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Late Night Open Thread: Evan Thomas says Obama is “God.”


This is too much. Peter Daou posted on Twitter earlier this evening about Evan Thomas’ appearance on Hardball tonight. I found a post about it at Newsbusters and it’s actually true. Check out the video. Evan Thomas says Obama is like God, standing above the world. What is wrong with these people? Here is the relevant portion of the transcript:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Evan, you remember ’84. It wasn’t 100 years ago. Reagan and World War II and the sense of us as the good guys in the world, how are we doing?

EVAN THOMAS: Well, we were the good guys in 1984, it felt that way. It hasn’t felt that way in recent years. So Obama’s had, really, a different task We’re seen too often as the bad guys. And he – he has a very different job from – Reagan was all about America, and you talked about it. Obama is ‘we are above that now.’ We’re not just parochial, we’re not just chauvinistic, we’re not just provincial. We stand for something – I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God. He’s-


And here’s a little more.

THOMAS: Reconciliation only after the fighting. That’s not – Obama’s not doing that. Obama – we’ve had our fighting. Obama is trying to sort of tamper everything down. He doesn’t even use the word terror. He uses extremism. He’s all about let us reason together. I think he has a much tougher job, frankly, because-

MATTHEWS: What’s his shtick? Reagan had the United States arms race, winning the arms race. And we had the threat of high frontier, we were going to beat the Soviets at technology.

THOMAS: I don’t think he has – his shtick is he’s the teacher. He’s the teacher. He is going to say, ‘now, children, stop fighting and quarreling with each other.’ And he has a kind of a moral authority that he – he can – he can do that-

MATTHEWS: If there’s a world election between him and Osama Bin Laden, he’s running a good campaign.

THOMAS: Yes, he is.

Folks, this is our Fourth Estate. And I don’t think “God” is going to help us. He is busy jetting all over the world and running for re-election in 2012.

70 Responses

  1. Will Thomas’ media collegues laugh at him or will they agree with what he said? If I said something like that in public, it would be a long long time before I left my house again.

  2. Peter Daou wrote an excellent blog on huffypuff re: obama’s oral dissertation in Egypt yesterday, most of the replies were seriously scary, I mean very, very scary, scarier than most of the stuff written by the bloggers on there.

    Let Women Wear the Hijab: The Emptiness of Obama’s Cairo Speech


  3. i think bambis just a big suck up

    • as far as berry views on feminism & women i don’t think he really care about you girls rights or women in general.

      • Joke’s on him: raised by a single mother for the most part, then by his maternal grandmother; married a wife who bosses him around and made sure he only has daughters!

        • The only male figure in his pre-teen life was his Indonesian step father, if you think about it.

        • Hey Felizarte,

          Long time, no see! How are things?

  4. “MATTHEWS: If there’s a world election between him and Osama Bin Laden, he’s running a good campaign.”

    WTF?? Why is this sweaty-head nitwit still on the air?

  5. Um, yeah. I’m sure that everyone who’s being affected by the wars that Obama’s still fighting and indeed ramping up feel that moral authority because Obama uses the word “extremism” rather than terror. In fact, he uses “differently abled” in lieu of “killed” or “maimed” so we have the first war without a casualty! Wahoo!

    These shows would improve greatly if they’d just build little shrines and let us watch them in ecstatic fits.

    • ROFLOL!

      • But god knows if anybody held up a loaf of bread and intoned, “this is the body of Obama,” he’d be trampled in the stampede of “newsmen” fighting each other to get it in their mouths.

        • OMG…that is so F’ing disgusting to me and yet so believable. WTF happened to this country?

    • Apropos war, did you see the “Propaganda Techniques” that Cinie linked to the other day?


      Most of those techniques are used in war – and are recognizable from the Obama campaign. Kind of scary if you think about it!

      (But they worked, didn’t they!)

  6. another Oh.My.Gawd. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Time for bed fer shure.

  7. What is wrong with these people?

    They’re morons? Other than that, I got nothing.

  8. Why is Obie’s campaign team still around? Are they all on our payroll or what? They are sending thousands of Moonies out this weekend to sell his healthcare plan(which isn’t finished-right?). I don’t know if they’re volunteers or ACORN or what. Why is he still using barackobama.com? It’s like the presidency isn’t me-centric enough for him. I still just don’t get anything about the man.

    • Well, since they don’t care about governing and have to spend $500 to get $1 in return, it makes sense to do nothing but permanently campaign. Public service is so last season.

  9. BTW – the only person seated in that photo is bazillionaire George Soros

  10. Evan Thomas’s sucking up is so completely disgusting it beats anything I’ve ever seen. What a moron!

  11. After reading this post about the msnbc garbage, I had to cleanse my palet with a little Sarah Palin news.


    She’s not God and, luckily, no one believes her to be either.

  12. RalphB, why dont you think anyone believes Sarah Palin

  13. Well, personally I prefer Michael J. Smith’s review of Obama’s Cairo speech. Here is just a morsel of it:

    The whole sick-making performance is like this — Parson Obama, master of the drone aircraft and the cluster bomb for six days in the week, ascends the pulpit on the seventh and tells everybody — well, almost everybody — to renounce violence.

    On Obie’s one hand, the Israelis. On his other, the Palestinians. Obie weighs, Obie judges, Obie sits on the throne and apportions the deservedness and destiny of nations. So let it be written! So let it be done!

    There would be a certain Cecil B DeMille grandeur in it if he could assume a Pharaonic manner, but the closest he can get is Pharisaical — the I-mean-business furrowed brow, the moralizing scowl, the hollow sepulchral voice of a Methodist parson with a secret vice.

    The qualities that his admirers admired him for — intelligence, moral seriousness, high purpose, the whole Eagle Scout package — curdle, it seems, once mixed with actual power, into a filthy foetid smarmy preacherly pustular effluvium worthy of Woodrow Wilson himself.

    This is from Michael’s blog, Stop Me Before I Vote Again, which, as you might guess, is pretty far to the left. I find that myself needing to read that blog from time to time because, after last year, sometimes even The Confluence doesn’t serve a bitter enough brew for my tastes.

    • Lol, that is funny.
      But in kind of a sad way, because it is so close to the reality. 😦

      Thanks for the link Inky. I’ve bookmarked him.

      And Obama might not be Pharaonic, but won’t Tutankhamon do?



    • That guy refers to the audience at the Obama speech as “towelheads.” I have a problem with that.

    • he hollow sepulchral voice of a Methodist parson with a secret vice


    • a filthy foetid smarmy preacherly pustular effluvium

      love that! Smarmy indeed.

  14. I remember the article that photo was attached to — 0zero was busy schmoozing the really really rich ones. He had these little performances — they were the ones who bankrolled this con artist’s run for the white house.

    We really need a lot more information about the months (and years) BEFORE the ONE entered the Primary fun and games last year.

    • yes, so much has been scrubbed.

      When google opened its anniversary archives, I went but even on its second day a number of photos of Obama and his wife at parties with important people had been blanked out.

      You could try this:

  15. Oh, come on! What’s the big deal? It’s not like we didn’t know this from the campaign!
    And as for the rest of the press – they’ll try to keep up!

  16. […] God thinghy Jump to Comments OK, in all fairness, it wasn’t the print tabloids but the predictable MSNBC pulling the God card. But for the most part, the tone is thusly […]

  17. Oh lord, get a grip. You have done a fine job of turning your support for Hillary during the primaries into outright hatred of Obama, riverdaughter. I was one of you, once. I should have known that you would still be pouncing on something like this.

    • You were a woman?

      BTW – this post was authored by Dr. BostonBoomer.

    • LOL-yet another version of “I was a one time Hillary supporter but I have moved on, and so should you”.

      • I moved on from supporting Hillary to criticizing the President whenever he isn’t a perfect liberal.

        Needless to say, I keep pretty busy.

    • Jason,

      You need to loosen YOUR grip and come up for some air. A little oxygen might do you some good. Just sayin…

    • And you can’t see that we were right all along? What do you think of your dear leader now? Guess that is a dumb question, as you are obviously still drinking the kool-aid. What will you do when the sugarydrinks have to go for the sake of your health? I will bet withdrawl will be tough, but too bad!

    • Jason, part of Democracy counts on the fact that people do NOT all speak with one voice. Is dissent no longer patriotic?? Should we all like sheep be herded in the same direction by our elected leader? What if he is (humanly speaking) fallible like the rest of us?

      Or do you think we should not disagree with Obama because that would be like disagreeing with a god… that he is like the good shepherd in whom we should blindly put our trust for the next 4 years?

      “And the people kept crying out, ‘The voice of a god and not of a man!'” Acts 12:22 (NASB)

    • You were one of us? Your name doesn’t ring a bell. But I’ll go look up your previous comments, Jason.

    • Jason,

      I searched for your previous comments under both your name and your IP address. Guess what? You’ve never commented at The Confluence before. You lied, Jason. Why would you do a thing like that?

    • Yea, what Thomas said is just so…unusual in the press these days. I guess Jason doesn’t have a problem with the death of a free press in a democracy. Quite the “liberal.”

  18. Chris Matthews has been a one-liner ever since he felt that “tingle” up his leg.

    Anyone that thinks any politician is like “God” is even dumber.

    You want to see a real journalist in action go watch Jeremy Scahill on Bill Moyers.

    Bill Moyers Interview With Jeremy Scahill

    Matthews and Thomas wouldn’t make the proverbial pimple.

  19. Hey, how the hell did I do that?

  20. […] somebody actually said that.  Newsbusters says Newsweek’s Evan Thomas made the obsequious observation on fellow GE […]

  21. From Bill Moyers June 5, 2009:

    Jeremy Scahill: “It’s time to take off the Obama T-shirts.” Transcript:


    Video at site.

  22. Went to bed early so just seeing this…

    Thanks for the morning laugh. What is scary is that these people are still being taken seriously and are given a platform for millions to watch as “news” while stuffing millions of dollars in their pockets. Disgusting, scary, and an indication that the so-called liberal media does nothing for the Democratic constituency but make them dumber and more zombie-like by the day.

  23. You could defend Obama on any of his actions and statements. Politics is compromise, and all pols disappoint sometimes, even on important issues. It is the cumulative total of Obama’s actions, his near-constant disdain for liberalism, his consistent “post-partisan” leaning to the Right that makes him the worst Democratic President since 1860.

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