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1802674332_04ff4dff3dI first found out about this a little bit ago, and the resulting temper tantrum was of such epic proportions,  I had to wait a couple of days to do a post on it, because my hands were literally shaking with so much anger, I could barely type.

Liberal Rapture puts it best in this post, by John.

Obama’s Iraq reversal caused a big fat Told ya so from me.

His flibbertigibbet torture stances hardly surprised.

Ignoring the gay community that he courted and hypnotized is, of course, par for the course.

I must say that Obama’s approval of blowing the tops off 42 mountains is nothing short of heartbreaking. Not because BHO disappoints yet again. Ha! I knew he’d be a nightmare of flip flops and lies. It is depressing because the entire concept of “mountain top removal” is a horror.

The article he links to is by Democracy Now. In an interview with Amy Goodman, Jeff Biggers explains why blowing mountaintops to smithereens is not just an environmental issue, but a human rights issue.

AMY GOODMAN: What about media coverage, Jeff Biggers, of Appalachia?

JEFF BIGGERS: Media coverage. You know, this is something that I’m just not quite sure what’s going on. You know, here you have one of the most egregious environmental and human rights violations right before our very eyes. You have little communities in West Virginia, a little town outside called Prenter, where 97 percent of the people have some sort of gallbladder disease. You have Americans who cannot drink their water. You have people who are living under daily explosions and silica dust coming into their gardens and their farms. People are having to be relocated and removed. And yet the mainstream media is not handling it. They’re just sort of acting as if this is something that can wait, that something—that it’s not really an urgent issue.

That’s right. Not an urgent issue. Gallbladder disease? Contaminated water? Who cares? They’re all just bitter, gun-toting Appalachian racists, anyway. Wanna know what really matters? Michelle Obama has arms! And pretty shoes!

Besides, it’s not the Coal Mining industry’s fault! Even though they are in bed with the President and almost every other member of Congress- those mountaintops are in the way! We’ve got to blow the m*ther f*ckers off the face of the Earth, because there be coal in there, and we couldn’t POSSIBLY hire mineworkers and give people jobs in a time of Economic Recession in which countless people are looking for work! For one thing, that would make sense, and for another, it would cost money!

AMY GOODMAN: Who’s pushing for it? Why does it continue?

JEFF BIGGERS: It continues because we have an incredible coal industry and their lobby in Washington. And this is something that transcends politics. You know, I’m based in the Midwest now, in Illinois.

JUAN GONZALEZ: And also, just to clarify, for the industry, it’s much cheaper to blow up a mountaintop than to actually send people, workers, underground to get the coal out.

JEFF BIGGERS: Exactly. When we say coal is cheap, of course, you know, that’s an absolute outrage. It’s not cheap. It’s just cheaper for them. You know, instead of having three underground mining jobs, they only need one job of someone blowing up the mountain with massive explosives and then using heavy equipment to get at this tiny little seam. So, yes, for them, it’s a cheaper and effective way.

But the problem is, the coal really transcends party politics, that you have liberal Democrats in the Midwest, like Senator Dick Durbin from my Illinois or even President Obama, who have always been working with the coal industry. It’s something that, if you come from a coal state, it’s been very hard to shake from the stranglehold of the coal industry on our politics.

Well, the media doesn’t care, because they are in bed with the coal and nuclear lobby, also. Coal sure gets around! But don’t fret! There is still time for the POTUS to have a change of heart!

JUAN GONZALEZ: And are there any political leaders in the region who have been courageous enough to stand up to the coal industry?

JEFF BIGGERS: Yes, there’s one man who’s a great American hero: ninety-four-year-old Ken Hechler. He was the great congressman. The only congressman who marched with Martin Luther King in Selma, Alabama, was this hillbilly from West Virginia, great Ken Hechler. And here he is, ninety-four years old, in West Virginia last week, and the state troopers refused to arrest him, you know. And Ken Hechler came to me, and he said, “President Obama needs to have a Harry S. Truman movement—moment,” that he must, like in 1948, when Harry S. Truman, against the Democratic Party, said we must integrate the military, and he did that on executive order. And Representative Hechler is saying, “We’ve reached that moment now, that President Obama must rise above this idea that we have to have a consensus, that we have to have some kind of compromise with the coal industry, that you can’t compromise with evil.” And Representative Hechler was willing to be arrested for this.

Don’t count on it, old man. That whole Harry S. Truman moment? Don’t make me laugh. Funny how, in the age of Hope! and Change!, I don’t even feel the need to remind people why they shouldn’t get their hopes up for change. Particularly regarding things as important as say, oh, I don’t know, F*CKING BLOWN UP MOUNTAINS!

And do I even need to say that Environmentalists who supported Obama only have themselves to blame? I think not.

I don’t know about any of the commenters and posters here, but this is just unbearable for me. As you all know, my spirituality and beliefs are nature-based. Nature and the Environment, to me, is sacred. To see forty two mountains wiped off the face of the Earth is enough to break my heart into a million little pieces. I actually began to cry, to blub, when I read about this. And snuggling my kitty didn’t help.

I have roots in Applachia. I grew up here in Cleveland, but half of my family is from Pennsylvania and Southern Ohio. (The other half being from Washington DC and Atlantic City, but I digress.) I have felt a connection to the mountains of Appalachia for my entire life. I have yet to climb a mountain, but have wanted to do so since my girlhood. And I say this because I am sure there are other people here who share that sentiment. (I know you ALL aren’t from the East Coast :p).

This is unforgivable, inexcusable, and shameful.

%$#^&! @#$!

*throws things*

29 Responses

  1. […] (Cross-posted at The Confluence) […]

  2. Baby, as much as we knew this was going to happen, it still pisses me off as much as you.

    In the “grand scheme of things” philosophy that I have in life, I don’t quite understand how Barack as President instead of Hillary is going to fit in. To me, it still makes very little sense and your post just adds icing to that confusing cake.

    We cannot do much but continue to speak out, LI. Good job.

    • thanks scrubs. Your comments always lift me up :p

      • You are wise and observant beyond your years, ‘lil Isis. And you’re not a half bad writer. Ever think of a future as a public advocate of some sort?

        • Oh, I don’t know. My dream is to be a novelist, but I have thought of being a public servant of some sort. I don’t think I would ever run for elected office, though.
          I always remember what Hillary said. “Politics is not a game.” And I agree. Sadly, to most all of politicians and the elite these days, it is a game. And I hate the game.

  3. Mountain top removal is how you get the “clean coal” that Obama promised us.

    11-dimensional chess! Hillary would have done the same thing! You’re a racist!

    (slurps Kool-aid)

  4. LI
    No quarter has some more info on this. Very good video about the protesters. in the comment section there are links to blogs about this problem
    I think this is something that PUMAs could get involved with and make a difference. There are enough of us to make very loud noises. Write, circulate info and try to make the public aware.
    Thank you for cross posting this the more blogs that post on the problem the better it is.



  5. WE KNEW THAT 0ZERO IS A DIRTY ROTTEN LIAR — oh more than a year ago!!!

    Aren’t the “environmentalists” so damned pleased with themselves — and their “environmentalist” pres-a-dent?

    0zero isn’t a socialist, he isn’t a feminist, he isn’t a liberal — he’s not even a “compassionate conservative” — he is a self aggrandizing, self centered JERK. And 0bots are the biggest suckers in the world.

    I haven’t checked my blocked sender-quarantined folder — gee I wonder if the “environmentalists” are still having their obagasim?

    Oh well who the hell cares about the poor rural (probably mostly white????) poor folk? They are probably all inbred — and that’s why they are dying like flies. They aren’t important billionairs — so their lives are worthless — who gives a sh!t? [that was a snark]

    How many people really do give a damned about what is being lost/destroyed/eradicated by the coal industry — forever?

  6. To be fair, Hillary was somewhat equivocal about whether she would completely ban the practice of mountaintop removal. Obama, however, did state unequivocally that he would ban the practice. And that’s what the cheetoheads loved him–because, unlike Hillary, he was willing to lie his pants off to tell them what they wanted to hear. That his actual record,on environmental matters was extremely embarrassing (cf. Cheney energy bill, “clean coal,” Exelon, etc.) could be ignored entirely, because anyone but a r@cist could see that his heart was in the right place.

  7. lILISIS, you won’t believe this part. I’m from that area and near my lil town they were putting up windmills across the tops of ridges. They were very cool and it looked almost like a piece of art as you looked at a row of the towering, silent and white windmills from a distance. We all turned out to see them built because they were so cool. Well, they put as stop to all that. Politicians, Lamar Alexander ( Now a self-proclaimed lobbyist for alternative power?) being one in particular, placed an injunction against building any more windmills. His reason? They were ruining the scenery. Now, they are moving full steam ahead with strip mining, mountaintop removal, etc at the fastest pace we’ve ever seen. Once they are finished, they leave all their equipment behind to rust and decay, in essence, leaving a landfill behind since its economically advantageous just to buynew stuff rather than move it. The water has become toxic and there are many streams, creeks rivers and damns, all intertwined. we know because we fish alot and the fish are disappearing as well.

    • Those wind turbines do look cool from a distance but if you go up on the mountaintop and look at them up close, you will see dead birds and bats on the ground around them. The problem with putting them on ridges is that they are usually in bird flight paths. I don’t really understand why birds and bats can’t avoid them but they don’t seem to be able to. Seems like they could light them or have some kind of sound warning? There doesn’t seem to be a problem when they are placed on flat land so wind farms seem like a better way to go.

      At any rate, there isn’t going to be a real use of wind or solar or anything else until we can break the grip of the coal and electric and petroleum industries. They have so much money that it just seems impossible. We needed a President and Congress that couldn’t be bought but that didn’t happen and seems like it never will.

  8. But, but….Hillary would have done it too, so there!:-P
    The Onion gets it right and NYT gives Bill Clinton a break from 17 years of slander

  9. Where is AL Gore? He is Obama’s buddy so why can’t he talk to him about this?

  10. I too am a nature lover and I too am heartbroken at this betrayal. If you can’t count on a “Democratic” Administration and a “Democratic” EPA to stop this then all hope is lost.

    He lied. But hey, he’s historic. Lisa Jackson was gonna put the “protection” back in EPA because hey, she’s historic too. Ain’t ya’ll proud of how historic it is as we blow the damn mountains to smithereens and pollute the landscape in the name of profits?

    I thought we had Republicans to blame for that kind of stuff? Wha happened?

  11. I wondered at the time why everyone was so concerned last year when O said that he was going to tax new coal-fired plants out of business. He has flipped on everything he has ever said so why does anyone ever take him at his word? He certainly would never say no to any industry that has big bucks.

    Did ya’ll know that Ken Salazar has not rescinded Bush’s okay of resumption of Yellowstone wolf slaughter? He’s a rancher, dontcha know, and those pesky wolves just haven’t gotten the message that the land and everything on it belongs to humans. This admin is not a friend to the environment or wildlife.

  12. I am really not enjoying the steady stream of “told ya so” moments. I’m just getting angrier and more heartbroken with every day of this historically disastrous presidency.

    Great post LI.

    • I find myself so upset at times that I’m rendered speechless. I told my husband the other night that, if it were at all financially feasible, I would like to leave this country. I wasn’t just saying this in a fit of pique – I meant it.

  13. This whole drip drip drip is ridiculous.

    • I’m in an ever expanding state of disbelief myself about all of it. What makes it worse is that I expected Obiteme to be horrible but I didn’t expect virtually the entire left to fall in step behind him.

    • “Cult Of Personality”: Is what Obama is all about.
      His followers, Kosites, Hollywood (Easy Money) types, etc are all about him. They do not have a core, much like Obama.

  14. Really depressing, but fantastic post as always LI.

  15. oh.those beautiful mountains.gone forever..what a sad day it is..

  16. thank you, littleisis. I am a nature lover who lives in the NW. my family has appalacian roots too. obama’s greedhead supporters do not understand the karma they are creating that will take us all down. all we can do is continue to light up the darkness with the truth. thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  17. Words can not describe the anger I have over this. Nuking half of the state would probably be more humane. The people doing this and the government people allowing this to happen are not human beings.

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