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      There’s a good article in Der Spiegel on the German energy/industrial crisis which is worth your time. Basically industries which have high energy costs are being crushed. In particular this means chemical and automotive, both big in Germany, but extends far further. (Indeed, the chemical industry was essentially invented by Germany in the 19th century, and […]
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Monday Morning News with The Confluence


Election 2008 — and related stories

Pawlenty may certify Franken if battle drags out

I Want My Money Back! (Pres. Obama!)

Health Insurance for Everyone!!

Yesterday the Washington Post published a bizarre story.  Apparently there are activists pushing Congress to enact Health Care Reforms that Congress has no intension of passing.  And those efforts are crippling the chances of getting a Health Insurance For Everyone bill passed. Hilariously one of the people interviewed by the author (Ceci Connolly), Adam Green responded at OpenLeft.

Obama wants to know what we think about health care.  But his blog doesn’t accept comments.

But must of us want to know if Jon and Kate would be getting a divorce if they had better health insurance.

Celebrity News

Famed pitchman, Billy Mays, dead at 50.  Rumors that he died of a head injury are unconfirmed.

Gale Storm, star of My Little Margie, dead at 87.

Rating the Greatest GOP Sex Scandals of the Past 20 Years.

Michael Jackson weighed 112 pounds on the day he died.

Aide’s tale of John Edwards sex tape

Breakthrough on the Authorship of Obama’s ‘Dreams’ ?

Pope Says Tests ‘Seem to Conclude’ Bones Are the Apostle Paul’s

At the End of the Day, it’s the end of the world.

80 Responses

  1. Stimulating compilation, katiebird, thanks. After reading most of the two articles associated with “Breakthrough on the Authorship of Obama’s ‘Dreams’ ?”, I wonder not only whether Obama wrote most of it, but also whether he read all of it.

    Oh my, “no substance” seems to be a recurring theme with Obama.

  2. Good morning, Katiebird! That article at Common Dreams is pathetic.

    “Where’s the humanity I once saw in Barack?”

    In your imagination?

    “I thought my days of calling the White House in tears were over. To think that Barack Obama preyed on this naive hope in me and millions like me is unforgivable.”

    Too bad, Marie. But that’s what pathological narcissists do.

    • “Where’s the humanity I once saw in Barack?” That jumped out at me too, bb. The comments section is excellent – for every “Obamapologist” there are two “in your imaginations.”

    • my brother, the obot, still insists that Obama is liberal democrat (clutching my sides, falling down on the floor laughing)

      • Same here. As well as a few friends. At this point when I talk to these bozos still on the Otrain it’s just down right funny.

        It’s interesting how things have changed from making me angry to now making me laugh. I guess because there’s no longer the need to argue and fight because it’s mostly out in the open for everyone to see. Those that won’t see it have become jokes.

    • (giggle) Great come-back, BB!!

  3. Gale Storm was only 87? I loved “My Little Margie” as a kid.

  4. Where’s the humanity I once saw in Barack?”

    In your imagination?


    It’s hard to believe anyone would think the MSM would love someone as much or more than they loved Bush, and that person was any good for the lower 99.9% of the population . That alone should have caused them to wonder. When you are on the same mystery date page as the MSM….beware.

  5. Morning KB. It isn’t usually you I greet at this time, but hello anyway!

  6. Dear Marie Marchand,

    You made your bed, now lie in it.

    • I get the feeling though, that they see it exactly the opposite. “Well, you never did like him — I’m betrayed!!” — seems to be their motto.

      • Well, I found him likeable at first, although it’s hard to imagine that now. But I still did some research to decide whether to vote for him. If I could do that, so could anyone else.

      • Well, you never did like him Yea, love that. As if the fact that we saw him for what he was early on disqualifies us from the conversation. How conveeeeeeenient. Hope that makes you sleep better Marie. We were the ones betrayed by you and others like you. Only now do you see the truth…. that there is no spoon. 🙂

    • There are not enough I Told You So’s in the world. *sigh*

  7. Is this why MSNBC supported Obama so wholeheartedly?


    How GE made billions from the bank bailout.

  8. lately I’m thinking I must be mistaken about what “Democrat” and “liberal” actually mean…

    • I removed the WaPo from my bookmarks when I learned that they were firing Dan Froomkin. It was a very freeing experience. Other than Froomkin, there wasn’t a Post writer that I wanted to read, but I kept clicking on the bookmark for years, believing that I at least ought to see what stories and opinions the paper was putting out. Looking back, I can now appreciate that reading the Post was a waste of my time.

  9. ” moderate Democrat ” whatever that is theses days, seems to be code for GOP clone.

    By the way where’s Michael Moore during this “debate”.
    We know Hillary isn’t allowed to saying because she’s SOS….but where’s ” Sicko’s ” creator? If I were him I too wouldn’t want Gore or Hillary in the oval office either . It would be bad for sales.

    • Michael Moore is probably holed up somewhere counting his money, while thinking of how he’s gonna make some new bucks off the next hit on Flint, MI.

      • Maybe he’ll make a documentary on how Obama has been strong armed into all of these things against his will and how he really wants to save us all but he’s not allowed too because of all the nasties behind the scenes. LOL

        Here’s a documentary for you MM, try to look into why the MSM after they decide they want Bush, then the Iraq war, then Bush again, then Obama seems to get what they want. Who decides what it is that they will want and how does it all happen. And then look into all the vacuous celebrities and documentarians and how easily they’re co-opted into being on the chosen side as if they are handled much like celebrities are handled under scientology and similar organizations. I dare you MM.

    • Like you, paper doll, I was also curious why I hadn’t seen the name of Michael Moore quoted anywhere in stories about “health care reform”. So I went to his website, and it appears that Moore, the supposedly great champion of UHC, is now asking people to support the “public option”. He always was an Obama sycophant.

    • When Michael Moore supported Ralph Nader, who had zero chance of winning, over the principled and intelligent candidate, Al Gore, that told me all I needed to know about Moore.

      • I never liked Moore that much personally, but I did like Farenhiet 9/11. I also can’t believe he supported Nadar.

        I think MM, regardless of his personal beliefs, just wants to make money like other marketing obsessed idiots.

        He is like the Ann Coulter of the left, because Ann C is very good-looking, and over the top/psychopathic. conservatives are usually so unf*ckable.

        So since MM is the type of guy whose p*nis you wouldn’t go near with a twelve foot pole, it usually surprises the casual observer that he is over-the-top and also a supposed liberal.

  10. As I watched some channel I mistakenly turned to yesterday a panel was discussing how the leaders of Iran had lost moral authority and validity in the world as a consequence of using bullets on their own people.
    Someone, a man I didn’t recognize made this astonishing observation: In order to regain some legitimacy in the world, the leaders of Iran may seek to negotiate with Obama on arms control and it will be interesting to see how Obama handles it.

    I wish I could remember exactly how the panelist said it because he was so clear that it would be a bogus negotiation on the part of Iran and a moral dilemma for Obama.

    • And Oh, Chris Mathews was in charge of the discussion and Dan Rather was there (I think it was Dan Rather).

  11. Supposedly the Sears warehouse is filled to capacity with re-possessed refrigerators?

  12. One of Ezra’s commenters has an hilarious analogy for our Health Care Reform dialog:

    Here is a number analogy for our approach to health care reform. (I’m a mathematician; I don’t do sports analogies).

    Suppose we had the problem of determining 2 + 3. We had been using 23 as the sum which seemed pretty reasonable, but it hadn’t been working out so hot. The rest of the world has been using 5, and they’ve been getting pretty good results. They live longer than we do. Their babies weigh more at birth. And so on. AND they’ve been saving a bundle.

    So we say we’re gonna reform our 2 + 3 policy. We gonna consider every and all possibilities and pick out the best. I like 6; it works well for the product. Why not for the sum?

    BUT wait a minute. We want a UNIQUELY AMERICAN solution. We will not consider 5. We won’t even discuss 5. Our newspapers will delete 5 from their fonts. If you try to talk about 5, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED! We sure don’t want to do what them damn feriners do.

    • Wow!

      What a great comment. I was thinking about how the healthcare systems of other seriously discussed, not even in the press.

      The healthcare system in England is left to demagogues like Sean Hannity and other ignoramuses, so is the Canadian heathcare.

      I find the German healthcare system superb but I have never seen it discussed anywhere. I had to download a bunch scholarly papers to read about the system again because I thought we are not even discussing it i the US because it’s so bad but that’s not the case.

      If you take out Atul Gawande’s piece in the New Yorker, you would have a tough time to find a good piece about what’s wrong with our healthcare system, let alone a serious article about what is good about the HC in other countries.

      Through college and job, I have been to many places and I really haven’t found a healthcare system that destroys people financially, is so unequal and enriches insurance companies like ours does.

      • Ezra actually wrote a bit on the German system a couple of years ago before he went A list. It was good and got me looking at it. I think it would make a very good model for us to consider in the US, since from what I could gather it’s not totally nationalized and public/private.

        That we’re not considering what works in the rest of the world is an indication that we’re really not serious about it here yet.

    • That makes me want to weep.

  13. OMG… I cannot believe that shite about John Edwards and his sexy tape. What a repungent scumbag. And that poor baby, little Frances, is totally his. I mean, come on! The poor little thing looks exactly like him! Edwards is OBVIOUSLY the father!

    And while I do feel sorry for Elizabeth, seems to me she has a case of PPS. Pathological Projection Syndrome. She seems to have a constant need to blame “the other woman.” Look, Lizzie, I hate to break it to ya, but it takes two to tango.

    And of course, let’s not forget the “other woman” that she and her husband repeatedly trashed in the 2008 primary. It was open season on Hillary for Elizabeth and John for months, and when Hillary finally hit back, she was accused of “going negative.” It was like living in a twilight zone.

    She keeps accusing other women of being exactly what she is: unhappy and insecure. Again, I feel so sorry for Elizabeth and I wouldn’t wish what she has been through and is going through on anyone, but as I am fond of saying, someone should have reminded her that karma is times three.

    Oh, and look at this. POTUS promised John Edwards he could be attorney general. That explains a lot.

    Anywho, I know a lot of you are former Edwards supporters. I am sorry for you. I never was a supporter of his, I knew instinctively that he was slime. I felt it in my loins. My scumbag detector in my lady business screamed, “danger alert, BBs! There is something not right about him and what he is saying!”

    As usual, my lady parts did not let me down.

    • John Edwards is disgusting scum. However, I’d wait until the story is out of tabloid and into other press before believing it.

      • It appears to be out of the tabloids. The story has an actual named, credible source. That Young guy. The one who claimed he was the baby’s father to cover up for Edwards.

        This whole schpeel actually makes me feel more sympathy for that baby, Frances, than anyone else. On Oprah, Elizabeth referred to little Frances as “it.” Which is disgusting. That little girl has a name, and regardless of whose child it is, she didn’t ask to be born.

        • Do you have a link to that effect?

          The Daily News story linked to in this post about Michael Jackson was a fake. Not true.

          Some source for the Edwards story besides the Daily News?

        • The story has an actual named, credible source. That Young guy. The one who claimed he was the baby’s father…

          Okay, then. We have a credible liar telling more tales.

          I have an idea….John and Elizabeth Edwards are what to the country? Authors is the only thing I can think of right now.

          Who gives a royal rip how full of mistakes and problems their personal lives are? Elizabeth either turned down the actual opportunity to work on designing a good UHC plan for this administration, or Obama decided someone less controversial (Sebelius) could do more for him now and in the future. Either way, the Edwards couple are history in politics and their personal life is none of our business.

          I’m sure someone will buy these idiotic books, though.

    • Oh, and look at this. POTUS promised John Edwards he could be attorney general. That explains a lot.

      Indeed it does. POTUS made many , many of such promises and just about everyone( Edwards , Kerry, Richarson, etc.) was totally and easily played. The only one who got any candy was the one who, for real , ran against him, Hillary.

    • I give Elizabeth some slack, though I agree she was nasty at times. But she has a genuine excuse for being nasty. I can’t imagine the amount of pain and betrayal she was emotionally processing. She was dealing with terminal cancer AND a grueling campaign AND her husband’s betrayal. And sometimes people in that much pain lash out in very random ways.

      Like I said, that doesn’t make it right. But it does make it understandable, in her case. I give Elizabeth a pass, if anyone gets a pass on this. She had multiple reasons to be angry, and nowhere for that anger to go. I’m not going to crucify her for lashing out at whoever, or being illogical in her targets, or for being in desperate denial – she was hurting, bigtime.

      • Yeah… maybe you are right WMBC… I do feel very bad that she was in so much pain. NO ONE deserves that much tragedy in their lives, and if Edwards was a good man, as she seems to believe he is, he wouldn’t have run and would have just tried to be there for his family, instead of exploiting them and his wife’s illness for political gain.
        According to the article and Young, Edwars and Hunter were talking about getting married, should Elizabeth die, and were even discussing what music they would choose.
        I can’t imagine that a good man would ever do anything like that. What a terrible, terrible person. There is just no excuse for that horrendous shite.

        • Oh, Edwards gets no pass – he behaved like fucking scum. But Elizabeth I’ll not judge too harshly, despite her admittedly nasty comments. If anyone had reason to be just blindly angry at the world, she did.

          Edwards is scum, and so is his aide, that Young, who is writing the book. Young enabled the whole thing, and now wants to cash in (he probably planned that all along)? Young is guttershite. He is a sewerpipe of a human being.

      • I’d give Elizabeth a pass expect for the lumber she put on Hill about how she was “more joyful” and other slams starting at least from 07 . And I remember alot of stories of how EE ” didn’t like” Hillary because of the health care stuff .

        I gave EE passes at those times cause I thought she was really fighting for UHC . Now it turns out she was simply trying to under cut both Hillary and I guess health care , trading on people’s great respect for her. Is she still on that book tour ? Once I saw her and JE on Oprah for the launch of her book, I knew I was looking at three Obama operatives . imo

      • I would think that facing the final years, and knowing it, could actually encourage a truly good person to act in a manner they would want to become their legacy.

        Eliz knew before John announced his candidacy that he had cheated big time on her…a baby was involved. Yet, she entered the arena as the devoted wife and attacked a woman who she knew would be a greater friend than foe if Eliz would just be honest with herself and the country.

        Obviously, Eliz is either in denial over her condition, or she never has been the good person she was made out to be.

    • Yeah, there is a lot of truth to what you say. Only one of the parties had a vow to Elizabeth Edwards.

      That said, I don’t think highly of people who enter into relationships where the partner is not ‘available’. It is just a bad idea on every level to get involved with married people or anyone in a permanent live-in situation.

      In a way, I do feel sorry for John Edwards. He is facing the loss of his wife (although she does seem to be holding her own in her breast cancer battle) and he will probably not be able to win an elected office in the future. He will have a credibility problem for a long time because of this.

      • Oh, wait on the John Edwards thing – I do feel sorry for him being so stupid and all…. but I also think the price for his “crime” is appropriate. The more you have to lose the better you should behave.

  14. Did you see this?


    Isn’t Wonkette that horrible blog that treated the Confluence despicably? Apparently, they have no decency in any way shape or form.

    • Disgusting.

      • But according to at least some of the commenters, it’s HEERRRRRR FAULLLLT! “She carried that baby around like a SACK OF POTATOES!” Never mind that she was also demonized for not being around *enough* for her kids, because running for VP was no job for a little lady with bay-beez.

        What a way to start the week.

      • Can’t Planned Parenthood sue for the unauthorized use of their logo on that one with the coat hanger?

    • Sometimes I have to wonder about the maturity level of the individuals who find this stuff funny. (It seems as though they either have to be very immature, or something else is drastically wrong with them.)

  15. http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2009/06/what_its_costing_us.html

    “The Congressional Budget Office has put out its latest calculation of the loss taxpayers will take on the TARP bailout.

    CBO estimates that the subsidy cost of the transactions (broadly speaking, the difference between what the Treasury paid for the investments or lent to the businesses and the market value of those transactions, including repurchases of preferred stock) amounts to $159 billion.

    The automobile bailouts look particularly grim. Of the $55 billion that went out the door, CBO expects $40 billion will never be returned. Table 1 has a full breakdown.”

    I found this at one of the linked economic blogs. (I don’t know if anyone else has been reading them lately, but they’ve been pretty scary.)

  16. Thank you for the Breakfast Read!… although there’s really no way for me to keep anything down after reading some of the drivel…

    Especially terrific is the authorship of Dreams and Audacity by Der Leader. (I guess the more whacked out the better – but it is fun)

    When will someone make a documentary – Michael Moore Style (since MM is too far gone from smoking the Hopium) – and document this, The Primary, The Bankers, and so many egregious acts.

    I mean if Bush could rate a documentary or two, surely the bestest preznet evah could rate at least one… right?


  17. Justices Rule for White Firefighters in Bias Case
    Published: June 29, 2009
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has ruled that white firefighters in New Haven, Conn., were unfairly denied promotions because of their race, reversing a decision that high court nominee Sonia Sotomayor endorsed as an appeals court judge.



  18. This is a bit off topic, but could anyone here please explain to me why we don’t see more women politicians cheating on their husbands?

    You don’t see any news commenting on the fact that women in power don’t react to having power as an excuse to cheat on their husbands.

    Why is this fact being overlooked and ignored by the media?

    • Someone did a study and found out the virtually all politicians that cheat on their spouses share a common characteristic.

      They have a penis.

  19. OT: Madoff got 150 years. Wow. The judge said there wasn’t a single letter in support of him.

  20. Okay, I have to get this off my chest. Afrocity wrote a really good, well-researched piece on Michael Jackson and the whole “post-racial” schtick, and some asshat immediately came on accusing her of (cue talking-points) having an identity disorder and self-hating.

    I hate that crap with a passion. It just makes me FURIOUS! I replied thusly:

    June 29, 2009 at 10:27 AM
    *Sigh* Typical response. Here afrocity makes a cogent and thoughtful exploration of why she thinks the way she does, and instead of having a conversation, or disagreeing on points, you jump to the “she hates her own blackness” defense.

    Of course, if you read her with any regularity, it’s obvious that she is smart, well-adjusted, and very much in touch with and proud of her AA heritage. And she has reasons for her positions, but you conveniently ignore those reasons and merely denigrate her.

    I’m neither a Republican nor a Conservative. I’m a centrist Dem with some Libertarian leanings. I don’t agree with afrocity on everything. But I respect her, and give her the courtesy of treating her points as those of a reasoning human being, which she is. She pays me the same courtesy.

    In the real world, everyone with whom you disagree is not damaged, or delusional. In the real word, equally intelligent and thoughtful persons can DISAGREE on solutions.

    Perhaps we should psychoanalyze you, as you did her. Perhaps we could opine that your personal lashing out is indicative of your deep-seated fear that if black people, and especially black women, start thinking for themselves and owning their own arguments, instead of parroting yours like dutiful little plantation residents, you and your political wing will lose all control over those scary black folk.

    And that, sir, would simply blow your f*cking mind. That’s a huge danger to you, so you reflexively cry “She’s a race-betraying witch! Burn her!”

    Me, I like the fact that afrocity pays me the respect of arguing with me as if I had a brain of my own. And I will continue to pay her that same respect. That’s what you DO with people whom you truly view as equals.

    • Oh snap. That must sting. Nice reply.

      • This crap makes me crazy.

        To me, the whole “self-hating black” thing is an extremely racist attitude. A truly free and equal people has the right to have opinions all over the political spectrum, right to left, just like anyone else. Right or wrong, they get to form their own opinions and arguments. The refusal of many on the left to argue with a black conservative in the same way they’d argue with a white conservative is very revealing, IMO.

    • WMCB, I actually posted for the 1st time at Afrocity’s blog today because of your head’s up. In the past I have only lurked, though I planned on commenting eventually. I really like her blog, even though I don’t always agree on policy stuff. Like you, I’m tired of racist Obots calling other people racist, or calling blacks self-hating if they don’t tow the Obama-line. It is insane.

  21. Joe Cannon has a post up on the Obama/Ayers authorship article above.
    He’s not impressed.

    • Me neither

      • As someone who routinely flunked students I caught plagiarizing, I’d say there are enough red flags on “Obama’s” first book to mark out some major highway construction. Lawsuits for copyright infringement have been brought, and won, for less.

        At the very least, we’re looking at a heavy edit or rewrite by Ayers.

  22. Sears seems like a fairly decent company. Wasn’t there a story a while back about how they mantain benefits & pay differential for reservist employees who are sent to war (Iraq etc)?

  23. Glenzilla:

    One last related point: Ever since Obama reversed himself on the question of whether to suppress the torture photos, I’ve been searching for an Obama supporter who (a) defends his decision to suppress those photos but also (b) criticized him when, two weeks earlier, he announced that he would release those photos. I haven’t found such a person yet, but I’m still looking.

    When Obama originally announced he would release the photos, he was attacked on seemingly every television news show by people like Lindsey Graham, Liz Cheney and Joe Lieberman for endangering the Troops, but I don’t know of a single Democrats who joined in with those criticisms on the ground that the photos shouldn’t be released. But as soon as Obama changed his mind and embraced the Graham/Cheney/Lieberman position, up rose hordes of Obama supporters suddely insisting that those photos must be suppressed because to release them would be to endanger the Troops. I’m still searching for any pro-photo-suppression Democrats who criticized Obama when he triggered controversy by orginally announcing he would release them.

    Looking for intellectual consistency from Failbots?

    Good luck.

  24. thats great….

  25. Single Payer Works

    • NOW if only the rest of Hollywood would join in to support the working class folks and ask/demand that Single Payer Advocates be allowed at the discussion table instead of being hauled off to jail.

      Where is the transparency if Single Payer Advocates are SHUT OUT of the process?

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