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Grandma Got Run Over By A Taser

The cops said it was reasonable and necessary.  What do you think?

43 Responses

  1. Grandma was out of line but that cop is at least a foot taller than her. He should have been able to handle things without tasering her.

    • What happened to conflict resolution? He also could have been more direct in explaining that her refusal for not sign would be X or Z.

      Any hoo, G’night.

  2. Granny had a mouth on her, but hell, he could have picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder and set her down off the road.

    Being 72, she could have had some cardiac problems, and what if she’d had a pacemaker? I’m guessing the taser might have caused a “major malfunction”.

    • One assumes that, if she had a pacemaker, she would’ve listened one of the 5 times the officer warned her before using his taser.

      I think the odds of doing her serious injury by picking her up and tossing her over his shoulder might well have been greater than the odds of injuring her with the taser.

  3. Duct tape on her big mouth would have been helpful.

  4. shes 72 there was no need to taser her.

  5. Take the tasers away, they’re not toys.

    • You are seriously correct!

      Cops get away with murder ’cause they claim they can’t tell the difference between a gun and a taser.

      Palin’s ex-brother-in-law is another example of someone who should NOT be a cop.

      The creep in the video is another killer to be.

      So she was mouthy — at 72 — and being a Texan – that’s just how some grandmas are. BIG deal — the big bad cop should have been able to handle her — and he did assault her at the beginning.

      Big bad over sized thug picking on an old lady — proof is in the video.

  6. so myiq2xu no zombie war 2night …

  7. Okay gotta call it a night ladies and gents.

  8. Do police officers get trained at ALL? Or is it just STEP ONE: Ask Nicely. STEP TWO: Threaten. STEP THREE: Taser.

    They act like deploying a taser is a completely benign process. Dude shoved Grandma once (and that was justified, she was being unpredictable and belligerent, and they were on the side of a busy road), he could just as easily have done it again, or cuffed her. And aren’t cops supposed to have partners? Wouldn’t that make it easier to control rowdy individuals without resorting to high voltage current?

    • Many jurisdictions deploy officers solo just because they don’t have enough personnel to provide adequate coverage otherwise. This is particularly true in rural or semirural areas. Yes, it would’ve been better if he’d had backup. I assume that he was calling for some when he spoke into his radio at 1:54 into the video.

      She was resisting arrest. She was attempting to flee (“I’m getting back in my car”). He warned her 5 times. What was he supposed to do? Throw a 72 year-old woman to the ground in order to cuff her (and risk doing serious injury to her in the process)?
      Maybe he could’ve just put her in an armlock or choked her out – would that have been better?

      There’s no good solution here – you have to place a noncompliant person into custody. That requires the use of some kind of force. The alternative is to just let them go. If you’re not going to do that, then you’re left with the alternatives of:

      1) Manhandling her (wrestling her to the pavement, placing her in some sort of pain/compliance hold until you can cuff her, with the attendant risk that you or she might fall into tthe roadway, or that you might injure her seriously)
      2) Using a nightstick
      3) Using a gun
      4) Using a taser

      Those were his options. I’d have picked number 4, but your mileage may vary. Yes, tasers are dangerous. So are the other alternatives. I think we can all agree that number 3 would be out of the question. Would you be less outraged if you saw a tape of a 200lb officer bodyslamming a little old lady or whacking her across the knees with a PR-24?

      He warned her *5* times. Her response was “go ahead and tase me”. Even after that, he didn’t use the taser until she tried to push past him in an attempt to flee the scene.

      Which would you choose?

      • You overlooked what should have been a pivotal moment in the exchange. She got out of her car and said several times, “give it to me, I’ll sign it.” He was in a perfect position to change the direction of what was going on and he decided to refuse to cooperate and lead her into a taser probe.

        He reminded me of that cop who tasered an elderly woman inside the police station simply because she asked a question.

        She was absolutely wrong in her attitude, but that does not excuse him for his choice to use invasive, violent means against a verbal confrontation. She posed no threat to him.

      • you are an authoritarian personality.


        COPS LIE ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!

        At least 25% of speeding tickets are based on lies by the cops.

  9. If having a big mouth is an excuse for some damn cop to taser a person I ain’t leaving the house anymore. Does Amazon ship groceries? Mail persons don’t carry tasers do they?

    Seems to me tasering has become an excuse for not being able to do ordinary police work. Granted that cops don’t meet the “nicest” kinds of people in their daily work. That is not an excuse to tase indiscriminately which is what it looks to me that many of them are now doing.

    If mouthy-Grandma had died she would have been just another statistic in the growing list of folks who have died from being tased. I guess their loved ones can take comfort that they weren’t shot?

  10. kenoshaMarge, you said it best. Tasering has simply become a way of life for police officers. It is brute force. They don’t use bily clubs or bullets any more, they use electricity. Don’t they teach how to diffuse a situation like that in the police academies any longer? That officer’s life was not in danger. I thought that was what a taser was for. There needs to be some serious study of the mis-use of tasers in this country.

  11. That’s a bit embarrassing. I think some police think the taser is like that easy button from staples (or was it office depot). You just push it and your problem goes away. No need to actually deal with conflicts or anything else.

    I think this will continue to happen until there are consequences enough for police departments or the towns that employ them to get a wake up call. I think the taser needs to be seen as potentially the same force as using a gun, so just as much care should be taken.

  12. Watch the full video here, unedited: http://tinyurl.com/nos5pp

  13. It’s really difficult to watch. Unbelievable! But thanks for posting. I’ll add it to my police abuse file.

  14. Myiq2xu,

    Miss Russia…ooops Miss California got FIRED TODAY. 😯

  15. Wha tthe old lady did wasn’t right, but what the cop did was just wrong.

  16. Did anyone notice that she was playing on the “72 year old woman” thing since the moment she got pulled over? She was expecting to get away with this because of her age.

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