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What WILL those Conflucians Say tonight?

With so much going on it could be anything . . . .

We’ve been thinking about the Assassination of Dr. Tiller & the shooting at Holocaust Museum  — is domestic terrorism spreading? What about Internet censorship and Obama’s bid to control the Internet? Is Obama’s expressions of commitment a sign of progress toward Health Care Reform? Or is the AMA’s opposition a sign of trouble to come? And H1N1 Flu — what DOES Level 6 Pandemic really mean to us?

What have you been thinking about?  Call in tonight to make sure we give your thoughts the attention they deserve:

Conflucians Say

Conflucians Say, Tonight: 10pm EDT

Comments closed until just after the show
Tonight: 10pm EDT

46 Responses

  1. I opened comments because I wasn’t sure if Katiebird was still having technical difficulties.

  2. d-Kat,

    How is the show progressing?


  3. Thanks Kat – I gave up on the laptop… It has been randomly losing the wireless connection lately.

  4. Well hubby got a call to take train. It looks like he may be headed back to the ol’ salt mines. He should get be able to get back on a board tomorrow.

  5. Just got home…what did I miss on Conflucians Say?

  6. Couldn’t have said it better myself Steven!

  7. The Red Sox beat the Yankees again tonight for the sweep and so far the sweep of the season series. Red Sox is now one of the trending topics on twitter.


  8. Katiebird,

    We were all feeling for you. What could you do? I almost called your number, but I didn’t want to confuse you with having to deal with calling waiting on top of everything else.

  9. Is Dakinikat still here? The House is going to debate the bill to audit the Fed after Dennis Kucinich got on board with it and said he will subpoena the Fed for info. It won’t go anywhere, but maybe it will scare Bernake a little bit.


  10. According to forensics expert Michael Baden, David Carradine’s death was not suicide. It is possible he was a victim of foul play.

    • It seems like autoerotic asphyxiation has a really high mortality rate. Maybe it’s just because it always makes the papers.

      • I just read that 500-1,000 men die of it every year. But Carradine had his hands tied together by someone else. He couldn’t have done it himself.

        • Gad!

          • It could have been someone who helped him do it, but why would they leave him alone then? There were also women’s clothes in the room, apparently.

          • Well, maybe they left for a few minutes and came back and he was dead. It was probably a prostitute and she’s afraid to come forward.

          • I mean honestly, who would want to stick around and watch something like that? Maybe she was supposed to come back at a certain time and untie him .

        • Disputed that he couldn’t have done it himself at other locations on the net. Google it.

          This is a very big embarrassment for the families who lose their males this way. It’s a high rate of death for teenage boys, I hear, but most are ruled suicides.

          Carridine did what the Houdini’s of the world do, on a smaller scale, with the self-bondage. He didn’t need help.

  11. From RL, Greta apparently asked Ms. and NOW to talk about Letterman. Ms. Refused, Gandy agreed but backed out citing family issue, but that’s apparently why NOW agreed to put something on their site.

  12. I note that the killer at the Holocaust Museum is associated with the British National Party, the Nazi gang which last week gained nearly one million votes from Brits who should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

    • Is it just me or is it supremely ironic that American fascists and xenophobes would form a support group for a foreign political party?

    • Birds of a feather flock together.

      Misogynists flock to Obama

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