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We own our votes


As Booman immolates himself in conflagration of Kool-aid fueled stoopidity, one of the asinine assertions he has made is that Obama won the popular vote in last year’s primaries. As evidence for this claim he cites this page at RealClearPolitics showing at the very top that Obama received 17,535,458 votes (48.1%) and Hillary received 17,493,836 votes (48.0%)

The problem for Booman is that those numbers don’t include Michigan. If you count ALL the votes (as shown on the 3rd and 4th lines) then Obama received 17,535,458 votes (47.4%) and Hillary received 17,822,145 votes (48.1%) Even if you include estimates of the caucus votes Hillary still got 176,465 more votes than Obama (.5%)

I can hear Obamanation sputtering now:

“But she agreed the votes wouldn’t count!  She signed a pledge!  Da roolz!


First of all, Hillary never agreed that Michigan and Florida would be completely disenfranchised.  The totality of her statements on this issue make it obvious that she expected a solution to be worked out.  Secondly, the pledge she signed was an agreement that she would not campaign in MI/FL and she didn’t (but Obama did.)  Lastly, fuck the rules.

Michigan and Florida held official primaries sanctioned by their state governments and paid for with tax payer money.  Those state governments are the duly elected representatives of the people.  The Rules and Bylaws Committee is an unelected body within the Democratic National Committee, which is itself unelected by the people.

To assert that democratic principles are less important than scheduling rules demonstrates the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of Obama supporters.  Rules should reflect our values and principles, not trump them.  Nor should our values and principles be cast aside in pursuit of some short term goal, especially if that goal is based on a cult of personality.  And as for our lurking Obama supporters, please don’t whinge about “fairness” because Obama was not on the Michigan ballot.  HE VOLUNTARILY TOOK HIMSELF OFF THE BALLOT.

It doesn’t matter what Hillary may or may not have agreed to.  She doesn’t own our votes.  Neither does the RBC nor the DNC.  Obamanation will never understand us until they get it through their heads that we aren’t mad because Hillary lost the election, we are furious because Obama stole the nomination.  It’s not about her, it’s about us.  Those were our votes that were stolen.


A couple of last points for our lurkers.  We understand and accept that Barack Obama is the President.  He stole the nomination, but he won the election.  He is the only POTUS we have, and barring something unforeseen he will be until at least January 20, 2013 if not longer.  But we don’t have to “embrace” or support him.

We will continue to advocate for a liberal/progressive agenda, including real health care reform (single-payer), LGBT rights, freedom of choice, ending the wars in Iraq and Afganistan and environmetal protection.  We will be VERY vocal in criticizing Obama whenever he is less than perfect in that regard.  If you want us to STFU then tell Obama to get his shit together and be FDR II, not Bush III

We are FORMER supporters of Hillary Clinton.  Someday we might support her again, but she isn’t running for office right now.  While we admire her quite a bit, we don’t worship her or follow her orders.  We realize that she now works for Obama and we are grateful to have such a high quality person representing our nation to the rest of the world. But as a member of Obama’s Cabinet she has a duty to publicly support him and avoid criticizing him.  We don’t hold that against her, but then again we don’t have any obligation to agree with her either.

88 Responses

  1. Yeah!

    Well said, myiq.

  2. Booman can go suck eggs and pound sand! He reminds me of something Forrest Gump once said….”Stupid is as stupid does!” 🙂

  3. Give that man a new clown car. Perfectly said. Honk honk honk.

  4. Booman is no doubt afraid of speaking the truth for fear that MO might glance his way. If looks could kill…..


    • OUCH! I would hate to be on the receiving end of those daggers!

      • Why does she stare at people this way. I guess other people she perceives to be a threat (Hillary or in this case M. Sarkozy, a former model and fashionista considered one of the most beautiful women in the world). It’s okay, MO! You’re first lady now. Be happy.

        • I think MO is so deeply unhappy and angry that these pictures show the true person beneath her facade. There have been too many instances of this “look” to be an accidental capture by a lucky photog.

    • Ouch, I think I got cut from looking at that picture.

    • In fairness when the two of them met before the D-Day Celebration, it looked like, and they greeted, as if they sincerely liked each other.

      I heard that Michelle and the girls stayed a couple of extra days in Paris, and my instant reaction was, I bet Carla proposed this.

      I really, really don’t want to defend anything that has to do with the Obamas, but i do find it unfair to judge a person by one single shot!

      Come on! Take a look at your own family albums, lol 😀 .

  5. They’re addicted to Hillary hate. They’re still defensive because they know they had to cheat to win the nomination and they also know we were right about Obama, as is now obvious to all.

    • I took a stroll over at “Boo-hoo’s site and came away feeling as though I was in a 3rd grade classroom with a bunch of kids screaming…”i know I am but what are you!”

      It’s amazing to see these idiots flex their CDS. One has to wonder where these same sippy kup kidz were when Bush was trashing our constitution!
      These were the same testosterone fueled adolescents that probably were shouting…”USA” as the bombs fell on Iraq!

      • We know many of the Obat adults were doing exactly that back then. So I think it would fit that same pattern for the younger Obots to be the same.

  6. Kiss it, Booman. You’re a jackass and why the fuck did you pick such a dumb ass name?

  7. I always found it mind boggling that Hillary should have been expected to run on TWO States less.

    Not only that, but she was expected to withdraw from the race early. To quote the New Statesman:

    The massed ranks of male pundits gleefully pronounced that Clinton had lost the battle with Obama immediately after the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, despite past precedents that strong second-place candidates (like Ronald Reagan in his first, ultimately unsuccessful campaign in 1976; like Ted Kennedy, Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson and Jerry Brown) continue their campaigns until the end of the primary season and, in most cases, all the way to the party convention.

    None of these male candidates had a premature political obituary written in the way that Hillary Clinton’s has been, or was subjected to such righteous outrage over refusing to quiesce and withdraw obediently from what, in this case, has always been a knife-edge race. Nor was any of them anything like as close to his rivals as Clinton now is to Obama.


    In a similar manner people like Booman feel they have a total God given right, to deny the truth in reference to the popular vote.

  8. I am not even going to read what the guy said, Myiq’s analysis of the primaries is in complete agreement with mine. We have had good presidents and bad presidents and we will continue to have both. As an American, I plan on doing everything in my power to ensure that we have democratically elected presidents. Whatever Obama does as president, the fact that he stole the Democratic nomination makes him unworthy to hold the office in my opinion.

  9. I never embraced or supported GW. And I’m not going to embrace or support Obama. I don’t embrace or support corporate candidates who only embrace and support the very rich and don’t give a rat’s a$$ about anyone else. And I especially despise any Party that abuses my voting rights. And, as much as I found it unbelievable, that’s exactly what the Democratic Party did.

  10. off topic but very interesting:


    SCOTUS is blocking the sale of Chrysler to FIAT

  11. I am of the opinion that Boo-Hoo chose to attack Dak’s piece as a way to bring him some attention. nothing like a blog war to rally his troops. From the reaction of one of his “Fellow” Boo-Hoo’s, I think he wanted to stir up trouble. that is all these idiots have. They don’t have facts so they shout you down.

    (edited by myiq – Boo-Boo is my daughter’s nickname)

    • Yep. And their tantrums take their attention away from the mess that Obama is making.

    • Yep-when you need to liven up a slow day, pick on the Pumas.

      That’s what they did all the time at the ‘ettes…

      (until Darragh hit back. Anyone have a foto to post of Booman?)

    • My first clue on the cluelessness was when I got the first response. If you go off on Rush Limbaugh’s cultural elite meme when a group of folks ask you if you live in a gated community. The dude must obviously live a very sheltered life to not grok the correct reference on that.

      • I actually waited about a day to see if ANY of them could connect and none of them have. Talk about lack of cred.

        • Somehow I’m not at all surprised that they didn’t grok it.

          • I read once that a toad is capable of discerning only two things: “food” and “not food”

            Obots can apparently only discern “Kool-aid” and “racism”

            If it don’t taste like flavored sugar-water, they figure it must be racism.

          • Don’t you know that flavored sugar water is a racist meme and a right wing dog whistle! Flavored sugar water implies coloring in the sugar water !!! And in the context of a this historic black president, you should now you’re race baiting! Because it’s obvious! Every one intelligent would realize how obvious is it is!

            (snark, snark)

    • I suppose another possibility is that he and the Obots in general are so starved for recognition from the One that stirring the pot to get attention, even if it is negative, from PUMAs is like a pacifier for a baby….

  12. They’ll never be able to understand the concept of it being about the voters because to them, not only are the voters defective and worthless, they’re also obstacles to be eliminated with whatever means necessary. At least Alinsky professed to have some beliefs beyond his shady tactics. With Obots, there are no principles governing their tactics and no principles that they care about enacting. They acted like Bushies and cheer as Obama governs like Bush. Only their hate is pure.

    • Yup!

    • I don’t really think Obots count.

      A lot of it was maneouvring for power within the Dem Party.

      It was the entrenched Dems who didn’t give a hoot about the voters.

      Voters will never be listened to, when it is so easy to manipulate the vote.

      • I know they don’t count for anything within the party except as useful idiots to be used, I just find it repugnant that they’re so amoral and shameless and can’t even be bothered to pretend otherwise.

        • It’s that not bothering to even pretend that shows you the extent of the decay…it’s not pretty. In hind sight, one can see the effort spent on pretend kabuki ever dropping down.

          • I remember them gloating after NV that despite the actual tallies, Obama would walk away with more delegates. Yeah, that’s something to cheer. They had truly lost their way.

          • Imagine if the votes of AA’s only counted as 3/5ths of white votes. But it’s okay if the votes in one place count more than the votes in another?

  13. Certain highhanded machinations by corporate elites and sleazy political demagogues somehow managed to impose Obama on the country as titular POTUS; then on the unexpressed assumption that possession is half the law BHO has been allowed to fly around making speeches and waving his arms and promising great things–all of this and so much more despite the glaring fact that this individual has never yet been properly vetted.

    • Not only that. He has not really accomplished anything of significance. Well, unless you count the words…lots and lots of words and only words and more words. ( plenty of excuses and finger pointing as well)
      Actual change for the better.

    • “waving his arms” – isn’t it more like “floating” or something?

      Even his moves make me go snorrrrr …

  14. terrific post

    The totality of her statements on this issue make it obvious that she expected a solution to be worked out.

    I clearly remember Hillary on Greta saying, ” I can’t see the Democratic party not counting those votes, I’m confident something will be worked out “.

    If we can fault Hill anything in ‘ 08, it was thinking she was dealing with the Democratic party. I think she only realized the situation when it became obvious her campaign manger, Pattii , was a mole bent on bankrupting and sinking Hillary’s run from within and that the extent of the fix was total . Only Hill could have gotten a SOS out of that mess, Hillary and her 18 million voters

  15. well done, myiq.

  16. My family lives in Florida. We voted for Al Gore and he didn’t fight to see our votes counted. We voted for John Kerry and he didn’t fight to see our votes counted. We voted for Hillary Clinton and our votes didn’t count. We are now all re-registered as Republicans and we will never vote for a Democratic candidate again. As far as I am concerned, the Dems can just keep on with what they are doing in Florida….more votes for my candidates now.

    • Dems just lost the NY State Senate to Republicans today.

    • i switched from Dem to Independent. getting scrooooed in 3 elections is ENOUGH. in the next primary i may switch just to vote against crap like oobama. we’ve got a whole pack of his clones here that should be long gone from Congress. as far as the Presidential election it depends on which party kisses my ass. one person who will definitely NEVER get my vote is Barack Obama. you don’t play with taxpaying homeowning Veterans like he & his DNC did in FL. not even if they have breasts!
      this ain’t Indonesia or Saudi Arabia. it’s America.
      one person, one FULL vote next time.

      BOoman can just lock himself in mommy’s basement & “get over it”, cause I won’t.
      that’s a promise.

    • Don’t you wonder about that – our votes haven’t really counted for the past 3 elections. What is going on with that? Has the village figured out how to disregard the will of the people?

      I wonder why they bother to hold elections except maybe to prevent an uprising.

  17. What myiq said!

    “Michigan and Florida held official primaries sanctioned by their state governments and paid for with tax payer money. Those state governments are the duly elected representatives of the people. The Rules and Bylaws Committee is an unelected body within the Democratic National Committee, which is itself unelected by the people.”

    That is the crux. Millions of Americans’ votes were disenfranchised in a process rigged by insider elites.


  18. I should have added that even if every Obama supporter in the nation were to acknowledge that Hillary won the popular vote in the primaries, Obama would still be POTUS

    Acknowledging last year’s injustice won’t change November’s election result.

    • Shouldn’t we always try to call attention to to the fact that it was November’s scam or fraud or theft rather than dignify the travesty with such phrases as “election result”?

      • I haven’t seen any evidence of fraud in November’s election – I’m not talking about lying, I’m talking about cheating.

        All the shady stuff took place in the primaries.

        (but there was disgusting sexism and misogyny in both)

  19. This is mean, but do we have the clip of Obama saying we’re not going to allow N. Korea to continue “destabiliging” the region? Fun for a late night open thread. NPR is turning into a comedy hour.

    • Now he’s mangling the English language?

      He really is Bush III

      • I wonder if Hill was there–“$@””, does this mean I have to take one for the team and say destabiliging too to help him save face?” LOL

  20. Booman see more racism in the GOP opposition to giving tax dollars to ACORN. Then he says this:

    I remind you that ACORN registers voters in precincts that have at least 65% Democratic registration, although they make no partisan appeals and will turn in every registration card regardless of partisan preference.

    Hmmm. Is racism the only logical explanation? Is it remotely possible that the GOP would object to using tax dollars to register more white Democrats too?

    • I don’t object registering anyone, provided they register once, are breathing and meet all the qualifications (citizenship, felony rights restored, live in district …).

      • I don’t object to registering as many people as possible either.

        I’m just saying there is a perfectly logical reason why the GOP would object to spending tax dollars to register more Democrats that has nothing to do with racism.

        I would expect Democrats to object to spending tax dollars to register Republicans too.

        • My issues with the ACORN folks are, that they are clearly biased and they are after all a non-profit (laughing :lol:) and well, hemming haaaing here…. they have too many flaws.

          In all the years of registering voters, I have never had any such issues as they have had. The other issue with them being biased is that when you set out to register folks, you in essence can’t discriminate, and that also applied to party affiliation and I have had some pretty strange party ideas (some write in their own). You can’t refuse to register a Republican or anyone with an odd party (I have seen some that aren’t worth repeating here), that is for the elections office to do.

          Any hoo…that is where I am coming from….and one last thing is that they need better trainers in voter registration, before they send their ACORN staff out to register voters.

          • Not saying Republicans are odd, just the write ins…before Afrocity arrives, being that she is a ‘lovely Republican Lady’ and all. Woo, that was close…

          • Right. Republicans have been known to toss Democratic registrations into the trash, and that’s exactly what Obots would do, they have no scruples. You can’t have integrity in the process when you have 2 gangs of thugs with vested interests fighting over spoils.

  21. Hey! More lies! Obama admin says DADT is all good! No change there.


  22. I just got in late, and I’m catching up. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post Myiq. You are clear, emphatic and bold in expressing our truth. Thank you. 🙂

  23. I can hear Obamanation sputtering now:

    “But she agreed the votes wouldn’t count! She signed a pledge! Da roolz!

    DA ROOLZ!”

    First of all, Hillary never agreed that Michigan and Florida would be completely disenfranchised. The totality of her statements on this issue make it obvious that she expected a solution to be worked out. Secondly, the pledge she signed was an agreement that she would not campaign in MI/FL and she didn’t (but Obama did.) Lastly, fuck the rules.

    The obots who keep screaming about the rules always conveniently leave out the fact that 5 states held primaries before they were supposed to. Only 2 of those states were punished. If the rules are so damn important, why weren’t all 5 of those states punished? Why aren’t these rules obsessed people screaming about those 3 states got away with breaking the rules? Why do the rules only apply to FL and MI? Either punish all 5 states equally, or punish none.

    They are hypocrites. Also, they always act like Hillary was the only one who didn’t take her name off the ballot. IIRC, about half of the candidates took their names off, and half didn’t.

    Michigan and Florida held official primaries sanctioned by their state governments and paid for with tax payer money. Those state governments are the duly elected representatives of the people. The Rules and Bylaws Committee is an unelected body within the Democratic National Committee, which is itself unelected by the people.

    Yes. And yes. It is truly fooked up. Like FL. The republican controlled legislature changed the date of the primary, knowing full well it went against the rules of the national democratic party. And the democratic voters of FL were powerless to do anything about it.

    Each state should decide when to have their own primary. There is no reason why the national party leadership should have any say in it whatsoever. What happened in FL could set a precedent. What if lots of states whose legislatures are controlled by the republicans decide to mess around with the primary dates, so as to go against the arbitrary rules of the national leadership of the democrats? and vice versa? What a mess that would be.

    • And also if the Obots weren’t hypocrites, they would object to the DNC intervening to privilege two lily white, fairly unrepresentative states. Why SHOULDN’T high population states like FL have more of a voice? I understand why Nh and IA want to go first, but that’s their problem, not some kind of divinely sanctioned right. The states should be allowed to set their own calendars.

      • not some kind of divinely sanctioned right

        Exactly right! What’s so sacred about IA and NH, etc?

    • btw, I really like my idea. All the states should start mucking around with the oppositions’ primary dates. What fun!

      • I’m willing to bet that the DNC will be much more tolerant and allow the states to do pretty much whatever they want now that the danger has passed. Watch them choke on their own hypocrisy, “We can’t penalize the voters of the state for Republican shenanigans… “

  24. Why am I in moderation?

  25. […] Confluence: The Low Road 2008 and We Own Our Votes. myiq2xu is so […]

  26. myiq2xu your last paragraph – about Hillary and TC’s affiliation (or is the word affinity?) with her – is spot on!
    And it proves/explains how (most) PUMA’s really have moved on.

    But it seems “the other side” (who doesn’t appear to be able to also move on), so don’t want to recognize this, lol!

  27. Thanks for this perfect summing-up of the 2008 Traveshamockery we called a primary. Good timing on the heels of the anniversary of that fateful day in May…

    What, I wonder, is making the Obotti lash out right now? I’m guess it’s displaced anger. We know they’re a bunch of unhinged children with zero impulse control, and no doubt the many many many letdowns and slaps in the face that their Messiah is handing out has made them…troubled. But you cannot be angry with The One! So once again they go to a convenient, never-fail target: Hillary and her hag-bag supporters.

    Add in the fact that they realize, deep down in their shriveled little hearts, that we were right, and they were wrong. And oh boy, that little nugget of truth must be buried! Unleash the avalanche of hatred! Cry war, and let loose the hounds of CDS!

    It’s all they have left.

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