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Breaking News – Campaign 2012

Obama Weinermobile

Obama Weinermobile

CHICAGO (AP)  Seymour Johnson, director of Symbolism and Subliminal Advertising for the Obama Permanent Campaign, announced today that they had leased the rights to the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile from Kraft Foods.

Johnson stated that Obama wants to use the renamed “Obama Wienermobile” to arrive at fundraisers and enter campaign rallies (from both the front and rear.)  Although the Wienermobile isn’t armored like the limosines the President normally uses, Johnson said Obama was willing to trade protection for the intimate feel it provided.

When asked why the campaign had chosen the Wienermobile, Johnson replied that it represented the seminal quality that made Obama a superior candidate.  He acknowledged that the campaign was anticipating that Sarah Palin would win the GOP nomination, and they needed to enlarge the swelling of support that helped him beat Hillary Clinton.

Johnson added that the campaign was also negotiating for the rights to the Oscar Mayer Wiener advertising jingle, which they hoped to use in place of “Yes We Can” by altering the lyrics to say:

“Oh I wish I were O-bama’s wiener

That is what I truly wish to be

Cuz if I were O-bama’s wiener

Everyone would be in love with me”

In other news, Chris Matthews was admitted to the hospital with tingling in both legs.


Failbot troll prophylactics:

It was just a joke

I’m a comedian and that’s what we do

Obama asked for it.  So did Tweety

Get a sense of humor

How does the shoe feel on that foot?

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107 Responses

  1. What did Evan Thomas have to say? Or has he been in hiding since he said Obama is “like God?”

  2. I read the picture caption and knew it had to be your writing…very funny.
    Did you hear the reporter who compared Obama to God? Amazing! He said Obama was above everyone like a God…..barf
    And just last year he was saying that tearing down the president was the presses job…of course he was speaking of Bush. These people really are idiotic liberals. The rest of us are liberals with a brain and some common sense and the ability to think for ourselves.

  3. I think all it would take to finish Tweety off is if Obama wore a military jump suit.

  4. Israeli media outraged by Obama “shoe” photo:

    White House photographer Pete Sousa on Monday snapped a photo of the president while he talked on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

    In the photo, Obama has his feet propped up on a desk inside the Oval Office, and a number of Israeli newscasters last night called the posture insulting, since in many Arab countries, it is considered an insult to show someone the sole of your shoe.

    While the shoe-sole taboo is not a Jewish custom necessarily, the reaction to the photo is a telling indication of the way some Israeli commenters are adjusting to the new U.S. administration’s approach to the Middle East.

    • The insult was intentional just as his middle-finger salute was to HRC and JM.

    • It’s like a “take your kid to work day” with this guy, or a “catch me if you can” scenario where he is simply impersonating the president. To the Middle East it is an insult for the shoe sole, to Americans it is an insult because the job of president isn’t to be taken casually.

      Obama is completely void of what is proper protocol in every aspect of this job. Then, what does he care? He has all the amenities of life at his fingertips and that’s really all that matters to him.

  5. I wasn’t surprised when I saw this. I believed the Obama campaign did this.

  6. OMG! I am so not going to be able to type responses to obots without humming the oscar meyer jingle and thinking this tool is Obama’s weiner.

  7. I always thought the kool-ade was orange flavored, now I’m beginning to think it’s mayonnaise.

  8. There is definitely a “Obama’s weiner must be taken tongue in cheek”joke here but I am not sure how to make it.

    I do know that when Chris Matthews saw the shoe photo that offended the Israeli’s he lit up like a Xmas tree and exclaimed, “Look at the size of his feet!!!!” I hear tell he tingled for over an hour.

  9. I went by Baloney Juice to see what their take on Letterman/Palin was. John Cole gets it but many of his readers don’t.

    Typical responses:

    It was just a joke/Letterman is a comedian and that’s what they do.

    Palin asked for it by dressing sexy and winking (the burqua brigade)

    Letterman meant 18 y.o. Bristol not 14 y.o. Willow which makes it okay (not)

    Republicans do it too

    • “Palin asked for it by dressing sexy and winking (the burqua brigade)”

      Obviously written by an O’Reilly fan.

      • Here’s the exact quote:

        The second Sarah Palin winked at me during the VP debate she lost her right to be offended by people making fun of the fact that she tries to cash in on her looks. “Slutty” was a poor choice of words but WTF, it is Letterman.

        Obviously women should wear burquas so they don’t look slutty.

        • only men are allowed to wink in a non sexual way. Liberal men are convinced that if a woman winks she must want their pee pees.

          • Men that never get laid are so bad at reading women’s signals that it’s almost an entire anthropological phenomenon. No wonder they to shrug it off or say, she egged me on!!!

          • yeah and the never do figure out why they never get laid either. There was a guy at Democratic underground who was so bitter and hateful about women it was not mystery except to him. Then he would go on whining fits about why no girls ever like him or would date him……I finally told him “you have to be a friend before you make a friend”.

          • Wait, are you telling me women don’t want my pee pee when they smile at me. I wish women would be more clear about these things. /snark

          • ha ha dandy tiger! Believe me women are just as confused about the signals in all seriousness.

          • Yea, signals are tricky. That’s why this new fangled thing called talking comes in real handy. 🙂

        • I will only consider it if Oprah says so and if MO wears one, as this is the new FeMANist logic used now that ‘God’ is in Office. Anyone looked under any rocks to see if News Weeks Editor Evan Thomas is under there.

          Oh, where can our editor be,
          He said Obama was God,
          and in heaven he must be…

    • “Baloney Juice” –yuck!–

      Funny thing is that there is always some liquid left over from inside those hotdog packages… :-O

      The perpetual campaign of unidentifiable meat products has invaded our national kitchen pantries for too long, I say!!


  10. Asking “bigger’ questions …


  11. LOL. Love it. Someone should create a video with Obama and the car and the song and a bunch of fake interviews of people on the street. Onion, I’m looking at you.

  12. Dangers of using your mattress as a bank:

    A woman in Tel Aviv, Israel, gave her elderly mother a new mattress as a surprise gift, throwing out the old tattered bed her mother had slept on for decades. The gesture ended up bankrupting Annat’s mother, who had stuffed her savings of nearly $1 million inside her old bed for decades, Annat told Israel Army Radio.

    A massive search is under way at the city dump, where security has been beefed up to keep out treasure-seekers who have heard Annat’s story in Israeli media.

    • Poor Ole gal, I can see how she lost trust in the banks and held the cash close to her…I feel very badly for her, she must have given up soo much over the years and was going to leave it to her children.

      Ole folks do some odd things, but there is usually a deeper story behind what seems like madness. I hope they find the money.

      • So do I. Both the mother and, especially, the daughter must feel terrible(and frantic) about this.

      • I kinda doubt there was $1 million stuffed in there. She would have had to stuff $25K in there every year for 40 years.

  13. I just got a call from my mom.

    I really wish I never told her about this blog.

  14. How come no reference to Clintonista Terry McAuliffe’s defeat in the Virginia Dem Gubernatorial Primary?

    • Because:

      1. It was discussed yesterday

      2. It’s off topic

      3. I live in California and I could give a rats ass who wins a Virginia primary

      4. We don’t worship the Clintons

      Better trolls please!

      • I like Terry, and I would even wear a Terry button out of state. 😉

        • I’m not from Virginia but I also admire Terry McAullife (he was a welcome interview reprieve during the endless NPR Obama dominated Ra-ra sessions) – sorry, tis true…I’m OT but his loss was a dissapointment to me.

    • Clintonista? Bite me troll.

      • I kind of like the term Clintonista. It makes us sound way sexier than the alternatives.

      • teresainpa,
        I think trolls already make Wieners a regular lunch menu -LOL

    • Help poor Rhonda
      Help, help poor Rhonda

    • When are you going to get over the primary?

    • LOL Ah, Obots. “You’ll talk about what I tell you to talk about, b—/—!” Barack? Is it you?

  15. Hail Myiq2xu!

  16. Taylor Marsh has jumped the shark – she thinks misogyny is okay in reference to Republican women cuz Republicans did it first.


    • I am sure she, and all of her 5 commenters, are very outraged. 😉

      • I think she stopped allowing comments – possibly to conceal her lack of readership.

        • She also shut down the ability to contact her via email, though she shares some of the negative ones she got awhile ago and claimed they didn’t bother her one bit.

          Now that she’s in WA DC instead of Nevada, her blog is nothing more than a propaganda machine. Comments can only be made in the diary section where her limited readers/commenters reside.

    • I think she jumped the shark a long long time ago. It’s hard to come back once you’ve sold your soul.

      • Lordy, she jumped in May of ’08 already…I’m one of the TM refugees who moved on. In Jan of 08, she was so the other way, proudly declaring she had been a Regan Democrat, there was times I thought she was a covert McCain site. But the money backed the supposed Demsin 08 and so that’s where she went. It’s about the money. She made her mark as a Hillary site, but that went out the window with such speed, one got whiplash.

    • Awwwwww is she still working on getting that invite to the progressive high school lunch table?

  17. Yaysus, myiq! I don’t want to ever hear about the Obama weiner again. I’ve never gotten over the shot of him showing it off on his campaign plane. The worst part was when he looked down to make sure it was properly positioned. Yech, yech, yech!

  18. In weak moments I kinda worship the Clintons a little. I just never could stand Terry McCaulife. I almost resent his being called Clintonista. I think of myself as a Clintonista and I am nothing like him.

    • I wind up sounding like I worship the Clintons when I’m comparing them to everyone else… in that case it just can’t be helped! lol!

  19. I really don’t get Failbot logic.

    According to them I am forever disqualified from speaking out about sexism or misogyny because a 1 1/2 – 2 years ago I make a few inappropriate sexist jokes for which I have long since expressed regret for making.

    But they are free to continue to engage in sexism and misogyny because they aren’t being hypocritical when they do it.

    • hemmm… are those the comments you already showed us? If so, they seemed in your clowning bit form and nothing compared to what they say and didn’t involve minors. Also, since you said you didn’t date for over 2 years (memory is going here) I took it as snarkiness… Maybe testing the hook and reel line?

      OK…now I have to run!

      • They spent Koresh knows googling and combing blog archives to get a handful of comments over the 3 years I’ve been blogging/commenting.

        If there were more comments they would use them.

    • I don’t think they really care that you told some off color jokes in the past. I think it’s really about how they get to hate women because it’s the hip and cool thing to do now because their beloved leader hates women, so it’s all right and good. And so when you and others talk about how hating women is not cool, that just rubs them the wrong way.

      Telling a couple of off color jokes in the past doesn’t make you a hypocrite when you are a proponent of human rights.

      On the other hand saying your liberal and for human rights all while participating and promoting sexism and misogyny is the height of hypocrisy.

      • To demonstrate how non-hypocritical they are, one of the front-pagers at Blogstalkers didn’t want to raise the issue on the Balloon Juice thread because “some of the Balloon Juicers may have been party to that party.”

        • Tiptoe through the tulips, la la la… Aren’t they special. Kind of makes the point when they have to tread carefully where they discuss some of their issues.

          • I made those comments when I was still a regular at Baloney Juice. If I was a Failbot I could still be there telling sexist and misogynist jokes all day every day and they not only wouldn’t complain, they would laugh their asses off.

    • I really can’t stand sexism, but the Ms Teen South Carolina contestant was just begging for jokes after the answer she gave. I laughed loudly at the comments you made. There are some arenas where women need to be very careful if they don’t want to be made fun of….men, too…the big dumb football players come to mind.

    • When dealing with Obots…Eff’em. They slame your inappropriateness to shut you up, not to defend decency and civility.

      Power To The Funny!!!

    • You’re insulting logical folks by calling what they do . Obots don’t do logic, they do rationalization. It works something like this………It doesn’t matter that he isn’t actually doing what he promised because Clinton or McCain would have done the same thing or worse. It’s okay to make sexist jokes about Palin because she’s a Republican and Republicans deserve it because we disagree with them and they insulted us first. Anti choicers are evil unless they appointed by Obama then they are acceptable. I could go on for hours because the cognitive dissonance is positvely astounding.

      • IOW – They rationalize anything they or Obama say or do as okay, and they rationalize anything we or Hillary say or do as wrong.

        Reality means nothing

        • Yep, pretty much. If facts get in their way they make shit up. Not only does their leader play 11th dimension chess, they have access to others dimensions where Clinton and McCain won so they can authoritatively tell us how much worse off we would have been. It’s laughably absurd.

          I wouldn’t worry about anything they say for that reason alone. I’m pretty much in agreement with the above poster. With you it isn’t about right or wrong, it’s about attempting to bully you into shutting up. You point out their absurdity and hypocrisy. They don’t like that-at all.

        • Bush II – Reality is what Rove/Bush says it is
          Bush III – Reality is what Obama says it is

          And they both have their completely insane 30% followers who will defend them to the end.

          The more things change, the more they stay the same.

          • Point out that they sound like the Bush 30% brigade and they will insist you are a) a Republican r@tf*cker b)bitter and c) McCain and Clinton would have been worse.

            Their denial of reality is quite amazing. I would have never believed it of the left had I not seen it with my own eyes.

  20. From Protein Wisdom:

    I want to stress to you scum-sucking morons that I don’t care whether Letterman and his writers thought he was addressing the presence at the Yankees game of Bristol Palin or Willow Palin. Either way, his “joke” was a sick and assaultive act directed at a young woman who has done nothing to merit such treatment on national television, you gutter-dwelling hobgoblins of putrescence.

    “gutter-dwelling hobgoblins of putrescence” = Failbots

    • Funny how W’s daughters went out of their way to get in trouble with the law for illegal drinking and false ID and partying, yet HIS daughters weren’t given this tasteless, sexist treatment. Then, he was their FATHER and only MOTHERs get to suffer the insults dished on their children.

  21. myiq2xu
    Is this one of your test papers? I does seem like an answer you would write




  22. Just checking in with TC briefly today.
    Thanks for the comedy hour MYIQ!! – It is good to have a laugh before resuming my work day. (I’ll try to read more threads when I have more time later tonight)

    “enter campaign rallies (from both the front and rear.)”

    Republicrats (AKA: Demopublicans) : two sides of the same empty hot dog bun.


  23. Point of clarification (re: above comments): I love Terry McAuliffe and I *DO* worship the Clintons.and proud of it. 🙂

  24. If MyIQ gets a pass because he apologized, when does Favreau get his pardon?

    An Obama spokesman says Favreau has apologized to the former first lady, who gave Obama a run for his massive piles of money during the Democratic primaries.

    The transition official said Favreau has “reached out to Sen. Clinton to offer an apology,” an unfortunate choice of words under the photographic circumstances, as the Swamp’s Frank James points out in his item.

    Here is what the Clinton camp says

    Favreau’s case seems unlikely to be so dire; Clinton senior adviser Philippe Reines cast the photos as evidence of increased bonhomie between the formerly rival camps.

    “Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department, and is currently reviewing his application,” he said in an e-mail.

    So, when does Favreau gets his do-over?

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