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    William on It’s All Biden’s F…
    William on Pop culture sensations
    Beata on It’s All Biden’s F…
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¿Qué quieres tomar?

67 Responses

  1. The special tonight is Mojitos de Rico

    2 for the price of 1

    • nah, cadillac marguerita for me. Cabo Wabo if you have it and just fresh squeezed lime juice, the tequila, and of course, use cointreau, I’m in the mood for a first class hangover … not your bottom of the shelf kinda headache.

  2. Rico!!! Do you still have my Bota Box Merlot?

    With ice, please.

  3. I’ve been out all day so I don’t know if someone else has posted this from Alegre’s Corner. It’s a must read.

    Exclusive: NOW meets to elect new leadership – we’ve got the financial info and membership figures

    Does anyone here plan to attend the conference, is a NOW member, or lives close enough to the DC headquarters to update us on what is going on behind the scenes?

    • I’ve given up on NOW. They are THEN to me now.

      • Yes, but wouldn’t it be great if feminists like Violet Socks could replace Kim Gandy and make some significant changes within the organization? Unfortunately, NOW is one of the few high profile feminist organizations in DC and anyone here who still has a membership should do their part to elect better leaders.

      • Good one, Dak.

    • A brief overview of NOW: Revenue down. Expenses up.

      Frankly, since NOW no longer serves its constituency and instead has become a subsidiary of the White House and the DNC – let the party and president pick up their tab.

      • That post with Lynette’s research is something else. I wonder what else she’s been doing.

        With those figures, NOW will continue to be irrelevant.

        • It will be young, black and hip like Obama who will purportedly inspire young people like Obama but hope, change and progress didn’t work out. There is a principled, experienced, more qualified candidate again who would actually inspire through action but we continue to go down this road. The assets of Lyles and O’Neill combined would have been the perfect candidate.

          • and will not who will purportedly inspire

          • Sorry Democrats sucked out loud this week and it’s time for some red wine.

          • I don’t like that Gandy handpicked Lyles. Why would she do that if Lyles weren’t part of the useless wing? The little I’ve seen of Lyles, she said some good things but it makes me suspicious.

  4. I gotta go do the music for tits ahoy tonight. Don’t run out of tequila, I’m going to need it when I get back.

  5. ?Que’ hace que sus mojitos especiales, Rico?

  6. Remember that old SNL gameshow sketch-?Quien es mas macho? When Rico’s here, I always think of that and laugh. Prolly just gave away my age.

  7. {{{ strolls in and grabs a stool }}}

    Rico…buenas tardes. A Bloody Mary, tall glass, no horseradish and extra lime please. Do you have those pretty celery stalks too?

    Oh…and crushed ice.

    • sigh…while I wait for my drink, mind if I turn ESPN on? What? Old hockey tapes? Man, they don’t play like this anymore!

  8. I’d like a beer, but $9 for a Bud Light at the stadium is outrageous. You can buy at least a 6 pack for that price. If Griffey hits another homerun, it’d be worth it though…

  9. The other day it was in the 70’s here.

    Today it was in the 90’s.

    Ahnold declared a drought emergency for the area where I live.

  10. Just for myiq

    Zombie Neurobiology

    • That reminds me of some of the MIT and CalPoly analysis of books like Ringworld. (What is the tensile strength of scrith?)

      A year or so ago I saw an philosophical discussion of fast vs. slow zombies.

  11. This is for anyone who’s already had a bit too much to drink

  12. {{Doesn’t mind that the bar is empty and she’s talking to herself}}

    Geepers…there really is a website on every topic
    Hospital food from around the world.


  13. I’m praying I never end up on this website:


  14. The top 10 creepiest fast food mascots. And I totally agree with #s 1 and 10.


    • The Quiznos Rat/Hamster Thing

      I don’t know if they sold many sandwhiches, I guess not,but those ads always cracked me up. They are surreal .

      • That “thing” was super creepy. But not as creepy as the “Burger King” — he’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

        • What about Jack in the Box? Creepier than the king? I think he might be mute, he’d be extra creepy if he talked.

    • Can’t imagine this ad made anyone hungry

  15. And the top 10 most disgusting candies ever


  16. Reclusive Leftist has a new post up about Iran.

  17. myiq, boomer or KB — chk your mail please.

    I’m off to bed! nite.

  18. Rico, Motrin on the rocks. Do not twist. I zumba’d today. New instructor. She is crazy. Hardest workout of the year.

    • RD, here you go.

      Is THIS Zumba?

      • Sort of. This is more like the zumba we do. Actually, this clip has only 3 or 4 steps. It’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. Or, should I say, it *looks* easy. It’s really one of the most intense workouts you’ll ever do. But it’s also the most fun. 45 minutes just flies by. The music is pretty good too.

      • Today’s class was more like this:

        notie the sweat on the leader. Yeah. Like that.

        • Wow – I want a Motrin just for WATCHING that!! You’re doing that regularly? I’m totally impressed.

          Can you move you hips like that?

          • Our fitness center at work offers zumba one day a week. I run, strength train, spin and do other stuff about 4 days a week.
            Yeah, I can do the hip thing but I haven’t nailed the shoulders. And this new instructor is more uninhibited and freestyle. She’s like extreme zumba. Wild. Loads of fun though.

          • That’s really impressive. I can walk 5 miles a day but killer-aerobics well, kills me. I just can’t make myself do it.

          • If you have a chance to try zumba, do it. It looks tricky but you quickl get the hang of it. Most dances are like the cumbia and the salsa. The meringue is just fast, not hard. It’s the best aerobic class I’ve ever taken. We have a group of faithfuls who never miss a class. It’s the best kept secret at the fitness center. Most people who workout there have no idea how much fun it is. And we like it that way because there’s only room for 10 of us.

          • If you want to do aerobics but have a mental block (maybe you don’t care but if you ever do), an easy way is to get a tape from the library and write down all the moves. That way, you can break it up into shorter increments, plus once you have it all written down you can add up the total number of lunges or crunches or whatever and do them all at once. A lot of people get frustrated and confused trying to make quick transitions between moves, this way no one needs coordination. 🙂

          • I started walking an hour a day a few weeks ago and pilates, yoga and weights a week ago. We need preventive medicine now!

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