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Hell’s Grannies takeover NOW

Canvassing for votes
Canvassing for votes

The NOW convention in Indianapolis must have been off the hook.  You can find one version of events in the comments at Reclusive Leftist.  For another take on the events check out “Planes, Trains & Attack-Dog Feminism” at FemNation:

For example, all of those who thought the “dream team” of Latifa Lyles, etc., would win the NOW presidency and vice-presidencies…because we needed a youthful, fresh face for the aging, tired women’s movement…were wrong. Six votes – that’s all it took for Latifa, a woman of color in her early thirties, to lose to Terry O’Neill, a mid-50s white woman. (Race does matter – a lot – in the women’s movement.) Terry and her team may succeed in turning NOW around – I hope so – but I’m worried. There’s nothing fresh there. Policy ideas are stale and positions are delivered in a rote, scripted fashion. The veterans on the ticket – Terry and the Illinois NOW v-p – do not inspire me in terms of vision or practical skills or ability to deliver. The “new” faces on the ticket – two women in their late 20s, early 30s – have a lot to learn. A lot.


A few people have asked me to write more about the NOW elections. Both teams – Latifa Lyles and Terry O’Neill – had strengths and weaknesses. But it’s not about ideals or visions or even skills – it’s about who can turn out the most voters. Total numbers of voters – 404 (really). Late Saturday, people were coming in from California to vote for Terry – she was supported by a woman named Shelly Mandell of Los Angeles, who supported McCain-Palin publicly after Hillary lost the nomination. Shelly says she didn’t support McCain-Palin as a NOW person – but the press thought otherwise.


Really! The people who won were nasty. I wish I had been in the plenary when the vaunted Patricia Ireland (Terry’s treasurer) lashed out at Kim Gandy, questioning her budget figures – while supporters of the Terry team lined the back of the room, shouting at Kim to “tell the truth” – in reference to the budget situation. (I was working on credentialling so wasn’t in the plenary.) Financially, NOW is in bad shape. So we have reason to be worried. But is this feminism? Perhaps this is a new version – attack-dog feminism. How does that distinguish us from every other political group? It doesn’t.

The anger and bitterness of this crew – desperate to hang on to power, refusing to believe anyone else could run the organization – was shocking. (You’ve got to remember – these folks have a lot of history together – they’re like Chicago politicos – byzantine alliances – cross them at your peril.) There were people I like and respect on Terry’s side – people who felt she had the brains and experience to turn the membership decline around and that Latifa was just not ready for prime time. But they didn’t sway many voters (although granted, Terry was only in the race about 3-4 weeks!) – all they did was win by 6 votes. And what the hell were they doing in the past eight years to stop the hemorrhaging of members and money – or – as one Terry supporter said – the “death throes” that NOW is in? Come to think of it – what was the person who said “death throes” doing during the past eight years?


That wasn’t all – there also was the sideshow of the Hillary Clinton supporters who remain permanently (apparently) pissed off about her loss. The so-called “PUMAS” – Party Unity My Ass. Clinton seems to have gotten over it – why haven’t they. Some of these ladies are angry at NOW for not being supportive of Sarah Palin; apparently, the fact that she’s a woman is sufficient qualification. A few blame Kim Gandy for EVERYTHING they don’t like. I’d dismiss them as idiots except they are contributing to the anger within the women’s movement and the splintering of the women’s movement and they are very good at getting publicity.

Wow, where do I start?

First of all, Latifa Lyles was the establishment candidate endorsed by the outgoing Kim Gandy.  Secondly I’m increasingly disturbed by the emphasis on the “young black Latifa Lyles” vs. the “old white Terry O’Neill” meme I keep hearing from those who are unhappy with the outcome of the election.  It’s like someone is recycling Obama’s strategy from last year.  Where is the evidence that O’Neill supporters were motivated by race?

As for the allegation that “people were coming in from California to vote for Terry” here’s what Violet Socks had to say:

To attend the conference, you have to have been a NOW member for at least three months. And to vote in the conference, you have to be not only a member (naturally), but also a delegate from your chapter. There are a limited number of delegate slots, and the delegates are chosen by the chapter presidents. And once you get to the conference, you have to be credentialed, a byzantine process involving picture IDs, membership records, sign-offs, etc.

It is not possible for some alien group of infiltrators to just show up and take over the conference.

Last time I checked there were NOW chapters here in California so why shouldn’t they get to participate at the national convention? According to Violet, the Los Angeles delegation wasn’t allowed to vote anyway.

I’m gonna stop now. There is so much more “FAIL” to discuss but if I go any further I’ll want some hard liquor and it’s not even lunch time yet here in Big Smoggy.

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117 Responses

  1. …But they didn’t sway many voters (although granted, Terry was only in the race about 3-4 weeks!) – all they did was win by 6 votes. And what the hell were they doing in the past eight years to stop the hemorrhaging of members and money – or – as one Terry supporter said – the “death throes” that NOW is in? Come to think of it – what was the person who said “death throes” doing during the past eight years?

    Why is she blaming people who weren’t in power for the loss of members and money? Why isn’t she blaming the person who was responsible for this….her candidate? What the heck is going on?

    • “They didn’t sway many voters”

      They swayed ENOUGH

      That’s how democracy works.

      • When Bots *legitimately lose* an election by a slim margin, they cry fowl.

        When Bots *illegitimately steal* an election by a slim margin, they sing victory songs.

        One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter – sigh-

      • And according to Violet Socks and Angie’s sources, two full delegations weren’t seated, plus somehow a full one-third of delegates somehow didn’t vote, or something/

        • Wait, I screwed that up. what angie said was, 600 people attended the convention while there were only 400 actual voters. Many of the other 200 were actively working the convention for Lyles. The two delegations weren’t seated comes from a differnet sources of Violet’s/

    • yes, truly, it is bizarre to attack the people who weren’t in power for the deeds (or rather, failures) of those who WERE in power.

      So by these lights, (listen up obots), I can blame Obama for all of George Bush’s since?

      I don’t know which dismays me more, the utter lack of reasoning skills (did they people ever go to school?) or the nasty sore-loserdom.

      What nasty ageism and racism exhibited by the hip generation.

  2. Because they know they are partially to blame for the mess they’re in.

  3. 😆 Thanks, I needed a laugh…today. 😆 Funny, but last night I went to a meeting and the ladies have their needles, busy knitting and crocheting and I thought WOW it is getting ‘trendy’.

    Yup, us Ole gals can crochet and think at the same time. 😆 I will show my gran kids this post and the photo…

  4. Well as far as those people from California coming to vote for Terry, I think we all know that the true leader class of elite people comes from the northeast coast and goes to northeast Universities. It is truly appalling that those west coast barbarians think they should be allowed to actually participate. I mean what is this world coming to?!

  5. I find it amusing that so many of these younger feminists can’t understand why the older ones aren’t eager to step aside for them.

    • Particularly in light of the abuse and invective that the youth brigades sent the “older” (which is what, over 30?) feminists’ way during the primaries.

    • They act like getting older is some nasty disease they won’t get. Are they gonna be surprised.

    • And they sound like Republicans with this “There’s nothing fresh there. Policy ideas are stale and positions are delivered in a rote, scripted fashion” business. “Liberal ideas are old!” They may be old, but they still work. Ideas aren’t dresses, they dn’t go in and out of style depending on what’s hot that season.

      This is about advancing policies that will advance women’s lives, not about getting our adreneline going with fresh, ho new buzzwords and pyrotechnics. Hey, David Plouffe brought a lightshow and a video–that’s fresh! Let’s dance around a stripper pole–that’s hot! wonky stuff makes me bored. Let’s get a chant gong and find a sexy bumpersticker slogan/

      • Yea, Hillary was bo-ring with all that knowledge and detail. Give me sexy any day!

  6. I submitted this to Digg. Make sure you Digg it so more people see it. We need more and more people to wake up!

  7. Wow this sounds exactly like Obama versus Clinton. Vague ideals and slogans against solid thought out positions and financial responsibility.

  8. I am proud of those grannies. They give me hope for the future of the movement….

    Tear ’em up, Grannies!!



    Angie, they also cut the mike on Patricia Ireland when she spoke in support of Terry. Yes. Cut the mike on Patricia Ireland.

    Some crazy shit went down.

    When Latifa gave her vote-for-me speech, instead of listing her accomplishments she launched into a tirade, saying the conference had been “infiltrated” by enemies and that she knew how to deal with enemies, etc. It was wild. Kind of a classic case of demonstrating your own flaws even as you seek to dispute them.

    Another thing Kimandellie did was refuse to seat three delegations, a classic bit of credentialing bullshit to keep their opponents from voting. Seattle was finally seated but LA and the Illinois delegation weren’t. If they had been seated, I think Terry would have won by a lot more than 8 votes.

    Just like the primary: Ireland and others brought up a substantial problem, finances, and the only thing Kimandellie could say was “racism” (Republicans, “infiltrators,” “Palin supporters”). Plus the same intimidation, thuggery and cheating.

    At vivalafeminista:

    18% of Hillary supporters did not support Obama in the general election. That’s because there was so much cheating and thuggery in the caucuses-Many of those people were NOW members–even Presidents of chapters or states. THEY ARE NOT PRO-LIFE. that was Kim Gandy spin. Latifa has been earning $170,000 year with no college degree to lose 40% of the members and over a $1m. in revenues–that’s consistent 10% drop over 4 years (not the recession). During the same period, feminist groups are popping up all over–AND RAISING LOTS OF MONEY! Why not NOW? As I said in an earlier post–the speakers (including me) rose on a “point of personal privilege” before the speakers were announced. Gandy PURPOSELY did not call on us–because we were rising to address Latifa’s claim that “outsiders and enemies” were spreading lies. They were NOW’s IRS audited financials–available online. Gandy then screamed at us & turned off our mikes–not allowing us to defend ourselves. It was like a Banana Republic–not a conference run on Robert’s Rules. Look at the NOW financials at http://www.guidestar.org–decide for yourself!!!!!

    Banana Republic again. They brought up a substantial problem and all they said was “racism” (outsiders, enemies to the obvious cause of anti-racism). Outsiders? You have to be a NOW delegate chosen by a chapter president. Believe me, they are committed feminists. A chapter president chose me because she knew of my commitment to feminism.

    • About membership and treasury, we heard soooo many PUMAs say they wrote angry letters to NOW and cancelled their memberships. These are not lies.

      • I was one, and sent the darn thing back telling ’em that ‘SuperFeMANistObama’ was going to fix it! Yup! I did, I really did!

        • So many accounts like the accounts of angry letters to the DNC and changed party affiliations.

          They had substantial complaints and Lyles oversaw membership and treasury departments since 2005. From NOW’s website:

          Latifa Lyles was elected Membership Vice President of the National Organization for Women in July 2005. Lyles took office at the age of 29, making her the group’s youngest-ever national officer. In addition to overseeing NOW’s membership and fundraising departments, Lyles serves as a national spokesperson for the group on issues ranging from reproductive rights to Social Security.


          The National Organization for Women, Inc – Status – 501c(4)
          Kim Gandy, President
          Oldga Vives, Exec. VP
          Latifa Lyles, Membership VP
          Melody Drnach, Action VP

          The National Organization for Women Foundation – Status, – 501c(3)
          Kim Gandy, President
          Oldga Vives, Exec. VP
          Latifa Lyles, Secretary / Treas.
          Melody Drnach, Education VP

          The National Organization for Women PAC
          Kim Gandy, Chair
          Latifa Lyles, Treasurer

          The National Organization for Women Equality PAC
          Kim Gandy, Chair
          Latifa Lyles, Treasurer

        • Hey, thanks for that! Now I have the stupid song “SuperFeMANistObamaEXpialidocious” running through my head.

      • I did that. If it turns around, I may rejoin. But given the approach NOW took in the primary, I may not.

        There’s a lot of bridge to rebuild before I’ll even think about crossing it again.

      • Well no wonder: if this is how Gandy operates, it wasn’t worth supporting. Her lack of leadership during the primaries, when they were raking Hillary over the coals, was sickening. B’bye.

    • Latifa has been earning $170,000 year with no college degree to lose 40% of the members and over a $1m. in revenues–that’s consistent 10% drop over 4 years (not the recession).

      This is the key: bravado and thuggery over experience. You cannot fake knowledge and experience, and the proof is in the details.

      • Law professor or no college degree/Twitter/Facebook expert?

        Tough choice.

        • She didn’t send one tweet out in regards to the women of Iran? Wazzz Up with that? What no moral support for the women folk?

  10. I don’t know who these “hell’s grannies” are, but they sound like my kind of people. Where do I sign up?

  11. I think “attack-dog” feminists will accomplish a lot more than the “don’t rock the boat” kind.

  12. And to add insult to injury…from NOW President Kim Gandy…In my email box I found this –

    Special Offer: Join NOW, Get Ms.
    You’ve already been involved with NOW through our email alerts, staying up-to-date on critical issues and taking action on women’s rights. Now take the next step.

    Join NOW for the special rate of $25, and you’ll receive a one-year Ms. membership and Ms. magazine — for free.

    For over forty years, NOW has worked for women’s equality as a multi-issue, progressive organization. We’re the largest feminist organization in the nation, and policymakers turn to NOW for our cutting-edge, multi-issue research and our dedicated network of grassroots activists.

    Ms. magazine is an award-winning, feminist publication with thought-provoking stories on everything from pop culture to world affairs. And we’ve teamed up for this special offer.

    We’ve sued, we’ve lobbied, we’ve educated the media, the general public and our allies — and we have picketed, demonstrated and marched. And sometimes we’ve been called shrill or “unladylike,” and even unpatriotic, by our detractors. But we have never backed down from our principles.

    • Heh

      I think I’ll hold out for the Donna Brazile dart board. I have no interest in a magazine that employs Ms. Brazile.

      Hey Kim and Donna

      Here’s to your “new” coalition toots.

      • Don’t faint, she is on CNN talking about the Iran elections, defending Obama and talking about counting the votes. 😯 *(0-0)* 😯

        • Oh sweet irony……it’s a darn shame she wasn’t more concerned with counting the votes when it was occuring in our own country.

          No instead she was insisting the nomination be gift wrapped with a bow.

          You’d figure she’s sympathize more with the Iranian government.

        • Thank God I’m not near a TV.

        • Oh, Brazile is talking about something on the tube?

          Hands over ears… “blah-lies-blah, blah-lies-blah, blah-lies-blah, blah-lies-blah…”

        • I wish PUMAs had been able to do actual street protesting en masse throughout the country in response to the DNC Selection. I know that some of you in the heart of things were organized, but I would have loved to participate in some serious marching.

          Sigh, the granny crowd is hard to mobilize ; )

        • I can’t even look at that woman. She’s despicable. I will never forget how she responded to Little Isis’ sincere inquiries, or her smarmy invocation of the “roolz,” just before she manipulated them in a closed door session to steal Hillary’s delegates, and give Obama delegates he never earned, violating Party Charter.

      • Even I would consider renewing a long, long dormant subscription to NOW if they gave away a Donna Brazile dart board instead of a Ms. subscription.

      • I just got an email from donna brazileNUT and marked it as spam so that anything with her name as the sender will be deleted.

        Those of us who remember last years election AND who were at the horrible caucuses will NEVER FORGET! Nor forgive.

        Once long ago I was a member of NOW — never again.

        A lot of the younger women showed us what they are made of in this last election — and GODDESS help the earth if they remain bull headed STUPID as they age.

      • Is Donna working for Ms.? Well, that clinches it (As if the “this is what a feminist looks like” cover wasn’t enough.)

    • Oh pinch me. Say it isn’t so. I’m so tempted…. not. Hey, how about throw in a membership to NARAL and the DNC while you’re at it. Why stop with Ms. I have a question for Gandy, and the folks at Ms. and NARAL and Donna, how much do you get when you sell your soul?

  13. An ironic side point to the “f*ck off and die, grannies” attitude is that many in the Third Wave pride themselves on their multiculturalism. Well, many of those societies they claim to be enamored of respect their elders as a source of wisdom and guidance and would want to work with them, not simply shove them aside.

    I’d say it indicates that their multiculturalism is marketing, not principle, like their liberal convictions.

    Disclaimer: Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone of a younger age, just those who seem to have the biggest megaphone.

    • Yeah, and also “intersectionalism” is supposed to have a lot to do wuith CLASS issues! HA HA HA! This is why I think of teh third wave purely as some kind of substance free hipster pose, they’re about as intersectional as nothing (and of course many prominent Third Wavers have been called out on racial issues in their books as well). It’s not about intersectionality, and i’ll be damned if I can figure out what the hell it is about.

      • Misogynist and classist. Failbots and Third Wave are the same movement.

        • Another comment at vivalafeminista:

          Paula said…

          The pictures you have are of NOW members that are Hillary supporters/PUMAS–you may disagree with their choice in the general election–but LOTS of NOW members were PUMAS. That’s a fact. Most importantly, our organization is officially non-partisan–We are not allowed to censure any NOW member for how they vote. Disagree with the choice–but respect the sincerity of the motivation. Kim Gandy is NOT allowed to turn off the mike of someone 1) because she doesn’t like how they voted 2) they criticized her (I don’t know who’s blog you’re referring to–but I’ll take your word for it). Lastly, 3 of the people rose on a “point of personal privilege” (a read card)–All were standing at the mikes BEFORE Kim Gandy introduced the speakers (I would guess intentionally). They had been called “liars” by Latifa for distributing the decline in membership of 40% and the $1million drop in membership revenues. They had a RIGHT to answer Latifa’s allegation. That they were not NOW members, or pro-life or whatever is Kim Gandy spin to keep them from sharing the financial info.

          My goodness the pictures were of Dr. Lynette Long and Paulie Abeles! Lifelong feminists and Democrats.

          • This is classic Failbot, they like to do what they’re going to do but they’re not big on accountability. If you have the President and her handpicked successor using their power and access to smear people from teh podium, they have a right to respond. The site that myiq linked also complains because Carol moseley-Braun wanted to respond to allegations made about her. Again, right to respond. just because you run your convenion nancy Pelosi Obamacrat style, doesn’t make it okay. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

            And this Palin thing, women all across america voted for her as a protest or because they didn’t want teh smears to work, or some I’m aware of because they just liked her and appreciated her saying things they felt needed to be said. What, is there some kind of rule that you had to wear a hallloween costume, make an effigy of her, or take part in videos that showed someone represening her being attacked and raped to belong to NOW?

          • PUMAs basically respond to affronts on them and report them.

            Failbots are misogynistic, hyprocritical freaks from hell.

          • LOL! That needs to be carved on something. 🙂

            Basically, this sounds like the democratic convention. Failbots thought they were going to steamroll everybody and were shocked, appalled, disgusted, and felt victimized to find that the majority of people were going to stand up to their tactics and fight back.

          • This is really a 18-month buildup of rage.

      • Yea, well “liberal” is supposed to stand for open-mindedness, inclusion and tolerance. Ask Sarah Palin how she feels about that definition.

        • or PUMAs for that matter. Or anyone who doesn’t agree with their dogmatic view.

      • It’s about narcissism. That’s why they relate to Obama. He offers the same self-satisfied (but superficial) reflection.

  14. “But it’s not about ideals or visions or even skills – it’s about who can turn out the most voters. ”

    Wow, this sounds very Axelrovian to me: *Who cares about experience and authenticity…it is all about the marketing*

    Ugh, I’m tired of so-called feminists propping up basically ageist sentiments.

    First wave and second wave feminists don’t need to be thrown under the bus!

    • Regarding the following:
      “Secondly I’m increasingly disturbed by the emphasis on the ‘young black Latifa Lyles’ vs. the ‘old white Terry O’Neill’ meme”

      I noticed that race-&-age baiting too but I think it is an indication that the Lyles group is racially bigoted (as well as ageist). Throw in their disdain for Palin & we have a strange creature: Ageist-racist-sexist “feminists” :-O

      I’m glad they did not succeed in co-opting NOW.

  15. bitter losers aren’t they?

    • Wow they haven’t gotten over it yet, have they?

      • They’re stupid. They thought that they can make people identifity Latifah Lyles with Obama that they would feel inclined to repeat history.

        This migth have worked if Obam would have actually won. But, we all know he stole the primaries and only inched out a victory against McCain because of a fortunately occurring recession. emember that before that happened, Mc Cain was starting to get ahead? I do.
        I will not deny that the recession was in the wings and something had to give. But you ahve to admit that it was goddamn fortunate how it happened just at the right tme for him, and coming from the circles that backed him.

        My money is on the fact that the generals would have ended for Obama the same they ended for Lyles, had nefarious forces not have been at work.

        • Honestly, the Third Wave must live in a bubble or something. how could they be surprised hat here was going to be this backlash? If they only talk to people who think Obama is wonderful, have no problems with what happened last year, and have no concerns about carrying these messages and tactics forward, their social circle must be very small.

          • the fact that there are still people wo think Obama is wonderful made me lose all faith in humanity. How can anyone be that stupid?

    • Clearly, someone should frisk them for guns and Bibles.

  16. I’m joining NOW.

    Will someone please provide a National Park list where the Grannies are meeting?

    I want to apply for sweeping the skateboarders — in the “I’m on Board for Obama” tee shirts — off of the sidewalks. 😀

    • Me Too, NOW that the ‘Grannies’ are at the helm. 😉

      • It’s amazing how 6 COUNTED votes can create a landslide for democracy, no?

        God, it feels good to love my age again !

    • I thought it was 8 votes? (not that it matters). Although imagine the margin without the obot bullying!

      I joined NOW last night. I was going to hold out until I saw Terry and her slate in action, but I decided to vote with my pocketbook (since the Democrats took away my vote last spring, I feel I have to vote any where, any way I can).

      The bots should be thrilled. Because I am finally doing what they’ve badgered and bullied me to do for 2 years — I’m taking on ‘faith’ that all my ‘hope’ will lead to ‘change’!

  17. Hell’s Grannies – 🙂 🙂 🙂

    That’s what I aspire to be; that, along with the whole crazy cat lady thing.

    I love the whining about O’Neill et al. being “desperate to hang on to power”. Excuse me, but wasn’t it Lyles’ team that had the power? Aren’t they incumbents and backed by the outgoing NOW President? Mother of Dog, I wish these people would learn how to apply the concept of projection to their everyday lives. It’d save everyone so much trouble.

  18. myiq2xu,

    You didn’t post the video of the Monty Python Hell’s Grannies. 😦

  19. It sounds like they are real mad and want to take their toys and go away. Bye!

  20. This is hilarious! You had me at the photo caption. 😀

    Let me sum it up for you, Bots!: Terry won. Get over it. STFU … etc.

    • Wait, I don’t want them to STFU, because every time I hear how NOW has been taken over by a bunch of bitter old feminists,
      ……… dare I say it……..I actually feel HOPE.

  21. Ha, ha! I need a Harley to go with my Granny Attitude! 😀

    • I already have one. I’m ready for our meet up. I’ll be a guy granny. Looking at the main video in the post, that doesn’t seem to be a problem. 🙂

      • Heh, you know I really think some people go into comedy just to find an excuse to cross-dress. Viva la liberacion! 😉

        Actually, I’m saving my measly sheckles to purchase a Harley in a few years. Not too big and not too expensive but just enough to haul my middle-aged booty around the hinterlands. Good gas mileage is a perk too. Give me 3 yrs or so, and I’ll be at the mixed-gender granny meet up! 🙂

  22. lisadawn82, I hope you are still here,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying “On Basilisk Station” — this is EXACTLY the sort of book I love. I just placed a hold on all the rest of the series (and they are actually available!!!) — Thank you so much!!!


    • The Honor Harrington series is great…Just about everything by David Weber is good if you like Sci-Fi…..They are also available as audio books at audible.com

      • The happiest days of my life are those when I discover a new favorite author. I should really make them personal holidays– they are THAT important to me.

        I’m really looking forward to reading David Weber’s books!

    • I reread that whole series every so often. Honor is an excellent model of a real leader. I’d ship out with her any day.

    • No problem. He is one of my favorite feminist authors. He’s actually more libertarian but he does a really good job of writing strong women characters. He’s also a military history buff and some of his other stuff is also outstanding.

    • OMG that is so effing outrageous. This from Paula Abeles:

      As many of you know, Hillary supporters recently staged a coup d’etat at NOW.
      I need everyone to sign up and join NOW and support the new leadership
      It’s $10.
      Please affiliate with your local chapter—many positions are open for state officers or local chapters—please volunteer for a position!

      Why is this important?

      As you know, NOW endorsed Hillary—but didn’t do much to support or defend her (there was a strong suspicion that many if not most of the national board were actually pro-Obama all along)
      We need to change that so the next time she runs (or someone else runs) there’s a strong national organization ready and willing to pull volunteers in 50 states to mobilize for her.
      How are we going to do that?
      By making sure we get our people involved.

      So, please sign up today (www.now.org). Whether you can participate actively or not, we need your votes (it’s not just for women—men are very welcome to join)
      If you can, check out your state chapter—and see if there are positions for which you can volunteer.

      Then let me know, what state & chapter you joined!!

    • That was great. Thanks for the pointer. I loved that the failbot idiots pointed to Dr. Lynette Long as some pretend feminist. Stunning.

  23. younger feminists can’t understand why the older ones aren’t eager to step aside for them

    If they were feminists, they wouldn’t have so much of a problem. It’s the Stockholm Sweeties part that’s putting so many of us off, not the younger part.

  24. I just talked to my mom. She is 74 and is an old school feminist.

    (I learned to drive in a car with a bumper sticker that said “a woman’s place is in the House – and the Senate”)

    Mom was laughing at the Lyles supporters.

    “They have it so easy. They have no idea what it used to be like”

  25. I am sorry but these grannies are getting out of control. I was in this fancy exclusive ‘market’ which had a great deal on fresh river salmon. I was behind a woman in the checkout with lots of stuff and they announced that they were opening up a new line. The granny behind me, instead of recognizing that I was of course in front of me, darted ahead of me to the new line. Then despite the fact that she had just skunked me out of my rightful place in line, started acting all old. Wanted coupons and rain checks, etc. I really hated her, except that I hope I have her spunk when I am old. (Of course, that will be in a very long time.) 😉

  26. http://www.feministing.com/archives/014385.html
    Check this out…especially the masthead. And then the blog….seeking women to Join NOW in March of 09 so they can vote for Latifa Lyles.
    The blog seems very sexist. Shocking

  27. Fab, i think i’ll donate to NOW now.

  28. LOL. They even managed to throw in a “bitter” in there. They hit all the notes! “bitter” “white” “older”. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DONATE TO NOW ON JULY 20th, that’s when O’Neill takes over.

  29. When I was a member of NOW, we all the committees were called Task Forces (much the way every committee at church is called a ministry). Anyway, we had the Lesbian Rights Task Force, the End Racism Task Force, the pay Equity task Force, the Domestic Violence Task Force, and so on.

    I say we all join NOW together, en masse, and create a PUMA Task Force.

  30. Mmm…memories…reminds me of the grumblings about the New Hampshire results…Or Nevada…You stay classy younguns! (no offense intended to young women not of the B0botic persuasion)

  31. LOL! Great thread, love all you grannies!

    Those bitter twitterers need to get over it. Sheesh.

  32. “The Stoning of Soraya M.” . . . a must-see movie opening in limited release tomorrow, go to thestoning.com

  33. Based on the convention results, i am inspired to join NOW as well, but will tell them to keep the Ms. magazine offer. They lost with me with their “this is what a feminist looks like” cover of Obama. Perhaps when they get around to printing a retraction to admit their heinous error.. . . . .

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