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Be afraid, be very afraid


This post changed after I started it.

Yesterday in my post Go Read Eriposte I quoted this passage from Eric Boehlert’s new book, Bloggers on the Bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press:

After the hype died down, even some corporate media observers who had been relentlessly critical of Clinton’s campaign, including some at the Washington Post and Politico, concluded that there was no way anyone could have construed her passing RFK comment as suggesting that she was awaiting Obama’s assassination. Yet lots of bloggers made that leap. Wrote one online writer for the liberal American Prospect, “Hillary Clinton suggests, elliptically at the very least, that she’s staying [in] the presidential race in case Barack Obama is assassinated.”

“I thought it was character assassination,” Digby told me a couple weeks after the RFK controversy had passed. She was exhausted by the toll the campaign had already taken on the blogosphere. She was also aware of the kind of pie-fights that would erupt on her site if she posted a condemnation of those who unfairly attacked Clinton for her RFK comments. So Digby, who never endorsed either candidate, simply passed on the story. “I’m a chicken shit,” she said with a shake of her head.

Several people (including myself) expressed disappointment with Digby’s decision.  Some people were more than just disappointed, they were disgusted and angry.  I am inclined to be somewhat more forgiving.  As the long-time Conflucian known as “Seriously” put it:

I’m not defending digby, but she was genuinely freaked out by the change in the tone of her hate mail once she revealed she was female. Not everybody is a leader who’s just going to say eff it in the face of personal intimidation, plus some of the progressive loons were talking about tracking down people’s identities, calling their bosses, etc. Scary, thuggish stuff.

I, like many of us, know from personal experience that any blogger last year who criticized or opposed Barack Obama would be the target of troll swarms.  At some points last year the moderators here at The Confluence were deleting as many as 80 troll comments an hour.  While we are proud of the work we do here we have no illusions, this is a medium-small blog.

Hullaballoo is an “A” list blog with far more traffic, so you can imagine the size of the troll swarms Digby was dealing with.  At least twice last year she had to shut down comments completely.  The worst part is that Digby tried to stay neutral during the primaries and rarely if ever expressed even mild criticism of Obama.

Imagine yourself as a fairly successful blogger.  You make the decision to support Hillary Clinton and oppose Barack Obama.  Your comment threads immediately start to fill with truly putrid troll droppings.  Not just the petty and annoying stuff, I’m talking about graphic sexual  and scatalogical language that would make a sailor shudder in disgust.

Then you start getting ominous but not quite threatening stuff, like someone suggesting that what you really need is a good ass-f**king and offering to come by that evening to do it, or someone hoping that you soon die and that your rotting corpse is sexually defiled by goats.   If you think I’m making this shit up I’m not.

If the trolls do cross the line into actual threats you can make a report to the police or FBI, but good luck getting them to do anything about it.  You can ban people by blocking IP addresses but many trolls know how to evade the blocks.  But even if they are blocked you’ll find their comments in your spam filter, along with those that used trigger words.  Your readership won’t see it but you will.

If you blog under your real name or didn’t plan ahead or carefully enough, you may find your personal information published on the web.  Then you will start getting threatening emails on your private account and obscene and/or threatening phone calls at work and at home.

Now throw into the mix something that may or may not be coincidental, like your car getting vandalized or your home broken into.  Both Jeralyn Merritt and Anglachel reported being burglarized last year.  I have no idea about the specific facts in those two cases but I bet it crossed their minds that it was related to their online activities.

Some of us are braver than others but at some point we all start feeling nervous, which is exactly the intent of the people doing it.  They can’t defeat us with facts or logic so they try to intimidate us into silence.  They wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work.

But suppose you are brave and fearless and you refuse to be intimidated.  I can think of someone who was like that – Dr. George Tiller.

Think I’m being ridiculous?  Make the jump and I’ll explain why I’m not:

As I have reported before,  we have blogstalkers.  These are blogs founded for the specific purpose of harassing and annoying us and other bloggers that did not support Barack Obama.  Basically these people are just trolls who have their own blogs. Their posts don’t deal with current events or issues, they are all about us. They literally live-blog our posts and comment threads so they can coordinate their trolling – they created an online forum just for that purpose.  It’s a virtual club for stalkers.

I check in on them occasionally because they aren’t all just harmless pests, some of them are clearly disturbed, like the one who posted this on his blog under the title “Happy Post ” and then posted links to it in the comment threads of female PUMA bloggers:


That is a picture of a dead and mutilated mountain lion that was titled “PUMA Fail.”  Just a joke?  I think not.

I told you this post changed after I started it.  Here’s why:


I found this picture on a recent blogstalker post.  If you don’t recognize her that is Darragh Murphy, the founder of PumaPAC.  The blogstalkers like to call her, “Darrhag” and other insulting names and hate her more than they hate me (and they hate me a lot.)  She is their number one target of hatred.

According to the blogstalkers she isn’t just someone with whom they disagree, she is a racist Republican ratfucker that was hired by John McCain to undermine Obama’s campaign.  That picture is titled “mccainmole1darragh” and is only one of many pictures they have of PUMA members  (they shadowed PUMA events during the convention in Denver taking pictures so they could identify our people.)

As soon as I saw that picture I was struck by the eerie similarity between the hate-filled stuff the blogstalkers post about us and the hate-filled things the anti-abortion sites like Operation Rescue posted about Dr. Tiller.  After he was dead those sites took down their posts and claimed to be shocked and dismayed by his murder.  After he was dead.

Dr. Tiller’s murder was incited by the people who kept calling him a baby-killer.  They demonized him and demonized him and demonized him until someone decided that the world would be a better place if he was dead.  Now he is.

Some of our blogstalkers will be meeting tommorrow in New York City.  I encourage everyone who can to attend.  I suggest you introduce yourself and tell them you are a PUMA and you want to know why the fuck they are stalking you.  Be sure to bring a camera and take lots of pictures.   If you can be there and you want the information about where and when the blogstalkers will be meeting then let me know in the comments and I’ll email it to you. (see below)



It looks like I got my point across.  From the Stalker Club Forum:

Folks, do me a favor and don’t talk about myiq’s post here.  They crossed a dangerous line with this and I’m taking it seriously. Have a few calls to make.

Comment by Kevin K. on 06/05/09 at 02:11 PM
Gee Kevin, when the shoe is on the other foot it’s not so funny, is it?
I have news for you – I have no clue where you assholes are meeting tomorrow, other than what you posted on your blog.  I was hoping you would take the bait and you did.
Now why don’t you disband your little club and get a life?

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183 Responses

  1. What’s really bizarre is that the blogstalkers insist we are a small group of ineffectual losers, yet they devote so much time and attention to us.

    • They crossed a dangerous line with this and I’m taking it seriously. Have a few calls to make.

      It seems dear little kevin (small k ) got himself a tad bit frightened there. How the hell does it feel Troll? You and your ilk have been doing this very same thing to many, many of us.

      Thanks Myiq!

  2. I just DUG it. (Please click on the DIGG link)

    Thanks, myiq2xu!

  3. i think that you hit it right on the head with that post

  4. these guys just dont seem to learn . it think it time go hunting some bot again

  5. All of what you’ve said is true. One kind of exception…I don’t know about Anglachel’s break-in, but Jeralyn has a bad habit of talking about her new techy equipment, and then telling people she’s going on vacation. Bad idea. I’ve seen several stories about “average joe’s” tweeting or blogging their vacation plans and then finding their houses burglarized.

    I hope Jeralyn’s got a house-sitter for her up-coming Aspen Norml meeting.

    • Jeralyn didn’t post her home address did she?

      • Probably not all that hard to figure out.

        • True – but then you start thinking like Digby.

          “What happens if I post this?”

        • I can’t reply to your most recent reply, but about Digby, she’s still buddies with the boy’s club that fueled the fire. Maybe she needs to reject that club.

      • Here’s one of her current or past addresses. Probably wouldn’t be hard to figure out where she lives, especially for a pro:

        (edited out by dkat; all complaints should be addressed to me)

        Could even have been one of her clients….

  6. Maybe humanity is going through a purge and forcing all its impurities up to the surface. These pathetic people need a good shaking and a life.

  7. “impurities”

  8. Now throw into the mix something that may or may not be coincidental, like your car getting vandalized or your home broken into. Both Jeralyn Merritt and Anglachel reported being burglarized last year. I have no idea about the specific facts in those two cases but I bet it crossed their minds that it was related to their online activities.

    It sure crossed mine….Anglachel’s cat went missing too. Scary shit

  9. myiq
    I do not think you are overstating the case.
    backtrack became a idol. The word fan for a follower is really fanatic. They lose all sense of decency and common sense.
    Any one against their idol becomes an enemy and must be dealt with in any way they see fit.
    It is a scary time in this country and people that we used to admire and respect have lost all objectivity.



  10. Confrontation might not be a good idea, unless there are plenty of witnesses.
    I wouldn’t put it past these people to file false charges against any PUMAs that show up.
    Keep reporting threatening comments to the authorities and if possible threaten to sue the people who provide server space for these blogs.

    • I really do think we should complain to WordPress that they are hate sites.

      • Didn’t the ‘bots cause problems for some people by making false spam reports?

  11. those O-pricks are pathetic they wont even reply to me over there .

  12. That’s very tempting Myiq. I have a number of special forces and psy ops buddies in NY too. It’s a bit of a drive, but go ahead and email me the details. I might be in the mood to do some counter intimidation.

    • Thanks for the info, got it. I’ll make a few calls to see who I can rope into joining me. My friends love a good hunting trip. You don’t even want to know…

      • FYI: the hunt is on. But slight change of plans. Instead of intimidating them, we’ve decided to ID them all. It will be handy for future reference if there are any problems. And sorry chumps if you’re reading this, there’s nothing you can do about it, we’re big boys and we have better insurance.

        • If you’re ever in Texas, I will personally treat you to some pulled pork and fried green tomatoes, Dandy Tiger.

        • Thanks. I see you noticed my Fried Green Tomatoes reference. I just loved that scene.

        • This one from Primary Colors is better:

          (while holding a gun to a man’s crotch)

          “I am a gay lesbian woman! I do not mythologize the male sexual organ!”

        • OK, that reference wins. 🙂

  13. Thanks for posting this Myiq. It is thuggery.
    I tell you as a mom I don’t have the guts to put myself out there as a target — I deeply admire Riverdaughter and Murphy and all the PUMA bloggers for their courage.

    I was thinking yesterday about Digby — would it have been different if there were a supportive network at her back? Maybe if she had thrown in with the PUMAs she could have faced down the trolls — but a huge risk to her A-list status, right?

    I think that’s what makes PUMAs so threatening — it’s a network of people who will stand up to bullies.

    • i second that iv realy got to give it to all the puma leaders for putting up with these scum & keeping up the good fight .

    • By the time PUMA was born the primaries were over and Digby had a Kool-aid smile.

      I think it was the beginning of July when I criticized her for hearing imaginary dogwhistles (presumptuous = uppity negro) .

      • True. And she made absolutely no effort to delete or ban any of her obnoxious posters who called PUMA’s “c*nts.” It had actually been all those PUMA’s who supported her choice to shut down crude comments beforehand.

        Many people stopped reading her site completely when she allowed the namecalling she feared for herself, to continue once she gained her Kool-aid smile. Bit of a hypocrite, with all due respect.

        Not to mention that she stayed super-duper buddies with Kos, whose site was full of filth.

        Digby took care of Digby, period.

        • Amen.

          If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. I stopped reading her, dropped the bookmark, and never looked back.

          And, sorta like FDL…where Jane, especially, developed convenient amnesia about their commentors as the primaries heated up. Left reading them too.

        • Yes. Same here.
          I haven’t visited Digby’s site for at least a year and have no idea what she is up to nowadays. Don’t visit her anymore along with the DK site and others I used to read now and then – but then they all turned into hate sites and forget that.

          re digby
          After Randi Rhodes made those horrible comments about Hillary Clinton I wrote at least two critical posts practically begging Digby to speak out against it … nothing. She ignored it all. I was not surprised because she has remained silent many times before.

          I also did receive the usual namecalling, too, but others agreed with me and also strongly criticized media folks and bloggers like Sam Seder who supported Rhodes and had only nasty things to say about the Clintons. Air America also was a huge disappointment to me.

          Btw. Jeralyn from tl never spoke out against Rhodes either AFAIR. I think she actually discouraged talking about it. She always loved and defended the media people no matter how bad they were. Another blogger who wanted to belong to the blogger boyz. no matter how nasty the sites. No doubt about it.

          I always believed from the v. start that digby wanted to be one of the boyz.. Like you mentioned, Digby took care of Digby, period.
          And she is not the only one, of course.

          This is my first post on the net for about a year. Primary 2008 can do that to you.

          Btw. I always liked Erik Boehlert and thought at least he is one of the good guys left. But his latest book …. well …. he seems to take care of himself, too. Pity. Boehlert wants to belong to the village boyz as well. No doubt about it.

          I do respect the bloggers who pointed out to him where he failed in his book. Well done.

          greetings all 🙂

        • Hi Felis! Welcome!

          (I never understood the adoration for Digby’s writing in the first place.)

  14. they have their own “convention”.
    how pathetic.
    this is the reason so many women have guns & big well trained dogs that can make an already inadequately small penis shrink to something so small the punk will need a tweezer to pick the shriveled thing out of his anus.
    never admitt fear or the punks control you. if the intimidators are caught, a criminal record will prevent them from getting a decent job. any decent job (other than POTUS) requires a background check. tec jobs especially. this stuff makes me so angry. women who climb the ranks in the military know how to handle male immaturity. you don’t back off. creeps feed off the fear. you build a defense force. perhaps we need a PUMA Defense Force. PDF.
    where is the convention? I have friends in law enforcement.

  15. I just used the link above to twitter this post. This is so creepy. It’s so hard for me to understand what would drive someone to stalk other human beings–on the internet or in real life. I can only hope that these individuals are mentally ill and not simply evil.

    • bb: for a brilliant look at mental illness and evil read Genetic Engineering Professor Barbara Oakley’s book, Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed & My Sister Stole My Mother’s Boyfriend. It will blow you away! The book describes the rise of Mao and his red guard in china among other things. the intensity, cruelty and lawlessness of the obot stalkers reminds me most of the red guard.

  16. IMO these creeps resemble cult followers. Armed with their leader’s constant signaling that he endorses thuggery and misogyny, they probably believe that they are just following orders. Obama has really tapped into the hateful hearts of today’s sexually frustrated frat boys. And I’ll bet the fact that DM is pretty pisses them off even more.

  17. I’ve heard of poor loosers but poor winners is really wierd – very sick, indeed.

    • Yeah, what’s up with that. I thought their behavior would improve after the selection.

  18. Yes, gxm – during the election all O had to do was say Stop it to stop the misogyny and sexism – but he didn’t – he didn’t care or perhaps he did – perhaps he revelled in the hatred that was spewn at Hill and Sarah and the behavior that bordered on insanity.

    • Lol, he did say “Stop it!” – but to the German Press in Dresden. When they asked questions he didn’t approve of. Accompanied by the waving of his warning index finger!

      I’m sure they’ll comply and continue slobbering over his greatness. 😦

  19. Larry Johnson at NQ could probably advise on the pics. I’m sure he’s datamining for obot whackos over there. why not send him the convention address too?

    please post their pics next to the dead mountain lion when Dandy’s ppl ID them.

    • We wouldn’t know what Larry Johnson is up to, we have no connection at all to NQ.

      • katiebird
        What is the problem with No Quarter? I go there every day just as I read here.
        They have a lot of useful information posted there.
        They are not pro-backtrack.



        • It’s not a matter of supporting Obama or not. It’s an issue of the reliability of their information. I understand that they have some very good authors. But, they’ve allowed some very questionable ideas to flourish. And abused bloggers who questioned those ideas.

    • My vote is to never post that pic again. If we could Photoshop a live mountain lion eating them, that would be a good pic!

      • I posted it below the fold because I didn’t want it on our front page.

        But people need to see the truth about the people we are dealing with.

        • Oh, I know why you posted it(sick f*cks over there). I know you would only post it once, too. Though I stand by my suggestion!

  20. Thanks for covering this story with such acute detail.

    I watched all of it unfold, and it was one of the things that convinced me I could no longer be part of the on-line groups that call themselves “Democratic.”

    The Dem party has attracted some real whackos… and it’s no wonder, really. When they had a presidential candidate who was calls the former president of his own party a “bald faced liar.” And a “loose cannon.”

    It was the Dem party leadership itself that convinced the blogger boiz that we (the Clinton wing of the party) were their enemies.

  21. It occured to me while I was reading these comments that what we are seeing in the Obots is really Kubler-Ross’ five stages.

    We see many of them still stuck in the first stage of denial while others have moved into the second stage of anger. Others are into the “negotiating” stage kind of talking it through and trying to id how this could have happened, while even others are just plain depressed at the fourth stage and finally some of my colleagues have reached the fifth and final stage of acceptance.

    So it may be a while for them all to work their way through these stages.

    A colleague sent me a picture of a PA truck bumper with the huge sticker that says One Big A$$ Mistake America with OBAMA in very large caps! So I guess more of them are catching on.

  22. speaking of misogyny (from corrente)

    What a great tribute to Dr. Tiller – way to time an announcement, Obama! ABORTION FOE TO LEAD HHS FAITH-BASED OFFICE.

    Under George W. Bush, the faith-based centers didn’t play a policy role. But Obama has expanded the faith-based project to include a policy side, and one of its chief goals is to reduce the need for abortion…While the administration favors reducing the need for abortion by reducing unintended pregnancies, Kelley has made clear that she seeks instead to reduce access to abortion.

    • … and the kool-aid drinkers will think that’s just swell because if you scratch and O-bot deep enough you will find a frustrated young republican who decided to be a big fish in another pond.

      • Many Obots were CDS infested Bush supporters in 2000 and 2004.

        • Doesn’t that make THEM the Republican ratf*ckers?

          Kos was certainly a Bush supporter who was FOR the Iraq invasion. So was Arianna Huffington. So was Andrew Sullivan.

          Meanwhile , we LIFETIME Democrats were called bitter-knitter c*nts on Digby’s site. And she never deleted or banned any of them.

          She CHOSE which Village she wanted to be associated with, becoming what she had usually abhorred.

          Not much difference between a media whore and a my-own-village whore, is there?

        • John Cole at Baloney Juice was a Hillary-hating Republican until 2007

          Then he went Obot

        • Kos was certainly a Bush supporter who was FOR the Iraq invasion. So was Arianna Huffington. So was Andrew Sullivan.

          I don’t think so at least I don’t think Kos supported GWB and I don’t remember him saying he ever supported the war. And I started hanging out at dKos early in 2003:

          I was also a Republican. As a 17-year-old precinct captain in 1988, not even old enough to vote, I helped deliver one of the district’s best precinct performances for Henry Hyde. I had a framed picture of me with George H. W. Bush.

          . . .

          Eight weeks later, I emerged a brand new person, this one weighing 140 pounds. And after my three-year stint, while I was stationed in Germany and missed deploying to the Gulf War by a hair, I emerged as a Democrat.

    • He seems to enjoy repeatedly sticking it to us. I don’t know if he’s just arrogant, or clueless or playing some sick game? His behavior defies all logic. Should be interesting to see if any of this will catch up to him. Surely, he’ll lose the Feminist label, at least, won’t he? Please?

      • Probably not. If nothing else the primary and GE proved that the supposed “feminist” organizations are perfectly comfortable with propaganda and lies. They are pretty comfortable ignoring reality.


  24. This post is a sick piece of hypocrisy. Go ahead and invite yourselves to do exactly what you accuse your enemies are doing. Sick. Nauseating

    • Awww, poor baby!

      Did us bitter knitters scare the pee pee out of you?

      • Can’t help but think: so much pee pee, so little time. This could result in some unsightly messes and an assault on the senses.

    • Unlike these sick blogstalkers, which I assume you are one, our efforts to ID or monitor will not be to expose or hurt or humiliate, but will instead be available to authorities in case there are problems. After all, these people have made real threats. We haven’t.

    • Are all of you people this stupid and humor challenged? Lock up the Cheetos, hide your D&D games, wipe the glazed look out of your eyes and try to blend with the normal people, we’re coming to crash your party! You better buy food for more than the one and a half you expected.

      Or, um, not. Jesus! Morons!

      • I suppose I should say irony challenged, though god knows they’re both and that’s just the beginning of their challenges.

  25. Once again, Joseph Cannon is right: The Obots are and were 100 percent in the wrong in this whole thing, and we must never forget it–or let them forget it.

  26. Pre-recorded Bill Clinton just called me to ask me to vote for Terry Mac! I’m never erasing my messages ever again! Now that I think of it, I think he also called me to vote for Hillary and I wasn’t going to erase that one either…..oh, well. Excuse the OT, please.

    • I hope I get one of those. After all I was a Hillary supporter and am a Terry supporter. Only a few days left. Fingers crossed. Thought the general looks like an uphill battle no matter who the Dem is.

  27. Awwwwwww I can’t afford to come up to NY right now. I hope you all will eventually hold one closer to where we live. I want to have an opportunity to laugh at pathetic losers like Kev’ too.Hey Kev hold your meeting in Virginia I want to see what a worthless excuse for a human being and exchange dialogue.


  28. I knew my (original) final paragraph would get their panties in a twist and it did.

    Real badasses, aren’t they?

    • I imagine it might come as a surprise that some of us old knitters have scary backgrounds and know rather scary people. Message to the baby stalkers: Boo.

      • Now their stalker party is ruined. They’ll be skidmarking their Underoos every time they see an old lady walking their way, wondering if I was serious or not.

        • Or scared that someone might be there when they don’t see anyone, wondering if I were serious or not.

      • LMAO! You got that RIGHT Dandy! I was once a Bouncer, bodygaurd, marine, bounty Hunter and all Biker!

        • Army MP, bouncer, armed guard, retail security, private investigator, process server and exterminator.

          The last one must scare the beejesus out of the rats and cockroaches among them.

          But they are nothing to be afraid of in a face-to-face scenario. Most of them are internet badasses who wouldn’t dare do anything in RL and the dangerous ones prefer to isolate and ambush their victims.

        • And I bet the bounty hunter gig was the most dangerous. Biker here too, I just love riding along the blue ridge mountains. Where mountain lions (pumas) are being seen more often by the way. Also martial arts teacher for decades. Kitties can be scary. 🙂

        • I dated bikers…

        • i dated a biker too…

        • I had a tricycle when I was 3

  29. This a great post! (scary and true)


    I agree with you… that we are dealing with cult followers.

    or as Aurther Silber puts it (from Powerofnarrative blog):

    “as well as to all those who attempt to minimize or find excuses for the many crimes of today and tomorrow, I say: Congratulations. Your assimilation has been successful. You are now part of the Hive Mind.”

    That quote is from his essay,



    As Silber points out, with many progressive Obama-flavored-kool-aid drinkers…
    there is no individual, fair, and/or critical thinking going on.

    Obotomized hive members have a allegiance based purely on power-need, group acceptance-need, & sociopathic need to steal life from others.

    I also agree with MyIQ’s repeated comparison to the psyschology of domestic abusers, as well as Bostonboomer’s comparison of BO(zo) to the disorder of Malignant Narcissism (my apologies if if was not BB who initiated this comparison… it was quite awhile back when someone posted the example)

    The characteristics of empty, insecure abusers is to always be attracted to/hate/need to destroy…. people who are more gentle, thoughtful, reasonable, etc.

    That is why, although it is *seems* strange that Obot thuggery is coming from “poor winners” (as Joanelle correctly noticed), according to psychological standards, it is actually quite common for bullies and abusers to NEVER be satisfied with those they dominate.

    It is the essential dynamic that drives Narcisists & abusers (your basic vampire/zombie prototype)

    The corrupt are insatiable –
    They hate what they can never be (i.e.: humane) –
    They are driven by attraction/jealous and need to eliminate-
    The void can never be filled…
    & hense, there is a never-ending hunger for power …
    abusive people (predators) are always trying to catch the scent of humane&independent-minded people with REAL hearts and INDEPENDENT minds (their prey)

    independence & intellectual truth-seeking & humanism have always been a threat to power & authority

    but the extent of such dark & ugly tactics by Obanation, this past year was shocking & truly scary to me (especially watching democrats rape & pillage other liberals as well as do a free-for-all mud-slinging towards women no matter what party affiliation).

    When I heard about death-threats (even Tavis Smiley and other high-level liberal black politicians, commentators, etc) early on in the election cycle

    I knew this was NOT any kind of election I’d participated in before.
    People I met and “tried” to have political discourse with were either angry,threatening ObaBullies that new nothing about the facts… OR…passive Obatamizoids that likewise new nothing about the facts..

    the zietgiest of this last year has really felt fascist to me.

    My theory is that:
    elite republican operative body snatchers must have fed on elite democratic operatives a couple of years ago (while mingling in those money-drenched DC cocktail parties) & then the transformation of pod-prog people emerged during the grade-B horror flick that was this past election cycle!!

    I say, “Alert the citizens and light the torches!”

    Thank you CONFLUENCE (and supporters)

    You all have been a refuge, a shield, and inspiration when it seemed like the majority of my fellow citizens were becoming group-think thugs 😦

    I have actually been stalked IRL so I know that stalkers (whether in person or on the web) can go beyond just intimidation gestures…that cult types are more than just “pathetic” and “insecure”…. they can slander, physically hurt, & destroy people’s careers and private lives (if personal information is obtained)

    I also know, from being personally stalked… that you must be smart, careful, brave, & make sure you have other people help you … so that you can not be totally isolated and snuffed out. (Authorities will often not help you but your own tenacity, information (know the enemy) & being affiliated with other brave people can help tremendously)

    Thank you MYIQ, BB, RD, katiebird, SOD, Cinnie, Seriously, gxm17 (and so many many others ) for being vigillent in the face of political intimidation/thug tactics!!

    and thank you all PUMA’s & those who don’t take the title but are still on the same philosophical wave-length to resist the manufacturing of consent.

    You are honest, noble, independent, & revolutionary thinkers -in the vein of our founding fathers (mothers) to resist the tyranny of absolute authority usurping individual citizen rights (either overtly or covertly)!


    That was kind of a rant but ……I am.. really also raising my symbolic glass (& sword) saying,
    “long live principles, democracy, justice, and the liberty championed by your brave group!”

    and thank you for letting me vent!

    • Nice rant!

      • Thank you, I’ve been needing to do that for awhile –

        (I normally feel intimidated to post on forums but, as in the words of Digby, I’m trying to be less of a “chickenshit”)

        and I am immensely grateful for the safe space, here at TC

        ok, now back to work & the “real world” … sigh

  30. sorry for the duplicate post!!! urgh – there is something wrong with my computer …

    can you delete it?

    Also sorry, I hogged the thread 😦

  31. This is information about the 0bot stalkers so creepy –so sick and depraved.

    As for Digby — she made her decision — my decision is never ever to read anything she writes again or to click on her bog. She is now part of the problem and part of the ongoing misogyny.

    Kevin idiot has been stalking the blogs for a long time — NQ is one of his hang outs.

    These 0bots have been deranged for a long time –they are mentally ill — and they have been waiting for a “movement” or leader that would merely give them permission to “be all that they can be”. 0zero is an enabler of evil — and I don’t know how or if what he has unleashed can be forced back in the box.

    0zero found a way to mobolizie the stalkers — and certainly these creeps has a joint meme when they would descend on the alternative blogs (like Confluence, NQ and others). Other evil leaders have figured out how to whip up the mob to do their bidding — Axel-creep & 0zero have harnessed the vast networking of the Internet.

    I will NEVER EVER understand why Hillary went over to their side.

    • I feel the same way about Digby. I won’t be reading her again. There are many other choices. I have compassion for her, but I don’t feel she can be trusted not to back down again.

      • Remember, she didn’t say she held back out of fear – she just didn’t want to deal with the pie fight.

        • Indeed. She admitted she was just a “chickenshit.”

          I’ll never trust her or read her again.

        • That’s fine. As I said, I have compassion for her situation. But now I know I can’t trust her to stand firm against pressure. She’s now in the same category as MSM reporters. I wish her well, and I’m sure the fact that I stopped reading her after she caved is not going to hurt her stats too much.

  32. This is priceless – the blogstalkers are now threatening to sue ME

    Their cause of action would be ??? Not invasion of privacy – no confidential information was disclosed. No threats were made either. Truth is a defense to defamation.

    If they do think up a cause of action they’ll have to pony up the attorney’s fees in advance, then put their real names on the paperwork. In filing suit they would be admitting that they are stalking us, setting up a countersuit.

    • LOL!

      • They are even thumping their chests about what big tough guys they are.

        Big tough guys that stalk a few old bitter knitters.

        • myiq, 2 questions:

          1)Re your statement “Their posts don’t deal with current events or issues, they are all about us. They literally live-blog our posts and comment threads so they can coordinate their trolling – ”

          What does this mean, exactly?… that they “live-blog” our posts?

          2) Would it be possible to -save- the vile intimidation statements that get sucked into spam filter and then re-post them on a Web-site purely created & dedicated to *documentation* of trash-talking, violence-advocating, democracy-killing, sociopathic-O-kool-aiders?

        • A live blog is when an event is occuring and people make comments about it as it’s happening. Like if you live blog a debate or a ball game or whatever, you watch it on TV or in person and type your comments on the liveblog. So if they’re liveblogging our thread, they’d I guess be saying something about each comment as it appears. Making them scary obsessed adolescent whack jobs with no lives, but who’s counting? 🙂 Simply everyone must be assimilated into the O-Borg. LOL

        • Seriously,

          thanks for the description on “live-blogging”

          The O-hive is all-abuzz with swarming tactics & paranoia, no doubt-

        • Priceless. I love how first the guy “had some calls to make” and now the legal threats. These stalkers sure do spook easily.

        • Dandy — boy I never knew saying “boo” was actionable. oh noes!

        • I guess they want to sue for the cost of new shorts.

        • Shit happens

        • God this is funny. I wonder if they know how funny they are.

    • Not to worry. Most of the Cheetos brigade, living in their mother’s basements, can’t afford an attorney.

      The threat to sue you is adolescent chest-bumping, just like most of their posts during the primaries.

      Silly little twits, aren’t they?

      • I don’t think anyone is worried.

        • Most of us old bitter-knitters have already raised adolescents, haven’t we? LOL

        • I would be tempted to skip a demurrer and motion for summary judgment just so I could grill them on the witness stand.

          There is no 5th amendment right against self-incrimination in civil law.

        • Good point, Mary. I haven’t raised any adolescents, but I have taught college kids.

    • Well, they’ll certainly have enough info to make a case, “Here’s his photo that we took when we stalked him and staked out his house, here’s his SS# from hacking into his computer, here’s an ex wife’s info, we got that when we followed and photographed his kids and called CPS to report he was endangering them by not taking enough anti-stalker security measures…” 🙂

  33. Your definition of stalking (“people are criticizing me on the internet) is offensive to real stalking victims. Your definition of trolls (“anyone who disagrees with me”) is so all-encompassing that it includes people who are posting on a different website. You feel free to litter all sorts of epithets on your perceived enemies (Obot, buttburger, stalker, etc.), but get the vapors when anyone subjects you or your compatriots to the exact same treatment. In short, it seems you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.

    This shouldn’t surprise me at all, because your hypocrisy obviously knows no bounds. You vigorously deny having any Republican infiltration, but then have to publicly break with half your front-pagers (rightly, IMO) because they’re neo-cons. Similarly, Darragh hates when anyone calls her a racist, but she’s embraced Islamophobia (“Islam Sucks!”, “OMG, BHO knows a Palestinian!”). You likewise have on your blogroll sites who embraced the worst racist conspiracy theories, but think you’re ok because you’ve posted a disclaimer (taggles’ front page birth certificate post notwithstanding). And now finally you plan to combat your “stalking” by directing your minions to stalk them. You know, the real kind of stalking.

    It’s sad to see that you’re such an egotist and hypocrite that you can’t see you’re engaging in the same behavior you repeatedly and melodramatically decry in others. But we’ll be at the Blarney Stone, so come on by.

    • Your definition of stalking (”people are criticizing me on the internet) is offensive to real stalking victims.

      You guys have spent over a year monitoring everything we say and do. What would you call it?

      Your posts aren’t substantive disagreements on policy, they are insulting and offensive attacks on us personally. Most or all of you have been banned from here for trolling.

      My posts about you are always in reference to what you say about us. Of course since you guys rarely say anything that isn’t about us I have little choice.

      What is your purpose and intent in harassing and annoying us? What policy disagreements do you have with us? Do you think we are not entitled to criticize President Obama?

      BTW – You obviously aren’t paying attention – the front-pagers who left called us neocons.

      • You guys have spent over a year monitoring everything we say and do. What would you call it?

        Criticizing someone on the internet. You seem to think your opinions are somehow beyond reproach, and thus any criticism of them is somehow beyond the pale. You are mistaken, welcome to the blogosphere.

        Your posts aren’t substantive disagreements on policy, they are insulting and offensive attacks on us personally.

        This is absolutely untrue. Obviously I can’t speak for every blogger out there, but most posts at RumpRoast and such generally involve pointing out faulty PUMA logic, made-up facts, or mocking your opinions. Notice how mocking one’s opinions is not the same thing as attacking someone personally. Again, you seem to think your opinions are beyond reproach.

        What is your purpose and intent in harassing and annoying us? What policy disagreements do you have with us? Do you think we are not entitled to criticize President Obama?

        There you go again, equating someone disagreeing with you on another site with harassment. This is ridiculous. Speaking for me only, my issue is not that you’re disagreeing with Obama, but that you’re disagreeing with Obama based on bullshit. “Any stick to beat a dog”, as Lambert would put it.

        BTW – You obviously aren’t paying attention – the front-pagers who left called us neocons.

        Yes, but they’re morons who think the definition of “neocon” is “insufficiently pro-Israel. It was a classic case of projection, if you ask me.

        • “Obviously I can’t speak for every blogger out there, but most posts at RumpRoast and such generally involve pointing out faulty PUMA logic, made-up facts, or mocking your opinions.”

          Like the ones mocking Jenni4hillary’s appearance and calling her “ice-pick voice?” The New Year’s Eve open thread with a fly head photoshopped on her body?

        • My problem is the OTHER site which goes completely over the top. If it was just a bunch of innocent snark, that would be one thing, but it’s like the shadow site does all the dirty work (which we suffer) and then every one is a member of the club on the other site (including your psychos).

          We try really hard to weed the whackos out. You just started a separate site for them to vent on, then you IGNORE what they do on the other. I TAKE ISSUE WITH THAT!

        • They started that other site when Kevin decided he didn’t want all that stuff frontpaged under his name.

          But he still runs the Stalker Club Forum

        • “my issue is not that you’re disagreeing with Obama, but that you’re disagreeing with Obama based on bullshit.

          Bullshit like his vote on FISA? His reversal on releasing the torture photos and his support for changing the FOIA?

        • You mock us for opinions we don’t have. That’s called smearing.

        • “my issue is not that you’re disagreeing with Obama, but that you’re disagreeing with Obama based on bullshit.”

          Okay, let me list my problems with Obama, and you tell me which position I have that isn’t compatible with yours, if you are, in fact, a real liberal.

          *Obama’s plan for “preventive detentions”, his reinstatement of military tribunals and his decision not to release the torture photos

          * taking a single payer health plan off the table.

          *his absolute bail out of corportist banks and his zombie bank policy

          *his stimulus plan that was filled with tax benefits to the rich

          and basically THIS list by TED RALL

          * Significantly expand the reach and intensity of imperial violence (replete with the mass slaughter of civilians and the related escalation of targeted assassinations) in South Asia.

          * Promote a notorious assassin and death-squad leader (Lt. General Stanley A McChrystal – former chief of the military’s special Joint Special Operations Command) to the position of Commander of U.S. Forces in the newly merged “Af-Pak” war theater. [1]

          * Sustain the criminal occupation of Iraq beneath rhetoric of withdrawal. [2]

          * Increase “defense” (empire) spending, consistent with the following statement in a report issued by the leading Wall Street investment firm Morgan Stanley one day after Obama’s presidential election victory: “As we understand it, Obama has been advised and agrees that there is no peace dividend.”[3]

          * Revive military commissions.

          * Continue the practice of renditions.

          * Maintain secret prisons for persons “held on a short-term, transitory basis.”

          * Continue the unspeakable torture of prisoners by an “extrajudicial terror squad” (Jeremy Scahill’s description of the Pentagon’s sadistic “Immediate Reaction Force” in Cuba) at Guantanamo Bay. [4]

          * Advance the policy of “indefinite detention” (potentially permanent incarceration) for Guantanamo prisoners for whom no legally compelling evidence can be marshaled.

          * Intimidate England (with a threat to withhold intelligence data on potential terrorist attacks!) into preventing a Guantanamo victim from having his day in court on the Bush administration’s torture practices. [5]

          * Sustain the Bush administration’s abrogation of habeas corpus rights in regard to the roughly 600 “enemy combatants” kept at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan (where people rendered out of other countries like Yemen and England can be considered “war [-zone]” prisoners!. [6]

          * Advance nauseatingly specious legal and moral arguments (“better to look forward than backward”) to prevent serious federal investigation of the Bush administration’s human rights crimes.

          * Sustain George W. Bush’s domestic wiretapping program.

          * Invoke the “state secrets” (akin to the divine right of kings) doctrine to prevent disclosure of evidence in response to lawsuits emerging from Bush era rendition and surveillance policies.

          * Suppress photographic evidence of U.S. torture practices.

          * Justify all this and more in the name of the supposed “global war on terror” that was supposedly launched in legitimate defense against the supposedly unprovoked jetliner attacks of September 11, 2001.

          * Disregard qualified progressive defenders of civil liberties and human rights from consideration for appointment to succeed Supreme Justice David H. Souter and to thereby counter the hard right leanings of the court’s conservative majority. [7]

          * Send clear signals of intent to roll back and partially privatize Social Security and Medicare benefits.

          * Betray campaign pledges to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to insert stronger labor and environmental protections. [7A]

          * Betray campaign pledges of serious intent to advance an elementary and overdue labor law reform (the Employee Free Choice Act).

          * Force and approve an automobile industry re-structuring that drastically cuts domestic autoworkers’ jobs, wages and benefits while subsidizing General Motors’ further shifting of jobs abroad. [8]

          * Advance a tepid, business-friendly health care “reform” that leaves the leading parasitic insurance corporations (major campaign sponsors of his) in power.

          * “Methodically erase single-payer advocates from the picture” (Glen Ford) of health care reform despite the fact that a majority of Americans have long favored a single-payer (“Medicare for all”) health insurance system.

          * Spend trillions of federal dollars on taxpayer handouts to giant Wall Street firms who spent millions on his campaign and who drove the economy over the cliff. Obama’s Wall Street bailout rejects the elementary bank nationalizations and public financial restructuring that are required to put the nation’s credit system on a sound and socially responsible basis, choosing instead to guarantee the financial, insurance, and real estate industries’ toxic, hyper-inflated assets while keeping existing Wall Street management in place. It amounts to a giant effort to “keep perpetrators afloat” (liberal economist James Gailbraith) through a scheme in which the government takes more than 90 percent of the risk but private investors reap at least half the reward.


          *his continual appointment of right to life, fundamentalists to positions that impact women’s right to choose

          * his idea that you can find middle ground with christian extremists on abortion

          Clear enough for you?

        • Gee dak…you’re just makin’ it up as you go along. {snark}

        • {{{ tap tap tap }}}

          still no response?


        • Are you joking?

        • @ myiq2xu: It wasn’t a fly head, it was the New Year’s ball. Because it was New Year’s. Are you really going to defend the batshit crazy shit Jenni posts all the time? Or are you busy preparing for the race war with her?

          Furthermore, you don’t seem to be so outraged when you criticize the appearance of Michelle Obama, Jon Favreau’s supposed girlfriend, or any other woman you disagree with. Again, the blatant hypocrisy.

          @dakinikat: Ok, I’ll give you that one. Stupid PUMAs has started to over the top lately (and I’ve said as much there), but right now they’re posting about Murphy not filing FEC reports, which is completely legitimate. And there’s no collective “we” there, we’re not the Borg. A commenter and FPer over at RR started SP on their own, not Kevin.

          @SoD: Again, it was Friday night, I went out. So sorry.

    • This is great. Non stop serious hate crime level of pure venom and real threats of physical harm coming from you and your blogstalkers is fine and dandy, but the second we decide we might monitor and ID some of you like you have done to us and the flood gates of crying open up. I guess you are a bunch of little bully children. The second someone stands up and says boo, you go crying home to mommy. Boo frickity hoo.

      • If you do indeed show up, I can guarantee you’ll be laughed at mercilessly. If you stick around, you will most likely be offered a beer and taunted a second time. If anything, you showing up will be the highlight of the event.

        • well, i showed up once, tried to be civil and friendly, and my account’s been deleted, so I can’t talk about a second time

        • If we show up it will definitely be the highlight of the event.

        • How many stalkers will be at your get-together? I’m guessing five or six. Is Chuckie coming? How about Brad? What a freak show that would be.

          All of you are creepy beyond belief. If you were actually responding to our posts it might be different, but you just make stuff up. If you think being hated by the likes of you hurts, forget it. The feelings you engender are disgust and contempt.

        • I’m guessing you guys could use a highlight.

    • Um…be careful. Actual threats have been made and people’s private information published. That is stalking dear.

    • Are you the one that spent all that time trying figuring out where I taught, hunting down my real name and location, posting select comments from folks on rate my professor dot com on me to THAT site? Was it you that announced you were going to call the university and tell them what a racist I was because I spoke about the Black Agenda when what I was doing was quoting things stated in the Black Agenda Report which is self titled “the journal of African American political thought and action”?

      Then threatened to contact my students and my colleagues who practice Islam to tell them I’m anti-Islamic and racist and encouraged every one on the site to do the same?

      Was that you or one of your buddies?

    • ((yawn))

      Thanks for stopping by. Please stop by the front desk and claim some lovely parting gifts.

    • Translation of John Cain:

      “But he started it, Mommy! Waaaaaah!”

      Go figure.

      Goes around, comes around, Mr. Cain.

      Grow up, bud.

      • Their intent – get us to STFU and not exercise our right to free speech.

        My intent – get them to leave us alone.

        I’ll take that to a jury

        • They are like gnats or maybe June bugs. Irritating, but hardly dangerous.

        • I would say closer to stink bugs.

        • What the…? No, my intent is to point out you’re a hypocritical ass acting in bad faith. Have I (or anyone for that matter) actually gotten you to shut up somehow? Criticism isn’t censorship.

    • Excuse me, John but I AM a REAL stalking victim.

      And blog stalking is REAL…gathering information & slandering people is REAL… breaking into homes after finding their information through simple background checks is REAL.

      are YOU real?

      (it is hard to know with your so-called upfront name of “John”)

      Like I said (read my post before you decide to also post misinformation)
      I understand sexual, mental, and physical assault in a massively real and scary way!

      Do you?

      Your guilt-trip, sanctimonious and un-genuine post is offensive

      You do not speak for me or others, that I know, who have also had their lives turned upside down by stalking psychos.

      Obama people started the name-calling & behaved in jerk-wad manner

      people have a right to Call people jerks when they behave that way

      people also have a right to talk about and condemn stalking when they are being stalked (hense MYIQ’s post)

      “John” (if that’s your real name)

      you are an apologist for violent and hateful people

      Do something positive in the world and try not to oppress people who have already been kicked down

      excuses for abusers are complicit in the act

      please go back to the borg

      • I and my 2 and 7 year old daughter were stalked by religious fundamentalists and religious right fanatics of the anti choice version for 3 months.

        They called me every day, left a detailed message where my children were for the day, then explained in detail which surgical procedure they were going to perform on my living, breathing, walking and talking children.

        As a result of a campaign I ran, I was also fortunate enough to meet Dr. Tiller and many others who supported me when all of this was going on. (Nails in the driveway … I just can’t tell you them all it would take too long)

        I know STALKING, believe me and whoever endures it deserves a purple heart.

        • Can you just imagine what the blogstalkers would do if they actually had to deal with that?

          Talk about dish it out but can’t take it, I think we scared poor little “Johnny Cain” into silence.

      • Who’s breaking into your home? How is that the same thing as someone criticizing your opinions on another web page? You’re being ridiculous.

  34. Perhaps John was the one who sent me a photo of a dead puma. Or, maybe he was the one who took credit for making my blog fail, when it was triggered automatically by a bad link. Or, maybe, he’s the one who claimed I was pulled off the tarmac by the Secret Service. All of which are legitimate policy differences, I’m sure. More likely he’s the guy who published other PUMAs real names, which I will not do, Or, maybe he doesn’t really know the guys he pals around with.

    • That’s sooo unfair of you!

      You know darn well that when they do it they are just kidding.

      Boys will be boys, dontcha know?

    • oh, they not only published my real name, but a school I used to teach at and they encouraged folks to call them up and tell them I was a racist and anti-muslim

      • And with all of that they get all whinny the second we might show up and ID them. They can dish it out but they can’t take it.

        • We actually do know who some of them are. They have posted horrendously obscene and disgusting comments on this blog and their IP addresses are right there and easily traced if we need to report them to the FBI. We aren’t the kind of people who post personal information on the internet, even that of trolls. But the information is there if needed.

        • Oh now you’ve done it. Now they’re going to pee their pants again.

        • Hey, you post disgusting, repulsive, threatening material on someone’s blog, you give them your IP address. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

          Stalking is a lot harder these days what with the internet, caller id, and other technological advances.

      • dakinikat, I’m so very sorry that happened to you.

        • well, i never brought it up here before but I think folks should know that some people think my life is fair game just because I post opinions here that don’t agree with theirs

  35. I think I used a bad word, I’m in moderation.

  36. I think John Cain was overwhelmed by our unfair tactics – using facts and logic and stuff like that.

    • another hit and run

    • that’s what happens when you have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

    • Yes, facts and logic are so terribly unfair. Much better to make shit up and then smear total strangers with it.

    • We come with two weapons: facts, logic, and an unyielding devotion to human rights. Oh wait, amongst our weaponry are… I’ll come in again… 🙂

    • I’m waiting for the “you’re not worth arguing with” response.

      They don’t have time to engage in substantive discussions because they are too busy stalking

      • Maybe he’s googling whether “unfair intellectual advantage” is actionable.

    • What the…? It was Friday night. I went out. I’m sorry, but I don’t live my life according to this comic. I’ll do my best to respond to everyone this morning.

  37. If you do indeed show up, I can guarantee you’ll be laughed at mercilessly.

    I can just picture it:

    Several middle-aged women sit down at their table and say “why are you stalking us?”

    Red faces and mumbled answers, lots of hemming and hawing and then “We were just joking, we didn’t mean any harm!”

    • And when boys sheepishly leave the room the middle-aged women notice small puddles where the boys previously stood.

    • It would be merciless. You’ve obviously never been pelted in the head with the D&D translator figurine. Guy’s holding a pencil, and sharp surfaces equal owies. Providing they don’t faint from talking to an actual woman, they will dole out merciless vengeance.

    • damn!!! you mean your email was a ruse?
      & i’ve already stocked up on ammo, put saddlebags on the hog, shaved & tatooed my head.
      plz tell me you’re lying. I was so looking forward to meeting Kevin. do you think he likes bald women?

  38. New, Feel good cocktail post up!!!!

  39. thanks myiq2xu, I appreciate very much what you wrote.

  40. Wow MY, I wanted to say, before I read down this thread, that I finally began to understand why you bother with these ogrish.com/rotten.com L-user paid by Axelrove to smear PUMA. That sums up my new meme and I am sticking to it!

  41. Since this thread is both old and full and because we have several active threads right now, I am closing comments here.

    If you have more to say on anything raised here save it – there will be a related thread tomorrow.

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