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Wake-up – it’s Wednesday!



Half the year is already gone!  How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Here’s your morning signs of the apocalypse news:

Michael Jackson is still dead:

Michael Jackson suffered from insomnia and pleaded for sedatives

Michael Jackson public viewing on Friday at Neverland Ranch

Jackson fans commit suicide (think of it as evolution in action)



Nation’s hottest grandma appears in Runner’s World

Sarah Palin says she can beat Obama

Gay man obsessed with Sarah’s vajayjay

Real news:

OAS gives 3-day deadline to Honduran coup leaders

Iraqis celebrate U.S. Troop withdrawal – party like it’s 1989. (but we didn’t really leave)

CIA torture report due today

Suspected North Korea arms ship changes course

Panel Recommends Ban on 2 Popular Painkillers


Red hot Giants thump Cardinals to finish 17-10 for June (unfortunately the damn Dodgers are hotter)

Red Sox botch 10-1 lead in 7th, lose to Orioles


Was Turin Shroud faked by of Leonardo da Vinci?

Restaurant runs dirty doughnut holes ad

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38 Responses

  1. Andrew Sullivan and other Obots are obsessed with bashing Sarah Palin – but aren’t interested in investigating which substances Obama inhaled while at Columbia.

    McCain’s response to Palin bashing? chirp, chirp….
    Thanks for the news roundup!

  2. Tylenol has been around for over 50 years…you’d think they would have figured out it’s detrimental side effects earlier than this.

    • The problems started when they went from the 200mg and 325mg tablets to the 500mg

      This resulted in a labelinq
      recommendation for a consumer warning on APAP-contain¡ng products regarding the
      prolonged use of high doses of APAP associated with the ingestion of coffee, alcohol
      barbiturates, or other enzyme inducing substances

      and 625mg tablets, and people kept taking two.

      : Active Ingredients: Per Caplet: Acetaminophen 650 mg.
      Do not take more than directed (see overdose warning). Adults: Take 2 caplets every 8
      hours with water. Swallow whole-do not crush, chew or dissolve. Do not take more than 6 caplets in 24
      hours. Do not use for more than 10 days

      There was a young woman in our area that went into kidney failure by taking two of the 500mg tablets when someone told her to take two and then took another two …and went toxic. IMHO, they should place the higher dosage tablets behind the counter, and only sell them with a label explaining the dosage within a 24 hour period.

      You asked:

      Tylenol has been around for over 50 years…you’d think they would have figured out it’s detrimental side effects earlier than this.

      They apparently knew:

      The TFM states that the agency tentatively decided not to
      include the Panel’s recommended warning regarding APAP-associated hepatotoxicity
      since it was felt consumer warnings should not include information about organ specific
      toxicity that was due to a deliberate acute drug overdose. The document also contains
      an extensive discussion about the data that was then available in support of a warninq for
      hepatotoxicity associated with the chronic use of APAP (i.e., longer than 10 days) The
      agency concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support a labeling warninq for
      hepatotoxicity secondary to chronic APAP usage.

      The above quotes are from:
      Page 1
      Department Of Health and Human Services
      Food and Drugs Administration
      Center For Drug Evaluation and Research
      Division of Over-the-Counter Drug Products (HFD-560)
      DATE: January 15, 2002


      • I guess the word ‘deliberate’ was used, and they didn’t take into consideration people being used to taking two, until they felt better. Since most folks aren’t scientists I think they should have included the warning, as use error/mistakes do happen and better to have the WARNING than not.

    • It has been known for a long time that Tylenol damages the liver. That’s nothing new. I’ve always wondered why it’s the only thing the use in hospitals.

      • I think they should have included the specific organ toxicity levels in a WARNING on the label. The companies are funny with how they word things, the one that makes me crazy is hearing on commercials; ‘It may cause fatal events’. Since when can a person have more than one FATAL event?

    • I’m pretty damned upset about the Vicodin ban. It is the ONLY thing that helps my, I kid you not, FIVE DAY LONG migraine headaches, that I get every 3 weeks or so. Before my doc prescribed it, I would want to die from the pain. I can’t believe this is happening.

  3. myiq,

    Are you trying to rub salt in the wounds of Red Sox fans? Is that really big news headline? BTW, how is Manny working out? We sure are glad we dumped him!

    • Oops, I thought you were a Dodger fan. Well, don’t worry, Manny will mess things up for them eventually.

  4. It looks like the Honduras situation is going to get more and more difficult. The whole world wants Zelaya restored to power, but the Honduras itself seems very divided. Apparently, Zelaya only had about 30% approval ratings. That seems odd, since he was apparently trying to do things to help the poor. I’m still very mystified. Maybe Inky will have some info?

    This story from Reuters (is that a right wing source?) says that Zelaya was trying to extend his four-year term. Is that ideological spin? I’m really not sure.

    The coup has spiraled into the worst political turmoil in Central America since the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989, after troops captured Zelaya and whisked him out of the country to Costa Rica in a dawn raid on Sunday.

    The ouster of Zelaya — a timber magnate forced out over his push to extend presidential re-election beyond a single four-year term — was widely condemned by figures ranging from U.S. President Barack Obama to Zelaya’s left-wing allies in Latin America.

    • Zelaya said the term-limit repeal wasn’t meant to apply to him but was to give the people the ability to elect whatever leader they wanted for more than one term. Whether he was being disingenuous remains to be seen.

      Don’t know if anyone has noticed but Steny Hoyer is still working on repealing the 22nd Amendment. He thinks we should also be able to choose whoever we want for as long as we want. Wouldn’t we just love to have Obama as Prez 4 Evah?

  5. I am going back to bed, I feel like the little dog in the photo…bug is going around in my house. (crossing fingers…hope I don’t get it)

  6. I saw this on Twitter, if anyone has time or inclination to respond. It comes from a WH reporter. President asking for “suggestions” from people using social media:

    “The WH solicited questions for the Pres on YouTube. Twitter hashtag is #WHHCQ. Webchat on Facebook. Livestream on WH website.”

  7. Whatever the truth about the Turin Shroud, it surely has been a rich topic for speculation. Leonardo da Vinci too!

  8. Question: Usually you can tell the politics of the president in office by who is on the agenda of the “A CAPITOL FOURTH” concert. What does this say about Obama?

    “Emmy and Golden Globe Award–winning actor Jimmy Smits returns to host the biggest and brightest birthday party in the country. Barry Manilow will both open and close the concert broadcast with a stirring medley of hits and patriotic classics along with the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Erich Kunzel and the Choral Arts Society of Washington. Also on the program are the Queen of Soul and 1994 Kennedy Center Honoree Aretha Franklin, international pop sensation Natasha Bedingfield, the Tony and Grammy Award–winning cast of Jersey Boys, multi-Grammy Award nominee Michael Feinstein, and acclaimed classical pianist Andrew von Oeyen.

    As a special treat for the entire family, Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and more of the SESAME STREET gang will be on hand to celebrate America’s 233rd birthday. The Muppets will perform a musical medley of patriotic favorites as well as iconic songs that we all know and love.

    Also participating in the event will be The U.S. Army Herald Trumpets, The U.S. Army Ceremonial Band, The U.S. Army “Old Guard” Fife and Drum Corps, and the Armed Forces Color Guard provided by the Military District of Washington, D.C.”


  9. Yawn, OK, I’m awake already. Let’s see what’s in the news. Oh jebus, Andrew is after Palin again. And Vanity Fair. And the Obots. Wow, I can smell the fear in them. I think as Obama continues his epic fail journey, the fear of Palin will get more intense. Just a guess.

    • It’s getting to the point where they are putting her in the spotlight, helping her stay in the public eye…if they really wanted her to” disappear,” don’t mention her so often…lord, it’s as if their Hillary bashing muscles need someone to go after since Hill seems off limits at the moment . They are doing alot to HELP Palin imo. She certainly comes off way better than they do.
      She’s be the next Reagan style political force at this rate, ….she may be already

    • Maybe it is just a way to distract the OFB from noticing they aren’t getting what they paid for?

      • Yep. They no longer have the ammunition to get the bots all worked up in a positive fervor over The One, since he’s epic failing, so they need SOMETHING to get the juices moving so they don’t lose the crowd.

        The little cheeto-heads need an emotional high, or they get bored and drift away. A Palin-bashing high keeps the mob intact just as well as a hopenchange high did. Give them drama, then point them where you want.

      • good point!

  10. Dear me-biscuit holes -where did you find that one ? 🙄

    Italy has just had it’s worst railway disaster for the past century:


  11. I really liked the Runner’s World piece on Palin. While I don’t like a lot of her politics, I think it would be fun to run with her once. Just to talk about playing basketball as a kid (which I did too), about how to deal with the ankle and knee pains of getting older (which are happening to me), and just to get a chance to see a moose close up (I recently had a deer run across my path while jogging…it was neat). Plus my graduate thesis topic was Title IX’s impact in Texas. I’m thinking we could have an interesting conversation on that.

    I’m totally with her on how running makes her feel. If I don’t run for a few days, I am impossible to live with. And she brought up that point in the article, about how participating in sports can transcend politics and other differences.

  12. Usual comments from the usual losers below that Sarah Palin article.
    Smells like kool-ade.

  13. Yeah where’s my coffee? I couldn’t find the press today so I’m drinking green tea.

    My relatives give Obama 100 points out of 100. Frustrating!

    • The banks needed all that money to run, he’s doing everything he can, wasn’t his Cairo speech brilliant?

      • wow, dd, I feel for you….sorry about that At this point at least my once Obie loving relatives are quite about him. We can have nice talks again with out the name Obama coming up every minute …in fact not as all . It’s amazingly restful.

        • They don’t pay too much attention to politics except what’s on CNN, in the newpaper.

          Most Democrats are frogs in boiling water.

      • I think you just quoted my sister.

  14. Runner’s World darkened Sarah’s legs!


  15. myiq2xu,

    Thanks for the roundup. I generally like your posts. However, your comment regarding the suicide of the MJ fans is insensitive and uncalled for.

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