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Left Behind


“Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man,

in whom there is no help” – Psalm 146:3

Two pieces of news this week – Bill Clinton meets with some bloggers and tells them to apply pressure to Congress and the Obama administration from the left and the Washington Post fires liberal columnist Dan Froomkin who was pressuring Congress and the Obama administration from the left.

Last week the LGBT community got a lump of coal in their stocking and this week it was healthcare reform advocates’ turn in the barrel.  Since he became the “presumptive nominee” Obama has broken so many promises that Arthur Silber advises:

Don’t try to keep a list of all of Obama’s broken “promises.” Instead, keep a list of the promises you think he made that he’s kept. In this manner, your work will be brief and undemanding.

So what are the nutroots focused on?  Getting religion.

From PZ Meyers:

Netroots Nation, the big lefty political/blogging meeting, is organizing sessions for their conference in August. Unfortunately, they seem have given up on the idea of a secular nation, because this one session on A New Progressive Vision for Church and State has a bizarre description.

The old liberal vision of a total separation of religion from politics has been discredited. Despite growing secularization, a secular progressive majority is still impossible, and a new two-part approach is needed–one that first admits that there is no political wall of separation. Voters must be allowed, without criticism, to propose policies based on religious belief. (emphasis added)

I wonder if Carrie Prejean will be on the panel for that discussion.

Times are tough in the Kool-aid Kingdom.  It’s like the epitaph on the hypochondriac’s tombstone says:

“I expected this, but not so soon.

What I didn’t expect was that we would be left behind in Left Blogistan.  Richard Nixon described the secret to getting elected President as a Republican as “run to the right as far and as quickly as possible in the primaries, then run back to the center as quickly as possible in the general election.”

Obama’s theory appears to be “run to the left in the primaries and then run to the center in the general election and keep on heading right after you’re elected.”  Obama hasn’t just broken campaign promises, he has betrayed some of his earliest and most loyal supporters.  Well, maybe not his earliest supporters and certainly not his biggest donors.  His moneybags backers should be really happy since they got exactly what they paid for – a conservative wolf in a liberal sheep’s clothing empty suit.

Despite the fact that Obama quickly morphed into Bush III, the Republicans kept calling him a socialist and threatened to obstruct pretty much everything he proposed.  This caused the sippy-kup kidz to rush to Obama’s defense, heedless of the fact that they crossed the border separating moonbat from wingnut, dragging the Overton window with them.

Those of us that never jumped on the Obama bandwagon Kool-aid kart are sitting here all alone in Liberal territory watching “progressive Democrats” defend the same policies for which they wanted to impeach Bush II, such as torture, indefinite detention and domestic spying.

Now, five months into Obama’s administration (and over a year since we warned them) some progressives are starting to wake up and smell the arugula.  But are they apologetic and contrite, humbly admitting that we were right all along?  Hell no!  They have nothing but contempt for our “paranoid band of shrieking holdouts” and act shocked and surprised as they wail that “nobody could have foreseen” what is happening.  They still think we are traitors for not supporting the man who betrayed them.  Go figure.

For years I used to get so frustrated by the way Democrats capitulated to the GOP when it really counted.  It was after the 2006 electoral tsunami that the truth begin to penetrate my think skull.  Even though they had just finished kicking ass and taking names in November, the first thing Nancy Botoxi did in January 2007 was take impeachment “off the table.”

The 2006 exit polling showed that the voters wanted to end the war in Iraq.  So what did the Democrats do?  They voted to fund it with nary a whimper.  All the GOP had to do in the Senate was threaten to filibuster and Dirty Harry Reid would fold like a cheap suit.  “We need bigger majorities and the White House too!” was their excuse.  Then Harry and Nancy (and Barack) led the stampede to pass the FISA revision with retroactive immunity in it.

Finally I realized the truth.  With the Democratic Party, failure is a feature not a bug.  They don’t want to win.  That’s why they hate Bill Clinton so much – he screwed up and won.  Twice. The Democratic victories in 2006 had more to do with the failure of the Republicans and the efforts of non-Villagers than it had to do with the DLC or DNC.

Now the Democrats have huge majorities in Congress and the White House but we’re still supposed to take an old cold tater and wait.  Meanwhile they want mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.

The lesson here is : You can’t trust any politician.

Not any of them, not even Hillary or the Big Dawg.  Put your trust in principles and ideology and advocate for the policies that reflect them.  Support only those candidates that will commit to what you believe in.  Demand promises from them before giving them your vote and then accept no excuses once they are in office.

Never cut politicians or political parties any slack.  Keep up the pressure – even if they did good in the past, keep asking them “What have you done for me lately?”


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68 Responses

  1. Yep

  2. Voters must be allowed, without criticism, to propose policies based on religious belief.

    So, while our country claims it is working toward bringing democracy to all the countries currently under religious rulers, we are trying to switch from a democracy to a rule by religion format here at home. How can we be so dumb?

  3. “Put your trust in principles and ideology and advocate for the policies that reflect them.”


  4. Hillary had surgery this a.m.:

    Hillary Clinton undergoes successful surgery: official
    2 hours ago
    WASHINGTON (AFP) — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton early Friday underwent “successful surgery” to repair her broken right elbow and she is expected to make a full recovery, a top aide said.
    Clinton, who is right handed, returned to her home in Washington after the two-hour surgery at a Washington hospital and will rest there with her family during the weekend, her chief of staff Cheryl D. Mills said in a statement.
    Her husband Bill Clinton, the former president, and their daughter Chelsea joined her late Wednesday after she fell in the State Department basement as she headed to her car for a meeting at the White House, officials said.
    Decisions about her schedule and plans for travel to Europe this week will be made in the coming days, Mills added.
    She is due at a meeting of the Group of Eight leading industrial countries in Trieste, Italy and talks of the Organization of Security and Cooperation on the Greek island of Corfu.
    “Her doctors at The George Washington University Hospital have advised her that they expect her to make a full recovery without lasting damage to her arm,” the statement said.
    “She, president Clinton, and Chelsea are grateful for the many prayers and messages of good will they have received these past few days,” Mills said.
    The three expressed appreciation for the “excellent care” provided by the medical team, her statement added.

  5. Speaking of religion (I keep saying he should have been a preacher or stayed a professor–those are his real skill sets):

    Obama: Bible’s guidance is timely

    WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama says the biblical command to “love thy neighbor as thyself” is as pertinent now as ever.
    The president said Friday that an entire community suffers when some members cannot pay their mortgages or find jobs. He called on Americans to work together to build a better future for everyone, including immigrants.
    Obama made his remarks at the Esperanza National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference in Washington.


    • Obama reminds me of a preacher.

      He promises salvation but you’ll be dead before you ever see it, and he always wants you to give him money.

      • Actually he’s more of a televangelist preaching to the camera.

        One of these days he’ll start healing people at town hall meetings.

        • LOL – I’d rather push him in a lake and prove to his followers that the waters will not part, and he really will sink like the rest of the mortal politicians.

    • I’m with you on his being a preacher, but I don’t think I want anyone else being trained/taught constitutional law by him.

      • good point. I was thinking, he could spend all day theorizing, “on the one hand…but on the other hand…”

  6. Yes, winning exposes Democrats for who they aren’t

    They don’t want that. Continuing to snow peple into thinking they’re for US is good for their real constituency. They actually have a bigger scam than the Republicans.

    • This is exactly what bb said about the Dems winning both houses. She wanted them to have it all, so they could either follow through or be exposed for the lying liars that they are.

      Now we now. I CANNOT BELIEVE they cannot get UHC through. As Obama said, “I’d rather get 85% of what we want but have more Republicans vote for it, than get 100% but only win by 52-48.”

      WTF? PASS THE DAMN THING–THE WHOLE THING! What a bunch of frightened weasels.

  7. This belongs in your greatest hits, myiq2xu

  8. “The lesson here is : You can’t trust any politician.”

    Yep. Exactly.

    And keep an eye on the money trail.

    • I keep repeating what my neighbor Antwoine kept telling me because it’s so wise:

      Doesn’t make any difference who they are or where they come from, you elect them and they turn on you …

    • And don’t forget the media. We can’t trust the Ministry of Truth either. The rule of thumb should be this: If the media likes a candidate, vote for his opponent.

      • Amen. One of the reasons I began to distrust Brand Obama during the primaries was that the Corporate Propaganda Media were lining up solidly behind him.

        However, I thought that the CPM and its rich masters actually wanted a GOP Prez again, and were just trying to saddle the Dems with a weaker candidate.

        I knew something was fishier than the Pacific Ocean when the CPM continued supporting Obama in the general election campaign, at the expense of their old BBQ buddy McCain, which is one reason I ended up voting for McKinney.

        I voted for Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004. Now I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and vote for Nader both times. The DINOs can join the Elephascists in kissing my @r$e. :mrgreen:

  9. There’s a far-gone Obot among the Americablog commenters cautioning that those who “love Obama” will no longer support LGBT right sif teh evul gay don’t stop saying bad things about their Lord and Savior.

    Anyone who loves any politician more than the Constitution is a cultist, not a liberal.

  10. Bill Clinton has completely won my heart. I used to be one of the critics, but I love the fact that he will not be muzzled and just doesn’t give a $&@”, knowing he and Hill will remain the only two Dems most people can stomach for the foreseeable future.

    • He’s a politician – keep your eyes open when you kiss him.

      • I don’t care what his motivations are, he’s doing the right thing even if he’s only doing it to stick it to Obama’s punkass. 🙂

  11. “The old liberal vision of a total separation of religion from politics has been discredited.

    Hey! I didn’t know the founders and framers of the Constitution were liberals!! Old, yes, but liberals? Wow.

    • And this from a con-law prof? it makes me sick to my stomach. He’s twisting the knife deep. And people still love him. I don’t get it. That is a sentence straight from the GOP. It makes me want to cry.

      • oops, I just realized it wasn’t Obama who said that, but the Nutroots folks. sorry. still, it’s sick and intellectually dishonest, and dangerous…

        • Well, it’s probably a paid astroturfer taking dictation from the con law prof in the “impeach earl warren” shirt, anyway.

  12. My 6th grader just got an award from Obama (President’s Education Awards Program). She knows how I fell about B0, so I said, “burn it, burn it” (kidding).
    I’m very proud of her for always getting good grades. Too bad she couldn’t have gotten it signed by Pres. HRC. (She has a card from Pres WJC from when she was born because I sent a birth announcemnt to the WH).

    • So you sent the WH a letter telling them that you just had a baby?

      • Yup. There’s an address you can send to the WH — you can send birth announcements, wedding invitations, bar mitzvahs, etc and you get a nice congrats card back from the Prez & spouse.
        I forget what the address is though — have to google it.

  13. Those of us that never jumped on the Obama bandwagon Kool-aid kart are sitting here all alone in Liberal territory watching “progressive Democrats” defend the same policies for which they wanted to impeach Bush II, such as torture, indefinite detention and domestic spying.

    This is the part of the insanity that has me shaking my head. How the hell can these obotomized idiots not realize that they are supporting the exact same policies they railed against when Bush was in power? The powers that be put a new figurehead in place and the obots just fell into line like well-trained mules.

    • “It’s 11th-dimensional chess and we mere mortals are too stoopid to understand.”


      “The Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform”

      Believing is easy once you get religion.

      • That was always my favorite argument. We are too stupid to understand their grand master plan! Okay, can I have concrete verification that Harry Reid has ever proved himself a strategic genius? Because the good thing about that argument seems to be it’s as unverifiable as it is counterintuitive and seemingly counterfactual.

      • As myiq wrote earlier: it’s tribalism. Cultism is the same thing.

  14. They may be spending too much time meeting with lobbyists instead of their constituents.

    Perhaps that’s what is needed….a limit on how much time per day our elected officials are allowed to be in the company of lobbyists. And, that’s whether they are being wined and dined, or bribed.

  15. Yep, the Oborg act just like the Busheviks.

    The only difference is one group shrieks “Donkeys good, elephants baaaaad!” while the other shrieks “Elephants good, donkeys baaaaad!”.

    • Awww, I meant that entry to be nested under gxm17’s 5:07 comment.

  16. One should be less concerned about Carrie and turn the focus to the real issue here: Sharia law. This is the issue.

  17. New Progressive Vision for Church and State? No…new forum…next phase for dissoulution of separation of church and state and Sharia…inclusion issues and laws….Wake up!

    • I know, doesn’t progressive and church just sound like about the biggest oxymoron you’ve ever heard? Perhaps it’s like the reformatting of creationism to creation science?

  18. Good post, myiq2xu. I had this epiphany a couple of years ago, and wrote about it here (http://falstaff-falstaff.blogspot.com/2008/05/withering-of-institutions.html) and here (http://falstaff-falstaff.blogspot.com/2008/06/once-again-when-bob-somerby-writes.html) and a few other places, when there was still a decision before us.

    Cliff’s Notes version: Parties go through cycles, as a function both of their own evolution and changing events/context. The Dems, since Vietnam, have been the anti-power party. As you say, they didn’t want to win. They distrusted winning — thought winners were bullies. They were, that is, unfit to govern. So even though most people disagreed with a great deal of the GOP agenda, at least those guys exhibited the sine qua non of someone seeking something: they wanted it.

    Starting in 2004, with the Dean campaign, stirrings of life began to appear in the Party — stirrings that blossomed in the Congressional elections in ’06, and, of course, last year. Obama isn’t the driver or manifestation of those stirrings — he’s their lucky beneficiary. He’s a last-gasp manifestation of the Anti-Power Party.

    The Clintons were anomalies in the modern Democratic Party, because they wanted power and knew what they would do if they got it. The Anti-Power Dems regarded them as monsters (thank you, Samantha Power), and Obama was the perfect vehicle for their self-indulgent, narcissistic fantasizing.

  19. Thanks for all the linky goodness in your post. I had an ‘a-ha’ moment when reading someone commenting on BTD’s post @ Big Dawg.

    Eveidently in Kevin Baker’s cover story for Harperstitled Barack Hoover Obama he said somethingabout Obama wanting to lead all these stirring changes but being unwilling to deal with the inevitable conflicts that such changes would entail. ( In my words: Obama is unwilling to sacrifice his image of Kumbaya politics and his personal popularity for ANY greater good.) A still less charitable version of the same sentiment: peace at any price.

    That has been my sense of Obama all along but I never achieved the succinct accuracy of Bacon…now I will have to hunt up Harper’s and read his article.

    And this also condenses my reaction to the primaries, when I preferred the hard headed woman, whose views I did not always agree with, but whose basic good heart I trusted, to the vague feel good fellow whose chief artribute appeared to be self promotion. And, FWIW, I think his performance thus far suggests that he believes he can separate his popularity from that of congressional democrats.

  20. Politicians are NOT to be trusted.

    And miq2xu is right about 0zero sounding like a preacher-man — promising salvation but wanting your money first.

    Or is that simply Chicago style politics?? Lying skunks — all of them.

    To the people who voted for 0zero simply because of the color of his skin (and his penis) — some may be waking up. But it is way too late — the damage is done and will be done — and it will be the NEXT generation who will be paying the price.

    Even the evangelical church I was raised in KNEW that the strength of the US was the separation of church and state — THEY didn’t want another religion taught in public school that would conflict with their brand of religion. They did not want religious prayers in school or teachers pushing one religon over another.

    What is it with the kool-aide drinking stupids? They are turning themselves into fools in order to support whatever they messiah is pushing.

    Voters must be allowed, without criticism, to propose policies based on religious belief.

    Well holly j%sus in f&cking hell — I believe that dogs are GOD! All worship the dog. Praise be to the dog.

  21. OK my comment went into the shredder — I used *&^% — rather than cuss words. Is Spammy perhaps retarded?

  22. Times are tough in the Kool-aid Kingdom.

    best line all day! LOLOLOL!

    great piece MIQ2XU!

    All eyes on Hawaii at this point.

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