaries (i.e., won but wasn’t allowed to be the nominee) and how that’s almost certain to happen to her too. Just look how the main Repub power brokers constantly omit her from discussions. Soooo, she’s going to be a Repub over the next couple of years, raising money, giving speaches, etc., but when it comes time to run, she will side-step the useless party system (just like Hillary should) and will run as an independent. Imagine Obama for the Dems (with a faltering economy still) and some dweeb on the Repub side like Romney, and then Sarah as the third person. She could have a real chance of winning that way. Of course Hillary could do the same, esp. if she’s pushed out of State, but sadly I think she’ll stay a Dem no matter what.

    Anyway, it’s a theory.

    • DandyTiger, that’s an interesting idea. I would love to see anyone figure out how to really make an independent run work!

      • Me too. In fact I think smacking the parties like that is really the only thing that could bring us back from the edge of the cliff. Really no matter what part of the spectrum you’re on, you can’t like either party very much. They’re owned by the same people and very corrupt.

        I was just thinking the other day how people will often say if you’re socially liberal and fiscally conservative you have no party. But what’s funny is, if you’re just either one of those, you have no party either. There is no party for socially liberal people and no party for fiscally conservative people. There are just two parties for the finance industry, one blue and one red. Different colors, same policies.

    • Here’s to hoping. Some of us are really tired of choosing between bad and worse.

  8. If that damn press won’t leave Hillary alone about her health, she may not stick around either.

  9. We just got a $50,000 donation at the Sarah Team!!!!

  10. If she runs and proves to be the best chance of beating Obama in 2012, count me in Palin’s court.

    By the time 2012 gets here, I’ll take a polar bear stranded on a chip of ice in the melting tundra being pushed to shore by a blind seal over him.

  11. She’s getting out of elective politics altogether. I don’t think she will be running for anything, ever again.

    • I hope you’re wrong.

      • He is. The only people I hear saying that are men and menstruating tools for MSNBC. Greta just told off a FOX reporter and said ‘watch yourself”.

        Mike Huckabee is defending her.

        • I don’t think mablue2 has that problem, but you’re right, the misogyny will seep through the pores of some of these people as they assume the worse and speculate some crazy stuff. Of course we’re speculating some fun crazy stuff, but because it’s fun and not because we’re full of hate like them.

        • My opinion has nothing to do with Sarah Palin being a woman, if that’s what you’re implying.

          It’s just my guess and it’s based on a couple of this I gather from the article written about her.

        • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that theory. Some people just put their family first. Maybe that’s her reason.

          We shouldn’t demonize her if this is her reason.

        • Was that really necessary?

    • You don’t keep campaigning for people and for parties you don’t want any relation to. It would be very easy for her leave politics entirely, go back to fishery and snow machine racing and the sundry other things she’d done. She said she wouldn’t do what she does as Alaska’s governor, but she didn’t say she wouldn’t do it at all.

      • Yep. I think she’ll be in politics. Especially with all the fame/power/money she’s gathered. The only question is will it be behind the scenes as a king maker, or in front as a candidate.

    • I think it is also petty for those that say, she couldn’t handle the criticism, when Obama has the Press/Media as his personal Cheer Leading Groopies. What they did is truly shameful and just now hearing that the Democratic Party announcing she was “engaging in bizarre behavior”…WOW the DNC is a PDS suffer on steroids.
      We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

      • I don’t think it’s about her personal strength. We sometimes forget that the family takes on the brunt of such a vicious campaign against her. It’s not a vice to care about them enough to say, enough is enough.

        And this could be true even if before this week she was gung ho about running.

        it’s just to spontaneous. something doesn’t fit for me.

    • That could be it too. I really can’t blame her. The press has put her family through the ringer since McCain chose her as his running mate. I don’t think she expected the type of misogyny and family attacks from the media and her opponents. I wouldn’t call myself a Palin supporter but I would hate to see another woman quit politics because of personal attacks. I don’t think she was significant to any of our national problems as governor of Alaska yet the Palin hate continued on the national stage and from late night comedians.

      • It’s not just the press that’s put her through the ringer!
        It’s McCain aides and Repubs!! – getting rid of all potential opposition to clear the path for Romney/Pawlenty 2012.

        • I think Romney is behind some of the nastiness displayed in the “It Came From Wassila” article as his folks went to work on the campaign. Now Cameron is on FOX, when he was quoting unnamed sources attacking her.

          McCain did let her down, by not saying she was a good choice and side stepped it.

          We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

          • Did anyone ever wonder what actually happened to Romney last year? I mean, Hillary was practically forced to campaign for Obama for the sake of party unity. But I hardly even heard about Romney campaigning for McCain. I thought he’d at least campaign in Michigan for McCain where his father was once governor. Yea, I wouldn’t be surprised if Romney is doing some behind the scenes work to pave his way back onto the national stage in 2012.

          • I don’t know about that. I think that reporter is the same one that slimed Bill Clinton about having sex with some woman in an elevator. They were doing everything they could to get rid of Hillary at the time. Don’t you remember what a racist Bill used to be? He was working for Obama and his wife, I can’t think of her name, used to work for Clinton. Clinton basically said he was a slime ball!

        • If that’s their ticket I’ll be going Green and working to get as many people to vote third party as I can.

    • mab,

      My position is fluid because of the lack of data. I think the early resignation works against her (kitchen/heat metaphor), so, given she would know this as well, I think your position is one of the two strongest. It’s not a negative to resign early, if she does not intend to run again.


  12. Palin Derangement Syndrome is proven, by the fact Michael Jackson has been placed as the second story, because of all those so eager to attack a WOMAN THAT DARED TO RUN FOR HIGHER OFFICE.

    How far have we really come as women, when the press/media still won’t recognize her accomplishments and continued the debasement of her as a woman?!?

    <strong.We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

  13. I love love love all these theories!

    • I was just thinking the same. I’m having way fun thinking about this. And the idea that it’s probably giving some high level politicians big headaches makes me even happier. 🙂

  14. Wow, Sarah Palin is the only person that could push MJ out of the news. I found her speech very telling in terms of the money spent dealing with the ethics complaints. She said 2 million for the state and we’re not talking about a state like California and a half of a million for her family in legal fees. Those are just the types of things that she is so much against…wasteful spending in government. I just read an article last night in Runner’s World about her. You should read that article and look at the pictures. I have great respect for Sarah Palin. She’s a woman that can seemingly do it all. She had five children and is so disciplined that she still is a knock out! It can’t all be just her great genes! The media can’t get enough of her. Many liberals want to destroy her and those like me, that are fed up with the Democratic party and how they stole my vote, admire her. I don’t know what to make of all of this but I respect her decision and hope she still is out there making waves for all of us women! I encourage you to check out this article.

    • The ones who want to destroy her aren’t liberals. They’re “progressives.” Last primary cycle I learned there is a big difference.

      • Those are both labels people put on themselves. It doesn’t matter who. I just know I am so tired of every hit piece I’ve seen on her. Every day there is something they have to say about her. They have tried to destroy her. They must be scared to hell of her. Right now she has trumped them all because none of them saw this coming. It puts her in the driver’s seat. She can do whatever she wants now. They can all speculate about things but I bet ,as Afrocity has mentioned, people are going to rally around her with money and interest.

        • Yes, scared to death of her. Mr. Axelrod’s brand is very pale compared to
          the likes of Sarah Palin.

          What we need is a government FOR the people and a media that
          fosters democracy, not the interests of the powers that be.

          While the oncoming depression has most people rolling over to keep their jobs
          at Maggie’s Farm, she quits when the job just isn’t worth it.

          (They say smile while you slave, but I just get bored. Ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s Farm no more.- Bob Dylan).

    • Half a million in legal fees defending bogus ethics complaiints from democratic dirtbags could have a terrible effect on a middle class family like the Palins. People tend to forget that they are not rich people.

      Personally I hope she runs in 2012. I’ll support her no matter what party she aligns with. It’s time that we took back our country from the bought and paid for elites in both parties.

      • Repubs and Dems are so certain that an Independent Party will never make much headway – even as most Americans realize the only difference between the 2 parties is a few social issues. The “money” still goes to the fat cats on Wall Street who are protected regardless of the party in the WH.

        • If the choice is Romney or Obama I will go third party. I will also b ust my backside to get anyone and everyone to send the message to DC that BOTH parties better change their ways.

  15. Huckabee just said he is loving his Fox TV show…he may step aside.

  16. Hillary never quit or gave up.
    Bill Clinton “my family isn’t big on quittin'”

    • What are you implying?

      • I smell an Obot pretending to like Hillary 🙂

      • Hillary has gone through hell and back. Impeachment was just not national news, but world wide and the primaries. She got the shit beat out of her everyday, but she fought and fought and she is still fighting with a smile,point,and a laugh. That is what I am saying.

        • …and?

          • Yes I am, do you have a problem with that. I know what she does and does not do as a gov. She said she did not like to spend our money on non-Alaska trips,she went to NY not for Alaska but to raise money for her pac then she went to Texas to hang around gov perry and her friends that leave in texas. That sounds like the fraud in office.

        • She quit her Senate seat early. End of story. Stop this silliness.

    • Um, she quit the Senate mid term, leaving NY’ers. She did it to move onto another office. How would it be any different if Sarah runs for some other office?

      • I think if a politician is intent on running for President, resigning is in the best interest of the state. Obama spent most of his time getting paid as a Senator raising money and preparing to run for President. If you are running for POTUS, resigning is a way to allow yourself to raise cash, pay off debts, come up with a good campaign strategy, hire the right people, and brush up on your debating skills without having to carry the responsibility of being a politician for your state.

        • And what an absolute waste of taxdollars that was.

        • Except that the people who elected you, expected you to commit for a term at least. Just because Hillary quit early, doesn’t mean it was right and that everyone who voted for her for senate was happy about her early departure.

          It’s not in the best interest of the state to have the governor appoint someone to fill a politician’s term when that politician decides that fulfilling his commitment is a waste of his time. It’s a betrayal of the voters….even when Hillary did it.

          • Hillary served more than a full term. In fact, she’d promised not to run right out of her first term. The dems asked her in 2004 and she said no dice.

          • In this case the state was losing out anyway since Sarah said the ethics complaints were taking up more of her time then governing.

            Her position is and was practical.

      • Let’s not little things like facts get in the way of a talking point. LOL

      • You have the guts to compare this to hillary taking the sos job and I am supposed to be the obot. Hillary supporters I know would never compare hillary to palin. Sorry I have not drank the palin koolaid, I am still drinking hillary’s.

      • Hillary didn’t resign until she was confirmed as SOS.

        • The point is that she did not complete her term. She was a “quitter” in the same sense that Sarah may be at this point.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I think she does plan to run in 2012. Whether she does that as an indy or a rep depends on how the Reps treat her going forward. They’d do well to treat her with respect; as a serious contender.

      I think that if she does run, this resignation will be a stike against her. One of the raps against BHO was that no sooner did he get elected to one position than he started running for the next higher office. She leaves offfice with only about 2 yrs as gov under her belt. If she runs in 2012, people will say her resume is thin and she quit early to go in search of greener pastures. Even some Alaskans may feel that way.

      I think she should have finished out her term and not run for reelection.s

    • I find it odd that you only show up here on TC when the topic is Palin. As a matter of fact, you went out of your way yesterday to start a Palin pie-fight in a totally unrelated thread.

      I disagree with Palin on a lot of things, but you seem to live to jump on anything negative about her, and have nothing to contribute to the conversation on ANY other topic.

    • Um, while I love Hillary, was there a floor fight? No there was not. No no.

      • And while I don’t judge her for that, because she went through personal hell and I can’t ask anyone to go through all that, the fact remains that while she fought long and hard, she eventually did give up without taking it all the way (which is understandable considering the disgusting way this party is run, she undoubtedly felt it would be pointless).

  17. This is going to be an interesting political cycle. One reason is because the Dems have total control and we will see what they’re really made of and what they really want to happen. Here’s a hint, they’re not in the slightest liberal. And their not fiscally conservative either. And the funny thing is we just came off of 8 years of Repubs showing their not fiscally conservative. So really I think anything is possible. The clothes are off the emperors of both parties, and it an’t pretty. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t be terribly happy with a conservative president, but the bitter hag in me would love to see ohimbo have have only 1 term. 😉

    • Interestingly, Palin is the only one in recent years who transcends both parties. Women who were Democrats (until the primary fiasco) also admired her even if not agreeing with her policies. People are disgusted with both Republicans and Democrats at this point. That’s why both parties are afraid of her and had to discredit her in every way. Now she has them scared sh*tless. As usual, the pundits do not know what to make of honesty and integrity. She may be the only politician who can pull together a sane, middle of the road party that addresses populist concerns – and now she has the time for that.

  18. She’s going to make friends with politicians because she’s already got the regular folks in her pocket, certainly enough of them to win an election. She needs more political allies and I th ink she’ll get them.

    • A lot of them seem to like her for the crowds she brings in and the money she can raise. I read an article yesterday about Biden not being able to get even a hundred people to show up in Pennsylvania, even though he is the VP, to talk about the stimulus plan and the economy. He has no “drawing” power at all.

  19. Lets not compare one woman to another or African American or anything else. Cause I ain’t a damn thing like Obama.
    Everyone has a different path to follow. What worked for Hillary may not work for Sarah and vice versa.

  20. Btw many Rightwingest of the RW seem to agree with me that her political career is over

    I don’t say that with any glee because I simply believe she could have won the WH in spite of her talents.

    Breaking: Palin to resign within weeks? Update: Is her career over?

    • Bill Kristol said she could crazy like a fox! I think she is pretty unconventional. After digesting it all, I find it pretty interesting.

    • Nah. She’s running for President. Obama didn’t even serve a full term as Senator, never mind Governor, so I don’t see this as working against her. Her hands are tied as governor during this lousy economy. I think she stays in the national scene and runs in 2012. But, we shall see.

      • Obama is male. She’s held to a much, much higher standard.

      • Yes, but BO’s experience is measured in “man years,” each of which are worth 7 years of a woman’s experience.

    • Of course they do. Establishment Repubs are afraid of her even more than Dems. Just think about it, someone’s out there that’s as popular with middle classers as MJ was with teens, she’s raising gobbs of money, and she’s only started. And she’s an independent outsider not owned by the financial industry that owns most politicians. They’re scared sh$tless. That doesn’t mean she’ll be in front of the camera, she may just take on some king maker power position, but she’s not going away. IMO

      • Yup. Both sides fear her. She is a HELL of a lot more conservative than I’d like, but she is as anti-establishment as they come. She IS genuine.

        I love that she shakes things up simply by telling the bald-faced truth, and the talking heads crawl all over themselves to figure out “what she really meant”. The concept of someone perhaps meaning exactly what they said is so foreign, they can’t wrap their peabrains around it.

        • Amen to that. Sarah may be conservative, but she speaks the truth, and that’s good enough for me. Sarah stood up, and continues to stand up to the mob. Hillary Clinton, although I like her, buckled. That fact speaks volumes to me.

          • I think that’s a matter of opinion, but I’m an admitted Hillary enthusias, so I’m painfully biased.

          • meh. I admire Hillary but at the end of the day she is a pol just like the rest of them. I wasn’t surprised that she joined Team Obama. I would still vote for her no questions asked but don’t allow personality to blind political reality the way the Obots did.

          • Forget you. You are not worthy to have hillary as your picture. Even the people who hate (freerepublic and redstate)hillary will never say she buckled. Is this place going to turn into hillbuzz.

            You have never been a hillary supporter by your statements. Your an ann coulter fan, who would have voted for hillary.

          • Regency, I agree. Hillary has been standing up to the national mob for over 16 years.

        • She truly is a “maverick”

        • Poor pundits are completely flummoxed. This script wasn’t written on K Street, what do we say?

          It would be hilarious if I weren’t so sad for the country because of this idiocy on their part.

  21. It could also be plausible that she’s just going “underground” for a while to effect some sort of transformation in preparation for a Senate run, 2012 run, or ???

  22. Gawker says Palin has announced she is out of politics for good.


  23. Wait til you guys see the media start warming up to Palin when she runs for pres. If she does it in 2012 they’ll only give her just enough flack so she can’t beat bozo, if she runs after after Obo is finished, they won’t give her even that much flack because 1. They will have wasted all their amunnition, and 2. they will treat her seriously as the same they gave did George Bush against Gore, and they will do what they can to give her the edge because she will be up against a weak democratic president. They will not demonize her during a 2016 election, or even 2012, like they did hillary to show they’re not against women, just that hillary was the horrible person they said she was. The media is so predictable.

    • Really a great comment!

    • Wait til you guys see the media start warming up to Palin when she runs for pres.

      Sorry, but I don’t believe that, women are hated in this country, that part I got by the way they attacked Hillary R. Clinton and then Palin where they became rabid.

      We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

  24. Andrea Mitchell said on MSNBC that Palin is quitting politics. How would Andrea know?

    • Since when has accuracy ever been important for our media.

    • MSNBC- nuff said

    • Andrea Mitchell could not come out so soon if she didn’t have some sources, that’s my guess.

      I also think she’s quitting elective politics. Her star is still fairly bright and she remains a big draw in Rightwing circles. She probably knows the beatings are not going to stop and she’s not sure she wants to go through it.

  25. Lynn Forrester on the phone on Fox.

  26. Buckling under pressure is staying a lame duck.
    This is Palin 2012.

    • Maybe she’ll run for Senator.

    • are you implying that she was being pressured to stay in office when by all accounts, no one expected this announcement?

      • No, I am speaking is about the idiots who are saying she is buckling under pressure. Now Lacky Davis is talking about her qualifications and how she is not finishing a term as governor when the dickwad in office now had about as much experience as a box Rice a Roni.

        • The woman doesn’t know what pressure is. She’s incredibly strong and I admire her a great deal. But I still think it was a bad move. I think being governor gave her exceptional gravitas. I think had Bush 43 not been gov of Texas he wouldn’t have been the nominee in 2000.

          • Bush needed to be governor because he had no substance otherwise except that and daddy’s name. Bush and Obama are the status quo. Sarah is not the status quo.

        • I know rice-a-roni, I was friends with rice-a-roni, you Obama are no rice-a-roni. 🙂

        • I’m listening to the same report you are and I think they protest too much! They are all trying to write her eulogy only because they WANT her to be dead! They’re talking much more than she did. They all have some great insight that I think they pulled out of their a$$es!

      • Saying she resigned because of the vile campaign against her is NOT an attack on her. That would negate the fact that she realizes there are other people at stake here — i.e. her family.

        Resigning now is not a good political strategy because
        1) she reduces her qualification resume and ability to enact policies that she can use in a campaign; and
        2) it gives her opponents something to design rhetoric around

        But it’s wrong to think people here are calling her “weak” if she is resigning to spare her family and her state any more pain.

  27. Is there any chance that she may have gotten hired into an influential private position? Or gotten her own show on Fox News?

  28. Bravo Sarah for dominating the news cycle and getting these lazy asses out of the Hampton and on the phone.

    I cannot get over these guys and the one term business when Obama had ZERO experience.

  29. I’m saddened by Sarah’s decision, but hopeful that she will be in the spotlight in 2012. She is what this countries needs right now, not some hyped up piece of &@$% who is taking this country down, and all of us with him.

  30. Nick Ayers on FOX just said he talked to Sarah and she said she was stepping down and campaigning in lower 48.
    My GOP friend in Arizona just texted me and said they know. This is a very McCain-esque move.

    Unlike Obama, she does not want to use the states money to promote outside interests.

    • This gives Palin freedom.

    • This very well may be the smartest thing she has done politically. She can severe her ties to the “Ole Boy” network and go directly to the people. I believe she has just rocked the establishment and put a thorn in their side.

      I was pleased when she said she was willing to support people, regardless of party affiliation.

      This was a smart move on her part.

      • She may be seeing the writing on the wall. Neither party is actually serving the interests of average America. We are ripe for a non partisan Independant.

        • That’s exactly what I was thinking. who knows. But if this was her motivation. Now is the time to start!

      • Good for her. She is now free to say what she wants to say without any constraints of being the governor. I hope she rocks that boat until the ol’ boy network becomes seasick.

        • Now that’s a *real* Yes We Can. Whatever the reason, give ’em hell Sarah!

      • Bill Kristol, who I usually detest but who is an expert at GOP politics, said Palin’s resignation was a brilliant move on her part and her speech was the kick-off to the 2012 race.

        I think I agree with him.

        • I dunno, ralph. Would someone kick off a presidential campaign on a Friday before July 4th weekend? But of course, Sarah usually bucks conventional wisdom – so we’ll have to stay tuned.

    • Sweet. More power to her.

  31. According to her brother, it was the time and money she had to spend defending herself against bogus ethics complaints. There have been 15 of them since she returned to Alaska after the GE campaign, and she has been cleared of every one of them. Some were as stupid as having a logo on the jacket she wore to one of Todd’s snowmobile races. I think she just felt that having to constantly defend herself was doing a disservice to her state.

    Still – it’s a real gamble. For certain, the Dems will use the fact that she quit against her.

  32. Apparently she has told her prominent supporters that they are free to support somebody else.

    This is not something someone who’s preparing for 2012 would do but hey, it’s just me guessin’.

  33. Very intriguing. I like the way a woman responds to power and decision making. Screw the power and title if it gets in the way of progress and worthy goals. She says she does not want to be a lame duck, very understandable but a title that never seems to bother male politicians. She also gave who ever replaces her a leg up in the next election. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

    • I do believe she is not a me, me, me person and therefore take her at her word.

      We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

  34. Did anyone notice that she did not use notes, teleprompter, index cards? She spoke off the cuff. She is a real person who says real things. I really hope she is going to run for Senate, get a term under her belt and be ready for 2016. But if she is quitting politics, I don’t blame her. If my children had been treated like hers, I would probably quit to. It is one thing to take the crap about yourself, but how horrible to have to watch your children abused because of your job.

    • I think she understood she needed to fight in her own way and taking care of her family was the first step.

      We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

  35. Wow, I’m seeing lots of her and her family on TV right now. So stunningly charismatic. You just can’t fake that stuff. They show her because it sells, and the more they show her, the more powerful she gets.

    Here’s the bottom line, no woman will be president anytime soon by playing the usual political game. If anyone can do it, it’s either her or Hillary. And only if they play outside the rules. Sarah is making her move. Hillary has another year to make her move. I don’t think Hillary will unless pushed out.

    Time to make some popcorn and watch the media and insiders squirm and make up great lies.

  36. Did anyone notice that she did not use notes, teleprompter, index cards? She spoke off the cuff. She is a real person who says real things.

    can you imagine Obama speaking off the cuff?…”Umm…ahhh…ynnn..Ummm..

  37. Listen to these men talking their asses off. Who gives a damn about your assessment. I can’t wait to hear choco-bear Donna Brazille flap her gums on the Sunday pundit shows.

  38. The DEM just said this is no way to start a presidential campaign.

    Really??? Neither is talking about doing ‘blow’ in a book, staying in a racist church for 15 years, buying your home from scumbags…taking illegal campaign donations….

    • Girlfriend you are on fire…they should interview you! The reality is that now one can criticize him or go off script. I did hear many saying they were not happy with his lack of respect for Michael Jackson and I did hear Al Sharpton say before there was an Obama, Michael was there.

      We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

    • Oh no you didn’t.

  39. Damn it, she’s gorgeous.


    And this is gutsy, no question. I’ve got her back.

  40. I knew there was a reason i kept various PUMA sites bookmarked.

    Delicious schadenfreude.

    • You don’t get enough pleasure from watching the dumbest President in American history outdo Bush? If your spirits ever flag you can always revive them with a quick glance at his magical crotch.

  41. There’s Piper!!!

  42. Again from the Rightwingest Rightwing, people I have an absolute allergy to:

    What Sarah Palin did today was get out before the real challenges of the job (whatever challenges there are for such an easy job) really rear their heads. The going got tough in terms of spurious ethics charges against her, and she took off. That’s cowardly. That’s not sign of staying power. It’s a sign of wanting to get out while the getting is good, in order to become a full-time candidate for a presidential race that won’t culminate for 3 1/2 more years. It’s a little too calculating, by half — or more.

    I just listened to her speech announcing her decision, and found it singularly unimpressive. “This was a rambling, bombastic, self-centered, ‘poor me’ kind of speech.” That’s how Mike Carey of the Anchorage Daily News just described her speech on Fox News. I agree. He then said it was, darn, I already can’t remember if he said it was “pitiful” or “pathetic,” but it was some word like that. Again, I agree. It was a speech in which she clearly made a bit for a national audience — not a very effective bid, but a transparent one — but didn’t adequately explain to the people of Alaska why she was relinquishing her duty…

    Statesmen hang tough. Sarah Palin is cutting and running. ‘Nuff said.

    This is a senior editor at the Spectator.
    This was her base. How anyone here thinks she’s better position for 2012 on the national scene is actually funny.

    • Do you realize that the Republicans don’t like her? I really don’t understand the sort of constant, blind reaching you keep doing. We heard you already.

    • mablue, if you think the entrenched, establishment right wing was Palin’s base, then you have completely misjudged the reality.

      They supported her, but they were never her base.

    • Whatever. You want a cookie for that Mr. Dewey Defeats Truman?

      You have no idea what her base is, since you are so allergic take your epipen and carry on.

      • Oh please!

        Anybody who follows politics knows where Sarah Palin draws her largest support from.

        It’s not some secrets people on certain lists pass around.

        • Careful, your Kool Aid stained undies are showing.

          • Huh?

            Now you’re just being childish.

          • No, mablue is not a Bot. Just wrong on this, I think.

            Many democrats have taken off their party blinders to see their own party clearly, but can’t quite do the same for the R’s.

            Republican voters are no more a homogenous group then the dems are – and there are lots of free-thinkers there who do like Sarah, and could care less whether their own party establishment and “spokespersons for the Right” like her or not.

          • Like Regency said who is stamping their feet? Sounds like you have an anti-Palin agenda and an axe to grind.

            Go impress me some more by finding something to cut and paste. OOO Sarah Palin just bought a box of Dove bars and a vibrator ooo ohhhh, no political future for her.

          • Let’s not go insulting each other here. ALL theories are welcome. That’s the point of the post

          • Careful, your Kool Aid stained undies are showing.

            OOO Sarah Palin just bought a box of Dove bars and a vibrator ooo ohhhh, no political future for her.

            Afrocity, how old are you again? This is not a high school blog.

          • OK, both of you knock it off or I’ll send you to the penalty box for unnecessary roughing.

          • Next MAblue will say that I am suffering from postpartum depression while wearing a “this is what a feminist looks like tee shirt”

        • If that’s what you think, fine. But posting constantly and stamping your feet because you absolutely must be right is just not very convincing.

          • I’m not stomping my feet.

            I’m just convinced that she made a decision yo get out, it happens anywhere, in politics, in sports, in academia, in business.

            Moreover, I don’t see how this move could her for 2012.

            I don’t see what’s the big deal there.

          • You made it the big deal

          • You’re spending a lot of time arguing against something that isn’t a big deal. If it’s not, then I don’t see why you should worry about it. We clearly feel otherwise. We’re quite capable of seeing reason on our own.

        • Well, I agree with you that this may be a huge mistake. Cut and run sort of thing that may mean there is some reason, some scandal that is forcing her out. However, her base is women activists, not any Repub media outfit, so I don’t think this article is evidence that she’s just lost her very loyal base.

          • But see, if one can convince oneself that the only people who ever liked Sarah were frothing-at-the-mouth zealous wingnuts and religious freaks, then she can be dismissed!

          • There are all kinds of individuals who support Sarah Palin but the core of her base is not as disparate as you’re claiming.

        • hey, want to buy some “shit on a stick”. it’ll sell like mad if you rename it.

        • With all due respect, I think that you are not acknowledging that many people, including myself, who have never voted for a Republican in a general election, voted for John McCain because we looked at Sarah Palin as the real change in politics, the same way that I looked at Hillary Clinton when she was running in the primaries. When Hillary was pushed out, I was pushed out with her, and for me, Sarah Palin was the reason for voting Republican.

          You know, it’s kind of tiresome to read about how conservatism is all things bad. Lord knows liberalism has its pitfalls, including nasty people who vilify anyone of a different opinion, and then try to silence them by means of overwhelming mob tactics. (My nasty comment is not directed at mablue2, but at those who have attacked Sarah Palin in the most base ways from the day she was announced as the VP candidate for the Republicans right through today).

          • You know, it’s kind of tiresome to read about how conservatism is all things bad.

            Yes, yes, a million times, yes. It’s frakking exhausting. Enough! No side is great.

    • Ever since this last election i now know more conservative republicans than i ever care to know, and they love her.

  43. The fuckfaces at CNN just accused Palin of playing the “Clintonian” victim. THIS IS WHY WE CANCEL OUR CABLE! FUCK THESE ASSHOLES!!!!!!!


  44. Geeze Fox just went all Michael Jackson with coverage. I wonder if the Sarah Palin podcast will top Thriller for most downloaded.

  45. What strikes me as Idiotic and hypocritical is the people claiming she was ONLY a Governor for two years and now she is quitting. If she does decide to tun for POTUS, she wont have EXPERIENCE!


    What about the man that ran for Sen. from Chicago? Did he not PRETEND to play a sen, then decided to run for POTUS? Where was and is his EXPERIENCE?

    Damn sheep!

    • He pretended to play a liberal, a civil rights activist, a constitutional law professor, LGBT rights activist, and a pro-life feminist. Sad thing is that he wasn’t even a good actor.

  46. ACKKK…Spammy got me! Help!

  47. She’s leaving because Andy Sullivan wants her to, actually he demands it. She’s also planning to send him Trig so he can do the DNA test on the child. The Republican machine wants to knock her too, at least according to Vanity Fair. She’s just a stupid meanie to all the guys so she’s just going to give in . BUT, if she does join another Party and runs. The Democrats and Republicans might be in for a great big shock as they see their disillusioned members switch their their voter registrations.

    • Forgot about that buttmuch andy. Jeeez I don’t want to hear what he says about this. He’s got some real lady parts issues.

  48. My question is this, if she does want to run in 2012 or ’16, what excuse is she gonna give right now for dropping out? or did she give one already, i haven’t seen the video yet.

    • She’s dropping out of the office for several reasons: money, distraction, and family. Those ethics complaints are hell on the pocketbook of a middle class family like the Palins. She can’t work while fighting those ethics complaints and her kids are now the targets because her critics realize that she won’t back down when they slug her personally.

      I think she’ll remain highly visible as an activist (which she said she’d do) and may yet pursue a different office, but she needs party (any party) backers first. Voters like her when they get to meet her, but she needs an infrastructure. This exists, but it needs to be bigger. She’ll campaign for other candidates across the board and she’ll do the math to see if it adds up to 270. If it does, she’s game. If not, she’s still smart, still gorgeous, still got a beautiful family.

      Either way, she’ll be all right.

    • Obots are gleeful and believe that Obama’s “My only qualification is my pants” message will resonate just as well if running against two men.

      • Women hate/misogyny alive and well. 😦 NO girls running, they get the club house all to themselves and the women reporters clap…

        We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

  49. Hmm, the reaction to Palin quitting her job makes me wonder what it would be for Hill if she decided to drop out of State and say run for Gov. of NY.

  50. I thought I as was going to a place for democrats in exile which was mostly hillary supporters. The same people who said hillary was great are now calling her a coward,she gave up,and abondaned new york.

    Maybe this place has changed to hillbuzz,townhall,freerepublic,hillary’s village,redstate.

    Instead of links to media matters and crooks and liars will they now be newsbusters and townhall.

    I am a proud hillary groupie and will always be one and not throw her out for the newer model. I will now go back to mudflats,alaska blogs,and hillary clinton forum.

    Believe me she will not support anyone else’s view. Just look at the alaska health dept’s top people resigning because they weren’t against abortion like she is. It is documented at and.com.

    Palinbots have fun watching hillary at her 2012 inguration. It will be beautiful and so will her,bill,and chelsea.

    • Get a clue

    • You may in fact be more delusional than me.

      I love Hillary like I loved my first crush. There’s pretty much nothing she can do wrong in my eyes, but I’m woman enough and mature enough to know that her time may never come in the White House. I adore her regardless and I mourn lost chances. But there’s a reason they’re called “lost chances” because they’re gone.

      We are going to see the first female President in the next four presidential terms. It will either be Hillary Rodham Clinton or Sarah Palin. I’ve made my peace with that. You need to as well.

    • News Alert HillBuz has not posted since June 18th. I think you are doing some lumping here, what I don’t like nor enjoyed was that this presidential election was about getting the women, it didn’t matter if they were Democrat or Republican. The amount of misogyny was shameful and with Palin they went over board.

      We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Lives Depend On It!

    • You are so disingenuous, every woman knows especially those who are for true womens rights that pitting one woman against another is the absolute antithesis to what equality is all about. You labeling those who support the governor as Palinbots is proof of your total ignorance on the issue of women in politics. You should be celebrating regardless of your support of Hillary or not. The more women running the merrier.

    • Hey “Lipstick on a Dipstick” web site person, you’re either an Obot, or you just plain hate women. Either way, please go away. You are not welcome here. That level of hate for women, no matter what party, is not helpful.

  51. Second thread up for discussion of Palin story. I’m going to close comments on this one in a couple of minutes, so please move on up!

  52. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/06/25/palin-attacks-blogger-for_n_220668.html

    And this is just an example of the bullsh!t that Sarah Palin had to put up with… read the comments from those who think it was “just swell”.

  53. Everybody get a grip or I’ll close comments.

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