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That was us


Over at Hullaballoo Digby writes:

last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart did a nice little rundown on all the cases where the Obama administration’s promises of “transparency” and adherence to constitutional norms have turned out to be shall we say, a bit opaque.

There were those who saw the writing on the wall on these issues through the haze of hopenchange.

Yes Digby, you’re absolutely correct.

That was us who saw the writing on the wall. They call us many things, including PUMAs, “bitter knitters,” and the “last band of paranoid shrieking holdouts.”  We were supporters of Hillary Clinton and now we are Democrats in exile.

We weren’t fooled by the fancy speechifying or the slick packaging and presentation. We said Obama was a conservative wolf in a progressive’s empty suit.  We were right and you were wrong. And WE TOLD YOU SO!

So what was our reward? We were ostracized, shunned, and called traitors. We are still treated with scorn and derision.  We have been banned from the blogrolls of “serious” lefty bloggers.  Why are we still hated?  Because our continued existence causes shame and embarrassment to those who sold their souls for Kool-aid.

If you’re waiting for us to apologize for being right you better sit down and get comfortable. It’s gonna be a cold day in hell before that happens.

Obama is yours.  He belongs to you and the other progressive bloggers who abandoned their principles last year.  We’re willing to forgive, but we won’t forget.  And we’re not gonna let you forget either.

We told you so

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176 Responses

  1. The saddest thing is that those who chose color over country will never be trusted again. The damage they did is long lasting.



    • People make mistakes, but what happened last year wasn’t just a collective error in judgment. It was malfeasance by some and complicity by others.

      • The thing that many of the “big” progressive bloggers and media types refuse to see is their own culpability. I can forgive Joe Shmoe Obama-voter who just desperately wanted to believe and suspended rational judgement. I’m still pissed, but can forgive that.

        But these bloggers had the gravitas and the weight of being widely read and looked to for opinion and judgement in the progressive movement. That’s a fun thing in the good times – it’s a heady and wonderful thing. They really liked being the “voice of the movement”, huh?

        I’ve heard some now try to retreat behind the excuse of being swept along, of being unaware, and they seem to want to be treated just like any other Joe Shmoe Obama-voter. BULLSHIT. You had a responsibility. Along with that big-assed mouthpiece you have comes RESPONSIBILITY. You don’t get one without the other. You are not just fucking Joe Schmoe voter. You had a moral obligation that affects a lot of people beside you, and you FAILED in that obligation.

        • I think Obama voters can be classified into three groups.

          1. The fail bots that drank the kool-ade or had someting to gain like the big bloggers mentioned above.

          2. Joe/Jane Sixpack that believed the print and broadcast media hype about Obama.

          3. Voters who knew he was a piece of work but figured he was better than a republican or the lesser of two evils.

          • Which group responded to the efforts of the internet cafe influence peddlers from the Gaza strip? The Muslims around the world bundling contributions? The extreme threats and angry commenters on his own campaign web site?

            Thing is, after all those hundreds of millions of dollars spent, he still had an exhausting uphill battle trying to win the primary elections (many of which he lost big).

            I don’t think this guy is anywhere near as popular as the media wants us to believe. Even when Bush was sitting with a 23% approval rating, people were content to sit still and just wait out his last term rather than rise up and make it clear what they wanted from the next administration….just give us a “D”.

          • Mr, Mike – ya, I think that is an accurate division of voter demographics. I think PUMA affiliates should give group #2 and #3 a chance to start realizing the truth (lots of people escape cults, after all…there’s hope) but I think we should give the group #1 the big ol’ middle finger!

            I actually think that group #1 was *mixing* koolaid and forcing it intravenously to groups 2 & 3. Jerkbots!

            meeee2, regarding the “internet cafe influence peddlers from the Gaza strip” and the “Muslims around the world bundling contributions”…. could you expand on that more? I don’t think I know too much about those subjects.

          • Go to YouTube and search for the video on the Gaza internet cafes.

            The Obama campaign website was full of “[insert name of country here] Muslims for Obama” groups and instructions on how to bundle the foreign donations. You had to have been watching what his campaign was up to in order to fully grasp where his support was coming from.

            It is basic common sense to realize he didn’t really win by the margin one would have expected based on the number of $25 donations he tried to claim he was getting as the bulk of his campaign funding.

          • meeee2,

            Thanks for the reference! I did read somewhere that Obama received far less small donations than George II did. I’ll read up on those issues more.

        • WMCB, I agree. Savvy DINO operatives need to be held accountable. The villagers knew what they were promoting & marketing to the average voters (especially by using sick tactics like dividing our country with race-baiting).

          A majority of Americans, however, really believed honestly in the Obama. Yes, media and political insiders should EAT CROW big time…but average folks should be given the chance to realize the lie that they bought into. Puma’s should leave the door open for (perhaps ignorant of reality but nonetheless goodhearted) everyday Americans.

        • That’s pretty ironic considering their mantra was that all the Democratic base groups are stupid and everyone should follow them, despite their inability to find one rational reason to support Obama, because they’re the smart ones and therefore should be the leaders. Hard to wriggle out of responsibility after making an argument like that. “hey dumbos, why’d ya let us lead? Why didn’t ya stop us? It’s all your fault!”

    • I don’t really agree that it’s sad they won’t be trusted again. They shouldn’t ever be trusted again and shouldn’t have been trusted in the first place. They have proven themselves on that point.

      People should have made their own decisions and not bought into their fantasy.

      • I don’t agree either. It’s pathetic maybe but not sad. They did what they did and excoriated anyone that wouldn’t climb on the bandwagon. Now they are crying foul and boo-hooing? Too bad but not sad and I am enjoying my schadenfreude.

        I won’t forget and I won’t forgive. Words have consequences and their words were horrific. Their attacks were relentless. Their lies were legion. Forgive? When hell freezes over? Probably not even then.

      • ITA. Voting is a responsibility. Far too many people don’t take it seriously and don’t take the time to research the candidates.

        IMO what’s sad is that the same idjits will be voting again in 2012.

  2. What happened last year was blatant and out in the open. People had to consciously look the other way to serve their agendas.

    We who would not get on the Obama bandwagon weren’t brilliant, we were awake and concerned about the truth of where an inexperienced, unaccomplished man who showed extremely poor judgment in his selection of friends would take this country’s government.

    For the first time in my lengthy history, I couldn’t even consider holding my nose and voting the “D”.

    Many books will be written in the years to come that will expose the many lies and twisted promises that got this guy his job. He shows the same monotone “passion” when he reads the teleprompter speeches telling him to say, “appalled and outraged” or “Malia and Sasha, I love you more than you know”. He’s a Robot for the establishment.

    • “Malia and Sasha, I love you more than you know”

      There is something VERY wrong when you need to read off a teleprompter to tell your kids you love them.

    • Robot for the establishment

      If you look at any leader that is the media darling, you can bet that is a robot for the establishment. So now for future reference, everyone knows how to tell. If the media loves him (almost by definition the media will not love a her), then run for the hills.

      • Good point. Personally, I look for the glazed look in the eye (I hear this is sometimes caused by mirror fixation or too much teleprompter use) 😛

        Obama, the Stepford wife of the establishment.

        • Help me, help me, I’m hip-mo-tized. I can’t help myself.

          We need a new TV invention, it has sensors and when it detects that glazed over look, a hand reaches out and slaps you up side the head.

  3. Gee, if Digby saw through the hoopeychange, she certainly fooled me.

    • From Eric Bohlert’s Bloggers On The Bus:

      “I thought it was character assassination,” Digby told me a couple weeks after the RFK controversy had passed. She was exhausted by the toll the campaign had already taken on the blogosphere. She was also aware of the kind of pie-fights that would erupt on her site if she posted a condemnation of those who unfairly attacked Clinton for her RFK comments. So Digby, who never endorsed either candidate, simply passed on the story. “I’m a chicken shit,” she said with a shake of her head.

      • Yes, she was a chicken shit. At least she admitted it. But then she should have stepped down after that. I agree with comments above that there is responsibility with having a voice. She continued without responsibility, a great sin.

      • That’s what feeeemale members of the boys club are supposed to do…just sit down and shut up.

      • Makes you wonder what she ‘knows’ now but is willing to ignore in order to make her blog run smoothly. How can anyone ever go to her for insightful commentary, when she admits that she is unwilling to stick her neck out if it will be unpopular?

    • That’s what I was thinking….did I miss that post?
      If she did see though it, that makes it worse, not better

  4. Not all are willing to forgive. I won’t forgive or forget.

    • Amen.

      And I won’t stop reminding them how pathetic and wrong they were.

      They can shove their newfound wisdom right up their collective asses.

    • If we are wise we will NEVER forget and NEVER forgive what the blogger boyz and blogger girlz did — and Digby is one of the boys — or she wanted to play in the Boyz only play house. SHE is part of the problem and SHE can go to hell.

      Whatever hell she believes in.

    • “Not all are willing to forgive. I won’t forgive or forget.”

      I’m with you!

  5. Do they plan to actually hold Obama / Bush 3 accountable for anything?? …get back to me when that happens

    • They are starting to realize that they fucked up.

      Baby steps

      • They’ll just blame us. They rallied around O not due to the Hillsry hate feet that’s been going on since ’04, but reluctantly chose him because our rac ism drove them to it.

        • Fest

        • I think that will surely happen.

        • As a lifelong resident of Arkansas, I can tell you that the reactionaries started the Hillary (and Bill) hate fest before Bill ever ran for POTUS.

          • Oh yeah, but the liberal blogosphere really started having the vapors after Kerry lost and they started getting scared about ’08.

          • Have you ever been to the Magnolia Steak Festival? I’ve seen three different shows about this in the last few weeks, it looks cool.

      • And, what condition will our country be in by the time they reach that realization?

      • Wake me when they are willing to stop giving ALL D’s a pass. As far as I can tell their strategy is still gonna be to vote Democrat. Fat lot of good it did them this time. Fat lot of good it will continue to do them.

  6. Thers:

    Now, I’m not saying that I dislike Obama. Because I don’t. I phone-banked for the motherfucker, and I hate the telephone far more than I hate, say, having toothpicks inserted under my eyelids. I cold-called for Obama, God-fucking dammit, and I make no apologies. It does give me bitching rights, if nothing else, though.

    Which is, I think, the issue. I am not an Obamabot. He is not my Messiah. He is the politician I preferred in very specific circumstances. And still do I suppose, given the embarrassing alternatives on the right, and the invisible ones on the left.

    Denial isn’t a river in Egypt, and Hillary isn’t invisible.

    • The only person to the right of Obama is Cheney, at this point.

    • Some day perhaps they may realize Obama is neither a Dem or Left.

      • The unwashed masses are always going to consider him a Dem and the Left. The group who bought us Obama may well have screwed us for the next ten years in the same way Bush screwed the GOP.

    • Read the comments to that post. Other than Lambert’s, they are just goofy or hopelessly inane bullshit.

      • Are you sure there wasn’t at least ONE other sane comment??

        • Did I miss yours? I got so pissed I skipped a bunch because I didn’t want to lose my dinnner. Sorry.

          • Damn, you’re right. That’s really sad.

            More Thers:

            Thers June 27th, 2009 at 8:16 pm

            In response to lambertstrether @ 7

            Good luck with that.

            If HRC had won I’d be writing the same damn post about her, too, and tell me different and I will be irked.


          • Ah, the old Hillary would have been the same crap. They really don’t have functioning brains do they?

          • That’s my most favorite argument. If there’s no difference between the two, why did they go ape$&@) and run a campaign of vicious personal villification as if their lives depended on it?

      • Yes, lots of wimpitude over there & then the regular “Hillary would have done the same thing” BS.


        “In response to lambertstrether @ 7

        Good luck with that.

        If HRC had won I’d be writing the same damn post about her, too, and tell me different and I will be irked.”

        Well, for one we would have started off with a legal and valid election. That in itself would be a nice difference from Mr. election stealer & and his band of DINO thugs.

        • Beautiful point Madrigal. Voter rights. It broke my heart to watch the Dems throw them out like so much garbage.

          • Did you see the recent GiveUsMoney email sent from Donna Brazile, championing voter rights? I about wet myself.

          • gxm17:

            Ya, it kinda made me sick to watch another hijacked election process. Watching the SCOTUS in 2000 hand over the presidency to King George II was upsetting enough…now we have King George III (reaches for rolaids..ugh)

            Sandra S:

            “GiveUsMoney email” LOL!!

            ok, I got my PUMA mojo for the day…so off to work, I go!

    • By invisible ones on the left, does he mean the woman who actually won the Dem primary?

      • As far as I am concerned anyone who engaged in or permitted irrational HillaryHate is completely without credibility.

        • Yep. Either they’re Karl Rove types doing a job, or they’re completely loony or stunningly gullible. Either way they’re not to be listened too again. There’s a saying we have in Texas, it’s probably here as well, fool me once…. 🙂

    • Bitching rights? NFW Thers, you have STFU rights. So please just STFU.

  7. wha? … and what exactly, are the failbot dweebz whining about?!?

    • They’re pissed off cuz we told them not to vote for Obama but they did anyways and now they’re mad at us because they didn’t listen.

      IOW – the usual stuff.

      • That’s about as rational an explanation of why they still hate us as I’ve heard. It makes sense to me and that’s a bit worrisom.

  8. I want to point out that in my earlier post not one single Failbot even tried to explain how copying Bush was repudiating Bush.

  9. did u read in the comments over there that Hillary is no better than obama if she doesn’t resign in protest. This us the kind of argument they are left with.
    It did give me ‘hope’ to read that someone wrote that if the establishment wanted obama, why did they NOT want hillary.

    • why is the answer always: Hillary, give up

    • IACF

      They got that from the wingers (along with a lot of other bad habits)

    • Didn’t Powell resign in protest over the Bush/Cheney policies? I’d hate to see her join his club, but I do wonder how she can stand being in the administration she is in.

      • I think our foreign policy is the one positive of the Obama administration.

        Who’s our Secretary of State?

        • I know lots of Obots who are still really pissed that Hillary is in that position. Because she’s an evil r@cist, how can she be there. The ones that are still on the kool-aid drip are truly astonishing. You just can’t get more epic fail than that.

        • It is, but I think it’s because Hillary is able to control her own office. Obama copied and stole so much of what she said during her campaign that he knows he will look much better if she is allowed to run her own show. I just don’t know how she can stand being associated with him.

          • Obama has his hands full fucking up domestically.

          • LOL – and, he’s doing an extraordinary job with that.

          • She’s a patriot . The greater the disaster that is Obama, the greater the need for her patriotism. So what would make most jump off, makes Hill hold tighter . imo

          • And she’s a party loyalist. Obama, Kerry and the rest of them are going to destroy this party, but she’s trying to save it. She can’t, but she’ll try

          • I like to think Hillary is there because she is fully aware of how precarious the world situation is. We are approaching the abyss and it is worth it for her to put up with his obnoxious handlers to be able to help in some way.

        • I’d agree. On domestic policy he’s a disaster. It’s a damn shame they want to have discussions on his policy now, insteead of prior to the ol’ hopenchange push when some of us felt it was important for them to explain how he(or we were) was going to get us to universal care or what his record meant in terms of the problems we are facing.

        • The Invisible (wo)Man

      • Powell didn’t resign in protest. He left at the end of the first term and that’s a whole other stroke.

        • He went along to get along, then tried to spin himself as tge hero to cover his a$$ after the fact. Ick.

          As for Hillary, they think she’s their mommy. It was Mommy’s responsibility to get everyone to vote against the war, especially since many Obots were the biggest war boosters around. It’s not their fault, it’s Mommy’s fault! And now it’s Mommy’s responsibility to do the right thing and to resign if he doesn’t and to make him be better. They wouldn’t listen to Mommy, but it’s all Mommy’s fault Daddy left us.

          • yup

          • Nice “mommy” analogy.

            Hillary, the abused but persevering wife of a dysfunctional political family. Well, the babies are f**king lucky to have her!

          • Shorter version: “Mommy, I have a stiiiinky! I need a wiiiipe!”

          • WMCB,


          • Secretary of State Clinton always reminds me of Hermione. We are lucky to have her working for us in any capacity. (Sorry, re-reading the HP series to prep for the new movie, so it is on my mind.)


        • Ah, so he left because he walked in lock-step with the administration.

  10. myiq2xu,
    nice post

    • looks like i got hear late…..
      but yea we warnred them this would happen .
      but there were so i love with MR hope & change now they got em . .. lets seem em own up to it

  11. You know, throughout all of this there is one thing that does actually give me hope. The Democratic party actually elected Hillary. I know it’s not much. But it’s something.

    The other thing is that people are starting to notice the big epic fail dubya clone is, well a big epic fail dubya clone.

    Woo hoo! Let’s party. :-\

    • “You know, throughout all of this there is one thing that does actually give me hope. The Democratic party actually elected Hillary. I know it’s not much. But it’s something.”

      It is something to me, too. But it will amount to nothing in the long run if we do not change the election process in this country. IMO, we’ve now had 3 stolen presidential elections. It won’t matter one whit who we elect if our elections are not one person=one vote, and votes counted properly with a complete and accurate trail.

      • Yes, to everything you said! I would also add that we should fix or get RID of the corrupt disenfranchising caucus process in the primaries.

    • I love that! The media could not have tried harder and were told to $&@) right off. Go America!

    • Not the “party”, they gamed the primary against her. And, far too many of our elected Dems (you know, the SuperDelegates) have shown themselves to be part of this new group that has no democratic principles in their bag, no minds of their own, and are cheerfully supporting what is going on right now.

      People who believed in the values of the Democratic Party voted for Hillary in the primaries. The ones who were secure in their principles and the strength of a democracy didn’t vote for the “D”. Obama did not even run as a democrat the way I saw it. He chose his words very carefully on every topic, and he borrowed Hillary’s where he just couldn’t come up with a good enough script for himself.

    • PUMA’s and affiliates and Hillary give me hope. 🙂

      (even though the “H” word seems a bit icky to say now, just because the original nice meaning was co-opted & neutered by O-baloney and Co.)

  12. we told them so, but even I was amazed at how swift
    curtain was whipped away to reveal Bush 3.5

    • bush 3.5 thats pretty good. i like to go with if bush were XP BO is just the beta verion if the same old broken program

      • It’s the same program alright, expect now the focus is to ream out the domestic side, while Bush’s focus was whaling on the world. …but indeed, the same modus operandi : stealing everything for the top.99999

  13. People that I used to respect fell for this con artist.
    The media failed this country and for that should be made to pay.
    The democratic party failed this country and has to make major changes to ever be trusted again.
    The republican party has failed this country for the last eight years opening the door for this con artist.
    I never went to too many political blogs until this election and I could not believe the level of hatred shown by the obots.
    I do not have the answers on how we can once again be a nation that could work together for the common good.



    • Yes. I have no commumity any more. I can no longer respect the women (lesbians) around me, who were all too stupid to understand and too lazy to pay attention to what was going on. Nor did they care about the murderous woman-hating. They wanted to feel good, and a woman wouldn’t do that for them.

      I imagine the world has always been this corrupt and supposedly intelligent people this stupid. Guess I was pretty ignorant myself not to know it.

      But the corruption seems overwhelming. I really do despair. Seems the same as Iran. What can we possibly do?

      • Yeah, one of the most disappointing things was how much my gay brothers and sisters drank the kool-aid.

        I keep wanting to scream “I told you so” to Melissa and Ellen etc.

        • I can’t blame people for wanting to believe, but the evidence was there for the LGBT community before the rest of us.

          When Obama starting campaigning with Donnie McClurkin, and when he snubbed Gavin Newsom.

          Every time Obama did something to raise a red flag, he had defenders explaining he was only doing it to win the election.

          As if the explanation wasn’t a huge red flag in itself.

          • Yeah, Donnie did it for me. You should have seen me over at DU trying to get the idiots to see what that Gospel Tour meant for us gays. The bigwigs in charge of DU just kept suppressing those of us who were trying to make others see reason. It was absolutely crazy. I wrote privately to Skinner and got no response.

            For me, the most satisfying part about ITYS (I told you so) would be reading about it at DU but I refuse to go back to that hateful place. I can’t believe I gave them money.

          • The evidence was there on health care as well. He used the same friggin’ Harry and Louise ads as the GOP and the same meme as the GOP that government run care would mean poor would have to choose between rent and health care.

          • Donnie McClurkin and Gavin Newsom were what took me from “Hillary is just the better candidate, but I’ll be happy if either one wins” to “That guy is a hypocritical sack of shit”

        • In their case, their corporate self trumped over their sexual orientation . Money over sex and WAY over their gay brothers and sisters .They are celebs and they do as they are told. Who knows what they actually think about stuff while pumping out the BS. Also with those two , I would say they were afraid to be seen as ” old” and that’s another reason they lost brain cells for Barry.

        • WORD WORD WORD. I cannot COUNT the number of my queer folks who told me that Obama was more on our side than Hillary, but couldn’t give even one example of his demonstrating it.

    • Even worse, you didn’t have to visit only political blogs. I got thrown off a non-political blog for calling Obama a “Chicago thug.” Those obot vermin infested every corner of the internet.

  14. This didn’t happen over night, The truth is the Dem party has been in decline for years… expect for the Clintons of course…but for years, they had to fight both the GOP and the other Dems. The DC Dems have longed for this day of being the upper crust’s #1 cabana boy . imo.

    • Honestly, I don’t think it would make any difference if Hill were President. She could try to do the right thing, but Congress would rebel. They’re drunk on power now and think they can get away with anything and just blame Bush. Like Kerry said, Hillary’s health care proposal was DOA.

      • 😦

      • Oh I agree. The rot is too total. Certainly the press would have several made up scandals going on right now and we know the profiles in jelly dems would be of no use….expect to help the GOP slime her. But I think it would be better with Hill in…( for us, not her personally. ) At least the outrages at the justice dept would not be coming at such a clip….however corrupt congress was

        • Oh yeah, it would be better overall, it’s just that they’d be sabotaging her at every turn and making her life hell.

          • no doubt about it…and Hillary still ran hard KNOWING that better than we do. She’s got ship loads of guts .

      • I don’t agree. Why is it the Dems in Congress are drinking this bipartisan koolaid? Because Dear Leader tells them they must AND doesn’t have any plan to do anything except to throw it to Congress and have them work it out. And in the meantime, he’s giving up stuff he said he wanted, before the actual legislation is even written, because he wants everyone to love him.

        Hillary doesn’t care if everyone loves her, and yet, she has a way of winning over even her most vocal opponents. She also had plans. Lots of them, and she’d be burning the midnight oil with one on one meetings if needed to get shit done for the American people. The Congressional Dems are a bunch of sheep. They would follow her.

      • I agree. Hillary would have been up against near impossible odds but she was the only candidate who might have made a positive difference for average Americans (as opposed to the royalty).

      • I don’t know. Hillary’s a fricking pitbull. I think she could whip some of them into shape, if not all.

  15. Seriously, on June 28th, 2009 at 2:02 am Said:
    And she’s a party loyalist. Obama, Kerry and the rest of them are going to destroy this party, but she’s trying to save it. She can’t, but she’ll try

    Indeed, She’s also a loyalist to reality and law and one can say that her campaign run was about saving the party from itself and the country from the upper crust . etc.

    But the party said no. The party said, Nancy gave me a check for 10,000 and I’m saying my kids want Obama to cover my bribed ass . And the Upper Crust said, we aren’t finished stealing and taking the county back to the pre new deal era ….and so the whole $$$ apparatus was as one to block her …and here we are

    • Jesus, that is so true!


      I love Hillary and PUMAs…. for *trying* to save liberal honor & integrity from the corrupt inevitability of the Death Star tractor beam but Alas!… to no avail.

      I think the best thing for Hillary and PUMAs is to survive and thrive…. & don’t let the Obats conquer and divide!

    • I saw the transformers sequel the other day, and my favorite part was when Sam almost died and the Primes came to him in a dream and told him that he had shown courage and sacrifice- all for the sake of others, the two greatest qualities of a leader, and because of that he would be allowed to live.
      That part reminded me of Hillary. She has shown more courage and sacrifice than any other leader in our generation- even her hubby. That is the only hope I really have.

  16. imo, the left bloggashere was bought out, starting in 04….at least the part with brain cells. Obama was being placed in opposition before Kerry’s loss. The 04 convention was about starting the Obama “narrative” . Kerry laid down for swift boaters, went wind surfing and then conceded so fast he got friction burns.. Kerry wasn’t supposed to win. imo, the reason he asked McCain to be his VP and then gathered in Edwards to the thankless task , was in order to sink them. McCain was too smart to fall for it …and JE would have wrecked his career all by himself!

    • dang it , I meant . ” Obama was being placed in position before Kerry’s loss”

      • Donna Brazile had a huge part in this.

        • Yes she did — she is a traitor — to women, to the democrat party and to this country.

          Besides that she is a deranged lunatic. It gave me great pleasure to tag her email as spam.

          She is one person that we can never forget nor forgive — because she will turn around and stab everyone in the back again.

          • I wouldn’t go so far as to call Brazile a deranged lunatic or even a traitor, but I won’t forget how pivotal she was in making a mess of the primaries, either. Her approach to building a new coalition seemed to be that the Democratic party could (and should) throw the old coalition out with the bathwater because the shiny new coalition is all that matters. Short-term it was cost-effective in getting Obama into the White House, but long-term…meh. And, worse, the duplicitous way she went about carrying out her strategy was vulgar and cartoonish–she reminded me of Ursula from the Little Mermaid.

            Incidentally, like Ursula who asked Ariel to give up her voice to “wander free” and “be part of that world,” so too did Donna’s ‘assimilate or stay home on election day’ strategy ask us to give up our voices to be part of a more inclusive party/country. That’s ass-backwards if you ask me.

          • If Donna Brazile-Nut was a deranged lunatic that would mean she wasn’t responsible for her actions.

  17. ZOMG!

    I was bored and I hadn’t been by Blogstalkers for a few days so I dropped in to see what they were up to. Naturally, they’ve been talking about us. But this is just unfuckingbelievable:

    I’d love, just once, for the panty-wetting, pearl-clutching brigade of disgruntled “We Were Right and Obama Sucks” bloggers to point to the United States president they revere as the model for All Things Good and Liberal.I mean, if he’s so awful, surely they can tell us “Now X – THAT was the man!”

    Abe Lincoln? FDR? Civil rights disasters, both of them, who make Obama look like Gandhi. JFK? Hawkish as they come. Clinton? Uh, yeah. DOMA. NAFTA. “Welfare reform” that somehow managed to kick a lot of poor kids off the Medicaid rolls.

    I’m perfectly fine with people criticizing Obama. I do it myself (been stuffing the Whitehouse.gov email box and those of my elected reps with loads of communiques on DOMA, DADT, and not backing down on the public option on healthcare). But the snot-nosed puling childen who act as if he’s letting us down so much in comparison to all those wonderful leftie presidents in the past are just pig-shit ignorant of U.S. presidential history, despite their scoffings that anyone not ready, six months in, to declare Obama an abject failure and get behind some purer leftie soul is just a starry-eyed idiot.

    Obama is better than JFK, WJC, Lincoln and FDR?

    Apparently you can smoke Kool-aid in a crack pipe.

    • That’s the kind of BS I used to hear over at DU. Glad I came here.

      • If it wasn’t for Andrew Johnson then GWB would be the hands-down winner of the “worst President ever” contest.

        Obama is Bush III but the Failbots think he is the greatest President ever.

        • 60% of the electorate are delusional partisans. Sigh. It’s a sad commentary when you realize the majority of your country are dittoheads of one variety or the other.

          • In some ways, I think it’s harder for those of us who chose to come here.

        • The failbots would have just loved Herbert Hoover.

        • Oh, myiq! For the first time ever (I believe), I must respectfully disagree with you. I believe that President Bush is the Worst President Ever, bar none. He might have been less bad with Cheney as VP, but that’s not what happened. President Grant was bad, however, and I respect your position.


    • Ayers system of education at work. How do we tell them politely that their idiot would not make a pimple on the a$$ of any presidents mentioned?
      Whatever those presidents failings were every one of the Loved this country I do not believe and never will believe the backtrack gives a damn about this country. He is in it for the bennies not the work.



    • Way to mis-frame the debate. Obama is an unscrupulous opportunist who has never won a fairly contested election on merit in his life. That’s why his qualifications and experience were questioned, and was the red flag that convinced us pearl clutching panty wetters that his presidency was bound to be doomed. If his enablers choose to continue to denigrate those who saw the graffiti on the wall from the beginning, it’s no surprise that they would do so as dishonestly as the fraud they support.

      • YEP! What Cinie said!

        0bambam had every election that he “won” FIXED — and this last election was no exception to his cheating ways. He is a sadistic, vindictive, narcissistic sob — who should be in jail with his good buddy — the guy who helped him buy a house that anyone else would not be able to buy.

        Tough if the blogger boyz can’t handle the TRUTH. We saw what 0bambam was very early on in his game. The outcome isn’t going to be pretty — he will go down as one of THE very worst — IF this Nation survives him in one piece.

        It’s almost like this country is regressing over 100 years — to the 1890s when the very rich were considered to be children of god or some such garbage. God was smiling on the rich — and the poor were very poor. This was also when the crowds of orphans in NYC were bundled up and trains and shipped to the west — where they were “adopted” (in some cases the children became slave labor to work in the fields). Oh and then the factory girls in the east, working in the mills. THAT is the sort of world that 0bambam’s controllers seem hell bent on returning the US to.

    • Now that’s just a sad commentary on the state of education in the U.S. It’s hard to believe that anyone could be not only that stupid, but also willing to put such stupidity on public display.

    • pwned


      Please note that the idjit obot mentions DOMA and DADT but not FOCA. I guess it okay to back down on reproductive choice in the kool-aid crack house.

    explain this




  19. Fantastic post, myiq2xu!! What a way to wake up. Now I’m fired up!

    We will not forget the cheating, the lies, and the complicity of the blogger boys, and sadly, women bloggers like Digby who had a clue but were afraid to write about it.

    • Sad to say, Digby is only writing about it now because she’s still following her commenters. These are the “A-list blogs.” A-list bloggers = Bloggers who are afraid to lead.

      • Sometimes you have to choose between integrity and popularity.

        Sic transit gloria mundi

        • We made the right choice. I don’t care what they call us. We saw what was happening and we tried to do something about it.

  20. Ralph Nader:

    It’s good that Barack Obama is an agile basketball player because on financial regulatory reform he’s having to straddle an ever widening chasm between his words and his deeds.

    Obama said: “Millions of Americans who have worked hard and behaved responsibility have seen their life dreams eroded by the irresponsibility of others and by the failure of their government to provide adequate oversight. Our entire economy has been undermined by that failure.”

    “Over the past two decades, we have seen, time and again, cycles of precipitous booms and busts. In each case, millions of people have had their lives profoundly disrupted by developments in the financial system, most severely in our recent crisis.”

    Strong words, even though he didn’t include “corporate crime, fraud and abuse” to replace the euphemism “irresponsibility.” One would think that his 88 page reform proposal to Congress would be up to his words. Instead he provides Washington aspirins for Wall Street brain cancer.

    • I still remember some years ago when someone asked Ralph if he were a Democrat (as if that were a liberal party that cared about people). He just started laughing. That’s where I am. Took me a while longer than Ralph, but I got there.

    • I love Ralph Nader. I think he is a revolutionary patriot like Hillary. He gets ignored & patted on the head by the liberal aristocracy but the guy never gives up and is no sell-out! Nader may not call himself a PUMA but he is right on the same page.

      My favorite quote from him:
      “The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is the velocity at which their knees hit the floor for corporate money.”

      • well I would say watch what he does, not what he says. He ran hard against Gore , making it easier for Bush to get close enough to steal it , but stayed home for Obama. just saying

        • Exactly, paper doll. Mr. Nader flat out lied about many things during that campaign. He said he would not run hard in swing states — where he focused. He said that VP Gore was the same as GW — in what alternate reality? I do not forget or forgive Mr. Nader. And you should check out his anti-labor stance in his own organizations.

          That said, even a broken clock can be right twice a day.


    • Awwwww…. Teacherken, one of the worst of the Koolaid slurpers is upset with Dear Leader.


      • Still slurping though because this is just pathetic, from his post.

        “I do not doubt that Obama has political courage. He demonstrated it in his speech against the Iraq war in 2002, and we have on occasion seen similar courage from him while campaigning and since being elected.”

        Courage from a speech, which he may have given, in ’02 is still trotted out as his credentials for being potus.

        • What else they got, Ralph? You noticed that the “on occasions” have no examples, right?

        • .…and we have on occasion seen similar courage from him while campaigning and since being elected.”

          that’s just sad . Just when I think they can’t get sadder, they do . As Cinie says they got nuthing. If they did, you bet they would list them. Perhaps he’s thinking of the ” courage” it took to appear on the cheesy stage with the columns?

    • Wow, what a narcissistic, insecure piece of work KO is. But then again, I already know this about KO.

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. While I read Digby, I’m more interested in the responses of the commenters. Its like watching an awakening, with people struggling in their own minds. As far as the gay and lesbian awakening, I wonder. Thats exactly what began my being banned at various, so-called A list blogs. I witnessed the Gospel Tour. It was at the very beginning of Obama’s campaign. I heard Donnie McClurkin, but there were other less well known homophobes on that tour. I was screaming on glbt blogs about it. It was swept under the rug. Thats when I also began looking for more information. The more I found, the more I got banned. I didn’t get banned at Digby, but did ask why they weren’t asking questions. Why wasn’t anybody questioning the contadictions as Obama told different things to different people. As he mimicked Clinton’s answers in debates, then dumped on her with the help of other candidates. Some of us had our eyes wide open. Thank god for this place. It kept me sane and still does. I can take being called whatever because I know I’m right and they were wrong but I had high hopes for the interent as new media. Now, not so much. Plus, I cold have gone onto those sights again by changing my name to anonymous, but I refuse to do that. This is my real name.

    • This place kept me sane too. It is a perfect antidote for koolaid (the political date rape drug)

  22. The big question I wanted answered was where all that money Obama raised was coming from. I think so many of the bloggerboyz thought that it was being steered to Obama because of them. Thats what made them think they had all this power. Even if Obama had been getting small donations from the little people, it would not have added up to 100’s of millions of dollars each month. If that were true, our economy under Bush had not been as bad as I thought.

    • The Upper Crust financed Obama to the hilt and the smart bloggerboyz and girlz ran to get on the barry love boat. The dimmer bulbs among them perhaps thought it was a case of their brilliance finally being recognized ( LOL!) Now that Obama is in, the $$$ is receding and both stripes will be left on the lonely beach where the super wave found them . Once you have been surfing the big wave however, it’s hard to return to your true stature( cry me a river)

      People say the GOP is finished. Well they were saying the Dems were finished 8-9 years ago. In both cases what appears as a finished party, is a party without the upper crust $$$ /press backing . Both parties are slack sock puppets , that become animated by the UP’s money and press. Right now it’s the Dem sock puppet turn to dance and the GOP’s turn to do the pancake impersonation .

  23. they are ‘BARRY KRISHNA’s

  24. “They call us many things, including PUMAs, “bitter knitters,” and the “last band of paranoid shrieking holdouts.”

    Wait! You forgot, “old”, “deadenders”, “racist”, “anti-feminist, “neocon”, “Republicans”, “uneducated,” “ratf&*ers”, “Dunkin donuts”, “vaginal voters”…..

    • with the exception of names like PUMA, “old,” or “vaginal voters” (since there is nothing insulting about these)

      I just always say, “takes one to know one”

      Obots are quite adept in the projection department. They need something to do while waiting in the padded room with all of Obama’s other mistresses.

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