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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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Tuesday: If votes are falsified but no one sees it, they still count

Sun alert!  There is a rumor that NJ will see some sun tomorrow.  Last night, just before sunset, there was a break in the clouds that allowed just enough light to cast shadows.  Then it was night.  Tomorrow for sure.  In the meantime, I am having breakfast on Capri

Pass the coffee steamed milk, please.

In Iran, the Guardian Council says, sure there were voting irregularities.  Lots of them.  But no one saw it happen, therefore, it doesn’t count.

On Press TV, the English-language state television satellite broadcaster, Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei, the spokesman for the Guardian Council, declared: “If a major breach occurs in an election, the Guardian Council may annul the votes that come out of a particular affected ballot box, polling station, district, or city.”

“Fortunately, in the recent presidential election we found no witness of major fraud or breach in the election,” he said.

“Therefore, there is no possibility of an annulment taking place.” He was speaking late on Monday in Tehran and his remarks were posted early Tuesday, Tehran time.

I guess this is sort of like an accusation of rape.  If there aren’t four witnesses, it’s just adultery and YOUR fault.  How conveeeeenient.

To our Iranian readers, you are much braver than we are.  One of our revolutionary founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, once said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Initially, we were hesitant to take any side since even your reformers don’t look like much of an improvement.  (Who are we to talk?  Obama is no better than Bush, as it turns out.)  But there is no doubt now that your country is being run by tyrants.  Your fate is in your hands.  We are in awe of your courage even if we don’t envy your current situation.  Be assured, the whole world is watching.  Good luck.

Follow the news from Iran on:

The Lede at the NYTimes

#Iranelection at Twitter

Juan Cole at Informed Comment

There are varying reports that the opposition has called for general strikes and mourning on Thursday for the martyrs, including Neda.  Stay tuned…

I’m running out of time so I only have one more item.

According to Jezebel, the NOW election that favored Terry O’Neill over Latifa Lyles was promulgated by a bunch of anti-choice, pro-Palin PUMAs.  I would like to set the record straight for the idiots who claim to be feminists who write this drivel on Jezebel and elsewhere:

1.)The PUMA movement was created independently of Sarah Palin.  Our main mission was to hold the Democratic party accountable for disenfranchising millions of Hillary Clinton’s voters during the primaries last year, to uphold Democratic principles and to promote the election of women to public office.  We’re pro-choice and liberal, you numbskulls.   Sarah Palin came on the scene THREE MONTHS after the creation of PUMA.

2.) PUMA was a viral movement.  We are not responsible for Republicans who thought it was a cool thing to join.

3.) We didn’t support Sarah Palin here at The Confluence.  We didn’t endorse anyone.  HOWEVER, we did defend her right to run and to be treated with respect.  We do believe you can be anti-abortion and a feminist.  She apparently is.  And we don’t particularly like it when a woman is reduced to a dumb c*nt simply because she doesn’t hold our political views.  Actually, Sarah Palin is a lot smarter than people give her credit.  If you think it’s so easy to get elected as governor of a state when your family isn’t in the political business, I suggest you Palin detractors give it a try.

But that’s beside the point.  You lost, you techno savvy young lovelies who traded your credibility for a ride on the Obama Hope pony.  You got nothing for your support of him last year.  That’s what this election at NOW is all about.  You collaborated with the enemy and got nothing.  The truly liberal, feminist women of NOW have exerted their authority to take the organization back.  Don’t blame it on the Palin supporters.  They had nothing to do with it.  You brought this on yourselves.

Someone should remove the sharp objects from the rooms you’re in before you hurt yourselves.

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104 Responses

  1. Apparently the NOW conference was pretty wild. From the comments at Reclusive Leftist:

    # angienc says:

    Well, Violet you are in good company, because apparently Carolyn Mosely Braun is an “anti-choice Palin supporter” too. Yes, I typed that correctly. I have the following from a participant at the NOW Convention:
    1. Kim Gandy herself started that “rumor” about “Palin supporters” going for O’Neill;
    2. Although there were only 400 actual votes at the convention, 600 people attended. 200 of those 600 were people were there wearing Lyle’s “orange” (O’Neill was purple) from head to toe & were running around causing havoc, & “shouting down” O’Neill supporters all in support of Lyles.
    3. These Lyles supporters called Carolyn Mosely Braun a “Palin supporter.” That right there should tell you how valid that “Palin supporters swung the election to O’Neill” meme is & should be the end of it.
    June 22nd, 2009 at 9:46 pm EST

    # Violet says:

    Angie, they also cut the mike on Patricia Ireland when she spoke in support of Terry. Yes. Cut the mike on Patricia Ireland.

    Some crazy shit went down.

    When Latifa gave her vote-for-me speech, instead of listing her accomplishments she launched into a tirade, saying the conference had been “infiltrated” by enemies and that she knew how to deal with enemies, etc. It was wild. Kind of a classic case of demonstrating your own flaws even as you seek to dispute them.

    Another thing Kimandellie did was refuse to seat three delegations, a classic bit of credentialing bullshit to keep their opponents from voting. Seattle was finally seated but LA and the Illinois delegation weren’t. If they had been seated, I think Terry would have won by a lot more than 8 votes.

    • Oh, wow! They really have bought into the chicago way. They have no idea who their real enemies are.
      Mission accomplished, Obama!

      • From what I’m seeing it sounds like the Lyles people thought they were gonna steamroller the conference and are stunned that they lost.

        • Sucker punched by a bunch of women who were smart enough to bring their facts to the conference. The NOW delegates for O’Neill did their homework and were able to make a better case for their candidate.

          • From Fried Green Tomatoes:

            [Evelyn is cut off in a parking lot]
            Evelyn Couch: Hey! I was waiting for that spot!

            Girl #1: Face it, lady, we’re younger and faster!

            [Evelyn rear-ends the other car six times]
            Girl #1: What are you *doing*?

            Girl #2: Are you *crazy*?

            Evelyn Couch: Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.

            Evelyn was played by Kathy Bates

          • “I love it when a plan comes together.”
            The A-Team

          • LOL-myiq beat me to the money quote.

          • It’s funny that Lyles got so desperate about the distribution of her dramatically falling membership numbers. My guess is that most of the O’Neill supporters, or even just-barely-leaning O’Neill supporters, given their demographics (smart older women who are actually literate), were already painfully aware of the revenue and membership shortfalls precipitated by Lyles.

            I imagine the delegates, who were appointed by their chapter presidents (if I understand the delegate credentialing process correctly) were people who were pretty involved in NOW (not just random carriers of XX chromosomes off the street). They would be pretty painfully aware that their chapters were short on money, as well as the fact that they were losing a lot of money and attention from shoestring groups like WomenCount who were actually acting in pursuit of equality, rather than just Twittering about it.

            So maybe circulating the numbers to prove Lyles’ painfully bad performance as Membership VP was real 11-dimensional chess. It may have been done just to provoke Lyles’ raving performance at the mike. I’d love to know how many vote switches that scary show caused!

          • What happened was Lynette and Paulie showed up. These ladies ROCK.

        • It sure sounds like it. That sounds just like what happened at the caucuses and later at the Democratic Convention.

          • bostonboomer, my thoughts exactly! Angie’s descriptions from her convention contact could have been written verbatim to describe what I witnessed at the TX State Convention!!

          • Yep, a tried and true Chicago tactic. Interesting that they fell back on the same instead of being creative and coming up with something new.

        • Yeah, unprepared before coming to class and shocked at the outcome. Hmmm…

          It really does sound like all they thought they would have to do is show up.

          Maybe in her role of fundraising / membership she thought all the bitter knitters had already given up their membership so that those who supported young, hot things was all that was left who would qualify to vote.

          • They thought they were prepared.

            O’Neill’s supporters were MORE prepared.

            Maybe they were veterans of last year’s caucuses

          • Dr. Lynette and Paulie i.e. Friends of Violet are always prepared. Lynette wrote that 98-page caucus fraud report, hosted Sins of Omission about misogyny, writes math books for girls, has that long list of feminist accomplishments and Paulie is outstanding activist who’s always prepared on Sins of Omission.

      • That is sickeningly reminiscent of last year, isn’t it? These (ro)bots have no idea what democracy is–they are cultists.

    • Iowa caucus redux?
      If you can’t win on your candidate’s merits, steal the damned thing?

      • texas too….

        if the ballot boxes are stuffed at the TX caucus,Older people for Hillary are bullied all over the country, her delegates are stolen or disqualified, the DNC sees it, does it and tells you to shut up, is the election valid?

    • Sounds like the Ellie Smeal tactics used at the 1985 New Orleans NOW conference.

    • Lyle thought this was just another caucus exercise and the old bitter knitters would just get tired and go home. She forgot about an election and not a caucus. 0bama and thuggery go hand in hand. Didn’t work aginst us old NOW combatants. I loved this description.
      (OT but just noticed that HuffPo has a “reporter” at the White House press conference. I guess this was the price of their sell out.) It all becomes clear as time goes on.

      • NOW votes on a consensus basis (or at least they did when I used to go to their conventions) which means you rank vote the candidates and you can go through several votes. It’s a hybrid between a caucus and a primary.

  2. For heaven’s sakes. No wonder third wave feminism has crashed upon the rocks.

    • They sound like spoiled, entitled brats. They have no understanding of or respect for history and the people who earned their way (and how they benefit from it).

    • the third wave is the undertow (otherwise known as the Undertoad)

  3. My prayers go out to the Iranian people. It is my hope they get a government that reflects the will of the people.

  4. i am so happy there was finally some payback for some of the s–t that Gandy did during this election. Thank goodness there are people who saw her for what she was.. Thank goodness there is some sanity again! This vote was about women who were true feminists winning. thank goodness.

    • yup, I may have to join and get involved.
      My first action will be to make sure any woman running for president in the futured tells Donna BIzarre to get her gender traitor back stabbing lying ass away from the campaign.

  5. Oh, btw, the article was written by Megan Carpentier, she is a pro obama blogger who was hired to write about Hillary on Foreignpolicy.com, she wrote nothing but nasty things about hillary while praising Obama on the Madam Secretary section. She got canned of course, and now she’s back to her old bs. It speaks volumes about Jezebel that that is the type of person they would employ to write about feminist issues. Disgusting.

  6. From LAT:

    You don’t need to be a basketball-loving president of the United States to know that if you’re trying to block opponents’ shots in your end, you sure aren’t increasing your own totals. You can’t score points on D.

    So Obama’s news conference this morning Pacific time is his bid to steal the ball from his opponents and scoot down the court for his own layup. It’s a classic political reset of the play clock. At 9:30 a.m. Pacific (12:30 p.m. Eastern, 4:30 p.m. GMT), Obama will make a statement in the White House Rose Garden and then take questions.

    Obama has lost some mojo in recent days on this month’s pressing issues, especially Iran’s ongoing protests and healthcare reform. Obama’s printed Saturday statement about Iran on his way out the White House door for ice cream with his daughters was insufficient media competition for the appallingly graphic video of the young woman Neda dying on a Tehran street. Some called the presidential statement ineffective and “mealy-mouthed.”

    On Father’s Day, while the president played golf out of camera-sight, others were on TV declaring the U.S. must say more to support the unarmed protesters in Iran.

    Here’s the scary thing for the new White House: the terrifying words “Jimmy Carter” have started appearing in print and on the air, recalling the ex-Georgia governor’s ineptness and….

    …apparent powerlessness in handling his Iranian (hostage) issues in the late 1970s. That impression lead to 12 years of Reagan-Bush Republican White Houses.

    • Is this Obama’s Biden test?

      • Doubt it. The attack was described as something against the US. Media criticism doesn’t fit the prediction. Although, to Obama it probably does 😉

    • Zbigniew Brzezinski behind both of them…Just saying…

      • Hmmm…if Brand Obama is Dubya’s 3rd term, would Zbiggy be BO’s version of Cheney?

    • “mealy-mouthed”

      That exact phrase has come to mind for me when I think of him.

    • Heeheehee! “mealy-mouthed” and “inept”; how uncool.

      Luv it.

  7. OT
    I just got a donation request from democrats.org with a picture of
    Donna Brazille. How clueless can these people be?? I unsubscribed twice because one comment section wasn’t sufficient.

    • Please share some of your comments! I hope you mentioned some of Donna’s toxic e-mails to HIllary supporters. Y’know, along the lines of “we don’t need you.”

    • lol!!! Yea, they’ll really win be back with that ad campaign!

  8. What I find to be both interesting and a little disturbing is that so many stories about the NOW conference call attention to the “young and black Lyles” vs. the “old and white O’Neill” meme as if that was what the whole election was about.

    One article even mentioned that O’Neill will be the oldest president in the history of NOW.

    Jeez, the old crone is all of 56 years old!

    • Yup, they also forget that ‘their’ young Obama will be 48 in August and he has grey hair. O’Neill isn’t even a decade older than Obama, so why all the fuss?

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  10. Call me a dried-up old cherokee-mexican lesbian ex-English teacher, but I love this comment from Jezebel:

    “I got told straight up from an older women that she was sick of hearing about young feminists and didn’t want to hear from me. There were a few of us there that were under 25. I wrote a few comments on the Viva La Feministe blog.”

    Sweetie, if you can’t spell “woman,” you’re not a feminist.

    • lol, if you are pro-choice you can be a feminist, but abjectly stupid…NO!

      • If you are anti-choice, others may call you a feminist, but in my definition you are most certainly NOT a feminist. You may be smart or not smart. You should be respected. But I will be quite likely to vote – and work – against your electoral victories. I’m just sayin’. Also, why all the hating on the young ones?

        • That might be true, if a woman were only a package for a uterus. However, since they’re much more than that, the argument about choice only is absurd.

          • I have a uterus (Ralph do you?). I am more than a “package.” Your argument is absurd. Clearly, the fact is that the feminist movement has been about a number of issues and that has INCLUDED pro-choice. For me, if I agree with all your political positions except you want to abolish by the power of government the right to choose, I will not support you and I will work against you.

          • Actually the question was was whether a person can be pro-life and be a feminist.

            Your definition would exclude a lot of people who agree with you on all but one issue.

        • The reason it’s called “pro-choice” and not “pro-abortion” is because women are allowed to make up their own minds. To me, that means that as long as someone isn’t dictating someone else’s choices, she can be against abortion and be a feminist.

    • I met him once when I was engaged (many many moons ago) to a guy whose father was in the entertainment business. We lived in one of the father’s houses. One Saturday morning, while we were lazing around in our undies listening to reel-to-reel Earth, Wind & Fire, the door opens and in walks the father and Ed McMahon. Mr. McMahon was wearing a sweater tied around his neck, which he promptly removed and covered me with while I sat paralyzed, bug-eyed and gap-mouthed on the sofa. It was my first celebrity encounter, and one I shall always remember vividly….with a red face.

      RIP Mr. McMahon; I’ll always think of you as a gentleman.

  11. wait how can BO have press news conference At 9:30 a.m. Pacific (12:30 p.m. Eastern, 4:30 p.m. GMT),

  12. even with time zones those times zones dont match up

  13. One of the things that I’d love to see NOW and other feminist groups do is get to the young early. Yes, focus on politics, but a priority needs to be to teach the CHILDREN for long-term gain.

    I have long said that the reason feminism got the the sad state it’s in is because we did not teach the children. And a large part of why the fight against racism has been (largely) won is because we did.

    Children in this country are TAUGHT about the civil rights movement, constantly. It is given extensive attention in their textbooks. Black History Month is a BIG DEAL on MTV, on other stations. Public figures bring it up passionately, and often. By the time they are grown, they have been STEEPED in information about that struggle.

    Fuck the sit-ins, we need to get our herstory into the schools. Into the textbooks. Into the after-school-special shows. These 25-year-olds don’t think sexism is important, because they were never TAUGHT that it’s important. They grew up seeing the ugly truth and history of racism revealed and discussed in every venue, and learning to recognize it when they see it. That’s wonderful, and I’m glad for it. But they did not have that experience re: sexism.

    • Evidently it wouldn’t do us any harm to teach them about respect for their elders either.

    • I’m sure their teachers thought they were making things right with girls by giving them a more arfirming classroom.

      I wonder what the 3rd wave will look like in 10-20 years. The fall to earth will be much farther then I had to experience because I knew things weren’t equal even as a child.

      It bothers me tremendously that the ‘young feminists’ seem to think sexist jokes and behaviour is funny – I don’t understand that at all.

      • I wonder what the 3rd wave will look like in 10-20 years.

        Who cares? By then they’ll be old and irrelevant.


        • They will go into the workplace, supremely confident that sexism does not exist, and “playing along” and winking and nodding and joining in with their own degradation will win them something.

          At some point (probably as they age and aren’t cute enough to avoid the worst of it anymore), they’ll run head-on into the ugliness that lies just below those jokes, and that impenetrable glass ceiling. And they will be SHOCKED, shocked I tell you, to learn that they’ve been played by the unconscious patriarchy. To learn that they aren’t a real member of the kewl boyz insider club anymore – that despite their confidence at being bona fide members, they never were, they were just the pom poms cheering on teh boyz all along.

        • yes, myiq, there is that.

          I suppose I won’t care since I will be retired and travelling the world with the proceeds from my posh 401k… um, maybe not so much.

      • I think some of them definitely lack empathy. It never seemed to cross their minds that Bristol Palin is a person with thoughts and feelings just like them. Nope. They just giggled while a man over 3 times her age made a disparaging joke that insulted a young woman who is doing her best to help other teens learn from her (for lack of a better term) mistake. It’s a damn shame that a girl who is running around trying her darnedest to convince other young women to wait and that having sex as a teen has consequences is the butt of a joke rather than someone who is applauded for attempting to make a difference.

        • Judging from what I read from the comments by the female blogstalkers they have bought into the idea of machismo – women have to be rough and tough just like the guys.

          Being offended by sexism is a sign of weakness, and if you have been abused you need to shake it off and move on.

          • Wow, have you put your finger on the problem, myiq. Sure, there are times when discretion is the better part of valor, but I doubt that Letterman’s final “apology” to Sarah Palin and her daughters would ever have been made had women just decided to shrug their shoulders and walk away.

          • There is a thin line between shaking it off and moving on and wallowing in the mud to appear “rough and tough.” I’d say a good amount of them are no longer straddling that line.

            Weak is doing nothing when someone belittles you. Weak is allowing someone to slur another because of their race, gender or sexual orientation because you are afraid they might perceive you as not just one of the guys.

            Frankly, I find absolutely nothing wrong with being smart, capable and female. I have no desire to be “one of the guys.” I want to be accepted for who I am in my own right. IMO these women do themselves a disservice to pretend to be something they aren’t. Furthermore, they will always fall short in the eyes of the men who usually joke around and make assinine sexist remarks because they lack the equipment for the men to ever see them as one of the boys.

      • I was talking to my daughter’s summer camp counselors this week about maintaining a mutually respectful atmosphere amongst the kids (middle schoolers, mostly, but my girl is just ten, and the boys are picking on her a lot). The male counselor told me that when he tries to intervene to stop the boys, most of the girls just laugh and tell him it’s okay, they don’t mind.” 10-13 years old, and the girls are already taking it with a smile.

      • I don’t know. My fourth-grader told me yesterday that he hopes he gets Mr. xxxxx as a fifth grade teacher — because he (the teacher) is “a boy.”

    • This year part of my daughter’s 4th grade routine was to read aloud each day and have her log signed by a parent. All of the reading was about famous Americans
      and Ohioans and AA leaders,(all male) that was cool and I learned along with her.

      So during Woman’s History Month I put the comment “march is Women’s History month!” next to my signature, thinking her female teacher would get the hint and dig out or dust off something to inform these kids of the richness of our history.

      I got a smiley face and no satisfaction. I must have been delusional, this was the same teacher who gave my daughter a “B” on her “Barack Obama book” because the section on his accomplishments wasn’t “detailed” enough.


      • Yep. We haven’t pressed and fought hard to teach the children. If we don’t do that, then even the biggest political gains are easily lost again in a few decades.

      • Excuse me, a “Barack Obama Book”? So, to mask the pushing of BO onto school children, the teacher made him an assignment? This, my fellow citizens, is not the America I once knew.

      • How in the world could there be any “detail” on Obama’s “accomplishments”? Once you list “lie, cheat, steal, intimidate” you’re done.

        • Believe me, you all, there was some serious tounge biting going on at conference time. 🙂

      • …this was the same teacher who gave my daughter a “B” on her “Barack Obama book” because the section on his accomplishments wasn’t “detailed” enough.

        That’s funny – I gave Barack Obama himself an F for the very same reason.

      • Nothing on woman’s history month at my daughters school, either. Though black history “month” was up on the bulletin boards most of the year. No women noted anywhere except a few women of color. Tons of reading and projects about slavery, none about immigration and the early period of great diversity in the U.S. When she’s a bit more mature in her reading, we’ll read Willa Cather. If you want to explore how different cultures actually lived together in real communities, she’s a good start.

        BTW, same thing happened in my church. Zip on women. I won’t let that go unchecked again next year.

    • “Fuck the sit-ins, we need to get our herstory into the schools. Into the textbooks. Into the after-school-special shows. These 25-year-olds don’t think sexism is important, because they were never TAUGHT that it’s important.”

      This is a huge point. I don’t really think the books have been written yet by the tail end bboom. Not on feminist topics. And not on heterosexual feminist topics.

      Last year as I investigated the Republicans — I wrote a piece that touched on abortion — that included one of my clients? She was 14 and she had come in with her mother. She was pregnant.

      Anyway — you would not have believed the response I.got behind the scenes to that RD & Co. It was pure poison. Unbelievable.
      The writer of the comment claimed the piece was “sexist” — so you have to wonder what has been taught? I’m going to see if it is still there behind the scenes. It was so poisonous I didn’t allow it but?

      All I can say is, people tend to start reflecting back in midlife about youth and?

      Dunno. We all have stories.

      I’m glad we went off to Capri, after yesterday . ps: Nepenthe at Big Sur in CA looks just like this — for all of you who can’t afford the real deal.

      ps: I read a follow up on a speech Palin gave? She had contemplated abortion the last time but decided no. So?
      In the end — whatever choice you make as a woman is what you will live with for the rest of your life. How many of us have a tale like Palin’s daughter?

      How many have a guy who walked?

      Or vice versa.

    • And how about a national holiday recognizing women, as we have for blacks.

  14. sorry to hear about Ed McMahon
    prayers for him and the family.
    bet Johnie is happy

    • From what it sounds like toward the end he had a deteriorating quality of life(bone cancer was listed as well as other maladies). I’d say at 86 that he had a good run and that he has gone on to that Ol’ Late Night Show in the sky. Heeeeeeere’s Ed.

      It’s difficult to lose those we care about even when it is expected and the other option is to watch their health deteriorate. My prayers go out to his family.

    • I wonder if Johnny announced him in heaven:


  15. Hillary’s back to work already. Cute picture of her in this short piece with her cast, and glasses on:

    Hil Back to Work 3 Days After Elbow Surgery


    • She’s got her work cut out for her between Iran and North Korea.

    • My husband said sometime like, “I can see why she can show her elbow in public, but I’m surprised that the makeup is so good nowadays that they can also show Obama’s eye.”

      (as in she elbowed him so hard she broke her elbow).

  16. The CBC just reported on an interview with Neda’s boyfriend.

    He says the following:

    She was not attending the protest She was simply stuck in traffic and had gotten out of the car to take a breather.

    She was not aligned with either party.

    She had recently given up attending religious studies and had taken up piano lessons in their place.

    • I’ll say it again. 27 years young and oodles of potential gone. It’s not only a horrible waste, it’s as RD put it tyranny. The force being utilized against these protesters is above and beyond mere crowd control measures from the accounts being told and the lack of transparency(media blackout) is incredibly troubling and from a logical standpoint corraborates the position that the measures being utilized are extreme.

  17. Conservatives4Palin linked to my original post about Terry O’Neill


    • The post was a good read. Some of the comments were a bit much though.Some of them can’t seem to get past demonizing positions they don’t understand or agree with. It’s ironic since the PUMAs defense of Palin is largely based on the position that even those we may disagree with ideologically deserve to be treated with respect.

    • I read that post and the comments, and the thing is that these conservatives recognize that PUMAs are not republicans, not conservatives, and are utterly opposed to them on many, many issues. But they recognize and appreciate the intellectual honesty of us calling out the degradation of women when we see it, regardless of who the target is.

      Funny how the faux feminist Obots of the world can’t see that, and want to brand PUMAs as anti-choice wingers, when the wingers themselves see quite clearly that we’re not.

      BTW, I loved this bit at the end of that article:

      Sarah Palin harkens back to an earlier feminism – an Annie Oakley meets Susan B. Anthony meets Rosie the Riveter.

      She brought her 14-year-old daughter with her to New York in order to show her that shrine to American feminism — Seneca Falls — the birth place of the Women’s Rights movement in this country.

      I am reminded of what Gov. Palin said when she visited the Women’s Rights National Historic Park, the location of the First Women’s Rights Convention in 1848.

      Governor Sarah Palin paused Friday afternoon in front of a monument bearing the Declaration of Sentiments, an early feminist touchstone.

      “We anticipate no small amount of ridicule,” she read, and remarked: “Some things never change.”

      She feels a bond with those early feminists, as she should.

      Yeah, but conservatives can’t be feminists, right? I dunno, that seems like a much deeper and more heartfelt conviction re: feminism than any of the watered-down pap coming from the likes of the Obots.

  18. Can’t believe they’re blaming Republicans and PUMAs for their own ineptitude.

    (with that nice little Axelrod touch of the useless middle-aged woman versus the savvy young.)

    • They have to blame–that’s their m.o. Aggressive, insensitive, entitled, bullying. We’ve seen the sensibility played out many times now. As RD said, “Obama, job well done!” You’ve now trained a generation to unethically grab for what they want–the end justifies the means.

    • Blame or credit?

  19. Meanwhile, real feminist warriors in Iran are risking their lives and hard at work:

    An Overlooked Force in Iran
    By Anne Applebaum

    I don’t know whether the girl in the photographs is destined to become this revolution’s symbolic martyr, as some are already predicting. I do know, however, that there is a connection between the violence in Iran over the past week and the women’s rights movement that has slowly gained strength in Iran over the past several years.

    But the truth is that the high turnout has been the result of many years of organizational work, carried out by small groups of civil rights activists and above all women’s groups, working largely unnoticed and without much outside help.


  20. Politico (which is like People Magazine for Obama these days) writes about poor, poor Hillary, struggling for stature:

    Clinton toils in the shadows


    • p.s. Please hit the comments if you have a chance. Much Hillary hate spewing from those who’ve been deprived of the fun for a few months.

  21. That’s weird because I thought the comments on this page were surprisingly kind.

  22. Obama said. “While this loss is raw and painful, we also know this: Those who stand up for justice are always on the right side of history.”

    What is the “right side of history”? History is history.

    That was part of his statement on Iran. He is now using the word “strongly” when saying he is opposed, and “appalled”. Wow….such a forceful man. Of course, it took him how many days of criticism before he finally decided to really speak on the issue.

  23. Oh, yooo hooo…

    Steve Mather, if you are reading today’s post I have a question as to the use of the photo of 9-year-old Brisenia Flores (victim of the minute man http://crooksandliars.com/david-neiwert/some-neighborhood-watch-fordes-minut) in your Immigration Reform post. https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/immigration-reform-an-environmental-perspective/

    Were you making some inference as to what happened to her in context of your topic (if so why didn’t you identify her as a murder victim) or did you just find it and cut n-paste it as the face of a young Latina for reference?

  24. Betty Jean was there and has a more complete report. It was exactly like the bullying and intimidation in the primary and caucuses.


    Upon arriving, I saw the opposing team dressed in orange. It was clear we were outnumbered 2 to 1—but as it turns out, not by voters, just by agitators. Of the nearly 600 who attended, just over 400 voted. Sound familiar?

    These three days were indeed reminiscent of the Obama campaign- Young people dressed in orange from head to toe chanted, ran in packs, recited talking points, would not listen to reason, and shouted us down. Their slate promised change, but had presided over huge losses in membership and revenues, and were backed by the crowd that has made NOW seem irrelevant to so many women, a NOW that did not come out strongly for Hillary each time she was maligned by the media and then failed again to speak up for Palin.

    Their platform was right out of an Obama speech, all talk of hope and change. Complete with a 33 year old woman of color of limited experience running for President and accusing the other team of racism and ageism for running an “old” white, highly experienced, highly competent attorney for President. Note the so-called “racist” slate contains a 29 year old attorney of color for VP. Obfuscation -sound Familiar?

    I was tempted to give it all up and just check out. They had the power – the numbers – the clout- the leadership and they were blasting us from the microphone. They called us racists, Palinists, republicans, Puma’s, infiltrators, traitors, rude, crude and men haters but in the end, we had learned a lot from this last election. When it came time to vote, the orange neckerchiefs were shed, and the votes were cast for a new beginning. A new day is truly dawning. A real shift has already occurred and with your help, we can build an unstoppable movement.

    O’Neill team has two women under 30 and one woman of color. Lyles team doesn’t look that much younger or more diverse:


    • Just looking at BJ’s last paragraph, did you ever believe feminists could behave this way?

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