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Go Read Eriposte

Blogging 2

Part II of his series “Bloggers on the Bus: A Conversation with Eric Boehlert” is up and it’s a must-read.  Some excerpts:

One of the most interesting things bloggers have told me (often off the record) about the primary season was how clear it became that their readers really did dictate what the bloggers wrote.  […] Meaning, they got tired of fighting with their readers and simply didn’t write certain things because they knew it would create a pie fight within the site.


But now with the Obama WH, I think it’s clear, and already should be clear from several examples (i.e. torture photos, etc.) that when the WH moves to the center or to the right, it’s going to catch holy hell from the left.

The first passage describes why I will never be an “A” lister.  I will never make it in sales or the corporate world either  because I have an obsessive-compulsive need to say what I think.  I may have the right to remain silent but I don’t have the ability.  But on the upside I don’t need chap stick.

The second passage sounds like the “We’re gonna hold his feet to the fire after he’s elected” strategery we heard so much about last year.  But the evidence so far shows that plan isn’t working out too well.  Obama has morphed into Bush III with nary a peep from the Kool-aid Kingdom.  His supporters won’t hold his feet to the fire out of fear of burning their lips. (although the flames will have to reach higher than his feet to put them in any danger)

There is criticism of Obama coming from the left, but it’s coming from people who were never enamored of Obama in the first place.  Like us.  The sippy-kup kidz are still babbling about “11-dimensional chess” while waiting for their pony to get delivered.  Sorry kidz, real ponies don’t oink.




Eriposte added this gem from Boehlert’s book in the comment section:

After the hype died down, even some corporate media observers who had been relentlessly critical of Clinton’s campaign, including some at the Washington Post and Politico, concluded that there was no way anyone could have construed her passing RFK comment as suggesting that she was awaiting Obama’s assassination. Yet lots of bloggers made that leap. Wrote one online writer for the liberal American Prospect, “Hillary Clinton suggests, elliptically at the very least, that she’s staying [in] the presidential race in case Barack Obama is assassinated.”

“I thought it was character assassination,” Digby told me a couple weeks after the RFK controversy had passed. She was exhausted by the toll the campaign had already taken on the blogosphere. She was also aware of the kind of pie-fights that would erupt on her site if she posted a condemnation of those who unfairly attacked Clinton for her RFK comments. So Digby, who never endorsed either candidate, simply passed on the story. “I’m a chicken shit,” she said with a shake of her head.

It makes me wonder “what if?” What if the big bloggers had shown integrity and courage? What if they chose principle over profit?

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” – Mark 8:36

86 Responses

  1. BTW – If you read the comments at TLC (and you should) and decide to engage with any of the . . .uh . . “commenters” there, please do not engage in any insults or personal attacks, even if they do.

    Eriposte has requested a cease fire in the flame wars over there.

    • i can think of two posters over there he should just ban from the thread if he wants peace and quiet, and they’re not from here.

      • Yeah, but we’re guests over there.

        I wonder what names they got banned under over here.

        • Seeing that you made me suffer a “Bible” quote..:-) I decided to hit you with a bit of Aztec wisdom….

          Never forgive!
          Say amiably that you forgive.
          Convince heartily that you have forgiven.


          So devastating is the effect,
          When at last you lunge and…

          Reach for the throat!………..Aztec Proverb

          That is what I think of forgiving the Obots!
          ( sorry for the rage..we now return to our scheduled program!)

        • “Revenge is a dish that is best served cold” – Michael Corleone

        • I was reading through the comment thread over at TLC…looks like you have quite a fan club Myiq…LOL

        • I went there – I think some little boys need a time out. What was that cr@p all about? There is still a lot of stupid in the air. 😕

        • I always thought Khan of Star Trek fame (The Wrath of Khan) said that about revenge first, but I could be wrong…


      • All that misplaced anger is rather interesting. Hopefully one day they’ll wake up and start directing it toward the man who “bamboozled” them: Mr. Obamboozle. And, even more hopefully, it will be one day soon.

        • It still stings too much – it would hurt even more if they actually admitted they made a mistake.

          I’m seeing some Obots here admitting that they made a whopping big mistake but, well, bloggers would have to admit it to a whole lot bigger audience.

    • Personal attacks are what they understand though. It isn’t like you are going to win an argument with an Obot based on logic(I hear they are allergic).

      • And it would take a certain level of maturity to admit a mistake – and heaven forbid actually saying “I’m sorry”

        • That’s what I actually like about Digby’s position. I’m more than willing to meet her halfway.

          I’m sorry that more of us weren’t aware she was being cyber bullied so badly. I definitely would have defended her, even if I didn’t always agree with her.

        • It will never happen. They’re already laying the ground work for claiming that they were never REALLY taken in by Obama, they always saw through him but, but it just became a moral imperative to support him because of mean old Hillary’s viciousness. They didn’t want to but they had to.

          They’ll never, ever take responsibility.

        • The overwhelming majority of Obots were under 25, the prefrontal cortex that controls compassion, attention, response inhibition, regulation of emotion, organization and long-range planning and judgement does not develop as a functioning part of the brain until mid-late 20’s, and drug and alcohol use in the teens and early 20’s can delay development even more, and even cause that part of the brain to never fully develop. I think the later obviously happened to Obama. and to the post 25 Obots.

    • I used to frequently comment there but people got truly ugly in the comment threads, I don’t much care to be called a troll, and when I look nowadays, personal insults fly more than reasoned arguments. I hardly recognize the place (in comments, not the front page).

  2. For another perspective check out this post by VastLeft

  3. I wonder if digby taking a dive had to do with what happened when she revealed she was female and got savaged by misogynist cretins?

    • Very much so.

      That’s why we are so aggressive in moderating threads.

      • Thank you. 🙂

        • I’m not easily grossed out or intimidated and that stuff bothers me sometimes.

          It could easily intimidate someone. Which of course is why they do it.

          If they did it in real life they would be locked up as stalkers. Blogstalking isn’t a crime.


      • I’m kind of sad I don’t get to squish troll heads or make them go boom.

        That being said, I know that the moderators here are awesome for doing it on our behalf.

        • Squishing trolls can be fun, but you also have to keep an eye on visitors who don’t know the rules and regulars who occasionally forget them.

          The regulars are the hardest – we know their hearts are in the right place but sometimes they say stuff that is out of line or that others might misconstrue, so we have to nudge them back back where they belong without embarrassing them or driving them away.

          Sometimes they won’t listen and we get fed up and ask them to leave.

    • it takes a strong stomach to look at the spam filter and the moderation filter, believe me

      • I never realized how bad it was until I started moderating. There is tons of stuff most people never see because Spammy grabbed it first. Some of it is really disgusting and putrid.

    • Word, Seriously. I can’t bring myself to get too down on Digby, given what she got targeted with.

      • I’m sure she is harder on herself now that she sees what holding back has brought us to.

        I think it’s courageous of her to admit that she took the cowardly route. The first way to correct something wrong is to recognize it.

      • It takes a bigger person to admit when you’ve been wrong. Digby had a better reason than most for holding back, from my memory.

  4. That’s a big what if, myiq. I was listening to Bill Burton on the news today and he is just as full of the bullshit rhetoric as during the primary. His soul was lost ages ago. For some of leftblogistan, I have no hope that they will ever regain their integrity.

    Posts like this are why I keep coming back to The C – the real honesty is here.

  5. I went to TLC a few months ago to see if things had settled down over there. I was greeted with a post by Turkana about how if you still don’t like Obama now that he is President, you are a r*cist and you just don’t want a Black man in the WH. WTF? They are not back on my reading list and I don’t care to be their guest.

    Thanks for posting the excerpts so I don’t have to buy the book or visit TLC(not that I planned on either).

    • Eriposte is very good and he was never a Kool-aider.

      Quite a few of the Oborg (there and elsewhere) are much quieter these days.

      Can’t say as I blame them, I’d be ashamed to show my face if I was them too.

    • I’m somewhat surprised I always considered Turkana rather reasonable.

      I guess I shouldn’t be there are tons of people I can say that about nowadays.

      Once upon a time I wondered why the Democrats were a bunch of capitulating cowards. Now I know it ‘s because their base is full of ball- less individuals afraid of being called names.

      • If you mean the Dems who actually hold office, then it’s not cowardice, it’s complicity. They, too, are members, or at least well-paid, high-ranking employees, of the misruling plutocracy.

        • We’re talking A-list bloggers

        • The Dems are able to be complicit because what’s left of their base are a bunch of excuse making cowards.

          The party has nothing to fear. It isn’t like the cowardly progressives will vote the alternative- not when it would mean they might get called a “Republican r@tf*cker”

    • Was Turkana EVER worth reading?

  6. If they showed principle over profit they wouldn’t be progressives- they’d be unashamed liberals.

    I do give Digby credit for saying she’s a chickenshit. I’d concur.

    They are all ascared that scary, scary people might call them names(no wonder why the Democrats that represent them are such spineless wonders who use that as the excuse du jour on why they have to capitulate).

    • I have no respect for the ones who kept their mouths shut to make money, but I can’t blame the ones who were intimidated into silence.

      • I’m all about the statement that “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” There are men and women fighting and dying for my right to have an opinion and speak it, I’ll be darned if I’ll let a bunch of people intimidate me into silence. That being said I do understand the idea that sometimes it gets tiresome having a discussion with someone who choses to ignore facts and instead goes with their “gut”(a la Bush).

        • If more of them had spoken up the way we did – and/or acted to stop the abuse going on in the comment threads – last year would have been a lot different.

      • I could!

      • I can see how they wee scared. Fear has a way of silencing some but it is no excuse. Sorry…I hold them all responsible for keeping silent!

        • Wait until your personal information is published on the web and then think about what happened to Dr. Tiller.

        • Myiq

          That’s why I’m a big fan of the second amendment and live in a state where if I feel threatened I can shoot you.

          If they manage to get that headshot in somehow they better make it a massacre because my husband spent some time with the SEALs as a communicator for them. I doubt they’d make it to trial.

        • I understand why they were silent Myiq…I just can’t forgive it. The wounds are still too fresh.
          Fear was how they targeted people. It was used as a tool. Maybe I should feel more sympathy but I can’t.

    • I’m not defending digby, but she was genuinely freaked out by the change in the tone of her hate mail once she revealed she was female. Not everybody is a leader who’s just going to say eff it in the face of personal intimidation, plus some of the progressive loons were talking about tracking down people’s identities, calling their bosses, etc. Scary, thuggish stuff.

  7. I read this in a comment at No Quarter. If it is true do the obots understand they are not safe either?


    As much as I dislike backtrack and his bunch I pray this is not true. It undermines the safety of all Americans.



    • I hope that’s untrue as well. Although I’d say that ignoring threats wouldn’t have been limited to black muslim males, not following Dr. Tiller’s death.

  8. uh myiq

    Spammy says I’m a naughty girl again.

  9. One thing Digby could have done is collected a bunch of the worst stuff and put it into a post for everyone to see.

    I do that occasionally so everyone knows exactly what we’re dealing with.

    Joseph Cannon collected lots of it.

    • I love when he ( Cannon ) airs that trash. Obots love to claim they NEVAH instigated trouble. I dig it when Joseph smacks em upside the cabezza with their own words.

      I enjoy it when you do it also Myiq. Sometimes these pimples need to be outed.

      I run a VERY small site and I too was “threatened.” i thought it was humorous at the time. that someone would consider my little site a pain was an honor…LOL

      I offered to give them my address if they wanted to “Discuss” anything with me…Alas…No one called.

      Wonder why?

      • Probably that picture in the corner. Only a fool f***s around with a p!$$ed-off Native American. :mrgreen:

      • I really admire Joseph at Cannonfire — he is fearless.


  10. Off topic but I don’t see any recent items on health care. Could someone direct me to a site that provides the health insurance industry contributions to Senate and Representative members during the past few years?
    Thank you so much – if available.

  11. Myiq, coming out of the cellar once more to type – where were you when I was amenable to relationships? You have one helluva critical thinking process that I find….strangely attractive.
    I’m going through a process at home with my young adult children who were entranced by the myth – it’s been a long haul, but they are starting to see the light. This morning, Son warned Significant other son not to engage me, because there was no way on earth he would come out of the encounter unscathed. Significant other son heeded advice. A new high in the house. It is a small step as I support them all, and they are wary of engaging in an issue that could result in them being out on the streets with no visible means of support, however, it also means they are starting to think again, and are actually listening (they used to trot out all the talking points).
    Slow process, but if I don’t see results pretty darned soon, then there will be three youngsters looking for an obie benefactor who will offer them a home. (and I’m dead serious!)

  12. Thanks for nothing Digby.

  13. where were you when I was amenable to relationships?

    Involved in a series of progressively bad ones.

    Finally I realized that the common factor in all my bad relationships was me so I took myself off the market.

  14. It kills me that a lot of these blogs wanted to be a “Player” on the national level. The critisized the heck out of the GOP but when it came time to do their due diligence for their own party they threw up their hands and yelled Uncle. They abdicated their responsibility. What a bunch of whiny a$$holes.

    • actually, that reads a lot like what a lot of the news folks do … cable tv, network tv, newspapers, magazines

      • I was in the Navy for 20 years. I promised myself that if/when I EVER made to Chief that I would NEVER become one of those accomodating a$$holes that kissed everyone butt to keep the good jobs. Well, I made it to Chief after 16 years. My last job was writing test plans for the new aviation electronics suite that was going into our mission aircraft. After I got a good look at what was going into our plane that was it. I refused to go back out into the fleet and fly a mission on that piece of crap. I called the lot of the contractors a bunch of potential killers. I took transfer to fleet reserve instead. I did not make friends and did not take a contracting job after getting out. I made sure I used my anchors as much as possible before I got out. I was never going to make Senior Chief after that tour and I the only regret that I couldn’t do more.

        • Honesty and integrity are rarely appreciated and often punished.

        • lisadawn82
          thank you for your service.
          thank you for trying to make a difference and make equipment safer for our service men. and service women.



        • Ditto what HelenK said.

      • For that matter it sounds alot like our government representation.

        Accountability has been off the table.

  15. I’ve said before that the content of the blogs was driven, or at least, unduly influenced, by the comments, even on the mainstream media blogs. It was a concerted, deliberate AstroTurf campaign, and where it was most effective is here it hurt me the most, on the African American websites and radio. It was much easier for them to be pervasively effective and hide in plain sight in that tight knit environment.

  16. *dons freshly-folded, stylish chapeau de Reynolds Wrap*

    If y’all will indulge me in a hypothesis:

    The Corporate Misruling Class still actually would prefer a GOP Prez. However, after the 2006 elections, if not earlier, a sufficient preponderance of the members of the CMC realized that the GOP in general, and the Chimperor and Darth Cheney in particular, had screwed up SO badly that they could not install an Elephascist [my pet name for the GOP] Prez without the voter suppression and vote fraud becoming so blatant that it might actually awaken the sheeple. The CMC realized it would have to settle for a DINO this time. But whom?

    Hillary was the obvious frontrunner after the 2006 elections. While she and Bill had certainly been friendly enough to the corporate agenda, the CMC suspected that they were not truly loyal to the CMC, but had only compromised grudgingly, due to the CMC’s stranglehold on USAmerican politics.

    Also, HRC is a fighter, like her hubby. She would want a second term. The CMC needed a DINO who would consent to being a one-term prez.

    The CMC found who it needed in Brand Obama.

    The CMC’s plan was, and is, to allow a DINO to be elected, by means of the finest astroturfing campaign their huge supply of money could buy, to create the illusion of a functioning democracy. Then, the DINO hems and haws and does nothing effective–deliberately–in order for him to “own” the blame for the problems ultimately created by the Elephascists, who in turn, were acting on behalf of the CMC. An angry public finally starts blaming the DINOs just in time for the Elephascists to field another fake-messiah candidate like Brand Obama, and the CMC gets the Elephascist prez it really wants in 2012, while Brand Obama retires to a cushy life, probably enhanced by Swiss and/or Cayman bank accounts, his reward for faithful service to the CMC.

    I’m not sure that’s true, but whaddaya think?

  17. Spammy grabbed my last comment. 😦

  18. I left a post after reading that piece. I too believe that these A-listers thought they had become the corporate media they had previously railed against ( or they wanted to be).But, how many of these commentators that were able to influence the writers of these blogs were PAID to comment. I think we all believe that the attacks on us were coordinated and the time they spent must have been compensated by somebody. I also see no mention of those of us who were banned from commenting on certain blogs. The first one to ban me (and there were a few) was The Huffington Post, after I pointed out inconsistencies in Obama’s policy speeches.

  19. I used to adore Digby. I was in awe of her writing style and her depth of intelligence. But I agree with her that she was an absolute chicken shit last year. It completely changed my feelings about her and her blog, once the most respected blog around. No guts.

    However I think it would be more helpful if she really took a look at why, as a woman, she backed off the trashing of Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

    Simply shrugging her shoulders and saying “I’m a chickenshit” doesn’t really explain why she let herself be intimidated and why she let her site be taken over by the likes of that mediocrity known as”dday” and that other pompous mediocrity named Tristero (no other female posters, I notice).

    I felt abandoned by Digby last year. She was like the wife whose husband is beating the kids, and she goes in the other room, shuts the door and pours a double vodka.

    • Bravo, and well said. Digby copped out, and did NOTHING to protect her own readers from being abused by the same Obots that had intimidated her enough to hide out for the duration.

      These were the same posters who had DEFENDED her from them as they called her all those nasty, childish names.

      When she cowered, and never deleted any of the Obot posts calling others “c*nt” or “dried out vaginas,” etc, the previous defenders left her site completely.

      She WAS like the wife who hides in the other room. Not so brave at all.

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