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      Let’s point out the obvious. Russia had no reason to attack its own pipelines. If it doesn’t want gas to go thru them it just turns off the tap. Sabotage to the pipelines weakens Russia’s position, since it will be months before they can offer to turn fuel back on, which they would have wanted to offer during the winter in order to pressure Germany in specif […]
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Late Night Open Thread

What’s shakin’ with you?

61 Responses

  1. what no Zombies Nazis tonight

  2. He was a little too friendly

  3. Hillary is going to be on Greta’s Von Sustern’s On the Record this Thursday.

  4. Cow Shake Off

    And then there were TWO COW Dudes.

  5. My daughter told me last night that my youngest grand daughter who is 14 is passing this year with a 4.1 average. Due to honors in world history, algebra, gym and several other subjects and extra credit work.
    It hit me that if we do not change todays ideas on sexism she might be cheated out of being all she can be.
    Until this election I did not realize just how bad it was. I worked in a man’s field and was promoted and respected and really thought things had changed from when I first started working.
    I am glad that the PUMAs exist. Maybe men and women speaking out and no longer tolerating sexism might change things for her and other young women. I hope so.



    • Hey, congratulations on her hard work and putting all her energy to achieve academically. Did you see the survey/study on girls and math?

      Tuesday, June 2, 2009 13:20 PDT
      Breaking: Girls are good at math!

      Maybe the infamous Barbie doll who announced that “math is hard” was on to something — that is, if she had continued on to say “when you live in a sexist society.” A new study shows that differences between boys’ and girls’ math performance has more to do with gender inequality than hard-wired ability. (Here’s a freebie for all the young’uns in the audience: “But, ma, it’s society’s fault that I failed my math test!”) Not only that, but it pokes a hole in Lawrence Summers hypothesis that men innately show more variability in mathematical ability. http://www.salon.com/mwt/broadsheet/?last_story=/mwt/broadsheet/feature/2009/06/02/math/

    • The DNC is looking to groom future Presidents, if you know anyone with a .01, send the names in. Special consideration will be given to paste eaters, droolers, and young men who hit themselves in the head a lot.

  6. The next line is “I gotta go brush my teeth”

  7. Did anyone see the new Star Trek?

  8. Star Trek – Official Trailer 3 [HD]

  9. Scrubs, are you here? My grandfather is getting a little confused the past few days. He gets up really, really often during the night and after several times of that, it’s like he’s not sure if it’s still night or morning or what. During the day, he’s kinda bored and listless. Obot parents, also known as the world’s least sympathetic, not so nice humans, act like “He’s old. There’s nothing anybody can do” but I figure a doctor can at least maybe help with the sleeping which would help with the other symptoms. Am I right?

    • Sundowner’s Syndrome
      Sundowner’s Syndrome largely remains a mystery to medical science, although there are several theories about why these symptoms begin at night. More and more studies are being conducted to try to determine the exact cause.

      In the meantime, some doctors believe it’s an accumulation of all of the sensory stimulation from the day which begins to overwhelm and cause stress. Some speculate that Sundowner’s Syndrome is caused by hormonal imbalances that occur at night. Still others believe that the onset of symptoms at night is due to simple fatigue, while some believe it has to do with the anxiety caused by the inability to see as well in the dark.

      Have you read about Sundowner’s Syndrome?

      • No, thanks! The whole thing is exaserbated by Obot parents, because they’re around a lot more than I am during the day and they’re just, as LI puts it “not all there” and impatient and mean. The absolute worst thing for someone who’s confused is to deal with mean, crazy people and getting yelled at and all. I want to try and find things for him to do to stimulate his brain because he wants to do something useful, but they just don’t care.

        • Is there a council on aging (or whatever it’s called in your area) where the oldsters get together during the day? They usually have a range of activities for the folk to get involved in. Also, have you checked into adult day care?

          The difference would be that in a senior center they might not have things to do everyday. The adult day care is exactly what it sounds like. They look after the senior folks while the normal care givers are at work or whatever. I don’t have any idea of what the prices are.

        • I’m sure there are Senior Centers he can go to where they have activities for him to participate in.
          Since I’ve become a Nurse’s Aid I’ve gotten very used to taking care of the Elderly, and it is very cruel for them to just wander around without anything to do.
          Elderly people are human beings who need to have things to do like anyone else. To simply say, “He’s old. There’s nothing anybody can do” is so silly. He’s old but he’s a human being who deserves care.
          Best of luck to you on that one, Seriously.

        • Thanks, LI. The thing is, he’s very handy and there are plenty of things he could do around the house, but they won’t let him because they’re high strung and impatient. I keep telling Obot dad, let him make his own coffee, let him do the dishes, he likes doing that, but they just want to do it to get him out of their way. Very frustrating! The sleeping thing is more he has to get up to go to the bathroom a lot, as a result he doesn’t get much sleep being constantly up and down, which I think is making him confused and upset, I know how awful it feels going days on end with almost no sleep.

        • Well, I guess the first step would be telling your parents to get over themselves, huh? 😛

    • And btw, you are right. 90% of sleeping problems are psychological. If he’s bored and upset during the day, than that is probably why he can’t sleep at night. Try to help him out, and maybe he’ll start sleeping better.

    • How old is he?

      Hate to tell you this but there isn’t really a lot that can be done. (perhaps the sleeping can be sorted out….)

      Best thing to do is to treat the elderly like human beings-with respect, but don’t expect a lot from them. It’s not like with kids where stimulus works. A lot of the time they pretend they can do more than they can, just so as not to upset people.

  10. Night folks.

  11. Umm..anyone know what’s going on with Hillbuzz blog? A freaky pop up is putting out a warning that it is a phishing site and not to give out personal info.
    In other words a ghost site.

    And has anyone heard that Obama admits to his Muslim roots?

    • I got into it without a popup.

    • Same here. No pop ups for me. Hillbuzz boys must be busy. They haven’t even posted an open thread for today.

      Here is the situation on Obama’s Muslimness: Obama’s father was an Arab African Muslim. I am pretty sure that, according to Muslim law, that would technically make him a Muslim by default, whether Obama would have practiced or not.

      His Step Father was also a Muslim, and he went to a Muslim School in Indonesia when he lived with Seotoro and his mother there. He moved back to Hawaii when he was ten, and went to a private school.

      From what I understand, his maternal grandparents and mother weren’t very religious, but we now know that he joined Trinity United for political expedience in his Chicago district, so his alleged “Christianity” and “deeply held faith” is probably not very sincere.

      Muslim scripture or whatever you want to call it would identify Bam as a Muslim, but I don’t think he identifies himself that way and that is the difference.

      However, it could explain why he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. Not that I care.

      • Though, for the record, Islam is a peaceful Religion and smearing Muslims is not the answer when it comes to the POTUS, in my personal opinion.
        I think we have to practice religious tolerance, for one thing, and for another, Obama’s Muslim roots are as irrelevant to me as Romney’s Mormanism is.
        Both men are slime because of who they are as Politicians/People, not because of the religions they may or may not claim to follow.
        Organized Religion itself is usually not the problem, but rather it’s very human followers who seem to confuse God’s Will with their own.

        • I agree, I don’t care what anyone’s religion is. That’s private. It’s like when stupid Obots were trying to make a big deal about Hillary attending some Senate Bible Group–who cares?

        • Yes Seriously, and besides, Hillary is a Methodist, and Methodists are, simply put, awesome.

        • What annoyed me was that Obama’s religious beliefs were considered off limits, but Hillary’s and Sarah Palin’s were considered fair game.

          I believe they should all be off limits but the double standards were ridiculous.

        • I have saved this article on a Christian Website, which says that Hillary basically doesn’t believe you have to be a Christian to achieve “salvation”, or got to Heaven, in other words.


          I love that, btw. It sent many reactionary right wing religious extremists into such a funny turn. It amused me so.

  12. Seriously-here’s the C.O.A. website from back home in LA.

    They just moved into a new 10,000 sq ft bldg. put up after Katrina.

    Might give you some ideas.

    • Oops! Link helps!


    • Thank you so much, Fredster. 🙂

      • It might give you some ideas to check into.

        When we get back there I intend to get the momster signed back up for them. If nothing else I might be able to get her to go to a lunch thing or something and get her involved with some other elderly folk.

  13. Ah, the zombie shift. I have missed you guys.

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