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We Told You So!


Another day, another broken promise:

The Supreme Court on Monday turned down a challenge to the Pentagon policy forbidding gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military, granting a request by the Obama administration.


In court papers, the administration said the appeals court ruled correctly in this case when it found that “don’t ask, don’t tell” is “rationally related to the government’s legitimate interest in military discipline and cohesion.”

During last year’s campaign, President Barack Obama indicated he supported the eventual repeal of the policy, but he has made no specific move to do so since taking office in January. Meanwhile, the White House has said it won’t stop gays and lesbians from being dismissed from the military.

(emphasis added)

Well it’s good to know our red-blooded warriors won’t have to worry about catching teh gay from a toilet seat while they are keeping the world safe for democracy.

(Cue the Obots Failbots explaining that this is more “11-dimensional chess”)

Here’s a tip from Arthur Silber:

Don’t try to keep a list of all of Obama’s broken “promises.” Instead, keep a list of the promises you think he made that he’s kept. In this manner, your work will be brief and undemanding.

At the moment, I can’t think of a single issue of importance that would appear on a list of promises Obama wanted us to believe he was making, and that he has kept. Not even one.

Nonetheless, he has kept one commitment, the overriding one that was obvious from the beginning but that he notably restrained himself from offering explicitly: that he would faithfully serve the interests of the ruling class, that he would increase their already massive power and wealth still more, and that he would entrench them and their particular interests so that they would become impervious to all serious challenge.

It’s gonna be a long four years.

We told you so

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55 Responses

  1. I wonder what Donna BRAzile-nut thinks about this??

    Or perhaps Rachel MadCow?

    And yes we did tell the 0bots that 0zero is a homophobic a$$hole.

    • I watched Maddow tonight and she actually showed OB in his campaign promises individually on his promise to change thedon’t ask don’t tell ,then she played what he is saying now. Of course they are contradictory,and she discussed it with a Dem. from NJ I beleive, sorry I don’t know how to get that clip but it was tonight.
      I have to say I have started to watch he more because of all the MSNBC creeps she is now criticising him alot ,especially more than others on that network and cnn.

      • I think she’s the worst of all of them. She debased herself and was willing to dance dance dance for all of them at MSNBC, be their puppet and sell out everyone in America for her own ego and financial gain, but now that it affects her personally, she cares?

      • I don’t have a tv — so I’ve never watched the MadCow except on one or two YouTubes. For her whoring for 0zero she deserves to fail and end up on the streets as a Bum.

      • You mean Rachel Maddow is a racist now? Or is it Republican ratf*cker? I just can’t keep up with the terminology for those critical of the admin.

        I have no sympathy for Maddow.

        • Those who dare to point out that 0zero is as naked as his promises have been called everything — except what we are — truth tellers!

          As for MadCow — she’s a whore — media whore (with apologies to the hard working whores).

          • Ix-nay on the sexist epithets, okay?

            We don’t need to drop to the level of the Obots Failbots

          • don’t you remember –media whores online?? (Damned good website — and unknown who ran it and called out the media bums as whores.) Most of the media (male & female) whored themselves for 0zero.

            I see “whores” in this context as a unisex term.

            So I still say to call the reporters, “journalists” and talking heads who worked for 0zero — whores as in media whores.

            Gee — women use that word and why is it that the guys go GASP — you can’t use that word.

            There is no better set of words for the action of the media towards 0zero than “media whore”. Whoring isn’t always about sex – ya know!

          • Women wore “Sarah Palin is a $&@)” t-shirts, too. Myiq’s not trying to install patriarchal rule, he’s speaking as a moderator on behalf of anybody who’s made uncomfortable by sexist epithets but doesn’t feel she has the authority to complain.

          • myiq2xu

            Trust me when I tell you that the term “w**re” can absolutely be applied to men as well (i.e., Jeff Gannon)

          • There were two sexist epithets I was referring to.

            Taken together in reference to a woman makes the comment inappropriate.

            I push the envelope A LOT and I thought it was too much so I know lots of other people would think so too.

  2. WTF?:

    Are the Obamas creating a nationwide inferiority complex? An article in the Times Styles section marveled over the pair’s recent “date night” in New York, where they ate at a restaurant and took in a Broadway play. “How do they make the time?” a reader might ask. There are children to raise, a mother-in-law to house, a puppy to walk and, oh, a superpower to run. Author Jan Hoffman assesses the nation’s “romance envy” and imagines slighted wives glaring and elbowing at the breakfast table and henpecked husbands feeling “betrayed by the commander in chief.”

    Pass me that bucket, willya?

    • LOL Yes, a putative reader *might* ask that. Or maybe they’re smart enough to realize that if everyday they open the paper and the Obamas are on vacation, they don’t seem able to find much time for this thing we call “work.”

      How did Bush find time to spend 7 hours a day playing video golf and spend half the year in Crawford? Miraculous.

    • For what it’s worth, it is a promise kept. Michelle got her pony, now the rest of us just have to be patient; he stll has 3 more years to get around to fulfilling his promises to us. Just don’t hold your breath.

    • Especially ludicrous is wailing about how much time you need with “a mother-in-law to house” ???

      Yeah, like they have to cook and clean and scrape to pay the rent for her room.

      WTF indeed. Ugh.

      • There are only 102 rooms in the WH, plus pool, movie theatre, bowling alley, professional kitchen staff, ballroom, it’s a real chore keeping her entertained. For 5 people, it’s cramped.

      • No, no….the mother in law is so busy socially that Michelle laughs that she now has to arrange her schedule around her mother’s social calendar. They are having a blast!

    • Oh for Pete’s sake! How much more of this can I take?!

    • This was my drop contributed to the Salon bucket:

      Yah, well

      My entirely dysfunctional birth family could look pretty damned perfect too, given a foot thick coating of MSM/online treacle such as that currently glossing the Obama family portrait. Just like all those divinely happy, picture perfect celebrity marriages. You know, the ones that end in snarling divorce as soon as the cameras turn away.

  3. The Servicemember’s Legal Defense Network has counted 238 discharges based on DADT since Obama was sworn in.


    • That makes more than one DADT discharge a day. What a waste.

    • I’m thinking the DADT policy is really why Obama never served in the military. His career would have been so derailed.

  4. Repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” – Gen. Colin Powell & Fmr. Sec. Of The Army Speak

    Then, Rachel Maddow gets into the question of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the policy that permits gay Americans to serve in the military as long as soldiers hide their sexual identity. . .completely. If they don’t, then they can be and usually, will be discharged. Barack Obama has signaled his intention to eventually change this policy. Powell’s response was fairly bureaucratic — open to change if it can be shown that the “quality of the force” would not be adversely affected.

    Powell is tilting in a constructive and progressive direction, but I still find myself disappointed by the lack of principle he feels in this case with regard to discrimination against gay people. The “quality of the force” has clearly been adversely affected by the discharge of highly qualified soldiers, technical experts, and translators because they were gay and we allowed bigotry to undermine American national security interests.

    But beyond the question of soldiering efficacy is the question of whether the U.S. military should look like American society — or not. And in my view, discriminatory standards and codes are as abhorrent when applied to race as to sexual identity. I think Colin Powell knows this — and have reason to believe that he is more than ready to accept and support gays in the military. But it is clear that he is not going to be the leader that calls for change.http://www.thewashingtonnote.com/archives/2009/04/rachel_maddows/

    • I like how they *keep* saying he’s “signaled” his intention to change the policy “eventually.” Don’t Stop. Believing.

      • He winked while scratching his face (with 2 fingers!)

      • A Facebook friend of mine (Obot all the way) just wrote on my wall:

        “Did he pledge to reverse it within 6 months?”

        My answer:

        John, this doesn’t sound like anything but the status quo. He’s not even ‘moving forward’ on it:

        The Supreme Court on Monday turned down a challenge to the Pentagon policy forbidding gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military, granting a request by the Obama administration.


        In court papers, the administration said the appeals court ruled correctly in this case when it found that “don’t ask, don’t tell” is “rationally related to the government’s legitimate interest in military discipline and cohesion.”

        This is the same sort of language that was used to try to prevent integration of the armed forces. It was bullshit then, and it’s bullshit NOW.


        • Of course we all can see it coming, next we’ll be hearing that he didn’t promise to do these things in his first term. You’ll just have to trust him, he’ll do it all in his second term. Where else are you going to go?

    • But Powell was one of the main people responsible for DADT. Does she really not know sh*t from shinola?

  5. i mean i new BO was going to go back on his word in this promise: almost as soon as he promised it

  6. Shuddup Colin. I’m a frickin’ Navy veteran and a Damned Lesbian. For the record, I never shook a little vial of yellow cake uranium in the face of my fellow citizens.

    • I’m guessing that being lied to by SOS and the president and deployed under possibly false pretences isn’t so great for morale.

  7. when will the obot people understand that now that he has been selected they have no value to him until the race starting in 2011. Then all the promises will be spoken of again with the explanation that he needs four more years as he did not have enough time to keep them in the first four years.
    Until then their job is to show up at fund raisers and give money. Stifle all criticism and threaten any opposition.. They should be glad to be of service to their “savior” and really should understand that they are not important enough to be bothered with right now.
    think about it

    Gays——-Later I can not upset the right wingers now

    Women ——– Should be barefoot and pregnant and remember how lucky they are that I am on earth

    American Allies——-I am the leader and you are here to do my bidding after all most of you are the second tier.

    American Servicemen and women——-I have to keep apologizing for all the times you fought for freedom for all.



    • He won’t need them in 2012 – he will run unopposed for the nomination, and where else can they go in the general?

      • I agree, that is why he is saying “What Promise?” .

      • This country really is screwed aren’t we?
        That would be 16 years of incompetent leadership.
        Do you think this country could survive?



      • Where else indeed? I wonder when they will wise up and realize they are being used. They sold their souls too cheaply IMO. I’ll take being called a Republican ratf*cker over having to vote for the Democrat regardless of the principles he actually is committed to anyday.

  8. Obama’s ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Position Challenged Again @ W.H. Briefing

    MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow & Ana Marie Cox Report: President Obama’s ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Position Challenged Again at White House Press Briefing by Ana Marie Cox – 05/21/09

    Notice the ‘Ah, ah, ah, aaa’ by Robert Gibs (sp), also known as the ‘DEER CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHTS’.

  9. so RD that one those subliminal messages conforming the death of journalism ?

    • It is heart breaking, our journalists think he is some sort of God and others are still getting tingles…where is the xote scientist, maybe it’s some virus?!?

  10. Don’t try to keep a list of all of Obama’s broken “promises.” Instead, keep a list of the promises you think he made that he’s kept.
    Don’t try to bend the spoon because that’s impossible. Instead just realize the truth. That the spoon is not there.

    Now I get it, he’s like a matrix president. He will continue to take away our rights, even more than Bush II did. But that’s not what you should see. Instead you should see that you never really had rights to begin with. They were only a dream. And now you’re awake.

  11. RULING
    Does Obama Support Ending The ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Policy?

    Oh, broken promises of Obama!

    • On the DADT policy, the supreme court sure is ignoring the “all men are created equal” benefit of living in a democracy.

  12. I truly think I know the man in the pic up top. Is he in Texas? Anybody know who he is?

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