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Red Herrings and Fall Guys

You don’t need Daniel to read the writing on the wall – we ain’t getting a health care reform pony.  Our last hope for getting real reform anytime soon died on May 31, 2008

The video was prepared by Americans United For Change:

Americans United For Change is a powerful movement bringing together independent voices for new policy priorities and real leadership – to focus our elected officials on the issues that really matter to the lives of everyday Americans and get America moving in the right direction again.

It doesn’t say so but it’s a Democratic front group.

Brad Woodhouse former President of Americans United for Change, is now communications director for the Democratic National Committee under Barack Obama.

The video is meant to distract you from the truth.   They want you to blame the Republicans for blocking health care reform.

It will be Obama and the Congressional Democrats fault. Blame them.

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57 Responses

  1. Honestly, the utter contempt they have for the intelligence of the American people is beyond belief. Either they’re a party or they’re not. Either they’re different than the Republicans or they’re not. What part of you have complete control of two branches of the federal government do they think we don’t understand?

    • The sad truth is that most Democrats will buy into this video. And most Americans will not bother to research Americans United for Change to connect the dots between Brad Woodhouse and the Obama administration. Many of us here were duped by orgs like MoveOn, HRC, and NOW back when Bush was so bad that anyone on the Left looked good. Unfortunately, these organizations used to be independent but now nearly all of them are working to push Obama’s agenda. The feminist and LGBT orgs should especially be ashamed.

      Thank you, myiq, for exposing another “non profit” group literally working from the White House. Instead of working for the people, they are working for the Obama administration. No wonder there aren’t anymore critical voices from these orgs.

    • It’s not about getting it done, and done right–it’s about maintaining their own power. Political cover at all costs, principles be damned. They stand for themselves, that’s it.

    • I think they’re banking on the ignorance of the American people. Remember that video where none of the folks who had just voted for Obama could answer questions like “Who is Speaker of the House?” and “Who has control of Congress?” It’s sad but a lot of people probably don’t realize the Dems are in control and can pass whatever they freakin’ want.

  2. Notice that the video features Sarah Palin.

    She’s not even part of the debate right now – she’s up in Alaska doing her job.

    • Sarah Palin wants you to pay for rape kits! That’s a health care issue, the Democrats’ plan will cover rape kits and nothing else.

    • The video is meant to distract you from the truth. They want you to blame the Republicans for blocking health care reform.

      I think Brad Woodhouse reads TC, because we have been saying they were making ‘Single Payer’ out to be the BoogieMan, because OBama won’t let them into the discussion table and has LOCKED them OUT!

      What is Obama afraid of? Yea, and Sarah Palin was featured out in front, and frankly the plan they (McCain/Palin) had looked more promising that what is being parlayed out now. It makes you wonder why Rush Limnut (“Sonia is a racist”) worked so hard against McCain.

      • I thought the same thing as I watched the video: Someone’s been eavesdropping on PUMA blogs.

    • She is the new Hillary effigy. Throw her image up and watch them hate.

  3. And soon Americans United for Change will be producing ads in support of President Obama’s plan to break the solemn promise America made to its senior citizens by dismantling Social Security with an expensive and risky privitization scheme.

  4. I hope that PUMAs target Reid, I know that I intend to do what I can to ensure he is held accountable if he fails to pass a health care plan.

    I’ve already started looking. Sharron Angle may not share my viewpoints but I’d just as soon be stabbed in the front than knifed in the back by Reid and his bunch.

    • Oh god, remember whenever anyone would complain about being guilt tripped into voting for the next useless DINO over someone decent in the primary, all the blogger boyz would squeal, “the only one of their awful votes you should care about is the vote for Harry Reid as majority leader”? I forgot all about that. That sure worked out wonderfully.

      • I’m done being guilt tripped. What are they gonna do revoke my seat at the progressive lunch table? Call me names? Heh, I’m so scared. Oh wait, no I’m not.

  5. Nevada is No.2 in the country for number of uninsured individuals.


    • Wow, all that money, and they don’t give a hoot about the people in their state not having access to Health Care. 😦 Not a good roll of the dice, to play with Health Care, as it is the leading cause of bankruptcies.

  6. http://www.robintitus.com/

    Another interesting candidate I might toss some money at to replace Senator Reid if he fails to enact comprehensive health care reform.

  7. That ad is mentally challenged. It’s ALL Obama’s fault. He chooses to be bipartisan on health care because he thinks they’ll work with them in the future. Bipartisanship doesn’t work, Democratic principles do. This is too important to lose.

    • I just wonder what they’re going to try and pawn the blame off on next. The 50 state strategy? That was their idea and it was obvious there was a built in flaw there.

      • They’ll blame women — it is women’s fault because, because — just because we happen to be smarter and more practical than most politicians.

        • Yeah, I’ve already seen a little of that. We suck because while we probably give the most votes to the Democratic Party in terms of raw numbers, our percentages are not the number one highest. We’re not pulling our weight and everything is our fault.

          • Obama’s “ferocious” OFA/reelection campaign is more afraid of a woman in 2012 (Hillary/Palin) than Republicans, right-wingers, Ahmadinejad, North Korea, you name it.

    • We can’t do a darn thing about Obama until 2012. The people that need to be focused on are the ones who will be up for election in 2010. Reid is already in trouble if you look at his poll numbers. Every single liberal ought to be screaming at him that if he doesn’t lift his fingers to help the uninsured and underinsured then they will not be lifting a finger to get him re elected. They’ll let him go down just like he let health care reform go down.

      • I dont’ necessarily believe that -if the American public gets fed up enough with his shinanigans – well, Nixon ended up leaving before his term was over… 😕

      • If you live in a state with that allows recall petitions, you might be able to act against your Senators *before* they come up for reelection. If you’re in one of those states and yourDemocratic Senator doesn’t push for real health care reform, you should work to *fire* him or her (and I have Mark Udall specifically in mind here).

    • I think you’re giving Obama too much credit here. It’s not a matter of Obama being “bipartisan” – he and the Republicans (and most of the Democrats) are working for the same folks. There aren’t two sides being represented here. There’s only one: the insurance companies and the financial institutions. When Obama made his very first speech on health care in Iowa back in May, 2007, he said he wanted to give the insurance companies “a seat at the table” (a sentiment he echoed, word for word, in the debates). That’s probably the only promise he has, or ever will, keep.

      Any “reform” plan we get out of this administration and this Congress will be a welfare plan for the insurance companies.

      • Obviously, that should read: “he has kept, or ever will keep”.

        The Confluence grammar police may feel free to taser me for that one.

  8. Harry’s uncomfortable numbers.


    IMO If the “progressives” can’t use their muscle to get someone so perilously close to losing his seat to do what they want then they might as well hang it up and admit that they are the DNC cheer squad. I’m done with their cowardly excuses too(but but but then the GOP would win and I might get called names like GOP r@tf*cker…).

  9. When writing to Senator Reid about health care reform
    it might be mindful to let him know that for every day he wastes playing kabuki with health care another dollar will go to this site.


  10. The LA Times had an article on June 19 about the supreme court changing the law that now it is harder for the victim being fired due to age to prove it and bring suit.

    Today there is not one branch of government that is for the American people.

    executive = backtrack saying just get me the checks we do not need the people.

    legislative = whores bought and paid for by corporations

    judicial = part time do nothings that make bad laws



  11. They are wasting the best political moment for a fairer healthcare. On purpose. That’s why the billion in financing and the blowing off of the other candidates.
    And the powerful resent ridicule too – and band together against it

    • That’s if Obama was ever really for any kind of health care reform that wasn’t just putting lipstick on a pig.
      Just another in a long list of falsehoods used to get votes from the gullible.

  12. I agree with everyone’s comments and I know that Obama is bought and paid for by the AMA, the ‘nonprofit’ hospitals and the insurance industry, but where is everyone else. I thought the fight would be different this time because the business community really does want the health care liability taken off their shoulders. Where is the AARP in this fight, are they afraid that if we all get healthcare like Medicare then Medicare will be diluted?? How about the 50-65 year-old AARP members, we would benefit from the expansion (especially now that we are going to have a harder time proving that we were fired because we are old and bitter)?

    I am so disappointed, I really thought that we would be able to join the developed world, healthcare wise, but I guess not in my lifetime.

    • Yeah, where is AARP. They are a little Obotic.

    • i agree BO is bought & paid but hes owned by more that just AMA,

    • In case you haven’t noticed, the AARP has a very cozy relationship with insurance companies (The Hatford, in particular). They make a lot of money by selling group plans to members who are too young for Medicare and have lost coverage at work.
      Don’t expect them to rock the boat. I belong to AARP, but I’m under no illusions about which side they’re on in this particular fight.

  13. You gotta love the title to this post in the Black Agenda Report: http://www.blackagendareport.com/?q=content/obamacare-non-existent-health-plan-begins-cuts

    I read an article in the NYT this past weekend about Obama cutting Medicare and Medicaid and payments to public hospitals to cover the uninsured. I said to a friend (Obot), “But there is no health care plan in place. What happens if he cuts these before there is?” She said, “He plans on making everyone insured.” I said, “But what if they aren’t?”
    The BAR gets it right: non-existent plan.

    • “He plans on making everyone insured.”

      In what dream world? He himself has repeatedly rejected the plans that require everyone to be covered. Get your head out of the Hopium Bong lady.

      • OMG. Exactly! He’s never supported making everyone covered. I remember trying to point this out to the obots during the primary whenever they would insist his and Hillary’s health care plans were the same.

    • That happened here in MA, and it’s been another disaster in our crappy insurance plan.

  14. It will be Obama and the Congressional Democrats fault. Blame them.

    That’s exactly why Obama would rather compromise than insist on UHC. “I’d rather have 85% of what we want but have more Republican votes, than 100% of what we want, but win by a vote of 52-48.”

    I still can’t believe he said that. Basically, he is admitting–I am going to cave on this so I can have political cover. This week I read that they were touting it as a “bi-partisan” bill. Bottom line: they care about their own careers and power base more than they care about the health of millions of Americans. The White House AND both houses of Congress, and they can’t get this done right?! It’s pathetic.

    • He cares more about his numbers and skin-deep popularity than he does about effective governing and good policy. But that’s obvious.

      There was a time, post election, when I wondered if The Confluence would run out of fodder for conversation and activism. Little did I know how much astounding b*llsh!t would come out of this administration.

  15. Jerelyn at TalkLeft has a great idea. Put a provision in the new healthcare bill that states that Congress will fall under its provisions. No more sweetheart deal for Congress’ health while the American people are left to fend for themselves. http://www.talkleft.com/

  16. What can we do to accelerate this effort?

  17. I find it interesting to see Chris Dodd’s interest in all of this. He’s on the bill with Kennedy. He seems to get involved in all areas where he is reimbursed in many ways by the companies he should be policing. You know banking, real estate, INSURANCE! http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php?type=C&cid=N00000581&newMem=N&cycle=2008
    The truth is the bill talks about mandatory insurance for all. It doesn’t talk about health care for all. It’s all about feeding the middle man. In Michigan here, many years ago, we went to mandatory auto insurance. We still have to pay a fee for the uninsured. Auto insurance in Michigan is very expensive compared to other states but AAA and all of the insurance lobbyist are happy with the arrangement. The poor are really hit hard. Some will get the insurance and take it off mid year. When they’re caught without insurance they have to pay big time “responsibility fees” to the state. I’m sure that will be the same for this kind of coverage. The bottom line is always about corporations, it’s not about the people.

    • Even if Dodd weren’t specifically on the take from the insurance companies, remember which state he represents. Insurance companies are among the largest employers in Connecticut. The latest figures I can find (December, 2006) say that there are 72 insurance carriers headquartered in the state, with a payroll of over 6 billion dollars (http://www.cga.ct.gov/2007/rpt/2007-R-0375.htm). Neither Dodd nor Lieberman would buck that kind of political power.

  18. They lied and cheated and stole the primaries to be in complete control. Now they are. They can do anything they want with their super majority. Whether they like it or not, everything they do now is who they are. Their souls are laid bare. We see who they are with everything that happens in the next two years. No slight of hand or distraction will help them. This is who they are.

    If we don’t get single payer or a reasonable compromise in health care, it’s because they don’t want it. If we don’t get an end to DADT or DOMA and a serious effort of repairing and enhancing women’s rights including choice, it’s because they don’t want it. If we don’t see an end of torture, lack of trials, and related illegal and immoral treatments of prisoners, it’s because that’s what they want and that’s who they are.

    DNC zombies are out in the sunlight. We can see them for who they are. Don’t be distracted by anything. They can’t pretend they’re something they’re not any more.

    • We knew better, but liberals out there should have known better:

      I should have known better by Julian says it well:

    • And to the DNC and Dem party: “Ever since you’ve been leaving me, I’ve been wanting to cry…. but it’s too late now for goodbys…”:

  19. Taiwan’s health care solution seems marvelous. Really should be in the mix here.


    The House released a plan with a public option. Doubt it will make it through without a huge push from the outside.

  20. […] Comments propertius on Red Herrings and Fall Guy…Outis on Saturday: Witnessing the coura…riverdaughter on Saturday: Witnessing the […]

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