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Ok, I’ll bite

PBO and Stay-At-Home-Wife(-with-school-aged-children) went to a Broadway play last night.  This is of such importance to the media that it is featured on the frontpage of the NYTimes and Politico.  Apparently, he promised to take SAHW to a Broadway play during the election as a reward for having to put up with all of the touchy feely stuff that is necessary to win the White House.

Know what?  Who the f^*( cares?  He makes $400K/year.  He can spend it any damn way he wants.  Who *doesn’t* want to see a good play on Broadway?  Tickets are expensive.  It’s a pain in the ass getting in and out of Manhattan.  If the most powerful man in the world can’t do it, who can?  Sure, he’s got to take the helicopter.  That’s the nature of his job for four years.  Any time he and his wife want to go anywhere, it’s going to cost money and require secure government transportation devices.  That’s why we make these devices available.   Let’s be realistic here.  If ordinary people like myself can traipse up to Broadway once in a blue moon to see a play, why shouldn’t the Obamas do the same?

Focus, media people!  It’s not about the play.  It’s about the loss of jobs, oligarchs, middle men in the health insurance industry who are bleeding us dry and the sad spectacle of middle class families fighting each other for a piece of the shrinking pie.  In the whole scheme of things, what a guy does with his throwback-wife-from-another-era on a Saturday night doesn’t amount to much.  It’s a convenient distraction for the bandits who are making off with our money.

What I care about is what he’s going to do on Monday morning.  Is he going to wake up and discover that he’s a Democrat or is he going to continue to sell out every principle of the party because that’s the kind of shmoozer he is?  Is Michelle going to continue to poke a sharp stick into the eye of every working woman with kids who has ever loved her job and family or is she going to start sticking up for us?

Stay tuned.

112 Responses

  1. It’s a little bit more than that.

    3 jets, a chopper, limos, Secret Service and police clearing the streets, all so POTUS and FLOTUS can go out for a few hours.

    Meanwhile he’s talking to us about “shared sacrifice.”

    I don’t begrudge any President la dolce vita but this is politically tone deaf.

    • Being president is the hardest job in the world. If he promised his wife a night out, then he damned well better deliver. No matter where he goes it’s going to require helicopters and motorcades.

      • Agreed. But, it’s the timing of his Broadway junket that is so disturbingly insensitive. If the Family Twizzler was in NYC for some POTUS- related business, a Broadway show and dinner wouldn’t have caused one wrinkled eyebrow.
        I believe they are what they do.

    • Don’t you think his deliberate use of staged promotion is over the top?

    • There are ways of accomplishing a night on the town that do not involve a mini-series on NBC.

      • It’s a game designed to take your eye off the ball. What does he * not* want you to pay attention to next week? Cuz the national news is going to vein a tizzy about this for the next news cycle.

      • I just read downthread and made the same point above SOD. It’s the same Axelrod theater spectacle, sans Greek columns, we’ve seen all along. Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain!

    • Mortgage rates are up.

  2. There was an article on the taxpayer cost of this trip and they mentioned our cost alone was over $ 100,000 dollars for the night out. I guess we can just add this to our national debt and future generation can all help pay for this trip.

  3. Agree, this was a total distraction when there is real news out there. Unfortunately, those bots in the media are campaigning for 2012, like 0 himself, to re-elect the Kool (Aid) dude.

  4. Evidently it was a slow news weekend and the media figured we’d all be wondering what The One is up to. Me,not so much. Someone can wake me up when he does something more than chide Congress that they must address health care RIGHT NOW or it won’t happen. Someone wake me when the economy when the jobs report and GDP isn’t so dismal that you need to be popping Prozac to read them. I really could care less what he eats and that she likes Broadway show tunes(I was unaware that Broadway tickets were that expensive. Growing up in LI, I was fortunate to see several Broadway shows and watched Annie from boxed seats. It’s a great experience.)

  5. Fair or not, I think this is an issue that will resonate with voters.

    Ever since Obama took office we’ve been hearing about weekly concerts at the WH, expensive meals, clothing and trips. Ironically, it’s the Obama fluffers in the media (but I repeat myself) that are reporting it.

    Times are hard and the President should at least try to pretend he shares people’s pain.

    • I really don’t care if he plays pretend or not. He’s drawing a six figure income. I don’t expect him to shop at Wally World. I DO expect him to work hard to resolve the problems this country is facing.

      I’d give him a couple of points if he told the reporters, “hey guys, instead of focusing all this time on me, how about using this time to report to the American people a detailed accounting of how the stimulus dollars are being spent or open up a discussion on how we get a workable health care system.” I’m pretty tired of the endless “Day in the Life of…….” series they seem to have going on.

      • amen to that

      • But he doesn’t pay for this kind of night out with his own income. $100,000?! Just ask yourself: if you were president, and this crisis was going on, would you be sending this message? More narcissism.

        • & arugula.

        • and grey poupon

        • Um, yeah, it is precisely what I would do if I were Obama. I would create a distraction, get Joe Bagodonuts’ knickers in a twist over my night out and have the news media covering it from every angle.
          That way, the news media is NOT going to be covering the crisis that I do not want you to pay attention to.
          In about 5 days, his spokesman will be “forced” to read some statement about how the Obamas will never go anywhere again on the public dime, yadayadayada, and they have learned their lesson that in a time of recession when most American families are feeling the pinch, it sends the wrong message of ostentatious consumption. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Can we move on now???
          In the meantime, the REAL story will be buried by this over the top outrage.
          Now, what is the REAL crisis that is being ignored while everyone concentrates on the shiny object?

        • Now, what is the REAL crisis that is being ignored while everyone concentrates on the shiny object?

          The question is where do you start? It’s a big list.

        • I could handle him getting the perks that go with the Presidency such as transportation and securtiy detail costs being paid for out of tax coffers and I certainly don’t begrudge him entertainment(I agree with RD that Broadway is not an over extravagant date for someone who earns a six figure income and he shouldn’t be expected to stay in the WH 24/7). What I don’t like is the perception that his night out or his meals are newsworthy in any way,shape or form. By allowing the news organizations to treat himself as such, he is usurping real coverage on real issues impacting everyday Americans such as health care or the economy.

    • klown—i totally agree with you, and wish more people would agree with you.
      Let’s see a little sacrifice from this nubian version of Jack and Jackie.

      • Her dress was really pretty. Had it been on a more feminine frame, it would have really been beautiful.

  6. Now you know why supermarket check out lane tabloids are going belly up.
    The “mainstream” media has usurped their place.
    Since no blond cheerleaders went missing this weekend they focused on Obama’s night out on the town.

    • I don’t believe the report was due to being a slow news weekend. The only 2 news channels I receive (no sat/cable) are CBS & NBC. NBC ALWAYS include a “feel good piece” about Obama, every night without fail. It is a continuation of the strategy to deceive low information voters as to the real Obama.

    • The Globe is blaring on the front page about an Obama gay scandal…

      I didn’t peek, so I don’t know if it’s the Chicago choir director story or not…

  7. There should be a modicum of respect for the economic health of our nation’s system.

    • He can’t go anywhere without attracting attention. That’s just reality.
      Broadway is expensive and so is dinner in Manhattan. But the BFF and I do it and so do thousands of other people. Even in the midst of a recession people save their bucks and blow it on a nice night out. And like I said, he makes $400K a year. Staying home and watching Sweeney Todd on DVD might have satisfied our desires to see him suffer but it won’t get any of us one iota closer to universal health care. He’s got the money. Let him use it whatever way he wants.

      • Was it just his money that was spent?

        • No…he’s certainly not footing the bill for the airplanes and the Secret Service.

        • I would assume that he paid for the Broadway tickets. Otherwise, it would be like any other gift. The best seats on Broadway go for about $400 and up. I always go discount and end up sitting in the balcony on the end of the aisle for about $50. Somehow, I don’t think that’s where they sat.
          Other than that, the Acela between DC and NYC is out of service this week for repairs. I know because I checked for my trip to Boston today. Unlike PBO, I have to drive. So, that leaves flying. I guess he could go commercial but it’s probably forbidden. That leaves AF1. If AF1 is recommended for personal travel on vacations, why not to NYC for dinner and a play? The quickest, safest route from Kennedy to Manhattan is helicopter. Then the motorcade with the limo. It was probably a short limo drive.
          Here’s my question: how many times in the past 8 years did Bush go to personal destinations and no one bothered to cover it like this? How many fundraisers did he go to and toast the Haves and Have-Nots? Where was he when Katrina hit? He was celebrating John McCain’s birthday. Wasn’t that personal? Didn’t it include AF1, a helicopter and a limo?
          No, I can’t get excited over this story. It’s a wonderful thing to go to NYC to see a play and have dinner on a nice late spring evening. I hope they enjoyed it.
          Now, can we please get him to do something for us?

        • Bush was on vacation a lot, and got slammed for it. But the way this is going, by month 8 Obama will have taken more vacation time than all Ptesidents this century combined.

      • It’s not that he was attracting attention, he deliberately invited it.

        • Then I would say it backfired spectacularly.

        • pretty much

        • We can only hope it backfired. But with the state of Obotia, who knows?

        • I read elsewhere that an entire press plane went along.

        • I read an article a few weeks ago which detailed that the Obamas have always lived waaaaay above their means – always gotten bailed out somehow (eg, book sales, wife’s quadrupuling (sp?) pay at that hospital). Apparently they remortgaged their Chicago home and owed way more on it than they bought it for.

          Then again, he knew the fix was in, as he told Rendell to not make trouble, because he (Obama) was going to win. Just knew it. Hmmmmm. But it makes me a little nervous to have such an overspender in charge of our economy at a time like this….

      • He’s POTUS, he has a few options between “stay in” (that place is a DUMP, btw) and “blow $100,000 in taxpayer money for the 6th time in 6 days to generate yet another live vicariously through Camelot puff piece “

    • If he was already in NYC on business it would be no big deal. How much did this trip cost the taxpayers?

    • They made the same big stink when he went to Five Guys for lunch.

      Five Guys is far from an elitist eatery and I certainly am not expecting a hunger strike from him during this economic period.

      RD has it right. The friggin’ media is absurd. We don’t need to see reporting everytime the guy has a bowel movement and it is pretty obvious that the corporate owned media has its head up his backside.

      • This is just more of the Sales Pitch. It’s all marketing all the time. If they can sell Obama, people will look the other way about the details of his policies (or lack thereof), and won’t blame him for the tanking economy.

        He’s just a “regular guy,” dontcha know? He CARES about us…

        Thank God I only get this stuff peripherally. I couldn’t take the fawning and mewling of the MSM about this garbage.

        • EVERYTHING Obama and his increasingly spoiled wife do is calculated with an eye toward Image Management. This is what I object to so deeply, these utterly cynical public displays which the f*cking MSM lap up every time. Was ANY outing of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s followed this fawningly? Absolutely not. If they had announced a similar outing, they would’ve been pilloried for an evening out on the taxpayers’ dollar. Hillary’s dress would’ve been an object of derision. Bill would’ve eaten too much and said something inappropriate to the wait staff. And on and on. I’m so sick of the overexposure of these two utterly selfish people.

      • That was the story. Not that he went out for a burger.

        • Well the story I read went so har as to tell me what he had on his cheeseburger. Evidently I was supposed to be impressed that it had jalapenos on it.

        • How come Obama brings a camera crew every time he goes out for a burger?

          Everything he does is a photo-op – too bad so little of it is the work he was elected to do.

      • Big stink? Are you kidding? Don’t you mean orgasmic swoon? The press corps get so overcome every time he blows his nose that they have to be taken to the hospital. I don’t begrudge him a burger, but he’s on vacation every other day and is deliberately using the press’s adoration to allow him to do nothing but get credit for the pictorial presidency. It’s like a PR experiment gone horribly wrong, we’re not supposed to care that we’re living in cardboard boxes, the photos of Michelle’s arms and Obama’s basketball seats and Obama date in Chicago and Obama date in NY and trip here and trip there are supposed to fill our souls. It’s not the media, it’s White House media synergy. They’re both getting something out of it.

  8. I was totally into the idea that the POTUS and FLOTUS deserve a night out; however, how about sneaking out without the press plane. Then, I would think it’s about them and not about looking cute to his adoring fans.

    I don’t mind spending tax dollars giving a prez the night out. After all, he is not the one who is costing us. Instead, the cost arises from the jackarse crazies that want to harm him. Blame them. Presidents deserve some entertainment.

    However, press plane? Brian Williams series? Obama, stay home. Don’t you know there are starving people in Brooklyn? Next time, invite the cast of the Broadway play for a private viewing at the White House. I’m sure that would cost us all far less.

    I almost like Bush’s policy of sneaking out better. The more I know of Mr. Arrogant son of a bee, the more I like Bush.

  9. Well, I guess he can do it if he wants to, but it does seem tone deaf to what is going on in the country.

    If the Obamas wanted to live a normal life, I guess they should not have fought and cheated so hard for the White House. What is amusing is that they probably think that now they have been out among ’em, the regular people. I don’t really think that celebrities should expect to have it both ways.

    I have had to sacrifice things for my work. I don’t see why they cannot relax at home from all of the hard work (not) they have been doing. (All those make-up sessions and outfit changes must be exhausting for her.)

    Was it really a relaxing night out, quality time together, or just another show featuring them? Is there no entertainment in Washington?

    I, for one, find it offensive. Maybe, if there was not so much work to be done and we were rolling in prosperity, it would be less so.

    • Yes, yes, but what is this *really* about? The Obamas are using the media and are willing to create a firestorm around a night out on the town. My question is: for what purpose?
      There’s a reason for this distraction. What is it?

      • Well, if the Globe story has anything to do with it, Michelle spends a lot of effort establishing what a loving, hetero guy her husband is.

      • Mortgage rates are up, unemployment numbers for May should be out soon, North Korea isn’t getting much press, what’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy isn’t improving.

        I’d say there is probably a mile long list of things that need to be covered up.

      • methinks you are on to something.R.D..
        and that.s the big question..what are they distracting us from..gotta be a biggie..

      • My guess is they are detracting from the Sotomayer choice. While I do not see her appointment as that big a deal there are those out there who have used her appointment for a little more politcal theater.

    • They’re not regular people, they’re royalty.

      Camelot, dontcha know?

      • Yes. I feel like we’re living in Great Britain, instead of the USA, which is supposedly a democracy.

      • They remind me much more of the Marcos’ couple, actually.

        People are much, much easier to control when they haven’t enough to survive.

  10. I support Michelle in her decision not to find paid employment. I’m sure the role of First Lady is a demanding job. It would be good if she found a cause or causes to specifically advocate, and I think she will. And, as long as they aren’t attending shows very frequently I think the Obamas should have an occasional night out. I am pretty disgusted with the news media’s love affair though.

    • I’m sorry but the reality is that most women work. She has chosen specifically to NOT work. Not even in the capacity of a Democratic first lady. She has no causes. She has her mother doing some if the work. Her kids are in school. What the fuck does she do with her time???
      Michelle Obama went out of her way to portray herself as a first lady in the Republican mold. This is a message and image that has not been lost on the rest of us.
      If you support it, great. But it leaves the vast majority of women without a role model and champion and after 8 years of stepford Xanax Botox Laura Bush, we deserved better.

      • She’s meeting with advisers at night while he goes to bed, from what I read…

        OR, she’s meeting with designers… OR, she’s so exhausted from digging in the garden she must get her rest…

      • I agree that she shouldn’t sit around doing nothing. She should advocate for causes and perhaps be involved with some political issues (ala Hillary and health care) but I think we get too hung up on whether or not a job is paid. I remember Dakinikat had a post discussing how much unrecognized work women do because it is unpaid. It really ticked me off when Hillary’s experiences as First Lady were discounted, she did tons of work and learned a great deal from it which would have made her an outstanding president but because it wasn’t paid it wasn’t considered important. So, yes I do want to see Michelle doing more but I am supportive if it is unpaid work. And yes I know that the reality is most women both single and married have to work to support their families. However, Michelle is in a financial position where she doesn’t need to.

        • Oh, I don’t care if it’s paid or not. From what I understand, the FLOTUS gets a pension these days, a staff and stipend.
          But this is very deliberately a strategy of the Obamas to make sure that Michelle looks like a traditional female. That is, she is to be seen and not heard. She is a support person and a mother. It is very much in the Republican mold of first lady and specifically NOT in the Democratic mold. This was partially so as to not upset the Villagers who were all over Hillary. Hillary pushed the envelope. She was her own person. She had opnions, goals, intelligence. She didn’t kiss up to the Villagers because she didn’t see herself as a social director at the WH. She was a politician in her own right and an equal to her hisband. The Villagers didn’t like that. They didn’t know how to deal with her. She made them irrelevent so they set out to take her down. She upset their natural order.
          So, in order to appease the Villagers, the Obamas have decided to give into them. Michelle will be a traditional wife.
          I hate it.
          I want a working woman in the WH. If she’s first lady, I want her to represent ME. I am really tired of kowtowing to the tradtional female role models like they have something to teach me. They don’t. Sorry if this is offensive to those of you who chose to stay home but I think working women are getting really sick of this shit.

      • “stepford Xanax Botox Laura Bush”

        Stuff It!

      • Well at least she had a cause- childhood literacy. Not that President Bush did anything to help that cause….And come on, it’s not like the theaters in DC aren’t fantastic.

        But the way the Obama’s act is way to much like the Bushes- “let them eat cake” behavior.

        It’s a far cry from the Clintons who basically made every trip be some sort of policy or diplomatic effort. And the Carters, leading the country in a recession nowhere near as bad as this depression lived very frugal lives for a President and First Lady. (Also Rosalyn Carter took part in cabinet meetings- and oh how the so called liberal media howled about that! And she also was the mother of a child, Amy, in the same age range as the Obama children, for that matter Chelsea Clinton was only 12 when she arrived at the White House with her parents, Amy Carter 9 years old. )

      • Actually, MO was interviewed last week about her mother. Her mother has such a huge social calendar now that she, too, is a celebrity that MO jokes she has to design her calendar around her mother’s schedule. This first family is one of a kind for America. For a dictatorship, they would be run of the mill, though.

      • That’s your reality. There are women who do chose to stay home and it sounds derogatory to say that raising and managing a household can’t be a full time job. I run a household and am raising four children. Quite frankly there are days I find it more exhausting then when I went out and worked outside the home(The household chores were split down the middle when hubby wasn’t deployed and my child care provider helped with the care of the children and I got more breaks where I was free to indulge my interests. )

        I’m not saying she shouldn’t find a cause to be passionate about particularly since her mother is living with them to help her with the rigors of childrearing and she has staff to shop and meal plan or do laundry or a myriad of other mundane chores regular woman do when they choose to stay home.

  11. OT – This is the one year anniversary of the end of the Democratic Party.

    • I was going to mention that too Dee. No post for the anniversary of the birth of PUMA? I remember the horror of May 31st quite well.

      Illusions of the Democratic Party: R.I.P.

      Happy birthday PUMAs!

    • Sorry, guys. I should be on the road to Boston by now. A post like that deserves a lot of thought.

  12. What got to me, aside from the ridiculous cost to the public for this, was the fact that emphasis was put on the fact that this was a promise he made to MO during the campaign and he was keeping his promise. All I could think was, “Of all the campaign promises to keep, this was the most important one?”

    • Enjoy this campaign promise, since it may be the only one he’ll keep.

    • & he felt the need to share a personal moment with his wife with the entire world so we could all go “ahhhhh?” As RD said:

      I DON’T CARE! They’re like Madonna–their whole lives have to exist on camera, in front of adoring crowds, or they do not exist.

    • Never slight your promises to your spouse. They rank right up there at the top of the priority list.

      • I don’t know though……I couldn’t imagine putting my own entertainment ahead of the more pressing issues for the country they have a responsibility for.

        • Let’s look at it from another perspective: Imagine this were President Hillary, meeting Bill at his Harlem offices before taking in Aida at the Met and dinner at Craft. Would we be this upset?
          Being president is a 24/7 job, whether you do it badly or not. No one can do it without periodic downtime. Rest and relaxation is essential to good cognitive function. Even if I don’t like him or his policies, I can’t slight him a night out with his wife.
          But I doubt that he stirred up this much kerfuffle without a reason.

        • I think we are saying the same thing in the end. There’s something going on with this spectacle. It could have been totally innocent and private but they drew attention to themselves. Now, why would they do that?

        • I agree.

        • I still think there’s a certain idea that they’re trying to create a reCamelot. Problem is, however, the 1960s were a totally different circumstance. America was in its prime, not in its twilight days. FDR (who more than had the means to do just about anything) would never have done this during the Depression Years. He used to sneak to NYC during the War Years in a train.

        • Yes, but would they have done so as a deliberately staged event? No. They would have done so for the pure enjoyment of it.

  13. Has anybody heard a public service announcement from the queen bee yet?
    I occasionally still hear Laura Bush talking about mentoring…I guess PSA’s aren’t on the agenda for the lovely First Couple?

    • i just want know when is hes going to sacrifice anything anything at all. i mean everytime you turn around its pary time with him . if he needs a night out let him do it on his own dime

    • Shhhh. Don’t tell RD. Then her meme of stepford Xanax Botox Laura Bush” would just be a nasty insult.

      She also was quite active in literacy programs around the country and overseas as well as helping libraries stay open and expand. It’s not her fault those things weren’t reported on the front page of the NYT. Or maybe it was, since she’s not a self aggrandizing ass like the current occupants of the WH.

      • Sorry, Ralph. By the standards of previous first ladies, Laura was a slacker. A lot of libraries closed under the Bushes when municipalities couldn’t afford to keep them open. And her efforts at literacy didn’t have the visibility of even Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign. I don’t think that neglect on the part of the media. It just wasn’t funded with ad dollars. In other words, it wasn’t given the diligence and seriousness it deserved.
        There were plenty of stories about Laura Bush that touted her because she was a background first lady. She was meant to appeal to the older females like my mom and evangelical, religious voters who didn’t want to upset the natural order. She was serenity itself, whether naturally or drug induced. I couldn’t identify with her.
        I can’t identify with Michelle Obama either. I knew a lot of suburban women who chose to stay home. They have husbands who make a lot of money. But once their kids go back to school, what’s the point? They have a lot of leisure time but I can’t talk to them. They seem to have an attitude like they are making a sacrifice and are nobler than thou. Hey, I do everything they do without the tennis lessons in the afternoon. I volunteer at my daughter’s school. I go on overnight field trips with them. What’s the HUGE sacrifice except for their careers? And if their husbands decide to replace them with a younger model? No, thank you. I’d rather have my job, which I happen to love.
        I also have the right to speak my mind and I don’t care for being hemmed in by convention and little minds. I like to be respected for my own accomplishments.
        Michelle Obama sets me back.

        • I was reading one of Molly Ivins’ books about the deterioration of food inspection programs under Bush and I wondered how a woman can be married to an man who basically kills people to save a buck.
          I have virtually no respect for Laura Bush.

  14. Personally, who cares? But I agree with MIQ’s comments — along this piece— it’s gauche to behave this way when the country is as it is.
    But, what were we expecting? Nada out of these two.

    The media is avoiding NK. Think of JFK during Bay of Pigs.

    Or LBJ. During Vietnam.

    These two?


  15. Let’s not forget to monitor how much emissions fuel it took to go to a special trip NYC, when we are constantly being lectured that every little movement WE make is contributing to climate change.

    What was it that Nancy said the other day in China? “Every aspect of our lives must be inventoried…”

    I’m just sick of the do as I say not as I do crap from politicians.

    And on that note: things pols buy that we pay for


  16. OT
    Patsy ( soldier for Hilary) had her blog attacked last night.
    I do not know if it is the same thing that happened to Cini.
    I am not computer literate enough to understand what exactly happened.
    All Puma blogs should be made aware of the attacks
    Patsy is a young lady that is serving her country and doing a hell of lot more for American citizens then backtrack and all his obots.



    • This is not the first time that Patsy (or sugar) has had their blog attacked. If she has a wordpress blog, she can use the secure server protocol and lock things up pretty tightly. It takes longer to post and edit but it’s worth the extra security. WordPress offers Turbo as a local client to help speed things up.
      Yes, we are all vulnerable.

  17. OT:

    In keeping with the death of democracy:

    Breaking NEWS ….Kansas abortion clinic doctor George Tiller was shot and killed at his church this morning.

    Tiller was shot just after 10 a.m. at Reformation Lutheran Church at 7601 E. 13th, where he was a member of the congregation. Witnesses and a police source confirmed Tiller was the victim.

    No information has been released about whether a suspect is in custody.

    Tiller’s clinic was vandalized two weeks ago.

  18. who cares? i don’t care what they do on their off time. disgusting beyond belief!

  19. I don’t agree with you, RD. You give his pr people too much credit. Like those who say they ran a brilliant campaign; we know how he won.

    I think his people truly believe that folks just can’t get enough of this guy and his lovely wife. The JFK thing – oh, how cultured they are.

    But people who voted for him and are now worrying about losing their job, or have lost their job, are worrying about losing their house, or have lost their house, may glaze over when the news people talk of finance, economics, TARP, but THIS they can understand. My family and I are suffering, and the Obamas are off to NY to see a Broadway play. DEMOCRATS DON’T ACT LIKE THIS! We are in dire times.

    I read a comment on an article about his going to Los Angeles for the fund raiser with celebrities, saying “When does this guy do any WORK?!”

    I think this kind of thing will come back and bite him.

    • I agree with this. He hasn’t been in office for that long for him to having nights out and going on vacation.

      Seems like he’s constantly taking breaks and when he isn’t taking breaks he’s sitting in the WH breaking numerous promises and holding endless press conferences. He seems extremely stubborn and difficult to work with he doesn’t want to implement anything that takes a stance for something or that would possible lower his approval rating. He is a joke.

  20. You know, maybe I’d feel a lot better about their “date” if most of the people I knew weren’t cutting back because of job losses or forced time off with no pay (euphemistically known as furloughs). I dunno…they seem incredibly tone-deaf to me.

    • Exactly. Everything about this PR Presidency is a big spare no expense production to produce pretty pictures to make us swoon. People are hurting and they’re starring in their own version of lifestyles of the rich and famous. This is like their tenth vacation in 4 months, how about instead of 3 jets and $500 sneakers and travelling choruses and the rest of it you just stick it out in the squallor of the WH for a few weeks, with the Presidential Box at the Kennedy Center your only solace, and then someday when you have actual business in NY, you fit it in quietly without all this extra expense and fanfare? And no need to redecorate yet another entire hotel from top to bottom, either.

      • The WH has it’s own movie theater that show’s first-run movies. I don’t know if it still has a bowling alley but it has a gym, hot-tub and a B-ball court.

        Not to mention the Wednesday night concerts.

        Couldn’t they have waited until Obama was in NYC on business?

      • Seriously – during the depression, which hit even Hollywood, they put out lots of “feel good” movies to help bring up the populace. You can still see them on TMC. Everyone is rich, and you hardly ever see someone having to go to work – they just have fun, and nice parties, etc. They did that because it helped people escape to fantasyland for a couple hours, helped them forget the mess they were in.

        Maybe Obama is trying to do that. Except the depression movies were made on a budget, and people could see them for a nickel. Sort of different than a president who is supposed to be solving problems and being a model for us of how “cut back” and “make sacrifices”.

        Nah, no comparison. I guess I’m left with – he’s a narcissist who only “feels our pain” on TV. Off TV, he’s gonna FLAUNT it. NO class. No class.

        • But FDR wasn’t putting on the Ritz while people were suffering.

        • LOL The gasoline drive was a great success–Eleanor and I used it to fly to Paris and dance until dawn. I promised her, so suck it, peasants!

  21. Not JFK or Camelot… not British royalty… not even Ferdinand and Imelda… It’s Barbie and Ken they bring to (my) mind.

  22. From what I read, at least Barry didn’t take the 747 to go to NYC, he took a G5. But then I read about “the other 3 planes”. Shit, if that was the case he could have taken one of the DC9s/MD80s that’s in the AF Fleet or a 757 or something and only taken one plane. Maybe the G5 was for him, one for the press and one for Marine One. But still, he could have combined the press onto the same plane he used.


  23. To myiq and others complaining about the “expense”… perhaps you are missing the main point of this public trip to NYC: it was for YOUR entertainment and enjoyment that they traveled so publicly. They did it for YOU – so you don’t have to pay for a show ticket that you might not be able afford currently, if only you will appreciate the free, government-sanctioned entertainment, properly focused on Barack and Michelle, that is being provided for you by the MSM. You too can star-gaze to your heart’s content, be personally fulfilled, and live vicariously through them. It’s sort of like the Queen of England making a public appearance and all of her subjects having something to coo about for the next three days… without themselves having to spend a single pound.

    As the depression sinks us all deeper and deeper into debt, the President and First Lady will be doing more things like this to keep us both entertained and content, in our poverty.

    So be a comrade, myiq. Drink the Kool-Aid and enjoy the B&M show, you’re paying for it regardless.

    • Well, if he’s doing it for us,so we can live vicariously, can we expect a theatre criticism (written by Ayers) to be sent to us all? Or is Ayers going to write it, and Obama will further entertain us doing the “tennis game head” while reading the theatre critic essay to us in that creepy church cadence???

  24. You should care about his little foray into New York, as well as about his governance. That little foray probably cost the taxpayers $3 million plus, with gas for AIr Force 1 and the plane that follows for protection and the costs for security due to those two attending. This all costs money. Then the road closures and the inability of small businesses in the area to do business on a Saturday, the biggest night of the week, along with the traffic congestion. You people should be putting pressure on those two to stay the hell home and not spend that kind of money (provided by taxpayers) while others are losing jobs.

  25. Shame on Michelle for not uttering a single word–doubt it if she ever will!–about the murder of Dr. Tiller! Michele is truly a “throwback wife from another era”.

    How about Stepford Wife Goes to the White House. This would be a great title for a war porn flick. For isn’t what Obama’s started in Pakistan pornographic?

    Barry’s Vietnam is Pakistan where now American taxpayers are paying the Pakistani unenthusiastic army 2 billion to fight a proxy war against civilians. Two million Afgan/Pakis are now homeless, refugees in their own land.
    Remember Nixon’s carpet-bombing of (neutral)Cambodia in l970 to open up routes to cut off Viet Cong supplies to VietNam? It didn’t work! Instead, two million people were killed by the brutal Khmer Rouge/PolPot. And the Genocide was because Nixon had the bright idea (Warmonger Kissinger’s urging) that this was a short-cut to ending the war in Vietnam.

    Now, we are witnessing Obama’s War. Innocent civilians are being killed by remote control in Afganistan and Pakistan. Bush is looking like Mother Teresa compared to Barry the WarMonger! Shame on this anorexic resume who cheated his worthier opponent and now flies in style while 2 million people are homeless, left to bury their kids….

  26. Forgot to ask this question:

    Why is Obama spending $665 billion on Pentagon’s budget, 65 B in Afganistan and 61 in Iraq. This is 22 billion more than Bush spent. If the deficit is 3 trillion for this and next year, he’s really a two-War President. Since 2000, there’s been a 40% increase in military expenditures and Obummer is spending like a drunken sailor!

    Why is Obama’s Pentagon allocated $665 billion and not the State Dept. that’s slowly been starved. At this moment in Obummer’s White House, the Pentagon/State Dept. ratio is 180:1. He sure doens’t think too much of Diplomacy and Development! Just keep the military expenditures going. After all, them are the people who pushed this Ventriloquist’s Dummy to the White House–Brezinksy, Soros, Ford Foundation and the crooks of Wall Street who vilified the Woman who proved to be the Cassandra of Wall Street, Brooksley Born. She should have been given the job of the Sec. of Treasury! The guys would be shaking in their Gucci boots!

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