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Bad 80’s Flashback Open Thread

Pop music that will give you diabetes.

When this video came out Reagan was President and I was between wives.

What were you doing in 1987?

63 Responses

  1. I was in the Phillipines, most lilely snockered. I was a very young, naive 19. God, it feels like another lifetime ago.

  2. Oh come on! The Locomotion in the ’80s?

    • I never knew she was the original singer. Her version is better

      • The bra she is wearing could put someone’s eye out – it’s like Madonna’s “nose cones” bra.

      • My mother was young – so I knew this version of Loco Motion when I was growing up. It certainly lost something in the 1987 version.

        1987: I was 20, in college and in love. 1988 was the year I dropped out of college to get married.

      • Generations… I didn’t know Kylie Minogue did a version of “Locomotion”.

    • Go, L’il Eva, go!

    • Carole King probably wrote the song. She wrote just about every big hit in the ’60s.

    • I like their version, but it’s almost a note for note cover of the original.

      Here’s the recorded version that I had in my 45 collection.

      • Little Eva was discovered by Carole King. She babysat Carole and Gerry Goffin’s child. Neat story 🙂

        Carole sang background on Little Eva’s version.

        • That is a neat story. Carole King is a genius. She was writing hit songs when she was practically a kid.

  3. Apparently no one has covered the song sing Kylie

  4. 1987-the year I stopped drinking….

    Followed by 1988-the year I accidentally got pregnant, and my life dramatically improved!!!!

    (sorry can’t remember much about 1987….)

    • Wow! Quite a year. I stopped drinking in 1982. Can you believe it?

      • yup. Drinking is such a terrible waste of time-I’m so glad I stopped. I drank far too much for most of the eighties.

        Weather has improved here -it’s gone from 95 to 75 literally overnight. When it gets that hot I can’t blog-keyboard gets sticky, room heats up from the computer fan…putting one word in front of another is beyond me.

        • It finally got warm here. It has been in the 40s and 50s for days.

      • 1978 here. Lots of Bills’ friends here.

  5. In 1987 I had quit my job as a secretary and had no clue what to do with the rest of my life.

    • I got pregnant, Black Friday, 1987. I know this because we were using the BBT method to get pregnant and I had a chart posted over our bed. True story. (still have that dang chart too.)

  6. My Dad died March 18, 1987, the rest of the year sucked!!!

  7. I don’t think 80s music was bad. I like it because most of it is happy music

  8. Here’s a song I liked in the ’80s.

  9. This was an album I really loved, and a fantastic concert-Paul Simon: Diamonds on the soles of her shoes, South Africa / concert in zimbabwe1987. ladysmith black mambazo, joseph shabalala, ray phiri, miriam makeba:

    • That is a great album and a wonderful song.

    • Nice song. This one is my favourite Paul Simon song. I just love the story of how they ended up making this video. Chevy Chase is funny

      • Yes, I LOVE this song and I always thought Chevy Chase was funny. He looks HUGE next to Paul Simon.

  10. This was the #1 song of 1987

    • This was before George came out of the closet and went into the bathroom stall.

    • George Michael was HAWT in this video (it’s my absolute favorite George Michael song).

    • Did you listen to top 40 music? I always listened to alternative.

      • Pretty much only listened top 40s in the 80s. Now I don’t really listen to top 40 at all. I could not tell you what the tops songs or singers of today are. I have my satellite radio and listen to the 70s decade genre music or talk radio. I’m more partial to CDs — 70s music and love my “best of” cds: Doobies, America, 3DogNight, Blood Sweat and Tears. And then I really love Luther Vandross and Michael Buble.

    • It’s nothing new for Tancredo. There is no shark for him to jump. He’s a wacko from way back.

    • I’m not crazy about the guy interviewing him although he is at least better than KO.

      I honestly can’t figure out why republicans go on the obama network. They can’t win on that playing field. They will be ridiculed and look completely stupid. It is like democrats going on Fox about 5 years ago to be critical of GW.

      • yep…they even help the MSNBO shills by grabbing their own feet and shoving them forcefully into their own mouths.

    • They make him look good by being so gawdawful

  11. I moved to NYC — if I knew I’d still be here 22 years later, I might have reconsidered. Here’s a song that make me think of the 1980s.

    <embed id="VideoPlayback" src="http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docid=-6418981950523381596&hl=en&fs=true&quot; style="width:400px;height:326px"

    • Drats! I suspected that wouldn’t work. Here’s a later version of the same song.

    • Ooops! Try you tube. What’s the name of the song?

      • the only thing i know about this song is that it sucks

        • Ah well–different strokes for different foks–it’s not my favorite song–But I think it’s pretty funny and it reminds me of my 1980s. Here’s another song that reminds me of the ’90–particularly America’s foreign policy under Reagan.

        • Ronnie Raygun??:

    • Inky, me too. Actually, as I rethink, I probably was already in NYC in 1987. I always thought I’d move back to the burbs when I had kids, but it’s never happened. Now I can’t imagine having to drive everywhere! Or got out to eat instead of ordering in…. When my youngest was 2, every time the door buzzer rang he would shout “Dinner!”

  12. I had just gotten a divorce and thought I’d change careers. But, I didn’t – I just switched specialties from Law Libraries to Public Libraries. And met my husband at my new job which made it all worth while!

  13. New thread up

  14. this is what you all should’ve been listening to in the 80’s – this kind of music got me through lots of hell

  15. Inky,

    I love Bruce Cockburn. That song used to send shivers down my spine.

    • Still does actually. It’s one of those anger songs that are so powerful.

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