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Friday Start the Weekend Open Thread

Me llamo Rico. ¿Qué quieres tomar?

118 Responses

  1. Patron con sal y limon por favor.

    Y cerveza fria tambien

  2. More T&T:

  3. Sorry…had to do it! 🙂

  4. here’s one for a drinking thread from my twitter following of Jack Tapper:

    jaketapper :
    it is not a goof, its true, that Rep Pat Kennedy, D-RI, was imported in from rehab to vote for the energy bill

  5. Embedding disabled – watch it here

  6. I love me some Stevie Ray…Pasa la Cerverza Rico!

    • I KNEW Wille! He was from the same “Hood” I was from. I went to his funeral..

  7. Selena se murio

    • I’m still mourning Michael.

      Here’s “They Don’t Really Care About Us” with images from the Iranian Revolution.



      WHY? Why did she have to go???

      This is my favorite of Selena’s – NO ME QUEDA MAS:

      True to the Mariachi form. She is a GODDESS.

      • Ok – that link did not work. But look it up or PLEASE correct it???

        • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          This Dominican loves Mariachi.

          If you really like mariachi, please check out Javier Solis.

          A legend from the 40s-50s who had the voice of voices. Many imitators, none were duplicators.

        • MYIQ:

          CALI in da house:

          Tito Puente & Sheila E. introduced by Pete Escovedo (Nicole Richie’s biological grandfather):

      • El MOON WALKING Mariachi Loco

      • I lived in Houston in the mid-90s and vividly remember sitting at home watching daytime TV when local news cut in with the shocking news of her shooting.

        Of course, with her being such a local icon, every channel went live with continuous coverage of the story from that moment on – the announcement of her death, Yolanda’s stand-off with police, etc. It’s still bizarre to watch all of it recreated in the movie ‘Selena.’

        So terribly sad.

  8. I’m looking forward to “Hung” though the reviews haven’t been so good. I usually enjoy HBO’s bizarre shows so I’m hoping the reviews are wrong. Anyone else planning to watch?

    • The story of a man and his organ

    • I am.

      The topic and the title are just too good to stay away from.

      But I’m also a big fan of Thomas Jane. I met him a few years ago during Mardi Gras. He was in the French Quarter with his wife at the time, Medium-star Patricia Arquette. They were both very kind and were really concerned about how the city was coping in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Truly nice people.

  9. Hi TC peeps! I haven’t had much time to read & post today but I found this following youtube video & felt nostalgic so I’m serving up some humor–

    (as for myself Negro Modelo w/lime & salt would be great!)

    video titled “Obama-rama” (from the “elevator” series)

    Have a great Friday everyone!

  10. Ok, one more youtube vid–

    I love the Austin Lounge Lizards!! –
    Brainiac-Bluegrass, you could call them …I suppose 🙂

    The video isn’t so great but the song rocks (well, in bluegrass land anyway) ** i hope i can hear them live some day!!**

    This following song is from the “Lizard Vision” CD

    A PInk Floyd tribute

    My other favorite off this same album is: “Jesus Me (But He Can’t Stand You)” 😛

    • just try to substitue the pics of Bush II w/an image of OBush III in your imagination during the video montage – ok, ciao bellas!

    • Oops, “Jesus LOVES Me (But He Can’t Stand You)” — problems happen when I’m typing fast, folks – lo siento!

  11. Okay Rico…Time to Boogie!

  12. Rico, gimme a rum punch!
    Let’s start this weekend off right.
    Our Iranian PUMAs musn’t give up hope. You never know what will turn the tide in your favor. South Africa lived with Apartheid for decades but eventually the fighters for freedom and equality were victorious.
    So, get up and dance with Eddy Grant’s Gimme Hope, Jo’anna.
    I danced this in zumba today. For all of you who are glued to your keyboards so much that you’ve forgotten to exercise today, follow my instructions:
    1.) Stand up. Put the laptop down.
    2.) Start the video.
    3.) Disconnect the top of your body from the bottom. (If you have a jingly belly scarf, now’s the time to fetch it)
    4.) Swing your ass in time to the music. Try some figure 8’s with the hips and some circles.
    5.) During the chorus, put your hands in the air and swing them side to side. Bend your knees and get down as close to the ground as you can like you do with Shout!
    6.) Get up and flap your arms like a bird.
    Put it all together in any way you can and sing along:

    Gimme HOPE, Jo’anna!
    HOPE!, Jo’anna,
    Gimme HOPE, Jo’anna til the morning comes
    Gimme HOPE, Jo’anna!
    HOPE!, Jo’anna,
    Gimme HOPE, Jo’anna before the morning comes

    Ready, Set, GO!!!

    • `That was fun Rd.
      I believe my wife thinks I lost my mind. She walked into the room as I was boppin to this tune…LMAO!

      • It *is* fun! I do it every Friday at noon at my site. Imagine a bunch of nerdy scientists with belly dancing scarves, going completely nuts swinging their butts all over the place. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had exercising and I sweat like a horse afterwards.

    • Loving this.

  13. Hola, Rico. Me da una margarita estilo cadillac.

    Hay tapas?

  14. don’t miss the primary process reform 😉

    the DNC’s “Democratic Change Commission”, which is neither democratic nor interested in changing anything, but probably is actually a commission, is “reviewing” the nominating process which gave us caucus fraud, the Rules and Bylaws train robbery, and superdelegates overruling the voters. i bet the rent money they won’t change a thing.

    big hint- co-chairs are James “Bill’s a racist” Clyburn and Claire McCaskill. the deck is stacked.


    • Ok, it’s time for us to band together and present a united front on this. We can’t let them get away with it again.

      • They have no interest in fixing it. Campskunk is exactly right, the fact that they chose two partisans tells me everything I need to know.

        The only thing I am willing to do at this point is write to thank them for freeing me and creating a newly born independant.

        • I’m still thinking we could put some pressure on them by sending any DNC, DSCC, and DCCC to an escrow account. If all of the disgusted Democrats did that and the pile of filthy lucre got big, it could be used to pressure the bad-deed-doers. And if they don’t come around, we use the money to fund primaries.
          Gosh, I wish someone with clout and political savvy would tell me whether this is worth a shot. But I never get invited to the damn luncheons.

          • Why would you be?

            Why would any of us be?

            We’re not Wall Street. We’re not Republicans. We’re not Evangelical freakazoids.

            We’re just the run of the mill liberal voter/s that want our country to run the way our foremothers/fathers wanted to.

          • We need to get a public finance reform system in place. Unfortunately half of our coalition are as cowardly as the Democrats in Congress when it comes to risk taking. They talked a good game on public financing all the way until their guy had the advantage and looked like he’d pull off the win due to fundraising. Unfortunately, these people seem to have a difficult time adding stuff up and realizing that now Obama IS paying the piper for his win. d’oh.

    • From their crooked perspective, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They want to keep control, not restore democratic principles.

    • Is one of these you?

  15. Gotta run all but I wanted to leave you with one last video…Enjoy!

    • Lovely, lovely Divine! One of my favorite entertainers of all time and so terribly missed.

  16. Rep. Ed Towns (D-NY) is making lots of angry noise over the BOA/Merrill Lynch deal. I’m wondering how long it will be before the party yanks his chain and shuts him up.

    “There’s something rotten in the cotton here — no ifs, ands or buts about it,” Representative Edolphus Towns, a New York Democrat who chairs the House Oversight Committee, told reporters after the hearing. “There was a forced situation, a shotgun wedding” and “we’re just trying to find out who had the shotgun.”

    In other news, Rep. Conyers, who was leading the fight to investigate the ACOEN corruption, has now said there will be no further investigation. When asked why, he said that “The powers that be decided against it.” Later, when pressed on who those powers were, he waffled around and said he was talking about himself.

    Someone is putting the major screws to these people that even try to have a modicum of responsibility and root out the crooks. They shut up QUICK within a day or so, often completely reversing themselves from their prior statements. It’s a pattern that happens again and again.

    The Chicago Machine has fucking DIRT on these people, I’d swear it, though I’ve no proof.

    • Conyers’ wife was just convicted of accepting a bribe and could get a two -year sentence. He probably doesn’t feel in a position to fight back against corruption right now.

      • GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

        I hope she goes to JAIL for a loooong time.

        Her husband is one of the GOOD Democrats, and she’s bringing extra shame to John Conyers’ good name (except for that “not committed” business of the 2008 primaries.)

        • I actually think they all should have been “not committed” until after all the states had a chance to weigh in myself.

        • Her husband is one of the “vote uncommitted for Obama” scammers. So is she.

      • She pleaded guilty.

    • In defense of my hometown of Chicago, and our sinister “machine”, I think these folks are from Detroit.

  17. Oh, and I am furious at this continual passing of legislation that no one has even read. Spitting nails furious. It is INSANITY. It is Roman Empire vomitorium and fiddling by firelight INSANITY.

    My husband is a doctor, and said to me, “How far do you think I’d get if I just decided to treat a patient with ‘whatever’ treatment, having never opened the chart, looked at the labs, or read the test results?”

    That’s insane, of course. He’d be in jail! He could say all day long that he “had no time” to crack open the chart before he made decisions, and a judge and jury would hang him high. There is too much responsibility in his hands. You don’t just fuck with people’s lives with NO information whatsoever.

    But that is exactly what our Congress does, repeatedly.

    • WMCB!!!!!!

      You are dear to me – truly you are. And your husband sounds like a true professional dedicated to his field.

      YOU CAN’T read people’s needs through a dang computer. You have to sit with them, talk to them about their issues, take samples of the affected areas, analyze them, etc.

      A person’s worth is not a COMPUTER SCREEN with random numbers.

      This healthcare insanity for $$$$$$$$$ has to stop.

    • I agree. In our office yesterday the “unread bill”, was the topic of conversation and legitimate fear. Many of us read the bill (accessed it yesterday) and would not have passed as is.

  18. Big stars in my childhood:

  19. Before Brian Wilson developed Schizoaffective Disorder.

    • Love those pegged pants!

    • Damn, that was satisfying. It sounds like summer.
      Which should arrive any month now in NJ.

      • We had some sun today! Did you?

        • Yeah, for a couple of hours. I thought it was going to last. I walked into the mall and it was bright and sunny. 15 minutes later it was pouring rain. 30 minutes later, there was a thunderstorm. The sky was still cloudy when the sun went down.
          We’ll see how it looks tomorrow morning. Brooke has a pool party to go to. I am cautiously optimistic.

          • We had rain off an on, but the sun came back. It was around 80. The prediction is for rain all next week. I hope it’s wrong.

          • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I can’t take it anymore! No more rain! I’ll confess! I did it! It was me in the conservatory with a knife! Just no more rain, anything but that.
            {{collapsing and sobbing uncontrollably}}
            There’s no way to get away from it. I have to book a flight to somwhere dry.

          • I know exactly how you feel!

          • We’ve had such a crappy delayed spring and summer up here that I am salivating over the contrary weather oppression I will experience tomorrow, when I arrive on the Gulf of Mexico where they are experiencing an “excessive” heat wave. I’ll have margueritas in both of your honors. 😉

          • People from England came into my work today and they were so glum. It’s like we never left home! LOL

    • Was it Brian who Charles Manson hung out with? I think Manson sort of moved in and one of the Wilson’s couldn’t figure out how to get rid of him.

  20. Michael Jackson Tribute – Flashmob Moonwalk, Liverpool St. London

  21. Linda was the girlfriend of a former and possibly next governor of California.

    • You mean the man that wouldn’t prosecute the rapists, despite THREE witnesses. Yup, like soooo many women will line up to vote for that ‘FeMANist’…NOT!

  22. Brian’s voice showcased:

    • STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I give you major props for that – MAJOR PROPS.. Ruben is a hero to me.


      Ruben, Mr. Fania All Star – Y Ruben con Willie Colon?


      SIEMBRA. THE BEST of Ruben & Willie Colon (Willie Colon the NYC politician & Hillary supporter):

  23. A tribute to Big Satan:
    (H/T Brooke)

    • RIco, mi vida, mi tesoro, me voy.

      Como dijo Selena – no me queda más.

      He estado en luto por un gran artista que me influyó tanto – y estoy muy triste.

      También, tengo un compromiso familiar que no puedo dejar muy temprano mañana.

      Gracias por la musica y por los recuerdos que compartimos hoy.

      Un abrazo siempre.

  24. RD
    You are welcome to come to Hemet Ca we very rarely have rain. We could drive about 4 hours and go to Death Valley Ca.. I promise you will heat and dry weather



    • I just might take you up on that. But no need to tidy up. I can stay at a motel.


      • no need to stay in motel. I have a spare room with a murphy bed.

        hello how is puma cub? I just found a couple of rocks for her

        and thank you



  25. Homenaje a Celia Cruz – OLGA TANON-LA NEGRA TIENE TUMBAO

  26. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

    A former mayor found sitting naked and holding a beer at a Rabun County campsite told police he wasn’t the same naked man seen walking around earlier.

    Mark Musselwhite, 43, said he was hot and had been in the creek, according to a Georgia Department of Natural Resources incident report. He apparently didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.

    Walls and a deputy sheriff went to the campsite Saturday evening after a complaint of a man walking naked in Earls Ford Road, according to the report. Musselwhite appeared to be intoxicated, and several alcoholic beverages were at the campsite, Walls said.

    “I said the complainant had specifically said his campsite, and the fact that he was still nude made me think it was him,” Walls wrote.

    Musselwhite previously served as deacon of First Baptist Church in Gainesville.

  27. SM77

    Love Tito Puente!!!

    This is a place of sanity and I come back when I have time to read articles and comments based on common sense as well as knowledge. I may not always agree but it’s real.

    Aside from my issues with the diabtetes we’ve had several rounds of layoffs and those of us who are left don’t know when we will be next. I’ve been looking for a job for some time now.

    A word to those of you who are looking, do not put your photos up on business networking sites if you are over 30. Employers are now using linked in to check profiles, and age, and a CEO of a headhunter firm put up a warning for employers on a blog I go to warning them not to do this. It seems that if there are several candidates for a position the younger one gets the job and people are suing due to discrimination.

    I don’t have time to sue but need a job so I have no photos up anywhere.

    • (((LOI))))

      Good luck on your job hunt. We had a brief stint where we thought hubby would be unemployed(we used up all his vacation and personal days). Fortunately NS got 3 coal contracts so he is working. It’s scary times we are living in. Keep healthy.

    • Hi Looking!

      They’ll see your real face when you go for an interview though.

  28. Well, found out my rep, Ciro Rodriguez, was one of the few Dems to vote against that Cap and Tax bill. Good for him! I laughed my ass off, because he pulled a fast one on Pelosi. From Politico:

    Rodriguez had told leadership that he was a likely yes — but then cast a quick “no” vote and practically sprinted from the chamber, frustrating floor managers whose shouts of “Rodriguez!” rang through the House as the final anxious votes were cast.

    At one point, New York Rep. Anthony Weiner bounced from a huddle of leadership members and began calling the rep’s name, like a wayward toddler, as he scanned the Speaker’s lobby and the adjacent balcony.

    “He cast his no and then ran the hell out of there,” said a member of the whipping team, still steaming after the vote. “We tried him at his office and they said he was gone.”

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