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    • The NYTimes Reveals More Than It Means
      Watch this video. It’s only 39 seconds. It’s worth it. What’s interesting to me about this video is NOT what Bernie says, it’s the reaction. It’s how genuinely uncomfortable the people interviewing him (The NYTimes editors) are. They really think he’s saying something terrible. Something awkward. Something embarrassing. What is he saying? “I ignore the […] […]
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This is what racism looks like

Res ipsa loquitor

(h/t Cannonfire)

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66 Responses

  1. WTF?! I have to admit, I’m shocked.

    • Those are American Jews in Israel.

      • I’m still in shock.

        • There is plenty of Arab/Muslim hate. Like antisemitism, it is always waiting to rear its ugly head.

          I don’t buy the drunk excuse. These are deep feelings that don’t come out of thin air just from drinking a few beers. It may not be equivalent, but many Israelis teach their children to hate Arabs like many Arabs teach theirs to hate Israelis.

        • Do they teach their kids to hate black people and use the “n” word? Again, I’m in shock.

        • I was referring more to the Arab/Muslim/terrorist rhetoric.

          I have no idea where the racism against blacks came from.

        • Good grief! They apparently have a very limited vocabulary

  2. That is so offensive.

    I hate being forced into a position of defending Obama, but he is our president, this is America, and we protect and defend our own. Those kids need a visit from the secret service and to be placed on banned from entry into the US list.

    I can’t post at Cannonfire for some reason, so if he ever pops in here, he mentioned on his blog that sometimes you have to meet hate with hate. No, I completely disagree. Hate just begets more hate. Violence begets more violence. Love is the only true revolutionary act. Hate is easy, peace takes courage. Everybody gets pissed off, especially when we hear something offensive like this, but hating people back is not the way to change things.

    • I don’t agree with everything Joe Cannon says, but he is reacting to what people say and do, not who they are. And what those people are saying and doing is reprehensible.

      It’s the difference between hating a man because he is black and hating a member of the KKK. The first is irrational, the second is not.

      • Thank goodness YOU will read and report –because that is a place I don’t visit.

  3. Charming, simply charming…

    Didn’t you love the young woman who claimed to be political science major (who “knows her shit”) but had never heard of Benjamin Netanyahu?

    • She is quite the brainy one! The last time she asked the table who he was, she called him Benjamin Yahoo.

  4. They are young idiots who don’t think about the consequences of their actions, much like Favreau the night he decided to violate a cutout of Hillary Clinton. These days with the web and youtube, you’d think these folks would think about what comes out of their mouth before saying anything. You can find this type of behavior on any Friday or Saturday night on a college campus. This video doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • That’s exactly what I thought of — Favreau.. just a stupid, immature bunch of kids….aren’t they also wealthy? I think I heard that somewhere. Never had any repercussions for their actions, so they say whatever they please.

    • DV, on one side, I agree with you. On the other, I wonder why they feel able to spew their invective, on tape, without any repercussions. To my mind, it says a lot about the upbringing and the educational system, none of which is positive. Do these yahoos know that Corporate HR people now do searchs on the internet to discern whether potential hires have nasty ghosts in the closet? If not, why not.
      Even then, why on earth do they feel free to exhibit their basest feelings in public, on tape? It boggles the mind, and quite frankly, I have to wonder why these idiots feel that they are above the norms. It’s the same as that beastial megabeast that produces those Girls Gone Wild videos. Those girls are drunk, yes, yet they also shed all common sense and reason because their self preservation radar is non existent. Do they realize that those videos might be viewed by everyone who knows them? No. Somehow they have a right of kings attitude. Unfortunately, they wake up to reality too late. Whose fault is that? Theirs, or the people who should have been teaching them differently? Don’t know the answer, but this is not a drunken frat boy scenario – that was Animal House. This is far more sinister. Just my two cents.

    • I don’t think the “n” word would be used on a Friday or Saturday night on the campus I work on. I really don’t. It is a very diverse place and that just wouldn’t be accepted at all.

  5. The N word, uncalled for, the semi-death threats, uncalled for. There was absolutely no excuse for any of that.

    However these were a bunch of essentially drunken frat boy jerkoffs, with bruised egos because the Prez didn’t visit their country…saying really stupid things out of peer pressure, probably. I can see why some folks didn’t consider it newsworthy.

    Yes, and the political science major was funny. Doofussy, but funny. Didn’t she call him “Benjamin Yahoo?” Doofus.

    • It was newsworthy when a few people at McCain rallies said ignorant things wasn’t it?

      I don’t buy the drunken frat boy defense.

    • AintNoMountainHighEnough, I have liked a lot of your posts in the past but I disagree on the possibility of youth, alcohol, and bruised egos being an excuse for advocacy of hatred. Misspeaking like a doofus does not mean you won’t necessarily act out of hate in another arena.

      George Jr. was a good example of a doofus-speaking frat boy who basically used his frat-boy power connections to F–k up this country (in fact, these kids talking could be mirror images of the Young Cons frat boys from Dakinikat’s earlier video….or the young O-bots lynch mobs)

      And in a scary way, however, it is OFTEN the drunken fratboy jerk-offs that DO violence in the real world-

      Just this past week: San Jose Mercury News:
      Cupertino, CA: several (under a dozen?) college baseball players locked one unconscious 17 year old girl in a bedroom and proceeded to gang rape her. It took three very brave soccer player girls to break into the room and rescue the girl, who was taken (still unconscious, her clothes ripped from her body, & men’s vomit on her face) to the emergency room. *!*

      There can be a fine line between the obnoxiousness that is shown “innocently” in front of a camera to the line crossed…(once the camera is turned off) and your friends leave you for 10 minutes with some so-called drunken doofus

      The attitude and behavior of these young adults shows bigotry, entitlement, racism, and un-questioning zealot allegiance to tribe. Their attitude is not far removed (at all) from rabid obama types…just another side of the coin

      The misogeny is not “evident” but there is still the same hatred/racism/tribalism that O-followers proudly strutted forth for the last year.

      I do not support their hatred & violence advocacy directed towards Obama, just as I do not support the hatred & violence advocacy that continues to be directed at Hillary Clinton and any Puma members.

      but, ANMHE — I DO respect your viewpoint

  6. Just shows you that Islamic-Jewish/Arabic-Israeli relations is a two way street. There’s no good vs. bad here. One must work within political realities to negotiate long lasting peace. One of these realities is that it’s not just the Muslims who spew anti-Jewish rhetoric. There’s plenty of Arab/Muslim hate from the Israeli side. Just look at Israeli defense minister Lieberman who is a racist and Islamophobe.

    The hate may not be equivalent, but it’s there from both sides. A harsh reality that there are very strong hard feelings between the two that I’m not sure can be overcome to achieve stability in the region.

  7. Congratulations, Israel, you are proving yourselves to be as hateful as those ignorant goat herds on the other side.

  8. This is totally off topic but, I want everyone to see it.

    Chris Dodd is soliciting ideas for health care reform:

    Here’s the link to the Senate Health Care idea page.

    I’ve submitted an idea (and it’s already had 7 votes!)

  9. This is way way beyond OT, but did anyone else know that Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber) was a victim of MK Ultra when he was a student at Harvard? I never knew that. I’m reading an old article from The Atlantic about it right now.

    • No… In fact I never heard of the program until just now when I looked it up in Wikipedia.

      • You’re kidding. Maybe you’re too young to remember the Church hearings. Now there was a Senator who stood up for the truth and paid the price.

      • What’s really creepy is that the psychiatrist who basically tortured Kaczynski was Henry Murray, who is really famous, practically revered. He designed the Thematic Apperception Test. He was probably involved in the famous “Bluebird” program, in which the CIA tried to create assassins by creating multiple personality disorder in subjects of their experiments. I know it sounds crazy, but it all really happened.

        Psychologists and Psychiatrists most recently helped with the Bush torture program.

        • When you realize that all these horrors happened in the ’50s and ’60s, it’s hard not to wonder what they are up to these days, especially with the unitary executive powers.

        • You’re gonna enjoy Gitmo

          (ask for a cell with an ocean view, they’re nicer)

        • You sure psychologists and psychiatrists didn’t most recently work on the Obama mind control campaign, Dr. BB?

        • Cinie,

          You know they did. Remember the Time article? I may be a psychologist, but I’m not that kind of psychologist.

        • Never thought you were, or, could possibly be, Dr. BB.

        • Cinie,

          I think we should look into that behavioral science thing further. Now that I’m going to have a little more free time, I might check into some of those people who consulted with the Obama campaign.

  10. Here is a website with a lot of records from the Church Committee Hearings.


    Frank Church was head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. In 1973, they investigated the CIA’s illegal domestic activities. It all came out because the CIA was spying on peace groups. They gave LSD to unknowing subjects–lots of military people and college students. There were lots of creepy mind control experiments.

  11. One of the events that caused all the CIA machinations to come out was the “suicide” of Frank Olson, a military officer who was unwittingly dosed with LSD and somehow plunged from a high window of a hotel to the pavement in NYC. I knew about Olson, but I had never realized until today that Henry Murray was involved in all this. He has a Center named after him at Harvard.


    As chairman of the Department of Social Relations at Harvard, Murray zealously prosecuted the CIA’s efforts to carry forward experiments in mind control conducted by Nazi doctors in the concentration camps. The overall program was under the control of the late Sidney Gottlieb, head of the CIA’s technical services division. Just as Harvard students were fed doses of LSD, psilocybin and other potions, so too were prisoners and many unwitting guinea pigs.

    Sometimes the results were disastrous. A dram of LSD fed by Gottlieb himself to an unwitting U.S. army officer, Frank Olson, plunged Olson into escalating psychotic episodes, which culminated in Olson’s fatal descent from an upper window in the Statler-Hilton in New York. Gottlieb was the object of a lawsuit not only by Olson’s children but also by the sister of another man, Stanley Milton Glickman, whose life had disintegrated into psychosis after being unwittingly given a dose of LSD by Gottlieb.

    All this stuff was reported in newpapers and on TV back in the ’70s, but now it’s all down the memory hole.

  12. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”
    I don’t know who said it but he/she was no fool.

  13. Another off topic comment:

    Has anyone seen Walk Hard? It’s hilarious & has great music!

  14. More OT: Woman believes her father’s body lay dead in his car for weeks while NYC police wrote ticket after ticket.


  15. New Friday Night Feel GOOD post up!!!!

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