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A small evil group to which no one we know belongs

Goldman-Sachs Tower.  (Sauron lives here.)

Goldman-Sachs Tower. (Sauron lives here.)

Early in the primary season last year, my colleague from up the hall told me of a dinner she had with her Wall Street working neighbors.  Now, not all of the people in NJ who work on Wall Street are evil people.  Some of them were just rank and file finance types.  One of my colleague’s friends quit Wall Street to work part time as a professor.  So, these people were not in the corner offices.  I thought for sure she was going to tell me they were all die hard Republicans.  Not so.  She said her friends said they feared a Depression if McCain was elected and a deep recession if Obama was elected.  They actually thought that Hillary was the one who was most economically sound.

No, I’m not being a Hillary groupie here.  My mind had been made up to vote for her anyway and at that point, Obamamania was in full swing.  What I found disconcerting is that these people who typically vote Republican thought it would be a disaster and they didn’t think Obama was going to be much of an improvement.  My colleague didn’t say anymore about it but after that point, she didn’t criticize Hillary anymore.  I think they told her something that frightened her.

A couple of days ago on Conflucians Say, I mentioned that it feels like the country is being controlled by a “Small evil group to which no one we know belongs”.  It feels like feudalism, as if the Normans had reconquered and grabbed everything in sight.  There’s a new patronage system.  To the victors go the spoils.  The rest of us have become serfs without any real rights.  Go ahead, try to assert your right of assembly.  Try to get your speech widely heard outside of the blogosphere.  Try to be non-religious and apply for govenment grants for your social programs.  Try to get your case of age discrimination heard fairly before the Supreme Court.  (Guys, I am really concerned about Sonya Sotomayor considering who is appointing her)

And then, I read the piece by Matt Taibbi yesterday about Goldman-Sachs called the Great American Bubble Machine.  It’s all about how G-S has been right there in the middle of every major financial crisis sinee 1929.  Opaque investment securities?  G-S.  Credit default swaps, CDO’s, the internet bubble and collapse of NASDAQ?  G-S.  How about the $4/gallon oil crisis of last year that hurt so many families and caused food riots in other parts of the world?  G-S.

G-S are those greedy nobles who rape, pillage and take what they want without consequence.  It’s really too bad that the US got rid of bills of attainder for special cases because if there was ever a corporation that should never be allowed to get anywhere near taxpayer money ever again, it would be Goldman-Sachs.  Unfortunately, our current government is infested with former Goldman-Sachs guys who have their fingers in everything financial.

Matt’s piece is full of charming quotes but this one really stood out for me because the person in question had a huge impact on the outcome of the primaries last year but mostly flies under the radar in today’s media environment:

The market was no longer a rationally managed place to grow real, profitable businesses: It was a huge ocean of Someone Else’s Money where bankers hauled in vast sums through whatever means necessary and tried to convert that money into bonuses and payouts as quickly as possible. If you laddered and spun 50 Internet IPOs that went bust within a year, so what? By the time the Securities and Exchange Commission got around to fining your firm $110 million, the yacht you bought with your IPO bonuses was already six years old. Besides, you were probably out of Goldman by then, running the U.S. Treasury or maybe the state of New Jersey. (One of the truly comic moments in the history of America’s recent financial collapse came when Gov. Jon Corzine of New Jersey, who ran Goldman from 1994 to 1999 and left with $320 million in IPO-fattened stock, insisted in 2002 that “I’ve never even heard the term ‘laddering’ before.”)


After reading this piece, it no longer surprises me that Corzine hasn’t done diddly squat for the homeowners of NJ and their outrageous property taxes.  I’m pretty deaf to the local Democrats who wail, “But if Corzine isn’t re-elected, we’ll get stuck with Christie and he’s a Republican and it will be WORSE!”  Really?  How could it be worse?  What has Corzine done for us?  He might as well have been Thomas Kean.  They were virtually indistinguishable.  Corzine, for all intents and purposes, *is* a Republican, albeit a socially liberal one.  So, what’s the diff?  Shouldn’t someone be held responsible for the gross unfairness, ineptitude and greed of the modern Democratic party?  And who better than Jon Corzine, former CEO of Goldman-Sachs who claims to not know that his own company was scamming ordinary day traders on his watch?  Where do Corzine’s loyalties lie anyway?  NJ has survived Republican governors before.  We have a Democratic assembly.  Why not just vote nothing on top?  I’m not giving my vote to Corzine until he starts to act like a Democrat.

In fact, I can’t think of a better way to kick the Democrats’ asses in gear than to defeat Jon Corzine.  He can be a cautionary tale: this is what will happen to you if you don’t start acting like a Democrat.  You won’t get another chance.  Your ass is glass.  Oh, and by the way…


NJ and NY, where the financial groups hold sway, were the ones that put Obama over the top at the Democratic Convention last year.  Those were states where Hillary won by 10 points or more.  The votes of Hillary supporters were wiped out at the convention. Zeroed. Nullified.  Like the primaries in those two states never even happened. We were disenfranchised, not by crazy Obamaphiles, but by a small evil group to which no one we know belongs.

And the former CEO for Goldman-Sachs lead the way.

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84 Responses

  1. You’re singing my kinda music RD — I don’t wear this tinfoil hat for nothing.

  2. Wow. I feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut.

  3. yeah RD!

  4. I think our governor is in the private club too. He certainly hasn’t done anything for us and he’s pals with Obama and Axelrod. We have to get rid of him.

  5. ….and it will be WORSE!” Really? How could it be worse? What has Corzine done for us? He might as well have been Thomas Kean. They were virtually indistinguishable.

    Exactly, and one will get more of the same if he gets in again. At least Christie is your run of the mill GOP corrupt pol and isn’t as hooked up with those behind the curtain. I would say his ability to sell you down the river would be more limited than Corzine ‘s and these days that’s a plus! Corzine hasn’t even thown NJ a bone! Jeesh,…. back in the day you were supposed to get something for your vote besides he’s the ” Dem”.

    • It’s the Democratic version of “Vote for X or the terrorists win”

      Don’t get me wrong. I think Nader was wrong back in 2000. We might not be where we are now if we didn’t have 8 years of George Bush deregulating everything and giving away the store. Certainly, the unitary executive theory, that Obama is benefitting from, would never have gained a foothold under Gore.

      But right now, the DINOs are in charge of the party and getting rid of Corzine would strike a blow against them.

      • It’s important the DINOs receive something of a check , a hitch in the giddy up, or it will get worse.

        Frankly I think Nader ran into order to sink Gore and if Hillary had somehow gotten the nomination, Nader would have ran in ’08. & for the same reason: to lure the idjiti part of the left away . In 2008 Nader wasn’t needed, much to his dissapointment . lol it was funny to see him encourage Hillary, yeah you bet . But he was thinkingonly of his own lunch pail while doing so. imo

        • Paperdoll, do you really think Nader’s main reason to run was just to sink Gore? That would seem to imply that he is just a cynical jerk. You don’t think he ran because of principles? I agree that he affected Gore’s running. …but so did the Supreme court. Gore would have been president, if not for the SCOTUS, no? I was under the impression that Gore likely had more votes, as they were trying to do the re-count in Florida.

          I did not vote for Nader in 2000 but I felt he was honestly trying to bring a 3rd party to the table in a non-cynical way. I think he is not an insider and believes in principles & the common person. I’ve listened to him speak & have never gotten the impression that he is a cynical person only out for his own “lunch pail” as you mentioned. I don’t think he has ever really had a chance because he has thouroughly been marginalized & never milked the machine for marketing power like Dems & Repubs.

          He was criticizing Obama’s background as a Wallstreet sell-out (& supporting Hillary) when people like Edwards and Kerry and all the other Big-name Golden-Democrat boys were kissing Obama’s ass. I really respect that.

          I don’t think that people that like & support Nader are “idjiit part of the left.” I have never voted for him but I appreciate where he is coming from and admire him (as I also admire Gore, Hillary, Mckinney and even Dean…back in the day). By your reasoning, I guess I would be considered an idiot?

          Do you also think Mckinney (or any other third party people) are running just to take votes away from Dems and not out of principle as well?

          Unfortunately, unlike Canada or other western countries, third (or 4rth or 5th) candidates are given no credibility in the US of Demopublica. Do you think this should change or do you prefer 2party (or 1party system, as I see it) as superior? I was kind of surprised by the comment but I respect your opinion & don’t take offense, even if you may see independent lefties, like me to be idjitiots.

          • Madrigal, I’m not looking at the big picture, about third parties in the US etc….but a particular time and place. and yes, I think Nader ran in 2000 to help sink Gore.
            I think the some of the same folks who supported Bill Bradly against Gore in the Dem primaries , also supported Nader in the general …for the same reasons.

            Nader said he would not run against Gore in the competitive states , well he lied. Sure he encouraged Hillary! I think if Hillary had somehow gotten the nomination, Nader would have run against her in 08. But alas for him, the upper crust’s choice needed no such help this year .

            I consider myself an independent lefty as well and speak of ” idijit left” in regard to 2000 when we saw the same obots of 08, like Michele Moore, strongly reject Gore for Nader, lord , he and Susan S, campaigned hard for Nader….and what was the result anyone could see before hand ? Bush 2 gets close enough to steal it. . ( Interestingly many of the same people who so wanted Nader in 2000, came around in 08 telling us it HAD to be Obama over , not the vile Gore…but the awful Hillary. )

            So I am looking at what Nader does, not what he says. I don’t know if it was because of ego or money, but IMO he helped sink Gore and imo , he’s far too intelligent not to have known what he was doing . I respect your opinion as well…so let’s agree to disagree about Mr. N.

          • Paper doll,
            Thanks for clarifying and for the extra details you provided. I actually didn’t know that Nader promised not to run in the competitive states, so that was a good point of yours. If he promised & then went back on his word, then that is indeed troubling. I also thought it was hypocritical of Michael Moore to suddenly push Obama on everyone, as he was Mr. Nader Champion in 2000.

            Yes, I truly still believe Nader is a principled person. I think he is great as an academic, an advocate for common people, & a patriot but perhaps being a politician is not the right sphere for him? In any case, I’m totally fine with agreeing to disagree. Thanks again for responding. 🙂

  6. I definitely would vote against Corzine. It would be a great message to the DNC and I agree that NJ would survive it. Similarly as bad as McCain would have been, and he would have been bad, it wouldn’t have been the evil groups pick, and he may not have played their game. Obama on the other hand is there man and has been for a long time.

  7. As a life long democrat…I hope the republicans take over for a few yeras again. This is a nightmare. For the democrats to put all the blame on Bush is a crime. Didn’t we have the democrats in control in the congress for over two years before they controlled the election and put obummer in?

  8. Years. It just seems like yeras!!

  9. It’s machine politics and it seems to go on forever…Chicago and New Jersey alike.

    • Indeed, but in machine politics you use to get something for your vote. They have now refined the system to where you are ” selfish” if you want a scrap.

  10. Just say no to incumbents

    • That’s a brilliant strategy. Let them know that they only have one term to do whatever good they thought they were going to do and that’s it.

      Of course, this only works if our votes really count and fake donors aren’t the ones deciding elections.

    • But but but…then they blackmail you by stressing seniority on Congressional cttees…

      • They do that anyway.

        How will things change if we keep reelecting bad people because they have seniority?

        • I am perfectly willing to vote against incombents except for one. My Jr. Senator is Russ Feingold and I retain enough respect for him that I simply cannot not vote for him. Herb Kohl, our other “Democratic” Senator has never received my vote and never will. I vote Green instead of him.

          But I gotta support Russ Feingold as one of the few people with integrity in government. He does keep getting divorced but I don’t give a crap about that.

          • Feingold and Bernie Sanders are 2 exceptions to the “No Encumbents” rule. They both seem very worthwhile.

          • My Congressman is a blue-dog DINO that the GOP didn’t even bother to run a token candidate against.

          • Feingold is my Senator also and I have great respect for him. I will continue to vote for him.

    • And anyone the media is pushing.

  11. OT but –

    Cong. Clyburn has suggested that the Democratic Party should do away with super delegates. They are no longer needed.

    Ok – what are the Obots up to now?

    • Superdelegates were created to overrule the voters.

    • Setting up more caucuses? Obama won’t be primaried anyway, unless Hell freezes over. Hope Hell freezes over!

    • could mean the vote rigging system in place doesn’t need them anymore and the super delegates will be offered up to pretend there was voting reform? It also could mean Obama wants all the power…or all the above. Consolidation of power is what’s he’s all about party wise

    • They didn’t use the Superdelegates last time. I expect the new rules to mirror what the DNC did to give Obama the nomination. They could’ve saved a ton of money by just TELLING us who the nominee was and eliminate all the caucuses and primaries…that is, afterall, exactly how the primary went.

  12. By the way, Happy Gay Pride Day all.

  13. A Village idiot speaks:

    In the high-stakes battle over health care, a growing cadre of liberal activists is aiming its sharpest firepower against Democratic senators who they accuse of being insufficiently committed to the cause.

    The attacks — ranging from tart news releases to full-fledged advertising campaigns — have elicited rebuttals from lawmakers and sparked a debate inside the party over the best strategy for achieving President Obama’s top priority of a comprehensive health-system overhaul.

    The rising tensions between Democratic legislators and constituencies that would typically be their natural allies underscore the high hurdles for Obama as he tries to hold together a diverse, fragile coalition. Activists say they are simply pressing for quick delivery of “true health reform,” but the intraparty rift runs the risk of alienating centrist Democrats who will be needed to pass a bill.

    That was Ceci “Clueless” Connolly

  14. NJ and NY, where the financial groups hold sway, were the ones that put Obama over the top at the Democratic Convention last year. Those were states where Hillary won by 10 points or more. The votes of Hillary supporters were wiped out at the convention. Zeroed. Nullified.

    I firmly believe the financial industry is in control of our gov’t, and has been since the Federal Reserve was re-instated. After Bill Clinton, who gave way too much of the wealth to the people, they liked how easy it was with W in charge. They knew, though, the people wouldn’t vote in another “R” this round, so they picked this empty suit with a “D” on his chest.

    I thought the convention let Illinois delegates cast their votes for their man, then jumped across all the states in-between Illinois and NY to have Hillary declare the vote over.

    People continue to feed their 401K plans. The financial world is happy.

    • Close. It was NJ first and then NY that did it. The bastards had our votes in their sweaty little palms and faked the unity thing to put Obama over the top. What they did to Hillary was disgraceful. They made her give away a state that she won in an overwhelming victory. Well, what choice did they give her? If she had actually demanded the votes that rightfully belonged to her, the media was ready to jump all over her case for taking it away from Obama and why was she raining on *his* parade and being a big baby, spoli sport evil woman?
      They bullied her. They humiliated her. They forced her to do it.
      Just thinking about if makes my blood boil.
      But what they did to voters was 10 times worse. They played us for fools. They tinkered with the primary schedule in our states, got the legislature to approve the changes and cough up the bucks for the election. Then, they turned around and pulled the ‘we’re a private orgainization, we can change the rules on a whim” trick. They dumped our votes in the circular file when the data didn’t fit their preconceived outcome.
      And we (digby too) let them get away with it.

      • I had so many really bad days during the nomination process, it’s hard to count. It’s why I cannot return to the party, and will happily vote against every D incumbent on my ballot.

        My state governor is an Obama D who is acting more like an R these days, too.

        The public did let them get away with their blatant destruction of the fairness rules. It takes an honest media, though, to inform. We were led to believe we were a small minority. They continue to tell us we’re in the minority. I don’t believe the 56% approval rating…not with the unemployment numbers, the foreclosure numbers, and the on-going threats that there is no safe place to invest in the future while Social Security and Medicare are being forecast to fail.

        I fear the country will need to collapse to get people off their couches.

        • I fear the oligarchy won’t stop until there is a collapse …that seems actually what they want . Shock and awe etc. . I used to be concerned they wanted to replicate Bagdad here. Now I’m concerned they want Somalia …. a world without public services etc. They are certainly doing all they can to starve those services ( oops I mean” luxuries” ) out of business . But it seems the powers that be want to bring it all down…lord knows why

      • RD, I knew something was up out here when I got Hillary’s mailers after the first election? The day after they arrived in the mail. T day after! That has never happened before to my knowledge. They weren’t big and shiny and slick. Either.

        I actually used photos from the LAT and pasted them in windows! Because I couldn’t get a sign here. But then, after the whole thing got stolen? One of the biggest spots downtown was all about guess who. Signs everywhere. Everywhere.

        What I want to know about is nepotism in the Dem party last year?
        Apparently Capps married a daughter into it?

        Is that why there was nothing for Hillary?

        Just thinking about it makes my blood boil too.

        Everything you said above. Only, now?
        We are dealing with the globe feeling their blood boil.


        • You mean her mailers arrived the day after the election took place????

          There were moles in her campaign???

          Secret sabotage in the mail???

          • the mailers arrived a day and two days late — for the primary —
            it was not long after that, that I met RD in here?

            and then we followed the whole thing day to day as all the rest of the stuff happened.

            I wasn’t able to get any years signs here in my town — I even called the Dem Party headquarters?

            Something was wrong from the start and I have read where Hillary was so confident she didn’t have to do much in CA.

            She was the winner out here in that Primary even without the mailers?

            The actions RD wrote about post that about Brazile and so forth?

            Affirmed for me that something was really wrong.

          • oops YARD SIGNS!

            it was after that that I began to investigate the target-marketing being done and how it was all shaking out…

          • Sorry vbonnaire-would you mind elucidating a little bit on target marketing?

            (I didn’t realise things were that bad in Pelosi’s California…:-(

          • I can talk about the branding done in that campaign on various levels but maybe i’ll just summarize that with links.

            but not right now! okay? it was very heavy what ol’ Ax did.
            it was very slick and from now on all politicians will have to use those tactics — but I doubt anyone will ever get away with that level agan –on th marketing end….and in the web either.

  15. I’ve had several Republicans lament that they hoped they weren’t responsible for keeping Hillary out of the white house. Some of them have actually apologized for their Hillary Derangement Syndrome and admitted that she would have been ten times better. Yeah, well cry me a river, it’s too late now, but I acknowledge what it cost them to actually say that. After decades of “Hillary is the greatest evil in the world,” it’s difficult to admit you were wrong. Terribly wrong.

    I don’t know when the Left is going to figure it out too, but it’s coming. You can only spin for so long.

    • I hope you are right. However…they easily feel for Nader, hell alot fell for Bill Bradly who ran against the ” evil corporate ” Gore in the 2000 Dem primaries. A certain segment are soooo easy and will fall for Obama again in 2012 regardless of anything…or so it seems .

    • I have a lot of Republican friends, and while some have die-hard CDS, many of the rest fall into 2 groups: 1) They actually like Hillary, and think she’d be pretty good, and 2) They don’t like her, think she’s way too Liberal, but respect her, and think she’s a grown-up and a hard worker who would do her best for the country.

    • Lincoln said you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. But what the political consultants have found is that it is possible to fool enough of the people most of the time.
      That seems to work just fine.

  16. I now this is a pipe dream, but I’d love to see a financial revolution in this country. That’s about the only thing that would scare the shit out of the PTB.

    What would happen if the people rose up, and every one of us pulled every dime we had out of the stock market? Not regular insured bank accounts, just the market. What if we made it known that we were doing it as a protest, that we were deliberately tanking the markets to get what we want, just as THEY have done to us so many times?

    That would scare them, bigtime. But I know most people a) wouldn’t have the balls to do it, or b)honestly couldn’t do it – couldn’t risk their savings that way. It would have to be all of us to have an impact.

    BTW, the Goldman Sachs buzz is getting some legs, but I’ve seen a few comments crying “Anti-Semite!” in response. So be prepared for that defense/counter-attack/smoke screen if you continue to criticize their role – you are saying the evil Jew Bankers are secretly ruling the world. Subsitute “racist”, and sound familiar from the primaries?

    • So you say you want a revolution. Well, you know., we all want to change the world.

      I believe more people would go along with this than we’d normally think. Gotta be a way to get the word out though.

    • I’m with you. If we did this strategically, we’d give them all apoplexy. Sure, it might mean more in taxes. But it would mean less going directly into the hands of the greedy fucks.

      • When my dad passed away I learned that he never put a dime in the stock market. His investments were all CDs and bank accounts. And he did pretty well. He lived through the depression and saw what corporate greed and Wall St could do to an average person’s economic security.

    • The anti-semite thing has no resonance around here. It’s just a corporation. Corzine wasn’t Jewish. I don’t think Paulson was. Believe it or not, it is possible for Gentiles to be greedy, selfish and corrupt and it is possible for Jews to be just plain, ordinary people.

      • Oh, I know, but since when did reason and logic have any effect on smears?

        • it’s the name ” Goldman” that is enough to fool folks into thinking that it’s being anti-Semite to say boo to Goldman Sachs …plus it’s about money . Which = Jewish in some people minds….In fact in the minds of the very people who are throwing around the anti-Semite label . What we had in 08 was rac*isam parading as anti-rac*ism and now it seems we’ll have anti-Semitism parading as defence of Jews. They are saying exactly what they are accusing others of…other wise they would not jump to the defence so knee jerk. I mean of course those saying it in good faith…then there are those who are simply using these simpletons to get folks off the financial oligarchy’s back

          • paper doll:

            “What we had in 08 was rac*isam parading as anti-rac*ism”

            YES! Absolutely, I saw this as well.

            O……..Obamboozal, paraded as Obi-ONE-kenobi
            B………Ballot-box hijacking, paraded as legitimate election
            A………Anti-gay, paraded as LGBT support
            M……..Military expantion, paraded as ending war overseas
            A……..Ageism, paraded as “moving to the next generation”
            S………Sexists, parading as feminists

            R……Racists, parading as anti-racist
            U……Unilateral Pres powers, paraded as checks’n’balances
            L……Lies, paraded as truth
            E……End of Democracy, paraded as “the change we need”

            The ultimate-ever American con job. ugh.

            I could add more, but I have to leave for work and don’t want to get too depressed on a Sunday 😦

            (the hamster wheel is already calling & that is bummer enough for me this weekend)

    • A large percentage of our stock market is held by foreigners. People wouldn’t have to pull their money out, just reduce their contributions to minimum allowed by their 401K for a few months and it would be enough of a hit to give them pause.

      I’ll never quite understand why people use the 401K system. You can invest directly in the market without penalty for early withdrawal. My dad has been sharing where all his investments are…I’m in awe over how much he managed to acquire without touching the stock market directly, or real estate, or bonds. His caution made him a very wealthy man.

      • Why? Two reasons: Many employer plans have either .50 per dollar matching, or dollar for dollar matching. And the 401k plans are pre-tax. So people use them.

        • They watched the employer contributions disappear recently along with some of their own money. Need that money before you retire (I’m guessing plenty of people closed theirs to try to avoid foreclosure, or to live beyond their layoff notice…actually, many employers give you 30 days beyond layoff to close your account)…they tax and penalize that withdrawal. But, this is the way it was designed….Wall Street owns and controls.

          • Okay, I worked with employer sponsored plans for too long to just let this comment go.

            Direct rollovers are allowed to IRAs or to another employer sponsored 401(k) without any taxation or penalty. The taxation and penalties come into play for early withdrawals (and unpaid loans can be deemed early withdrawals), or for anyone who doesn’t understand the direct rollover rules and accidentally has a check cut to them rather than to an IRA or another 401(k).

            401(k)’s are designed as retirement savings vehicles, and anyone contributing to one really should have an emergency fund outside of the plan so they don’t need to tap into the 401(k). They do offer advantages to anyone trying to save for retirement (pre-tax dollars are contributed and earnings accrue without taxation, with the theory being that by the time you hit retirement age and start taking distributions, your income bracket and tax burden should be lower). Many plans offer a variety of investment options that suit investors with varying risk tolerances. (My 401(k) IRA Rollover money that I had sitting in a fixed fund didn’t lose any value, only my stock fund and stock mutual funds did.)

          • All well and good if you change jobs, but what about the millions of people who recently got laid off and no promise of new employment, or equal employment in the near future?

  17. This is really scary RD. Especially the part about how they knew it would be stable with Hillary and they foresaw the rest.

    Because, now we are there. Frankly, I don’t think I ever felt as scared about this country as I do now — this mostly has to do with the news and the other world leaders. In the mo.

    And what they are doing. Looking at the news over the last few months there are new alignments being made? Between countries.
    Ours is broke. Well, not those big money dudes and dudettes but the mainstream. The whole thing reminds me of the Madoff deal?

    It’s like those kind of deals going on except muliplied?

    These elected officials are heady with power.

    Like the feudal system, but?

    In the feudal system at least the serfs were part of villages.

    The villages now are the global workplaces?

    So, the kings live wherever they want?

    To me the people of the world seem like pawns on a nucler chessboard with old grudges that date back to WWII.

    I came across this book when I saw an obit on the guy…in the news. It is a different way of looking at all of it?


    I never was really clear on what “New World Order” meant — when I first heard it. But, it seems we are there now?

    As I looked at the news and see how westernized all of the countries look? Can their lives be much different that ours?


    Who is really at the helm?

    That is the question.

    • GHWBush spoke openly about the New World Order.

      I think RD just explained who is really at the helm.

      I firmly believe that we are trying to bring “democracy” to the Middle East because the bankers want to convert their money systems to debt-based. Think about how much money those oil rich countries have sitting in their banks not being loaned with interest.

    • vbonnaire:

      “In the feudal system at least the serfs were part of villages.

      The villages now are the global workplaces?

      So, the kings live wherever they want?”

      Nice illustration!

      • Thanks but, Rd called it first. You guys, who are the kings — besides guys like Madoff? Do we even know who the financil kings are?

  18. So, RD, did Taibbi ever make the connection to BO in his piece? Or did he stop short? Because, as I recall, Obama was GS was his #1 source of campaign contributions.

    I will go read the article, but I suspect Taibbi didn’t, so full of Koolaid he is.

    • so full of Koolaid he is


    • Taibbi did take his lips off Brand Obama’s bunbun [a euphemism I picked up from Wonderland] long enough to mention that GS gave BO’s campaign $981K, but he said nothing more about it.

      Taibbi is still a $exi$t frat-rat POS, but he does manage to make some sense on economic issues. Despite that, Taibbi can still kiss my bunbun. :mrgreen:

  19. Well, I just did a word search and it appears that Obama is only mentioned in regards to gas prices and global warming. Interesting that.

  20. Another name not mentioned in the piece: Tim Geithner

  21. Great topic. I don’t know enough about G-S or the Financial purse-holders of our country so more news & information is appreciated. Thanks!

  22. I read the Taibbi article after seeing the link provided by bostonboomer in an earlier thread. Considering that Goldman is having one of its best years ever, it seems as though there may be some truth to it. Apparently, they were able to position themselves to profit wildly from the economic mess they helped create for just about everyone else.

  23. “Position themselves to profit…?” Ya think maybe Paulson did a bit of the “positioning” for them?

  24. Hillary wins Texas by 100,000+ votes and loses the state by 4 delegates. Now you figure that! They did not have to steal our votes at the convention. They already did that in the primary.

  25. Also in the Jersey “Where’s my Vote” Club … and we’re in the same fire/frying pan that was offered up last November. Damned if we do; damned if we don’t. And now with the ‘Dimocrats” caving on even health care so they can include their BFF’s from the other side of the aisle – altho there will NOT be republican votes for it no matter how much “Dimocrats” cave …

    and if I sell my house since I can’t afford the property tax anymore and move to another state like so many sensible people are I’ll pay tax on the sale of my house. Damned if I do; damned if I don’t.

    But I always thought Corize was a creep and had a D behind his name just for convenience – just like the POTUS did.

    And remember how did that DNC committee meeting go for revision of the election procedure. With the “winning” team in charge, what’s the odds that a thing changed? .

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