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Failbot Pretzel Logic


(This started in the comments of Dakinikat’s morning post but I think it deserves front page attention.)

If you want to see some EPIC FAIL check out this post by John Cole. Responding to a WaPo report that Obama is considering issuing an executive order that would “reassert presidential authority to incarcerate terrorism suspects indefinitely” Cole says:

Not only will this infuriate a certain portion of Obama’s base, but using an executive order for this also completely undercuts any defense regarding his inaction on DADT. I’m not sure what will be funnier- the hysterics of the PUMA crowd or the idiots on the right wing who will crow that Bush has been vindicated, completely missing that the executive order will be issued in order to help Obama repudiate Bush’s handling of Gitmo.

Yeah John, he’s gonna repudiate Bush by copying him, and somehow it’s all our fault.

I should point out that John Cole is a poster boy for Clinton Derangement Syndrome and was a hardcore Bushbot Republican.  He left the GOP and became a Democrat about six months before he started supporting Obama.

IOW – Cole has been a Kool-aid junkie for many years, but about a year and one-half ago he switched flavors.  At least he finally admits that PUMA is on the opposite side of the political spectrum from the wingnuts.

For a thorough discussion of Obama’s tentative proposal for the arbitrary power to lock people up indefinitely without trial read Glenn Greenwald:

There has now emerged a very clear — and very disturbing — pattern whereby Obama is willing to use legal mechanisms and recognize the authority of other branches only if he’s assured that he’ll get the outcome he wants. If he can’t get what he wants from those processes, he’ll just assert Bush-like unilateral powers to bypass those processes and do what he wants anyway.  In other words, what distinguishes Obama from the first-term Bush is that Obama is willing to indulge the charade that Congress, the courts and the rule of law have some role to play in political outcomes as long as they give him the power he wants.  But where those processes impede Obama’s will, he’ll just bypass them and assert the unilateral power to do what he wants anyway (by contrast, the first-term Bush was unwilling to go to Congress to get expanded powers even where Congress was eager to give them to him; the second-term Bush, like Obama, was willing to allow Congress to endorse his radical proposals:  hence, the Military Commissions Act, the Protect America Act, the FISA Amendments Act, etc.).

This paragraph is also noteworthy:

Those journalistic practices produce egregious sentences like this:  “‘Civil liberties groups have encouraged the administration, that if a prolonged detention system were to be sought, to do it through executive order’, the official said.”  I’d love to know which so-called “civil liberties groups” are pushing the White House for an Executive Order establishing the power of indefinite detention.  It’s certainly not the ACLU or Center for Constitutional Rights, both of which issued statements vehemently condemning the proposal (ACLU’s Anthony Romero:  “If President Obama issues an executive order authorizing indefinite detention, he’ll be repeating the same mistakes of George Bush”).

Here’s the money quote from WaPo:

Concerns are growing among Obama’s advisers that Congress may try to assert too much control over the process. This week Obama signed an appropriations bill that forces the administration to report to Congress before moving any detainee out of Guantanamo and prevents the White House from using available funds to move detainees onto U.S. soil.

“Legislation could kill Obama’s plans,” said one government official involved. The official said an executive order could be the best option for the president at this juncture.

The Congress shall have the power . . . to make all laws

Where did I see that before?

Rachel Maddow briefly reverts back to her pre-Kool-aid self:

29 Responses

  1. “Yeah John, he’s gonna repudiate Bush by copying him, and somehow it’s all our fault.”

    I know, isn’t that astounding?? I’ve been reading this theme all morning. Obama’s secret magical plan is to revoke civil liberties in order to protect them. I’m just not flexible enough to contort myself into a position where this makes any sense.

  2. My only way to brighten this thread:

    The complete adoration and worship in my fingers as I post them should shoot out to the multiverse.

  3. I put this on the front page so the Failbots wouldn’t miss it.

    I’m hoping one of them will come up with a cogent explanation of how we can preserve the Constitution by shredding it.

    (non-cogent explanations will stay in the spam filter)

    • I’m glad you’re front-paging this, myiq. The President is supposed to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution,” not tear it to shreds.

  4. We told them so . . . . .

    They called us every name in the book.

    You know I’d still like to see 0bambam’s transcripts — what is he hiding? We know bush got “gentleman’s” Cs or were those Ds?

    Whatever. . . . we know that GWB & BH0 are two peas in a pod.

    No we will not all hold hands and work together — for WHAT?

    You failbots want us to work to continue the bush agenda??

    You fools have been suckered — you fools are under something worse than a bus — except you failbots are too dim to know that you have been used and discarded.



    A PUMA

    Member of no party

    • northwestrain, on June 27th, 2009 at 4:10 pm Said: …You failbots want us to work to continue the bush agenda?? …

      Indeed. You know I don’t think failbots wanted anything BUT Obama….seems that way. They got jack
      for all the love and we are now to join them in thanking Obama for jack? …or ” understand” why there is nothing for the actual Dem base?

      no can do

  5. If there was any doubt before, there is none now, Obama = Bush. They are owned by the same people, they are for the same things. As BTD likes to say (about other parings), there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between them.

    We all knew there was no difference. Obama said as much if you only listened to him like we did. We screamed it from the hilltops. You didn’t listen. Stings doesn’t it. Or it will when you come off your kool-aid and see the truth.

    • It was a huge red flag to me when all these prominent Republicans suddenly became “Democrats” or the whole fad of the republicans for Obama club. I kept thinking, “Something is definitely not right in the land of Oz..”

      Seems they knew they could vote for a DINO president.

      Whereas, from the beginning I always saw Obama metaphorically as a white republican in black democrats clothing –
      O-DINO is the ultimate bait & switch for liberals — ugh!

  6. What about taking our cell phones/camcorders and other digital recorders to each Senators office and asking the simple question– Has the Senator or does the Senator plan on reading the cap and trade bill before casting a vote? It isn’t even partisan these people regardless of which side of the aisle should be reading as it is their freaking job. How upset would you be if you sat down at a restaurant and the server fed you what they thought was best for you. Each receptionist would probably say no comment. But that is not an acceptable answer they are civil servants and answer to the public

  7. Myiq, do you mind if I post something or do you want me to wait about a half hour or so?

  8. Great post, btw. There are a lot of those… former movement conservatives and Bush Cultists turned Bam Kool Aid Slurpers. Coincidence? I think not.

  9. Just got back from my conference in Nashville – missed “you guys”
    Great post, Myiq – is that really Madow or an imposter? Wow. 😯

  10. myiq, I saw this on Balloon Juice and the first thing I thought of was, “oh, I bet myiq is gonna get a kick out of this!”

    I think ol’ John is starting to squirm a little. After his conversion from republican to whatever it is he is now, he has once again backed the wrong horse. It’s enough to make a fellow question his judgement for a couple of minutes. But hey, gotta fill that blog, and puma-bashing is always good for another twenty comments.

    • After being so terribly wrong about Bush you would think a person wouldn’t be so arrogant about their ability to judge candidates.

  11. Yes we real democrats warned them but he has already violated so many rights and the constitution,you would think “they” would wake up and start to speak up while we can! Iused to like Rachael before KO and it seems she maybe coming back to her real self. Not so much for KO.

    I want you all to check out what Matt Taibbi wrote about the financial situation in the lastest RS. He starts at the beginning of Goldman Sach’s and goes through each theft they have engineered and it is long but really a good explanation of what has happened and also what this cap and trade is going to do. He says its the newest theft of tax payers money and we are being set up for it.{my words}
    got to tell you I really dispised him in his attacks on Hillary but he may be anpther disappointed customer ,making mention of the contributions to OBand the other dems.

    • Taibbi is one to talk because he wrote this fawning RS cover story on Obama that demonized the Clintons using the most sexist double standards during the primary. Failbots like that have no right to talk now about Obama failing now. So far, Obama is worse than Bush on the economy, civil liberties and GLBT issues. Five of the biggest Failbots cheerleaders were Republicans. This is why the Democratic Party lacks principles. Arianna Huffington ruined our party.

      Former Republicans
      Arianna Huffington
      Markos Moulitsas
      John Aravosis
      John Cole
      Andrew Sullivan

      Supported Iraq War at least at the beginning
      Markos Mouitsas
      Andrew Sullivan
      Josh Marshall
      Matt Stoller
      Kevin Drum

      • Cole was a big war supporter – he posted a spittle-flecked rant when John Kerry called Cheney a “chickenhawk” but has since deleted it from his archives.

      • Matt Taibbi appeared regularly on Bill Maher’s show last year. And each appearance produced the same result – Hillary was evil and dark, Obama was goodness and light.

        If reality has finally slapped Taibbi in the face, good. He can join the rest of the Merry Fuksters and choke on the Sham he helped hoist on the world.

  12. Today he is carefully posing this as a strategy to keep us safe from Al Qaida, but don’t mistake the long-range intent. We will find ourselves threatened with the same prolonged detention should they suspect us of not being loyal to the regime.

  13. Wonderful post, myiq2xu! “Meet the new boss — he’s the same as the old boss.”

    Or worse.

    It reminds me of a certain scene in The Deathly Hallows, where a silvery Patronus in the shape of a lynx suddenly appears at a wedding and says “The Ministry has fallen.”

    Indeed it has.


  14. Rachel Maddow’s head hasn’t quite exploded yet….will tune in for the final blowout…

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