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This is what a feminist looks like

Spare me the “she’s an anti-choice conservative” bullshit.  So is Obama.

Sarah said more in defense of women than NOW did.

From Transcript (unofficial):

Here’s the problem, Matt – the double standard that has been applied here. One, let’s talk politically, the double standard. First, remember in the campaign, Barack Obama said the family’s off-limits – you don’t talk about my family. And the candidate who must be obeyed – everybody adhered to that and left his family. They haven’t done that on the other side of the ticket, and it has continued to this day. So that’s a political double standard. But here again, the double standard when it comes to acceptance of a celebrity being able to get way with a disparaging comment that does erode a young girl’s self-esteem and does contribute to some of the problems that we have in society.


He doesn’t have to apologize to me.

I would like to see him apologize to young women across the country for contributing to that–kind of that thread that is throughout our culture that makes it sound like that it’s okay to talk about young girls in that way. Where it’s kind of okay and accepted and funny to talk about statutory rape. It’s not cool. It’s not funny.


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221 Responses

  1. Brava, Sarah!

    • She GETS IT. What’s unacceptable for Rush Limbaugh (the Chelsea joke) is unacceptable for Letterman. That guy stopped being edgy or cool or hip decades ago.

    • I already had respect for Palin as a strong intelligent woman. After watching her defend, not only her daughter but the millions of young women and women in general, I’ve come to respect her even more.

      Don’t get me wrong. I do not agree with her political positions. In fact I abhor most, if not all, of what she represents as a Republican. But, as a woman…I admire her.

      This is what a Feminist Looks Like whether the left want to acknowledge it or not!

      Too bad she’s a Republican!

  2. She was really impressive today. lauer, on the other hand, was an a**hole.

    • Lauer is at least a bit fairer than his counterparts on MSNBC. However, he still doesn’t get it and he still can’t connect the dots between the disparaging and insulting remarks made about women and the high rate of sexual abuse, trafficking, domestic violence, rape, and murder of women all over the globe. When will it end and when will so-called liberal men stand up with us to stop the verbal and physical abuse against all women?

      The women’s orgs should be ashamed too. When a woman who is a conservative Republican says more on national television about sexism more than any of them have said since Hillary Clinton decided to run for president says a lot about how the so-called feminist movement has fallen. They only came out after the Palin v. Letterman feud became a huge story and Palin responded.

      • The women’s orgs should be ashamed too. When a woman who is a conservative Republican says more on national television about sexism more than any of them

        What does her being a conservative have to do with anything? Shouldn’t she speak out as just a woman and why is feminism only attributed to non conservative women.
        Sexism has existed for a long time, why didn’t conservative women speak out against it before? Why wait for the non conservative women and why is it only them being held accountable?

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about lauer. Why on earth would anyone subject their daughter to an old man who said something so vile about them or their sister – or any girl for that matter? Why does lauer think that needs to be explained? She handled it very well.

      • She sure did. She was composed and graceful. I, on the other hand, wanted to hand him a slapdown.

        Sarah Palin is a leader. The more these jerks pull her into the limelight, the more her strength and composure will become apparent to people.

        • Not an “uh” or an “um” anywhere in her responses to all of his questions.

          I’m still completely stunned by how the attacks against her, and everything she does gets so much media attention. She was the VICE Presidential candidate. When in our history has the candidate on the bottom of the ticket, first term run, ever gotten so much attention.

          Those who seem to be the most obsessed with her try to claim she’s stupid and really scarey….like we haven’t had THAT before….Cheney, Quayle, GWH Bush, anyone?

          • The more they disparage her, the more composed she is. This woman is impressive, if for nothing else other than her courage to face them down. And they hate her for it.

          • We haven’t had a VEEP candidate like her before.

            They can say she’s scary like Quayle, but they’re not afraid of her because she’s “scary stupid.”

            They’re scared of her because she’s smart, courageous, tenacious, personable, sexy, charismatic, and real. She’s got good political instincts and actual experience in AK working across the aisle. She’s an actual leader with actual skills of governance.

            In short, she’s got personal attributes like Hillary’s and like Hillary, she poses a threat to B0.

          • If Obama uses “uh” or “um” throughout an interview, the media whores say he is being thoughtful.

            If any woman did the same thing, she’d be labeled a dumb b*tch throughout the so-called progressive blogosphere, late night talk shows, and cable news.

  3. That woman has more courage and leadership than Obama has in his little finger.

    Not that I didn’t already know that.

  4. I think she needs to drop the “won’t let Letterman alone with my teenage daughter” spiel. I think that degrades the credibility of her argument.

    But otherwise she’s great. She’s using her position to full value, and she’s doing it with grace, assertiveness, and courage.

    It’s amazing how the village protects its own. NBC protects Letterman? Why is that?

    • Lauer brought it up and tried to use it against her. She parried his attack pretty well.

      She’s getting much better at hostile interviews.

      • I thought it was great when she said “you can interpret it how you want.” (or words to that effect) She didn’t let him box her in–right Matt, now she’s the inappropriate one–not) and she didn’t back down.

        Your title said it all: THIS is what a feminist looks like.

      • I wouldn’t want a 14 year old girl in Letterman’s company. Mental abuse through the kind of attitude he has toward women is just as damaging as the physical.

      • she is a quick study.and very smart..

    • I don’t think her last comment about not leaving Letterman alone with her teenage daughters went too far. He’s a creepy old man who has made millions on sexist jokes for years. The way he disparaged Hillary Clinton and her family shouldn’t be forgotten either.

      Why should any mother feel comfortable allowing their daughter to defend herself with an old man who has proven to have no shame or respect for women?

    • I would feel exactly the same way. If some any man said something disparaging about my daughter – there would be no contact, period. That satement did not say “ALONE with my teenage daughter” – it says “wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman” and that is very different.

      I can’t think of any parents who would allow a person to have access to a child after making such a statement.

    • Well, the beauty is we can all agree to disagree. For me, Letterman has never shown a liking to little girls, in fact, his wife is a surprisingly normal looking woman and pretty much his age, therefore, IMHO that argument isn’t valid.

      But the rest, definitely is.

      • You think a control freak like Letterman would choose a woman who he didn’t feel superior to? He’s a 2 out of 10 for looks. He gets to control her by making her feel LUCKY that he took a second glance. Then he made her wait 5 years before he allowed her to think his son was good enough to deserve a commitment on the part of his father.

        Argument is quite valid on Letterman’s not being trusted around young girls because of his leaning toward mental abuse.

      • You miss the point – Palin’s statement did not suggest Letterman would molest any of her daughters – that was lauer’s suggestion.

        Who would allow somebody access to their child after a statement like Letterman made? You are right, however, Letterman is not showing a “liking to little girls” with his “joke” – rather – he is showing more of a disliking.

      • pretty much his age
        I think 14 years difference in age isn’t quite pretty much his age.

      • Letterman lived with his wife for YEARS before she got pregnant and then only married her to placate his son. I think he’s the type who is afraid he’d have to”share the loot” with the mother of his son. He doesn’t like women, in fact, I don’t think he really likes anyone, especially himself.

      • More importantly, the America people are watching NBC/MSNBC, owned by GE, circle the wagon to find any excuse they can to protect their own groupie employee (Somerby says Letterman is still in the “cool kids” above-it-all clique), at the expense of a 14 -year-old girl.

        THAT fact alone, for most decent Americans not interested in protecting a corporate Village, is what will discredit Lauer, Morning Joes, Contessa-dahling, Arianna (as a guest on MSNBC), Tweety, Olbermann, and Maddow.

        THEY will look like the abusers by attacking the mother of the child Letterman verbally abused.

        Won’t go down in Peoria.

      • She didn’t say Letterman was going to molest her daughter. She’s talked a lot about psychological harm. He’s a cretin who has awful attitudes about women. I wouldn’t want my sisters around John Kerry, either–not because of sexual abuse but because they don’t need some creepy old guy filling their heads with stereotypes or telling them they’re worthless.

        • Why would Willow WANT to be anywhere near him, and why should her parents want to , either?

          Talk to the hand, Letterman.

          • Yeah, no kidding. Hey, Willow, good news, we’re taking you to see the guy who said you got knocked up by A-rod! Woo hoo! Ridiculous.

    • She’s only thinking of the old goat’s safety.

    • Were I Willow, my mom would say that same “Don’t let Sandra alone with him” stuff, too. Because she’d know that I was planning to kick him in the balls.

  5. Lauer:

    Governor – at the end if your statement you said that:

    a joke like this contributes to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.

    Now, it was a joke. It was probably by most standards in bad taste but can you really [incredulous] connect the dots to criminal activity the way you did in that statement?

    Wow! It’s like feminism never happened.

    • Shorter Matt Lauer:

      Can’t the little lady take a joke?

    • It didn’t happen in their world.

    • Yea, anyone who can’t connect the dots has obviously not thought a lot about feminist issues or the extremely high level violence against women worldwide as well as the issues of anorexia, bulimia, and self-esteem issues that young girls deal with BECAUSE of insults like this made by their classmates, the magazines they read and the shows they watch, and guys like David Letterman who think it’s okay to joke about a young girl being raped by an older man. It’s part of the reason why so many women who are attacked feel too ashamed to even report these crimes to the authorities.

    • Does David Letterman want to joke about this too?


      A Somali girl who said she had been raped has been stoned to death in Somalia after being accused of adultery, a human rights group has said.

      Amnesty International said in a press release on Friday that the victim, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, had been 13 years old – not 23 as earlier reports had suggested.

      Duhulow was stoned to death on October 27 by dozens of men in a stadium packed with 1,000 spectators in the southern port city of Kismayo, Amnesty International and Somali media reported, citing witnesses.

      The armed group in charge of Kismayo had accused her of adultery after she reported that three men had raped her, Amnesty said.

      • Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls

        In this exclusive, illustrated video, Mary Pipher, Ph.D., discusses the challenges facing today’s teenagers, especially girls, as well as the role of media and popular culture in shaping their identities. She offers concrete ideas for girls and boys, families, teachers, and schools to help girls free themselves from the toxic influences of today’s media-saturated culture.

        • Something is causing all these teenage girls to text their nude photos around school.

          The demeaning attitude toward women seems to be getting much worse. I know my dad never, ever would have tolerated the sexism of today.

          • Uh, I’m pretty sure that at least one factor causing teen girls to text their nude photos around school is their SEX DRIVE. Teen girls have sex, and many of them do it because they WANT TO.

            I’m not saying there isn’t any other factor involved, I’m familiar with peer pressure and controlling relationships and women being valued only as sexual beings. But let’s not act like these girls aren’t also being acted upon by the fact that they’re exploring their sexuality in a new, and not unprecedented way.

        • This is a great video, and her book of the same name, is one I recommend to all parents of adolescent girls.

          I love her comment: “Cultural change is a million acts of individual kindness and courage”

          Not really what we got with B0 and his followers, is it now?

          If these media folks had ever stopped and asked themselves “what would constitute kindness toward Willow Palin in this situation?”, then maybe the answer would have led them to be courageous on air instead of acting like blind misogyny apologists.

      • How truly sad and heart breaking. 😥

      • How do we send this story to Lauer? What an awful end to a young life.

    • Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity

      While the social construction of femininity has been widely examined, the dominant role of masculinity has until recently remained largely invisible. Tough Guise is the first educational video geared toward college and high school students to systematically examine the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century.

      Sarah is right about the impact on our society and the damage and this video helps to connect the dots to those that can’t see that misogyny does damage to both men and women. Our children deserve better than the current vile, misogynistic, violence that is promoted in the media today as being hip.

      • Good point about damaging women and men. Human rights violations and violence and oppression are damaging to everyone, even to those not directly targeted.

    • But, but, but… Ideas don’t lead to ACTIONS!! Not Ever!

  6. Another comment:

    I’m old enough to remember when Joe Piscopo(sp) played Letterman on Saturday Night Live. Piscopo was brilliant, may have been cutting (but not toward ANYONE’s teenage daughter).

    David Letterman had no sense of humor about it at all…couldn’t take the joke.

    But of course, the “little lady” is supposed to take the crude, disgusting joke about her daughter?

    I don’t actually ever want to see the day, but it would be *theoretically* interesting to see someone poke fun at Letterman’s knocking up his girlfriend and having to marry her before A-rod got to her…or whatever. What would his reaction be?

  7. im everytime i hear Sarah i like her more & more .
    you tell,em Sarah

    • I wish she was a liberal.

      She’s more liberal than Obama but then so is Ronald Reagan.

      • She’s definitely more liberal than many “liberals” are.

      • Myiq, I am surprised by your statement. If she were a liberal she wouldn’t be the person she is today. Would she even be speaking to Matt at all? The same goes for you. Lets learn to embrace people for what they are and not what we want them to be. That is how this country wound up with Barack Obama. It is okay to like Sarah Palin and be a liberal. I never come to TC thinking, I wish they were conservatives.

      • Give me a real conservative over a fake liberal any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

        • Once again, RalphB, yep.

          • The choice is really easy for me. I want to trust that I know what I’m getting. If I’m not lied to, I can deal with just about anything.

  8. If you listen carefully you can hear the heads of Failbot blogstalkers exploding.

    “Myiq2xu is condeming sexism again! Buh . . . buh . . .BUT HE TOLD SEXIST JOKES BEFORE!!!!”

    {{popping sounds}}

    Yeah, I admit – I am not pure and innocent. I didn’t get it until last year.

    What’s their excuse?

    • I’ll give the Failbot blogstalkers credit – they aren’t hypocrites.

      They spew sexism and misogyny with every breath, but they don’t condemn anyone else for doing it too.

      • Who else was it that we could point to that was too stubborn to learn from his mistakes and actually change positions?

        Oh that’s right, it was BUSH.

        These people are too stupid to realize they have become exactly what they once proclaimed they were dead set against.

  9. As usual, “That Sarah she no backdown!”

    I am embarassed that most Black leaders who have weighed in on everything under the sun in the past are not backing Sarah Palin in this.

    You don’t have to be a political kindred spirit to defend against blatant sexism and misgyny, and against attacking people through their children.

    Imagine if anyone dared suggest that any sdult man had a sexual interest in Sasha or Malia. That person might have to hideout in Cheney’s old undisclosed location.

    • They would find themselves hiding out at Gitmo

      (with an unlimited free pass to to the Richard B. Cheney Waterboard Park)

    • She got in a nice dig against Obama, too.

      I think BOTH B & M Obama need to comment on the non-stop bashing of Palin via nasty and judgmental attacks on her daughters. They got the media to leave Michelle and daughters alone just by asking, for heaven sake.

      W, too. He put his daughters off-limits after all their underage drinking arrests.

      Would be nice if that pig, McCain would finally come out and denounce all these idiots for defending Letterman, too.

      • Why does McCain need to denounce anyone? Sarah can take care of herself and McCain is not beholden to her now that the presidential campaign is over.

        • Leaders lead, and he’s a leader in the Republican party.

          Sexism and misogyny aren’t partisan issues

          • He is a leader in the RINO party. There are many leaders in the Republican Party who have spoke out against Letterman. But this mob against anyone who does not defend someone is really getting out of hand and is more misogynistic than the behavior that causes the outcry. As a woman I don’t need a man to defend me. Why is NOW defending Sarah Palin? That is the better question. Those are the women who claim to be for our rights. Who cares what the hell McCain says? Sarah went on TV and did a better job herself. We are supposed to be moving away from the patriarchy, not running to it when we get sand thrown in our faces at the playground.

          • If the leaders of both parties denounced this kind of stuff maybe it would stop.

            That applies to corporate bigwigs and media personalities too.

            Imagine if advertisers and celebrities all boycotted Letterman or anyone else who said that kind of thing.

            Once upon a time racism was socially acceptable – now it’s not.

            Why not do the same thing with sexism and misogyny?

          • Racism is still socially acceptable. You saw it during the election.

          • Exactly. Until the men in leadership roles begin to stand in protest of these attacks on women simply because they are women, we cannot hope to see an end to this.

            McCain failed to stop this during the campaign, and he needs to own up to that.

          • So that is like saying that blacks needed whites to get ‘the man” off their backs. Sorry, i am not buying this. I do not feel that every time something is said about Sarah Palin, McCain has to come trotting out to defend her. If that is the standard then she has a long way to go when he dies. Maybe the point would come across better if the man were liberal like Bill Clinton or Oh I forgot he victimized women too. I liked him but that is the truth.

            Women take care of yourselves. Sarah you did just fine without McCain or Romney, Newt…etc.
            You can’t have a new beginning until you learn to stop depending.

          • Men need to speak out too

          • Oh come on. If this were a guy, all Republicans would be falling all over themselves to denounce this. They’re a team, but when it comes to her it’s like screw off, you’re on your own–and that’s a wonderful example of letting her fight her own battles? Not buying it. She’s shown she’s more than capable of fighting her own battles and McCain’s and everyone else’s. That’s no excuse for the lack of support. I don’t see anyone else screaming let me alone! You’re infantslizing me! I must never ever be helped by anyone! When all the other Republicans come to his aid.

          • Who said that Sarah was not being supported by Republicans it is all the fuck we have been talking about for the last week? Remember I blog about Sarah even when she is not on teh Today show. What is this like the 2 or 3rd post about Sarah since 2009?

            Who is buying your support?

          • Are you the leader of the Republican Party? We know Sarah has grassroots support, like Hillary, but also like Hillary she doesn’t seem to have much support from the political establishment. They call her when they want something, but when she needs backup they seem to have other priorities.

            I don’t know what you’re talking about. We talk about Palin, and if she runs I’ll switch to independent to vote for her in the primary.

          • Perhaps many of us see the quiet men as quiet because they see nothing wrong with what has been said.

            Those are the kind of people who need their strong role models to TELL them it was wrong.

            Obama is being defended constantly, and for things he has done that are WRONG. We need strong voices for the side of what is RIGHT, too. It’s how society learns.

      • meeee2,
        I agree that Obama (Mr. “families are off-limits”) is being a hypocrite in remaining silence in the face of continued sexist Palin family bashing. Of course, what is new?

        I disagree that McCain is a pig. McCain has a lot of respect for strong, independent women. For example, look at his support for his wife & daughter, who have definitely chosen unconventional paths in humanitarian aid support & inter-ratial adoption (Cindy) & politics (Meghan). Despite the sexist blond-hair bimbo description of these ladies in MSM, they always struck me as smart, independent, non-stepford types.

        I have also heard that on the campaign trail, that he had more close women staffers than Obama’s team. (I’m not completely sure, though, on this last point and would appreciate if someone could confirm whether it is true or not)

        McCain’s pick of Palin also shows that he has more guts and self-esteeme to stand side-by-side with a woman leader, than most Fauxgressives and Demopublicans.

        I’m a radical left leaning person (though now happily registered Independent) …

        I did not vote for McCain (because I disagreed with his some of his philosophies) but I feel he is an *honorable* man on many levels (and in my book, a feminist to boot).

        He is no pig.

        In fact, I believe he is anti-pork 😉

    • I would like for Bill and Hills to come out strongly against the mistreatment of the Palin family. I think it would shame the Obamanation and force them to say enough is enough.

      The Clintons have plenty of authority here because noone in living memory has taken more shots and abuse more bravely than they have. They also have a daughter and they know what this is all like.

      I hope that the reason most Obamatrons are so full of ugliness is because they a young and haven’t developed any class yet. Letterman is old and has no excuse.

      • I agree that if the Clinton family stepped up on this it could have a large positive effect. I’d love a statement from any of them, especially Chelsea.

        • Ooh. That’s good. Because Chelsea would in a lot of ways be immune from political fallout. Also, I desperately want to see her more in the public eye, just because I think she’s so smart and classy and wonderful. Ideally, I’d like to see her get into politics.

  10. I wish people would stop calling sex with a 14 year old “Statutory Rape” as if it were some how a lesser offense than rape. In my state, the scenario of the “joke” would put the offender in prison for 20 years to life.

    • I’m sick of the “he meant Bristol” defense of Letterman.

      As if calling a 18 year-old single mother a whore makes it all better.

      • agreed. Is this a sharia state where you can do whatever you want to a woman if shes not a virgin and not married? Im sorry but if this is so, then we have just stepped back into a very dark place.
        its not nice to say you can rape someone just because she doesnt come from your tribe.

      • I agree, the excuse (cough, cough…ahem…) I mean defense is Chicken Sh-t.

    • I believe that it’s called “statutory rape”, not becaue it’s less than rape of an older woman, but because any sex by an adult male with an underage female is considered rape, whether consensual or not. In other words, this legal term was created to protect girls from manipulation by older males.

  11. I am glad you guys posted about this. I will later on my blog. I was beginning to wonder if PUMA had backed off from Sarah Palin. It is good to see that she is still supported here. I am pleased with her confidence in dealing with Matt Lauer.

    • I wouldn’t say we “support” her.

      We damn sure will defend her though.

      • Thanks for the info. Guess I am not supported here either but thanks for defending me.

        • Why do you need support? Are you running for office?

          I’ll defend you and your right to express your opinions, but I’m a liberal.

          • Actually I am running for office. Afrocity (R-IL)

            It is not a question of liberal or conservative. When you say you defend someone but would not support them against a dirt bag like Barack Obama that is just as hypocritical as the people who told PUMAs that we had to vote for Obama because he is a Democrat. Remember if you truly supported Hillary you would vote for Obama. I did not buy it then and won’t know.

            I vote for the person not the party.

            Sarah does not need any “pity” defense. It is disingenuous.

          • Strawman much?

            I am a liberal – I support candidates that support a liberal agenda.

            I am not supporting conservative Republican candidates for President. I will decide who I am voting for when the time comes.

            Condemning misogyny and sexism is not about feeling pity for the victims – it is standing up for principles.

          • No need for ACORN to knock on your door.

          • Defending someone is the same as standing with them. I don’t believe myiq2xu is trying to act like some Alpha male that is needed to protect the little wimmens. He’s behaved badly in the past, admitted and apologized, and now stands beside us to rail back against those who want to keep women down.

            That is not a bad thing and it’s something women everywhere should welcome.

            African Americans were able to make progress with the help of others who stood beside them in solidarity. Women need that also.

    • Sarah Palin: Letterman Should Apologize to All Young Women (Video) http://guerillawomentn.blogspot.com/2009/06/sarah-palin-letterman-should-apologize.html


      TGW, has a couple of thread on it, because it is simply wrong to continue to attack Palin and her children for no reason and it hurts all women and families as a whole to support misogyny.

      We Must Divest From Misogyny, Our Very Lives Depend On It!

      • I didn’t say that Letterman should not apologize. I said that it is crazy to think that McCain has to prop her up every instance something bad is said about her. Expecting him to take that role is in itself, the patriarchy at work once again.

        • Oh C’mon, If McCain spoke out at the misogny directed at Sarah Palin that would not be propping her up. It would be doing the right thing. Not only should McCain speak up, all men should.

          • i dunno. its smacks of patriarchalism to say it would be better if an older man spoke up for her, than if she spoke for herself.
            like she needs a man who is worth more to defend her. Or like she needs daddy a husband or a similar close male relation to speak for her.

          • Then I guess McCain should apologize for letting her fight his battles during the campaign. He’s a wimp and less than a man. He almost never responded to Obama’s attacks. Surrogates did it for him. That means he hid and cried?

          • When Obama attacked his disability, he should have challenged him to a duel to prove his toughness instead of not dignifying it with a personal response and letting spokespeople handle it.

          • I’m with Karagush on this one. It’s nice when people say “This is unacceptable”, but to suggest that should do it kind of implies that she requires someone else to fight her battles. She’s doing fine on her own, frankly.

            I get that we’re not going to dismantle the patriarchy with nearly half of the human race still clinging to it. But that doesn’t mean we need the boys to stand up for us whenever we’re attacked. It means we need the boys to get with the program and stand up for what’s right all the time because not doing so hurts everyone.

        • Okay, I really do see the point you are trying to make. McCain standing up probably wouldn’t be worth the energy it would take since he’s clearly okay with sexism. Maybe he just needs to broadcast an apology for his role in making this non-stop attacking of Palin and family so acceptable.

          MEN, however, do need to be appalled and learn to stand in defense of the outrage. It’s just too easy for men to claim we are “over-reacting” or, as Obama puts it, “periodically lashes out” and put us in a position where even more criticism can be launched. This whole “get over it” theme comes from men who just don’t want to change their degrading attitudes toward women. We threaten them.

          Strong men standing against this gives weak men a good example to follow.

          myiq2xu has shown time and again that men are capable of apologizing for past comments and standing firm, and with a very clear understanding of the harm sexism causes. He’s an advocate of all women on this, afrocity.

        • I don’t think I’d call it propping her up. I’d call it “having her back.” If we can have a war on terrorism, or a war on drugs then why not a war on misogyny? And if it is a war then why wouldn’t you want someone to have your back. Would you think soldiers in Iraq are weak because there are people in this country that speak out in their behalf?

          I don’t think it diminishes Sarah Palin in any way shape or form to have men and women speak up and say that what was done to her and her family was unacceptable.

          I do hear you on looking at a person and her principles moreso than looking at the label she applies to herself. You do have to understand though that if having to chose between two principled individuals that a liberal is going to choose the individual who will more closely implement policy plans that are closer to how they see problems being resolved.

          I believe that you and Sarah are both strong, principled Republican women. I admire that. I respect that. I value that. Where we might(and I do recognize that every Republican is not a cookie cutter, just like every liberal isn’t) differ would be in how we view the resolution of problems. That being said like one of the above posters, I would choose a principled individual who I disagree with in how to resolve a problem over an unprincipled individual who I believe will say one thing and then do another.

          • If anything, as great a job as she does speaking up for herself, I guarantee that if McCain had faced off with Obama over his attacks, the story would have been, “Jeez, McCain is pathetic. Look at how little support he has in the party. No one will come to his defense! They must agree with Obama and not with him! How sad! What a blow to his message to leave him hanging like this!” Sarah is amazing, but more neutral third parties will always be listened to more. The parties involved aren’t assumed to be able to deal unemotionally with anything affecting their personal or family issues.

          • I think the distinction to be made is between a person who stands up for someone because of what is right without prompting and not acting out of self-interest (a heroic act), and calls for a specific privileged person to stand up for a less privileged person (which smacks of paternalism).

          • It has nothing to do with that, though. Fine, send kay bailey. The point is, if this were anyone else, they’d all be out there discussing their outrage. Because it’s her, she’s on her own. It’s like being in the ladies’ auxiliary instead of the party. Why did we care that no one in the Democratic Party would stand up against sexism if it’s just Hillary’s personal problem and insulting to provide backup?

          • I don’t want McCain to come to her aid because he’s a man, I want him to back her because he’s a Republican and it looks like the Republicans are signaling that it’s open season on her and they’ll leave her twisting in the wind. She’s the first one to come to other Republicans’ aid and she deserves the same courtesy. This is exactly what happened with Hillary, she was good enough to stomp all over the country for everyone else and good enough to be shivved.

    • She has my support for now. If she runs, she’ll have it then as well.

      • Ralph you have always been the epitome of clear and concise thought with out regard to the party line. You are a rare breed.

        • Speaking only for myself, I can’t support Sarah Palin’s conservative positions. I am a liberal. I do support her as a person and as a fearless role model. That’s role model for men and women, we have plenty of chicken sh*ts of both genders that could stand to learn from her.

          • The only problem with voting on stated positions is that you have to trust the candidate to carry through. That’s not working well now with Obama and I can’t honestly think of a liberal candidate that I trust.

            At least, with McCain/Palin I felt that I knew what I was getting. I feel the same way about Sarah. She seems real and honest to a fault. I would almost never vote against that.

          • Well, when it comes to voting, I’ll be looking at a person’s real work and not just their stated views–if more people had done that, we would have a different president now.

            Sarah Palin appointed a pro-choice judge in AK. B0 appointed a woman who thinks any form of birth control is amoral to head the office of faith based and community initiatives. So far, I would vote for Palin over B0 any day of the week.

    • My admiration for Palin just keeps growing. I’d vote for her in a heartbeat.

    • Afrocity, I’m a major lefty and I think Palin is great.

      I nearly fell off my chair (with suprise & glee) when she came out and spoke at the Republican National Convention. Hypocritical sexist Dems definitely had to eat some crow that night!

      Her first speeches were plain-spoken & unapologeticly supportive of women and working-class folks.

      And I’ll never forget the satirical reference to Obama’s fake Roman columns – Ha! Awesome stuff!

      Unfortunately, after his election….now it appears that the columns of empire are the real thing… sigh..

    • Afrocity, I’m a major lefty and I think Palin is great.

      I nearly fell off my chair (with surprise & glee) when she came out and spoke at the Republican National Convention. Hypocritical sexist Dems definitely had to eat some crow that night!

      Her first speeches were plain-spoken & unapologeticly supportive of women and working-class folks.

      And I’ll never forget the satirical reference to Obama’s fake Roman columns – Ha! Awesome stuff!

      Unfortunately, after his election….now it appears that the columns of empire are the real thing… sigh..

    • I can’t speak for anyone else here, but I sure as hell support her. I can live with fiscal conservatism.

  12. If you didn’t catch the sound of a snickering “sigh” from Lauer while Sarah was trying to read the email she received, go back and listen again.

  13. The ironic thing, to me, is that the Palin girls were dressed much more modestly at the convention, than the Obama girls were at the Democrat convention.

    I realize that I am probably old-fashioned – the latter is how young girls dress these days. If I had a daughter, she would probably hate me, but i think modesty is more appropriate for a public venue.

    btw, when my Dad saw the news about the episode, he was sickened by the jokes.

  14. She is speaking out for women and just plain human rights. Whatever she is politically, she is fighting the fight. I will raise my glass to her. Lauer is an idiot. Letterman needs to be off the air.

    • Have you written to CBS with your desire that Letterman be escorted out? His comment was on par with what got Imus fired from MSNBC, maybe worse since it was in reference to a child.

      You will notice that the major argument is against the comments toward Willow, and not toward the flight attendant comment for Sarah. Which, btw, I’m amazed that flight attendants haven’t come forward on this. Since when do they have the reputation of sluts?


      The man can afford to lose his job, and he needs a swift kick to the arrogance in his character.

      • This is exactly what’s been going through my mind. If Imus was taken down for his comments then it would be only right to take down Letterman. Both men have said many disparaging things about women through out the years and they had always gotten a pass. Remember the Letterman/Oprah feud. He really doesn’t like women at all. Imus was always talking about “fat” women. I remember during the 2004 election he really was on Elizabeth Edwards about being too fat! I’m tired of these old, ugly men constantly berating women. We have to rise up and get them off the air waves and demand better treatment!

      • You bet your bippy I wrote them!

  15. Don’t know if you have this in any other threads, but I found a site called “Fire David Leterman”

    Anthony | Homepage | 06.12.09 – 12:20 pm | #

    I guess people are not all buying the ‘pretend’ statement that some are calling an apology.

  16. What really sickens me is the that Letterman’s “explanation” that he meant Bristol, Palin’s 18-year old daughter, and not Willow, somehow makes his “joke” more acceptable. Letterman and his “defenders” DON’T GET IT. RAPE is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Joking about rape is NOT acceptable. It doesn’t matter if the female is conservative, liberal, young, old, beautiful, ugly, obese, skinny, black, white, asian, hispanic, native, etc. It is NOT funny to joke about rape.

    • personally, i dont think its cool to joke about women being slutty either. We are free people and men can sleep around if they like and are admired for it. Women have private lives too. even young ones.
      who cares who her mom is?
      A young woman was publically humilliated on prime time TV.
      And whether it was about rape, or about sluttyness, its a step back for our cultural civility.

    • Yes, as if it is so much better that she would be 18 instead of 14. I also would like to know how Alex Rodriguez likes being betrayed as a rapist. It’s pretty offensive to everyone involved.

    • In Letterman’s disgusting, sexist imagination all of the Palin women are “slutty”. Therefore, in Letterman’s opinion (or the opinion of Olbermann or any of these old, vile, sexist creeps) “sluts” cannot be raped. Whether it is 14-year-old Willow, 18-year-old “knocked up” “unwed mother” Bristol, or their slutty flight attendant looking mother Sarah Palin, these sluts are just ASKING to get banged by a much older man!

      I guess if you have that type of twisted mindset, then yea, Letterman’s “joke” is acceptable and funny.

      • Wow…that pretty much sums it up, Disenfranchised, thank you for putting my feelings into words. I think that this is exactly what Letterman thinks. In Letterman’s world, the Palin’s are the ‘wrong’ kind of people, therefore they are not to be afforded the same social civilities as the ‘right’ kind of people. He is pitiful. What about his comment, “Look at me”, after saying he would never promote any kind of sexual activity with any young girl. I felt that he was being pseudo self-deprecating, saying that he was too unattractive for a young girl to like him, but if he wasn’t so unattractive, he would be banging all the under-age p***y he could get his hands on. Gross.

      • Not to mention the fun racist connotations for the athlete. Ooh, scary sexual predator horny POC jokes! Those are always popular.

  17. Damn. Damn. And Damn. This is the “lightweight” the obots keep spamming about? So exactly what is it about well structured (and completed) sentences and incisive and perceptive commentary (sans teleprompter) that the obots have a problem with?

    Give that woman a standing ovation and an Amen Sister!

  18. How about boycotting everyone who doesn’t get it?

    Matt Lauer is either a clueless a**hole or an intentional one. What happened to journalism being unbiased?

    When will people realize that this has gone too far?

    For everything said about Palin and her conservative beliefs, has she governed with her beliefs? She appears to govern according to the law for the most part. How is it that being a woman and a good looking one could be such a problem? That “Reviving Ophelia” video is so true. This problem is at epidemic proportions. It has to stop.

    • The work of Jean Kilbourne is also quite remarkable. it should be required viewing for boys and girls in school.

    • I think the interview was set up to clean up Letterman. I think it has backfired on NBC. Although they may be using it to shore up Conan’s numbers. Frankly, I don’t care but they used Sarah to get ratings as they advertised the interview as they know a lot of people are still interested in Palin. I just think it’s so interesting how they MSM is still going after Palin. She must be a major threat to them or they’d just leave her alone.

    • Gosh, I’ve been boycotting Lauer for so long now, I wouldn’t have an impact. In fact, I only catch the occasional clip online from any of the cable or network national shows they’ve all behaved so badly over the past year+.

  19. Bob Somerby demolishes Olbermann re: Palin

    • Good job.

      Way back before the end of the primaries, HuffPo had an article about Olbermann’s inability to have a decent relationship with a woman. It exposes his disdain for the female gender, but I think it’s also the article that described his current live-in.

      He’s as big a pig as one can find in the world of sexism. I stopped watching his program because of that article…I find myself gagging every time I see his face.

  20. Oh snap Sarah!!! Calling Tom Cruise! Matt’s being “glib” again.

    {{{{ applause for Sarah! }}}}

  21. repeat
    My dream is to see Sec Hillary Clinton and Gov Sarah Palin work together. These two strong women could change the climate of this country for the better.
    They both have strong values to contribute, they will not be in lockstep but could work together for the good of all.
    These two are true feminists.



    • I said it during the general. I believe Hillary and Sarah would get along despite some of their ideological differences.

      Both women are strong, capable pragmatic women. If they were to join forces these two women would be forces to behold.

      • what a team that would be.president Clinton.V.P. Palin.
        well i can dream..

        • It would be great!! They would easily be able to sit down at a table and discuss serious issues…and come to a very suitable compromise decision. Two smart women can actually see the other one’s point of view, consider it and find common ground.

  22. This kind of cynical disrespect for girls and young women was sparked off by the movie “The Exorcist”, I think. It came out in 1973 just in time to be psychic warfare against The Women’s Movement.

  23. ” i dunno. its smacks of patriarchalism to say it would be better if an older man spoke up for her, than if she spoke for herself.
    like she needs a man who is worth more to defend her. Or like she needs daddy a husband or a similar close male relation to speak for her.”

    Who said it would be “better” or that she needed a man to defend her? Nobody. What is being said is that McCain, as the putative “leader” of the GOP should speak out and so should Steele (if he hasn’t already). Not only is it morally right, it is their duty as Party leaders. It’s not about playing “Daddy”.

    My further point is that everybody should speak out because if you don’t, you allow a situation like the primaries to continue where, supporters of BO showed up outside of a Palin fundraiser proudly wearing “Palin is a c-word” t-shirts which was promptly ignored by most of the media while otoh, bogus claims of hate and intolerance (the “Kill Him!” stuff) are treated as fact.

  24. i dunno. its smacks of patriarchalism to say it would be better if an older man spoke up for her, than if she spoke for herself.
    like she needs a man who is worth more to defend her. Or like she needs daddy a husband or a similar close male relation to speak for her.

    Would you prefer if men just sat silent?

    It’s not about Sarah needing anyone to defend her, it’s about men needing to condemn this kind of shit.

    All men.

    • men are more likely to listen to other men’s opinions on what is and isn’t acceptable, in my experience.

    • Not all men like the Patriarchy, or even approve of it.

      It will take both men and women together to render transparent the way it works.

  25. An equally interesting little subplot is how the GOP seems to want Sarah to fade away while they pick their next fair haired boy. They expose themselves because they pretended to be comfortable with a woman as the number one “follower.” But they clearly are scared sh*tless of her as the actual leader! They don’t even seem to want to talk about her as potential leader of the party.

    • And I would say it’s because the Republican party isn’t willing to go to the mat for a woman any more than the Democratic party was (a la their silence in the face of the Hillary hate). Different side of the same coin.

      • If she runs, Mitt will use the Obama playbook. It will be interesting to see what happens. Classwise and culturally, their political elite is just like ours–will they go to the same lengths to screw their grassroots?

  26. Outrage at the truly outrageous is neither a partisan issue nor sexy, sexist, sexish, sexful, I don’t know the right word. It’s not a gender issue. Anybody would half a brain should stand up a say, “Letterman you’re a heel.”

    He has a right to be a heel, but he shold be called out for it.

  27. Re Lauer’s quote:

    “It was probably by most standards in bad taste but can you really [incredulous] connect the dots to criminal activity the way you did in that statement?”

    Yes, Matt, people can.

    (well maybe YOU can’t personally, since you don’t show much of a propensity, in general, for connecting political or cultural dots.)

    However, it is pretty well-documented that cultural encouragement of denigration & hate consistently applied to a non-politically dominant segment of the population, can lead to individuals *acting* on “normalized” hate, whether it be racial/ethinic/religious minorities, gays, or women.

    Dakinikat had a good thread the other day looking at continums of hate *speech* juxtaposed with people that take hate *action*. I think that violence (sexual & physical) against women falls in this same continum.

    And on that note, here is an old (but valid) article by Human Right Watch:


    Keep in mind that in all the statistics, only approximately 37% of sexual violence is reported (per FBI records).

    Boys look to their families (often their fathers), cultural icons, and other men for role-modeling. Dysfunctional sexual violence “normalcy” in our culture & condoned/or advocated by leaders (explicitly and implicitly) CAN definitely encourage action, beyond rhetoric (and jokes)

    Lots of guys in highschool & college talk (so-called) innocuous women-bashing sh-t in classrooms and locker rooms. AND … as the dots are connected….many women get bashed by some of these same guys.

    On a personal note, several of my friends (in H.S., college, and beyond) experienced rape or attempted rape (myself included). I have a lot of stories I could give as examples, but I’m not interested in re-living stuff right now. 😦

    Neither I, nor my friends reported these sexual violence actions to authorities, for fear of further revenge by perpetrators.

    Mr. Lauer, I know it is hard for you but please put down the kool-aid tinted glasses and at least attempt to connect the (obvious) dots.

    Re overall thread:

    I don’t support most of Palin’s policy ideas or politics but I still respect her for being a feminist. Hell, she even appointed a well known pro-choice justice to high court. Obama could take some notes.

    Rock on, Palin!

  28. The linkage is very simple…all three of Letterman’s little jokes had the same central theme…women/girls are primarily for screwing, period.

    And since when do business, glass and bee-hive equal “slutty?” Dave is saying quite a bit more about what is going on in his mind than he is about the Palins

    • You missed yesterday, apparently the new talking point from Bizarro World is wearing glasses means she’s deliberately trying to appear as the male fantasy of teh Hot Librarian. She’s teasing and taunting malekind by being pretty and yet off limits! We got a glimpse it what’s going on in their heads, and it’s scary in there.

      Nevermind that what she’s actually doing with the updo and glasses is trying to playdown her beauty and make it less noticeable in a futile attempt to be taken seriously.

      • What ever happened to “Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses?”

        • Dorothy Parker failed to account for the myriad psychosexual disorders suffered by Obot freaks.

      • Seriously, I agree….it is just like you & MyIQ mentioned the other day:

        It doesn’t matter, women get bashed on either side you flip the coin.

        Take your pick of the following:

        1) plain (“ugly”) or pretty (“slutty”),
        2) fashionable (“snob”) or conventional (“boring”)
        3) booksmart (“nerd”) or not (“air head”)
        4) outspoken (“obnoxious”) or quiet (“wimp”)
        5) thin (“stick”) or thick (“fat”)
        6) sexually active (“whore”) or not (“prude”)
        7) Democrat (Clinton “cunt”) or republican (Palin “cunt”)

        and on and on and on it goes….where it stops…


      • Seriously, I agree….it is just like you & MyIQ mentioned the other day:

        It doesn’t matter, women get bashed on either side you flip the coin.

        Take your pick of the following:

        1) plain (“ugly”) or pretty (“slutty”),
        2) fashionable (“snob”) or conventional (“boring”)
        3) booksmart (“nerd”) or not (“air head”)
        4) outspoken (“obnoxious”) or quiet (“wimp”)
        5) thin (“stick”) or thick (“fat”)
        6) sexually active (“whore”) or not (“prude”)
        7) Democrat (Clinton “c-nt”) or republican (Palin “c-nt”)

        and on and on and on it goes….where it stops…


        • heh, heh, …I know why my comment was sucked into moderation. I originally forgot to edit the C- word. My bad.

        • I have a lot of respect for Clinton and Palin, because you just can’t win. It took such a lot of grit for them to keep going, there are much easier ways to make a living.

          • Agreed:
            There is plenty of easy money to be made as an MSNBC hack. (and I hear they keep the break room stocked with kool-aid & blue pills, so that the employees don’t fall into the nasty habit of thinking for themselves) :-O

            oops, snark alert! 🙂

          • I agree as well. Unfortunately, life IS easier for women who comply with social norms, don’t talk back, quit their job when they have children (within the confines of marriage, of course), and walk two steps behind their husband for the rest of the life.

            Those who step out of line (lesbians, single mothers, unwed mothers, working mothers, teenage mothers, childless women, female leaders, independent women, feminists, etc.) are almost certain to be questioned, attacked, or made to feel guilty about their choices. To many men, women are either desirable sexual objects/ stupid sluts (Sarah Palin and her daughters), Madonnas (good, supportive wives like Michelle Obama), or frigid b*tches who deserve to be taken into a room and silenced (Hillary Clinton)

            Those who straddle the line between these two worlds (as Sarah Palin did – she was a beauty queen and has now proven herself to be a leader and effective politician) are deemed unacceptable by men like Olbermann and Letterman.

            It would’ve been absolutely much easier for Hillary Clinton to quit right after Iowa or South Carolina or for Palin to quit politics all together. But as my mom, who is a pitbull herself says, I won’t give those bastards the satisfaction!

          • Dis.F.Voter-

            Word! Awesome statements!!

            the good ol’ Madonna-Whore continuum line is alive and thriving.

            Good luck on the tight rope, eh?


  29. Something I love about last year is how Clinton and Palin never attacked each other because they knew exactly what the other was going through. They still haven’t betrayed one another in any way. Clinton, Palin and Clinton supporters had each others’ backs for the last 18 months. That’s real sisterhood.

    Palin is also a real feminist. A pro-lifer but a real feminist. This is what a feminist looks like:

    USAToday: Palin: Letterman owes apology to all ‘young women’

    • I have complete respect for Hillary for that. She was under enormous pressure from the obots to legitimize their bigotry, and she would not play, not even the least little bit, no matter how they howled and stamped their feet. She’s as party loyal as they come, but principle came first.

      • Neither did the Big Dawg. He in fact had nothing but praise for Palin whenever asked. He was not shy about it either.

        I luvs me some Big Dawg. {{sigh}}

    • I agree DD. I don’t know about Palin, but Clinton was massively strong-armed and baited by MSM and Obamanation to trash Palin but she didn’t.

      The Oba-fraternity was almost frothing-at-the-mouth in an attempt to get both women to sabatoge each others position.

      But neither woman took the bait.


      • Yeah, remember when Obama asked Hillary to attack Sarah in swing states and she refused? There was a tacit agreement between them they would not hurt each other. I found that so beautiful and it’s been the same among those two and Hillary supporters.

      • And I like and support Palin for who she is. I don’t wish she were a liberal. Republicans need more real, outspoken feminists and GLBT supporters like her!

        • It seems we no longer have a liberal party, just different degrees of conservative and religious right.

          Democrats didn’t elect Obama. His followers were first time voters, and people who were voting the “D” because they didn’t know how NOT to. The real democrats went with protest votes of various methods.

          I never got the impression Palin was the kind of politician who TOLD the people what they wanted, and what they were going to get. She listens, and she looks for solutions that serve the majority. You know, she’d actually be “change we can believe in”.

  30. Did you see how aggressive he was being to her? I would love to see his and the entire medias reaction if this were about Obama’s daughter. They wouldn’t be questioning a thing.

    There was a complete double standard from Matt, not only about her defense of women but even when she was talking about the gasline you can even say how they are trying to play “gotcha” with her.

  31. Every mother in America watched that tape and saw Lauer be smug and condescending, while Sarah held her own to defend her daughter.

    They’ll think LESS of Lauer for being such a shmuck, and for making excuses for Letterman’s frat boy bullshit.

    Even Barbara Walters was angry, commenting “You can say anything you want to about me, but leave my daughter alone.”

    And so it begins, ladies. Keep up the pressure with CBS, MSNBC, and Letterman’s advertisers. Make it matter. Don’t let em off the hook.

    • It should be a forced groveling even more dramatic than what was expected from Imus, and still end up being fired.

      I went looking at comments in the very twisted article posted at HuffPo….those kinds of liberals are going to turn the party into a worthless group. They have become so hateful and judgmental.

      I really think it is the time and the perfect mood to get a seriously strong 3rd party formed.

      • It wouldn’t take much….we could just use the old democratic agenda and belief system since the new democrats aren’t using them anymore.

      • A technical point to keep in mind: MSNBC simply decided not to continue televising Imus’ radio show; it was CBS – their radio station – that fired him.

        So, I don’t see how CBS can ignore this.

        My feeling is that had Letterman issued a genuine apology immediately and undertook to help eradicate sexism – IOW, be remorseful and learn from his mistake(s) – I wouldn’t be one to call for his firing. I think contrite and reformed is the way to go. But, given his obstinance and malicious mocking of the situation, I say, “on yer bike, Dave!”.

        • He just signed a new contract the day before this happened, I think. Unlike Imus, the late night shows are cash cows, he makes a zillion dollars for CBS, and if they fired him they’d probably have to pay him anyway. I seriously doubt they will fire him, but maybe they’ll force him to hire a female writer or do something.

          • I read an article yesterday that said it wasn’t actually a completed deal yet even though he signed. There’s also a 72 hour law on all contracts, so CBS could still pull the contract.

          • But they have no reason to do that unless his ratings fall off to nothing. They pay him $30 million a year, he must make them way more than that. And they have no one to replace him with. They’re not going to throw away a bazillion dollars.

      • meeee2,
        I would also LOVE to see a strong viable third party emerge within the next 4 years. I have read that both the Democratic and Republican parties are losing membership in droves and that the ranks of Independents has really swelled, since the past election.

    • Good, I’m glad some journalists are making some noise about this.

      (other than the sound of crickets chirping)

  32. Palin handled that perfectly. Just perfectly.

    Lauer handled it like a perfect asshole.

  33. I spent the day with my precious 19-yr old daughter (who I’ve not seen for 3 months).

    All day, I kept looking at her and imagine how I’d go all mother-bear on anyone who dare make remarks about her that were even remotely as disgusting as those made by Letterman.

    Some of the comments on the Tribune piece turned my head red. Again, I just cannot believe how ugly and stupid and ignorant some people are.

    • I too kept looking at my 10 yr old daughter and imagining the same thing.

      There is a article on Salon in Palin’s defense, the comments were just in the gutter awful as well.

      The downright hostility toward her is pretty shocking, even now, after all we’ve seen in the past couple years.

      Scary and sickening.

      • On reading yet another comment suggesting that the Palin children are fair game cuz they’ve been on stage, I decided to forego the comment sections. I’ve seen all I can stomach.

  34. I hope Letterman’s ratings go in the toilet. Now that Conan O’Brian is his new competition, maybe it will be a massive blowback blowout.

    • Letterman always trailed in the ratings behind Jay Leno and now Conan O’Brian. Letterman might see a slight ratings boost. It actually benefits him to drag this feud out as long as possible – it’s probably the only thing that would keep most people interested in watching him anyway – and it’s why he wants the Palins on his show. Good on the Palins not to buy into his ploy and give him higher ratings.

      But I don’t think Letterman will ever beat Conan O’Brian in the ratings game. This incident just exposes Letterman as an unfunny, desperate man way past his prime. I hope angry viewers drop him and watch something else – either one of the other late night hosts or the Food Network instead.

      • Maybe this is the problem. Too many people staying up for Late Night and not getting enough sleep. The country is getting angry they’re so darn tired.

    • I heard this morning that Conan’s ratings have already fallen some 42 pts from his debut.

  35. Fact of the matter is Letterman knew full well it was Willow at the game and not Bristol.

    Fact is in the past Letterman had no problem using Bristol’s name when making jokes of her. His avoiding using a name this time was to avoid TV Censors from blocking that joke involving a minor in such a manner!

    Will CBS do anything about Letterman, nope, don’t forget, CBS started this degrading of women a few years back when that disgusting, rude, vile, tattooed 40’something hippy and his (underage at the time of the show) daughter were on Big Brother and won the show. It is all about ratings and Les Moonves learned then that degrading and vile acts towards women sells ratings and thus sells advertising space!

    So think anything will come of Letterman, don’t hold your breath!

  36. Someone needs to speak out to the flight attendants and show them what Letterman thinks of them!

    Then the flight attendants need to refuse to serve any actor/actress who is flying to NYC to do the Letterman Show for their approval of Letterman considering flight attendants as looking slutty!

    All the airlines who provide advertising, special rates and favors to CBS should refuse to provide anything to CBS for condoning Lettermans view of their employees (flight attendants) appearances!

    This is the time also that the Unions need to step up and boycott Letterman, not only the flight attendants union, but all unions connected with CBS, since Letterman considers flight attendants as slutty, what is his views on electricians, camera operators, sound techs and so on? Aren’t unions suppose to protect the injustices made against members and other fellow union charters?

  37. Not according to Taft-Hartley, they’re not. Sympathy strikes are illegal, not that anyone who works for Letterman would agree to give up their livelihood to protest mean comments about some other industry even if they weren’t, and any flight attendant who refuses to serve a celebrity will also be out of a job right quick.

  38. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on CNN-Part1

    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on CNN-Part2

    On CC-Part2 she addresses the Letterman comments.

  39. Palin’s statement was a true feminist statement. In fact the second best one of the year! The first was Hillary Clinton’s statement about crimes against women in the middle east are criminal, not cultural.
    NOW isn’t even on the list. They were shamed into saying something because Conservatives4Palin came out and made a statement!
    The feminist establishment (sad to see that is what they have become) abdicated their power.

  40. The following song is dedicated to Sarah Palin
    (for all the stupid A– Holes that judge her for her clothing)

    I went dancing tonight & so I guess I’m still in sassy dance-club mode. 😉

    !Deborah Cox! ( the Canadian Whitney Houston)

    With Lyrics (ha! in defiance of stewardess trash-talkers):

    Extended club version:

    Live (super short but she is still beautiful & sassy as hell!):

    I loves-me some Deborah!!! 🙂

    ok, time to collapse now — zzzz

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