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The Low Road 2008

Official Seal of the Democratic Party

In terms of political beliefs and ideals last year was the most trumatic of my life.  It pales in comparison to 2000 when the will of the people was thwarted and George W. Bush was selected over Al Gore by a 5-4 vote of the Supreme Court.  2008 was divisive, vile and nasty and was a nightmare that seemed like it would never end.  Here are what I think were the ten worst events of the ugliest presidential primary campaign in modern history:

10)  The “3am ad” fauxrage – Hillary ran an ad questioning Obama’s experience as a leader.  Obamanation reacted with allegations of racism and party treason.  The 30 second ad showing sleeping children was even compared to the racist movie epic “Birth of a Nation.”  Really –  I shit you not – in the NYT’s no less.

9)  The “Muslim Garb” fauxrage – A picture turned up of Obama getting dressed in traditional Muslim clothing during an earlier trip to Somalia.  Hillary’s campaign was falsely accused of being responsible for distributing it.  Obamanation alleged that distributing a photo that he had willingly posed for was racist because it made him look like he had Muslim roots. The allegations originated from online tabloid scandalmonger Matt Drudge, who was reborn as a progressive hero and paragon of honest news reporting.

8)  The NAFTA fauxrage – An Obama advisor (Austen Goolsbee) told the Canadian government that they should ignore Obama’s NAFTA rhetoric during the Ohio campaign because he was just lying to get elected.  The Obama campaign denied the story, then claimed it was a Hillary advisor instead, and then admitted the story but blamed Hillary anyway.  It later turned out Obama really was just lying to get elected.

7)  The “not as far as I know” fauxrage – Hillary was interviewed by Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes and was asked several times if she thought Obama was a Muslim.  After repeatedly denying that she thought Obama was a Muslim she finally qualified her answer with “not as far as I know.”  Obamanation went postal and claimed that by repeatedly denying the allegation she was implying that Obama was indeed a Muslim.

6)  The “darkened video” smear – Obamanation (led by the head cheeto himself) claimed Hillary had intentionally darkened Obama’s image in one of her ads to make him look “more” African American.  It turned out that the darkening was due to the video being compressed when a copy was uploaded to YouTube.  When the truth was revealed, Markos pulled an Emily Litella (“Nevermind“) and never mentioned the subject again, not even to apologize.  (Later on he would exercise his powers as self-appointed Democratic Party membership chairman and declare that Hillary was no longer a Democrat.)

5)  The “ding-dong the bitch is dead” media celebration – Following the Iowa caucuses the media (especially at MSNBC) gleefully declared that Hillary’s campaign for the nomination was over and even questioned whether her political career was finished.  Their over-the-top behavior spawned a backlash that was dubbed “the Tweety effect” after the nickname of Chris Matthews.  The media spent the rest of the campaign fluffing Obama and presenting him as the “inevitible” winner.  (WWTSBQ)

4)  The RFK assassination fauxrage – During an interview with a local paper Hillary was asked why she was still running and in her answer she mentioned that RFK was assassinated in June 1968 which was the night of the California primary.  Obamanation interpreted that to mean that Hillary was calling for Obama to be assassinated.  Keith Olbermann even made it the subject of one of his rare daily spittle flecked rants.

3)  Playing the “race card – Following Hillary’s unexpected win in New Hampshire the Obama campaign blamed racism on the part of the voters for his loss and in the following weeks and months repeatedly accused Hillary, Bill and her campaign of racism for anything and everything.  The truth is the racism was a fairy tale.

2)  The DNC nomination roll call vote – Rather than allow an honest open vote that reflected the will of the voters in the primaries, the DNC conducted the vote “the Chicago way.”  State primary and caucus results were ignored and the votes of delegates that were pledged to Hillary went to Obama instead.  It is unknown how many graveyard delegates voted.

1)  The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting – If I have to explain this one you haven’t been paying attention.

That’s my list.  There’s lots of stuff missing but I tried to restrict it to things directly connected to the candidates and their campaigns.  That left out things like the meltdown of the so-called progressive blogosphere, Randi Rhodes and the “Hillary Nutcracker.”  I also left out run of the mill stuff like posturing, flip-flopping and lying.   The ones that didn’t quite make the list were Obama’s recycled “Harry and Louise” ad, his “periodically” comment and his flipping Hillary the bird.

237 Responses

  1. For me, I would change the heading of that list to:

    “Why I am no longer a Democrat”

    • ditto, and then some

    • I now believe that I have a severe case of PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, after last years election insanity. I can not shake the sense of tragedy and hopelessness. I am being serious. Everything has changed. I am sure it is somewhat similar to a war veteran who never looks at things the same again. It is an interesting feeling and an eye opener.

      • alibe: it was a genuine trauma. That’s why there is no “getting over it.” It was a true violation on the deepest level. We are all changed.

  2. I know this post is like picking a scab and all – but I like picking scabs…. I want to remember what took place – I want to at least remember for the next 3+ years when his re-election takes place.

    If Obama gets re-elected, I’ll be hearing about ‘his historicness’ for the rest of my life (really!! I will).

    To me, the only way to even come close to righting this wrong (close I said) is to make certain he is not re-elected. One Term Presidents are (for the most part) remembered as failed Presidencies. Wouldn’t that be quite the comeuppance for the Most Historic President Evah!!??

    • Right now, I’m guessing you don’t have to worry. By the time this 4 years is up and the Dems have imploded, Jeb will be a shoo-in.

      • or SARAH!!!!!!!!!

        • As a disgruntled old ex-democrat, I have to say that Sarah sounds good to me, certainly better than B.O. or Jeb.

      • But remember, he does not win fair and square, HE LIES AND CHEATS!!!

        • …and lots of others are willing to lie and cheat for him too.
          In fact, didn’t we taxpayers just fund a.c.o.r.n. for many millions?


          And more and more people are learning that – hopefully we can ride that pony home to defeat him

    • So doesn’t that mean then we all have to fight against the use of Acorn as Census takers and the positioning of the Census in the White House?

      Ok, so I have about 50 more things I could add to the list, but this one is the most imp to ensure we have a fair election.

      No, I will NEVER get over the taking of democracy from our hands. If people want to ignore my past and call me Republican or traitor or whatever, that’s THEIR problem.

      Thanks, myiq for this short list that I can show my Obot friends.

  3. Watching the msm lose all credibility and knowing it will never return. They will never be trusted again in this country.

    Watching the party I believed in all my voting life turn in something so against the American ideals that I was taught.

    Wondering if future generations will curse us for losing democracy..

    Watching a party that I used to believe in act toward women in such a sickening disgraceful way that was worst than 3rd world countries

    2008 broke our hearts but woke us up to be more vigilant and really listen to what candidates say and not put party before country.



    • As usual Helen, you capture the essence of the problem.

    • On my mother’s side NO ONE becomes a Democrat — because the democrat party is viewed as the party of Andrew Jackson — who ordered the TRAIL of TEARS. The Cherokee Scots have a very long memory.

      So I bucked the trend during the Nixon stupidity and became an Independent and Ray-Gun pushed me into the Demo party. We don’t register our party affiliation in this state so it is unknown how many of which party (or Independents) really exist. Oh but there are the F$cking caucuses . . . . which were bought by 0zero last year. So much for democracy.

      What I’m getting to is that I should have followed family tradition and listened to my ancestor’s opinion of the Democrats — “snake in the grass” is the mildest opinion I can think of.

      The Dems are NEVER ever to be trusted — because in the end they are all politicians and in our system 95 – 99.9% of the politicians are bought off and are basically dirty rotten liars.

      The GOP isn’t much better — so it is back to being a Independent who will never trust the F$cking politicians (or media) of ANY party.

      The only semi political group I do trust are the PUMAs who are the non party — and part of something new that is happening. I don’t know where this will lead — but PUMA folk are hell of a lot more interesting and honest that the other options.

      What the Dems did to women last year is worse than the GOP because we expect the GOP to be egg sucking bastards. Many delusional females believe that the treatment of Hillary and Sarah ONLY happened to these two women and if women are good little girls the boys won’t pick on them. WRONG your dumb broads — the vile treatment of Hillary & Sarah was exactly the treatment we can expect — mysogyny is now out of the box and women will be lucky of we can retain what human rights & human dignity we gained through the hard efforts of women in the history of America. Gloria Steinheim and her gang stuck a knife into the backs of other women and chose the narcissistic penis with no experience. Hey you — NOW & Ms. Magazine broads — 0zero isn’t a feminist and he doesn’t have the soul of a black guy — he is an elitist, white guy who will protect his fellow elitists. He is here to enforce the status quo — no more, no less.


  4. 10)
    “The 30 second ad showing sleeping children …”

    … and zomg the letters “NI” was showing on the pajamas!
    That could only mean one thing!

  5. Great list!

    I do wish there was some way to get the Harry & Louise redux ads and the “periodically” smear on there, though. The former is, to my mind, the definitive proof that Obama does not believe in the principles of the Democratic party as I knew it, and the latter is the main reason why I have such little respect for him as a human being (sexists in this society in this day and age don’t get any breaks from me).

    • Limiting the list to ten probably means MyIQ was up editing all night.

      Something B0 should have done with his supporters and campaign.

    • Yes!

      Periodically, Obummer will feel down and start launching attacks against HIllary to boost his appeal….”

  6. Everything was exaggerated period.

    Obama was the most wonderfullest everything ever, while Bill and Hillary were the worstest and wickedest.

    • There were so many moments last year when it felt as if the world had turned upside down. The feeling of isolation and bewilderment was incredible at times. It was as if a small group which remained sane got herded into an asylum, to protect the mad from them.

  7. Terrific post ….as you say, there are missing items….but no list could have them all

  8. Also
    watching friends and family turn away from each other.

  9. There were mysterious deaths, too, prior to the Roll-Call vote travesty.
    Congress woman, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and Bill Gwatney, the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party. R.I.P.

    • Indeed. Bill Gwatney’s particularly.

      • Yes, and interesting how the AK delegation, all of whom had signed the petition to have a roll-call vote (it still burns me that that was even a question, it would never have been for a man), then unanimously voted for B0 at the convention.


        • Did you mean the Alaska delegation or the Arkansas delegation? AK is Alaska, AR is Arkansas, AZ is Arizona.

  10. I can find the original Harry & Louise ads but for some reason Obama’s version has been scrubbed from YouTube.

  11. Regarding the RFK assassination fauxrage, the people that were in the room when Hillary said it were not offended and did not think she wanted to see Obama dead. She actually mentioned that the primary was still going on when he was assassinated but of course bambi and his supporters never revealed that part.

    Geraldine Ferraro was called a racist for saying the truth. A woman with Obama’s resume wouldn’t have been treated the same way Obie was. He stunk at every debate but the media acted like he was the best thing evah.

    Nancy Pelosi changing the rules. First she says the superdelegates should vote according to how their constituents voted but when she saw Hillary winning, she changed her mind and said they should vote according to their conscious.

    Donna Brazille saying how Hillary was a cheater when she knew what her buddy Obambi was up to in the caucus states.

    Fairy tale = Racist

    Coward Howard Dean saying that he did not know about any sexism when he received lots and lots of phone calls and emails from angry Hillary supporters asking him to do something. He turned a blind eye to the fraud committed by O’s campaign. He received thousands of complaints but still pretended like nothing was happening.

    • Oh man. I’d almost forgotten Geraldine Ferraro getting burned at the stake as a r@cist. Yeesh.

    • The Geraldine Ferraro attack would be on my list too. Also in my top ten would be

      “Your’re likeable enough, Hillary.”

      John Edwards’ response when asked about Hillary tearing up.

      Jesse Jackson Jr.’s response to Hillary tearing up.

      Obama saying that “periodically, when she gets down” Hillary tries to “boost her appeal.”

      The “claws come out”

      The remark about the tea parties.

      The LBJ/MLK outrage.

      The McClurkin episode

    • Dean right after the election said we needed a national conversation on mysogeny. I’m still waiting, not holding my breath though.

  12. Those idiots only focused on the assassination part.

  13. I knew everything I needed to know about what kind of people the Obamas are and how the campaign was going to be run when he won in Iowa and they both celebrated later that night to Jay-Z’s “99 problems and a b—h ain’t one.”

    • yeah– does that mean he calls his wife and daughters b!+c#3s, too?

      you know what?– never mind– i’m sure that he does. what a lucky family.

  14. I was for Hillary and am no fan of Obama (and especially the supremely annoying supporters of teh 0ne). He’s turning out to be more or less what one would expect — an ambitious professional politician.

    But seriously, isn’t it long since time to move on? It can’t be healthy to keep wallowing in this, minutely examining every slight against Hillary and wailing about the outcome.

    • Obama does not want to move on, so why should anyone else? He asked Wolfe to write a book about his campaign and have you read his bullshit about Hillary and all the lies that were told about him?

      We know what Obama did last primary!

    • It might be if it wasn’t for Richard Wolffe’s book, and Oblogosphere writers rehashing and re-writing history their way.

    • Those who ignore history …

    • I will never move on. I will never forget.

      But I have moved away., from the (so-called) democratic party. And I am not alone. I just checked the results of the NJ primaries for governor and 23% of the dems voted for challengers to Corzine advocating nuanced versions of fiscal and financial responsibility.

      I for one voted Rep to make absolutely sure that a$$$hole of Corzine met the strongest opponent and goes back to Wall Street with his stolen millions, if they still want him.

      And I would not pass it by Christie to prosecute him for all his misdeeds now that prosecuting the previous admiinistration officials is in fashion.

      I can’t wait for the concession speech!!!!

    • You mean whitewashing is the way to go in a Democracy?

    • I’ll move on when the citizens of Obot Nation and their Messiah change. Considering that they’re still as irrational, misogynist, and anti-democratic as they were during the primaries, I don’t expect that to happen before I flatline.

      • I hear ya. I’ll move on as soon as our country stops going to hell in the proverbial handbasket.

    • Lol! Look at this thread! Isn’t that proof enough for you, that the time has not yet come to “move on”?

    • I’m not “wailing.” I’m reminiscing. Last year’s campaign was a profound experience for me. I had identified as a Democrat all my life, even as a child. And suddenly I was abandoned by the Party I’d loyally supported – with my time, my money and my vote – for 30 years.

      And I have moved on. I’m no longer a Democrat. I’ve left that crutch behind and I’m standing on my own now. Still, 2008 will always be with me because it put me in this new and better place.

      • “And I have moved on. I’m no longer a Democrat. ”

        Excellent retort. I’m going to use it, too.

    • Some of us value justice over our own ability to skip merrily through our day pretending nothing is wrong.

      And psychologically speaking, just letting go of people who have hurt you only works ONCE THEY’VE STOPPED HURTING YOU.

    • So how do you feel about the stolen 2000 election and all that came in its aftermath? Time to move on? Or time to demand accountability for Bush’s trashing of our economy, war crimes, official corruption, election fraud, intimidation–the list goes on.

    • seriously, isn’t it long since time to move on?

      If you feel that way-what are you doing here?

    • Why don’t you move on and let the rest of us do what feels right to us. You always seem to show up when there is a chance to criticize.

  15. fs,

    New Year’s, anniversaries, and birthdays are times to recall what lead us to these points. These posts are in that tradition.


    • In Hispanic culture, we observe the anniversary of a family member’s or friend’s death. This is the aniversario of the death of the Democratic Party.

      • Yes it is! Death of inocence, death of my party, death of democracy. The date needs to be observed, forever.

        • Furthermore, this recollection is a celebration of our independence from a potent propaganda echo chamber.

  16. What puzzled me the most, and there were a lot – most of it I still can’t seem to wrap my head around – was how anyone, and I mean anyone, could take a presidential candidate serious, who used a logo! A logo! A cheap looking one in cheap colours at that! A sad imitation of Pepsi Cola’s (and did Pepsi really change their logo after the election to align it more to Obama’s – or was that just a joke? You never really know nowadays, lol!)

    To my knowledge the last time a politician used a logo was in Germany in the 30’s! – But today’s adoring crowds seem eerily similar to the adoring crowds back then.

    And in the same vein as the logo, and equally unbelievable that anyone accepted and bought into it was:

    •the faux presidential seal,
    •the embroidered “President” on the back of his seat on the plane,
    •Stars and Stripes replaced with the logo on the tail of the plane,
    •the signs with “President Elect”,
    •no homemade signs allowed at his rallies …

    … and probably lots more, that I don’t recall right now.

    • To be fair, no homemade signs were allowed at the Hillary rally that I worked at, either. But I think that was more to keep someone from bringing in/constructing an inappropriate or critical sign, and (given the tenor of the fight at the point) keep whoever might do so from being in the middle of an angry mob of Hill-fans when the security team wasn’t equipped for a riot. In Obama’s case, I think it had an awful lot more to do with branding. I don’t think he’d have minded an angry mob so much.

      • It certainly was okay to be wearing shirts declaring a specific woman a c-nt during the general.

      • “I think it had an awful lot more to do with branding,”

        I believe, you’re right.
        And how ever much I hate to admit it, that part of his campaign – the typographical – was impressive!
        It was almost scaringly consistent!

    • Yes, and he went with all that paraphernalia on a European Tour, just to give the media some copy. (at the tax payers expense of course).

  17. I recited almost that same list to a Democratic fund raiser last week, who had called begging money for something Obama wanted. That was the list I gave her for why I would never give money to the party again– until Clinton’s name is entered in nominatioin for President.

    • I throw every Democratic Party direct mail piece asking for money straight into the trash. I don’t even open it. It’s “direct garbage” as far as I’m concerned.

    • You should tell them that the DNC is “too big to fail”, and to ask Obama for some bail-out funds.

      • Oh, this is brilliant! I’m going to use it next time they call.

  18. #1 is what finally drove me out of the Democratic Party. I downloaded the form to switch to unaffiliated from my state’s voter registration website on May 31 and I’m never going back.

    • Change my affiliation on June 4, will never go back. If Clinton runs again I will campaign for her, but now my vote belongs to me and not to any party.

  19. I think you nailed it, my.

    Personally, the one no-class, lowdown insult that still sticks in my craw even now was Mechelle Antoinette”s “If you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the White House”. She is not any kind of lady so how can she be the First? She is by far the most mean-spirited woman to ever have that title.

    • I still can’t believe that that witch said something like that. I actually didn’t mind her saying she would have to think about voting for Hillary or scratching BC’s eyes out. It was all fine but saying that you can’t vote for a woman because her husband cheated on her. WTH! She was blaming the victim. According to Michelle, any woman or man who ever had a spouse cheat on them should never run for public office. They should never be in administrative jobs because they wouldn’t stop their spouses from cheating.

    • Amen!

      I will never , never forgive MO for that remark.
      Its the worst thing a woman can do to another : blame her for her man’s mistakes. MO has never expressed ANY empathy for anyone except herself.

  20. The first inkling that something was rotten came to me via the Michigan/Florida debacle. I couldn’t believe that my party, the Dems, were denying voter rights. The betrayal was a knife through my heart. At the time I was supporting Edwards and I remember being disappointed that he had not put his name on the Michigan ballot… but Hillary did. And I respected her for taking a stand. It was the first time I took a good look at her campaign. And then, of course, I fell in love with her. If you were paying attention, how could you not?

    • Edwards and Obama hitched their star to Iowa. The way the DNC worked it out he managed to reap the benefit of Iowa without having to deal with the political consequences of not being on the ballot in Michigan. Meanwhile there is no way you are going to convince me that Hillary did not in some part play a political price in choosing to stay on Michigan ballot. It may not be the sole reason she did not do well in IA but I’m sure it played a part. Then in the state she did do well in they pared her 65% back to 50% and gave him her delegates(meddling voters indeed).

      It was the most disgusting spectacle of the primary in my opinion and there were tons of spectacles.

      • For me, it was the beginning of the end of my lifelong relationship with the Democratic Party. And what a spectacular break up it turned out to be.

      • CWaltz, it was never expected that Hillary would do well in Iowa. But she was expected to do well in Michigan and elsewhere. Iowa was always a tough nut for her to crack.

        • My point is that there was political calculation involved with the decision to stay on or off the ballot in Iowa. Only Hillary was forced to pay the consequences for that political calculation. Obama not only got all the votes that “other” garnered despite not being on the ballot they gave him 15% of the electorate that she earned.

          Like I said yesterday, next time a candidate should just stay off the ballot and then declare themselves entitled to half the vote regardless of what the electorate say because that is EXACTLY what occured in Michigan.

  21. How about the relocation of the DNC to Chicago in June?
    Obviously planned months ahead.
    Yet more evidence of a fix.

    • And what about the Camps Obama set back in Spring and Summer 2007? The fix was in so deep…

  22. I don’t think a lot of people understand the significance of Obama’s “I’d have to see him dance” comment. At that time, black people had not warmed up to him, many were questioning his commitment to issues concerning us. Hillary was actually leading among African Americans, if I’m not mistaken. Obama, by making a stereotypical comment no white person could have gotten away with to diminish Bill Clinton’s status as “honorary black man,” established himself as “authentically black” in comparison. Once he did that, he and his minions could more easily push the “us against them” mentality without actually having to embrace and engage black voters. It should have been challenged at the time, not celebrated as “pithy” by the leg tinglers.

    • Sean Wilentz says that the race card wasn’t a response, it was a planned strategy.

      • I agree with that, though I’m not sure Obama was personally in on it. In fact, I don’t think he’s in on much of any strategy planning. Probably never was. He just shows up and reads whatever’s on the ‘PrompTer. That way, when he says he’s hurt, or he’s not aware, he’s sincere. I’m convinced that on most stuff, he’s just not in the loop.

        • Ronald McDonald doesn’t run Mickey D’s either.

        • Wasn’t he telling his supporters in Virginia(?) about being bamboozled by Hllary. During the “fairy tale= racist” fauxrage, and Hillary dissing MLK fauxrage, Obama and Edwards teamed up.

        • Oh my – I’d forgotten about the “bamboozled” comments that his supporters never realized came from a movie!

        • That’s the scariest thing I’ve heard all day.

      • More like a planned attack. It was offensive from the start, not defensive.

    • the interesting most thing about that comment is that Obama really can’t dance

      • Right. He really can’t dance but many people think he is the greatest dancer evah.

      • I thought the same-worst dancer I ever saw on a silly tv show…

    • During the primary, I was mostly at TalkLeft (which I loved back then!), and often expressions were discussed, that supposedly wasn’t “racial acceptable/pc” – e.g. the expression “Baby’s Mama”?

      Every time it happened, I tried to research the word or expression, but more often than not didn’t manage to see the racial implication.

      • If Obama used slang (especially anything associated with HipHop or the AA community) he was seen as “cool.”

        If someone used it to criticize or poke fun at Obama, they were racist.

        • Regardless of if they were themselves POC. That just baffled me.

        • Actually I think I misspoke(!), and it must have been “Baby’s Daddy“, because Michelle used it about Bwrack, and it was all fine and dandy – and yes, cool. But when someone else, not being Michelle, said it, all He!! broke loose!

        • That reminds me of another terrible outrage that I forgot to list. After the PA debate when Obama gave Hillary the finger and brushed her off his shoulders and shoes.

        • Oh, and bb, about that “flipping the bird” or not, there were endless discussions on TL about how Obama had just stopped smoking, and when you did that it was typical that your face itched, so it was only to be expected, that Obama schratched his face! 🙄

          It went on and on, and was totally bizarre!

          But you can’t debate with – or against – that type of argumentation!

        • Oh yes, and people always use that finger to scratch their face. Not.

    • Another outrage was the treatment of John Lewis just because he supported Hillary and then forcing him to switch by threatening to primary him.

  23. But seriously, isn’t it long since time to move on?

    The memories are vivid and the feelings are strong.

    Should we just keep them bottled up inside? Should we drown them with pills and/or alcohol?

    • Alcohol, most definitely. Far healthier than going back over all of this for the bazillionth time and working oneself into a foaming rage over the injustice of it all.

      • Lay back and think of England, dear.

      • What do you think people do in therapy? They talk about the pain and trauma.

      • Feel free to get drunk then. I plan to channel my rage. I’m gonna use it and pledge to educate as many people as I can. I’m starting with the plan of converting 5 people to independant status.

      • Dude, no disrespect intended, but you are so in the minority here. We’ve been hearing “get over it” and “move on” since last year. Didn’t work then, not working now.

        I suggest you go back to some of the videos that have been posted at a lot of the PUMA sites since a lot of them are celebrating the anniversary of the movement. Hilary supporter or not, if watching what those rat-bastards did doesn’t get your Irish up, maybe YOU should move on…to the Cheeto Network.


      • Here’s the thing, if we “get over it” and stop reminding ourselves how we ended up here – what will change about the process?

        obama is proving to be as bad (maybe even worse) as most of us thought he would be – remembering how we got into this mess is not a bad thing.

        Reminding the sippy-cup kids who lurk here probably isn’t a bad thing either – they aren’t exaclty getting the *change* they where *hoping* for…

      • Why alcohol?

        Surely we should be doing our knitting in front of the box?

        Who was it who said that tv was the opium of the people?

        • Marx said that religion was the opiate of the people. LOL! But TV fits a lot better.

      • Who is in a foaming rage? I haven’t seen that here.

    • fs,

      Who is in a foaming rage? Are you unaware that this is anniversary-oriented recollection?

      If this approach does not work for you, then don’t participate.


      • For me it is a way to keep sane, while listening to the ‘cheer leaders’ our former press/media tell lies.

      • fs only shows up when there is a chance to bring other people down. I’ve noted the behavior for quite awhile.

  24. One more to be explicit, although it is mentioned obliquely by others here:
    Calling President Clinton racist when he pointed out correctly that Senator Obama’s anti-Iraq war stance was a fairy tale.

    That really opened my eyes.


  25. Ah, I love “get over it” advice. “Sure I stole $5K from you, but hey, it’s in the past, quit obsessing, you know you have a serious problem that you can’t get over it.”

    • They stole something more valuable then $5000. They stole our trust. They manipulated a system and subverted democracy in Michigan. There is no way I’m getting over that. Ain’t gonna happen. Getting over it would be akin to saying I’m comfortable with living in a banana republic.

    • When the U.S. becomes a full-on fascist dictatorship, florida surfer will still be telling us to get over it, move on, and focus on the future. Same thing Obama always says.

  26. Wasn’t he telling his supporters in Virginia(?) about being bamboozled by Hllary.

    Every time Obama went south of the Mason-Dixon line and spoke to black audiences he started talking with an accent like an old-school black preacher and channeling Denzel’s portrayal of Malcolm X:

    “You’ve been hoodwinked! Bamboozled!”

  27. Heh

    His supporters are consistent. They made excuses for him back then(Reagan, McClurkin, FISA) and they continue to make excuses for him(guantanamo, Iraq)

    The only difference is now they stomp their feet like little children and attempt to revise history. That’s in between visiting alternate realities so they can tell us how much better The One is from McCain and how Hillary would not have done differently. Apparently, living in this reality is “too hard” for them.

  28. If people forget, who tells the future generations? How do we keep it from happening again?
    This was a crime against democracy. We should never forget.



    • This was a crime against democracy. We should never forget.


  29. Get over it?

    Here’s the problem with that: We’re still fighting the same battles we were fighting in 2001-2008.

    And that, “pols will be pols” crap or “Hillary would do EXACT same thing” shit just heaps coals on the fire.

    We could have had a president who was on our side. Instead of a president who says, “make me support it”

    Get over it? “It’s” just begun.

    • Remember when Obama told that group of women to “get over it” after Hillary ended her campaign? That was pretty funny. He really got burned for that one.

  30. Please, we can not forget when Jesse Jackson Jr. announced on CNN that the Obama campaign would have to study Hillary’s diner crying. He noted that the ra cist bi tch had not cried for the victims of Kartrina, so it was unacceptable that she should ever cry. (PS SHE DID NOT CRY IN THE DINER!!!) Yes, I am shouting.

    Myiq– Thanks for the round up.

    • Yes-that was very bad. And where is JJjr now?

      Estranged from his father, more or less out of the BO political scene.

      Someone mentioned yesterday that he withdrew from that rally so Obama could make the biggest and best anti-war speech evah. (which Axelrod re-enacted and placed on Youtube).

      That’s what you get for giving your all to Obama.

  31. Get over it?

    Here’s the problem with that: We’re still fighting the same battles we were fighting in 2001-2008.

    And that, “pols will be pols” crap or “Hillary would do EXACT same thing” shit just heaps coals on the fire.

    We could have had a president who was on our side. Instead of a president who says, “make me support it”

    As long as I’m paying nearly $1000/mo for our $3000/person annual deductible health insurance, I’m not going to forget.

    Every time I see my moms “☮ _ 1/21/2009” Button (which sits right next to her chair, I’m not going to forget.

    Put it behind me? How can I?

    Get over it? “It’s” just begun.

  32. Here are things I will never “get over”.

    1. 9/11. Never, ever, ever.
    2. the Holocaust
    3. death of my parents
    4. the mysogynistic marginalization of Hillary, and through her, all women.
    5. the death of my innocence.

  33. A BBC blog linked to a cartoon of Hillary as Hitler, surrounded by Nazi generals (Hitlery)-that’s when i went off the rails and wrote my first comment ever.

    That particular BBC journalist scrubbed it later-he was a Republican supporter during the Bush years, but switched 100% behind Obama.

    Other reporters who were pro Hillary just lost their jobs.

    • The number of Republican supporters that suddenly supported Obama should have sent out red flags every to every one with a liberal mindset. But they kept saying it was a good thing …

      yeah, right.

  34. Why am I in moderation? Help.

  35. I don’t recommend that anyone should forget what happened or become indifferent to the fact that it happened. I haven’t forgotten the various incidents, but I don’t fixate on them and I have moved on.

    My point is that it’s unlikely to be healthy to continually pick over past incidents in minute detail, with no higher purpose than a collective wallowing in shared grief over the death of Hillary’s presidential ambitions. If that’s the focus of PUMA, then it’s going nowhere at the speed of light.

    • Thank you, but, what’s your real point? Why do you keep saying the same thing, only to have it refuted over and over again by people who understand, but disagree with you? We don’t want to get over it, you do. So, get over it and leave us alone.

    • The stuff we are talking about is what brought us together and gave us a shared purpose.

      But I’m happy to hear that YOU have moved on. Unfortunately WE haven’t.

      I guess we’ll catch up to you later.

    • I love hearing PUMAS being called fixated and mentally unhealthy, by “one time Hillary supporters”, who have “moved on”.

      It sounds so much like an Axelrod talking point.

      • “I voted for Hillary, but she lost. She ran a bad campaign and Obama ran a great one. Hillary supports Obama now. If you care about your uterus you will support Obama. Would you like some Kool-aid? If you drink it your troubles will go away. Drink the Kool-aid”

    • {{{sigh!}}}


      • LOL It’s funny how unsolicited unhelpful “advice” doesn’t improve upon repitition.

    • Picture my over the top roll of the eyes.

    • Spekaing of going nowhere, when are you leaving? Seriously, your advice sucks.

    • In the school of Natural Healing from which I obtained my Dr. ,we contend that your state of health is a product of what went before: If you just “move on” and don’t make any positive changes, you are really just going back to a state which creates disease (you may perhaps even get the same disease again).

      And that goes for political parties as well as people.
      This is not just about Obama; that would be like cutting out a part of a cancerous lung but continuing to smoke cigarettes. This is about eliminating the caucuses and superdelegates, making all primaries closed (say for six months or a year beforehand), changing delegate/district allocation (so that delegate percentage equals vote percentage), and so on. This is not about “wallowing “, but is to remind us of what changes need to be made and of what to watch out for, to make the Democratic Party healthy and to keep it healthy.

  36. over the death of Hillary’s presidential ambitions.

    It is about what Obama did not about Hillary’s presidential ambitions. Hillary will survive. She always does. She will do what she can during his administration just like she did what she could during Bush Jr. administration. It is about Obama’s crimes and not pretending like nothing happened.

    • Right, and it’s about how those crimes against democracy will manifest over and over in our system until we put an end to it.

      2000 was a warm up for 2008. Anyone care to speculate what the next permutation will be?

      If we want any respect for the voters of this nation ever to exist again, if we want a single fair election in the future, we cannot forget or forgive what happened.

  37. And I have gone on. I still go to work. I still support my children. I still laugh with my friends. Though there are less of them. But things will never be the same to me. I will neither forgive nor forget.

    It is a life lesson, and it will forever be a part of who I now have become.

    • That’s a great post and pretty apt. The primaries DID shape who we are. The experiences are a part of us now and affect how we percieve Obama and the people who supported him(from the Cheetos to the DNC). There is not going to be a kumbaya moment. What occured was just too horrific for many of us.

      As for moving on, as long as there are people out there seeking to revise history I’ll continue to recount the lying and the cheating. I’ll use it as a teaching tool for those I seek to sway towards political independance. Our experiences matter. I’ll not pretend otherwise.

  38. Hey Guys,

    Will someone help me out with the maeaning of “teh 0ne” please?

    I see it all the time and I am not in on the joke.

    • Oprah’s endorsement of BHO referred to him as “then one”
      Since then, he’s been teh 0ne to those who hate him

      • Thanks.

        All this time I have been referring to BO & MO as Jughead and Big Ethel.

      • You don’t have to hate Obama to use it. Mccain used it to mock him. That is one of the reasons many do it. He was being treated like a messiah. He was the best of the best at everything. He couldn’t do no wrong. Also Obama used these stolen words : “we are the ones> we have been waiting for” meaning “he is the one we have been waiting for”.

      • I use it (rarely), because I was not in the belief that he could part water, or that he is greater than Dr. Martin Luther King and others that worked so hard for the Civil Rights movement. It was also very hurtful to not even mention them during the Denver speech, as he reduced Dr. Martin Luther King to ‘The Preacher’ and didn’t ask the others still alive to stand in recognition of all their efforts and the efforts of others that worked for the Civil Rights of All Americans.

  39. Saying” get over it.”, means to me, ” get over democracy” …hmmm… no

  40. just reading all these comments–now I don’t feel so alone. My husband told me yesterday that I just concentrated on the Obama negatives too much. I let him have it, and he was a Hillary person too. But, I did feel very alone afterward and I can’t ‘get over it”–it hurt too much and was so wrong. I think we love our country and have studied our history for too long for these primary atrocities to not hurt. Plus, ‘the one’ gets his daily fix on tv (sometimes multiple daily)–which just reopens the wound. We should remember that ‘those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

    • We’re on the same page in so many ways. Every time I have to relive it, I just get mad all over again. It’s a very isolating feeling and man am I isolated. He was the talk of the year last (academic) year and I couldn’t talk to anyone. It was a lonely feeling, but I knew I was right about him. We were all right about him. Now everyone else is seeing that, whether or not they choose to believe their lying eyes.

      • Hang in there Regency. I think we can all relate to some degree. My church was “all B0, all the time” I got so tired of it, and almost felt violated by it. I mean, that’s my place to worship, but not to worship B0.

      • It’s TERRIBLE when your professors bring their politics into the classroom. They do it from a position of power, and to be popular if their candidate is the preferred candidate on campus. It drives me nuts, it’s a total abuse of power. It’s still happening with my profs now and it makes me FURIOUS.

  41. Someone needs to write a book—about what really happened.

  42. You guys,

    My friends, especially the black ones, really don’t understand why I can’t get on board now that “W2” aka “Jughead” aka “teh 0ne” is actually president.

    It is for exactly the reasons that you guys are talking about. The dirty, filthy, racist, sexist, Rovian tactics of the campaign. The primaries and the general were both atrocious. I can’t forget who these people are. I don’t mean that like it’s a committment, I mean it like an affliction. I can’t forget who these people showed themselves to be. If I fix my mouth to say something supportive of the administration I throw up a little in my mouth , no kidding. The bile rises as if I were about to praise Paul Wolfowitz or Tom Delay. I can’t do it.

    When the Obamatrons ask me what I think of the administration so far…it’s like the witch comes out in her ugly form first and tries to eat Hansel and Gretel and then comes back later as the kindly grandma and asks, “So did you see my gingerbread house on ‘Cribs’?” All you can say is, “Go to hell you monster!”

    I got a little carried away but you know what I mean.

    • Yep, I surely do know what you mean.

    • That’s exactly how it is. He could end up actually being the Best President Evah, but it is still what he did to get himself there. And I will always despise him for that.

      In a free and democratic society, the ends do not justify the means.

      • In a reply to myself, I do not agree he is or will ever be a good President. That is in answer to people who say, But what if he ends up doing well?

        Too late. He is a despicable person and the ship has sailed on any respect I might have had for him.

        • I’ve said this to people so many times. It doesn’t matter what does from now on, he’s tainted by what he’s already done.

      • If his first 4 months are any indication, I don’t think we will have to worry about him being the ‘bestest prez evah’, he isn’t a friend to liberals and I’m not sure he is a friend to “progressives” (whatever THAT is) either.

        • I believe that progressives have been defined as masochistic passive-aggressive credulous hipster douches. Or they are by me anyway.

        • Progressives are to the left of liberals, but have the same ethics as conservatives/libertarians.

          And no, he isn’t a friend to them, either:

          Greg Palast just wrote an article (saw it on joebamawatch) where he pointed out that GM’s loans from Citi are being paid back via Obama/Geithner illegally raiding GM workers’ pension funds. Noted worker’s-rights advocate/progressive Michael Moore (from the GM town of Flint, MI) himself just wrote an article on GM…but somehow failed to mention this.

    • Jeez, that’s so familiar. Oh yeah, that’s my own affliction. Can’t get over it and don’t want to at all.

  43. this is an excellent post . but the one thing we must never do is get over it.

    Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”philosopher George Santayana.”

    if we ever get over it. expect the same thing to happen again

    • as far as the BOs we are the ones we,v been waiting quote . WTF is that supposed to mean anyway

      • He stole it from somewhere. I can’t remember but I saw a video of Maria Shriver reading a poem which had those exact words.

      • Well, of course it’s supposed to mean that we had the power to make positive change all along, and shouldn’t wait for someone to come along and save us. (One of the many things that Obama said where he actually meant the opposite.)

        And as much as I hate to say it, it was some wingnut columnist (name escapes me) who said what one of the audience should have:

        “If we are the change we’ve been waiting for…then why do we need YOU?”

  44. Great job MYIQ.

    I think there was another issue in the 3 am ad: Hillary was subliminally playing on the fear of the Black Man.

    One Prof of Harvard wrote a really aggravating op-ed about it in the WaPo and I think he was seconded in that silliness by Bob Herbert, America’s 2nd worst columnist after Richard Cohen.

    I have to find those 2 columns. If anybody here remembers that let me know.

    • Yeah, I remember something about that, weren’t the Bots making a big deal about the kids being white and Hill protecting them from the big scary black man, and then it turned out they were Latino kids, and THAT supposedly then became appropriation? Something like that?

    • I remember that op-ed. It was in the NYT. I’ll try to find it. It was because the kids in the video were supposed to be white. But it turned out they weren’t all white.

      • Of course, no way in hell could she use black kids without setting off a huge controversy about appropriation, either. Whatever she did there, it would have been wrong.

    • Here is the op-ed. It’s by Orlando Patterson.

      • I just found it too.

        I think I’m a masochist because I just re-read it and I’m about to smash thing.

        This was the dumbest column I’ve ever seen.


    • I linked to it in my post

      • Oops! I just saw that.

        I thought you were pointing to the other “outrage” of that ad, which was to tell people that Obama isn’t ready but McCain is.

        There were so many fauxrages on that single ad, that I’m still stunned.

    • I remember Chris Matthews making the racial angle observation first, with a “I hate to mention it, maybe it’s just me, but does anybody else think…” kind of comment.

  45. never forget,never forgive,get over it NEVER . never ever

  46. From the Orlando Patterson piece:

    I have spent my life studying the pictures and symbols of racism and slavery, and when I saw the Clinton ad’s central image — innocent sleeping children and a mother in the middle of the night at risk of mortal danger — it brought to my mind scenes from the past. I couldn’t help but think of D. W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation,” the racist movie epic that helped revive the Ku Klux Klan, with its portrayal of black men lurking in the bushes around white society. The danger implicit in the phone ad — as I see it — is that the person answering the phone might be a black man, someone who could not be trusted to protect us from this threat.

    • Those were surely crazy days

    • This is obvious hogwash but it help their cause. They WERE and STILL ARE willing to say or do anything.

      “As I see it…” What he should says is “as I hope you are gullible enough to see it if spin you with enough sincerity and racial outrage.”

      His internal logic doesn’t even hold up. Was Hill’s secret racist agenda supposed to be that “blacky” in the bushes is a threat to the little white family, or is blacky waiting by the phone is going to bungle the 911 call, or what exactly? Is blacky inside or outside the house? Damn it I am confused!

      The ad was about experience and they new it. That is what I am talking about. That is what is so heart rendingly disappointing about it all. They are smart enough to know that what they are doing is dishonest.

      • I always thought the ad was about women. The kids are fine, I can sleep. The kids can sleep, Mom’s home.

  47. One big reason that I refuse to budge is that we are living in the middle of a huge ON GOING propoganda campaign.

    Every day there are new dispatches from the teleprompter and fresh WORM’s (What Obama Really Meant) as needed.

    Backing down on the old lies smooths the way for the new lies. Of course all new lies reinforce the original BIG lie, “Obama knows all, can do no wrong and all who oppose him are racist luddites fearfully resisting the glorious future.”

    “We” can’t surrender because “they” aren’t done yet!!!

    Does anyone out there really believe that the Obamatrons are done playing the race card?

    Does anyone believe that their impressionable young minions are learning that casual practice of misogyny is bad?

    Does anyone believe that the shameful two-faced treatment of GLBT’s is a one time thing?

    You better wake up and smell the BAMBOOZLE!

    • Ron this is brilliant:

      We can’t surrender because they aren’t done yet!

  48. Move on? Don’t make me laugh. I heard an elderly lady on NPR today state that she does not believe there are 2 parties any longer. Just one, The War Party. I think she might be close. I think it is The War Profiteering Corporate Party. These corporations need an endless war for the economy.My grandmother used to say that when the economy became bad, we always went to war. It seems we are in a cycle of war without end. Who is profiting from it?

  49. BB mentioned “The LBJ/MLK outrage.”

    That one really deserves to be on the list. Strangely enough Bill Moyers did a really good job debunking that. He reminded people that he was actually there and how LBJ and MLK worked together.

  50. I have another related post coming up at 6pm est.

  51. I couldn’t believe some people Obama camp called the 3am ad r@cist because none of the children in the ad were black. Then the Clinton camp had to point out that one of the children in the ad had curly hair. Ridiculous and unnecessary.

  52. I love the graphics of the dead donkey (DNC) above! No other image can best capture the ignominious 2008 Campaign of Obamyopia and its media misogynist disciples.
    I will never forget Barry’s N.C. staged “flip-offing” gesture where he obviously gives the finger to Hillary, the day after his horribly amateurish display of ignorance at ABC with George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibbs.

    Hillary won that debate easily and he was defenseless . I wondered how that kindergarten senatore of 130 days experience and the anorexic resume ever got this far!!

    For me his snubbing HIllary at the State of the union address and this statement were the worst offenders:

    “Periodically, Hillary feels down and starts attacking me to boost her appeal….”

    The code misogynist would have been cremated had he been a republican…

    • It set up a tone that is still in motion even with the latest nomination for the Supreme Court. Women were the sacrificial lambs during the primaries and the GE.

    • What about the face-to-face failure to make eye contact or shake hands snub? That one was just ridiculous.

  53. New (related) post up

  54. It’s a good list.
    I’d add the accusations of racism – of the Clintons as well as us, the voters (entire states such as VW, Pa and KY were dubbed as racists by Obama and his media)
    The hysteria with Hillary’s “lie” about Bosnia – started by the comedian Sinbad and turned into a debate question (“why did you lie”)
    The rage against ABC for asking Obama some questions as well
    As for the children in the 3 AM ad, some demented B0bots have seen some letters on their pajamas spelling something evil – forgot what.
    Passportgate – accusing Hillary of checking on Obama’s passport. Once it turned out all candidates passports were checked, the story was buried without apologies
    There are more, but I get too angry reminiscing…

    • There were so many accusations of racism I just lumped them into the one.

      On the Bosnia thing Hillary actually did misspeak, but the fauxrage was disproportionate.

      The fauxrages I listed were completely bogus.

      • No..she didn’t mis-speak. This video was from that Bosnia trip. When Bill tried to defend her on it, they told him to let it lie.

        watch the video. Clearly the at-the-time account said:

        “this is one of the most dangerous places where U.S. forces are operating…a place where dangerous conflicts are more likely…and surrounded with landmines.”

  55. For me the media stranglehold was the most upsetting. And I’m a cynical as they come. I never believed in unbiased media or anything close to it. But I thought we had at least a few checks, even if not balances. I thought we had room for at least a molecule of sanity to seep through. But that one last inkling of hope that something even vaguely resembling truth could fight it’s way through, was completely pummeled, flattened and crushed. My jaw literally dropped as I watched the news. And I’ve lived in countries with controlled media! But here…never…I didn’t expect anything like this.

    So while I know the motivational powers of anger and outrage, mostly I feel sad. Sad that despite having such relatively low expectations, the media and it’s viewers were nonetheless able to reach lower still than what I imagines.

  56. Nice list!

    #11 – The doctored war room video.

  57. What I would have liked to have seen on the list was the incident which for me was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” : when the Obama campaign (in the person of David Plouffe) went on TV and blamed Hillary for the assassination of (Pakistani Prime Minister) Benazir Bhutto.

  58. as always, I’m late to the party but here’s one that sticks in my craw…
    Mr campaign finance reform, Obama, who cleaned up Chicago with his fantastic ethic bill. ( work done by *others) and a Candidate who will certainly take the 85 Million
    ( as McCain did keeping his word) in the name of CHANGE. Well, once those banksters and wall st whor es got wind of the teleprompter kid they swooned.
    How long did O take to drop that high road of finance reform?. 3 days after he got the nomination? He knew Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan had lots more of those under $200 contributors on the rolls.
    What a damn sheister.
    Then.. the outrageous claim that his donations were from the little people all across America who are speaking out.
    Now, in a new book on the one, Penny Pritzker
    ( from failed bank family Ptrikzer ) clearly admits that was all hype and campaign rhetoric. That yes, in fact, most of his money came from the players, not the folks.

    • I did a little math on his finances based on campaign filings, reports from the MSM, PUMA, and elsewhere.

      Donor breakdown:

      Large: 60%

      Anonymous/untraceable; “accidental” overages; individuals who say they
      didn’t donate : 33%

      Remainder (small and verifiable): 7%


  59. For me, the beginning of the end of my ability to support Obama at all, WAS when he flipped Hillary off on national television. I could not believe what I had seen with my own two eyes and then when the MSM questioned it (snicker, snicker) and gave him another “get out of jail free” pass, I went postal! As a woman, that display of complete disrespect and the appeal that had to the cruel nature of what my children’s generation finds funny, was it. Everything after that was just another nail in the coffin, with the RBC meeting being the final nail and the farce of a convention being the hammer that smashed any faith I ever had in our political system to pieces. So, thanks for the reminder of some of the many outrageous acts by the Obamatrons during the campaign for president…and now the “hits” just keep on coming.

    • I showed that to my son (age 31) without saying anything and he was shocked. He said there was no question about it. It’s a classic way for trouble boys to give someone the finger.

  60. Off Topic Announcement. Sonic is giving away free Root Beer floats from 8pm – Midnight.

    Should we all run out to get one?

  61. This may be a small one but it is the one that broke the camel’s back for me: The Obama campaign calling Hillary the “most secretive politician in America today.”


  62. I still say fuck Howie and Donna. Would love to punch them both in the dickiedoo (come on, you know she has one). Haven’t been a Democrat since last May and will not be again until there is an apology to Hill supporters, PUMA’s and the party disavows dropping it’s traditional values.

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