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The Stoning of Soraya M.

From Wikipedia:

The true story of one of the victims of stonings in modern Iran. Soraya M.’s husband Ghorban-Ali was an ambitious man, prone to rage with a lust for power. He wanted out of his marriage. When Soraya began cooking for the widowed husband of a friend, he found his excuse. Abetted by village authorities, he accused his wife of adultery. She was taken away, buried up to her shoulders and neck in the ground, and then stoned to death.

It opens Friday in selected theaters.


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12 Responses

  1. this movie will gain a Lot attraction now with what is happening in IRAN

    • Soraya was killed in 1986 but I doubt things have changed a whole lot since then.

      • It is stories like these that bring my blood to a boil! Please excuse my anger but I would like nothing more than to bury the men that commit these acts against women, and stone each an everyone one of them to within an inch..a F*@#ing inch of their miserable lives!

        Death would be to good for animals like these!

        What that poor woman must have endured at the hands of these monsters is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

  2. Are my meds failing or what because I get the feeling that Obama would allow that to happen here under the guise of religious tolerance?
    Was it that little twerp that is running France that banned burkas? Good start.

    • Hurray for the courage of Real Menz that come in all sizes, it is the courage that makes one a big person. Real men aren’t afraid of Women’s rights, nor Afraid to defend those Rights.

  3. Stoning in Iran (Iranvnc.com) You can accuse your wife and her sister and the government will stone them with NO EVIDENCE, only a mans word.

    • IranVNC
      … Zohreh’s husband accused both sisters of having “illegal relationships” with men in February of 2007. The judge saw a video of them in the company of a man. But there was no evidence of any sexual act. Without the presence of a defense attorney, each sister was interrogated and sentenced to 99 lashes. Six months later,after they had carried out that sentence, additional accusations by the husband put them on a second trial on adultery charges for married women.They were convicted, but this time, the method of execution is stoning. (GFX:In Iran’s Penal Code, sexual relationships between unmarried men and women is criminally punishable by 100 lashes… and for married offenders, maybe punished by stoning.)(GFX: Article 105 of Iran’s Penal Code: The Shari’a judge can act upon his own knowledge and carry out the punishment.)

      Amnesty and other human rights groups consider this practice, particularly in the case of those sisters, a violation of the International Convention of Civil and Political Rights, to which Iran is a signatory. (GFX: Article 14, paragraph 1 of this Convention stipulates: “All persons shall be equal before courts and tribunals,” and that “everyone shall be entitled to a fair and public hearing by a competent, independent, and impartial tribunal established by law.”…

  4. Execution of a teenage girl Atefe in Iran_pieces01/05(BBCdcmentry)

  5. These sick suckers sure are afraid of women aren’t they.
    I believe that you have to answer for your actions and there has to be a special place in hell for them.
    Why would any woman want anything to do with them, why would you raise a child to believe like they do?



    • Apparently there are a lot of people in Iran who weren’t raised to “believe like they do.” They’re out on the streets getting shot and beaten by the sick fucks who use an abusive interpretation of Sharia law to maintain their own power.

      • That is what is so heart breaking to watch and why we must partake in Lighting A Candle on June 26th, 2009, to send them some love and support and all the good thoughts/prayers. They are not alone, we see them and know they are brave and are protesting for their Freedom/Rights.

  6. Burqa Ban: France Takes First Steps (President Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech saying the head-to-toe Islamic garment turns women into prisoners. )

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