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This is why we can’t get over it


Over at Booman Tribune in his review of Eric Boehlert’s Bloggers on the Bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press,  Booman includes this revision of reality:

There were six weeks between the Mississippi and Pennsylvania primaries during which the Jeremiah Wright saga unfolded with frightening force. The assault on the culture of the urban black church was so severe that friends of that culture were put under the utmost stress and pressure. It was in this context that Obama supporters, who knew Obama had already secured the nomination short of disqualification, turned savagely against all signs of racial coding from the Clinton campaign. The race issue had simmered prior to that with occasional nasty flare-ups (see Bob Kerrey, Bill Sheehan, Bill Clinton and Bob Johnson in South Carolina). But it was only in the full glare of the Wright drama, with the full knowledge that our candidate had it wrapped up, that Obama-supporting bloggers lost all patience and turned on Clinton (and some of her supporters) with fury.

Oh really Booman? Only then?

Then how do you explain the founding of The Confluence as a refuge months earlier? Were we just imagining the fury of Obama supporters back in December 2007 thru February 2008?  Boehlert himself says “all hell broke loose” in Left Blogistan right after Edwards dropped out in mid-January.

I guess Booman missed the fact that HILLARY WON THE POPULAR VOTE. She also would have had the lead in pledged delegates if Florida and Michigan had been counted properly.  Booman must have been watching too much MSNBC.

If Booman had been paying attention he would have realized that the controversy over Rev. Wright originated at FOX News and consisted primarily of them playing clips of Wright’s sermons over and over.  The wingnut blogs were having a field day but other than No Quarter the pro-Hillary blogs were very circumspect in their handling of the story.  In mid-March Obama gave his “Greatest Speech on Race EVAH” where he defended Wright but denied ever hearing those sermons, but then a few weeks later Obama denounced Wright and threw him under the bus.

I’ll be charitable and assume that Booman’s recollection is faulty due to excess use of Kool-aid.  Otherwise I would have to say he is either lying or delusional.

BTW – Playing the “race card” was a pre-planned strategy of the Obama campaign.  There was no attempt by Hillary or her campaign to exploit racial divisions.

156 Responses

  1. BTW – Playing the “race card” was a pre-planned strategy of the Obama campaign. There was no attempt by Hillary or her campaign to exploit racial divisions.

    Of course not. Hillary was ahead with the AA vote. Obama had to show that he was actually one of us because we barely knew who he was but we knew the Clintons.

    The Obama camp had to create the division because that was key to his victory. It started right before the SC primary.

    • It really started in Iowa with the Shaheen drug dealer thing and then continued in Iowa with the LBJ/MLK scandal and the “fairy tale” accusations.

    • “Obama Responds to Bill Clinton’s Jesse Jackson Comment”:

  2. May as well fact the dismal truth that Booman and lots of those like him are not kool-aid addled, they’re just lying through their teeth. Or perhaps they are delusional.

  3. “who knew that Obama had already secured the nomination”

    Uh, yeah. Because of the Super Sekret Rule of Nostradamous, who wrote “If one of uncleanness runs, all the normal procedures and devoid and her opponent is annointed.” So basically, because Booman and his cohort “knew” they were entitled to get whatever the wanted despite reality, they were also entitled to do whatever was necessary to get there using their entitlement as an excuse. I always wondered what happened to the FL Repubs of 2000.

    • Remember how Obamanation insisted that the super delegates had to support the popular vote winner?

      That was when they thought Hillary couldn’t catch Obama.

  4. I knew Booman had completely lost it when he put up a post in which he said that all “progressives” should allow Obama to use them. Let him pretend to not to be a liberal so he can get elected. He can’t say the things he really wants to say, etc. So we should all roll over and let him walk over us like a doormat. What an idiot!

  5. And I’m sorry, but in what universe would it not be an issue if Hillary’s minister was calling Obama racial slurs and simulating he and Michelle having sex and making all these hardcore statements? Theology is not the issue, the issue is if you have political ambitions beyond your district in Chicago, get a clue and understand that stuff like your minister publicly singing “God Damn America” is going to offend voters who would otherwise vote for you. I don’t care who you are, if you’re a politician and your clergy had a penchant for saying outrageous things in church, it will become an issue for you, yes. It’s not freaking rocket science.

    • But in that election common sense was thrown out entirely if you were a B0 supporter. If you were a Hillary supporter with common sense, then you were a racist.

  6. Oh really Booman?

    She’s a sticker, thank God
    Posted on March 15, 2008 by katiebird

    Back in the dark days of February, I wandered over to the BoomanTribune just as Booman posted an anti-Hillary rant. Booman was totally shocked by a story he’d just read in the Seattle Times. But where he was shocked – disgusted by it – in a weird way I was charmed. And I’ve thought about the story often in the nearly two months since:

    I don’t know about the rest of the blog world but, BOOMAN at least was ranting about Hillary back in February.

    • Booman was one of the earliest bloggers on the Obama bus, and I think he’s still on it.

    • I take it back. February is the month I canceled my Salon subscription so, things were pretty bad all over by then.

      Oh, and “Goldberry” started this blog, The Confluence as a refuge in January.

      So fuck off, Booman. You are totally wrong.

      • I didn’t provide a whole lot of links on this post because we don’t need ’em and the Obots won’t read ’em.

      • Excuse me, I think I just felt my brains explode. I’d better get a mop.

      • Rolling Stone magazine, Keith Olbermann, and some of the fauxgressive bloggers started making misogynist attacks and lying smears aganist Hillary way back in November 2007 (right around Thankgiving week, in fact)

        • Rolling Stone was one of the worst! That Taibbi character was and still is the worst of the lot over there!

      • If I remember correctly ( Old ager and all…LOL ) i think I rid myself of Salon subscription around that same time katie.

    • Yeah, but this is all part of them trying to rewrite history to absolve themselves of responsibility. They didn’t support Obama because they’re stupid, they were pushed into it as it became a moral imperative. They never acted thuggish, they were finally pushed to reluctantly fight back against someone else’s thuggery.

      • I keep saying, they’re just like domestic abusers.

        “You made me hit you”

        • They couldn’t help it. It was the constant stress of being abused by the DNC. The abused became the abusers and the cycle rocks on.

    • I loved that post!

  7. Obama has appointed another Republican–to lead the National Endowment for the Humanities.


    Oh goody.

  8. He’s clearing all the Repubs out of the House, but for what? He won’t let us have single payer, habeas corpus, or privacy of any kind. What’s the point of Democratic majority?

  9. What are the odds that this president will be a two-term president? I would find it hard to ever vote for him, unless he atoned by accomplishing something that Hillary would have fought for, such as universal healthcare or single-payer healthcare.

    I have to admit that I am biased as a result of his slash-and- burn campaign, and the fact that he, like Bush, wasn’t smart enough to know he wasn’t qualified..and it find it hard to even look at a picture of him. Fortunately, I don’t have TV. I’ve even managed to forget his voice, although when I do hear his clipped speech, it always shock me. He sounds so rote.

    Is he accomplishing anything that makes him worthy of the office that his branding catapulted him into? I sense that the progressives and the faux-Dems are tiring of him. Is this true?

    • Not nearly enough of the so-called liberal media or organizations are holding Obama accountable for his lies and backtracks. I haven’t been involved in Moveon.org in forever but I believe they are beholden to the Obama administration and will not dare to call him out on Guantanamo, health care, or anything else.

      You’re better off without a TV. The love affair continues. There are a few progressives and former Obama supporters who are now waking up to the truth but I expect them to vote for Obama in 2012 when the r@ce baiting and threats resurface. All the Democrats have going for them is that they are slightly better than Republicans. But they have brought nothing new to the table and Obama has not done anything to “change” the beltway or Washington.

      • Do you think tweety’s leg will stop tingling or ko will have a special comment after seeing this?


        Tweety thinks it is job to help backtrack not report facts.
        Ko thinks it makes him cool to scream and carry on.

        Thanks to Fredster for finding this and posting it for me



        • Why did you link this? It just pissed me off more, seeing the Obama fluffing going on! I don’t watch this sh– anymore, because it just pisses me off so!

  10. This reminds me, whatever happened to our old pal, uberenvironmentalist Kid Oakland? He’s lovingly gathering up the refuse from the mountaintop removal to save for his niece and nephew because it’s Blessed By His Holy Hand?

    • I don’t know. He dropped off DK months before the election. I did a couple of searches for him then but didn’t find much. You found something about him?

      • No, I haven’t heard anything about him since he took that fit about how Hillary wanting to collect the gas tax from the oil companies instead of the consumer was going to destroy the world for his niece and nephew. Seeing Booman’s name made me remember him.

    • I was just thinking about how he used to come here now and then to try to talk “sense” into us. VERY patronizing. And he’d go on and on.

      • Yes, he was really annoying. And didn’t Meteor Blades show up at least once?

    • I found Kid Oakland on twitter. Apparently he is using his real name at DK now: Paul Delahanty.


  11. In October, 2007, CNN’s Roland Martin laid out Obama’s problems with the black community and how to fix it. Read it, then tell me about who used race how.

    Lastly, Obama must forget the national polls and focus solely on South Carolina. Nearly 50 percent of the Democratic Party primary voters there are black, and research shows that 40 percent of black women haven’t made up their minds in the state. Even though research conducted by the Clinton campaign reveals that Obama’s message isn’t resonating with blacks, research done by the Obama camp shows that when black women have met and been engaged by Obama, he’s been able to convert them into supporters.

    Bottom line: Low black support means Obama is toast.

    If his campaign keeps playing it safe, hoping not to alienate white voters, he’ll likely be on the campaign trail next fall.

    But he’ll be stumping for Clinton.

    A month later, Michelle Obama came out with her “wake up and get it” line, then the MLK/fairy tale/racist Clinton stuff began. And ,even before that, Reid and Durbin were pushing the “he’s gonna get shot, he needs Secret Service protection,” stuff, but never presented a “credible threat.” He got the protection, anyway, and, opened the door for the racial exploitation, too.


    • Ahhhhhhhh South Carolina and the Reverend McClurkin……….who can forget all the rationalizing from the progressives on why it was okay for Obama to toss gays under the bus to get AA evangelicals on board his campaign.

    • Cinie, you are awesome.

      • Nah, Sandra, I just decided early on to keep a file of the good stuff. They’ve been “disappearing” stuff for a long time.

        • Funny how that happens.

          Wikipedia gets edited, google searches get harder, blogs purge archives.

          Prolly just a co-inkydink.

        • And when I google something totally not in any way related to Obama, I still get links to … ta-ta, Obama! Really weird!

    • Yeah Cinie… S. Carolina was the beginning. Before all of that, the Black vote was just not that into O… probably because of all the goofy “rich” white people acting like he was a Messiah.

      Funny how that meme is still being parroted every chance they get, everyone who does not like the Televangelist Grifter is an evil racist… yadayada.

    • From Andrew Stephen writing in the Brit Left-wing New Statesman on the 21st Feb 2008:

      . David Greenberg, of Rutgers University, who is at present writing a book about political spin, says of Obama that “no one claims his agenda entails radical innovation or differs much from Hillary Clinton’s”, but that supporting Obama makes whites “feel good about themselves” and their country. “He lets them imagine that a nation founded for freedom yet built on slavery can be redeemed by pulling a lever,” he says.

      In contrast, Greenberg adds, the media barely noticed when Hillary Clinton became the first woman in US history to win a major-party primary. Exit-poll data bears out exactly the bias Greenberg detects. In Virginia – Virginia! – white men voted more for Obama than Clinton, as they also did in nine other states. Yet in racial melting-pot states such as Nevada, California, Massachusetts and New York, it was Clinton who won; it is the whitest states that are the wildest about Obama (such as Idaho, which the latest census figures show to be 96.8 per cent white, where he beat Clinton 79-17 per cent).


      Perversely, therefore, the brilliance of the Axelrod strategy has meant that Obama has become the beneficiary of America’s racist history, while Clinton has been the victim of its sexism. The Obama team’s deft use of race has also worked magic. Hillary Clinton said on 7 January that Martin Luther King’s dream needed to be realised in concert with Lyndon B Johnson’s passage of the Civil Rights Act 1964, and on the same day her husband dismissed Obama’s claims of consistent opposition to the Iraq War as “a fairy tale”; an Obama press aide seized the moment and put out a four-page memo that somehow accused the couple of using racist tactics against Obama.

  12. Yeah, Cinie, but he wound up being WRONG.

    • How?

      • How? He won with black and white support. Roland Martin was mistaken.

        • You’re being deliberately obtuse. Are you Robert Gibbs? Roland Martin encouraged Obama to go after the black vote with a vengeance in October, 2007, get Michelle and Oprah involved, and concentrate on South Carolina. All those things happened, and turned the tide for Obama with black voters. Had that not happened, and, the residual white racial guilt been disproportionately exploited with unfounded cries of racism especially in the run up to South Carolina, as in the point illustrated in this post, Clinton would have won.

        • No, he did not win. The nomination was given to him. Stop rewriting history! What he did was cheat in the caucuses, be rewarded delegates that were not his at the RBC meeting and then steal 4 of Hillary’s delegates. I won’t leave out the bullying of AA superdelegates to support him and then the DNC helping him get more of Hillary’s delegates at the convention.


          And lets not forget the voter fraud in the GE. Yeah, Obama “won”

        • Downticket: Don’t forget the special Super Delegate campaign donations from obama and Nancy Pelosi.

        • gimmeabreak – Stop it! He cheated, lied and stole ( the best) and we rewarded him! He is a thug!

  13. She and her husband are such “racists” that he gave Bill an ambassadorship and has Hillary representing the country in matters of state./eyes rolling. Either that makes him an incompetent boob now or a lying smearing asshat then. The obots can take their pick on which version of reality they’d prefer me to have. Neither is flattering and negates an iota of the antipathy I feel for him as a result.

    • Bill was appointed as ambassador for Haiti by UN,
      not by US (Obama). It was an honorary position with no salary. He doesn’t report to Hillary or Obama – reports to UN Secretaryy General. This is similar to his previous joint appt with papa Bush on the tsunami by the previous UN Sec Gen.

      • Heh

        Was Hillary also appointed by the UN or is Obama an incompetent boob for appointing a “racist” to a post that requires her to represent this country?

        Feel free to take your time answering.

        • Sorry to butt in here cwaltz, but you’re not mocking ecoast for saying that B.C. was appointed by UN, which he was, are you?

          I’m kind of schratching my head over your response.

        • And this appointment is in no way, as some ignorants have tried to paint it, a “snubbing” of Bill Clinton. His influence could be of great importance to this very conflicted and unsafe country.

          Ther’s some info here:


      • Oh and wow, who knew the UN would even entertain the idea of appointing a racist and someone who would entertain such vile racism as Bill Clinton was accused of to that Haiti position eh?

        It just boggles the mind.

        Okay I couldn’t even keep a straight face while typing that.

        Evidently the UN is aware that Obots are delusional too. Good to know.

  14. I snort Kool-aid powder straight from the package.

    • Humboldt, Parody is exaggerated imitation for comic effect. If you’re just pulling random stuff out of your ass, it’s nothing but a declaration of your own ignorance. Pull your head out of the dark hole and learn something before touching the keyboard. You don’t have to agree, but you do have to not be an idiot.

      And since I obviously have to spell it out…no one ever said anything that even vaguely resembled the country turning into a dark evil ghetto … it’s all in your head (or wherever). If you’re laughing at your own imagination that’s just a few steps from yelling at the aliens talking to you through your fillings.

      • We need to disinfect the sofas. Who knows where these trolls have been hanging out.

  15. I musta struck a nerve, the blogstalkers have their panties twisted into knots.

    • Myiq, coming out of the cellar to advise that you are not the only one. The troops seem to have been called to action, cause they’re all over the Puma blogs leaving messages about moving forward, leaving it behind, it wasn’t obvious, it’s not their fault yadda yadda. It’s rather intriguing. I’m not sure whether they are coming out of their stupor yet don’t want to admit they were wrong, or whether this is another astroturfing effort to bring the outliers around.

      • I got a message for them. There will be no hand holding. There will be no returning to the Democratic fold for alot of us.

        They should get over it because we have moved on- just not in the direction they figured we’d go.

      • I bet they’re not over there in Trollville speculating on the size of YOUR penis.

        • Do they really? That’s bizarre. I don’t blog, rarely comment, and don’t have a penis, so I’m not a threat to their peace of mind. :You obviously are…not sure how you manage to read that drivel and maintain your sense of humor and biting satirical skills, but I’m glad you do. Don’t let the bustards get you down, you are appreciated!

        • That drivel provides some of the best humor around.

          They’re like fleas who think they own the dog, bragging about how powerful they are.

      • Hi HT. I love reading your comments and I’m glad you’re still around lurking.

      • They’re such geniuses. Listen up morons, telling anyone in any circumstances to “get over” anything or to “move on” only makes them think you’re an insensitive jackass and want to hit you in the face. Do you have NO social skills? Are you truly this stupid?

        • The answer to that is YES, they are THAT stupid.

          I find the idea that I am ever going to hold hands with people who lied and smeared themselves into thier position rather laughable. I don’t want all that nasty mud all over my clothing.

  16. Thank the Greater Ethos for the foreign press. Is any one else as bother by this as I am?

    US nuclear ‘treasure map for terrorists’ posted in error on government website

    Obama administration admits mistake, but denies release of information threatens national security

    An exhaustive list of America’s nuclear sites – including maps showing the location of fuel for nuclear weapons – has been accidentally posted on a government website, but the Obama administration denied that the leak had jeopardised national security.

    The 266-page document, marked “highly confidential”, was removed from the website of the Government Printing Officelast night following media inquiries.

    Barack Obama had ordered the report for the International Atomic Energy Agency in the hopes of prodding other countries, such as Iran, to submit similar classified information nuclear activities to the agency.


    • its looks that where we need to start looking for news
      beacuse we wont find it on our MSM

    • DK its bothers me to . strange. our MSM did not even mention it . or if they did i missed it

    • Oh yeah, posting that shit on the internet by accident is REALLY going to make other countries feel secure providing it to us.

    • Maybe the reason he thinks it doesn’t endanger national security is that the Chinese have already hacked into U.S. Govt computers.

    • Usually I feel astonished and repulsed by their bumbling incompetence.

      But this is frightening.

      Anyone else wonder why he wanted to reveal this information to an international group in the first place? Just a lame and dangerous “I’ll show you mine, then you show me yours?”

      Or?? The more time passes the more I think he just doesn’t like this country.

  17. Very nice post.

    Some thoughts on these odd remarks from BooMan:

    A. I love “turned savagely against all signs of racial coding” for two reasons:

    1. It leaves completely open all the central questions: Whether the “racial coding” was really there, whether it was invented, whether it was projected… The sentence just exists in its own semiotic cloud-cuckooland….

    2. “Savagely”… Well, that doesn’t sound like “racial coding” to me, but I bet it Hillary had used it…

    B. Is he correct on the timeline? I seem to remember the race card being played immediately between NH and SC. Sean Wilentz wrote his article on Feb 27, 2008 — surely before the six weeks between the MI and PA primaries — Mississippi was on March 11, and, as we know, a week is a long time in politics, and especially in a Presidential primary.

    • It started after NH, Messiah was supposed to win, and when he didn’t, the MSM started the “ra cist white women” denied us our rightful victory meme.

    • They use a subjective standard for racism. That way racism is in the eye of the beholder (and they see it everywhere)

  18. all that im here now out of our MSM is the great speech that BO is suppose to give 2morrow to the Muslim world
    mabey it just me but im getting sick of him adressing the Muslim world over & over .

  19. I don’t know what they’re making trolls out of these days but they hardly squirm when you squish their heads.

  20. Lots of interesting recollections here about when “it” (BO playing the race card) started.

    Actually, “it” was always part of the BO self-presentation, long before the primary campaign even started. It goes back at least as far as 2004, with his convenient straw man argument that “they will tell you i don’t look like” other candidates or whatever — thereby making the explicit suggestion to EVERYONE that ANYONE who opposed him on ANY basis was undeniably a racist.

    And that made Hillary the biggest racist of all.

    BO is shameless, disgusting, insulting, offensive beyond words, and NOT my president. Ever.

  21. You’ll get a good laugh if you read the comments on the booman article.

    Talk about revisionist history. LOL!

    • This passage is from the Imperial Wizard of the Blogstalkers:

      I could go on and on (for instance, Riverdaughter, who is portrayed as a blameless victim in the book even though one her last Kos diaries compared Obama’s supporters to jihadists, referred to Obama as the “affirmative action candidate” in one of her Confluence posts), but there isn’t enough room for it all in one comment (or even one post). I documented a lot of it on my blog (few others were) and it’s preposterous to conclude that Hillary’s online supporters were, for the most part, innocent lil’ lambs in the blog wars of 2008. Unfortunately after reading Boehlert’s book, that’s the impression that you’re left with.

      If irony hurt he’d be dead.

      • Here’s a shock for the little twit. Obama’s supporters on Dkos did act like Jihadists and Obama was the affirmative action candidate. How else could he have gotten the nomination with so little experience?

        • Funny how they get their widdo feewings hurt so easy, ain’t it?

          But when they’re throwing bombs they think we should toughen up.

          They aren’t much for consistency.

        • boston how right you are Obama was the affirmative action candidate & now hes the affirmative candidate POTUS

  22. For me they lost me on May 31st, 2008 when they wouldn’t count the Voters Votes…that was an attack on democracy its self and that is to deep a wound to simply get over it.

  23. If I keep saying it long enough it’s true.

    If I keep saying it long enough it’s true.

    If I keep saying it long enough it’s true.

    If I keep saying it long enough it’s true.

    That’s their credo and they think everyone else will buy it too.

    • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. ” Joseph Goebbels ”

      • So how about this:

        “If you tell the truth often enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come around and believe it. ” PUMA.


    • Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like Bush and his philosophy on Iraq?

      O sweet sweet irony…….the progressives became exactly what they despised on the right side of the aisle. I wonder they start to realize that their boxed in strategy(where voting for a Republican makes you a Republican r@tf*cker)where they arfe left with a one party system makes them the equivalent to the Bush 30% deadenders.

  24. I posted this downstairs but wanted it here too. The whole Bosnia debacle sticks in my craw. Hillary did not lie. She backpeddled immediately because she thought her recollection was muddled, but this video news cast at the time tells a different story:

    She didn’t mis-speak. This video was from that Bosnia trip. When Bill tried to defend her on it, they told him to let it lie.

    watch the video. Clearly the at-the-time account said:

    “this is one of the most dangerous places where U.S. forces are operating…a place where dangerous conflicts are more likely…and surrounded with landmines.”

    I Hate revisionist history. The record should be cleared.

    • Thanks for that SoD.

    • I favorited this video, SOD. Thanks.

    • But why on earth did Hillary let it go?

      Why did she admit – when there was nothing to admit forchrissake! – that she had lied ?

      • see my full answer below this, but also she did not say she lied — they did. She just said her memory was foggy. Which, when looking at the video and considering the span of time is a realistic perspective. But of course, that was not acceptable to the crazies suffering from CDS.

        • I recall her saying that they took certain precautions because of snipers.

          She never said that they WERE being shot at, from what I saw she indicated that the security forces were concerned that they MIGHT be shot at.

          Obots turned it into her claiming she landed in the middle of a firefight.

    • because it would have given the attack dogs more fodder. They would have narrowed their focus to her specific comment about having her head down and running on the tarmac. There was no video to corroborate and while she may not have done so from the airplane there were several helicopter side trips where that might have happened.

      She just recognized she did not have a clear enough memory to put it to rest and chose to let it lie.

    • I found this in the New Statesman (once again from Andrew Stephens):

      Then came Hillary Clinton’s turn to be savaged. Presumably goaded by Obama’s taunts that she was merely “taking tea” in visits to more than 90 countries, she started to overdramatise her roles in Bosnia and Northern Ireland, for example, in her stump speeches. Saying that she flew into Tuzla US air force base in Bosnia in 1996 “under sniper fire” proved disastrous for her when television footage appeared of her smilingly talking to a little girl in a peaceful greeting ceremony on the tarmac. The truth, according to a reporter on the trip, is that her C-17 plane was accompanied by jet fighters from the Ramstein air base in Germany, that the Secret Service insisted she wear a flak jacket, and that her plane made a steep descent of the kind routinely used when landing in a war zone. But the mud that she was a liar had stuck, and her poll ratings – as Obama’s had done a few days before – plunged.


  25. Unbelieveable!! Banks are seizing social security, disability payments and “economic recovery payments” from seniors and others who get these checks to pay debts. These monies are supposed to be protected from creditors, but when they are direct deposits banks are taking them anyway.


    • whoa! you mean the same people that were bailed out by the taxpayers are now treating them like crap. Who will save them next time?

    • It is really hard to get social security direct deposits changed back to checks. The recipients don’t get any kind of statements, except annually, so they have to call office to office until the find the right place to make the change.

  26. There was another article with two women who were there on one of her trips. She had travelled their more than once. Sorry can’t remember all the details.

  27. Dakinikat,

    I’ve noticed a lot of U.S. writers are publishing in British papers now. I guess they can’t say what they want to say here. Dean Baker has an article on the economy in the guardian today. He says there is no recovery. None.


    • probley because the cant

    • This comment to Dean Baker’s piece in the Guardian sure has a ring of truth to it.

      02 Jun 09, 8:20am

      Basically, since the 1970s we have had managed stagnation. Policy makers have been either unwilling or unable to allow a widespread devaluation of capital sufficient enough to pave the way for a new boom. Because the overall rate of growth in terms of per-capita GDP in the US has declined in the 1973-2003 period (compared to 1950-1973) with only temporary cyclical upswings the world’s economy never recovered from the 1970s in the way it did after the Great Depression.

      As a result we have had a general inertia in the economy punctuated by debt-fuelled asset bubbles. These have been brief and unsustainable (eg, dotcom).

      It seems like policy makers are responding to this crisis with more of the same, keeping the previous regime of accumulation intact. But we are stuck between the Scylla of widespread capital devaluation (massive unemployment, social unrest, international tension) and the Charybdis of more debt (an unsustainable boom leading to another crisis).

      • As Keynes said, no better way to destroy capitalism than to debase the currency

        I keep getting to say that … that scares me too!

        • I especially liked the part about managed stagflation, That is kind of what it’s felt like for a very long time, except for the short lived booms.

    • like i said thx to my AP History teacher in High School, I’ve read the Guardian ever since and even during the worst of it during the Gulf Wars, I avoided the propaganda. But now, it’s not even about WAR things … that’s appalling!

    • “The media have obviously abandoned economic reporting and instead have adopted the role of cheerleader, touting whatever good news it can find and inventing good news when none can be found. This leaves the responsibility of reporting on the economy to others.”


      Thanks for that link.

  28. Did you notice the article about congress having to post expenses on line?
    1.3 million to 4.5million yearly to run their offices,and that is not including their salary.
    Wow they are really well paid whores and they don’t even kiss you before they screw you////////



  29. for everyones knowledge I will be at Gay Days at disneyworld in orlando with 150,000+ of my nearest and dearest gay lesbian bisexual and transgendered friends! I will keep you in my thought and prayers please tune into fre us now as I plan to call in LOL.

    I am packing as we speak wish me good luck a safe journey and God/dess speed!

    RD next year at disney world a PUMA Confrence please!

  30. MYIQ,

    Tiny-brained hominid-like TROLL AT 10:57.


  31. Wow! Are we still not “over it” or what?! I’ll never be over it. I’ll move on (play on words? Moveon.org?… never), but i will NEVER forget when America lost it’s soul.

  32. I noticed early that the Corporate Propaganda Media had joined in bashing Hillary and metaphorically fellating Obama, but I assumed that, as they had been doing throughout the Clinton and Dubya Administrations, the CPM operatives were working for the GOP on orders from their employers.

    I thought they were trying to stop Hillary because their masters wanted another GOP Prez, and so wanted to saddle the Dem Party with a weaker candidate, and they got behind Obama because he was the only one who had a chance of beating HRC for the nomination.

    I assumed that once the Democratic Party had nominated BHO and it was too late to turn back, the CPM operatives would then turn on Obama like the pack of jackals they are, in favor of their old barbecue buddy McCain.

    Instead, they kept on metaphorically fellating Obama and turned on McCain like a pack of jackals.


    I finally realized the bizarre truth: This time, a preponderance of the Corporate Misruling Class actually wanted the [nominal] Democrat.

    Chimperor Dubya, Darth Cheney, and the rest of the GOP HAD. ACTUALLY. SCREWED. THE. POOCH. THAT. BADLY.

    While I like the Clintons, they had both proven too faithful to the corporate agenda for my tastes, although I understand they were compelled to adjust to the political climate they found themselves stuck in, and I still would have voted for HRC had she been nominated. [As it was, I voted for McKinney.] I can only conclude the misruling class rejected HRC because she had icky girl cooties. :mrgreen:

    As for getting over it, the Dixie Chicks still speak for me:

    • Bill, it really does boggle the mind to think of all the backdoor dealings, that we know nothing about, doesn’t it!

      As for the Dixie Chicks, I do love that song – but would have loved it even more if they had backed Hillary. 😦

    • Yep. I remember at a certain point getting an inkling that maybe the MSM really was in love with Obama, but up until then I was positive they were going to turn on him in favor of their true love. I still wonder what would have happened if he picked Pawlenty or Romney, I’m not 100% sure if they really were trying for the weaker candidate but turned on McCain due to an uncontrollable aversion to girl cooties or what.

      • Sarah Palin saved the media from having to choose between their old love and the new one.

        After she was picked they basically ignored McCain and resumed the “Goody Proctor is a WITCH!” routine that they used on Hillary.

        • With a little help from the Democrats, think of what an environmental triumph this was! 14 trillion trees were saved by allowing everyone in the media and political classes to just recycle all the old scripts.

        • Yeah, but they removed a few Alaskan mountaintops looking for stones to throw.

        • Forget offshore drilling, they mined the harbors…

        • And Sarah’s panty drawer

  33. They should not let trolls on public transportation. Look what happens:


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