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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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PUMAs crash blogstalker convention

Several pairs of Underoos were permanently stained.  Oh!  The humanity!

This is an open thread.  What mischief are you up to tonight?

78 Responses

  1. We’re enjoying inadequate black beer here in lovely New York. Cheers and salutations!

    • Well, maybe it’s because I’m looking through binoculars but that doesn’t seem to be what’s inadequate where I’m standing.


      • Where are you? I’m driving around trying to find the Fortress of Solitude but no luck yet. The 500 bags of Artificial cheese flavored dust I packed were supposed to act as a homing beacon! Dammit, Jim!

        • Just follow the stench of koolaide and remember they’re eating burnt and shrivelled meat!!!! Just follow your nose!!!!

          You’ll know immediately that it wasn’t raw oysters! It’s really really really not noticeable on any of them!

        • they’re eating burnt and shrivelled meat!!!

          Oh noes! did someone get too close to the fire?

          • I tripped the sensor! I’m caught! They’re forcing me to watch lameass Metropolis ripoff videos starring Scarlett Johansson!!!! Turn back before it’s too late!!!!!!!!!

          • Just throw that cheese powder in their face and make a run for it.

          • *sighs* This is why we developed the code, remember? To avoid giving away our tactical secrets? Can whoever was supposed to remember the combination to the Hello Kitty diar–I mean to the classified location where we keep our codebreaking team get it and give it to SOD?

          • LMAO over here! You guys are too funny.

            Thanks 😀 !

  2. Do you really want to know? I’m playing with wordpress themes. I’ve got a test blog so I don’t break the site.

  3. Mercy! Who are those bedraggled people in dirty orange T-shirts? No, not the HAKA!! Your cardboard cameras terrify us!!

  4. Funny blog post mocking Obama’s speech in Cairo.


  5. I think it’s my turn to grope the Hillary cutout now, dammit!

  6. It’s really interesting when you break down a Jon Favreau speech into its meaningless parts:

    In the most bizarre passage, Obama used American history to prove that Palestinians must suffer quietly: “Palestinians must abandon violence. Resistance through violence and killing is wrong and it does not succeed.” George Washington, War of Independence, ring a bell at all? “For centuries, black people in America suffered the lash of the whip as slaves and the humiliation of segregation. But it was not violence that won full and equal rights. It was a peaceful and determined insistence upon the ideals at the center of America’s founding.” Abraham Lincoln, Civil War, ring a bell at all? Really, did he just tell us that slaves shouldn’t have resisted slavery with violence?


    • Why, yes yes he did. the unrepentant dummy.

    • So WTF is he continuing to make war in Iraq and Afghanistan for? Or is he saying that “violence and killing is wrong” only for “resistance” leaving open that violence is just fine and dandy for offensive reasons? I think he did.

  7. Oops, that’ not Hillary. Who brought the cutout of Carrie Prejean?

  8. I didn’t realize they were filming us! dang! but I do look good in black, no?

    Well, back to live blogging the conv.

  9. I did get some great video while I was there. These guys really know how to paaarrrteeee!

  10. Did you hear that Tommy Christopher got fired?

    I guess he’s free to pursue that career as a movie star.

    Oh, wait . . .

    • He could always sue AOL for sex discrimination.

    • Did AOL fire Tommy Christopher for criticizing Playboy?

      Earlier this week, Playboy outraged conservatives and some liberals as well when they published Guy Cimbalo’s perverse essay listing the top ten conservative women he’d like to “hate-f**k”, most of whom are friends and colleagues of ours. Tommy Christopher at AOL’s Politics Daily immediately denounced and heavily criticized the article, but the article mysteriously disappeared shortly after PD published it, the first time the editors of AOL-PD ever dumped a story down the memory hole with no explanation. Tommy reprinted it at his own site, and prepared an alternative version for AOL-PD — and was told he no longer worked there, after two years. Stephen Gutowski at Newsbusters connects the dots:

      Had to look it up and the odd thing is the guy that did the list still has a job? Hemm…

      • With Tommy’s winning personality and dedication to truth I would ask for independent verification of anything he says.

      • They were probably looking for any excuse to get rid of that loser.

        • They canned him because he did not stick to the MSM/Axelrove Meme of misogyny disguised as feminism. He was supposed to write an article about how helpful the Playboy endorsed Hate-F*cking piece would be for conservative women, and PUMA too…

          wonder who Tommy decided to suck up to… could he really have a conscience? Nah… as I say, what comes around rolls around. He did the hack work they asked of him, and he gladly sold any sort of soul he had to do it, and he has outlived his usefulness.

      • There should be no illusions that these pop “liberals”/hollywood types are for women in any way what so ever. Let us be honest and admit that Mitt Romney is a far superior husband and father than Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn.

        • I don’t know about that. He made his wife with MS suffer in the cold weather when she wanted to move somewhere warm, and even apart from her health difficulties she doesn’t seem to enjoy political life. He’s also the maniac who put the dog on top of the car and didn’t care about the kids’ pleading.

          • And he’s certainly not a pro-woman politically, either. He sandbagged Swift, acted like Healey should walk three steps behind him and appeared pained when she was allowed to speak publicly, and played whispering campaign games with Palin. If he runs against her, he will make it ugly.

  11. I guess Johnd thinks that making the stalker posts “private” makes it all better.

    It makes it sicker.

    • Personally, I think it makes it funnier….

      • Seriously…did you get out ok? I entered the secret codes to activate the super-secret invisible smoke screen.

        • It was a close call, my friend. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again. The urges to make mime poses in an impressionist black and white setting while singing “weasley no, not weasley, Obama is our king” are still overwhelming at times. Thank you.

        • Golly gosh, I wish I had some of those cool toys.

  12. Well, it’s getting dark here which means the pavement is cooling down and the call of salt water pools and blue agave tequila are coming in loud and clear over here bayou Mississippi.

    I shall take my leave and leave the power puff girls super spy set in Dandy Tiger’s hand. To SOD, here’s those knitting needles, but use them well and when you poke’m be sure to call them sweetie!!!!

  13. No mischief, darn it. We’re just about to toss in the DVD “Taken”.(I’m already happily munching on air popped popcorn.)

  14. Oh, is the he-man wimmins haters club meeting today?

  15. cwaltz i hope that popcorns butter . to me if its not butter its not worth eating

  16. I LOVE this thread tonight, just getting started on it, and its great already, up at the top, y’all ROOL! LOLOL

  17. Yep,it’s buttered and salted. I do not like plain popcorn either.

  18. Why am I not surprised that these boys don’t have hot dates on Saturday? How pathetic must kev and his crew be to spend Saturday discussing their cyber stalking exploits?

  19. myiq, I forgot to tell you earlier in the week when you posted it, but the trailer for the nazi zombie movie was superb. Many thanks from a fellow zombiephile.

  20. This is a link to the ruling as interpreted by someone else, but the bare bones are legit as far as I can tell. Sorry for the length.

    Because the dignity of women–in life and in death–apparently isn’t a priority in this world. This took place in South Korea.

    Choi Jil Shil sued for being a victim of domestic violence

    The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a construction company that filed a suit against the late Choi Jin Shil. The court ruled that “Models who fail to maintain appropriate dignity as the faces of the products they represent should compensate for the damages caused to their advertiser.”

    In March 2004, Choi Jin Shil was hired to be the representing model for Shinhan Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd and that if she were to damage the company’s reputation, she would have to pay back 500 million won (about $399,361USD). Later in the year, Choi’s bruised face, allegedly caused by the abuse of her then husband Jo Sung Min, appeared everywhere. The company filed a suit against her, requesting 3 billion won for the “damages” to their image.

    “We use this model so that their image will attract customers,” said the Supreme Court in the ruling. “The model’s failure to maintain a decent image is a breach of contract.” As a model, it was said she is supposed to represent “dignity and happiness.” And as the company’s model, she is obligated to appear as such.

    In other words, Choi Jin Shil was successfully sued because her husband was beating, and she wasn’t “dignified” or “happy” about it. What I hope is that the company’s image is even more tarnished now that they decided to go through with this, nine months after the woman has been dead. It’s really sad that her family now has to deal with this, along with the custody battle for Jin Shil’s children as well.

    • To misquote Jefferson, I tremble for my gender when I reflect that God is just.

  21. Speaking of Python, this is what the right-wingers fear will happen if the military becomes gay-tolerant: :mrgreen:

    And now for something so completely different it’s not even Monty Python: What happens when innocent spinning of an onionlike veggie goes horribly wrong:

  22. Also: a polar bear has an unfortunate encounter with an exercise treadmill: :mrgreen:

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