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Your Breakfast Read: Tweedly-deedly-dee!

The ominous clouds still hover over New Jersey.  It’s less than a week from the summer solstice and I am still wearing flannels.  It’s a balmy 62 degrees.  Brrrrrrrr!  What I wouldn’t give to be somewhere else.  Like…

Breakfast on Santorini

Breakfast on Santorini

Grab a seat, er, a chair.

On the newsfront, Hillary says she don’t know nothin’ about Twitter (she’s being coy), but apparently it’s very important to young people.  Er, I guess that would be us, the middle aged, uneducated womenfolk and guys of The Confluence.  Ok, at the risk of sounding like a Hillary groupie, which I could very well be, I just have to point out something that she says a lot but which seems to go over the Obots’ heads: she always grounds her reasons for doing or supporting things in some principle.  In the case of twitter and the Iran election:

Clinton said she considered it important to keep “that line of communication open and enabling people to share information, particularly at a time when there [were] not many other sources of information. . . . It is a fundamental right for people to be able to communicate.”

Making a decision is so much easier when you know what you stand for.  Obama should try it sometime.

Oh and check this out.

What a lovely shade of green.  She’s also a proponent of having votes counted (you have to wait til the very end).  Who knew?

By the way, Hillary broke her elbow on her way to the WH yesterday.  She will need surgery in the upcoming week to fix it properly.  Having broken my wrist in three places a couple of years ago, I sympathize.  The pain and swelling isn’t pleasant.  We hope it’s of short duration.

E.J. Dionne asks a very good question: “Where did we get the idea that the only good health care bill is a bipartisan bill?” I was wondering when someone in Versailles would start to snap out of it.  Bipartisanship in itself is not a goal.  Affordable, universal healthcare is the goal.  And once you figure that out, you also quickly realize that Republicans don’t really want affordable, universal healthcare.  Way to go, E.J.!  He can be taught.  Give him a biscuit.

The NYTimes reports that Ayatollah Khamenei blinks again.  Iran’s Guardian Council is offering to meet with the opposition candidates to discuss their grievances.  I like the way Moussavi, Karoubi and others are handling the uprising but this meeting could be tricky.  The Guardian Council appears to be offering an olive branch with the expectation that the protestors will get sick of waiting and go back to work.   The meetings are scheduled for next week or Saturday at the earliest.  Why wait?  Why not today? Let’s get down to business. The disruption in telecommunications must be doing a number on day to day business.  It’s a showdown.  Stay tuned.

For the parents out there who think the world has gone mad trying to keep kids ultra safe, check out one of my new favorite blogs by Lenore Skenazy called Free Range Kids.  Some of the stories she has assembled make you scratch your head and say WTF???  Yes, you really can overdo the safety thing.  Let’s give back childhood to our kids and quit micromanaging their lives.  (She says as she quietly commits her daughter to 5 weeks of intense algebra)

Podcasts du Jour: Paul Krugman gave a series of lectures in London last week and he has made them available for the rest of us via podcast.  I listened to parts 1 and 2 yesterday.  Sometimes, he gets a bit geeky and I’m no economist so some of it goes over head.  But you should be able to follow along pretty well and get the gist of it.  Krugman’s style is, well, a bit geeky.  It take a little getting used to but he’s got some charming antedotes and appreciates Monty Python and finds CD players in cars newfangled innovations.  Highly recommended.

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47 Responses

  1. Bipartisanship in itself is not a goal. Affordable, universal healthcare is the goal.

    a point that keeps getting forgotten….if one googled about the health care bill , I’d bet heaps more hits would come up for “bipartisanship” , than ” affordable”

    Today ” bipartisan ” means the blame is shared

  2. Hey, be grateful. It’s in the 50’s here, rain and high of 66. In mid-June!!

  3. Our long spring (in Kansas) ended yesterday with temperatures in the 90s and 80+ percent humidity.

    I miss it already.

  4. That’s what gets me. The temperatures are either 59 or 90

    • It’s a socialist plot, I tells ya’!

      • Please….my father at one time was convinced that the Russians were messing with the weather,

        • My grandfather maintains the Canadians have been screwing with the jetstream as payback since we sent them Celucci. 🙂

  5. what’s cracking me up is that Obama’s big too-do-doo! press conference yesterday, in announcing federal benefits for the gays, he was signing a memorandum of benefits that gay fed government employees already had…

    can you say, “flim flam”? I knew ya’ could…

    • I knew it was a con but didn’t know it was that big a con. So the “big” executive order really did nothing. Ha.

      • it becomes pretty obvious when Hillary already did as much in the State Department… apparently the only restriction is that the Head of Whatever has to extend the benefits.

        might have been a real deal (sorta) if there had been health benefits and survivorship benefits extended, but of course, once again a great big FAIL. The excuse they’re using is that DOMA forbids it is also a great big pile of steaming BS. Except that the Fed could recognize domestic partnerships – DOMA only forbids “marriage”… and the partnerships don’t define that way…

        the whole thing is a great big con… The Chicago Way…

  6. She was not wearing green but blue.

    • It sure looks green in the video

      • Someone played with the video. I saw the pictures and she was wearing blue. Look at the background. It is dark green and the whole video has a light green color around it. The blue in the Israel flag is darker and the Israel Foreign Minister’s suit looks dark green.

      • Who was really cheated in Iran’s vote? Women.

        During the campaign, Iran’s feminists found a voice in the popular opposition candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi, a former prime minister. He promised to disband the morality police, reform the many laws that treat women unequally, and appoint women to high posts. He campaigned with his wife, Zahra Rahnavard, a prominent academic and author of 15 books. The two appear to be a loving couple, displaying a modern equality to Iranian women. But he “lost” the vote – even in his hometown, which was yet another sign that the fix was in.

        You think it is being photo ‘edited’ for the print media? Since learning that women in and out of Iran are now saying it is a

        ShohrehAghdashloo;”Women’s Movement for Iranian women”

        and being that Hillary knows about ‘Women’s Rights are Human Rights’, I would say I am seeing green too.

        • Not that I know a lot about her dressing codes but it was not green. Hillary loves blue. I think she has it in every shade. One can support the women of Iran without wearing green. Either it happened when the video was being uploaded on youtube or someone made it look green.

      • It’s blue. I’ve seen pictures of her from yesterday (probably where she fell) and the outfits definitely a lovely shade of blue. This video has what appears to be a yellow filter. Obviously yellow+blue is gonna make her look like she’s wearing green–and having liver failure.

        • Count on Regency to know anything Hillary related 🙂

          • Of course. Sucks that I was actually looking at them when I found out that she’d hurt herself. *sigh* That woman is gonna drive me to an early grave.

    • Let’s do a poll on who sees her wearing Green and who sees her wearing Blue. That should settle things.

      • If you watch an awards show or something, the colors of clothes often are totally different between video and still photo. I don’t know how to tell which medium is more color-true usually, but if Reg says the TV camera has a yellow filter we can take it to the bank. 🙂

  7. No socialist plots for the weather here. Average forecast high for the next 7 days, 99. Lows in the mid 70s. Then next week it’s supposed to get hot.

  8. moderation

  9. Twitter has distanced itself from State Department revelations that it asked the company to delay maintenance so Iranians could continue to communicate.

    One 25 year old who has found himself on the virtual front lines of this world event is Austin Heap, an IT director in San Francisco.

    Over the weekend he started collating a working list of proxy server addresses and his easy-to-follow instructions on how to set one up made him famous overnight.

    This article doesn’t mention it, but another one I read mentioned he was now receiving email death threats and still kept going. I saw some others doing proxies (at first I didn’t understand what they were doing) from the UK and a couple from other countries that were setting up videos on youtube pretty fast from contacts inside Iran.

  10. I must say, breakfast in Santorini is quite nice. :O)

    Poor Hillary!

  11. Moving to Santorini might be a good thing….
    poor Hillary.

    You guys — AL GORE is building cars! NON-GREEN.



  12. This is the first I’ve heard about Hillary’s broken elbow. Not that I’m glued to the MSM anymore, but I had the teevee on a couple of times. The Secretary of State breaks her elbow in a fall, and coverage is minimal at best but, Obama swats a fly, and we get wall to wall coverage.

  13. Iran regime arrests ailing reformer Ebrahim Yazdi in hospital bed

    The senior prosecutor in the province of Isfahan threatened demonstrators with execution, claiming that they were controlled by foreigners.

    The regime could yet seek to crush the protests with a Tiananmen Square-style offensive, but the political elite is deeply split and there are said to be divisions even within the Republican Guard.

    What will be the out come? I saw one video where the police were protecting the protesters from some other form of police (maybe the federal version?).

  14. ((jumping up and down, waving arms: Hillary groupie here!!!)))

    & proud of it. speaking of which:

    Partnering Against Trafficking
    By Hillary Rodham Clinton


  15. Marie Cocco has written some excellent pieces in WAPO regarding women, and was a Hillary defender. Here she examines the waffling on health care.

    Why Patch-And-Fill Won’t Do
    By Marie Cocco


  16. Ahmadinejad Heckled outside a Mosque

    Well, I would say more people are joining the protests and that possibly he will call home some place other than Iran soon, if this video is true.

  17. “Making a decision is so much easier when you know what you stand for.”

    This is so true–whether it’s politics, education, parenting, anything. Right action flows from right values. Hillary knows that, and I think that’s why she often seems so calm, grounded, and well prepared for whatever happens.

    And hearing her talk about the voters’ right to have their votes count, an almost verbatim repeat of what she said during the primary, made me respect her so much and also feel sad.

  18. Live Stream from Iran…

    Don’t know how long it will last.

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