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PDS: How Bad Can It Get? Really Bad.

Really bad, tasteless, disgusting. A stunningly repulsive headline was posted a short time ago at Huffington Post by Erik Sean Nelson, a self-described “fiction author and comedy writer.” The post was pulled quickly by someone at Huffpo, but here’s the screenshot (h/t Sweetness and Light)

Huffpo screenshot

Note that “Trig” is included in the tags. I guess Nelson thinks his readers at Huffpo are too slow to get his meaning without being hit over the head with a hammer.

The post is also still linked at the news site Memeorandum.

From Sweetness and Light:

We really don’t accept The Hill’s suggestion that Mrs. Palin is resigning her office so as to run for the Presidency. If anything, her comments imply just the opposite.

It is painfully clear that she is sick of being the target of the politics of personal destruction from the Democrat and their lickspittle slaveys in our watchdog media.

And who can blame her?

Anyone who seeks to run for or hold office as a conservative should have their head examined. They and their family and friends will be endlessly savaged in every way possible.

Mrs. Palin in every way embodies the kind of citizen-statesman that the Founding Fathers envisioned when they created our republic.

That she could be hounded out of office, and possibly politics altogether, by a ravening mob marks another nail in the coffin for representative government in our country.

This is a terrible day for our once great nation.

It truly is a sad day when anyone thinks it’s OK to publish something like that at a supposedly “progressive blog.” Arianna needs to dump Erik Sean Nelson immediately.

The hatred being directed at one woman and her family in this country is truly frightening.

UPDATE 1: Here is the full text of the original Huffpo article by Erik Sean Nelson. (h/t Hot Air)

“Palin Will Run in ’12 on More Retardation Platform”
Friday, July 3, 2009

It was posted at the Huffington Post at 6 p.m. EDT.

The text of the article:

In Sarah Palin’s resignation announcement she complained about the treatment of her son Trig who always teaches her life lessons. She said that the “world needs more Trigs, not fewer.” That’s a presidential campaign promise we can all get behind. She will be the first politician to actually try to increase the population of retarded people. To me, it’s kinda like saying the world needs more cancer patients because they teach us such personal lessons.

Her first act as President: To introduce a Pre-K lunch buffet that includes lead paint chips. Sort of a Large HEAD-START Program.

She will then encourage women to hold off on pregnancies until their 40’s just to mix up some chromosomes.

She now is in favor of abortion only in case of diploid birth.

Her policies will increase jobs because Wal-Mart is building new stores each day and someone has to be the greeter.

This will lead to smaller government because fewer Americans will have the cognitive ability to hold a government job.

Look, she says she’s resigning as governor because people are making attacks on her and Trig. If she ever did become president, all Osama bin Laden would have to do to defeat the United States is Photoshop a picture of Trig and she’d surrender the country that night. As she said, “That’s not politics as usual.” It isn’t. Politicians don’t usually quit for so stupid of reasons.

UPDATE 2: Nelson’s scary-obsessive anti-Palin website.

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228 Responses

  1. Clearly a party change wasn’t enough. Where do I register for a species change?

  2. Yeah, I think it’s the “quitter” meme that is — so far!!! — pissing me off the most. How long would any of us voluntarily remain in the Demomedia crosshairs after the “Todd Palin fathered the baby” smears, the “Sarah Palin faked the pregnancy” smears, the $500K in legal fees, the “har-de-har-har Alex Rodriguez raped your minor daughter” crap, the “Sarah Palin is a C***” T-shirts, the hanging in effigy, and on and on and on and on. Lots and lots and lots of people WANTED her to quit a long time ago. If indeed she is leaving politics (which I hope is not the case), I would call this a constructive discharge.

    • $500K in legal fees would more than do it for me. Before it got to that point, I would replace moose on my hunt with assholes who were filing frivolous ethics complaints.

    • The fucktards blabbering on that Gov Palin is a quitter certainly had no problem with TelePrompTer Jesus quitting his Senate seat (not even midway through his term) when a better opportunity came about. And the ‘quitter’ term has never been used for any of the other hundreds (if not thousands) of politicians who want to trade up for better jobs.

      The difference here, of course, is that it’s Sarah Palin. The Village Idiots have NO CLUE what her plans are and that drives them batshit crazy. I hope the pressure from their PDS makes their collective heads explode.

      • And notice that no male politicians are called “polarizing”. That’s reserved for Hillary and Sarah.

      • Nor, for that matter, has the “quitter” term applied to Joe “Party of One” Lieberman or Arlen “D/R/D” Specter….

    • Uh, wow. I just saw my 10:11 p.m. post republished, pretty much word-for-word, on another blog. Under somebody else’s name.

  3. I have the feeling myiq will be trotting out his ‘barbie rotisserie’ graphic soon for a PDS analysis post

  4. I need to get a twitter / facebook link up – please

  5. I. Hate. These. People.

    They aren’t liberals. They’re some strange breed of haters.

    • They aren’t liberals. They’re “progressives” remember?
      And they are so filled with hate and anger it is stunning. It says a lot more about them than Sarah or Hillary or anyone else they spend so much time smearing with character assassination and the “Politics of Personal Destruction” as it is so aptly named.

      • LI

        Exactly. Liberals can disagree without being hateful. Progressives can’t. They don’t argue based on logic, they slur, slander and attempt to manipulate.

    • How can you possibly pick on a child with Down’s Syndrome and their parents? It’s beyond hateful. I can’t even think of a strong enough word for it.

  6. Well, since they have wanted her to quit politics all this time, she has now resigned her post as Gov of Alaska, so if this actually did mean she quit politics for good, you would think this would be over now, the smears would end, because they achieved their goal, right?
    But they continue to smear her, the same way they continue to smear Hillary (see recent media reports about “elbowing”).
    This alone tells me that they continue to see Sarah as a threat, meaning she is not quitting politics.
    That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • she’s not going anywhere little Isis, she may not have all of the political view that progressives want, but this is more than likely one of the women that will finally crash that glass ceiling, and watch her disbelievers choke on the shards. Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have one thing in common, THEY are true feminists; and their place in history is going mark the end of misogyny.

      • One day I hope it will all be a bad memory, but today it is alive and growing. Even babies aren’t safe, as the misogyny affects them too.

        We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Very Lives Depend On It!

        • I think it’s about to implode – I’ll be watching it do so toasting my 4 nieces, 3 sisters, 1 sister in law and endless number of women friends – this shit has got to stop, and I really think it’s reached critical mass……..that always means implosion.

      • It is a pretty image, isn’t it bb? Seeing all those glittering shards fly everywhere, the sun shining bright and glistening off of all the glass bits? Like a shower of diamonds.
        That is what it will feel like when the glass ceiling is broken, the patriarchy falls, and this nightmare is over.
        That is what it will feel like, because we will be free.
        Okay, I just had to say that. 😛

  7. We had a friend over to dinner tonight so I only just heard about Palin’s announcement. It’s very exciting. Check out memeorandum … it has no other stories. This is the only news.

    And, yes, I did see that disgusting headline. Huffpo is a cesspool.

    • Well, it is a cesspool. Which is no surprise, because Arianna is a turd, and she runs it.

      • She deleted the post. Let’s see if she gets rid of Nelson. I just happened to be on Memeorandum when the link went up. I clicked on it right away and Huffpo had already pulled the piece.

        • BB –

          WAY off topic, but you didn’t scream in terror running the streets of Boston like I did today when that fire showed up in the dark sky did you? Some nice lady in the south end told me it was this thing called ‘the sun’ and that it wouldn’t hurt me. Apparently ‘the sun’ is a supposed normal occurrence in the sky, I’m going to look it up on yahoo.

          • LOL! I was in the house most of the day, but it was nice to see a little light coming in my windows.

    • Sarah was trying to break the internet like MJ did.

  8. He knew what he was doing when he wrote that Sheet! Just like the pubescent boyz commenting over at the “Diarrhea Kiosk” with their “Media Whore” comments.

    They think they are clever and that no one is “Hip: to their “inside” jokes!

  9. Spammy got me again

  10. deleted by commenter

    • Time to send him love letters people, ask your friends too as well –

      “RETARDATION???????????? What the hell is wrong with you? Grow up, get a life and move on. You sir, is what’s known in the world as a ‘loser’. Congratulations, your idiotic post cemented your place in history”

      • I was trying to remember if it was first graders or second graders that used to find that funny until they got sent to the hall to think about what they said.

    • I had him as a professor in several classes BB. unbelievable. Are you sure it’s the same person? The pic on the huffpo site doesnt look like him. I’m sure you have it right, but it’s just kind of shocking!

      • he appears to teach ethics of all things … We were out looking at his CV. I read one of his treatise on karma and Buddhism. It was really really really bad. I’ve never seen a worse misunderstanding of karma in years. Any khenpo or geshe would take him down with about two words.

      • Murphy,

        At first I thought so, but I did some more googling and now I think it’s not him. It’s a relief to me actually. I deleted my update.

  11. More nonsense from the “Cheeto’s Club”

    Inuit eskimos have different beliefs about INCEST (0+ / 1-)
    I really hate to say this, but… that picture (at the very end of CNN’s video) of Palin’s youngest daughter, Piper, standing there attempting to cross lace her fingers together under her distended belly just reminded me of when my OB/GYN dad used to take me along with him, making free house calls to a foster home for children of incest.

    I keep thinking that there’s something really odd about Trig’s birth, and I’ve believed all along that he was the son of a sexual relationship between Todd, and Bristol, possibly a reaction to the affair Sarah Palin had with Todd’s business partner, or some cultural practice that comes from his being an Inuit eskimo.

    Here’s the quote from Wikipedia:
    “However, in some societies, such as that of Ancient Egypt, brother–sister, father–daughter, and mother–son relations were practiced among royalty.[11][12] In addition, the Balinese[13] and some Inuit tribes[14] have altogether different beliefs about what constitutes illegal and immoral incest.”

    by stratopastor on Fri Jul 03, 2009 at 07:27:14 PM PDT

    I know you’ve all read and heard the disgusting sheet that is oozing from these so-called democratic site. But this is really nasty.
    It is sad that this is what has become of what was once considered…the party that championed “Woman’s rights!

    • It kind of takes your breath away, doesn’t it? The hatred is beyond belief. At least someone troll-rated the comment.

      • And, somehow, WE are the r*cists. Excuse me while I slam my head into my desk.

      • Yeah. As a “Native American” I am deeply offended by that shit! Here we at TC are labeled racist for not supporting Obama and this asshat slings this crap and gets away without a scratch.

        I tried to reply on another post about the nastiness of these attacks and was told to take my “old, white, racist ass and disappear.” guess the guy couldn’t see my picture on the right. besides, I resent being told i am old! 🙂

      • I think the “Native” aspect of the Palin family would have been seen as kewwwl (a la Ben Nighthorse Campbell) had it been Todd who had been the candidate. But hey, that’s just me.

    • Racism, sexism, and hatred of the disabled, plus classism, thank god the enlightened progressive elite freed us from rethiglucans.

    • Flying. H. Spaghetti. Monster.

    • isn’t it now. I am almost ashamed that I considered myself a lifelong dem. They’ve lost the mantle of the fighters for women’s rights, and me along with them.

  12. From downstairs, there was some posts disappearing and reappearing–

    “Seriously, on July 3rd, 2009 at 9:57 pm Said:

    Um yeah because he’s running around declaring his love for this woman. If she does that, feel free to call her erratic. His behavior IS downright bizarre, and she’s getting more mental health questions.”

    Seriously, I’m not calling Palin erratic. Just saying, imho, it’s become pretty standard for the Dems to respond to GOP (and opponents on the left) with some variation of “WTF, you’re unstable” whether the charge is deserved or not. (So the DNC’s statement to Palin’s resignation really doesn’t phase me at all, but that’s just me personally.)

    I think a less ambiguous example of the rampant sexism (and classism) that Palin has absolutely faced at the hands of both sides of the aisle is the filth that Todd Purdum wrote in Vanity Fair about the GOP bandying around specific words, like postpartum.

    • Yes, he did and did it with all anonymous sources…called throwing rocks and hiding the hands. I still think it is misogynistic to bring out the meme of ‘The Crazy Woman’.

      • So do I. Purdum is scum and the next time I see a copy of VF I am going to wipe my ass with it.

        Anyway, good night all! I am off to bed early… got to clean the house tomorrow morning in preparation for Independence Day!

    • I know you’re not calling her erratic, my point is that men who resigned like this would not be subject to mental health speculation. Sanford has to act extremely erratic to be regarded as erratic, while “crazy hormonal b—-”
      Is a common go to media narrative for female candidates.

  13. Huff Po is a rag not fit to wipe a dog’s ass

  14. Do people still consider it a progressive blog? I don’t mean by people like us, but others.

    • Believe it or not I believe some people do. I have a client who writes for them (I know, I know), and it make me want to shake the sh*t out of hir (s/he is a good West Side progressive, ugh).

  15. Gotta run…Need to finish the laundry so mama can let me out to play tomorrow. have a great and safe holiday tomorrow.

    Niters all!

  16. OT – from Pat Lang on the rift developing between the White House and SoS


    • I like Sid Blumenthal. The egos at the White House are upset.
      I say, again…screw them! While I was writing about Palin (below), Hillary was on my mind. Because she and Palin got crapped on for their “womanhood” and scared the shit out of the male elite…

      • I like him too. The White House needs Hillary more than she needs it. If they marginalize her or force her out or cause her to resign, they will be the ones regretting it, not her.

  17. I just dashed of something about Palin. I’m hoping she gives a lot of people some nervous moments…I sure hope she makes some very pointed remarks in the future about the crap she’s taken versus the kid gloves treatment of the fraud with less experience hooked up to the teleprompter who is now in the White House.

    I’ll be OK if she decides not to, because I don’t want any small plane “accidents’…

    However, I think she might be gunning for a fight. Gutsy move today if she is…

    About Sarah Palin…



    Right now the punditry and the elite are rather shocked, it seems. Well, screw them! We’ve been inspired by the women of Iran recently and maybe here in the U.S., we can be inspired by a woman who isn’t afraid to go out there and be herself and speak her mind.

    Whatever she does, it will be interesting.

    For now, I’m hoping she goes on every damned talk show and simply unloads. I hope she gives Obama and the rest of the Villagers some nervous moments.

    And maybe she can provide the spark that gets this country to wake up…

    Just a couple of days ago she let this drop:
    (Runners’ World comments follow)

  18. How incredibly insensitive, immature, egregious, and revolting.

    • Clearly, Erik Sean Nelson is a deprived person. It looks like he never had an oportunity to experience how much we can learn through association with people who have physical or mental “disadvantages”, what it means for a society to have agents that help slow down the breathtaking spiral of “more and faster” and the unconditional love experienced from humans with Down Syndrom. Maybe he never even watched Forrest Gump? Poor Erik Sean Nelson.

      • I really don’t think people with or without DS would care to voluntarily associate with Mr. Nelson, it’s just as well.

  19. If he’s the son of the late Lars Erik Nelson, I think I’ll kill myself.

  20. comment deleted

  21. Copying link from below: “iceberg scandal” rumors:


    How do they come up with these things?

    • Alaska bloggers have been talking about this for weeks, apparently.

      • It’s being pushed by Celtic Diva, who worked for Obama. I don’t know who else but several of them wound up on his payroll earlier. Probably on OFA’s payroll now.

    • Brit! How are you?

      I don’t see the point in resigning ahead of a scandal. It’s not like it wouldn’t still come out.

      • Hey Seriously! Good to be here and to “see” you and the others. At times like this, it seems this place is my only refuge.

        Yeah, you’re right about that; her resigning ahead of a scandal does not make much sense. It’s kinda like giving up the fight already, which is probably not like her.

        So it seems Palin has made a lot of enemies in her state. I guess the bloggers smelled some blood during the last elections and decided to go for the kill.

      • Maybe she’s just too beaten down to keep going.

        • I think she’s pulling an Al Gore. Why bother dealing with the BS? Go for the cash and leave the dipshit voters with exactly what they deserve.

          • I feel the same way. Dipshit commentators like Paul Begala
            too. His column on HP is almost as bad as Nelsons:

            Begala writes:

            “Sarah Palin makes Mark Foley, the congressman who sent filthy emails to pages look almost normal. She makes David Vitter, the senator who was hanging out with hookers, look almost boring. She makes Larry Craig, caught hitting on a cop in a men’s room, look almost stable. She makes John Ensign, the senator who was having an affair with a staffer, look almost humdrum (and compared to the rest of the GOP whack-jobs, he is). And she makes Mark Sanford, the governor with the Latin lover, look positively predictable.”

            Palin may not be what the Democrats want for leadership. But Democrats have become the party of hatred toward women.

            Don’t you feel the sickening feeling of powerlessness when you read this crap? sigh

          • “Latin lover”? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

      • Yes, that’s a possibility.

      • Yeah, but if it were true she’d still have to deal with it, and as a private citizen the press would be knocking on her windows hounding her.

      • True. I guess then that the point of stepping down now, if there is indeed a scandal waiting to burst, would be that at least they could not call on her to resign. Oh wait, what did I just say? My mind is dizzy with this circular logic. 🙂 Therefore, no, I still don’t clearly see the point of stepping down. Seriously wins. 🙂

      • Yay! 🙂 I doubt there’s a scandal, but I hope they have good security. I can just see hoardes of deranged Obots travelling to Alaska.

  22. Ugly comment deleted.

    • And that would bother you why? It’s a horrible country full of defective trash, right? Giving half away would make the other half less repugnant to you.

    • Crawl back under your rock.

    • Relax, Dero. She’s not a quitter, and she’s not giving anything away.

      She just got done in two years what was expected to take four years.

  23. bostonboomer,

    Are you certain you have the right culprit? The offender and the professor spell their first names differently, their bios don’t jive, and they do look like different people.

    • Really? I hope I didn’t get the wrong guy. That would be embarrassing!

      • Erik Nelson has written for several comedy websites and published short fiction while living in the deep South. He has studied the local culture of his Red State and feels confident that they have accepted him as one of their own. Big mistake.

        This is the huffpost bio for the nasty dude.

    • The pictures look like the same guy to me. I can’t find anything about an Erik Sean Nelson except for the Huffpo link. Maybe he changed the spelling just for the internet. I don’t know. I’ll see if I get a response to my e-mail. If I’m wrong, I’ll apologize publicly.

      • picture looks the same to me, just older in the university picture.

        • Maybe the “comedy writer” is his son? Except he just got his Ph.D. in 2002. I don’t think he’s old enough to have an adult child.

      • The HuffPost guy is a comedy writer.


        You should really be more careful. Their names aren’t even spelled the same.

        • The pictures are the same though. Why don’t you be more careful?

          If I made a mistake, I’ll fess up. Based on the matching pictures, they are the same person.

        • Go back in your dog house, beagle

        • I live in the heart of Appalachia and I can sincerely say nothing writtenby him was acceptable.

          Furthermore saying your a “comedian” while slurring people isn’t acceptable either.

      • The only thing I would say, is the guy on huffpost appears to have grammar problems. I’ve read several of the buddhist treatises at the boston site, they’ve got wrong view, but I’d expect that from a christian or a jew because discussing buddhism in a god text is just going someplace that’s not possible, but his grammar is fine.

        • There’s nothing I can do about my e-mail now. I say it’s the same guy, but I’ll delete his info if you think I should.

          • It looks like the same guy. At first I thought the professor was older, but the huffpost guy is not as young as he appears at first glance.

          • If it weren’t for the pictures, I’d wonder about it. I changed my update a little bit to make it a tentative identification.

  24. Banning trolls is such fun!

  25. Look what this guy wrote about Miss. CA. Gross! And Huffpo left it up.


    • Huffpo knows their audience. The female editors are scared to encounter their audience in a dark alley, but as long as they’re living in secure highrises, they’ll throw red meat to the scaryass and cash the checks.

  26. happy 4th everyone

  27. Here’s Nelson’s anti-Palin website. Impalin – Stop Sarah Palin for President in 2012.


    • Why would Huffpo publish such crap?

      • Ariana worshipped at the feet of the “Newt” back when she was a Republican. He may have spurned her for an intern. HIs second wife should have seen that coming, since he dumped his first wife when she was in the hospital with breast cancer.

        Having moved to L.A., after encouraging her former husband to run as a Republican Senator of California from Texa (at a great cost to his inheritance) A. must have realized that it was more profitable and kewl to be a “liberal” Dem, but still one who falls for the pseudo-guru act, which is how Axelrod was orchestrating the ent meetings/rock star “events” in California.

    • “Impalin'”? Really? He ran out of word choices for his blog name? Sigh.

    • Impalin, that’s cute. Don’t worry about the violent imagery, sure, the RFK comment was the worst thing ever, but open speculation on the chances of MCCain’s mortality was no problem and indeed the favorite Obot pastime.

    • Oh gawd, the ironies. Oh gawd, the RFK comment—I guess it’s way too easy for narrow-minded people to drop their brains in the gutter. That way it also turns malicious. What a combination.

  28. WTF is Josh Marshall smoking these days?

    “Remember that based on the public record, Palin is a wildly unethical public official, guilty at a minimum of numerous instances of abusing her authority as governor. And a lot of very damaging information has come out about her in the last few days”

    Huh? What?

    • Maybe he means the Vanity Fair article with all the anonymous backstabbing sources?

      • Beats the hell out of me and he doesn’t say. Just spews forth bullshit.

      • I wish these asshats would just back up their crap with something besides the same old stuff that was shot down during the campaign. Every lie that was fabricated about her during the campaign is still used to justify their hate. It’s positively bizarre.

        With as many people as have been digging into her, I would be very surprised if they came up with nothing. It’s the strategy Ken Starr used on the Clintons, just keep diggin until you force a foul.

    • Yeah, she’s so unethical that the-let’s see, how many are there now?-eighteen ethics complaints lodged against her since she was chosen for VP have all been dismissed.

  29. Hello everyone, been a while. Hope all is as well as can be expected.

    Anyway. This person- Erik Sean Nelson. What he wrote was outside of any bounds, and well out of order.

    Believe that as a male, I have to beat the crap out of him if given a chance.

    Not trying to be a knuckledragger here, but what this punk just wrote was what got people challenged to duels and shot in earlier times.

    Gads, these vermin.

  30. Here’s something interesting. AK Health director says she was forced out. “She is the second top health official to leave within days”


  31. Obsessive Palin hater Andrew Sullivan:

    I guessed right, which I suppose reflects just how much time I’ve spent trying to figure what goes on in her head. I think the simple truth is that, as even Alaskan Republicans told us last September, she was far from able to be governor of Alaska, let alone vice-president of the United States. Once the klieglights hit, it was only a matter of time before she imploded or exploded or some gruesome combination of the two. The librul media will be blamed for everything on her inexorable path to becoming a Fox News celebrity. Maybe a reality show? Someone hire her for The View!

    • Oh, Andy.. wasn’t he a GWB kool-aid slurper back in the day?
      Mmmm hhmmmm…
      He chooses well, that one.

      I guessed right, which I suppose reflects just how much time I’ve spent trying to figure what goes on in her head.

      Somebody needs a hobby!

      • lol! funny how fast he is to say he guessed right….but where’s the confession that he guess wrong ?…..about Bush and Obama? Andy loved Bush….even more than Obama

    • The irony of Andrew Sullivan opining about who’s capable of doing his or her job is just a wee bit too much.

  32. OT, but intriguing, possibly worrisome info about “tension” between WH staff (Rahm?) and Hillary: She wanted to bring Blumenthal on board and Rahm is id’d as one who was behind her being told she couldn’t.

    Also, BO is not taking her with him on his trip to Moscow….

    From this post at Sic Semper Tyrannis:

    I call all of your attention to the recent friction, developing between the White House and the Secretary of State. The most immediate manifestations of this rift are: 1. The White House insistence that Secretary Clinton drop her plans to bring her longtime advisor and friend, Sid Blumenthal into State, as a personal advisor to the Secretary. I am told that, while Denis McDonough was the purveyor of the message from the White House to Hillary, it was actually Rahm Emanuel who led the charge against Blumenthal, and, by extension, against Secretary Clinton. There is a sycophant problem at the White House. The fact that Hillary Clinton has been doing a very effective job, repairing some of the damage from eight years of Bush-Cheney “diplomacy-free foreign policy,” is now rubbing some of the sycophants the wrong way–as if her success somewho undermines the credibility of the President.

    I considered this a relatively secondary matter, reflecting the usual personality frictions, in an administration top-loaded with smart people. But when Clinton announced yesterday that she was not going to Moscow with the President for his face-to-face summit with Medvedev and Putin, I inquired further, and got a clear indication that there are ruffled egos at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who reacted with some paranoia about the prospect of a Hillary partisan like Blumenthal taking a slot at State.

    Looks like a sycophancy alert….

    • They’re completely out of their minds. They honestly think all they need to run a country is Scarlett Johanssen videos to keep us entertained.

      So Sid is out for sure?

    • That’s really stupid. But it’s been clear the past couple of weeks that Obama isn’t listening to her.

    • I thought she wasn’t going because of her arm. I don’t think she’s healing as well as we think.

      That said, girl, get you a better job.

      • Better Job: “Resting” with Bill and gearing up for 2012 campaign plez.

          • I’ve heard elbows can be tricky, but yeah, if it’s true that they put the kibosh on Sid, especially after all the publicity about his being fired, that pretty much confirms the rumors.

        • sounds like the best job.

          • The best job ever. Hillary and Bill can have some private time while the Obama ship sinks, and then take over the party again in 2012, so Hillary and Sarah can run against each other in the best election ever.
            This is my dream. I must dream it for a few minutes, do not interrupt me!

    • Your country or your ego? Nutheads.

      • We don’t have to do anything! We can fritter away 4 years playing video golf and no one will care! We can sandbag all the competent people!

        I keep saying this, but I swear these delusional hubris-ridden morons think they can ride the Bush Wave to 100 years of power without delivering a damn thing.

        Good luck with that.

      • Ah, it will be interesting to see just how far “charisma” (if that’s what the Obama spell is) can go. Hopey changey!

        Interesting point about how it has been Clinton’s diplomacy work which has mostly repaired international relations.

        • *is done dreaming*
          So true! She is the one who has been traveling the world, repairing international relations. She is well loved and extremely popular all over the world. Especially with women.
          I think even the French don’t like Obama right now. And fyi, I love the French.

        • Your post reminded me of what Clinton did when she fell and broke her elbow. Lying in pain, what was foremost in her mind? Women’s issues:

          After Mrs. Clinton fell, Mr. Holbrooke said, “She struggled to get up to go the meeting, but the pain was very intense.” Still lying on the ground, she instructed Mr. Holbrooke to go without her, and reminded him to brief the president about an upcoming visit to Afghanistan by the State Department’s new ambassador for women’s issues, Melanne Verveer.

    • I love Sid too….but I’m guessing for Obama Inc, bringing him on board was making State too much like a White House for their liking . ….also all the Michal Jackson / SC Gov and now Palin coverage taking up the media could have put Obama in an extra crappy mood . I’m thinking Hill isn’t going to Russia because people are afraid Putin will reach for her hand before Obama’s. lol!

    I love Sid! IL him! NNNNOOOOOO!
    REVENGE! Revenge, Hillary! Take it noiw! Take revenge for them robbing you of your Sidney-Pot-Pie.

    (btw, IL Sid because he wrote The Clinton Wars, one of the best Clinton books ever. And because he is a cutie. He totally had a crush on Hillary when she was First lady…)

    How DARE they not let her keep Sid??? HHHHHHOOOOOOWWWWWW????

    • Yeah, way to undercut your SOS in front of the entire world.

      • He’s been doing that since Day One. He had to be doing something then, God knows he wasn’t being ready.

        • Did you see what Brit posted upthread? She’s lying immobilized on the freaking ground and still got her $&@) together, giving orders, thinking about work. Amazing.

          • Yeah, I saw that back when it first happened. If there were a superheroes league, she’d be president of it.

        • I love your plays on words, bb. It turns me on.
          But for serial… instead of putting so much effort into undermining his Secretary of State, who is, by the way, an incredible asset to his administration and enjoys approval ratings up into the eighties… he could perhaps, I don’t know, fix the economy, start pulling the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, start a criminal investigation into the Bush Administration…
          you know, actually work? And do the things he promised the people who voted for him to do?

          • That’s as likely as Andrea Mitchell becoming “the most trusted name in news.” He just fails. He is Failfrican-American.

  34. Perspective on Sarah’s resignation from John Batchelor who should know a lot about GOP politics on the ground.

    “How Palin’s Resignation Makes Her the True Frontrunner”


    • Can you even imagine what would happen if Palin and Obama ran against each other? Jesus, whoever moderates the debate would probably get up and start physically beating the hell out of her.

      • Given how they treated Hill, this is exactly what I expect.

        • She’s got ovaries of steel if she chooses to run after witnessing cluster$&&) ’08. It will get ugly beyond imagining, especially when it becomes clear she’s gonna win.

      • She should just have a good bodyguard. Wouldn’t take much for most of the “journalists” I’ve seen lately.

        • Remember how Hillary said on Ellen that when she had a press conference on April Fool’s Day she had several armed guards in front of her because Tweety was sitting nearby?
          Sarah should take a leaf out of her book.

          • LOL! I said yesterday I’d give anything if she woke up one day and just decided to tell everybody from Kennedy to Kerry to Bambam off.

          • It’d be like before Ohio. Instead of “Shame on you,” it’d be “You can just [bleep] right off. Thank you very much” or some wonderful Hillary equivalent of “shove your Possum Seal/cardboard cutout/thrilling leg up your ass.”

        • I don’t think she’d need a bodyguard to take out most of the wusses (sp?) in the media these days. But of course, they would probably band together into a mob to attack her – like they’ve been doing all along.

          Perhaps we could send her alone into a room with Olbermann the SHE would be the only one to come out. Couldn’t happen to a bigger Ahole.

      • And then she’d kick his @$$! :mrgreen:

        • The violent moderator’s, I mean. [The immoderate moderator?] 😛

          • I put my money on her, but I don’t trust audience Obots not to grab the kids.

          • Todd’ll take care of the babies. They have guns and are not afraid to use them.

          • Yes, Regency, they also have plenty of fish hooks and an iron dog snowmobile! Any of the above would sufficiently injure the asshats.

    • Interesting article. I think that anyone who underestimates Palin is naive, they just don’t know it.

  35. Myiq, you didn’t think Obama was trying to force her out, doesn’t it seem like a portent that she’s not allowed to hire an aide?

    • Magic 8-ball says “Ask again later”

      • All right. Next question, do Supreme Court Justices always snipe at each other like Ginsburg and Alito? That was so entertaining I’m thinking of making supremecourt.gov my beach read.

      • Ginsburg and Alito sniping at each other, really? Wow, I missed that story. I’m gonna go look for it.

        • It’s in the decision, he goes off on a weird tangent, she takes a little shot at him upfront, he comes back with an oh yeah, ruth? And they’re off to the races. I know she and Tony are friends, it made me wonder how she and Sammy stand. Regardless, I laughed.

        • Oh wow. Way to go, Ruth!

  36. Either one of my neighbors is setting off illegal fireworks or there is a shoot-out nearby.

    • This is America, no reason to think your neighbor isn’t launching fireworks at people from a moving car.

      • Wait, that’s not how we’re supposed to be celebrating?

        Um–I wish you’d told me this earlier.

        • No worries, the police are too scared to come to my neighborhood anyway. They leave decoy cars and hope you don’t notice the accumulating dust–or missing hubcaps.

    • I think if she runs, no one can stop her. She’s a rock star, they love her. What can Mitt do?

    • Interesting take. Just plain Sarah. None of the pettiness of Alaska politics.

  37. I just think that her family does not have the money for all the law suits. I also don’t know how they’re going to pay for security when she leaves her job as governor.

    Is she writing a book?

    • Yes and it sounds like she’s getting a fortune for it.

    • Security at public appearances will probably be provided by the sponsors of the events. Security at home will be provided by Smith and Wesson.

      I pity the fool who tries to harm Sarah or her family – they would be better off picking a fight with a Kodiak bear.

      • The conservative blogs are comparing her to TR. Moose hunters stick together you betcha.

  38. Good God, the text of that (huffpo post) brought tears to my eyes.

    How in the world can someone be so cruel, just when you think people can’t sink any lower.

    I wouldn’t blame her one bit if she just threw up her hands and said” f*ck all this” and that was the reasoning behind her stepping down.

  39. look at this – the same guy. Look what he teaches.

    Comment edited by post author.


    • I thought he might be the same guy last night too, but I’m not so sure now. The name is spelled differently, and Erik with a k has a facebook page. In that picture he doesn’t look like the prof.

      • Funny, the picture is what made me think he is the same guy. I better go look again 🙂

        • You are probably right. Anyway, the real one posted an apology.

          • I’m not that impressed with the apology. His previous posts on Huffpo were, if anything, even worse than the one he deleted. Whoever that guy is, he is a woman hater extraordinaire.

        • Me. too. For all I know, they could be the same person. But when I saw the facebook picture I wasn’t so sure. I just wanted to be careful about spreading false information. Was the apology on Huffpo?

          • yes, it’s there

            I wrote a piece making fun of the fact that a Trig Palin joke was given as the reason that Sarah Palin left office. I wrote jokes that were offensive but my intent was for them to be ironic and therefore not offensive. I was wrong. Within ten minutes of my post I received some emails from the loved ones of the retarded and I saw that my piece was hurtful. Therefore, I removed the post right after receiving the first 2 emails.

            I removed it immediately because I saw that it did not come across as I intended. I apologize to all of those who were offended.


          • Yep, that’s it and like someone already said, not very impressive. I wish the “Fire David Letterman” gang would focus on this guy now .

          • Thanks Dak. I signed up for Huffpo for the first time so I could leave a comment. I don’t know if they will post it or not. His previous blogs are incredibly misogynistic. Huffpo certainly doesn’t have very high standards. I still think he looks like the other guy, but I deleted all mentions of him just in case.

          • I think its good you deleted the first guy’s link. I have gone back and concluded that they do look very similar but the first guy looks about 20 years older than the H.P. blogger. (May be father and son as they do look similiar) 🙂

            In any case, best not to drag an innocent guy into this!

  40. All I have to say about this Erik person: What a total failure of a human being.

  41. […] in the media, on the blogs and by people who I thought I knew better.  I don’t understand PDS but a lot of fucking people have […]

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